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John Firmyn, minister of Foxhearth, 20s. To poore of Foxhearth,
St. Peters, and St. Gregorys, 20s. each. Executors : son John An-
drews and son in law Thomas Polly. Overplus of estate to sons
Oliver Andrews, John Meade, and William Hewett. Witnesses:
Gabriel Godard, Edward Pennant, William Pack, Edward Pamont.

Ridley, 91.

William Androwes thonger of Sutton, Courtney, Berks, yeoman.
Will 4 January 1634-5 ; proved 25 March 1635. To poore of Sutton
Courtney £5. To sonne William household stuff, plate, &c. To
daughter Jone betsted in the redd Chamber, ditto in uppermost
Chymny chamber, plate, &c. Executrix to bring up children with
profits of lands in occupation of my father William Androwes. To
neighbour Richard Middleton £3. To servant Anne Fulks 20s. Rest
to wife Ellen, executrix. Overseers: Father in law Edward Bigge,
Roger Bolwer of Rettelsdan, Bucks, Robert Loder, jr. of Harwell
and William Phillipson. Witnesses : Thomas Saunders, Robert
Phillipson, Thomas Reade, William Bostocke. Sadler, 27.

Henry Androwks, Esquier, Alderman of London. Will 7 Au-
gust 1638; proved 17 October 1638. Estate as by custom of Lon-
don, one part to wife, one part to children, one to sell. Now wife


Waters' ( rLEANlNGS


Anne to have as by marriage settlement. Daughter Ann Venn has
had £2000 and daughter Elizabeth Mico £1600 or £1700. Other
children to have as much as daughter Anne and son Daniel A.ndrow<
sons in law James Fenn, and Samuel Mieo to have child pari above
what already given. To servant Mandwill t'f>0. To Mr. Leeche,
preacher at Bowe church, t'10. To Mr. Meddlyon, minister of Wan-
stead, £5. Forgive Mr. Peter Symons, minister, £5. To Dr. Howell
£5. To Mr. Downham, minister in Walbroke £10. To cosen Clo-
terbooke what he oweth. Executors : sonne Daniel Androwes and
sonues in law James Fenn and Samuel Mico. To Frances Cheney,
my wife her sister's daughter £50. To sonne Henry Androwes all
lauds in Wilts purchased from the Patentees for the like lands granted
by his Majestie, remainder to sonne Stephen Androwes, then to sonne
Daniel. To poore of St. Stephens in Walbrooke £5, of Layton £5.
Witnesses: Jer: Leech, Robert Titchborne, Francis Morse, notary
public. Proved by Samuel Mico, executor. Proved 19 February
1638/9 by Daniel Andrewe, reserving right of third executor James
Fenn. 7 May 1700 administration to John Wale of Suffren Maldon,
Essex, gent, concerning Inderture. 31 May 45 James I (sic i. e. of
Scotland 1612) between Thomas Bond and defunct as to lands for
use of Mary Andrewes widow. Lee, 127 .

Thomas Andrewe, Cittizen and dyer of London. Will 10 De-
cember 1640 ; proved 8 June 1641. Estate as by custom of London,
1/3 to wife Margaret, 1/3 to children Daniel Andrewe, Margaret An-
drewe, Sara Andrewe and Elizabeth Andrewe, and other 1/3 as
follows : To Isaac Joyner and Robert Tourney of Springfield, Essex i
Clerkes, 26/8 each for rings. To late servant Elizabeth Ray, wife
of Christopher Ray of Chelmsford, 20s. To servants Anne Manning
and Sara Salmes 10s. each. To wife house in Springfield where I
live for life, then to son Daniel. To wife profits of house in Spring-
field occupied by Richard Harwood purchased of Bartholomew Peasely
till Daniel is 21. To kinsman John Andrewes 26/8 for ring. Rest to
four children, wife to sell land in Mannor of Little Lever, parish of
Bolton, County of Lancasheire, or my brother Andrew, clerke, to sell
&c. Wife Margaret, executrix. Overseers, brothers William and
Edward Andrewe. Witnesses: Richard Harwood of Springfield,
yeoman, William Smith ditto ditto, Henry Sharpe, scrivenor.

Evelyn, 72.

John Andrew [Aston, parish of Ivingoe, Bucks]. Will 20 March


Waters' Gleanings


1641/2; proved 1643. To poore 20s. To wife Elizabeth all

firewood and household stuff. To sonne John Andrew £170. To
daughter Alice Hill £100 or to be disposed of iu lands by Henry Hill
her husband, son Richard Andrew and son in law John Lucy. To
one of my grandchildren John Dudley £20 at 14 for apprenticeship.
To grandchild Anne Dudley £20 at marriage or 21, or if she die,
to my daughters Mary Sparkes and Alice Hill. To daughter
Elizabeth Markham, mother of John Dudley and Ann Dudley in-
terest &c. To my daughter Markham, my daughter Lucy, my daugh-
ter Sparkes and daughter Hill 10s. each. Rest to sonne Richard
Andrewe, executor Overseers : my four sonne in law John Lucy,
Robert Markham, Edward Sparkes, and Henry Hill. Witnesses : Jo :
Duncombe, John Bennett. Campbell, 97.

Andrews, 1642. See Harrison (Margaret) of Battersey, Surrey,
widow. (Campbell, 34). See Waters' Gleanings, page 465.


1642. See Bankes (John)

Son in law Mr. Thomas
Campbell 102.

Andrews, 1649. See Davy (John). Daughter Elizabeth An
drewes and her sons. Son in law Mr. Nathaniel Andrewes or his
father. Sister Andrewes' sister. Fairfax, 85.

Andrews, 1649. See Rooke (George) of Moncks Horton, Kent,
gent. Wife's uncle Dr. Andrews, late Bishop of Winchester.

Fairfax, 106.

Jane Andrews of Daventry, widow. Will 16 February 1648/9 ;
proved March 13 1648/9. Daughter Elizabeth Marriatt. Her seven
children. Daughter Mercye Andrew. Loving kinsman Edward
Farmer, Esq. Loving sister Mrs. Mary Farmer. Daughter Kathe-
rine Andrew house I now dwell in in Daventry, lately purchased of
Edward Farmer, Esq. Edward Farmer a witness.

Arch. Northampton, 3d Series, Register B, folio 10.

John Andrews, 1650 (Pembroke, 20). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 603.

Peter Andrewes, 1650 (Pembroke, 152 and 472). See Waters'
Gleanings, page 1318.

John Andrews, 1654 (Alchin, 314). Same as Pembroke, 20.
Printed as above.


Nathaniel Andrewes, 1654 (Alchin, 886). See Waters' Glean-
ings, page 1300.

Elizabeth Andrews, 1654 (Alchin, 472). See Waters' Gleanings,

page 1300.

Andrews, 1658. See Hitch (Mildred) of London, widow. Niece
Martha, wife of John Andrewes. WoOtton, J 15.

Joseph Andrews of London, merchant, being bound on a voyage
to Guinea. Will 15 April, 1664; proved 26 May 1666. To brother
Matthew Andrewes and wife Ann, and brothers Samuel Andrews
and Evance Andrews and brother in law John Glover and Sarah his
wife rings. To said Sarah Trunk of linen. To uncle Thomas Ev-
ance and Mary his wife and his six children, Aunt Hannah Evance
and her four children, uncle in law Henry Hatsell and Susanna his
wife and son Henry, cousin Nathaniel Mansfield and his wife, cousin
John Evance of London, cousin John Bickley and Garthrett his wife,
all rings of 10s. Ditto to friends Zacharias Wilson of London, Obediah
Hughes of Plymouth, Devon, Joseph Hynmers, John Webb of Lon-
don, merchant tailor and wife, Richard Spingold, William Beale,
William Empson of London, and wife Mary Grigson of London, Jer-
emy Carter of London, merchant, and Jeremy Carter his sonne. To
Elizabeth Lloyd of London, spinster, silver tankard marked I. A. of
about 20 ounces and a ring of 10s. To her brothers and sisters Ben-
jamin Lloyd. Susanna Lloyd, Charles Lloyd, Frances Lloyd, John
Lloyd and William Lloyd each rings of 10s. To said Elizabeth
Lloyd, £200. Rest to freind Jeremy Carter the Elder of London,
merchant, executor. Witnesses : Richard Tapps, John Whitlock.
Sam 11 Law Scri. Mico, 68.

Andrewes, 1666. See Fletcher (William). Cozen Matthewe An-
drewes of London, Esq. Mico, 93.

Richard Andrews. Will 26 September ; proved 17 July

1666. To wife Sarah lease of house in St. Alphage where 1 live,
also lease of Phillips two houses in same parish belonging to the Cur-
riers Company, also lease of Mistres Colcourts house at west end of
St. Paules and also Mr. Viller's lease near St. Gregory's, also Mr.
Rawwoth's lease near St. Gregory's by St. Paules, and also Mr-
Phillip's lease by the Bridgehouse. also all personal estate. To my
sister Barbara Barnes £10 and to the six children of my cousin

1738 Waters' Gleanings


Wilkins £5 each. To brother and sister Haviland 40s. each. To my
maid Sarah 40s. Mico, 110.

Andrews, 1668. See Wood (Thomas) Hackney. Middlesex gent.
Kinswoman Mrs. Anne Andrews. Hene, 73.

Saka Andkewks, 1669 (Coke, 101). See Waters' Gleanings, folio

Andrews, 1669. See Bankes (Caleb). Sister Margaret Andrew

widow. Coke, 133.

Matthew Andrewes, Fellow of Queen's College, Cambridge.
No date; Proved 28 September 1674. Of the £1236 for which
I receive £74 per annum from Walnuttree Court and lands in Essex,
I give to my mother Mrs. Damaris Cudworth £100, to brother Richard
Andrewes, Esq. £336, brother Mr. John Andrewes £400, brother
Thomas Andrews £400. To sister Lady Abney £400. To sister
Lady Abney bond from vncle Warner for £180-1 0s. Of £200 in Sir
Edward Abney's hands to Father Dr. Raphe Cudworth £20. to
brother John and Charles and sister Damaris Cudworth £10 each and
to brother Sir Edward Andrewes £10. To cosen Archer for her tender
care of deceased brother Samuel £10. To objects of charity, to be
distributed by my mother £10. Remaining £900 (sic) of said bond
and bond of £50 from brother Richard Andrews Esq. to brother Mr.
John Andrewes, executor. Residue to executor with all my Books
excepting to Queen's Colledge Library all Medicinall Books said Li-
brary is not already furnished with. Witnesses : Jn° Wickens, John
Wickens junior. Bunce, 31.

Andrews, 1676. See Einarton (John) of Whaddon, Bucks, yeo-
man. Jane Andrewes £5, and Robert Andrewes 20s.

Arch. Bucks, file 1676 .

Andrews, 1680. See Alwyn (John) citizen and merchant taylor.
Father in law Mr. Benjamin Andrews and mother in law Mrs. Anne
Andrews. North, 85.

Thomas Andrews, Cittizen and Dyer of London. Will 21 July,
1687 ; proved 2 May 1688. Estate in three parts as by laudable
custom of London, one part to wife Anna Andrews, one to my child
or children which shall be living or wife Anna goeth withall at de-
cease, and other one third, viz : To wife Anna all plate, household


Waters' Gleanings


stuff &c. To my honoured mother Mrs. Damaris Cudworth mourn-
ing for herself and father in law Dr. Ralph Cudworth, also for
mourning to brother Richard Andrews Esq. £(50 and to brother in law
Sir Edward Abuey, my dear lady Abney and daughter Ann Abney
£50 each, and to Ann a piece of plate of £20. To sister Abney £15
ditto. To couzens Sir J no and Lady Francis Parker, my lady and
sister Massant £20 each, brother Jno. Cudworth £15, Honoured
mother Anna Shute £20, sister Elizabeth Shute and Aunt Shute
widdow £10 each for rings. To Mr. Jno. Webster 40s. ditto. To
Mr. Robert Gilpin and wife £16 for mourning. To Mr. Richard
Baldwin if living with me £6 ditto. To nurse Mellchap ditto £10.
To poore of Newintonstocke-towne where I now live £3 to be disposed
of to wife Anna and 40s. to Lady Abney for charity. If sonne or
Sonne's daughter or daughters or my daughter or daughters die be-
fore 21, to rest &c. Residue to children living at decease of wife
Anna. To wife Anna as my marriage articles &c. messuages &c.
and if children die, after decease of wife to my brother Richard An-
drews. Whereas my Father Francis Shute, Esq. by his will did in
case of death of his only sonne my brother in law Mr. Joseph Shute
bequeath his said dwelling house knowne by signe of the Crowne in
St. Peters, Cornhill, against St. Peters church to his two daughters,
viz : — my dear wife Anna and her sister Madam Elizabeth Shute,
and it pleased God to take my brother Mr. Joseph Shute, before he
was of age, who in his will made in his sickness did confirm his
father's will, now therefore my interest in the said house to children,
and, if they die, after death of wife to brother Richard Andrews
Esq. Executrix : wife Anna. Overseers : Brother Richard Andrews,
Esq. brother in law Sir Edward Abney, Kt., Mr. John Webster,
Draper, and Mr. John Greene, an Attorney. If brother Richard die
before my wife, his interest to sister Lady Damaris Abney and her
two present daughters, my niece Lady Frances Parker and Anne
Abney. The house in Cornhill wholly to wife Anna. Witnesses:
Robt. Gilpin, Rich d Baldwin, Jos. Williams. Foot, 57.

Benjamin Andrewes, 1688 (Foot, 112). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 1068.

Joane Andrews of St. Bartholomew the Great, London, widow.
Will 2 April 1692; proved 17 May 1698. Nephew and nieces Richard,
Joane, and Mary Gillum, son and daughters of my cosen Richard
Gillum, each £10 at 21. If they die to cosen Samuel Lee. To Robert

1740 Waters' Gleanings Angell

o v

Lee, son of my cosen John Lee deceased, Is. To John Lee his
brother and son of John Lee deceased £10 at 21. To Robert Lee
son of cosen Robert Lee deceased £10 at 21. To Elizabeth Lee
daughter of cosen Robert Lee deceased 12d. To cosens John, Eliz-
abeth, and Anne Swayne £10 each at 21. To cosens John and Jo-
seph Slye, sons of cosen Joseph Sly, taylor, £5 each at 21. To Mr.
Robert Lee son of Robert Lee large bible without clasps. To Martha
and Mary Slye daughters of ditto 12d. 'each. To friend Francis
Camfeild, Bartholomew Close, tobacconist, his wife Elizabeth and son
Jacob broad pieces of gold. To Stephen turner, Milliner in Barbican
and John Pickett, son of John Pickett of Farnham, Surrey, ditto.
To William Newell St. Bartholomew Close, wine cooper, £40, and
his wife Judith £10, and other children William, John, Judith, Mary,
Josia, Grace, and Sarah Newell £5 e ich at 21. To said Judith Newell
junior my cloak, and if she die, to her sister Mary. To cosen Samuel
Lee new mazarine knitt wascott and scarlett dyed serge petticoate.
To Joane Chandler wife of Henry Chandler silk Forrandum gowue
etc. etc. etc. Rest to Samuel Lee. Executor : William Newell senior.
Overseer: Francis Camfield. Witnesses: Samuel Holmes, Henry
Harvey, Tho : Cutchen Scrivenor in Southwarke. 10 December 1698
administration to residuary legatee Samuel Lee, executor being dead.

Lort, 112.

Sir Edmund Andros, 1713 (Aston 44). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 272.

John Angell of London, merchant taylor. Will 27 September;
proved 3 December 1558. To be buried in parish church of St.
Awstine at Pawles Gate in the High Quyer next the organs. To
the blessed sacrament a whiteclothe of nedellworke fringed with
four knopps gilte. To same church of St. Awstine a new vestment
of blew velvett stole vanell purils with a new awbe and a new
Ammes. Also a robe of white Dammaske embrodered beneth with
a purfell of clothe gold to be occupyed on the blessed virgin Maryes
Days. Also to same church in honor of God and Sainte Nicholas
a myter and two lvttell wopes for children. Also to high altare
12d. Also to said church a legend new bound for children, in the
firste parte thereof the firste iii lessons for euery Sonday and doble
feaste, in the second parte the pistells for euery sonday and pryn-
cypall feast in the yeare.. Also my four Frychsonge books with
twenty masses of four parts, my four books of exultavit of four and


Waters' Gleanings


five parts with all other my songs necessary for all times of the year
remaining in a chest by the High altars. To poore 13/4. To my
buriall 5s. To monastery of Syon 40s. To monastery of Shene 20s.
to be prayed for. To fryers of Grenewych 6/8. To fryers of
Smythefeld 6/8. To daughter Brydgett £10 at day of marriage &c.
To daughter Klizabeth which is married £3 and to Agnes her daugh-
ter 6/8. To son Robert £10 a siluer pott &c. To cosen Thomas
Angell of Canterbury and his son 6/8 each &c. To cosen Thomas
Froste 6/8. To godson John Pecock 6/8. To goddaughter Katherin
Sherewood 6/8. To brotherhood of St. John Baptyste yf they come
to buryall 5s. To Company of Clarkes 5s. Residue to wife Marga-
rett, executrix. Overseers : my lovinge and good Mr. Mayster John
Pecock and trusty freind Henry Sherwood. To Mr. Pecock a payre
lennes of Amber and a Matt gold ringe. Witnesses: John Ruddys-
dall, rector of St. Augustin, John Pecocke, Henry Sherwood, John
Kyndon, Thomas Lord. Arch. Tendon, register 2, folio 265.

Edward Angell, citizen and vintner of London. Will 13 July
1603 ; proved 21 December 1603. To brother John Angell £5 and to
his son Robert Angell £10. To brother Thomas Angell's children by
first wife 50s. apeece. To brother Randell Angell all debts he owes.
To children of brothers Robert Angell and William Angell £5 each.
To poore of Peakeerke, North Hants, where I was borne 20s. To
repairing of bridge of Peakerke 20s. To Brethren Willm Angell,
fishmonger, and Robert Angell, grocer, tenement in Gelley, als Jelley
Alley, in parishe of St. Bartholomewe in warde of Breadstreete
bought by indenture 14 January 43 Elizabeth of Thomas Crosier,
grocer. To John Rodes minister now curate of St. Bride's 10s. and
his Byble frely againe and to preach at my funerall yf he live to see
it. To Richard Britten now Bedle of same parishe 10s. To poore of
ditto 40s. Rest to brothers William Angell and Robert Angell, exec-
utors. Witnesses : John Rodes, minister and Bennett Mulsho.

Bolein, 102.

John Angell of Sutton, parish of Stanton Harcourt, Oxon., hus-
bandman. Will 20 July 1622 ; proved 12 September 1622. To son
in law Francis Falkener 40s. To William Pencot £6-3-4 and to her
three children 5s. apeece. To kinsman John Angell £6-13-4 and to
her two children 5s. apeece. To sister in law Elizabeth Angell 10s.
To wives sister Mathew Savage 20s. To wives mayde Dorothie
Bayly 5s. To John Barfoote 40s. To Walter Smith 12s. To daugh-


Waters' Gleanings


ter Ann Angell £100 to be put out for her and bouse after decease of
wife. Rest to wife Ann, executrix. Witnesses : Thomas Savage,
John Barfoot. Codicil 17 August 1622. To William Pencott £6-13-4
more and to his three children 12d more. To Matbey Savage 208.
more. To vncle Thomas Savage 40s. To William Wood 40s. For-
give Robert Falkener of Wittney 20s. of the £5 he owes.

S civile, SO.

Angell, 1622. See Wilkes (Judith), widow of Ralph, S l Bot-
tolph Billingsgate. Eldest daughter Klizabeth Angell.

Arch. London, book 6 (1618-1626/7), folio 134.

Thomas Angell of St. Saviours, Southwark, Surrey, citizen and
vinter of London. Will 28 June 1625; proved 29 July 1625. To
be buried in St. Saviours. Goods in three parts according to laudable
custom of city of London. One part to wife Joane, executrix. One
part to three children, Thomas Angell, Margarett Angell, and Doro-
tliie Angell, at 21 or marriage. Of other one-third, viz : To poore
of St. Saviours £3, to brother Edmund Angell 20s., and his daugh-
ter Marie, my cosen, 20s. To servants Robert Chaddocke, William
Maye, Matthew Outred, Elizabeth Howe, Amye Maye, and Eliza-
beth Parenall 20s. each. To friends George Garrad, citizen and
grocer, Nicholas Newton, citizen and sadler, William Drayton, citi-
zen and cooper, and John Edwardes, citizen and Letherseller 13s. 4d.
each. Residue to three children. Freeholds to son Thomas Angell.
Witnesses: Ric : Landon, Sir Robert Chadwicke, William May,
Fonnsson Cossepp. Clarke, 76.

Joane Aungell of St. Saviours, Southwark, widow. Will 23 No-
vember 1625 ; proved 27 January 1625/6. To be buried in St. Sav-
iours church by late husband Thomas Aungell. Mother Jane Pestle
of St. George, Southwarke, executrix. All goods to three children,
Thomas Aungell, Margaret Aungell, and Dorothie Aungell. To
sister Annis Windever gold ringe with Tur-coise stone. To sisters
Jnne Foulks and Margaret Hunt rings. Overseers: brother in law
Richard Windever and friend William Drayton, citizen and cooper.
As to estate left me by will of late husband Thomas Aungell during
minority of son Thomas, to bringing up of children &c. To servant
Elizabeth Howe 20s. above gift by late husband. Witness : Richard
Paxton, scrivenor. Codicil 15 December 1625, mother Joane Pestle
being dead, brother Richard Windever, Thomas Foster, Nicholas


Waters' Gleanings


Newton, and William Drayton, executors. Witnesses : Thomas
Goodhard, Augustin Hopson, Thomasine Cassey. IJele, 10.

Robkkt Angell, citizen and grocer of London. Will 23 July 1 628 :
proved 1 1 December 1628. To be buried in St. Michael Pater Noster
in Royal on North side of chancel with a small monument like one in
St. Martin Vintrey made for Mr. Billinge showing what I was with
my two wives and children which I had by them. I will my debts
be paid, "referring myselfe to my bookes and to the truth." Personal
estate according to laudable custom of London. To wife Elizabeth
one-third of personal estate and one-third of freehold lands in lieu of
dower. To three children Robert, John and Anne Angell one-third
of personal estate and one-third reserved to myself &c. If wife de-
sire a certaintie allotted, then to her in lieu of her third, the leases I
had with her by marriage, viz. of Martin Brookes Richard Gardiner,
William Houlton what was John Stopes amounting to £80 per annum,
together with the Clothemarke with implements, plate, monies, &c.
she brought sett downe in my old private wastebooke folio 184.
And forasmuch as she hath bene ever a mostlovinge and kinde wife,
unto her as much more &c so as I loose not above £2000 of Ham-
burgh money in bad debtts, her childrens' portions of £1500 being
deducted &c, issuing out of lands bequeathed to son John Angell
and as £40 per annum being due to her out of messuages given John
and the lease at £16 per annum 21 1/2 years remaining of my dwel-
ling House at Putney, etc. etc.. To wile Elizabeth. Her daughter
Dorcas Joiner and son Thomas, daughter Elizabeth Medlicott and
her father two brothers and sisters, to children their portions (£300
each and £300 extra to Thomas) and pieces of plate of £10 with my
armes, and to others four nobles each. To poore of St. Michael
Royal if monument allowed £10. To Brother William Angell and
his children married and unmarried rings.

To Godchildren William Hayward, Robert Greenowes, Robert
Wood, Robert Clepole, and Thomas Medlicott, each 40s at 14 to buie
bookes, and they and also nephew Hayward's sons and niece Green-
owes sons recommended to executors as apprentices at a reduction
of £40. if their parents desire &c. To John Angell, son of my
brother John, and his two sisters and Francis Angell's two children
Robert and Johane 40s. each at marriage or 21, if they take thriving
courses. To faithful friend Stephen Walpole and wife £3-10-0 for
rings. To poore of Putney, Surrey, 40s. to be distributed by wife

1744 Waters' Gleanings Angell

"poorest and most hoDest people of the two Coumpters, Newgate
Ludgate, Kings Bench, and Marshal lsea to everie prison 20s. To
pooreof Pekooke, Northamptonshire, 50s. to be distributed by cosen
Thomas Angell. To old Elizabeth 20s. To faithful servant Thomas
Sandford £10 &c. If my man John Markham is not content to serve
rest of time with executor, the executor to place him with an honest,
sufficient Merchant Adventurer or one free of that Companie, or to
pay one hundred marks. No funerall to be made, but an evening
service, unless wife and overseers agree, then only mourners, brother,
overseers, wife, children, and servant*, not exceeding £40, and father
in lawe and Brother Thomas Arnold do also mourne and likewise
cloaks be sent my men Sandford and Master and to Mr. Walpole and
my wife's children and sonne Medlicott. To Companie of Grocers
£10 in plate unto my Armes and name. Dr. Low to preach at fun-
erall and have £5 for sermon and mourning and Mr. Worme to have
£4 on condicion Dr. Low maie preach. Old Elizabeth to also mourne
and the children of the hospitall, and to the hospitall £3 and to everie
of the children a white loaf of bread. Residue of my one third to be
one half to daughter Ann Angell. one quarter to son John Angel
and one quarter to son Robert Angell. As to freeholds and custom-
ary lands, to sonne John Angell grange called Saltmarsh in Kanyton,
county Yorke, lately purchased of Sir John Smith, Kt. and lands in
Stringham adjoining Saltmarsh. Rest of lands to son and heir
Robert, he to cherish his brother John, his sister Anne, and be instead
of a father and guardian to them and to honour and love his said
mother in lawe &c. If son Robert die without issue and unmarried,
he to be a kinde vnckle to his sister Anne and my grandechilde Robert
Greenowes. And if Sonne John die ditto, then one quarter of his
lands to my grandchilde Robert Greenowes and one half to wife for
life and then to daughter Anne and other two quarters to daughter
Anne &c. To said grandchild Robert Greenowes at 21 a basin and
ewer of £24, well knowing God hath given him by his father a greater
portion than my younger children hath &c, and as his parents dearly

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