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loved my sonne Robert in their lifetime, the tuition of Robert Green-
owes till 21 to son Robert, praying the right honorable the lord Mayor
and the rest of Alderman to like thereof &c. To my nephew John
Angell £20 and ordaine him counsellor to executor, but if he refuse,
ditto to friend Robert Rochdale. Overseers : brother Mr. William
Angell, cosen John Angell, Richard Rochdale, and friend Mr. Stephen

Angell Waters' Gleanin<;s 1745

Walpole. Son Robert, executor. Witnesses: Richard Rochdale,
scrivenor, Edward Howgrave His apprentice. Harrington, ///.

William Angell, Esq., late Sergeant of His Majesty's Accatorie,
and cittizen and fishmonger of London. Will 10 September 1629 ;
proved 31 October 1629. To sou John, Tavern in Old Fish street
called White Talbutt, also a shoppe there wherein William Wilsone,
Fishmonger, keepeth, discharging bond of £200 due Mr. Wood, £200
due one Mr. Drury at the Stockes and £100 due one . . . taken upp
by Mr. Browne, Broker, and also any incumbrances by deeds of mar-
riage between vs or his brother Kdolph. To daughter Bridgett An-
gell £1600 &c. To cosen Robert Angell 40s. for ringe. To Wil-
liam Angell, grocer, ditto. To brother Halsey and sister Halsey 20s
each as tokens. To Roger Bamford ditto. To poore of parish where
buried not exceeding £10. To poore of Narborowe, if not buried
here, 20s. To the boie new made doublett and hose. To Thomas
Poundish 20s. Residue in six parts as follows: To children of
daughter Joyce Greenose, one part. To son James Angell one part.
To children of daughter Katherine Pemberton one part. To chil-
dren of Mary Clepole, one part. To daughter Helen Norton, daugh-
ter Martha Lucy, son Robert Angell, and daughter Bridget Angell
one part. To children of son Mr. John Haward born of daughter
Elizabeth Haward, one part. Whereas son John Angell had assured
him on marriage £300 per annum, and I have given him the gentleman
portership of Winsor castle which cost me £150 aboue twenty four
yeares past and likewise the Surveyorshippe of the Hospitall of St.
Katherines which cost £70 and also £50 for his chamber in the Temple,
and he had about £500 of me since his marriage and the Serjeants
place of His Majesty's Accatorie cost me £1500 whereof he is sworne
to enjoy after death of my sonne Robert Angell, who hath nothing
else but said office, John having already £36 per annum thereof as
sworne 1 February 1628, John to be content &c. Executors: second
son James Angell and Robert Bamford of Rye, Sussex, gentleman.
Overseers : sonnes John Angell and Robert Angell. Witness : Richard
Gill, scrivenor. Ridley, 83.

Thomas Angkll of Southwaik, Surrey, Vintner. Will 26 Feb-
ruary 1633/4; proved 23 April 1634. To sister Margaret Wright
wife of Wright £10. To sister Dorothie Angell £10. Rest to


Waters' Gleanings


wife Alice, executrix. Tenements in fee at Thames Ditton, Surrey,

in occupation of Parsons, in Cranford, Kent in occupation of

Thomas Bredham, in Ighton Kent in occupation of Shoobridge,

and two cottages in Wyton Norfolke, in occupation of Thomas May,
and all other lands to wife Alice, paying to freind and Neighbour
John Pairish 55s. in discharge of all debts if he will accept of same.
Witnesses: Richard Paxton, scrivenor, Richard Jones, John Done,
Richard Longham. Seager, 32.

Angkll, 1636. See Bateman (Robert) merchant in Rotterdam.
Brother in law Robert Angell. Sisters daughter Elizabeth Angell.

Pile, 7.

James Angell, cittizen and fishmonger of London. Will 31 March
1638 ; proved 26 April 1638. Goods according to custom of London.
To wife one third and my six children one third. To wife use of
dwelling house in orchard in Enfield To sister Greenehouse 40s. To
friend Thomas Hewley of York 40s. for ring. To Mr. Tempest
Milner ditto. To ancient servant and now partner, Richard Wrigles-
worth, chest, pile, benches, Tables, painted cloth, beddes, cesterne
and Pumpe of lead in Shoppe of my House &c. Dr. Roberts,
parson of Enfield, to preside at funerall. Rest to six children, sons
at 21, daughters at 21 or marriage. If any die, then to son Thomas.
Executor : said Richard Wriglesworth. Overseer : said Tempest
Milner. Witnesses: Thomas Mosly, John Gibbs, John Rolf,
scrivenor. Lee, 49.

Angell, 1638. See Joyner (Dorcas) of Putney, spinster.
Brother John Angell. Lee, 159.

Anne Angell of St. Bartholomew Exchange, London, widdow.
Will 16 March 1640/1 ; proved 31 March 1641. To be buried in St.
Bartholomew Exchange. To sister Susan Dowues of London, wid-
dow £250 and to her children Hester Tonnge, Elizabeth Atkins, Be-
atrice Downes (and her son £3), Mary Ash (and her two children £3
each), John Downes and Robert Downes £30 each, except £25 to
Beatrice and Robert. To Anne Tonnge at 21 or marriage, to Thomas
and William Tonnge at apprenticeship or 21. To William Atkins
and three other children of Elizabeth Atkins £3 each. To sister's
sonne Richard Saunders £10 and his wife 40s. and his brother John


Waters' Gleanings


and sisters Anne and Elizabeth £30 each. To Avis daughter of John
Meadow £3 a year for ten years. To Elizabeth Townsend £4 and
to her daughter and son 20s. each. To Mary Pickbone £6. To Anne
daughter of cosen Rawlins 30s. for ring. To late servant Elizabeth
Goodby £10. To Henry Brograve and wife 50s. each. To god-
daughter Anne Carleton 40s. and her mother 20s. To Humfrie Wolfe
£4. To overseers Thomas Soane, wharfinger, and George Downes,
clothworker, £5 each. To Dr. Graunte £4. To William Bowyer,
Cittizen and vintner, and Captain Langham, 50s. each for rings. To
Anne Nailer wife of Christopher Nailer ditto and her son John at 21
£3. To Walter Smith, scrivenor, £3, and to Anne his wife 40s. for
rings. To William Danvers£5. To George Danvers 40s. To Thomas
Shillingworth 40s. To parish clerk of Saint Bartholomew 40s., and
to the sexton 30s. To Poore of St. Bartholomew Exchange £4. To
Winifrede, Mr. Danvers maide 40s. Rest to Susan Downes, exec-
utrix. Overseers : Thomas Shillingworth and George Danvers. Wit-
nesses : Walter Smith, Thomas Chillingworth, Michaell Smith,
Mary Gaige. Administration 29 April 1652 to neece Mary Nash
by sister's side left unadministered by executrix Susan Downes.

Rebecca Angell, 1676 (Hale, 28),

See Waters' Gleanings, page

John Anger of Little Clackton. Will 12 April 1587; proved 5
May 1587. Wife Agnes. Son John my messuage called Talbots.
Son William and son Henry £60 at 21. Executor to put my son
John to skoull. Daughter Constance.

Com. Essex and Herts (old number 5 in 1587 bundle).

Anger, 1589. See Churchman (Jone). Daughter Jone Anger


Com. Essex and Herts (old number 86 in 1589 bundle).

Anne Anger of Ingatstone, widow. Will 31 July 1608; proved
27 October 1608. Grandchild Anne Claydone wife of William Clay-
done. Daughter Anne Dier. Grandchild Mary Dier (at 18). Ex-
ecutor : Friend Anthony Brasier the younger. Overseer : Simon
Cooper. Witness : Thomas Dier.

Com. Essex and Herts, filed will (old No. 6 in file 1608).


Waters' Gleanings


William Anqkr of Clactoa Parva, Essex, yeoman. Will 13 Au-
gust 1616 ; proved 25 July, 1616. Son William at 21. Second son
John and third son George. Daughters Margaret and Constance.
Wife Margaret. Francis Levitt supervisor.

Com. Essex and Herts, filed will (old No. 6 in 1616 bundle).

Margaret Anger of Clacton parva. Widqw of William Anger.
Will 1616. Ditto.

Ann Anger of Boxted, Essex, widow. Will 8 June 1618 ; proved
17 June, 1618. Son Robert. Son Henry. Grandchild Elizabeth
Anger. Cosen Ryse of Fordham his children (two sons and —
daughters). Daughter Ann. Thomas Gleson a witness.

Arch. Colchester, bundle Tyler, No. 122.

William Anger, 1622 (Com. Essex and Herts. File 1622/3, No.
186). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1187.

William Anger of Langenhoe, Essex, yeoman. Will 6 May
1623; proved 21 May 1623. Brother Robert Anger. Henry Anger
son of brother Henry. Brother John Anger. Wife Margaret Anger.

Com. Essex and Herts, file 1622/3, No. 21.

William Atnger of Wormley, Herts, laborer. Will 18 October
1623; proved 19 November 1623. Five children Richard, John,
William, Anne, and Katherine, xiid apiece. All the rest to wife
Anne and she executrix. Thomas Bumsted a witness (and the writer
of the will). Proved at Stortford.

Com. Essex and Herts, file 1622/3, No. 107.

John Anger, 1624. (Byrde, 19). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 1187.

[In act book No. 3 (1623-1626), folio 44, 22 May 1624, John
Pye and Richard Batler [sic], executors of John Anger of Dedham,
allege that deceased owed said Richard Batler £10 outside the diocese
of London].

Anne Anger, of Wormley, Herts, widow. Will 7 October 1625 ;
proved 7 November 1625. Son John, son William, daughter Kathe-
rine. Son Richard (executor). If all die, remainder to William
Maton of Wormley or heirs. Proved at Stortford.

Com. Essex and Herts, file 1625/6, No. 153.

Anne Anger, 1625 (Com. Essex and Herts, file 1625/6, No.
177). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1189.

Anger Waters' GLEANINGS 1749

Angkr 1G26. See Brag (John) of Edwardston, Suffolk, yeoman.
Grandchild Anna Auger, daughter of son in law John Anger of
Dovercourt, Essex. Hele, 62.

Joysen Angek, 1628 {Com. Essex and Herts, file l627/8 % No.
18). See Waters' Gleanings, page 1191.

William Anger of Little Clackton, yeoman. Will proved 1628.
Son William. Daughter Margaret at 18. Daughter Elizabeth Anger,
Brothers John and George Anger. Wife Bridget.

Com. Essex and Herts, file 1628/9, No. 5.

John Aungier, LL.D., Trinity parish, Cambridge. Will 19 April
1627; proved 12 October 1630. To Mr. Prime, Minister of Trinity
if he suffer me to be buried in chancell £3. To Trinity College
whereof I was once a Member £10 for poore schollers and good stu-
dents and £10 for books for library. To eldest brother Erauncis
Lord Aungier £20. To sister Elizabeth Parot £5 and sister Catherine
Irby £5. To wife Anne for life a tenement where I dwell, also tene-
ment occupied by Jeremy Goose, hosyer, also tenement purchased of
Samuel Smith, of Cambridge, chandler in Great St. Mary's in occu-
pation of Mr. Godfrey, also lands in St. Ives, Hunts, then to Geruld
Aungier eldest son of Francis Lord Aungier. To Francis Aungier
second son of brother Edward Aungier, coppyhold in Heminford
Abbatts, if he die to Marie Aungier, eldest daughter of Edward
Aungier. To godson Giles Cotton gilt boule. . To godson Thomas
Aungier and god daughter Mary Aungier ditto. To servants 40s.
To my releiuer and privileged man John Pottill 20s. Rest to wife
Anne executrix. Witnesses : Wm. Searle, Sam. Twyn, John Har-
woode. Scroope, 84,

John Anger, thelder, Boxted, Essex, yeoman. Will 8 November
1633; proved 14 November 1634. To be buried in the Chancell
church or Churchyard of Boxted. To sonne John Andger customary
messuage called "Digins ferme" in West Barchholtt, [WestBergholt],
Essex, paying vnto my sister in lawe Anne Randall a rent annually
of £14. To wife Alice for life messuage in Alberton Peldor or Lan-
gerhoe [*. e. Abberton, Peldon, or Langenhoe], Essex, also house
in Dedham called "Oadehouse." To brother John Andger £5 yearly
to be paid by sonne John out of "Woodhouse" in Boxted. To chil-
dren of my brother Rich : Andger (John, Richard, and Elizabeth) 20s.

1750 Waters' Gleanings Aungier

apeece. To Hen : Andger sonne of Hen : Andger of Fingrehoe 20s.
To Henrie Andger the father all dues. To Anne Neathercoate
daughter of John Neathercoate of Soham in Cambridgeshire £5. To
parish of Boxted to be distributed at interment £10. To my man
Mathewe Runeacres 20s. To my servantes Margaret Clarke and
Sara Sheldrake 10s. apeece.

To my brother and sister Mr. and Mrs. Thuraton of Greenesteade
with in the Libertie of Colchester two old Angells to buy them a
paire of gloues. To Mr. Rogers of Dedham, Clarke, Mr. Collins of
Higham, Clarke, and Mr. Tho : Holmested of Boxted 20s. apeece.
Rest to wife Alice, executrix. Witnesses: Tho: Holmested, Willm
Warren, Martin Laye. Administration to son John, executrix being
dead. Seager, 99.

Alice Anger, Boxted, Essex, widow, being sicke. Will 15 Sep-
tember 1634: proved 14 November 1634. To be buried in Boxted
churchyard. To sister Margaret Neathercoate £10. To sister Marie
Hills £10. To sister Randall £5. To Neece Lucie Dyllmer 40s.
To Neece Elizabeth Kinge 20s. To brother John Neathercoates
children £5 a peece, except to Anne £10. To servantes 6s-8d. each.
To Mr. Rogers of Dedham, Mr. Collen of Higham, and Mr. Holm-
sted of Boxted 40s. each. Rest to sonn John Anger, executor.
Witnesses: Tho: Holmsted, Marie Rogers. Seager, 99.

Edith Angier of Eastham, Essex, widow. Will 19 November
1635 ; proved 3 March 1635/6. To my sons Francis Willys and
Robert Angier all debts and lynen. To sister Wellhead, brother
John Gosnoll's wife and sister Read my wearing Lynnen and appar-
ell. Rest to two sons, executors. Witnesses : He : Holcroft, Let-
tes Holcroft, John Downes. Pile, 33.

Margery Anger, 1658 (Wootton, 560). Waters' Gleanings,
page 788.

Samuel Angier, 1667 (Carr, 57). Waters' Gleanings, page 1191.
John Angieu, 1677 (Hale, 112). Waters' Gleanings, page 1192.
Edmund Angier, 1678 (Reeve, 60). Waters' Gleanings, page 1192.
Bezal: Angier, 1678(Reeve, 120). Waters' Gleanings, page 1192.
Samuel Aungier, 1693(Coker, 73). Waters' Gleanings, page 1192.


Waters' Gleanings


Samuel Angier, 1713( Leeds, 267). Waters' Gleanings, page 1192.

Angeven. 1654. See Heath (John), Upton, parish of Westham,
Essex. Margaret Heath wife to John Angeven. Alchin, 437.

Thomas Anguish of the City of Norwich, mercer. Will 7 July
1622 ; proved 9 September 1622. My body to be buried in the parishe
church of Tombland in Norwich neer to the corps of my father. To
Mr. John Ward, minister and preacher in the said parish of St.
Michaell at the plea, 40s. to preach at my burial. To wife Ann £600.
To Francis Anguish my son £500 at 21. If wife marry, then he
whom she shall marry shall become bound with such suretie as my
father in law Mr. Francis Smalpeece shall think fit. If son Francis
die, then his portion shall remain to my brother in law Thomas Smal-
peece. To the child my wife goeth withall, if a man child £500, if
a woman child £400 at 21, and in case of its death then to the said
Francis. To Robert Playford of Norwich, draper, 50s. To Mary
his wife 50s. To said brother in law Thomas Smalpeece £15. To
Thomas Edglye of Norwich, gent £3 and to my said brother Smal-
peece 40s. Overseers : The said Thomas Smalpeece and Thomas
Edgley. To my father in law Mr. Francis Smalpeece, citizen and
alderman of Norwich, £10 and to so many of my own brethren that are
married and have wifes £5 apiece and to those that are single 50s.
apeece. Executors: Anne my wife and my said father in law Mr.
Francis Smalpeece. Witnesses : Robert Gedge, Robert Playforde,
William Symon, Henry Watts. Savile, 80.

Anguish, 1649. See Davy (John). Sister in law Mrs. Katherine
Anguish. Her sons and her daughter by brother Simon Anguish.

Fairfax, 85.

Joane Annis of Bomsted at the Tofer. Will 11 October 1569;
proved 4 December 1569. Sons Robert Annis, Hary Annis, and
Richard Annis. Daughter Elizabeth. My sons John Fytch and
Richard Fytch, either of them £3 6s 8d in one year, &c. Thomas
Fytch son of John Fytch 20s. All my sons' children, my son Thomas
his children only excepted, 12d each. Christopher Smyth my son 20s
in seven years &c Son Thomas 20s in seven years &c. Son William,
executor. Thomas French and Thomas Fytch &c. witnesses.

Com. Essex and Herts, filed Will.

Thomas Annott of Lowestofte, Suffolk, marchaunte. Will 1
October 1577 ; proved 5 February 1577/8. To be buried in church

1752 Waters' Gleanings Ansell

of Margarett in Lowestofte. To repairing of church 20s. To
poore £5 yearly for twenty years. To godchild 6/8. To wief Agnes
surplus revenue of lands in Whelecarborowe, Norfolk, etc., over
twenty marks per annum already assured by deed formaynteynaunce
of a free grammar Scole in Towne of Lowstofte. Also to wief for life
"Brewsters" in Kessinglande, then to cosen Mr. Walter Norton. To
kinswoman Elizabeth Annott now wief of Stephen Burrell two tene-
ments in Parkefeild and Kirkley in occupation of Robson and

Love, also "Welinges" in Owlton in occupation of Rendall. To

wief Agnes, Elizabeth Burrell and son in law William French and
Margaret Wells wief of William Wells all plate etc. To said William
French the Priory in Carleton Colevile in halfe hundred of Mulforth,
also "Pynnes" in Lowestoft. To godsonne Thomas Brooke tene-
ment in occupation of Edwarde Davye the thaxter. Tenement called
"Gages" in Gilsam to maintane a free grammar schole in Wood-
bridge, Suffolk. To wief Agnes "Shankes" in Kessingland in occu-
pation of Skyed. To Elizabeth Annott wief of Stephen Burrell

"Childres" in Kessingland in occupation of Locke. To John

Gudgeffeilde the elder £3. To two poore almes houses for two poore
folkes to dwell in Lowestofte &c. Rest to wief Agnes and son in
law William French. Executors : Wife, William French, William
Arnolde. Supervisor: Mr. Robertes. To poore mens' boxe in Lowe-
stofte £100 to hands of four honest men &c. To ditto of Kessing-
lande, Gislam, Carlton Colevyle, Parkefield, Kyrkley and Whitecar-
borowe 5s. each. Witnesses: William Wells, William Tolleze,
Stephen Phillipp. Langley, 10.

Annott, 1593. See Frenche (William) of Lowestoft, Suffolk.
Agnes Annott my mother. Reference to fill of Thomas Annott late
of Lowestoft deceased. Dixy, 12.

Bridgett Ansell of Booking, Essex, widow. Will 6 April 1653:
proved 30 April 1653. To daughter Bridget Amys, executrix, all
goods to pay £10 1 owe her and what cost at my sickness. If any
remain, then to my three daughters Bridget, Elizabeth, and Sarah.
Witnesses: Thomas Kempe, Edward Tabseare. Brent, 28.

Isaac Ansell of Booking, Essex, clothyer. Will 19 March
1651/2 : proved 30 April 1653. To wife Bridget house where I live
howse where Richard Wade liveth, and tenement in which Sarah

Anstie Waters' Gleanings 1753

Cable lvveth, also, howse in occupation of .John Morrell and shopp
in occupation of William Thorpe, also howse late in occupation of
William Brewster for life ; then to daughter Bridgette howse in occu-
pation of John Morrell and ditto late in occupation of Henry
Sander; also to son in law George Browne tenement in occupation
of William Brewster and Sarah Cable and Shopp in occupation
of William Thorpe with woodhouse at end of yard and woodhouse
at end of William Brewster's house with that part of my yard
Sarah Cavell [sic] now layes her wood in : also to daughter Sarah
wife of John Heard houses wherein I live and house where
Richard Wade lyveth to her and heirs of her body, for want of
which to my two daugters Bridgett and Elizabeth. All goods to wife
Bridgett executrix. Witnesses : Thomas Cavell, Edward Tabor.

Brent, 36.

Anson, 1637. See King (Sabine), Citizen etc. of London. Sister
Anne Anson. Lee, 27.

Thomas Anson, H. M. S. Britinnia, marriner. Will 14 April
1690; proved 4 June 1692. All to wife Alice Anson of St. Mary
Magdelenes, Southwarke, executrix. Witnesses: D. Mitchell, Jno :
Chaddocke, Jon° Earle, James Fry. Fane, 97.

Thomas Anstie, Clarke, parson of Whichampton, Dorset. Will 16
September 1612; proved 15 January 1612/3. To be interred in
chancell of Whichampton church. To church 3s. 4d. To poore one
Bushell of wheate and ditto of Barley. To church of Hampreston
3s. 4d. and poore ditto. To godsonnes Thomas Hobbie, Thomas Bason
and Thomas Durneford one ewe each. To goddaughter Emme
Skovell ditto or 8s. To Nick Deane sonne of Francis Deane ditto.
To Lidea Hayne daughter of brother in law Parson Hayne ditto. To
servaunts Thomas Maunsell and Luce Wylsheare 20s. To daughter
in law Penelope Fay £20. To sonne Nicholas Anstey silver salte
and five silver spoons. Wife Avice Anstey to have use of goods she
brought. As I have other daughters which I would give £100 each
to at marriage, Mr. Nicholas Ware, vicar of Shapwich, Joseph
Collet, and brother in law John Skovell authorized to raise out of lands
for education and said portions. Executors : Nicholas Ware, Joseph
Collet, John Skovell. No witnesses. Administration to widow Avice
Anstie, executors renouncing. Capell, 1.

1754 Waters' Gleanings An tony e

Thomas Anstie, clerk, parson of Wichampton, Dorset. Brother
in law Parson Hayne, his daughter Lidea Hayne. Capell, 1.

Answorth, 1661. See Sherman (John) of Norwich, clerk.
Cosen Elizabeth Answorth.

Consist. Norwich, register 1660/1, folio 451.

Willm Antonye, citizen and Bruer of London. Will 24 August
1535 ; proved 16 September 1535. To be buried in Collegiate Church
and Hospitall of saint Kateryn next the Tower before the aulter of
St. Anthonye. To the suster and bedwomen w l in the hospitall of St.
Kateryn to pray for my soule 3s 4d. To church of St. Botulphe
without Algate where I am parishoner 3s. 4d. To sonne Anthonye
Anthonye best twoo saltes of siluer with a cover parcell gilte, a
standing cupp with cover all gilte, with litell pyllars vppon the
Couer xii silver sponys, best jaket of Damaske, best velvoet Doblet
&c. Tenement, bier house, gardens, &c. in Est Smythfelde beside
the Towre held of Abbot and Covent of the monastery of our lady
of Graces beside the Toure to John Wylcockes gentilman for
profite and behoof of Joane my wife as separat tenement where I
dwell for terme of forty yeres yf Joane so longe lyve, and after to
sonne Anthonye Anthonye with remainder to Annede Mollyn daugh-
ter of John de Mollyn and of Margaret his wife late my doughter, and
wife Johan to have a rent charge of £10 a year as by dede of
February 25 Henry VIII to Robert Myllysche Citizen and marchant
Taillor of London, Godfrey Dews, woodmonger, Raph Lathan, John
Patterton, goldsmythes, John Wemmys, Fishmonger, and John Mar-
getson, Bruer, Citizens of London. To sonne Anthonye Anthonye
my Byerhouse called the Shipp with houses, etc., on other side of the
waye withBruying vesselles, etc., prazed at £126 except the tenement
which Willm Walker, woodmonger, late occupyed and which William
Haddock, maryner, nowe occupyeth and tenement I myselfe nowe
dwell in, etc., paying to said Robert Mellysche and other cograuntees
the £10 yearly for use of Johane my wife, and said sonne Anthonye
shall euery weke wekely after my deceas deliuer or cause to be deliu-
ered to the said Joane my wife a kylderken of threhalpenny bere good
holsome and lawful during hir life, or else said Shippe to remaine to
said Anne de Molyn, paying to Anne wife of said Anthonye etc. ;
wrytings to be putt in chest in Vestuary of pish church of St. Botolphe
w'out Algate one key in custodie of wife Johane and one key in cus-


Waters' Gleanings


todye of sonne Anthonye and third key with an indifferent person,
wife Johan to have custody of said Anne de Molyn till of age, etc.
To Symon Van Aken my other wife's cousyn 20s. A lode of cooles
to be provided yearly for poore of St. Southwark Bottolphs and St.
Katheryns during tenancy, etc. Residue to wife Johan, executrix.
Overseers: Godfrey Dewes, Woodnionger, and Robert Mellyshe,
merchant Taillor. Witnesses : Willm Grene, preest curate, John
Haselwood Recvvour to our sovereign Lord the King, Cristofer
Morys one of the Kings Gonners, John Frank, Gyles Harryson, Bier-
brewers, Anthonye Wolfe, preest, and Henry Standish, scryvenor.

Hogan, 27.

Anthony, 1549. See Haddock (William) of St. Botolph's Aldgate,
mariner. Anne Anthony wife of Anthony Anthony, surveyor of H.

Arch. London, register 2, folio 11.

M. Ordnance.

Anthony, 1585. See Somer (John). Brother in law Derrick
Anthony of Chertsey. Margaret wife of Derrick Anthony, sister of
my wife. Brudenell, 49.

Anthony, 1607. See Yardley (John),
Charles Anthony. Cozen John Anthony.

Uncles Francis and
Hudleston, 98.

Anthony, 1611. See Howe (William). Kinsman Francis An-
thony, son of sister Jane. Wood, 55.

Charlks Anthonte of St John Zachary, Chiefe Graver to H. M.
Mint and of His Seales. Will 24 October 1615, proved 21 November
1615. To wife Elizabeth lease of dwelling house, £200, etc. To
children Thomas, Richard, Charles, James, Andrewe, Edward at 24
and Marye at 21 or marriage 100 marks each. To eldest son Thomas
all goldsmithes tooles, workynesses, patterns, and printes of seales
and books and papers belonging, also my seale ringe of Armes and
one wedding Rynge. Forgive brother Franncys all debts. Great
parte of estate ys out of my handes and cannot be disposed of viz :

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