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my fiue pondes of waterworks of Broken Wharfe. £110 adventure
vnto the Sonmer Islandes ; also £137 adventure into first colony into
Virginia, and £22-16-0 into second colony into Virginia, of which
1/4 to wife, 1/4 to son Thomas, and other two fourths to children.
Residue to sonn Thomas Anthony, executor. Overseer : Brother
in law Samuell Arnold. Witnesses: John Leigh, Johane Brussell.

Rnrtd, 105.

1756 Waters' Gleanings Anthony

Anthony, 1615. See Whitgift (William) of Clavering, Essex.
George Anthony, clerk. Rudd, 108.

Anthony, 1618. See Arnold (Samuel). Sister Anthony.

Meade, 8.

Thomas Anthonye, Citizen and Goldsmith of London. Will 14
May 1618 : proved 21 May 1618. To wife Elizabeth Anthonye 1/3 of
estate. To daughter Elizabeth, except wife be now with child 1/3
ditto, etc. If mother in law seale conveyance now drafted of the
waterhouse which she confessed belonged to me by my brother's will,
then to her £30 and waterworkes to wife and children, etc. To aunt
Yerwens £5 and her daughter Judith Yerwens 40s. To my eldest
brother Richard Anthony my father's picture and to my vncle Mr.
Doctor Anthonye my grandfather's picture. Rest to wife Elizabeth,
executrix. To poore of St. John Zacharye where I live 40s. To
apprentice John Leigh one year of his indenture. To John Dicher,
son of Thomas Dicher, 10s. To my brother Charles Anthonye all
books of vellum cover. Overseer : John Dicher. To my valentine
Elizabeth Dicher 20s, and to apprentice John Leigh besides a cloake
20s. Witnesses: Mathew Cordrowe, clerk, Rand Wilbrahm, Robert

4 September 1639, administration to John Leigh, husband and ex-
ecutor of Elizabeth Leigh, daughter of deceased, left undivided by
widow Elizabeth. Meade, 42.

Anthony, 1621. See Arnold (Richard) citizen and haberdasher
of London. Will proved 1621. Daughter Elizabeth married to
Charles Anthony, goldsmith, deceased. Dale, 64.

Francis Anthony. 1623 (Swann, 60). Waters' Gleanings, page 86.

Francis Anthony, 1623 (Swann, 87). Waters' Gleanings, page 87.

Bartholomew Anthony of London (Holy Trinity the Less).
Will 19 December 1624: proved 11 January 1624/5. To be buried
in new church yard. To brothers and sisters £3 each. To mother
in law Mrs. Mary Ryecroft £3. To a poore maide Marie Ashe 40s.
To poore in Exeter to be distributed by John Anthony and Water
White £5. To wife's brothers and sisters 40s. each. To John Lutton
35s. To servant Peter Ryecroft 10s. To Gillian Bale in Extr40s.


Waters' Gleanings


To Mr. Hooker, Preacher, 40s, Mr. Smyth, Minister, 40s, Mr.
Richardson, Minister, 40s. To Goody Compton 20s. To poore of
Trinity parish £3. To the minister of the place Mr. Dr. Hatfield,
40s. To Nan Yeles 20s. To my Ant Tucker of Kirton, if livinge
£3. To my cozen Tucker's wife a Ringe. To the Tucker that cured
me vnder god of the disease vnder my Arme 40s. To private poore
people 40s. at brother Laurence and Richard Perry's disposing. To
child which shalhe borne of my wife in gods good time £300 to be
paid by brothers Jno. and Edward Anthony etc. Rest to wife Marie,
executor. Overseers : brother Lawrence Anthony and Richard Perry.
Witnesses : Lawrence Anthony, Richard Perry, and Peter Rycroft.

Clarke, 10.

Andrew Anthony, son of Charles Anthony, citizen and goldsmith
of London. [St. Stephen's Waxbroke; Probate Act]. Will 30 June
1625 ; proved 6 July 1627. To mother Elizabeth Anthony my part
of the water house at Broken Wliarfe. To my brethren Richard,
Charles, James, and Edward, and my sister Mary, lease of Maister
Samuel Bonnival's house in Blackfriars, etc., and rents to be paid by
Samuell Bonnival at house of my cosen Thomas Ai-nold, haberdasher,
on Ludgate Hill, etc. To nephew Alis Anthony, daughter of brother
Richard Anthony £10. To sister Alis Anthony, wife of brother
Richard 40s. To brother in law Mr. Randoll Wilbraham £30 and
his wife Martha 40s. To Mr. Winston's four children Richard, John,
Mary, and Robert 20s. each. To mother [brother] Charles Anthony
Featherbedd, etc., in my maister's house marked with my name. To
mother Elizabeth Anthony, sole executrix, residue. Overseer :
brother Richard. Witnesses : Robert Evans, Thomas Edmonds.

Arch. London, register 7 (1627-1633/4), folio 8.

John Anthony of Exeter, merchant. Will 1 March 1 630 : proved
23 June 1631. To wife Hannah one third of estate. To eight children,
Samuel, John, Bartholomew, Phineas, Hannah, Edith, Alice and
Dorcas, one other third and one third to performance of will. John
and Bartholomew's parts to be made up to £100 each. To daughter
Hannah £200. To daughters Edith, Alice and Dorcas £100 each at
21. To sonne Phineas £100 at 21. To poore of Cittie of Exeter £5.
To Mayor Bailliffs and commonaltie of Exeter towards purchasing
house of late Priorie of St. Nicholas for charitable or pious use, if
done in seven years, £10. To brother Edward Anthony £5. To

1758 Waters' Gleanings Anthony

wife Hannah rents of landes in Bareferrys, Devon, for thirteen years,
for son Samuel at 21. To said son John Anthony landes in St.
Olaves, Exeter, remainder to Bartholomew. To son Phineas Anthony
stable and garden in Friernhay, etc. Rest to wife Hannah, executrix.
Overseers : brother in law Christopher Clarke, Walter White, and
James White. Witnesses : Richard Tickell, Chr. Clarke, Walter
White, Richard Tickell, junior. St. John, 70.

John Anthony, M.D., brother of Francis Anthony, deceased,
late of St. Giles, Cripplegate, 15 October 1631 versus Judith Anthony
als Holland widow and executrix. Sentence for will. St. John 107.

Anthony, 1632. See Arnold (Richard) of Gray's Inn, Middlesex,
gent. Aunt Anthony and her five children. Audley, 36.

Francis Anthony, late of parish of St. Giles without Criplegate,
London, deceased. Administration 8 June 1634 to Judith Holland
als Anthony, relict. Admon. Act Book (1634-6), folio 34.

Anthony, 1635. See Arnold (Ann) of Water Lambeth, Surrey.
Sister widow Anthony. Sadler, 59.

Elizabeth Anthony of London, widow. [St. Stephens, Coleman
Street ; Probate Act]. Will 15 March 1646/7 ; Proved 3 July 1648.
To sonn Edward tenement in parish of Anne Blackfryers in occupa-
tion of John Toomes, Apothecarie, remainder to daughter Mary, wife
of Samuel Sambrooke : then to nephew Samuell Arnold, whereof a
fine levied in Hillory term, 11 Chas. I in Comon Pleas. To sonne
Charles Anthony £50 and to his wife 50s. for ringe. To cosen
Thomas Arnold portion (i. e. 1/6 of 2/4 of waterhouse at Broken
Wharfe) left in trust by my sonn Andrew Anthony, etc., paying to
daughter Mary Sambrooke rents for her children, etc. To daughter,
Mary all plate, ringes, and household stuff e (except cesterne of lead in
kitchen and the waterpipe, all painted cloth). To children of sonns
Richard and Charles Anthony 50s. each. To wife of sonn Edward
Anthony and to sonn in law Samuel Sambrooke rings of 50s. To
two sonns of brother Samuel Arnold deceased Samuel (and George)
£5 each. To poore of St. John Zacherie 50s. and of parish where I
dwell ditto. To Maudlyn Hawkins, servant to cosyn Thomas Arnold
50s. To Als Cole ditto 25s. If any part of the Virginia shares
come to my executors, he shall dispose of them according to my


Waters' Gleanings


husband's will. No blackes to he given by executor :it funeral]
Executor: my loving kindeman Mr. Thomas Arnold. Witnesses:
How: Jenlces, John Ashenden, Robert Potter. Essex, 113.

Anthony, 1654. See Handson (Raphe),
daughter of Dr. Anthony.

Cozen Mary Anthony,
Alchin, 366.

John Anthonie of London, M.D. Will 21 April 1655; proved
2 June 1655. I bequeath all that my now dwelling house in the parish
of Bartholomew the Great near West Smithfield, London, to
my friends, Muster Robert Staunton of Grnyes Inne, county Mid-
dlesex, Esq., Master John Halsey of Lincolns Inn, Esq., Master James
Smith the younger of London, saltcr, and to Master William Nevett
of London, grocer, for ever on condition they sell my said house for
payment of my legacies and I will untill such sale the rents shall be
paid to my daughter Mary Anthonye out of which rents I do give a
fifth parte to my son Samuel Anthonie and appoint my trustees shall
upon sale of the said house pay to my wife Sarah Anthony £20, to
son Samuel £80, etc.. to daughter Elizabeth Olmstead £50, which is in

discharge of a bond given upon her marriage unto

her now hus-

band To daughter Rebecca Mountague £50 in pursuance of a writing
by me given upon her marriage with John Mountague her now hus-
band, the same being for the behoof of the said Rebecca for that the
said John Mountague doth decay by his wasting it tending to the
mine of himself, wife and child. To Master William Nevett afore-
named £5. The rest of the said mony I give to my daughter Mary.
I give to son Samuel and my said three daughters all such mony as I
have lent the Cittie of London upon theire seale. Residuary legatee:
my said daughter Mary Anthonie, Executors: said Master James
Smith the younger and my said daughter Mary. Overseers: the said
Master Robert Staunton, and the said Master John Halsey. Witnes-
ses: George Gyles, Sam. Speght. Aylett, 265.

John Anthony, 1703 (Degg, 205). See Waters' Gleanings,
page 6.

Richard Antram, 1598 (Lewyn 22). See Essex Institute Collec-
tions. April, 1904.

John Anthrcm, 1627 (Skynner, 80). See Essex Institute Col-
lections, April, 1904.

1760 Waters' Gleanings Anyon

William Antrum, 1631 (St. John, 36). See Essex Institute
Collections, April, 1904.

Richard Anton, St. John's, Clerkenwell, yeoman. Will 18 August
1599 : proved 30 October 1599. To be buried in St. John's church-
yard. To sister Margaret Kenderdyne £5. To sister Margery £5.
To cozen Robert £6-13-4. To Robert Anyon his wief my syster in
Lawe £5 and to her children £8. To Edmond Fleetwood Esq.
£6-13-4 and to Mr. Fleetwood his wiffe £6. To M rss Bridgett Fleet-
wood, one of the daughters of Edmond Fleetwood, Esq., my mare
which is in Lancasheere. To M rss Elizabeth Fleetwood, another
daughter, ditto, my youngest mare in Lancashire. To brother's son
Richard Anyon in Lancasheere 40s. and to his wife ditto. To my
cozen Reynold Anyon, my vncle's sonne, £6-13-4. To his other two
sonnes and his daughter £6. To my sister's son Robert Latnor £10.


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