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remembrance of that worthy knight Sir Richard Saltonstall his grandfather
deceased. And if he die without heir male of his body then my will is
that my next son Bernarde Saltonstall shall have the same, with remainder
to my third son John Saltonstall. To my son Bernard an annuity of three
score pounds out of my manor of Chipping Warden &c. during his natural
life and the life of such wife as he shall fortune marry. To my son Bernard
five hundred pounds and to my son John five hundred pounds out of the
thousand pounds due and payable by M r Samuel Clackson (sic) of London,
merchant taylor. To John an annuity of three score pounds (as before).
Reference to an indenture of 6 June 1617 between me and Samuel Clark-
son of London, merchant taylor. My sons to prefer their heir males before
the females and not to suffer any of my lands to come unto my daughters.
And for default of heir males of the body and bodies of my three sons then
my will is that it go to the right heirs of my son Richard Saltonstall for
ever unless he or they which shall be the last heir male of my sons shall
think good to suffer those lands in the Co. of Essex which descended to
me by the death of my father to remain to the next heir male of my
brethren, which I do earnestly desire may so continue in the name of the
Saltonstalls during the pleasure of Almighty God, with their continual
thanks given to him for his good blessings bestowed upon them. To the
Lady Jane Saltonstall my wife the wardship and marriage of the body and
lands of my nephew Edward Riche, which I purchased of the Berries, with
all such profits as I might lawfully take, he and his brother Richard Riche
being now run away from me to their uncle Sir Peter Saltonstall, for
which my said nephews I have disbursed in six or seaven years that they
remained with me, both for apparell, meat, drink and schooling, at home
and abroad, with a man to attend them, and given to the Berryes for their
wardship, six hundred thirty six pounds one shilling and six pence, the
which being allowed with my executors my will then is that they shall take
the benefit of their own marriages. To the poor &c. To my wife's kins-
woman Prudence Ager some blacks. To my brother Mr. Erancis Bernard
some blacks &c. My wife to be sole executrix, and for overseers I do
nominate and appoint Sir Richard Saltonstall my eldest son and my son in
law William Poalett. Signed November 30, 1618.

Commission issued 6 November 1647 to Sir Richard Saltonstall, knight,
son &c. of the deceased, the widow and executrix having died before com-
pleting her administration. Parker, 47.

The last will and testament of the Lady (Jank) Saltonstall made by
her 21 May 1619, proved 4 June 1619. To my son Barnard Saltonstall
six score pounds to be paid him by my son Richard. To my son John
Saltonstall six score pounds (as above). To my daughter Pawlen (sic)
feve pounds to make her a ring. To my loving sister Prudence Winnall


five pounds. To my servant Prudence Agar forty shillings. Other ser-
vants. All the rest to my sou Richard Saltonstall whom I make sole

Proved by Sir Richard Saltonstall. Parker, G4.

Robert Parker of London, merchant taylor, 1 January 1621, proved
22 July 162.3. To be buried in the church of St. Antholins, London, where
I now dwell, in the vault under the pulpit with William Craven, younger,
my fellow servant, if I depart this life in Loudon; but if it he my fortune
to depart this life in Staffordshire, where I was born, then to be buried in
the parish church of Wallsall, by my father and my mother (I think they
lie buried about the font) if it may conveniently be done. My brother
Nicholas Parker of Great Bloxewich in Wallsall parish, Staffordshire, yeo-
man. My brother John Parker of London, merchant taylor, and his wife,
my sister, Mrs. Anne Parker. Her three sons, William, Richard and
Robert Chilcott. My cousin Thomas Parker of Chinckford, Essex, hus-
bandman. My cousin Edmond Parker of Great Bloxewich in Walsall,
liusbandmau, his brother. His three sons, Nicholas, William and John
Parker. My cousin Anne Parker their sister; she is married and dwelleth
in London in Basingshall parish and her husband's name is William Ryall.
Her sister, my cousin Elizabeth Parker; she dwelleth in London in St.
Hellen's parish near Bishopsgate. Alice Parker, her sister ; she dwelleth
with her father and mother in Great Bloxwich in Wallsall. I say thirty
pounds amongst them three sisters. My cousin Joane Tudman, my uncle
William Parker's daughter; she dwelleth at Ryshall in Davend in Wallsall
parish in Staffordshire. My cousin Elizabeth Heywood and her children,
sons and daughters, at home with her at Rishall and Thomas at the same
place before mentioned. Her daughter Thomasine Cooke, my cousin ; she
is married and dwelleth in St. Antholiu's parish by me. My cousin Mr.
Samuel Clarkeson of London, merchant taylor. My cousin Mr, Josias
Clarkeson and his two sisters Mary and Hellen.

Item. I give and bequeath to my cousin the Lady Elizabeth Saltingstall
five pounds of good and lawful money of England. Master Richard Francis
of London, merchant taylor and his man George Carkson (Clarkson) my
cousin. His father Mr. John Clarkson of Walsall in Staffordshire, my
cousin. Mr. Robert Stone of London, my countryman. Mr. William
Millbourne of Loudon, merchant taylor, and his son John Millborne.
Others named. Sundry bequests to the poor. My executors to be my
loving brother Nicholas Parker of Great Bloxwich, yeoman, and my loving
brother John Parker of London, merchant taylor. My two overseers to be
my cousins Thomas Parker of Chinckford, Essex, and Edmond Parker, his
brother, of Great Bloxwich in Staffordshire. To all the parishioners of St.
Antholin's, where I dwell, thirty pounds to make them a dinner, and some
of my kindred and friends, at my house in Watling Street at the sign of
the " Sonne," where I dwell. If I die in Staffordshire then such a dinner
in the guildhall in Wallsall for my neighbors, friends and kindred there.
Forty shillings apiece to all my godsons and god daughters, namely, Henry
Feild, son of Henry Feild deceased, merchant taylor, John Robinson the
son of Mr Edward Robinson, merchant taylor of London, Elizabeth Allam
daughter of Thomas Allam of Loudon, clothworker, Anne Ryall daughter
of my cousin Anne Parker of London. I give to my brother Nicholas
Parker of Great Bloxwich &c. my great ring of gold, graven with a knot
and two letters W: P :, for a retnembrancj of my brother William Parker,


for he gave it me in his will. To my cousin Mr. Samuel Clarkson of Lon-
don, merchant taylor my other gold ring graven with the picture of death,
with R and P upon the seal end. and within a remembrance of his sister Mrs
Thomasine Francis the wife of Mr. Richard Francis of London, merchant
taylor; but my brother John Parker gave it me to wear for my cousin's
sake. To a hundred boys of Christ Hospital to come and sing Psalms at
my burial, if it be in London, twelve pence apiece in money and to every
one of them a two penny white loaf of bread to be provided for them. My
cousin Mrs. Margaret Perry and her children and my cousin Elizabeth
Clarkson that dwelleth with them ; they dwell in Coleman Street over
against the Bell. Provision for the support of the organ player in Wallsall
church and of his man that bloweth the bellows, to be paid by the Company
of Merchant taylors. And my will and mind is that I would have the
organs in Wallsall church played on every Sunday, both in the forenoon
and in the afternoon and every holiday likewise, both forenoon and after-
noon, forever by a skillful man that can play well. And I hope it will
please both God and man, woman and child, for seeing they were prepared
by our forefathers it is a great pity that they should not be played on. Be-
quests to my Lady Craven, widow, her daughters Mrs. Elizabeth Craven
and Mrs. Mary Craven, and her sons Mr. William Craven, Mr. John
Craven and Mr. Thomas Craven, for a remembrance of their old servant
Robert Parker. To Jane Whitmore, my fellow servant, and her sister
Elizabeth Whitmore, my Lady Craven's maids.

Proved, as above by John Parker, power reserved for Nicholas Parker;
and probate granted to the latter 16 March 1626. Clarke, 76.

Thomas Parker of Chinckford Essex, yeoman, 27 June 1625, proved
20 August 1625. My cousins Master John Parker and Master Robert
Parker of London, merchant taylors. My brother Edward Parker of
Great Bloxwich in the Co. of Stafford. My cousin Nicholas Parker of
Great Bloxwich. My brother Edmond Parker of Great Bloxwich his
three sons and his three daughters. My cousin Thomazine Cooke the wife
of John Cooke of London merchant taylor. Jane Whitcroft and her two
childrpu. My cousin Anne Riall, one of my brother Edmund Parker's
daughters. My cousin Elizabeth Heywood the wife of Thomas Heywood
of I'ush^H. My godchildren and my wife's. I make my loving cousins
Master John Parker and Master Robert Parker of London, merchant tay-
lors, executors.

Robert Stone and John Cooke wituesses.

B. 24 Com. of London (1621-1626), L. 473.

John Parker, citizen and merchant taylor of London, his will begun
the 3 d of August 1620, continued the beginning of August 1622 and again
the 3' 1 of August 1625, signed 8 August 1625, with a codicil dated 12 Feb-
ruary 1626, proved 5 April 1627. To be buried in the church of St. An-
drew Undershaft in London where my late brother William Parker and my
predecessor Mr. Robert Comyn als Chilcotte and my late master Sir Wil-
liam Craven are buried, and I suppose that my wife hath a purpose also to
be buried there. My wife Ann shall have her customary part of my estate
according to the Custom of this City, and if it shall please God to send me
any child or children such child or children shall likewise have their cus-
tomary farts according to the equity, right and custom of this City of Lon-
don wherein I live. The inhabitants of the parish of St. Antholins in


London where mv younger brother Robert Parker and I have a house and
sliop left us by our late master Sir William Craven during our lives. My
late brother William Parker, deceased, did by his last will bequeath unto
my brother Nicholas live hundred pounds, of which there remains in my
custody, by the desire of my said brother Nicholas, two hundred pounds
until he have occasion to employ it and for which I do allow him considera-
tion although he desire it not. And he hath a bill of mine for four hundred
pounds, made some three or four years past when I had so much money of
his in my custody, and the said bill he supposeth to be lost or " invegelled
awaie" from him by some dishonest person, and therefore by his acquit-
tances to me doth testify the same and also doth, testify that he hath re-
ceived all the money contained in the said bill except only the said two
hundred pounds. Now, forasmuch as my said brother Nicholas Parker is
a very a^ed man, having neither wife nor child, and is very well minded
both to give and to lend so far as his power extendeth, and sometimes
lendeth where he cannot receive again, for which cause I suppose that our
late brother, deceased, did moderate his legacy, accordingly, remembering
the old proverb which is that enough is as good as a feast, for discretion is
a good companion to go with natural affection, my said brother Nicholas
Parker having lived in the country all his days, thanks be to God in good
credit amongst his neighbors, and hath ever been willing and ready to do
good according to his ability, and his bringing up hath not " byne " to man-
age matters of great value, but, to come unto my purpose, my will

and desire is &c. &c. As concerning such legacy as I myself do intend
towards my said brother Nicholas, I do, in my own poor opinion, suppose
it better that he should receive some annuity which may plentifully supply
him rather than that he should be fitted and furnished with any needless
sum of present money, either to lay out upon unprofitable bargains or to
lend to such borrowers as are not willing to pay again. Then follows a
long recital of business dealings concerning the manor of Langthorne in
Yorkshire. I one of the executors of my predecessor Mr. Robert Chilcot.
At this day all the debts are paid and so are all the legacies except a part
to myself in the right of my wife and a part unto the two youngest children
of my brother in law Mr. Richard Spurweye and a part unto four of the
youngest children of my brother in law Mr. Richard Prowse. And as con-
cerning such portions and legacies as are due and belonging to my wife's
three sons, William, Richard and Robert Chilcot, I do acknowledge myself
to be answerable for them. My said brother in law Mr. Richard Prowse
is more curious concerning his acquittance than all others are. Reference
to a bequest made by M 1 Chilcot to the town of Tiverton in Devonshire
for a school &c. My next heir, if it please not Almighty God to send me
any child or children of my own, will be one of my brothers, first my eldest
brother Nicholas, and, after his decease, my brother Robert Parker. The
parish of Wallsall in the Co. of Stafford where I was born. To my brother
Robert Parker of the City of London, merchant taylor &c. (against this is
written 'he is departed this life"). My cousin Thomas Parker of Chinck-
ford. His wife that now is (against this is written " she is dead "). The
children of my cousin Edinond Parker of Bloxwich in Staffordshire. My
^"usin Joane TicVnan which was the daughter of my uncle William Parker.
My cousin Elizabeth Wood ah Ileywood which was the daughter of my
aunt Airnes Goodman. Her children, two of them in London, viz' Tyma-
zen dwelling with my Lady Craven and Thomas Haywood dwelling with
me. My cousin Mr. Samuel Clarkson, merchant taylor of this city. My


cousin Mr. Richard Frances of this City, merchant taylor. My cousin
John Clarkson of Wallsall and his son George Clarkson who is servant un-
to my said cousin M r Richard Frances. My cousin William Clarkson's
children. My cousin Mrs Margaret Perry the daughter of my cousin Mr.
William Wilkes late of this city deceased, and the children of my said
cousin Margaret Perry (in the margin is written "my cosen M ns Perry is
deceased therefore lett her sonne w ch should haue bene my servant haue
her tenne poundes").

Item, I give and bequeath unto my cousin Sir Richard Saltonstall, knight,
a ring of gold of the value of forty shillings aud to my cousin his bedfellow,
Dame Elizabeth Saltonstall, another ring of gold, of the like value, and
also the sum of fifty pounds. My sister in law Mrs. Elizabeth Sowch of
Rygate. My brother in law Mr. Edward Ilopegood and his wife that now
is. My wife's two brethren Mr. Andrew Cade and Mr. Symond Cade of
London. Walter Cade (their nephew). My sister in law Mrs. Joane Slee
widow, my cousin M r Roger Slee and his wife, my cousin Mr. John Berry
and his wife, my cousin Mr. William Ilame and his wife and my cousin
Mr. William Slee and his wife. My cousin Mr. John Clarkson of Wallsall
School in Staffordshire and his wife.

In August 1625 he refers to his brother Robert as having departed this
life. My cousin John Cooke. Joshuah Cooke. Skynner, 38.

Then follows the last will and testament of John Parker, of Loudon
merchant taylor, as executor of the last will &c. of the Right Rev d Father
in God Lancelot Andrewes late Lord Bishop of Winchester deceased.
Reference to his kinsmen the Right Worshipful Roger Andrewes D.D.,
Master of Jesus Coll. in Cambridge, his two sisters Mary Burrell and
Martha Salmon, Roberge Lee and her two sons, William Andrewes, son of
his brother Nicholas deceased, the children of his brother Thomas Andrewes
deceased, viz. Thomas, Nicholas, Roger, Anne, now married to Mr. Arthur
Willaston, and Mary, the children of his sister Mary Burrell, Andrew,
John, Samuel, Joseph, James, Launcelot, Mary Rooke and Martha, the
children of his sister Martha Salmon, viz' Thomas Prinsepp (by her former
husband Robert Prinsepp) Peter Salmon, Thomas Salmon, Martha Sal-
mon and Amie Best, his cousin Hockett aud her five children (two sons
aud three daughters), his cousin Sandbrooke, his cousin Robert Andrewes,
bis cousin Rebecca, his father's half sister Joue (her first husband's name
was Bousie) and her two children. Others. This will is dated lo Feb-
ruary 162G and proved 5 April 1627. Skynner, 39.

Barnard Saltonstall of South Ockendon, Essex, 20 September 1630,
proved 31 March 1632. To the poor of South Ockendon five pounds. To
the poor of Chipping warden live pounds. To my sister Powlett ten
pounds. To my cousin Jane Poulett twenty pounds. To my cousin Susan
Poulett ten pounds. To my god daughter Anne Poulett a hundred pounds,
to be put forth for her use presently after my death. To all the rest of my
godchildren live pounds apiece. To my cousin Prudence Agard twenty
pounds. To my cousin Ric: Saltonstall twenty pounds. To my cousin
Elizabeth Saltonstall twenty pounds. To my cousin Anne Saltonstall ten
pounds. To my cousin Bridget Saltonstall twenty pounds. I make my
brother Sir Ric: Saltonstall overseer and for his pains and care therein I
do bestow upon h'un my silver bason and ewer and also my young gray
gelding. My brother John Saltonstall to be executor and for executin<r of


the same I give ami bequeath unto him five hundred pounds which is to be
paid to me by the executors of one Samuel Clarkesonne of London, mer-
chant taylor, within one year after his decease. Audley, 33.

Mouse Martii Anno Dni iuxta &c. 1647, nono die, emauavit comissio
•Tudithe Saltonstall relce Samuel is Saltonstall nug goe Sci Clements in
East Cheape London defunct heStis etc. ad administranct bona iura et credita
doi def de bene &c iurat. Admon. Act Book (1648), L. 32.

Elizabeth Parkins widow, late wife of George Parkins gen', deceased,
4 September 1644, proved 14 June 1653. Preference to an indenture
dated 12 December 14 Charles and another dated 19 July 15 Charles, be-
tween Roger Nott, citizen and merchant taylor of London and the said
Elizabeth Parkins (then by the name of Elizabeth Sewster). George
Sewster, gen 1 , first husband of me the said Elizabeth. Samuel Sewster our
eldest sou. Charles Sewster my youngest sou living. Wye Saltonstall
Esq. and Henry Saltonstall my natural brothers. My brother Charles
Saltonstall gen 1 . Some trouble with Roger Nott about an estate (of first
husband's) in Wiltshire worth three thousand pounds or thereabouts.

Brent, 336.

Dorothy Saltonstall, in the parish of St. Giles Middlesex, gentle-
woman, 4 October 1658 (sic) proved 15 June 1658 (sic). My daughter in
law Rosse's children. My son in law Thomas Saltonstall. Master Thomas
Boteler the son of Mistress Elizabeth Boteler. Valentine Pell my godson.
My god daughter Jane Sparrowe. My god daughter Dorothy Pepper.
Others. My divident due and payable to me from the administrators of my
brother Gregory Gunsell deceased. My nephew Francis Boteler and my
son Thomas Saltonstall to be my executors. Pell, 329.

Sir Peter Saltonstall of Barkeway, Herts, knight, 12 July 1651
proved 24 June 1659. To be buried in the chancel of the parish church of
Barkeway. My nephew Sir John Saltonstall. My grandchild Anne
Chester. My nephew Captain Charles Saltonstall. The children of my
brother Bond. My cousin Catherine Toakefield. Susan Rich daughter of
my nephew Edward Rich. To my grandchild Robert Chester my mill in
Barkeway (copyhold). My grandchild Robert Castell. My cousin Robert
Charlton to be satisfied, the sum of one hundred and twenty pounds if he
can make good proof that my son James Saltonstall was indebted so much
unto him &c. My sous in law Sir Edward Chester, knight, and Robert
Castell Esq. to be executors and my brother Edward Saltonstall overseer.

Pell, 403.

Mense Octobris 1661 vicesimo quinto die emauavit Como Richardo
Saltonstall arm filio nrSli et ttimo Dni Rich! Saltonstall nug de Wrexham
in Com Denbigh sed deceden apud Crayford in Com Cautii hentis &c Ad
administrancl bona iura et erect dci def de bene &c Jurat.

A. A. Book 1661, L. 99.

Richard Saltonstall citizen and merchant taylor of London, 25
August 1665, proved 16 October 1667. To be decently buried at the dis-
cretion of my executor. First I will and appoint that all such just debts as I
shall owe to any person or persons at the time of my decease shall be paid


according to equity and good conscience. And, my funeral expeuces being
discharged, I give and bequeath unto my dear father Richard Saltonstall
Esq. and to my dear mother Mrs. Meriall Saltonstall ten pounds apiece to
buy each of them mournings. I give to my brother Nathaniel Saltonstall
and Elizabeth his wife ten pounds to buy them mournings. I give to my
said brother Nathaniel the further sum of ten pounds for a legacy. I give
to my brother in la.v Edward Moseley Esq. and to my sister Meriall his
wife ten pounds to buy them mournings. I give to my brother in law
Thomas Ilarley Esq. and to my sister Abigail his wife ten pounds to buy
them mournings. I give to my brother in law Mr. Hercules Horsey and
to my sister Elizabeth his wife ten pounds to buy them mournings. I give
to my cousin Philip Gurdon, Doctor in Phisicke, five pounds to buy him
mourning. I give to my partner Mr. Edward Turges and Rebecca his
wife, if they shall be both living at the time of my decease, ten pounds to
buy them mournings. But if either of them shall happen to die in my life
time I give only five pounds to the survivor of them. To Mr. Thomas
Agge and Elizabeth his wife ten pounds to buy them mournings. To Mr.
Edward Goodwin, merchant, and Elizabeth his wife twenty shillings apiece
to buy each of them a ring. To my cousin Anne Gurdon the daughter of
my uncle John Gurdon Esq. and Amy Gurdon her sister twenty shillings
apiece to buy each of them a ring. To my cousin Robert Ilarley, the only
son of my said brother in law Thomas Ilarley, fifty pounds, to be paid him
when he shall attain the age of one and twenty years (if he shall so long
live). To said brother Hercules Horsey such gelding or mare as I shall
have at the time of my decease, and the further sum of one hundred pounds
in consideration of the pains he shall be at in the performance of this my
last will and testament, of which I make and ordain him, the said Hercules
Horsey, sole executor, being confident of his integrity in the execution
thereof. The residue (after payment of debts and discharge of my funeral
expences) I give and bequeath to and amongst the children which my said
brother Nathaniel Saltonstall, my said brother Edward Moseley and my
said brother Hercules Horsey now have or shall have by their present
wives before named living at the time of my decease, to be equally divided
amongst the same children, share and share alike, to be paid to the sons at
their respective ages of one and twenty years and to the daughters at their
respective ages of one and twenty years or respective days of marriage first
happening. Carr, 138.

Richard Saltonstall of Chipping Warden in the County of North-
ampton Esq 1 ", 18 August 1688, proved 2 October 1688. To be buried in
the vault 1 have made in the church of Chipping Warden aforesaid with as
little trouhle and charges as conveniently may be. I give my daughter
Elizabeth Saltonstall the sum of four thousand pounds, to be paid her by
my executrix at her age of one and twenty years or time of her marriage,
which shall first happen, so as she marry with her mother's consent, if
living. I give my dear wife Margaret all my plate, her jewels and gold,
my coach, chariot and furniture and horses and all my stock of cattle. I
give my said wife the use of my goods and household stuff" during her
natural life, to be his or hers afterwards, at her death, that shall be my heir
at law. To my son Richard Saltonstall and to my daughter Silence his
wife I give an hundred pounds apiece to buy them mourning. And,
lastly, I do ordain, constitute and appoint my dearly beloved wife Margaret
executrix &c. Extou, 142.


Elizabeth Smith of London, widow, 13 April 1G93, proved 26 June
1694. To be buried in the parish church of St. Lawrence Jewry, London,
near the place where my son was interred, without imbalming. Reference
to last will of late sister Anne Adam deceased, bearing date 31 January
1675. Laud called Adam Court in the parish of St. Peter the Poor, Lon-

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