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don. A messuage in St. Mary Woolchurch Haw in Walbrooke, London.
My late brother in law Henry Monger deceased. Messuage, tenement or
Inn called the Angel in Isledon als Islington Middlesex. William Antrobus
lately deceased. Robert Antrobus, his eldest son, my godson. His five
other children, Anne, Jane, Mary, Dorothy and William Antrobus.
Thomas Goodwin and John West of London, sc'riveners, to sell and dispose
of the Inn called the Angel and apply the money received for it towards
the discharging of legacies &c. I bequeath, order and appoint unto the child
or children, or, in default thereof, to the nearest relation by consanguinity
to my lute honored nephew Richard Saltonstall Esq., deceased, one hundred
pounds, uuto three of the children of Robert Antrobus, late citizen and
merchant taylor of London, deceased, viz' Frances wife of Benjamin
Whiston, Easter and Dorothy (now Dorothy Bradley widow) ninety pounds
equally and to Barbara and Henry Antrobus, the two other children of the
said Robert Antrobus, ten pounds equally, the interest to be paid to their
mother during her natural life. To the two daughters of my cousin Stod-
dard deceased five pounds apiece. Frances Antrobus widow of the afore-
said Robert Antrobus. Jane Antrobus widow of the said William Antrobus.
All the children of the said William Antrobus. Dorothy Pryor, widow,
my late husband's daughter. Box, 140.

April 1748. On the twenty first day Administration of the goods, chat-
tels and credits of Mart Saltonstall late of Haverhill in the County of
Essex and Province of Massachusetts Bav in New England, deceased, was
granted to Eliakim Palmer Esq. the lawful attorney of Richard Saltonstall
Esq., the lawful husband of the said deceased, for the use and benefit of the
said Richard Saltonstall, now residing at Massachusetts Bay aforesaid, being
firat sworn duly to administer. Admon. Act Book (1748).

August 1749. On the fifth day administration of the goods &c. of Mary
Saltonstall, late of Haverhill (as above) was granted to Benjamin Pember-
ton Esq., the lawful attorney of Richard Saltonstall Esq. (as above), the
letters of administration (of the same) heretofore, to wit, in the month of
April 1748, granted to Eliakim Palmer Esq. (as above) ceased and expired
by reason of the death of him the said Eliakim Palmer.

A. A. Book, 1749.

November 1769. On the twentieth day admon. of the goods &c. of
Mary Saltonstall (as above) was granted to Thomas Jekyll Esq., the natural
and lawful broCher and next of kin, having been first sworn duly to admin-
ister, the letters of Admon. granted in the month of August 1747 (sic) to
Benjamin Pemberton Esq., as the lawful attorney and for the use and
I benefit of Richard Saltonstall Esq. the lawful husband of the said deceased,

being first ceased and expired by reason of the death of the said Richard
Saltonstall. A. A. B. 1769 (Registers).

John Colman the elder, of Little Waldingfield, 19 December, 1505,
proved 5 March 1505. To be buried in the church of Little Waldingfield
"bifore the qwere dore." To the high altar, for tithings forgotten, six


shillings eight pence. I will the day of ray burying there be " yeven " to
every priest coming thereto four pence. And I will have Placebo, Dirige
and Mass every day during thirty days next immediately after my death,
with the priest and with those of the parish that can help to sing the said
Dirige and service, the said priest to have for the said thirty days ten shil-
lings and every other of the said persons five shillings for the said thirty
days. I will that " ayenst my XXX day " there be given twenty pounds
to divers towns next adjoining, the money in every town to be divided
amongst priests aud clerks, poor men, women and children within the said
towns and there to pray for my soul, "my fader and my moder soules & for
all o r childern soules." Also I will that at my said XXX day there be given
to every peer household within this town "brede & vitaill," and to every
creature within the said houses one penny, praying for my soul and for the
souls before " reherced." Also I will that all mine honest neighbors within
the said town, at my said XXX day have a good dinner. " I bequeth
to A preest to syng at Rome at scala celi " ten pounds, praying for my soul
and for the souls before rehearsed. To the four orders of friars, that is to
say, Sudbury, Clare, Babwell and the White friars in Norwich, to each ten
shillings. I will have an honest priest to sing for me within the church of
Little Waldingfield four years. I bequeath twenty pounds to buy a whole
suit, that is to say, a cope, vestment, "deken and subdekyu " for the said
church, and my name and my wife's to be set thereon. I bequeath four
pouuds for to buy "a peyre Chalys" for the said church. To Katherine
my wife my tenement in which I dwell, with the dyehouse &c. for the term
of her life, provided if any of my children males fall to the occupation of
clothmaking they shall have free liberty to set in the said dyehouse &c.
Other property to said wife. Also I bequeath to her " all myn hostill-
mentes and utensilles of household dtiryng her lift, and aftir hir deth to be
devided amonges my ij sonnes." To Edward, my son, my tenement which
I dwell in &c. &c. after my wife's death, and a tenement &c. which I
bought of William Foorthe of Iladley (and other tenements), with remainder
to son William, the rents and profits to be collected till Edward come
to the age of twenty one years, therewith to find the said Edward to school
and to find him sufficiently in all other things reasonable and necessary and
keep the reparations sufficient. To William my son my tenement which
was my brother Richard's, in Little Waldingfield, tenements purchased of
William Foorthe &c. (and other tenements), with remainder to son Edward.
And if they both happen to die without heirs male &c. I will that my said
lands &c. "bequethen" to my said sons be sold at the best value and, of
the money therefore coming, the " oon " half to be done and disposed in
good and virtuous deeds, for the well of my soul and of the souls before
rehearsed, and the other half to be divided amongst my wife and children.
The remnant of my lands to my wife, during her life, and then to remain
to one of my sons which is best disposed and " towardest." To Agnes my
•laughter fifty marks, at day of marriage, and to Alice my daughter fifty
marks, at day of marriage; and if either die before marriage I will that
she that overliveth have her portion ; and if they both die then the said
money to be divided betwixt my two sons, at twenty one. To every of
mine other daughters which be married five pounds. To Robert Colman and
Richard Colman, my "broder" Richard's sons, to " everyche " of them
twenty shillings and to Katherine their sister thirteen shillings four pence.
To my prentices & godchildren. I will there be a " suer chest ordeyned "
with three locks, wherein I will that all my money that I have in my pos-


session and that shall be received of my debtors be put in the said chest
and taken out at such times as it shall be occupied for the performance of
this niv last will and testament, the said chest to " stonde " at my super-
visor's place and eaeli of mine executors to have a key in their keeping and
they to be at the putting in and taking out. The residue to Katherine my
wile, and I ordain as executors the said Katherine my wife, Thomas Mauser
and John Gurdon my son in law, to each of whom, for their labor, forty
shillings. I make Roger Martyn my supervisor. Adeane, 4.

Anthony Rous of Badingham, Suffolk, gentleman, 22 November
1554, proved 19 July 1555. To be buried in the chancel of parish church
of St. John of Badingham. My executors to hold my manor of Bading-
ham Flail &c. for eight years, paying yearly during that time to Elizabeth
Fuller, wife of Thomas Fuller of Finbarrow, my mother, thirteen pounds
six shillings eight pence, in recompense of her jointure made and granted
to her by Renold Rous my late father. At the expiration of said term of
eight years I give the said manor &c. to Mary my wife, to have aud to hold
during her life, she paying yearly to my sou Reynold Rous twenty pounds.
And after her decease (the said eight years being complete and ended) the
said manor &c. shall remain to my said sou Reynold. Other lands to him,
he to pay to my four sons, Edward, Thomas, John and Francis Rous, his
brethren, fourty shillings each year during their natural lives. To my brother
Arthur Rous forty shillings a year during his life. My daughter Prudence
Rons. I will that if any article, clatise &c. in this my present testament
and last will he u imperfect" in any point then it shall be made sufficient
and perfect by Richard Forcett of London, gentleman, and Robert Gur-
don of Little Waldingfield, my brother in law, gentleman. I appoint as
executors the said Mary, my wife, the Right Worshipful Sir Edmund Rous,
knight, the Right AVorshipful Mr. Michael Haare of Browsyard Esq., the
foresaid Robert Gurdon, my brother in law, and Robert Thorpe of Brinde-
ley, gentlemen, and I desire the Right Honorable and Worshipful Sir
Nicholas Haare, knight, to be supervisor. More, 29.

Robert Guudon of Assington in the diocese of Norwich within the
County of Suffolk Esq. 3 April 1578, proved 12 May 1579. I give and
bequeath unto Rose my well beloved wife one hundred pounds by the year,
half yearly to be paid by John Gurdon my son &c. in full satisfaction and
" contentacon " of all her right and title of dower &c. (and furniture and the
use of certain rooms &c). To Elizabeth Waldgrave my daughter my lease
(unexpired) of the parsonages of Much and Little Coggeshall, Essex. To
her three children. Thomas, John and Elizabeth, twenty pounds apiece, to
be paid unto my son Thomas Waldgrave their father &c. To my son John
Gurdon the tenements &c. which I lately purchased of John Wincoll of
Waldingfield, for term of life, with remainder to Brampton Gurdon, son of
the said John, and lastly to my right heirs. To my sister Wincoll ten
pounds. To Mary the wife of John Glamfield ten pounds. To Frances
the wife of John Duke six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence. To
Robert Lawrence five pounds. To Mr. Welche minister of Little Wald-
ingfield live pounds. To 'Sir. Knewstub and Mr. Crokes and Mr. Byrde
forty shillings each. To the poor in Assington and thereabouts twenty
pounds within six years. To my daughter Appleton. for and to the behoof
of her son Isaac Appleton, twenty marks. To Thomas Jervis my servant


ten pounds. Other servants. The residue of my goods and chattells &c. to
my son John Gurdou whom I do constitute, ordain and make sole executor.

Bakon, 19.

Elizabeth Barrett widow, late the wife of Edward Barrett Esq. de-
ceased, her will made 27 May, 36 Elizabeth, proved 1 8 October 1 594. I com-
mend my body to the earth to be reverently and comely buried in the vault
in ivlveley church where my said late husband lieth. All my plate (and
household stuff &c.) to be bestowed upon such persons and in such manner
as in a " scedule " or inventory in writing under my hand I have disposed &c.
To my sister Ann Borlace, widow, six silver fruit dishes of the value of
twenty pounds, having the arms of my father graven upon them. The
poor of Bray. The poor of Barbara in Suffolk. The poor of Codden-
ham (and other places named). To my son Bacon and my good daughter
his wife one hundred pounds to be made into sundry parcels of plate as it
shall best like them. And further to Mrs. Patieuce now the wife of Mr.
Churchame thirty pounds. To Philip Bacon, son of my daughter Helen
twenty pounds, to Nathaniel Bacon, another of her sons, twenty pounds
and to Jane Bacon, her daughter, six and twenty pounds thirteen shillings
four pence to make her a bason and ewer of silver with it. To Elizabeth
Gurden, daughter of my son Brampton Gurden Esq. fifty pounds to buy
her a chain and some jewels, to Amy Gurden, another of his daughters,
twenty pounds and to Judith Gurden, another, twenty pounds. John Cor-
bett, son of my son in law Thomas Corbett Esq., and Elizabeth Corbett,
my god daughter, his sister. My cousin and god daughter Mrs. Elizabeth
Riche. My god daughter Elizabeth Amcottes. John Gilford, son of Mr.
George Gifford. Provision for a free Grammar School in Alveley.
Leases my late dear and blessed husband Mr. Barrett made unto John
Borlace and Edward Bacon Esquires. The manor of Bumstedd's in Alveley,
Essex. Ilumfrey Foster " then esquire and sithens made knight" who had
married one of my said late husband's daughters. Ann Barrett daughter of
Charles Barrett Esq. deceased. Walter Barrett one of the sons of the
said Charles. Edward Barrett sou and heir of Charles Barrett deceased.
My lease of Belhouse. Elizabeth Gifford daughter of Mr. Michael Gifford.
My son in law Edward Bacon to be executor, he refusing then my son in
law Brampton Gurden, and failing him then my son in law Thomas Corbet.
My loving kinsman Robert Beale and my good and loving friends Johu
Butler, Humfrey Michell and Francis Ratrie esquires to be overseers, to
each of whom one spout pot of silver, of the value of six pounds thirteen
shillings four peuce, having the arms Sir Robert Litton, knight, my father,
graven upon them.

Published and declared 27 May 1594 and finished and again published
24 June 1594.

Then follows the Inventory (of plate &c.) referred to in the will. To
daughter Elizabeth Gurden my best silver bason and ewer, three white
silver salts, two silver tankards, the great broad bowl with the cover suit-
able unto the bowl, a silver chaffing dish, three great deep bowls with
cover, three little deep bowls with cover, one dozen of spoons parcel gilt,
one silver ladle, a "maudline cuppe " which I do commonly drink balm
water in, three broad silver saucers and one lesser saucer of silver (and a
lot of household stuff enumerated, among which great backed chairs, low
backed chairs, wicker chairs, stools, court cupboards &c). To my daugh-
ters Elizabeth (Gurden) and Ann (Corbet) twelve chests to be equally
divided betwixt them. Then follows a list of articles given to Ann Corbet.

Dixy, 71.


Apollo Playne of Preston, Suffolk, gentleman, 4 September 1601,
proved 20 November 1602. My son William Plaine, married to a daughter

of Robert of Roughannam, Suffolk, Esq. Mr. Thomas Willis

minister of Preston. Margaret my wife and William my son to be execu-
tors. To the poor of Lavenham forty shillings so that they trouble me not
at the day of my burial. My executors to pay Amye Dickens, at her full
age of one and twenty years, a hundred pounds and to the rest of the
children of my daughter Dickens, namely, George, Margaret and Bryant,
a hundred pounds to be evenly or equally distributed amongst them at their
full age; and if they die before they come to those years then I will my
daughter, their mother, shall have their portion, over living; but if she die,
my executors. I give my son Dickens his debts due at my death, so he
claim no other. Hollinshead's Dictionaries, which I paid forty shillings for,
T bequeath to my cousin John Guidon Esq., praying him my son may have
" Chawcer and Maister Lamberte's Perambulacon of Kent," makiug him
overseer of my will. Montague, 74.

Anthony Drury of Besthorpe, Norfolk, Esq. 20 June 1616, proved 9
November 1616. My body to be buried in the South Aisle of the parish
church of Besthorpe and my grave to be covered with the marble stone at
my porch door, with a superscription in brass and two escutchions of brass
with my arms and my two wives' arms engraven thereon. To my wife
Ajne (among other things) the ambling gelding which I bought of one
Buckenham and the household stuff of mine remaining in my son Sir
Anthony Drury's house in Besthorpe. Sundry hangings &c. in my parlor at
my manor of Curson's to my said son Sir Anthony. Sundry household stuff
in my houses at Weston, Norfolk, to my son William. My daughter Bur-
man and my grandchild Anne Burman (at eighteen). My daughter Rooke-
wood. My grandchild Bridget Rookewood (at eighteen). Other of her
children. My eldest son's daughters, viz 1 Anne, Bridget, Elizabeth, Susan
and Dorothy, at twenty or marriage. My daughter Elizabeth Harborne
and her children. My son Pleasant's children, viz 1 Thomas, William, Anne
and Dorothy, at eighteen. To my grandchild William Drury my chain of
gold, to be delivered to him at his full age of one and twenty years, and
after my decease the said chain to be delivered to Dame Bridgett Drury
my daughter to have the custody and use thereof. To my said daughter
my gold ring with my arms thereupon. To my grandchild Anthony Drury
all my lands in Lynge which I bought of Mr. Dennye. My grandchild
Robert Drury. My sister Chamberlaine. My loving cousin Mr. Arch-
deacon Stokes. To wife Anne, for life, all that chief messuage &c. wherein
my eldest son lately dwelt, called Gyles, whereof by deed indented dated 18
August 14Eliz: I did en feoff e Nicholas Garneis and William Brampton
Esquires and Thomas Brampton gen 1 to certain uses &c. Provisions for
descent of real estate. Son Sir Anthony Drury to be executor and if he
shall not, within three months next after my decease, lawfully prove this
my last will and testament according to the due course of the Ecclesiastical
laws of this Realm then all ray gifts and devises of goods &c. to him shall
cease and be utterly void and I give the same to my son William whom I
make executor in his place. And lastly I do desire ray loving brother
Nicholas Garneis Esq. and my loving sous in law William Harborne Esq.
and Mr. Doctor Burman to be supervisors. And I do give and bequeath
unto my loving cousin John Gurden Esq., according to a loving and kind
agreement between him and me, if he be living at the time of my decease,


one gelding or colt or else forty shillings in lieu thereof, desiring him to
take my small remembrance in good part. And unto my said brother
Garneis and my sons William Harborne and Doctor Burman and to my son
William Drury and to my son Rookewood and to my grandchild William
Drury and to my loving kinsman and godson Mr. Thomas Drury and to my
loving cousin Thomas Brampton Esq. I give, to each of them, a mourning
gown. And to the rest of my friends or kin that my executor shall please
to bestow cloaks upon I will that my nephew Raphe Chamberlain and my
brother Constable shall have each of them one. And so an end of this my
last will and testament &c.

Ro : Constable and William Rookewood two of the witnesses. Proved
by Sir Anthony Drury, knight. Cope, 109.

John Gurdon of Assington, Suffolk, Esq. 6 December 1621, proved 10
October 1G23. In former will had made my son Brampton (Gurdon) ex-
ecutor. I have, upon very just occasions which I have imparted unto some
of our indifferent friends, changed my purpose therein. To my grandchild
John Gurdon, eldest son of my said son Brampton Gurdon by his first wife,
all my lease or farm lands, advowsons, tythes &c. in Assington, parcel of
the late Priory of Hatfield Peverell, Essex, which I did purchase of Thomas
Winterflood gen 1 , lands which I did purchase of Sir Edwin Riche, knight,
the messuage or farm house wherein one Thomas French doth now inhabit,
called Garland's, and lands belonging &c, which I did lately purchase of
Sir William W'aldgrave, knight, the elder, situate in Assington, lands which
[ bought of the children of Edward Hamond, now in the occupation of John
Hamond fand a lot of other lands &c. described) ; and my will, intent and
desire is, which I would earnestly entreat my son Brampton Gurdon, even
as he would have the love and favor of Almighty God, that he would per-
mit and suffer all those manors, lands and tenements &c. to go, remain and
be in such manner and form and to such person or persons &c. and for such
uses as are expressed &c. in certain indentures tripartite made between me
fhe said John Gurdon and Amye my wife on the first part, Elizabeth
Barret, widow, Sir Drue Drurye, knight, and others of the second part and
the said Brampton Gurdon my son on the third part, bearing date 2 Feb-
ruary 30 Eliz : Reference to an instrument bearing date 25 June 1G0G,
made by the said Brampton Gurdon upon or a little before his intermarriage
with a second wife &c. To my grandchild Robert Gurdon, brother unto
my said grandchild John Gurdon of the whole blood, messuages &c. in
Letton, Cranworth and Shipdam &c. in Norfolk, with remainder to Edward
Gurdon, whole brother unto the said Robert. Sundry lands &c. to said
grandson Edward Gurdon. To my cousin William Playne of Lavenham,
Suffolk, gen 1 , thirty pounds and to his mother Margaret Playne, widow,
forty shillings to make her a ring. To my grandchild Brampton whom my
said son had by his second wife, Muriell the daughter of Martin Sydley
Esq. deceased, certain household stuff at Letton, at his age of four and
twenty or day of marriage. To the said Muriell, the now wife of ray said son,
twenty pounds to buy her a gown. To the rest of my son Brampton Gurdon's
children by the said Muriell (excepting Edmund) twenty pounds apiece at
their several ages of twenty years. Certain household stuff conveyed to Wen-
ham. Gifts to James Springet and to Alice his wife, before Alice Somerlatid,
my late .servants. Other servants. I make the aforenamed John Gurdon
my grandchild sole executor and give and bequeath unto him the overplus


of my money &c, and I nominate and appoint Sir Henry Mildmaye, knight,
to be supervisor, to whom ten pounds iu money and my best gelding or
horse, at his own choice. Also I do appoint as a thing by me especially de-
sired that my said grandchild John Gurdon will mako some especial monu-
ment or remembrance in Assington Church, not only of myself but of my
father, mother and wife, being his grandmother, such as he in his discretion
shall think meet and fit for our estate, condition and calling as we lived in
this world. I give unto Edmunde Gurdon my grandchild the copyhold in
Milford, to be surrendered to his use, and ten pounds also for to pay his
fine and eharges of court.

John Appleton one of the witnesses. Proved by John Gurdon the
grandson. Swann, 99.

Sir Calthorpe Parker of Erwarton, Suffolk, knight, 31 August 1618,
proved 26 January 1618. I give and bequeath unto Dame Mercye, my now
wife, my capital messuage or mauor house of my manor of Erwarton, with
the orchards, gardens, mills, dovehouses &c. to have and to hold until my
eldest son shall accomplish his full age of one and twenty years. The
manor of Gayues and other estate to be in the charge of the executors, a
portion of the rent to be employed for the benefit of the younger children.
The, three hundred pounds paid to Sir Stephen Soame to be employed for
me in the East Indian Company I give, with the profits arising of the said
Adventure, uuto my daughter Anne Parker, to be paid at her day of mar-
riage or age of one and twenty years. Other bequests to daughters Anue
and Mary Parker. To my sister Dame Katheriue Cornwallis fifty pounds.

I do name and appoint my assured loving brothers in law Nathaniel
Barnardistou Esquire, Thomas Soame of London Esquire and my trusty
and assured friends, William Cage of Ipswich, Suffolk, geutlemen, and John
Gaseley of Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk, yeoman, my true and lawful execu-
tors. I do give aud bequeath unto Dame Mercye my wife my capital and
new built messuage in Great Wenham, Suffolk, and lands, meadows, pas-
tures and fennes in said town of Great Wenham or Capell to have and to
hold during her natural life. Aud after her decease I give them to Stephen
Parker my second son aud to his heirs forever. Parker, 1.

Dame Mercie Parker of Great Weuham, Suffolk, widow, 2 July 1636,
proved 9 December 1636. To Henry Parker my second son those lands
messuages &c. which I bought of Richard Daye, situate in Capell or
elsewhere in said county. To my son Nathaniel Parker that hundred
pounds which is in the hands of my cousin Henry Austin, and forty pounds
more to buy him a chamber. I give to my son Thomas Parker and his
heirs all those lands, which I bought of James Hopkins late minister of
Great Wenham, situate and lying in Capel &c. I give to my daughter
Sultinstall and my daughter Gurdon my pair of gold bracelets, viz 1 to each

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