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of them one bracelet. I give to my said two daughters all my childbed linen
to be equall} r divided betwixt them. Also I give six silver plate trenchers to
my daughter Saltenstall. And my meaning is they shall afterwards go to
such children as she shall appoint or think fit. A similar bequest to daugh-
ter Gurdon. To my son. Sir Philip, a dozen silver plate trenchers. The
rest of my plate &c. to my three younger sous. To my daughter Parker
my coach and my red and green quilt. All my other household stuff to
my son Sir Philip. To John Saltenstall my grandchild fifty pounds to be


employed to his use, and that, with the profits arising, to be paid him at his
age of one and twenty years. To my brothers Sir William, Sir Stephen
and Mr. Thomas Somes, Sir John Wentworthe, Mr. John Gurdon my son
in law, my sister Wentworth and my sister Barnardiston, to each of them a
ring of the value often pounds. I give to Sir Ridhard Saltinstall a ring of
the value of forty pounds. To the poor of Great Wenham forty shillings.
To the poor of Thurrington forty shillings, To the poor of Weekes in
Essex forty shillings. Certain servants and others. All the rest of my
lands &c. to be equally divided amongst my three younger sons, Henry,
Nathaniel and Thomas, whom I constitute &c. executors.

Proved by Henry Parker, power reserved to grant letters to Nathaniel
and Thomas Parker the other executors named. Pile, 123.

John Choppyne fifth son of Francis Choppy ne of Coddenham, Suffolk,
gent' deceased, will made 17 December 1644, proved 8 Jauuary 1647. My
cousin Judith Choppyne. My cousin John Southwell Esq. My dear and
loving mother Mrs. Dorothy Dove. Richard Tallemach of Coddenham,
yeoman. My beloved nephew William Harrison, the son and only son of
my late dear and loving sister, and my only sister, Dorothy Choppyne, the
wife of William Harrison gen'. My beloved niece and god daughter Anne
Choppyne, second daughter of my late dear brother Tellemache Choppyne
gen 1 deceased. My beloved niece Frances Choppyne, eldest daughter of
my said brother. My beloved nephew John Choppyne, the youngest son
of my said brother, unto whom the Lady Susan Crane, in performance of
my cousin Sir Robert Crane's promise, hath given the sum of ten pounds
per annum, issuing out of the farm where I now dwell, for thirteen years,
whereof there is two years passed. My beloved nephew Robert Choppyne,
eldest sou and heir of my said brother. All these nephews and nieces at
one and twenty or days of marriage. Now my humble bequest is that my
loving friends and kinsmen John Gurdon Esq., one of the members of the
House of Commons, Francis Bacon Esq., Counsellor at Law, and Matthias
Candler als Gillet, minister of God's word at Coddenham aforesaid, will
take care of the tuition and education of my said brother Tallemach Chop-
pyne his four children and guardians for my said nephew Robert Choppyne
during his and their minorities, of whose tender care I have had experience
and am fully persuaded that they will to the uttermost of their endeavors
give my said brother's four children both pious, religious and virtuous edu-
cation, which will be more precious in God's eye than anything I can leave
them. And I appoint my said loving kinsman John Gurdon Esq., Francis
Bacon Esq. and Matthias Candler als Gillet, clerk, to be my executors.

Essex, 11.

B^amptoN Gurdon of Assington, Suffolk, Elsq., 19 October 1647, with
a codicil dated 1 February 1648, proved 16 May 1650. My copyhold lands
and tenements &c. in Great Wenham, East Bergholt, Roydon &c. in the
Co. of Suffolk I bequeath to my eldest son John Gurdon &c. My copy-
hold lands and tenements holden of the manor of Shipdam and lying or
being in Shipdam and Letton, or in towns near adjoining, in the Co. of
Norfolk, I give and bequeath unto my son Brampton Gurdon &c. I give
and bequeath unto Merriell my dearly beloved wife my best coach and five
horses, with all the harness and furniture belonging unto it, and all my
plate marked with Sidleye's and Knevitt's coats, or either of them, one


deep silver bason, one silver sugar box. a silver chaffing dish, three great
and three lesser silver drinking bowls, two broad silver bowls, a silver foot
with a screw, six silver plates with Gurdon's and Sidlye's coats, six silver
saucers, a caudle cup with a cover, a little silver tankard, four silver por-
ringers, four trencher salts, fifteen silver spoons and the bell salt. To said
wife (a lot of furniture and household stuff, including) a livery cupboard
with a drawer, a high Turkey wrought chair and a little Turkey wrought
chair, high stools and high chairs &c, napkins and linen marked B. G. M.
and G. and M. G., the chaffer bought whilst I lived at Greeneford, one
barrel] churn &c. As for the pewter my will is that all the pewter stamped
or marked with Bannett's (Barrett's?) and Litton's arms do go to my
executor, my son John Gurdon, and the residue of the pewter be equally
divided betwixt my said son and my wife. To my son Brampton Gurdon
all the furniture and household stuff in his chamber and also one hundred
pounds in lieu of a gift given unto him by mother Sedley (and also certain
armor). To James Gurdon, the son of my son Robert, one hundred pounds
to be disposed of for his best advantage by binding him out apprentice, or
otherwise. To my daughter Mildmay one little gilt bowl and twenty
pounds in money. My son John's wife. My son Hill and his wife.

Item, I give to my son Saltonstall fifty pounds, and to his wife fifty
pounds, to be paid within twelve months after my decease. My son Robert's
wife. My son Brampton's wife. My nephews Nathaniel and Francis
Bacon. Mr. Walker my minister, Mr. Pechy, Mr. Newcomen, Mr. Ray-
meut. To Mr. Rogers of Ipswich in New England five pounds and to Mr.
Stansby of Ipswich in this County two pounds. Mr. Edes. The poor of
Assington, of Dedham, of Newton, of Sudbury and of Boxford. Certain
servants. My son John to be sole executor and my loving nephews Na-
thaniel and Francis Bacon to be supervisors, to each of whom I give five

In the codicil he mentioned others. To my loving brother Martin Sed-
ley Esq. forty shilling to buy him a ring. Mr. Smith of Dedham. The
poor of Stoke by Nayland, of Bures St. Mary and of Nayland. Mr. Eaton
now living with me. Isaac Cooke my servant. Susan Hudson my servant.
Edmund Jesupp and An Rayment, both servants unto my son Brampton
Gurdon. Reference to the marriage of Brampton Gurdon, my eldest son
by Merriell my now wife, with Mary, his now wife. Pembroke, 68.

Roger Hill of Poundisford, Somerset, Esq., Sergeant at Law, 6 March
1664, proved 26 April 1667. My body to be buried and laid up till the
day of refreshment come, in or near the grave or place where the corpse
or body of her that in her life time was the constant delight of my eyes,
my late most honored and dear wife Mrs Abigail Hill, daughter of Bramp-
ton Gurden Esq. deceased, then of Assington Hall in the County of Suf-
folk, was laid up and interred, it being in the Church of the Inner Temple,
London, close under the East window on the South side of the said church,
under the monuments of Coke and Littleton, in which place was buried
Gurdon and Meriel, my son and daughter which I had by my said wife, as
also Jane my eldest daughter which I had by my first and dearly beloved
wife Mrs Katherine Hill, daughter of Giles Grene of Cross Castle in the
County of Dorset Esq. deceased. And my will is that my burial be in as
private a manner as may be without any vain pomp or ceremony at all and
that blacks or mournings be given to none but to her that is the desire of


my soul, my now most honored and dear wife, Mrs Abigail Hill (daughter
of Thomas Barnes deceased, of Alboro Hatch in the County of Dorset*
Esq. and sister and coheir of James Barnes Esq. deceased) and to mine and
her children and servants that shall be iD covenant and abiding and menial
servants with me at the time of my death. My late honored father Wil-
liam Hill Esq. deceased. My son William. My son Roger. My cousin
Chaplein of Taunton. My friend and kinsman Sir Walter Yonge of Colly-
ton, Devon. Baronet, my brothers in law Brampton Gurdon of Letton,
Norfolk, Esq. and Edward Keighley of Alboro-hatch, Essex, gen', and
William Chaplein of Taunton, Somerset, gen 1 &c. My brother in law
John Gurdon of Assington, Suffolk, Esq. My brother Richard Saltonstall
Esq. My good brothers Mr John Hill of Taunton, gen 1 , and Mr Richard
Royle of London gen 1 . My good sisters Mrs Anne Butler, Mrs Jane Royle
and Mrs Jane Hill, wife of said brother Mr John Hill. My kinswoman
Mrs Mary Gully, sister to my cousin William Chaplein aforesaid. My
son Roger Hill. His mother in law my wife. Carr, 44.

Brampton Gurdon the elder of Letton, Norfolk, gen 1 , 10 February 15
Charles II, A.D. 1662, with a codicil bearing date 21 February 1662,
proved 10 February 1669. To my wife Mrs Mary Gurdon all those my
two messuages &c. in Letton, Cran worth and Shipdham, to have and to
hold for life, and after her decease I give one to my son Thomas Gurdon,
for life, reserving unto my son Brampton Gurdon &c. free liberty of in-
gress, egress, &c. into and from my grove lying withiu the said premises.
To my said son Thomas one thousand pounds. One hundred pounds to
wife Mary (and use of certain household stuff during her widowhood). To
my brother John Gurdon Esq. and Anne his wife, to my sister the Lady
Mildmay, to my brother Mr. Sergeant Hill and Abigail his wife, to my
brother Richard Saltonstall Esq. and Meriell his wife, to my sister Mrs
Joyce Gurdon, to my nephew Mr. Roger Hill and to my niece Mrs Meryell
Moseley forty shillings to each of them to buy rings. To the poor of Let-
ton forty shillings, of Crauworth forty shillings, of Southberch twenty shil-
lings and of Shipdham three pounds. To all my servants living with me
at the time of my death (except Anne Foulsham and Francis Stanham)
twenty shillings apiece, and to the said Anne aud Francis forty shillings
apiece. The rest of my goods &c. to my son Brampton Gurdon whom I
make executor &c.

(Codicil) To my daughter Elizabeth Gurdon ten pounds. To my
brother William Skeffington Esq., my sister Skeffington. my brother Ger-
vase Pigott Esq., my nephew Mr. Johu Thornhagh, my niece Mrs Jane
Thornhage and Mrs Margaret Goodwyne, to each of them forty shillings
to buy rings. To M r Murke Lewes, Mr. Martyn and M 1 " 3 Martyn twenty
shillings apiece, and to Mr. Thomas Walker of Assington and M r Stephen
Poole of Soutlibergh five pounds apiece, and to the scholar that shall live
with me in my house at the time of my death forty shillings. Item, I givt
unto my dear sister Mrs Meriell Saltonstall ten pounds. Penn, 21.

* For Dorset we should read E-sex. Thomas Barnes of Aldborough Hatch in Barking,
Essex, by his second wife, Isabella, daughter of James Harvey, Esq., had, among other
issue, Abigail, a sister and coheir of James Barnes, who was married four times. Her third
husband was this Roger Hill of Poundsford, Somerset, and her fourth husband Col. George
Thompson, brother of Robert and of Maurice Thompson, whose will, as also that of his
brother Maurice, I have ready for publication. H, F. Waters.


Dame Amy bllLDMAl of Graces in Little Badilovv, Essex, widow, 18
May 1 6G9, proved 28 January 1670. To be buried in Little Badduw
chancel and laid in my sister's grave. To my beloved daughter in law
Mary Mildmay, my son Henry's wife, six pounds in gold. To my grand-
daughter Amy Mildmay, my son Henry's eldest daughter, one hundred
pounds. To Anne Mildmay, my sou's second daughter, five pounds. To
Mary Mildmay, my sou's third daughter, five pounds. To Lucy and Eliz-
beth Mildmay, my son's fourth and fifth daughters, five pounds apiece, and
all my plate to be equally divided between them. To Fra : Mildmay, my
son's sixth daughter, twenty mark in money. To Robert Mildmay of
Terling, my son in law, ten pounds, to buy him mourning, and to his wife^ a
ring of twenty shillings. To my grandson Robert Mildmay and his sister
Amy Mildmay ten pounds apiece. To the said Amy, over and above the
said ten pounds, the sum of one hundred pounds, to be paid her at her age
of three and twenty years or day of marriage or six months after.

Item, I give to my brother Jo: Gurdon of Asou in the County of Suffolk
Esquire the sum of twenty mark in money and to his wife ten pounds. \
give to his four sons, Philip, Nathaniel, Brampton and Barrett, to each of
them a ring of twenty shillings. To his three daughters, Judith Gould
Anne Gurdon and Amy Forth, to each of them a ring of twenty shillings
Item, I give to my sister Saltonstall a ring of twenty shillings. I give to
my sister Joyce Gurdon six pounds and to her sou James Gurdon and John
Gurdon the sum of ten pounds. To my niece Fisher a ring of twenty
shillings and to my niece Leeds a ring of tweuty shillings. To my sister
in law, my brother Bampton's wife, a ring of twenty shillings. To my
daughter Wallopp five pounds. To my son Harlackendon a ring of twenty
shillings and to his wife a ring of twenty shillings. To my cousin Reymond
of Ipswich forty shillings and to her daughter Russell forty shillings. To
my man Robert Hugerford six pounds. To my two maids Elizabeth Rey-
mond and Anne Meade three pounds apiece and all my cloathes (&c. ).
To the poor of Little Baddow four pounds. Lands, tenements &c. in Bul-
mer, Essex, Lavenham, Preston or Breutely Suffolk to my son Henry
Mildmay and his heirs forever. The residue of my goods to my son Henry
whom I make and appoint my sole executor &c.

I desire my son Henry to pay to the parties here under named the several
sums of money that I give. To my cousin Lane, M r Walker, Mr. Gilson,
Mr Wragg, Mr Willis, Mr Crow, Mr Clarke, Mr Reeve, Mr Folkes, Mr
Oakes, Mr Benson, Mr Hollock, Mr Harrison, Mr Hicks, Joane Baker and
Alice Bowne (sums ranging from one to ten pounds apiece). Duke, 6.

John Gurdon of Assington, Suffolk, Esq. 25 June 1G77, proved 4
October 1G79. To my dear and loving wife Anne Gurdon, for and during
the term of her natural life, my mansion house wherein I now dwell, com-
monly called Assington Hall, with all the outhouses, barns, stables, orchards,
yards and gardens belonging to the same, together with the park and warren,
with the deer and coneys; also the Priory ground late in the occupation of
Abraham Ilayward, with all the tithes which I have now let to William
Firrain of Assmgtoii. I also give her, for term of her natural life, the free
disposition of the Vicaridge Of Assington so often as it shall be void (and
certain farms in Assington and Stoke next Nayland). All which said
farms were settled upon my said wife at her marriage with me, with three


other farms in Great Cogshall in Essex and other towns thereto adjacent,
which I do further confirm to ner by this my will and do give them to her
for and during the term of her natural life. To my son Nathaniel Gurdon
the farm in which the widow Sach now liveth and holdeth of me, lying and
being in Great Cogshall and towns adjacent, after my wife's decease. I
give him one hundred pounds and to his daughter Anne Gurdon, my grand-
child, one hundred pounds, to be paid unto him for the use of his said
daughter and paid to her by him at the age of eighteen years. To my son
Brampton Gurdon one hundred pounds. To my son Barrett Gurdon one
hundred pounds. To my son in law Mr. John Gould, merchant, and his
wife my daughter, to each of them ten pounds apiece. To my son in law
Mi-. John Jollife and his wife my daughter ten pounds apiece and to my
son in law Dr. Thomas Jacornb and his wife my daughter ten pounds
apiece. To my eldest son Robert Gurdon ten pounds, to my son Philip
Gurdon ten pounds, to my son Nathauiel Gurdon and to his wife ten pounds
apiece, to my son Brampton Gurdon ten pounds and to my son Barret
Gurdon ten pounds. To my four grandchildren, the children of my son
Nathaniel, of Woodham in Essex, viz 1 John, Elizabeth, Amy and Judith,
twenty pounds apiece, to be paid within two years after my decease to their
father for their use and benefit. To my sister Joyce Gurdon of London,
widow, and to my sister Gurdon of Letton, in Norfolk, and to my brother
aud sister Saltonstall forty shillings apiece. To my brother Robert Gurdon's
two sons, James and John, and to their sister Anne Gurdon forty shillings
apiece. To Mr. Walker, Mr. Samuel Cradocke and to M r Ashwell forty
shillings apiece and to Mr. Hinde three pounds. To the poor of Assington,
Nayland juxta Stoake and Bewers St. Mary and to the poor of Cornard.
To Amy Hall who served my wife twenty years the sum of ten pounds.
Bequests to other servants. My wife Anne Gurdon aud my son Philip
Gurdon to lie my executors.

Francis Quarles one of the witnesses. Kino-, 129.

Anne Gurdon of Assington 23 August 1680, proved 16 July 1681. I
desire that my body may have a private and decent burial. I give to my
son Robert Gurdon my great seal gold ring which was both his grand-
father's and his father's. I give to my said son Robert all my stock of deer
and conies that shall be in the warren park at the time of my death. I
give, more, to my said son Robert ten pounds. I give to my son in law
Dr. Thomas Jacomb and my daughter his wife ten pounds apiece. I give
to my daughter Gould ten pounds. I give to my daughter JollifF ten
pounds. I give to my son Philip and his wife ten pounds apiece. I give
to my son Nathaniel aud his wife ten pounds apiece. I give to my son
Brampton ten pounds. I give to my son Barret ten pounds. Certain
household stuff to Brampton and to Barret. To my dear brother Mr.
Henry Parker forty shillings and to my nephew Mr. Henry Parker, his
son, forty shillings. To my dear brother Mr. Nathaniel Parker forty shil-
lings. To Ann Gurdon, my son Nathaniel's eldest daughter, thirty and to
her (his?) daughter Eliza: twenty pounds, to be paid to them at the age of
twenty years. If either of them die before that age, unmarried, her part
shall go to the other. To Mr. Thomas Walker of Nayland forty shillings
and to his wife twenty shillings. Sundry small legacies to others named.
The remainder of my estate to be laid out in land or otherwise improved
for the best advantage of my son Nathaniel's children, Ann, Elizabeth,


John, Amy, Judeth ami Robert, to be paid to them when they attain to the
age of twenty years. I do now declare my sun Philip Gurdon and my
daughter Mrs Anne Jolliflfe to be my executors. Reference to a deed made
to nephew Mr. Henry Parker and Mr. Thomas Walker of Nayland.
Proved by both executors. North, 107.

John Sedlf.y of Southflete, Kent, Esq. ''oon of the Kinges Auditours
in His Exchequer and Citezein and Stacioner of the Citie of London and
late Wardeyn of the Crafte of Stacioners," 23 February 1530, proved 15
November 1532. '• I bequethe my soule to almighty god to our blissed
Lady and to all the company of hevyn. And my body to be buried in the
Churche of Southflete in the Trinitie Chapell in the tombe where as Eliza-
beth my late wife lyeth buried Also I woll that there be as moche money
dalte and gevyu to as many pour people at the day of my buriall, to euery
pour man and woman ij' 1 and a halpenye loffe and to euery childe a penny
and a halpeny loffe, as woll come and receyve it in the wey of almes. Also
I woll that there be like dole dalt and gevyn to as many po r people and chil-
dern at my monethes mynde twelve monthes mynde and twoo yeres mynde
iu likewise as it is at my buriall as woll come and receyve it in the wey of
almes. Also I woll that there be a Dyuer kept the said day of my buriall
for all the Preestes and Clerkes and for all other people that will not take
the said almes. Also I will that myu executours haue as mauey masses as
they can haue preestes at the day of my buriall w c Deprofundis at euery
masse at the Lavatory for my soule and for the soules of Elizabeth my wife
my father my mother graunsers and graundams brothers and susters and all
our Childern my frendes soules and for the soules of them that I haue fared
the better by and all xpen soules. Also I will that there be at eu r y ordre
of the fyve orders of the freres in London a Trentall of masses saide in all
hast pos sible after my deceas w* Deprofundis at eu r y masse at the Lavatory
to pray for the soules aforsaid And myn executours to paye to every ordre
of th.3 said fyve orders of the ffreres X s for the said Trentalles. Also I woll
that there be made by myn executours at euery ordre of the said fyve
orders of the freres in London a Chauntrye foreuer to say masse euery day
foreuer for twoo pence euery day for masse Sfii for euery ordre by yere
iij h xiiij' 1 And to geve them money for the said Chauntries after xx li yeres
purchase that is to say to eavy ordre lxj u iij s iiii' 1 And in like wise to haue
at euery ordre of the said freres an obite and a Trentall of masses eu r y
yere foreuer for x s a yere for euery ordre And to geve them money for
the said obites and trentalles after xx tl yeres purchase that is to say to euery
order x 11 to pray for the soules aforesaid. And myn executours to take
sewertie cf them if it be not doon then to distreyn for a penaltie in suche
howsing as is in their monastery for eu r y weke that it is not kept. Also I
woll that as many prestes monkes ffreres and chanons that woll come as
may save masse euery day during oon hole yere next after the day of my
decesse at the awter in the said Trinitie Chapell where as my said wife is
buried And also where as I by the grace of god shall be buried to say mas.se
oon after another and eu r y preest to haue iiij' 1 as many as woll come and say
masse with Deprofundis at euery masse at the lavatory and after masse at
our Tombe Deprofundis never to be denyed to sey masse at that oon awter
and at noon other awter during the said yere to pray for the soules aforsaid."
Reference made to '• londes and tenementes at Rye that was myu the whiche
was exchaunged with John Mayne for certeyn londes and Teuementes in
London." " Also I woll and ordeyn that the Aunuitie of foure poundes


that I haue graunted to the Priour and Covent of Rocliestre and to their
successours for a Chauntrie to sey masse every day foreuer And an obite
euery yere foreuer in their monastery of the profites issues and Revenues
of all my londes and tenementes in Loudon I woll that it be truely paide
foreuer daily wekelye monthly and yerely foreuer according to the teno r
of twoo indentures therof made whereof oon is under their Couent Seall in
my keping And thother is undre my Seall in their own keping And that the
said Priour and Covent haue full power and auctoritie to do all thinges to
the teno r of the said indenture. And if the said Prio r and Covent or their
Successours at any tyme hereafter doo seasse and sey not the said diuine
seruice as it is conteyned in the said indentures by the space of a weke then
I woll that it shall be lefull unto myn heires executours and assignes as
often and at eu r y tyme as the said diuine seruice doo ceasse and is not saide
by the space of a weke to entre into the mauo r s of ffiendisbury and Wold-
ham And to distresse for vj s viij' 1 in the name of a peyn for euery weke
that the said diuine seruice doo ceasse and is not saide according to the said
indentures. Also I will that there be an obite kept of x s by the yere
foreuer in the Abbey of Langdon besides Dover where as my mother lyeth
buried with dirige and tenne masses that is to sey Dirige of the evyn by
note and the next day after mass of Requiem by note And the residue of
the masses to be saide w l the Abbott and Chanons of the said Abbey and
w l other prestes the Abbot to haue for his labour eu r y yere xij d eu r y Chanon
preest vj d eu r y Chanon Novys iiij d And to en r y other preest that saith dirige
and masse vj (l and to eury Childe that helplth the preest to masse a penny
And for Rvncjing of belles after the custume of other obites And the said
obite to be doon by the ouersight of the parson of Ryngwolde for the tyme
being and to sey dirige and masse hauing for his labour euery yere xij' 1 .
And the residue of the money of the said x s yf any then be lefte to be dalte
and gevyn to pour people to pray for the soules aforsaid. And the said
obite to be kept at the Day that my other obittes is kept." Provisions in
case of "defawte of payment." Ten marks more out of the revenues &c.

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