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veyance of the same. I give and bequeath unto my said wife Elizabeth
Woodbury all my books and sea instruments which I have now in my chest
and also a new cloth coat, which, my will is, may be also sent to my wife with
the first and safest conveyance; or that, if the said Mr Berry shall think
convenient, to sell or dispose to sale all or any part of books, instruments
or coat and to make return of the product of them unto my wife in money
or goods. To my friend John Tayler mariner, one of the said ship's com-
pany, all my wearing apparell &c.

Commission issued to Daniel Berry 18 January 1672 to administer &c.
no executor having been named. Bye, 13.

William Traheune of St. Clement Danes, Middlesex, chandler, 29
April 1658, proved 24 June 1658. Wife Dorothy. To my grandchild
William Haisman fifty pounds (he under 16 years of age). The next child
of my daughter Ellenor Haisman. To my brother Richard Trahorne now
in Virginia ten shillings. The residue to Henry Haisman and Ellinor his
now wife whom I make executors.

Broved by Henry Haisman, power reserved to Elianor Haisman.

Wootton, 296.

Elizabeth Slaughter, 5 August, 1645. Am now fallen into a time
of great " mortallitie." I now in perfect health. I do appoint that my
true natural son William Clarke, son to my first husband Henry Clarke,
shall have and enjoy all that I have if he be living and shall come to de-
mand it within the term of seven years after my decease, excepting some
certain things hereafter specified, which are these. I do give to my sister
Francis, wife to William Gilbert, one pair of fince (sic) laced pillowbeers.
To my cousin Elizabeth Elliott one flaxen table cloth. To my cousin Mary
King one little cabinet. The rest of my household stuff equally to my
cousins Mary and Rachel Cullom, daughters to my sister Jane Cullom,
except one feather bed and boulster which I appoint for my son William if
he come to demand it as aforesaid. If I die before the return of Isaac
Walker from New England I give to my cousin Mary Cullome, before-
named, full power to recover and receive fifty shillings due to me from the
said Isaac Waker (sic) for her own use, whether my son come or not; but
in case she die before she be married I then appoint the said fifty shillings
for her brother Robert Collom.

Now if my son William Clarke come not after my decease within the
time limited or if otherwise by good and sufficient testimony it may be
proved that he be dead then I appoint such moneys or goods that by virtue
hereof appertaineth to him, the third part I give to the said Mary Cullome,
the rest to be equally divided between my sister Sibbill Howell's children
and my sister Francis children and my sister Jane Cullotn's children. To
the poor of the parish where I shall be buried five shillings. And that this
my said will may be faithfully fulfilled I do desire to entrust herein my
brother Arthur King, my brother Joshua Slaughter and my brother Robert
Cullom, to whom I give at my decease five shillings apiece. Witnessed by
John Saniford and Mary Hart.

Commission issued 20 June 1646 to Robert Culme, one of the trustees,
to administer according to the tenor of the will. Twisse, 83.

In the probate Act Book for 1646 the diocese of Bristol is indicated, but
no parish.


Matthias Nicholls, preacher of God's word to the town of Plymouth,
Devon (without date) proved 10 October 1G31. To the Governors of the
New Hospital, called the poor's portion, ten pounds. To the Governors of
the Hospital adjoining, called orphans' aid, live pounds. I give three
pounds to be distributed among the poor of Plymouth. To the poor of
the town of Buckingham forty shillings. Likewise I give unto the Com-
mon Stock for New England, towards the advancement of that plantation,
the sum of thirteen pounds. My land in Plymton Mary parish I give to
my beloved wife, during her natural life, and after her decease to my son &c,
remainder to son Matthias &c., next to son Samuel &c, then to daughters
Johan and Hanna and their heirs forever. To daughter Johan fifty pounds,
to be put into the hands of some trusty friend to be employed for her ad-
vantage (and the remainder of certain lease) she to receive her stock at the
age of twenty and one years or day of marriage. A similar bequest to
daughter Hanna. To my two younger sons Mathias and Samuel one hun-
dred marks apiece, at one and twenty. The residue of my goods &c. to my
wife whom I make and constitute sole executrix. Reference to the lease of
the new market house of the town, intrusted to beloved friends Mr. Robert
Trelawny, Mr. Edmond Fowell and Mr. Richard Tapper, and " the two
leases bought for mee by M r Jope of M ns Parker and her sonne." My
desire is that my wife will reserve such of my books as shall be thought
useful for my son John until he be fit to make use of them. And herein
my desire is that she use the advice of my dear friend Mr. John Vincent
who will, I doubt not, ease her of a great part of her care in his education.
As for my papers and notes I commit them wholly to the disposing of the said
M r . Vincent, my dear brother Mr. Ferdiuando Nicolls and my beloved cousiu
Mr. Abraham Sherwill, desiring them to set apart such as they shall think
useful either for the public good of the Church or for the furthering of my
son John in his particular studies and to burn the rest &c. My cousin
Abraham Sherwill to choose out of my best English books for his father,
mother, wife, her brother and sister, each of them one such as he shall
think most convenient for them as tokens of my love.

Proved by Martha Nicholls, widow &c. St. John, 107.

William Pittes, of the parish of Temple within the city of Bristol,
clothier, 30 October 1592, proved 3 January 1592. My body to be buried
in the church of Temple. The poor of the said parish. To William my
eldest sou my house wherein I now dwell, with all the furniture thereunto
belonging; that is to say, one standing bed, with a truckle bed uuder it, with
a feather bed in the one and a flock bed in the other, two pair of sheets
and a pair of blankets and the best coverlet which I bought of Lynzey the
wait player. But Annes my wife shall have and hold the said house and
furniture till William my son come to the age of twenty and one years.
And after that, if the said Agnes remain a widow, she shall pay twenty
shillings yearly for rent &c. To the said William the lease of the house
wherein my mother now inhabiteth, the same to hold immediately after the
decease of my said mother. Other legacies to the said AVilliam. Remainder
to his brethren in order of age (Robert, Thomas and John). Special be-
quests to them and to daughter Elizabeth, at one and twenty. My brother
Richard Pitte's two daughters. Sir Richard Martyn of Temple. Wife
Agnes to be executrix and Mr. John Pickes and Thomas Heywarde to be
overseers. Newell, 1.


Robert Owen of the city of Bristol, merchant, now bound on a voyage
into the parts beyond the seas, 5 September 1614, with a codicil dated 4
September 1615, proved 16 February 1615. To wife Mary four hundred
pounds and the messuage wherein I now dwell situate upon the " Kaye"
within the said city, to hold for life ; and after her decease I give the said
messuage to my son Robert Owen. I give my said son all my lands, mes-
suages &c. in Bristol and in Portbury, Somerset, or elsewhere, and also two
hundred pounds. To my daughter Mary Owen three hundred pounds.
The same to daughter Johane Owen and the child wherewith my wife now
goeth, yet unborn. A great part of my estate is in Adventure at sea, part
insured by Policy of Assurance recorded in the Royal Exchange in Lon-
don and part upon mine own adventure not insured. Wife Mary to have
the use and keeping of my children's legacies until they shall accomplish
their several ages of one and twenty or be married, she putting in sureties
to be bound in double the sum to pay the said legacies together with the
benefit and use for the same at the rate of nine per cent for one whole year
until such time as they shall be paid. My brother GrifFeth Owen. My
sister Mary Owen. My brother George Owen. My sister Ellinor Owen.
My brother Griffeth Owen to pay his brother and sisters at the town of
Carmarthen. Wife Mary and sou Robert to be executors and loving cousin
Rice Davies Esquire and loving brother in law William Pitt, merchant, and
good friend William Baldwyn, brewer, to be overseers. In the codicil he
increases the legacies to his daughters Mary and Johane by two hundred
pounds apiece more.

Probate was granted to the widow as above but was not granted to the
son, Robert Owen, until 24 April 1627. Cope, 8.

William Pitt of the city and Diocese of Bristol, sheereman or cloth-
worker, 11 January 1603, proved 21 April 1604. To be buried in the
church and churchyard of Temple in the said city. To my son Francis
Pyttes the messuage &c. wherein I dwell, with remainder to my brother
Robert Pittes and next to my right heirs &c. To my said brother Robert
the house, rack and garden now in the tenure of Richard Baker weaver,
after the decease of my grandmother Johau Pittes. To my godson William
Hall the lease of the house wherein his father doth dwell, and if he die
before he come to the age of one and twenty then the same lease shall
remain to Samuel Wilson the son of my sister Wilson. To my said sister
Wilson six pounds out of that debt which my brother in law Lawrence
Wilson owes me, as by a judgment had in the court of Common Pleas
more at large appeareth. To Anne Weale my wife's sister's daughter five
pounds. To my cousin Sara Pope three pounds at her day of marriage or
age of one and twenty years. Certain debts of Richard Baker, William
Deane and Richard Gouldsmith forgiven. The remainder to my son
Francis Pittes whom I ordain and make my sole and whole executor, pro-
vided that if it shall please Almighty God to call out of this mortal life my
said son Francis before he shall accomplish the full age of one and twenty
years or be married then my will and meaning is that my cousin John Pittes
shall have twenty pounds in money out of the legacies bequeathed to my
said son ; and then also I do ordain and make my said brother Robert Pittes
to be the executor &c. And I do appoint my loving friends Francis Bayllye
and Richard Simondes to be my overseers &c. desiring them, as my trust in
them is, to see this my will truly and justly to be performed, as much as in
them lieth, and to see my said sou to be brought up in the fear of God.


They to have for their pains twenty shillings apiece. And I appoint the
said Richard Goldsmith to have the keeping and education of my said son
Francis as long as my said overseers shall think it fitt and convenient.

Commissiouat the above date to Francis Bayllye and Richard Symondes,
the supervisors named in the will, to administer the goods &c. according to
the tenor of the will during the minority of Robert Pittes (sic) brother &c.
and executor &c. Harte, 43.

William Pitt of the city of Bristol merchant, 13 May 1622, proved
4 February 1G24. To my loving wife Mary five hundred pounds. To my
son William two hundred and fifty pounds. To my son Robert three score
and ten pounds. To my son Henry two hundred and fifty pounds. To my
son Thomas two hundred and fifty pounds. To my daughter Mary Pitt two
hundred and fifty pounds. To my daughter Anne Pitt two hundred and
fifty pounds. To my daughter Maude Pitt two hundred and fifty pounds.
To mv daughter Martha Pitt two hundred and fifty pounds. To my wife Mary
a lease of the house wherein I now dwell, in Redclife Street, and also of the
house in the same street wherein Samuel Griffeth the glasier dwelleth and my
garden in St. Thomas Lane, for life, paying unto my sou William four pounds
yearly for the same during her life. After her deeease I give the said two
houses and garden to my son William &c, with remainder to son Henry,
then to son Thomas, next to my son Robert and lastly to my heirs general.
To my son Robert the tenement without Temple gate called the Saracen's End
(sic) and the new-built house thereby built by my father, with all the lands
and tenements thereto belonging and all such implements as I have in the
said tenements, the said lands and tenements given by my father Thomas
Pitt, as appeareth by his last will and testament. To my sons Henry and
Thomas Pitt the years yet to come in a lease for two tenements and garden
that I have in Redcliffe Street (and other leases). To my niece Ann
Watteres a lease of forty years in the tenements at the Marsh gate wherein
William Dale now dwelleth, but if she die before the expiration of said lease
I give the residue to my nephew Robert Mericke, they paying unto my sou
William four pounds six shillings eight pence a year rent and he to pay the
lord's rent. If Robert Miricke die before the forty years be expired the
residue shall be to my son William. Certain household stuff" to William. To
Maude my lesser Ciprus (sic) chest. To my daughter Mary Pitt my chain
of gold and to my daughter Anne Pitt my white silver and gilt tankard
which was given them by my father and to Martha the inlaid chest in the
great chamber. I give to my son William Pitt my best Turkies (sic) ring
which was my great grandfathers Mr Roger Cooke's, my second ring with
a pearl I give to my son Robert, my signet ring I give to my son Henry
and my ruby ring I give to my son Thomas. My books I give to my sou
William. A lot of household stuff to be sold and a quarter part of the
sum made thereof to be given to wife and three quarters to the children, or
else to be divided (without selling it). Sons William, Robert, Henry and
Thomas to have their portions on arriving at age of one and twenty and
daughters Mary, Anne, Maude and Martha at times of marriage or at twenty
one, and so one after the other. I give to my brother in law Mr Richard
Davis twenty shillings to make him a ring for a token and to sister Mary
Davis a double Harry sovereign of gold. To my sister Marlowe and sister
Gonning, each a rose noble of gold. To my cousin Mary Robinson ten
shillings in gold. To my sister Alice Knight a gown to the value of three
pounds and a double duckett (sic) iu gold and to my brother Knight ten


shillings in gold. To my cousin William Pitt, draper, a double ducat in
gold and to my wife a square ducat in gold which my mother gave me.
All these tokens are in an ivory box in my counter ; the box by itself I give
to my sister Mary Davis for a token. I give to my cousin William Pitt,
draper, forty shillings to make him a ring and to my cousin Nicholas Pickes
thirty shillings to make him a ring for tokens. To the poor of St. Thomas,
of Temple and of Redclif parishes three pounds to be distributed amongst the
three parishes. A great part of my estates is in debts and beyond seas.
Any loss shall be borne upon all my legacies rateably upon the pound.
What gold or jewels my wife had of her own and in her keeping at the
date hereof I give to her. My debts and legacies being paid all my goods
and chattels unbequeathed I give unto my loving wife Mary and to my son
William whom I make joint executors &c. and do appoint my well beloved
cousins Mr. William Pitt, draper, and Mr Nicholas Pikes, gen 1 ., overseeis.
Witnessed by Ric: Marlowe, Nicholas Pike and Richard Griffeth.

Published (after alterations made) 30 October 1624, in presence of
William Pitt, Edward Batten, Abraham Edwards.

Proved by the oaths of Mary Pitt, relict, and William Pitt, son, &c. be-
fore Richard Knight vicar of Temple &c. Clarke, 19.

William Pitt of the city of Bristol, merchant, son of Mary Pitt of
the same city, widow, 2 October 1630, proved 9 June 1631. My will is
that all mine estate shall be tied to make good my father's debts and
legacies, and they being paid, if so much shall remain, all mine household
stuff shall be divided among my mother, sisters and brothers, whereof my
mother shall have a quarter and the other three quarters be equally divided
amongst my brothers and sisters. My brother Henry and sister Mavvd,
when they shall have their portions due, shall have the full sum given them
by my father with their parts of my brother Thomas and sister Martha's
legacies, and shall then receive interest at 8 p.c. for their whole portions both
given them by my father and due to them by the death of my brother Thomas
and sister Martha, and the interest to be continued from my father's death.
Reference to brother Robert and sisters Mary and Anne as having received
their legacies. To the poor of Redcliffe, St. Thomas and Temple parishes.
My mother shall have my spruce chest, my brother Robert the Hand
counter, my sister Mary the great tankard, my sister Anne the cedar chest,
my brother Henry my silver posnett and taster, my sister Maud the silver
goblet and two of my father's spoons. And I desire my mother, Mrs Mary
Pitt, to see this my will performed. St. John, 7<ยป.

William Pitt of the city of Bristol, alderman, 18 October 1631,
proved 12 January 1631. To wife Sara twenty pounds to buy her a ring
of five diamonds, in lieu of one she weareth which my wife Elizabeth gave
to her daughter Mary Pitt, which ring my will is that my daughter
Mary Pitt shall enjoy according to her mother's desire. Four hun-
dred pounds each to sons William, Henry, John and Thomas Pitt.
Five hundred pounds each to eldest daughter Mary Pitt and youngest
daughter Martha Pitt (the latter apparently under one and twenty). To
my daughter Ann Whetcombe one hundred pounds upon condition that her
father in law Mr Robert Whetcombe do perforin his promise (that is to
say) to grant no estates from the time of the marriage of his son John
Whetcombe to my daughter Anne Whetcombe of forty pounds per annum
in the manor of Thornefford the which he promised to lay as demeaues to


annex it to the old rent for the better help of his son and my daughter after
his father's decease. To iny sister Anne Gethinge forty pounds. To my
sister Mary Batten five pounds to buy her a ring. To my daughter in law
Elizabeth Chetwin five pounds to buy her a ring. To Edward Pitt, the
son of my brother John, twenty pounds at one and twenty years of age.
To Mary Pitt, the daughter of my brother John, ten pounds at day of
marriage or one and twenty years of age. To the companies of Tuckers
and Shermen five pounds to be divided amongst the poorest of those com-
panies. I ordain my good friends, my brother Mr Ezekiel Waliis, my
brother Edward Batten, Mr John Taylor and Mr Robert Elliott to be
overseers and give them five pounds apiece for their pains &c. The rest of
my goods &c. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved son and heir Edward
Pitt, whom I make and ordain my whole and sole executor, requiring him,
upon my blessing, to see my will performed according as I desire and to be
helpfull to his brethren and sisters according to his power; and do desire
God to bless them all. Audley, 2.

Mary Pitt of the parish of St. Thomas within the city of Bristol,
widow, 8 June 1634, proved 25 November 1634. I will that eight pounds,
according to the gift and intent of my son William Pitt, in his last will and
testament, be given, disposed and bestowed in land by my executor, to re-
main for ever, to be divided amongst the poor people of the parishes of
St. Thomas, St. Mary Redcliffe and Temple parish in Bristol, being to be
settled in land to remain for ever, and the better part of the three parts
thereof to be given to St. Thomas parish. I give and bequeath to Mary
Newell and to John Newell her son the sum of one hundred and twenty
pounds of lawful money in manner and form following, that is to say, to
my said daughter Newell the use only of the said one hundred and twenty
pounds so long as she and her now husband Andrew Newell liveth, which
I will shall be paid unto her yearly by my executor at the four usual Feast
Days in the year, viz', the feast day of the Nativity of our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ, the Annunciation of our blessed Lady St. Mary the Virgin,
St. John the Baptist and St. Michael the Arch " Angle " &c, &c. and in
case my said daughter shall outlive her said husband then my will is that my
said executor shall, within one year next after the death of the said Andrew
Newell, pay unto my said daughter Mary the sum of one hundred pounds
of the said sum given as aforesaid and shall reserve twenty pounds of the
said six score pounds in his, my executor's, hands until the said John Newell
her son shall attain to the age of one and twenty years and then to pay the
said twenty pounds to him the said John Newell. If my said daughter die
before the said Andrew her husband the whole sum shall remain iu the
hands of my executor until the said John Newell shall attain to the said
ao-e and then my said executor to pay the six score pounds unto my said
grandchild; for it is not my will that the said Andrew Newell, his father,
should enjoy any part thereof nor any the profit or interest thereof. My
said daughter Mary to have the profit and rent of the term of years yet to
come of and in one tenement at Portwalls, now in the possession of Law-
rence Wilson, (her husband to have nothing therein) and after her decease
I give the said house and remainder of the term unto my ,son Henry Pitt.
I give unto my said daughter Mary Newell all my wearing apparel, except
my best gown and petticoat which I give unto my daughter Mawde Pitt. I
give unto the said Mary my wedding ring. I give unto my daughter Mawde
Pitt one hundred pounds and all my childbed linen &c. and my diamond


ring. To my daughter Anne Edwardes sixty pounds &c. and my ring with
a " Turkie " stone therein. To my daughter Martha Pitt my ring with a
ruby stone in it. To my son Robert Pitt all that my lands and grounds,
with the appurtenances &c, which I lately purchased of one Thomas Cow-
dry, being part of the manor of Compton Magna in the County of Somerset,
to hold for life, and after his decease to William his son, with remainder
to Robert, the second son of the said Robert my son, and then to the right
heirs of my said son. I give to my said son Robert all my part of the
land and tenements situate and being in the Pittie (sic) within the city of
Bristol. To my son Henry Pitt tlie house in Redcliffe Street wherein I
now dwell and one little house in the possession of one John Cole, being
purchased with the said dwelling house, with household stuff &c. &c. I give
him also a tenement upon the back in Bristol, held of the Chamber of the
said city and now in the possession of William Prosser, and two other tene-
ments in Redcliffe Street, held of the Dean and Chapter of Bristol, one in
the possession of Thomas Dayes and the other in the possession of Thomas
Hudson, and a little garden ground in St. Thomas Lane in Bristol. I give
the said Henry also fifty pounds in money. To William Edwards my
grandchild one silver and gilt beaker. Another to John Pitt my grand-
child. To my grandchild Robert Pitt one silver and gilt saltcellar and to
my grandchild John Edwards a silver beer bowl. I make my son Robert
executor and my loving brothers in law Mr Abraham Edwards and Mr
John Pearse, to whom I give forty shilling apiece, overseers. I give to my
grandchild William Pitt my silver tankard which was my son William's.
My sister Pearse to have four pounds to buy her a mourning gown. Mr
Loveringe to preach my funeral sermon and to have four pounds for his pains.
My brother Pawle to have forty shillings to buy him a mourning cloak and
sister Bushe five pounds for her mourning. Seager, 97.

Edward Batten of Bristol gentleman, 15 September 1638, proved 16
November 1638. The poor of Temple parish in Bristol. Wife Mary
Batten. My three tankards which I bought of my cousin Pitt I give to my
three grandchildren and godsons Edward Hobbs, son of Thomas Hobbs,
Edward Galhampton, son of William Galhampton, and Edward Colston,
son of William Colston, the eldest of them to choose first. To my daughter
Mary Hobbs and her heirs,after the death of my wife, my tenements in Bristol
lying between Key and Marsh street and the Lanthorn tenement and the
sum of five hundred pounds. To my daughter Elizabeth Batten the leases of
mv lands in Westerley which I hold of Mr Roberts. To my daughter Sarah
Colston for her better maintenance of her and her husband &c. all my lands

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