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5 May 1725. I give all my messuage &c. in Gracechurch Street, London,
and all my lands in Cope parish or elsewhere in the Co. of Westmoreland and
Colony of Virginia, in parts beyond the seas, unto my son George Lee &c.
for ever. I give all my messuages, lands &c. in the Co. of Suffolk (sub-
ject to a mortgage and subject also to the payment of one hundred pounds
to Daniel Watts, at one and twenty, pursuant to the will of Thomas Moore,
my former husband deceased) unto my two daughters Martha Lee and
Lettice Lee &c, share and share alike as tenants in common and not as
joint tenants &c. If all my said three children, George, Martha and Lettice
Lee, shall happen to die without issue I give and devise my said estate in
the city of London unto such of the children of my late brother John Silk
deceased and of the children of my brother Abraham Silk as shall be then
living &c, and then also I give my said estate in Suffolk to my brother
Tobias Silk. To my very good friend Mr. Oliver Marton of the Temple,
my brother the said Tobias Silk and William Wareham, citizen and barber
surgeon of London, ten pounds apiece for mourning. The residue of my


personal estate to my said three children, equally to he divided among them
at ages of one and twenty years &c. My brother Tobias and the said Mr.
William Wareham to be their guardians. To Ruth Hill, widow, and
Neomi Hill, her daughter, five pounds apiece to put themselves into mourn-
ing. Romney, 114.

Edward Sprague of Upway, Dorset, fuller, 6 June 1614. proved 13
October 1614. My body to be buried within the churchyard. To the parish
church of Upway ten shillings. To the poor teu shillings. To Ralph
Sprague my eldest son one of the oldest pair of shears in my shop and one
lesser pair called the "quarrell." To my eldest daughter Alice Sprague fifty
pounds. To Edward, my second sou, two pair of shears and twenty pounds.
To Richard, my third sou twenty pounds at one and twenty years of age.
To Christopher, my fourth son, twenty pounds at one and twenty. To
William, my youngest son, twenty pounds at one and twenty. All the rest
of my goods &c. to Christian Sprague my wife, whom I do make my whole
executrix. And I do appoiut Henry Sanvoyes (Qu. Samwayes ?) and
William Bryer overseers.

W T it: John Bishoppe and John Tayler (by mark).

Memorandum that whereas the living of the abovesaid Edward Sprague
doth fall unto his son Ralphe Sprague after his decease the said Ralfe
Sprague doth, upon his father's request promise that his mother Christian
Sprague shall quietly enjoy the said living until he shall be one and twenty
years of age. Lawe, 104.

[Ralph, Richard and William Sprague, sons of the testator, came to New Eng-
land and settled at Charlestown. William afterwards removed to Hingham. See
Wyman's Charlestowu, Vol. II., pp. 887-93; History of Hingham, Vol. III., pp.
168-183; Savage's Genealogical Dictionary, Vol. IV., pp. 153-6; and Memoirs
of the Sprague Family, by Richard Soule jr., pp. 78-97. — Editor.]

The last will and testament of James Carter, 5 September 1626, proved
11 April 1627. I give and bequeath one black cloak lined with velvet and
a seal ring unto my brother John Carter and thirty pounds sterling to be
divided equally amongst his children, as also ten pounds sterling unto
William Symons children. To my cousin Richard Perry and his wife and
William White and his wife, each of them, five pounds sterling apiece, to
make them rings. To my wife's brothers and sisters forty shillings apiece
(for rings). To Mr. Sedgwicke forty shillings in gold and forty shillings to
the poor of that parish. Also I give fifty acres of land which I bought of
my Lady Dales in Shurley Hundred Hand (sic) unto the parish whereof
now Mr. Prohy is minister, to be a place of " Residencye " for hiui and such
as shall succeed him in that parish. I make my wife Susanna Carter my
sole executrix. Also my will and desire is that Mr. Nathaniel Causy (or
Causy) and Richard Love should have the oversight of the shipping my
goods in the upland and Robert Sweete and Richard Love for the lowland,
for which their pains I give them whatsoever they will demand. Further-
more, God sending the ship well home to her port, I entreat my trusty and
well beloved friends and kinsmen Richard Perry and John Perry to have
the oversight of such goods of mine as then come home in the aforesaid
ship, as also to assist my wife in all tilings which may concern her good,
for which I give them thirty pounds sterling, which, together with the rest of
the legacies, I will should be paid four months after the goods are sold aud


the money received. Also I give unto uiy servant James Ostin one whole
year of his time, hoping he will be the more careful and ready to please my
well beloved wife, whom, as the last testimony of love, I intreat God to
bless spiritually, temporally and eternally.

Wit: Richard Lowe, Richard Clifton, Greavell Pooly Cleric: .

Skynner, 41.

Zaciiakie Irish, one of the petty canons of H. M. Free Chapel within
his Castle of Windsor, 7 dune 1672, proved 1 July 1672. To be buried
in the upper Cloisters of the said Chapel. To Richard Newman, my
nephew, now living in Dartmouth in Devon one hundred pounds. To his
son, my godson, twenty pounds. To his brother Edward Newman, now in
Virginia, ten pounds if living. To Sabyna Newman, their sister, if living,
ten pounds. To my brother in law Master Robert Parsons five pounds.
To his son Simon Parsons twenty pounds. To my nephew Robert Parsons,
son to Robert, ten pounds. To his brother and my nephew Thomas Par-
sons ten pounds. To my cousin William Hopwood five pounds. To my
brother in law John Weekes three score pounds. To his two daughters
Johanna and Elizabeth ten pounds apiece. To my brother in law Master
Anthony Weekes ten pounds. To his daughter Ureth Weekes ten pounds.
To my sister in law Joane Foxwell ten pounds. To her son Zacharie Fox-
well, and my grandson, twenty pounds. To my sister in law Elizabeth
Perrye's daughter Ureth five pounds. To my sister in law Margery
Michell's daughters Susan and Margey five pounds apiece. Other friends
and servants. I do nominate and appoint Richard Newman, my nephew,
of Dartmouth, Devon, merchant, and John Weekes, my brother in law, of
Petworth, Sussex, gentleman, my sole executors. Eure, 89.

William Golde of Bovington in the Co. of Hertford. 26 June 1568,
proved 9 December 1568. I give to my son John forty shillings (and other
legacies). To John my son twenly shillings, to be paid at the age of
twenty seven years by William Gold my son. To Josapth my son twenty
shillings and one lamb and one platter and one sheet. To Jhosaffe my son
twenty shillings, to be paid at the age of twenty one by William Gold my
son. Similar bequests to son Thomas and to daughters Elnere, Elizabeth,
Jane and Jone. To Alice Golde my cousin one sheet with a black seam
and one platter. To Robert Golde one platter. I will that Alice my wife
shall dwell and occupy the one half of my house and land for the term of
ten years if she keep herself sole and unmarried. I will Alice my wife
shall take half the children with her. The residue to wife Alice and son
William, whom I make full executors &c, and desire William Shakemaple
to be overseer.

Wit: T. Gold, Rob te Puddyfut, John Gold, Edffide Grove, with others.

Hitchin Registry. Hunts and Herts Wills.
Archdeaconry of Huntington Vol. 1, fol. 126.

Joan Wells of Bovingdon, Herts, widow, 4 December 1583, proved
21 May 1584. To be buried in the churchyard of Bovingdon. Joane
Axtell my daughter unmarried. Alice Axtell my daughter. Agnes Ax-
tell my daughter. Tymothie Axtell the son of Henry Axtell, my son.
Jeames Heart the son of Thomas Harte, my son in law. Alice Hart
the daughter of the said Thomas. Agnis Goold the daughter of Hughe
Goold, my son in law. John Goold the son of the said Hugh. Susanne
Goold the daughter of the said Hugh. Anne Goolde the wife of the said


Mucrh Goold. Joane Hart my daughter. I make my son Henry Axtell
sole executor. I constitute and make my beloved in Christ Thomas Axtell
and Thomas Hart my son in law, of Boviugdon, the overseers. All the
residue to be divided equally between Henry Axtell my son and Joane Hart
my daughter.

Wit: Thomas Wilcockes, Richard Axtell, Thomas Hay.

Hitchin Registry, Hunts aud Herts Wills,
(prob. Vol. 3)— 1579-1614— fol. 54.

Thomas Priest of Bovingdon, Herts, yeoman, 24 April 1598, proved
17 June 1598. Wife Ellyn. Son Thomas. Son Abraham. Daughter
Alese. Daughter Sara. Daughter Anne and Uer children. Son John's
children. Son William's children. William Goulde's son of the half acre,
my godson. Wife Elline to be sole executrix, and I appoint to be over-
seers William Goulde of the half acre aud John Goulde of the lane aud
John Priest my eldest son.

Wit : Jjohu Guide & John Goulde

of merchantes X marke

Hitchin Reg. &c. Vol. 4* (1593-1606) fol. 8.

The name of Ry chard Goulde appears as a witness to will of William
Edmand of Bovingdon 7 August 1598. (Same Vol.) fol. 23.

John Gould of Merchants in Bovingdon, 2 November 1602, proved
20 November 1602. To my daughter Rebecka my house &c. in Hempsted
for the term of six years from the Feast of St. Michael last past, keeping
same in good reparations from time to time. And after the expiration of
the said six years the said house at Hempsted shall remain and be unto
Nathan, my son, and his heirs forever. To Nathan certain furniture &c. To
my son Jeremy my close called Cockarames, lying in Bovingdon, containing
by estimation three acres, more or less, butting upon the hay lane. I give
also unto Jeremy my son a great chest of oak standing in the chamber over
the hall. I give my close called Shanckes, lying at sand pitts, containing
by estimation three acres, to Thomas my son &c, and I give uuto him the
great white chest. To Symou my son (certain furniture) in that my house
called Boyears, and he shall suffer it to remain for the use of Presilla my
daughter for the term of six years. To son Steven the great chest of oak
that I myself do use. To Elizabeth my wife my house that I do dwell in,
called Merchants, and ten acres of land thereunto belonging, more or less,
for the term of fifteen years &c, with sufficient firewood &c, and the use of
the table and form in the hall for the term of fifteen years, and after that
to John my son and his heirs forever. To James my son twenty pounds
when he shall accomplish the age of eighteen years. Wife Elizabeth to be
executrix and John Hall, John Gould and William Cocke overseers.


Wit: John Hall, Jjohn Gvlde, Will'" Cocke

Hitchin Reg. &c. Vol. 4, fol. 260.

Ellyn Axtkll of Bovington 15 March 1602, proved 1 October 1603.
To be buried near late husband Thomas Saunders. To my son Matthew
Eaton. Thomas Hayes the son of Thomas Hayes. Nathaniel Hayes,
another son of Thomas, and Abiezer Hayes, another. Thomas Goulde the

* This volume contains original wills and other probate papers bound together in a book.

H. F. Watehs.


son of Thomas Goulde. My daughter Isabel Hayes, wife of Thomas
Hayes, to be sole executor ami Mr. John Hall and Thomas Goulde to be
overseers. llitchin Reg. &c. Vol. 4, fol. 298.

Thomas Gould of Bovington, Herts, yeoman, his deed of gift to his
son John Gould of all his goods &c., dated 26 February 31 Elizabeth.
Among the witnesses were John Goold the elder and William Gould.

Hitchin Reg. &c. Vol. 4, fol. 423.

John Gould of the lane in Bovingdon, 21 January 1610, proved (month
and day not given) 1610. My daughter Mary and her sons Frances and
John Lovatt. To William Hatch, sou of William Hatch. My daughter
Priscilla. My son Thomas to be executor and my sons in law Francis
Lovatt and William Hatch overseers. John Gould one of the witnesses.

Hitchin Reg. &c. Vol. 5 ( 1609-1623) fol. 12.

Nathan Gould of Tring, Herts, chandler, 18 February 1611, proved
7 March 1611. To my mother and my brother Jeremie the rent of my
house, being four pounds a year, or thereabouts, to be equally divided be-
tween " they " two, this house being within the manor of Hempsted, for the
term of eight years &c, and after that to Jeremie and his heirs forever.
My brother Jeremie shall pay unto my sister Rebecca Ware forty shillings
at the Michaelmas after my decease. Her two daughters, Sara Ware and
Priscilla Ware, at eighteen. My sister Priscilla and her two children,
John Grover and Priscilla Grover, at eighteen. I give unto my brother
Symon Gould six pounds, to be paid him two years next after my decease.
To my brother Stephen Gould six pounds in four years. To my brother
Thomas Gould six pounds in five years. To my brother James Gould six
pounds in seven years. To the poor of Tring ten shillings and the poor of
Bovingdon ten shillinjis. To Francis Clarke of Willstorne five shillings.
The residue to my brother Jerymie Gould whom I appoint executor; and
I do appoint overseers Thomas Gould of " Nuhall " and my cousin Jeremie
Gould; and for their kindness I give them two shillings.

Elizabeth Gould (by mark) one of the witnesses.

Hitchin Reg. &c. Vol. 5, fol. 55.

Licentia Matr.
Vicesimo septimo die mensis Julij Anno dni 1030° apud Whethampsted p
magrm Jacohu Barker Clicil surrogatu etc., p T ?ite me Gui'l: Rolfe no™
pub' ., Concessa fxdi licentia p celebracone mronii in ecciia po/« de Langley
Regis seu capo, de fflaunden inter Symone Gould de Bovingdon viduu et
Judithd Gould de Langley Regis vidua.

Archd. of Huntingdon, Acta 1638, 1639.

Judith Gould of Watford, widow, 6 May 1650, proved 3 September
1650. To my son Abel four hundred pounds and a little box at my cousin
Gase her house in Hemsteed and all that is in it. To my daughter Lydia
three hundred pounds. To daughter Elizabeth three hundred pounds. To
my daughter Hannah, to her two daughters, Hannah and Elizabeth by
name, I give them forty pounds betwixt them. My son in law George
Younge bv bond oweth me one hundred' pounds. Out of this I will to mv
son Nathan in New England, to his own children, forty pounds aud to my
daughter Sarah her children threescore pounds, if so be my sou Nathan


hath not divided the goods that my sou Zacheus left him when he died
equally betwixt them, him and his Sister Sarah : but if they are equally
divided then this hundred pouuds to be equally divided betwixt them both
for the use of their children. This to be given them a year after my de-
cease. And if my son Abell he dieth before he cometh of age it is my will
that three hundred pouuds be equally divided betwixt my "two daughters
Lydia and Elizabeth. And of the other hundred pouuds I will fifty pounds
to my daughter Hannah, twenty pounds to daughter Mary and the other
thirty pounds to be sent to New England for my son Nathan and my daugh-
ter Sarah their own children, to be equally divided betwixt them both.
And if the money that I have lent to Parliament should be paid in then
I will one hundred pounds to my son Abel and forty pounds to my daugh-
ter Mary, and what other money ariseth from the Parliament I will it
should be equally divided betwixt my three daughters Hannah, Lydia and
Elizabeth. For the Minister of Watford, by name Master Goodwinge, I
will five pounds and to the poor of Watford five pounds. The residue to
son Abel and daughters Lydia and Elizabeth and I make them executor
and executrixes.

Ralph Kinge one of the witnesses.

Abel Gould united with his two sisters in taking the oath of probate.

Pembroke, 145.

[In addition to the foregoing, I have note of a grant of probate of the will
of Thomas Gould, Senr. of Bovingdon, made 27 January 1637 ; but the will
itself I have not seen. The grant is entered in Act Book No. 5, fol. 27, of
Archd. of Huntingdon (Hunts and Herts Wills &c.) Hitchin Registry. In
these Act Books I have found many scattered entries of Marriage Licenses
in which I saw a number of names that would appear familiar to New England
genealogists. One of them, relating to this Gould family, I have extracted.

H. F. Waters.

The following Gould items may be of interest :

From Parish Registers, Aston Abbotts, Bucks. : " 12 July, 1631, Henry, son of
Jeremy and Priscilla Gould, bapt." The only Gould entry from 1578-1660.

From Parish Register, Tring, Herts. : " Buried, 22 May, 1600, Anne Goold."

Bovingdon is about 10 miles south-east of Tring, and six miles east of Ches-

Lay subsidy 4 Chas. I. (1628) for Bucks. Under Great Missenden; Zacheus
Gould, John Putnam (not the ancestor of the Danvers family).

I do not now remember if I looked especially for Gould while searching
Tring registers. I was somewhat hurried. I found the burial of one Annis
Home there, 7 June, 1598, and such names as Putnam, Weston, Hitchcock, Gates,
Edmonds, Emerton, Trott, Plummer, Haddock, were common.

Eben Putnam, of Salem.

Benjamin Apthorp Gould, LL.D., of Cambridge, who for many years has been
collecting information about the Gould family, and has just issued a book
entitled "The Family of Zaccheus Gould of Topsfield," furnishes us with the
following notes on these Gould wills :

"William Golde of Bovingdon, the testator of the first Gould will in this
group, is the one on page 10 of my book (there numbered 12), and Mr. Waters's
record gives him two daughters, 'Elnere' and Joan, whom I did not find in
the will. Perhaps they were daughters-in-law.

" Widow Joan Wells, once Axtell, whose will follows, I conjecture to be my
No. 13, sister of the William above mentioned.

" ' John Gould of Merchants ' was my No. 44, executor of estate of his father
Thomas. His first wife was named Alice.

" John Gould of the Lane has given me much bother for many years in the
attempt to identify him with certainty. A personal visit to Bovingdon did no


■ Nathan Gould of Tring was 'the eldest son of John of Merchants,' and
died a.p.

■■ Judith of Watford (to which town she removed after the death of her hus-
band) was widow of John of King's Langley, who was a brother of my ancestor
Xaccheiis. and of Jeremy of Rhode Island. Her son Nathan was he who settled
in Amesbnry [Salisbury] in 1652, and was a citizen of A. in 1057. His descend-
ants are scattered all over New Hampshire and Vermont. Administration on
the estate of her son Zaccheus, resident in New England, was granted to his
sister Elizabeth, 1650, Sept. 12, after the death of their mother Judith; but, as
the mother knew of his death when making her will May 6, 1G50, he had probably
been then dead for some time.

'• Internal evidence in Judith Gould's will has long led me to suppose that
George Young was the husband of Sarah, who was in New England with her
children; but I have not ventured to assume it with any certainty. The only
George Young mentioned by Savage was of Scituate, 1660, and does not appear
to have been the man.

" If any one has any knowledge of Sarah's husband, I should be grateful to
receive it.

" Of the Thomas Gould, senior, of Bovingdon, mentioned in Mr. Waters's
note, I have no knowledge."

Margaret Gooding of Okelv magna in the Co. of Essex, widow, 23
Sept. 1623, proved at Colchester 22 October 1623. My body I will to be
buried in decent manner in the churchyard of Okely magna. I give to the
poor of Okely of mine own gift ten shillings, and whereas there remains due
to them forty shillings of that legacy which my late loving husband Daniel
Gooding deceased gave them I will the same forty shillings and ten shillings
to be paid to them within six months after my decease by mine executor. I
give my tenement lying in the market of Okely aforesaid and now in the tenure
or occupation of the widow Bets & Richard Sadler the elder, so much of it
as they or their assigns have in their occupation, to my daughter Mary
Stevens and to her heirs forever. I give all and singular my other lands and
tenements with the appurtenances thereto belonging, set, lying and being in
the market of Okely magna, and now in the occupation of Christopher Wilson
or his assigns, to my grandchild Edward Stone and to his heirs forever, upon
condition that he the said Edward, or his guardian, shall yearly and every
year after the nine and twentieth day of September which shall be in
the year of our Lord one thousand six hundred and four and twentieth
pay or cause to be paid unto my well beloved in Christ, Michaiah Wood,
parson of Okely aforesaid &c. at or in the parsonage house of Okely the
full sum of six pounds of lawful English money in or upon the two usual
feasts of the year, i. e. of the annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and
of St. Michael the Archangel, by even and equal portions, which yearly pay-
ment shall continue until the money so paid amount unto the sum of three
score and nine pounds. And all the said sum or sums of money to be and re-
main in the custody and imployment of the said Michaiah Wood until the
three children of my daughter Jone Stone, Richard and Mary Stone and that
child which my said daughter Jone now beareth in her wombe shall accom-
plish their several ages of one and twenty years, and that he shall then pay
unto the said children one and twenty pounds thirteen shillings four pence
apiece; and the residue of the said sum, that is to say the sum of four
pounds, I give to Michaiah Wood aforesaid desiring him to accept of it as
a testimony of my good will towards him.

I give to the said Edward Stone my best cupboard, my best bed and bed-
stead, a pair of new blankets, one pair of Holland sheets, one pair of coarse
sheets, three diaper napkins, one coarse table cloth, three pewter platters,
my best brass pot, one tipped jug. I give to my daughter Jone Stone two


pair of fine hollaud sheets, two pair of new coarse sheets, six diaper nap-
kins, two pair fine pillowbeeres, one diaper table cloth, one coarse table
cloth, two coarse towels, six pewter platters, three of them being of the
bigger sort and three of the lesser. I give to my daughter Mary Stevens one
pair of Holland sheets, two pairs of coarse sheets, two pairs of Holland
pillowbeeres, a diaper table cloth, six diaper table napkins, one coarse table
cloth, two coarse towels, six pewter platters, three of them being of the
bigger sort and three of the lesser. I give to my grandchild Mary Stone
one pair of coarse sheets, one pair of fine sheets, three diaper napkins,
one coarse tablecloth, three pewter platters, one brass pot, one tipped jug.
I give to Ellen Gooding wife to my son Daniel Gooding my best gown, my
best cloak, my least apron, a pair of pillowbeeres, a pair of sheets, two
table cloths, three table napkins, four pewter platters. I give to my grand-
child Richard Gooding that bed which I now lie on, furnished every way
saving with pillows. I give to my grandchild Daniel Gooding ten shillings.
I give to my grandchild John Gooding ten shillings, both which sums of ten
shillings I will to be paid to the guardian or guardians of the said Daniel
and John within one year after my decease. I give to my grandchild Mar-
garet Bridge two old hutches, two pairs of coarse sheets, my middle brass
pot, four pewter platters of the smaller sort. I give to my son Daniel
Gooding a winding sheet of " Lockerum." I give to my son William
Gooding one pair of sheets and one pillowbeere. I give to Elizabeth Lin my
servant two pairs of sheets, my blue petticoat, my red waistcoat, my green
apron, one white apron, two pewter platters of the smaller sort; and my
executor shall pay to the said Elizabeth Lin the five pounds given her by
the last will of my husband Daniel Gooding. I give to Margaret Freeman,
widow, one pair of sheets, two pewter platters of the smaller sort, one pewter
salt-cellar. All my goods unbequeathed, my debts being paid, my legacies
and funerals performed, I give fo mine executor. I make, appoint and
ordain my son in law Richard Stone of Weeks executor.

Wit: William Linn, William Rolff, John Knighte & Robert Cole.

Robert Middleton 3 April 1627. To my loving brother William
Middlton of Hamton in Yorkshire all goods, moveables and chattells which
are or shall be due to me, to say, one trunk wherein is certain goods and
money, one suit of apparel, a cloak, a girdle, a pair of gloves, with a Pettras
rug and a Venis looking glass of ebony, likewise five pounds of la.wful
money the which is in the hands of Edward Lane, pulley maker dwelling

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