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to be buried in the New Church yard of St. Michael in Barbados. Five
pounds to be laid out at my burial. I give aud bequeath to my loving
brother Andrew Severy, living in '• Marvillhead" in New England these
things; first, two bills signed by the Royal Company for three years salary
serving in Guinea in Africa, (2) three mouths wages at five and fifty shil-
lings per month, under the command of Capt. Hugh Samson, Commander
of the Ship Merica, (3) four gold rings, my chest and clothes; and the rest
of my things I leave to my executor.

Proved by Christian Peeterson. Box, 177.

[In the Probate Act Book for 1694 the testator of the above will is described
as belonging to the ship America, but dying at Barbados. H. F. Waters.]

George Osboldston of Dalisford in the Co. of Worcester, clerk, 12
August 1645, proved 17 February 1645. To be buried in the chancel of
Dalisford. The poor of Oddington. Elizath (sic) Gaynsford, my brother
George Guyses his daughter. Margaret Treganon his daughter. To my
brother Edward Osboldston, citizen and skinner of London, all my wearing
apparel and all my books in the house. To my sister Martha, my said
brother Edward's wife, my diamond gold ring, to enjoy during her life, and
after to her daughter Martha Osboldston forever. All the rest and residue
of my goods and chattels unbequeathed I give and bequeath to the* said
Martha Osboldston, the daughter of the said Edward and Martha Osbold-
stone, and do make her my sole and whole executrix of this my last
will aud testament. And also my will is that my brother Edward and
his now wife Martha shall have and occupy all the aforesaid goods and
chattels in trust for the said Martha the younger until she comes to the age
of fourteen years or fifteen, and then to be truly and faithfully delivered
unto her. My brother Edward Osboldston and my servant Richard Allen
of Dalisford to be overseers.

Commission issued on above date (17 February 1645) to Edward Os-
boldston the natural and lawful father of Martha Osboldston, niece on the
brother's side of the deceased and executrix named in his will, to adminis-
ter the goods &c. during her minority. Twisse, 27.

Edward Osboldston citizen and skinner of London, 3 September
1644, proved 24 April 1649. To my son Edward Osboldston my gold seal
ring &c. To my daughter Elizabeth his wife " Good Newes from Canaan."
To my daughter Hanna Durrant my Bible in quarto that was her mother's


and Mr. Wilson on the Romans. To my son Andrew Durant a book of
Marbeck's Common Place. To Johanna and Mary Durraut, my grand-
children, ten shillings each. To my daughter Martha Osholdston the rever-
sion of the lease of my shop at Brittains Bursse which I hold of the Right
Hon. Lord the Earl of Salisbury for one and twenty years from 29 Decem-
ber 1638, which said shop I have let a lease unto Mrs. Elizabeth Norbury
for ten years which did begin 24 June 1640 &c. To my brother Mr.
George Osholdston of Dallisford, parson there, a remembrance. My loving
brother in law Mr. George Tench. My loving sister Mrs. Bridget Tench
and her daughter my cousin Ann Hutchinson. My loving sister Mrs. Eliza-
beth Harper. My sister Elioner Collens. My sister Mrs. Mary William-
son. My cousin Mrs. Ann Hutchinson the elder. My cousin Ann Hutch-
inson her daughter. My brother Mr. Richard Williamson. My kinswoman
Mrs. Ann Sanderson. My wife Martha to have the residue and to be sole
executrix and to bring up my daughter Martha. My brother in law George
Tench, girdler, and my kinsman John Hastings,* goldsmith, to be overseers.

Fairfax, 56.

Edward Osboldston citizen and painter stainer of London, 6 February
1691, proved 17 July 1693. To each aud every of my cousins, being the
sons and daughters of my late sister Mrs. Henlock, the sum of one shilling
apiece of lawful money of England in full of what they, or either of them,
can demand out of all or any part of my estate. The residue to my loving
friend and cousin Mary Balland, whom I make full and sole executrix &c.

Coker, 115.

Michael Revell of Mary Maudlins Old Fish Street, citizen and fish-
monger of London, 11 April 1659, proved 8 June 1659. I am indebted to
Susan Andrewes, widow, the sum of ten pounds, she having no evidence or
writing under my band to show for the same. This and other debts to be
paid according to equity and good conscience. My lands and tenements in
Dronfield, Derby, to my brothers William and Lyonell Revell. My mes-
suage &c. on the back side of old Fish Street, London, to Susan Andrews,
she paying two hundred aud ten pounds to my executors &c, otherwise to
my said two brothers. To my brother in law Master Francis Hunlocke
ten pounds and to my sister Martha his wife five pounds. To my brother
in law Master John Revell five pounds and to Rebecca his daughter five
pounds. To my brother in law Master Edward Revell five pounds and to
his son Robert five pounds. To the poor of Dronfield, Derby, five pounds.
The residue to Rebecca, Mary, Elizabeth and John Revell, children of my
said brother in law M r John Revell, and to Deborah, Robert and Dorothy
Revell, children of my brother in law Master Edward Revell, equally. My
two brothers William and Lyonell Revell to be executors. Pell, 331.

Denham IIunlock of Chelsea, merchant taylor, 25 June 1677, proved
24 November 1077. If it please God to take away my burdensome life in
London or Westminster to be brried near my most dear and beloved wife
in St. Clements. My executors to be my dear brother Francis Huidock
and my dear sister Isabell Walmesley and my overseer to be George Hill

• This mention of a " kinsman John Hastings, goldsmith," serves to fix tiie testator's
parentage. The pedigree of Hastings in the Visitation of London (1633-1G34) shows a
mati-h of Fcrdinando Osbalston of Kdington and Elizabeth, one of the daughters of John
Hastings ofElford, Oxon, Esq., by Edith da. of Sir Richard Yorkc of tiie city of York.
Her sister Dorothy was married to John Walwin of Dclesford (Dalisford). H. F. W.


Esq. of Westminster. My executors to perform all my legacies in a sched-
ule annexed and to be paid forty pounds apiece and to Justice Hill a piece
of plate of ten pounds. To my dear daughter Sarah Grice the lease of my
house over Durham Gate in the Strand. Her son Thomas Grice. All Inn-
six children. Her daughters Ann Grice and Frances Grice. I do give to
M r Skelton two hundred pounds and shall desire that he may make some
settlement more for his wife Sarah Skelton. Mr. Cassells I must pay fifty
pounds at my death and do give him one hundred pounds more and shall
desire him to make some more settlement on his wife in consideration. To
Mr. Predwrick that married Joane Grice one hundred and fifty pouuds
besides what he owes me and to his two children, JJenham, ten pounds and
his other son five pounds. And if M r Skelton have any child whom I am
godfather to I give to that child ten pounds in plate and to all his other
children five pounds apiece. To my grandchild Frances Morley one hun-
dred pounds to be bestowed in plate and given her when she is twelve years
of a»e. To my grandchild Mr. John Allen one hundred pounds. To Mr.
Barrons son George ten pounds and to all his other children five pounds
apiece, in plate. To Mr. Bud that married Sarah Allen, to her child
twenty pounds in plate. To Francis Bamptou twenty pounds and twenty
pounds out of Ireland, in all forty pounds. My daughter Lanckford. To
my brother Francis Hunlock all my deb:s due, to me in Ireland, of what
nature so ever they be, and he to give to my nephew Denham Hunlock,
his grandchild, fifty pounds, to my niece Pattie Hunlock fifty pouuds and
to all his children five pounds apiece, to be bought in plate for them. My
cousin Bolton. Mrs. Home. The poor of Dranfield. Francis Bamton
My cousin John Hunlock in Ireland. Hale, 117.

Francis Hunlocke citizen and painter stainer of London, 9 August
1679, proved 25 August 1679. To be buried in the parish church of All
Hallows the Wall, London, and the expenses thereof not to exceed twenty
or thirty pounds. To my son George twenty shillings to buy him a ring to
wear in remembrance of me, having already fully advanced him and given
him a sufficient portion and share out of my estate. To my two other sons,
Francis and Edward, fifty pounds apiece as an augmentation to what por-
tions I have already given unto them. To my eldest daughter Martha two
hundred and fifty pounds, to my second daughter Sarah two hundred pounds
and to my other daughter Penelope two hundred pounds, to Sara and Pene-
lope at one and twenty or days of marriage My cousin Isabella Bolton.
My brother Lionel Revell. My brother Edward Osboldston. My daugh-
ter the widow Hunlocke. My two grandchildren Francis and Katherine
Hunlocke. My wife Martha. When the debts and estate in Ireland given
by my late brother Denham Hunlocke deceased shall be recovered and
received the same shall be disposed as followeth, viz' one moiety or half
part to my wife Martha and the other half to my five children Francis,
Edward, Martha, Sara and Penelope, deducting the legacies given by my
said brother Denham, viz' fifty pounds to my late grandchild Denham
Hunlocke who being now deceased, I give the same to my grandson
Francis; and fifty pounds given by my said late brother to my eldest
daughter Martha. I do also give to Sabella the wife of my son George
twenty shillings and unto my cousin Sir Henry Hunloke twenty shillings
to buy them rings. King, 107.

Martha Hunlocke of Clapham, Surrey, widow, 17 April 1 690, proved
22 January 1690. To my son George Hunlocke five pounds and also five


pounds more given me for him by his uncle Edward Osboldstone, and I
give also to his wife three pounds, all (thirteen pounds) to be deducted out
of the seventy-three pounds he oweth me upon his bond. To my son Fran-
cis Hunlocke, in consideration of twenty pounds given him by his uncle
Edward Osboldstone, the sum of sixty pounds, being the remainder of the
money due to me by the said bond.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Edward Hunlocke in New Eng-
land, in the parts beyond the seas, all such debts and sums of money as
shall be at the time of my decease owing to me by any person or persons
in New England &c. To my daughter Martha all the remainder of the
money due to me by bond from Mr. John Catcher. To my grand daughter
Katherine Hunlocke fifteen pounds and twenty five pounds which was given
her by her uncle the said Edward Osboldstone, to be paid to her at the age
of one and twenty years or day of marriage. To my daughter Sarah, late
wife of Gershon Pettit deceased, the goods of mine in her possession &c.
and to her two children George and Sarah Pettit five pounds apiece. To
my daughter Penelope the goods of mine now in her possession. Refer-
ence to lease of shop &c. in the Royal Exchange to Mrs. Mary Stalman of
London, widow, &c. Vere, 8.

[These Hunlockes so evidently belonged to the family of that name settled
at Wingerworth, Derbyshire, that it has seemed worth the while to add the fol-
lowing notes of wills relating to that family. H. F. W.]

Raphe Clarke of Chesterfield in the Co. of Derby, 3 November 8th
of James, proved 7 February 1610. To wife Constance the yearly rent of
thirty pounds to be issuing out of all my farm holds &c. within the said
County and one hundred pounds in money. To my son Edward ten hun-
dred pounds. To my daughter Bridget, now wife of John Willenhall, one
hundred pounds upon condition that the said John and Bridget shall seal
and deliver to my executors a general acquittance for the same. To my
son Godfrey five hundred pounds upon like condition. To my son Thomas
five hundred pounds upon like condition. To my sister Frauucys ten
pounds. To my sister Elizabeth Greaves, wife of Richard Greaves, twenty
pounds. I give and release unto Richard Greaves my brother in law three
pounds fifteen shillings and two pence which he oweth unto me of an old

debt which I paid unto Hey ward of Brampton for him. To my cousin

Thomas Gibson forty shillings, desiring him to continue his carefulness in
tue teaching and correcting of such my children as shall be sent unto him
to be taught. To the corporation of the town of Chesterfield fifty six shil-
lings which they owe me. Towards the repairing of the pavements six
shillings eight pence. Also I have in my hands three pounds six shillings
eight pence which my cousin Thomas Clarke gave the Corporation. This
to be paid and discharged. Gifts to M r George Tuke the preacher and
Mr. Gamull the vicar, to my cousins Gilbert Clarke and Nicholas Clarke
and William Newsom. I will that my cousin Godfrey Clarke and Henry
Hunlocke will take into their hands the portion of my son Edward and put
it forth to his best benefit and behoof. I will and request my said cousins
Godfrey Clarke and Henry Hunlocke will carefully provide for the main-
tenance, keeping and bringing up in the fear of God my sons Raphe and
Edward. To my son Raphe all my lands &c. Reference to cousin Thomas
Clarke lately deceased. I make my loving cousins Godfrey Clarke of
Somersall gen* Henry Hunlocke the younger of Wiugerworthe gen' and my
son Raphe my executors. Wood, 15.


HENRY HUNLOCKE the elder of Wiugerworth, Derby, gentleman, 15
July 1<*1<>. proved 1 February 1612. To be buried in t lie chancel of the
parish church of Wiugerworth, by Margaret iny first and clear loving wife.
To Edith my now wife my interest in the lease of the parsonage of Eaton
in full extinguishment of all her right, title, interest &c. of all my goods &c. ;
but mv sou Henry shall have and enjoy the rents &c. until the feast of St.
Martin the Bishop in winter which shall be in the year of our Lord God
1611. I give and bequeath unto John Hunlocke, Denham Hunlocke and
Thomas Hunlocke, the three sons of my cousin Thomas Hunlocke, twenty
nobles apiece. To Heury Bywaters children, which he now hath by my
cousin Alice, twenty shillings apiece. To John Boare his sou, which he
hath by my cousin Margaret, twenty shillings. To Richard Wharton his
three children, which he hath by Catherine his now wife, twenty shillings
apiece. To my cousin Raphe Crich his children twenty shillings apiece.
To Christopher Hunlocke and to Edward Hunlocke, sons of my brother
Christopher Hunlocke, twenty shillings apiece. To Isabel 1 Dakyn her two
children twenty shillings apiece. To Rose Hopkinsons daughter twenty
shillings. To Thomas Caltons children, which he had by Grace Northedge,
twenty shillings apiece. To Francis Brayelsford his children, which he
had by Elizabeth Northedge, twenty shillings apiece. To my loving son
Mr. William Benedicke forty shillings to buy him a ring for a remembrance.
To my daughter Ann Benedicke twenty pounds, at one and twenty years
of age. To my son Henry Felles twenty pounds at one and twenty. Eli-
zabeth Willy of Chesterfield, widow. My brother Mr. Anthony Bradshawe
his children. My cousin Exuperius Bradshaw. My cousin Raph Clarke.
Rosamond, Elizabeth and Anne Markeham, three of my wife's daughters.
Bedding my wife brought from Eaton. My son Henry to be executor and
my brothers in law Mr. Godfrey Clarke and Master Anthony Bradshawe
overseers. Capell, 20.

Richard Aluet of Corber, Derby, yeoman, 22 July 1635, proved 8
December 1639. To my daughter Anne Hunlocke of Wiugerworth and
her children three pounds. My grandchildren Richard Blyth and Sarah
Tailor. John Bate and my daughter Mary his wife and their children,
being my grandchildren (to be paid them at Wingerworth). Robert Clay-
ton of Kinder and my daughter Margaret his wife. John and Robert Bar-
ber the sons of Francis Barber deceased and of Margaret my said daughter.
Edward Aluey my brother. Others. My daughter Anne Hunlock and
Henry Hunlocke Esq. her son, to be joint executors. (Signed Richard
Alvey.) Lee, 183.

Schedula testamentaria Dni Henrici Hunlock militis. He devises an
annuity or rent charge out of all his lauds, after his death, to his lady for
life of four hundred pounds per annum : that the feoffees shall stand seized
of the remainder of his lands and receive the profits thereof during the
minority of his sou towards the education and raising of portions for his
younger children and payment of his debts. The overplus to be divided
amongst the children &c.

Afterwards he is referred to as Sir Henry Hunlocke, knight and Baronet.
From a Sententia which follows it appears that the name of his widow was
Dame Marina Hunlocke. 30 May 1642. Fairfax, 66.

William Michell of Wingarworth, Darby, Esq. 21 May 1662, proved
23 July 1663. My daughter Marina Michell and such child or children as


my wife hath now conceived. My daughter in law Marina Huulocke. My
son in law Windsor Hunlocke. Sir Henry Huulocke, Baronet. My wife
Dame Marina Hunlocke. My brother Francis Michell. My sister Mary
Michell. Juxon, 98.

Will of Christopher Hunlocke, made in Broach 3 July 1662, proved
3 September 1663. My father Christopher Huulock to be executor, he to
pay unto Bhungee Hirgemoody his son my debt unto him, being Rupees
twenty six &c. Juxon, 114.

[Pedigrees of the Hunlock or Hunlocke familv of "Wingerworth mav be
found in Harl. MSS. 1093, 1153, 1486, 1537 and 21Gl\ Add. MSS. 6670 and 6674
and Egerton MS. 996. They differ so much as to be rather unsatisfactory. The
pedigree given in Harl. MS. 1153 shows that Christopher, brother of the first
Henry (who was buried at Wingerworth 20 October 1612 and whose will I have
noted) had sons Thomas, Philip, Nicholas, Henry, Edward and Christopher.
Of these Thomas married Judith daughter of William Denham of London, aud
had issue John, Denham and Thomas Hunlock. No Francis is given, aud this
statement is confirmed by the will of Henry Hunlocke the elder (just referred
to) who in 1610 speaks of John, Denham and Thomas as the three sons of " my
cousin Thomas Hunlocke." As the Heralds' Visitation was made in 1611, the
year after the date of that will, I would suggest that Francis Huulocke, the
painter stainer of London, though probably a brother of John, Denham and
Thomas, was not born until after that pedigree was entered. H. F. W.]

Rose Beawe widow, late the wife of Richard Beawe of London, gen'
deceased, her will made 30 April 1579, proved 17 June 1579. I give and
bequeath unto the children of my daughter Oliff Bnlkley, now wife unto
Mr. Edward Bulkley, clerk, Doctor of Divinity and Preacher at Odell in
Bedfordshire, fifty pounds of mine now being in the hands and custody of
my brother Dr. Overton, which fifty pounds, with the profits thereof for
two years ended at the Feast of All Saints last j)ast Anno Dni 1578, I will
shall be equally divided by my executor after my death unto the children
of my said daughter Oliff Bulkley. Provision against death of any of
these children before marriage or coming to the age of eighteen years. To
my daughter Pheabe all my goods, household stuff, apparell, linen and bed-
ding which I now have and do occupy at this present about me, which I
will shall be after my death, in convenient time, delivered by my executor
unto my said daughter Pheabe if she be then living and a widow ; and if
she then continue and live with Thomas Kiddall, her husband, I will then
the same goods &c. shall be delivered unto her sister Oliff Bulkley. safely
to keep to the use of her sister Pheabe until she do overlive her said hus-
band, if God will so permit. If she die before her husband then my daugh-
ter Oliff shall keep them to her own use.

I make and ordain my executor my very good and approved friend Mr.
William Le Gris Esq. for whose care, pains pud travail which I am well
assured he will take in the accomplishing of this my present testament and
last will I do give and set over unto him and to his youngest daughter Mis.
Ambrosia Le Gris one bond or statute of three score pounds which was set
over unto me for a good debt by Walter Buckland gen 1 , now living, in part
payment of two hundred pounds which the said Walter gave unto me for
redeeming of my thirds which I then had out of his lands in Somersetshire
and Wiltshire, which he now enjoyeth and hath as next heir unto Richard
Buckland his father deceased, sometime my husband, which statute I now
have in my keeping, the moiety of which, after it be recovered, I will shall
be delivered aud paid unto the said Mrs. Ambrosia Le Gris at the day of


her marriage or at her age of eighteen &c, or if she die &c. then equally to
her sister Mrs. Jane Le Gris, towards the advancement of her marriage,
and her eldest brother Mr. Henry Le Gris, towards the maintenance of
him in his study at Cambridge. Bakon, 25.

[The mention of Bucklands in the foregoing will led me to look up that name
a little. I found (amoug others) the following wills.]

Richard Buckland of Clerkenwell, Middlesex, Esq., 24 August 1558,
proved 12 October 1558. To be buried in the parish church of Clerken-
well as nigh unto the grave where the body of Mary my wife lieth buried
as may conveniently be. To the high altar of the said church. To the
high altar of Westham for my tithes forgotten. The poor of Shepton Mal-
lett in the Co. of Somerset whereas I was born. To Roose my wife two
hundred pounds and all such implements and household stuff as were her
own proper goods at the time of the spousals and marriage had and solemn-
ized between her and me (and other bequests). My mansion house at
Clerkenwell. My children Richard and Margaret Buckland. The said
Rose my wife shall have and enjoy the third part and portion of my manor
of Shipton Mallett for term of her life natural as in full recompence of her
dowry that she may claim &c. To my son Mathie Buckland and his heirs
male all my manors of Melston ah Bagmerston ah Brightfnston in Wilts
&c. &c. and my manor of Shipton Mallett &c. which I have charged for my
wife's dowry. My son Walter Bucklaude. My house at Westham, Essex.
Mathie Buckland my son and heir apparent and also my sole executor. My
sister Alice Bithisie. To daughter Bridget Buckland a cross of gold that
her mother gave her &c, she not to affye, marry and take to husband one
Wdliam Overtou or Anthony Overton or any other of their brothers, being
the sons of Goodlake Overton, late of St. John's Street, gentleman deceased.
To daughter Margaret Bucklande the beads of gold that were her
mother's &c.

Item, I give and bequeath to either of Peter Kellam Erbye and Edward
Irby, my wife's children, a black gown. My brother John Cordell and my
brother John Overton and their wives. Thomas, my innocent or fool in
my kitchen. My cousin Joanne Bull. I give the custody and wardship of
Kellam Erbye to Rose my wife. My cousin John Buckland. My cousin
William Bull and his wife. William Kympton. Noodes, 55.

Matthew Buckland, 2 April 1559, proved 11 April 1559. To be
buried in the choir of St. Dunstan's church within Temple Bar. I make
my brother Walter Buckland my executor. My brother Master Jones and
his wife. Master Kempton and his wife. My sister Bridget and my sister
Margaret. Thomas, an inuocent in my father's kitchen. Money that my
father gave to him in his last will. John Buckland. I give to Walter
Buckland my manor which lieth in Shepton Mallett in Somersetshire and
my manor of Brickfnstone alias Melstone. My sister Elayn Jones. My
cousiu John Buckland. To brother Walter all my houses at Clarkeuwell.

Chaynay, 4.

[It seems evident that Mrs. Bulkley -was not a daughter of Richard Buckland.
While hunting up the Bucklands I had also looked for the name Overton, on the
assumption that Mrs. Rose Buckland aU Beawe belonged to a family of that
name. Among the wills which I found was the following, which I have no
doubt is the will of Mrs. Bulkley's maternal grandmother and godmother.
There still remains to look up the Erbye or Irby connection. — H. F. W.]


Oltve Overton, widow, 19 December 1545, proved 7 June 1540. My
body to be buried within the parish church of Clerkenwell. To my daugh-
ter Katherine forty pounds, parcel of such money as my son Cordall oweth
me by his bill. To my daughter Rose twenty pounds, to be also delivered
to her by my said son John Cordall of the same money. To my daughter
Martha twenty pounds, to be delivered to her likewise by my said son Cor-
dall, at the day of her marriage, of the same money. My three daughters
Katherine, Mary and Martha shall have all ray household stuff, hangings of

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