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my house excepted, which I give to my said son Cordall and Isabell to be
indifferently divided between them, and to be dolivered to them at the day
of their marriage. I give to every of my sons, except Edward my son, a
feather bed, a coverlet and a pair of sheets, my son John to have the choice.
To my daughter Mary the six pounds that William Dennye oweth me, as
appeareth by his bill, to be delivered at the day of her marriage. I give,
also, and bequeath unto my son Cordall and to Isabell his wife (sic) mine
lease and interest of my house in St. John's street &c. upon this condition
that my son Cordall make a sufficient estate in the Law of and in the said
tenement to the use of Martha, my daughter, to have and enjoy the same
to her and to her heirs of her body lawfully begotten, after the decease of
my said son Cordall and Issabell his wife. And if it fortune the said Martha
to decease without heirs of her body &c. then my son John Overton to have
the same> to him, his heirs and assigns forever. Certain sums towards the
finding of my three children at school, viz. William, Clement aud Harry.
I give and bequeath unto my daughter Rose a vestment, with the apparell,
and a chalice of silver. To my daughter Martha my tablet of gold and a
standing cup all gilt that remaineth in the hands of my Lady St. John, to
have the same at the years of fourteen. If she decease before that time
the said tablet and cup to remain to my daughters Katherine and Issabell.
Martha to have, at the same age, the chain of gold tliat remaineth in the
hands of my son Edward, he to keep it till then. Mine executors to be my
son Edward, Isabell Cordall and Katherine my daughters. My said son in
law John Cordall to be overseer. These being witness, my son John Over-
ton, Mary my daughter and other.

Proved, as above, by Isabell Coradall, power reserved to grant probate
to Edward Overton and Katherine Overton. Alen, 11.

Daniel Wyld sometimes of Brewerton parish in York County in Vir-
ginia, plauter, now resident in the parish of Stepney, Middlesex, 2 Sep-
tember 1676, proved 25 October 1676. To my loving daughter Margaret
the wife of John Martin of Ratclyff, Middlesex, mariner, all those my
plantations, being two of them, the one situate at the head of the Mill
swamp, at the head of Queen's Creek, in the said parish of Brewerton,
and the other upon the North side of the said creek, about two miles below
the other, as the same are by Patent confirmed unto me and set out with
their respective buttings and boundings, together with all houses &c. and
all such negro slaves, servants, goods &c. appertaining &c. My said son in
law John Martin to have the improvement and benefit of the said planta-
tion during the life of my said daughter and to continue and keep upon the
estate as good a stock of negroes &c. as now is, and if he die before my
said daughter that he leave unto her out of his own personal estate so much
as he hath received and advanced himself by the profits of the said planta-
tions. And for further confirmation I give and bequeath the said planta-
tions to my said daughter and to the heirs of her body for ever, and, for
want of such issue, to my said sou John Martin and the heirs of his body law-


fully begotten and. for want of such heirs of my said son and daughter and
the survivor of them &c. I give, bequeath &c. the lands and houses (but
not the negroes, servants and stock) unto my loving kinsman Mr. Nicholas
Harrison of London, tinman, to be equally divided betwixt him and his
children. To the poor of the parish of St. Andrew in Worcester five
pounds. To my servant and apprentice Valentine Harvey, now upon my
plantation in Virginia, one young " ffilley " mare of a year old (and other
legacies to him). To Mr Robert Rowe of Ratcliff, tobacconist, and to his
wife ten shillings apiece to buy them rings to wsar in remembrance of me.
I give unto Captain Richard Martin of Wappiug and unto his wife ten
shillings apiece to buy them rings to wear in remembrance of me. Similar
bequests to Mr. Henry Dennis and Sarah his wife and to my said cousin
Mr. Nicholas Harrison and his wife and to John Martin of Wapping, scriv-
euor. To my loving sister Mrs. Margaret Chichley of London, widow, thirty
shillings (for a ring). My said son in law John Martin and Margaret his
wife to be joint executor and executrix.

Wit: Henry Dennis, John Marten Not 17 pub:

Proved, as above, by Margaret Martin, power reserved for John Martin.

Commission issued 1 December 1G91 to Mary Williams the lawfully
assigned guardian of Margaret Martin, minor daughter (natural and legiti-
mate) and also the only issue of John and Margaret Martin, deceased,
while they lived executors named in the will of Daniel Wyld, lately of the
parish of Brewerton in the County of York in the parts of Virginia,
deceased, to administer, according to the tenor of the said will and during
the miuorhy and for the use and benefit of the said minor, the goods &c.
not fully administered by the said Margaret, one of the executors (now
deceased), John Martin, the other executor having died before he had
taken upon himself the burden of execution. Bence, 133.

Moses Chaplen of the parish of St. Mary's in Guildford, Surrey,
merchant, 7 June 1669, proved 23 August 1669. To my loving brother
William Chaplen of Ottery St. Mary's, Devonshire, gen 1 , five pounds. The
same to loving sister Mary Hutchins and loving sister Abigail Hurd. To
cousin Edward, sister's son, fifty pounds. The same to cousin Mary Hurd,
my sister's daughter, and to cousin Mary Butler.

Item, I give and bequeath to my loving cousin Ester Peirce, senior, of
New England fifteen pounds of good and lawful money of New England,
to be paid within one year after my decease in New England money. I
do make and ordain my dear and kind and loving father and mother Moses
Chaplen and Collett Chaplen of Ottery S*. Mary's in Devonshire, gen 1 .,
joint executors &c, to whom I give and bequeath all my lands and tene-
ments, goods and chatties whatsoever within the Kingdom of England and
all whatsoever I have in any place beyond the seas. And I do make choice
of and desire my well beloved friends Mr Thomas Bodley of London, mer-
chant, and Mr Francis Parson of London, gen 1 ., to be my overseers &c. ;
and I do desire them to receive all what shall come from New England
upon my account and also all what shall come from Jameca, and first pay
my debts and then return the remainder to my dear father, and for your
care and trouble therein I do give each of you ten pounds apiece, to receive
within one year after my decease. Wit: Thomas Smith, Susanna Stanton,
Will: Tisbury jun r . Proved by Moses Chaplen the father and Collett
Chaplen the mother of the deceased, the executors named in his will.

Coke, 93.


Sarah TnoMAS, the wife of Richard Thomas of London, merchant, 7
August 1711, proved 2 October 1711. All my worldly goods &c. to my
beloved husband, he to pay all my just debts and, out of the overplus, if be
any, to pay Richard Keate, shipwright, now resident in New England, the
sum of ten pounds ; and the remainder &c. I give to my husband whom I
do nominate &c. sole executor. Young, 222.

Richard Carye the younger, draper, dwelling upon the " backe " in
St. Nicholas parish, Bristol, 8 August 1569, proved 17 September 1569. To
my father Mr. William Carye the elder, every year so long as he liveth, ten
pounds, payable quarterly, and all such sums as I owe unto him and which
my brother in law John Lacye stands bound for the payment &c. To my
said brother in law forty pounds. To my brother in law Thomas Deconsou
fifty pounds. To wife Elizabeth three hundred pounds and plate and
household stuff, saving my counting chests containing my writings and my
shops and shop books and debts. To my brother Richard Carie's twelve
children five pounds apiece, at twenty one or day of marriage. If any of
them die before &c. then such portion to be equally divided amongst the
longest livers of my said brother's children by his first wife, viz'. Richard,
William, Lettice, Agnes, Frances, Mary and Elizabeth. To my sister
Deconson's children, namely, William Cowper, Giles Cowper, Judith and
Johan, five pounds apiece. To my sister Lacye's children, namely, Jonas,
Thomas, Tobey, Christopher and Susanna, five pounds apiece. To my
brother William Carie's two children, that is, to William Carye and Anne,
ten pounds apiece. To Mary Butler, my wife's sister, five pounds. To
William Rice, Shearman, five pounds. My two servants John Walker and
Alice Jones. Christopher Pacye, preacher. John Northbroke, preacher.
My father, my brother Richard and I stand bound to Mr Thomas Longe of
Beckington. Brothers Richard and William to settle it. They to be joint
executors. And I will and most heartily desire Mr Robert Saxcye, Alder-
man, and Robert Halton, Chamberlain of the City, to be mine overseers.

Sheffeld, 20.

Richard Cart the elder of Bristol, merchant, 11 June 1570, proved
3 November 1570. My body to be buried in St. Nicholas " Crowde." To
Richard Carye, my eldest son, ten pounds. To my son William twenty
pounds. To my daughter Anne Carye ten pounds. To my daughter
Frances ten pounds. The same to daughters Elizabeth and Mary Carye.
To my father William Carye four hundred pounds, which is a debt that; I
owe unto him. To my daughter Lettyce Mellen five pounds. Wife
Johan, mine executrix, shall redeem all my lands &c. that be in mortgage
and have the profits, issues &c. as well as of all other my lands &c, to the
use of my said wife and my six last children of her body begotten &c. for
nineteen years after my decease. And after her decease and the expiration
of the said term I will and devise all my lands &c. in fee simple to Chris-
topher my son, remainder to Richard, my eldest son. The residue of my
goods, one third to wife Johan, the rest to said six children. I make
my brother William Carve and my brother Robert Halton my overseers.
Witnesses Robert Halton and Christopher Pacey, Prebendary of the Cathe-
dral Church of Bristol. Lyon, 31.

William Carie the elder, dwelling upon the "backe" in St. Nicholas
parish of the City of Bristol, 2 April 1571, proved 10 June 1572. My
body to be buried in the " Crowde " of St. Nicholas according to the religious


custom of christians. I will a sermon to be preached at my burial and the
preacher to have for his pains six shillings eight pence. To my son William
Carve thirteen pounds six shillings eight pence. To his daughter Anne
six pounds thirteen shillings four pence, to be paid at twenty one or day of
marriage; but it' she die before the appointed time the said portion to
return and remain in her said father's hands to his only profit and use. To
my sou in law John Lacie ten pounds. To Richard Cane, William Carye,
Lettice, Frances and Elizabeth, the children of my eldest son Richard
Carve by his first wife, six pounds thirteen shillings four pence apiece. To
Mary Carve, one of the daughters of the said Richard, thirteen pounds
six shillings eight pence. The said sums to be delivered to every of the
said children at twenty one years of age or at day of marriage. To my
son Richard Carie's children by his last wife forty shillings apiece, at age
of discretion or day of marriage. To my son in law Thomas Dyckinson
all the rest of my goods &e and he to be sole executor. Also I will and
most earnestlv desire M r . Robert Saxie, alderman, and Mr Robert Holton,
Chamberlain of the City, to be mine overseers. To Anues Chiles my kins-
woman five pounds. Christopher Pacye, preacher, one of the witnesses.

Daper, 19.
Commission of administration de bonis non was granted to Richard
Smith of Bristol, draper, "20 April 1586, Thomas Dickenson, the executor
having died before fully completing his trust. Probate Act Book, 1586.

William Carte of Loudon, cloth worker, 2 March 1572, proved 13
March 1572. My body to be buried in the parish church where I now
dwell. After my debts paid I wholly give to Elizabeth my wife all the
residue of my goods &c, she to have the ordering and disposing of all my
goods at her good discretion. And I make and ordain her my sole a^d
only executrix. And where my father gave me by his last will twenty
marks* of lawful money of England I give the same to my said wife and
full power and authority to receive and take the same to her only use.

Wit: William Smith, haberdasher, and John Hill. Peter, 9.

Christopher Cart of the City of Bristol, merchant, of the parish of
St. Stephen's, 30 October 1615, proved 31 May 1626. To Christopher,
my eldest son, fifty pounds at twenty one, and the same to son William.
To my daughter Susanne Cary one hundred and fifty pounds, that is to say,
one hundred pounds in lawful English money and fifty pounds value in
plate and household stuff, when she shall accomplish the full age of twenty
and one years or at her day of marriage. To my daughter Bridget Cary
one hundred pounds at twenty one or day of marriage. Similar bequests
to daughters Sible Cary and Lettice Cary. My said six children. My
will is that Lettice my wife shall, by the advice and direction of my loving
brother John Young, gen 1 ., and my loving friend John Barker, merchant,
make sale in fee simple of one messuage or tenement, with the appurte-
nances, situate upon the ' ; Kaye of Bristowe," in the tenure &c. of John
Purnell joiner, and also of a messuage &c. in Broad Street in the tenure of

of Mrs. Ellis, widow, and of a messuage &c. with thirty acres of

land in Abbotts Leigh, now or late in the several occupations of Walter
Cope and the widow of John Durban, lately deceased. To my daughter
Francis, the wife of James Oliver, five pounds in one year after my decease.

* Twenty marks would be thirteen pounds six shillings eight pence, the very sum
William Carye the elder of Bristol gives to his son William by will (q. v.)

H- F. Waters.


I devise and bequeath the profits, use and occupation of all my lauds, tene-
ments &o. (excepting the messuages &c. before appointed to be sold) to
Lettice my wife during her natural life, for the better education of my
children unmarried, and after her decease I give to my eldest sou, Christo-
pher Cary, my messuage situate upon the " Barke " [Back?] of " Bristowe,"
now or late in the occupation of John Langton, merchant, and one other
messuage upon the said " barke," now in the occupation of Robert Elliott,
draper, and an orchard and garden ground, with two little lodges, situate
upon Stony Hill, now in my own occupation, and a garden ground, with a
lodge in the same, in the parish of St. Phillip's, now in the occupation of
Frances Eaton, house carpenter. To my son William, after my ^wife's
decease, the messuage &c. wherein I now dwell, situate upon the " Key of
Bristowe," and another messuage next adjoining, in the occupation of
Thomas Donninge turner, and another messuage &c, adjoining to my said
dwellinghouse, now in the occupation of John Sharpe, mariner. And if
my said sons die without issue of their bodies lawfully begotten then my
will is that the messuages and tenements to them devised shall he and
remain to all my daughters and their heirs lawfully begotten. All the rest
of my goods &c. I give and bequeath to Lettice my wife, whom I make
my full and sole executrix. And I make my brother John Younge and
my loving and kind friend Mr John Barker my overseers, to whom I give
for their pains twenty shillings apiece.

Thomas Duniug a witness. Hele, 60.

Francis Bannister of Bristol, draper, 16 May 1625, proved 10 June
1625. My body to be laid in the parish church or churchyard of All Saints
in Bristol. The poor of All Saints (at the discretion of Mr. Towgood) and
of St. John Baptist parish wherein I dwell. The poor of Wellington
where I was boru (to be distributed at the discretion of my loving father
Allen Bannester and of my loving brother Walter Banister). To my lov-
ing father Allen Banister and my dear mother Elner Banister, in token of
my duty and love to them, thirty pounds, which is to be paid them the five
and twenty of July next in Shrewsbury by Mr George Wright draper.
To my loving brother Walter Banister, Mr. Perkins' works in three vol-
umes, my gold ring &c. &c, and to his three children, my cousins, John,
Nathaniel and Mary Banister, forty shillings apiece when they come to the
age of fourteen years.

Item, I give and bequeath to my loving "mother in lawes." Lettice
Carye of Bristol, forty shillings to buy her a ring and to my brother in laws
Christopher Cary my best cloth cloak of all and to my brother in laws
William Cary my third best suit &c. and forty shillings of money, to be
paid him at the age of one and twenty years. To my four loving sister in
laws, Francis Oliver, Bridget Shute, Sible Burnell and Lettice Cary, thirty
shillings apiece. To my trusty and loving partners, drapers of Shrews-
bury, Richard Hunt, George Wright, John Bradly, George Hunt, forty
shillings apiece, to buy each of them a ring, and to my loving partners
Thomas Knight, John Prowde, John Gardiner, and Adam Webbe, Henry
Smyth, and Richard Shutt, drapers, twenty shillings apiece &c. To my son
Samuel Banister three hundred pounds, at one and twenty, and my loving
wife Susan shall have the keeping and training up of my said son. To my
loving aunt Bridget Taylor for twenty shillings, to buy her a bible. Friend
Anne Lewis, widow, and good friend* Mr Towgood. Wife Susan to be sole
executrix and loving friends William Yeoman, minister, and brother Walter
Banister to be overseers. Clarke, 67.


Robert Cary of Bristol, draper, 11 August 1G28, proved 7 October
1628. To my da-'ghter Moulde (besides the ten pouuds given to her by
her grandmother) sixteen pounds thirteen shillings four pence, to be paid
her when she shall fully have expired the age of eighteen years. To ray
daughter Lettice (besides the ten pounds given her by her grandmother)
the same amount. Similar bequest to daughter Mary. To son William
twenty live pouuds at twenty four. The same to son Thomas. Wife
Anne to be sole executrix and loving friends Mr. William Thomas my
uncle and my brother Richard Cary to be overseers.

Wit: Alice Cary, Mary the wife of Richard Cary and Richard Cary.

Barrington, 90.

Walter Carey of Bristol, woollen draper, 28 September 1633, proved
18 February 1633. I do bequeath all my children unto Grace my wife,
their mother, to take care of them and to instruct them and to breed them in
the knowledge and fear of God and to do her best to provide portions for
them according as hereafter God shall enable her. And the cause where-
fore I do leave my children wholly to my wife's disposing and that I do not
give them portions myself is because I would thereby tie and bind them the
more to be loving and dutiful to their tender and careful mother. I give
my said wife all my money and goods whatsoever and make her my whole
and sole executrix and I do appoint my two loving brother in laws Mr
William Browne and Mr Thomas Browne, to be my overseers.

Seager, 12.

Henry Hobson of Bristol, innholder, 16 March 1634, proved 27 May
1636. To be buried in the church of All Saints in Bristol, where I now
live, near the place where my late wife Alice lieth buried. I do ratify and
confirm a deed of uses, bearing date 10 March 5 th Charles, between me
and Myles Jackson of Bristol, merchant, and Godfrey Creswicke of Bristol,
hardwareman. I give and bequeath unto my grandchildren, Henry Cary,
Matthew Cary, Richard Cary and Myles Cary, children of my daughter
Alice Cary, wife of John Cary draper, five pounds apiece and to my grand-
children Thomas and Henry Jackson, children of my daughter Anue
Jackson, widow, five pounds apiece. To my grandchildren Alice Cary,
Honor Cary and Mary Cary, daughters of my said daughter Alice
Cary, one hundred pounds apiece and to my grandchildren Margaret
and Anne Jackson, daughters of my said daughter Anne Jackson, one hun-
dred pounds apiece. My kinsman and servant Richard Burrowes. My
kinsman Christopher Raynoldes, son of George Reynoldes deceased, and
Anne Heynoldes, sister of the said Christopher (at twenty one or day of
marriage). The Company of Innholders of Bristol. To my son William
Hobson my scarlet gown. To my well beloved kinsmen Francis Creswicke,
merchant, and Thomas Hobson, pewterer, the lease of the messuage in
St. Nicholas Street. Bristol, wherein Arthur Stert now dwelleth, in trust
for the only use and behoof of my said daughter Alice Cary. To my said
daughter Anne Jackson my wine license which I bought of Hugh Hart to
draw wine by in Bristol &c. and the lease of the messuage in St. Nicholas
Street wherein Philip Love, merchant, now dwelleth. Son William to be
executor and said kinsmen Francis Creswicke aud Thomas Hobson to be
overseers. 1 do also give unto ray old servant Edward Drabble, whom I
had almost forgot, forty shillings in money. Pile, 52.

Alice Cary of Shadwell in the parish of Stebunheath, otherwise Step-
ney, Middlesex, spinster, 24 April 1660, proved 14 November 1660. I


2ive and bequeath unto my grandfather John Cary of Bristol, woollen
draper, the full and just sum of one shilling of lawiull money of England
and to my uncle Myle<* Cary of Virginia the like sum of one shilling &c.
and to my cousin William Hopsou the like sum of one shilling. I give to
the poor, fatherless children of Stepney twenty shillings to be distributed
amongst them by my executor within one quarter of a year next after my
decease. To every one of my nearest of kindred twelve pence apiece.
All the rest I do give and bequeath unto my loving uncle Richard Cary
and his loving wife my aunt Dorothy Cary and I make them joint execu-
tors &c. Nabbs, 206.

William Cary citizen aud haberdasher of London, of the parish of St.
Stephens Coleman Street, 28 January 1664, proved 13 February 1664. I give
and bequeath unto Susanna Cary, my dear aud loving wife eleven hundred
pounds and all my plate, jewels, bracelets, rings and watches. To William,
my eldest son, five hundred pounds, at one and twenty. To son Richard six
hundred pounds at one and twenty. The same to son Samuel. To daughter
Damaris Cary six hundred pounds, at eighteen or day of marriage. The
same to daughter Susanna Cary. Provision in case of death of " any of
my five children." Wife to bring them up. I give her all the rents &c.
of my three houses situate upon the Key in Bristol, one of which is now
or late in the occupation of Thomas Eston, merchant, aad the other two
now or late in the occupation of Thomas Donning, turner, during her
natural life, and after her decease I give the said three houses to my eldest
son William, with remainder to Richard, then to Samuel and lastly to all
my children surviving. I give to my three sons all my books. I give to
my brother ( hristopher Cary of Bristol all the moneys he oweth me on a
bill and a bond provided he pays to my executrix forty pounds within one
year after my decease. I do give him besides forty shillings as a token of
my love. I give to my four sisters, Susanna Dale, Bridget Stephens,
Sybilla Miller and Lettice Powell, forty shillings apiece. The poor of
Boulton in the Moors, Lancashire. My mothers in law Mrs. Isahel Cornish
and Mrs Susanna Sherer. Wife to be executrix and father in law Mr.
Richard Sherer and uncle Mr. Thomas Young, gen 1 ., to be overseers.

Hyde, 12.

Richard Cary, merchant, now resident in the Island of Barbados, 12
June 1684, entered 16 September 1684, proved 13 August 1685. My
friends Mr Francis Wood and Mr Osbert Hougham both of St. Michael's
in the island of Barbados, merchants. To my loving brothers William
Cary of the City of London, silkman, and Samuel Cary of the City of
London, merchant, and my dear and loving sister Mrs Damaris Berriff of
the same city, widow, all the rest and remainder of my estate whatsoever
which I die possessed of, both real and personal, let it be in England, New
Yorke, the Island of Barbados or elsewhere, to be equally divided between
them, or the survivors of them, share and share alike, making them jointly
my full executors &c.

Proved at London by the oaths of all three executors. Caun, 96.

[This family of Cary of Bristol should interest not only New Yorkers and
Virginians, but New Englanders also, as will appear from the following pedigree

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