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— Editor.]

Rowland Thompson citizen and haberdasher of London, 31 May 1662,
proved 7 August 1662. To wife Barbarah Thompson the lease of the house
wherein I now dwell and of the house next adjoining to the same, in the
parish of St. Stephen Coleman Street London, to hold for the residue of
the term of said lease if she shall so long live. If she die before the expi-
ration of said lease I give it to my daughter Sarah Burton wife of Daniel
Burton of Upwood in the Co. of Huntington clerk, with remainder to my


grand daughter Barbarah Burtou, her daughter. I give to iny daughter iu
law Barbarah Clarke of New England, widow, live pounds. The residue
to my wife Barbarah whom I make sole executrix.

Com. of London (16G0-1GG4) B. 31 L. 167.

John Jdrdan of Weymouth, Dorset, yeoman (date not given) proved
1 December 1561. My body to be buried in the church or churchyard.
To Walter Jurdeu, my eldest son, my dwelling house iu Waymouth &c.
To second son Hugh house and stable &c. If wife be with child I give to
said child my other new house now a building. Wife Agnes to enjoy these
lands &c. until the children shall come to the several ages of twenty four
years. My said wife Agnes to be sole executrix aud my brother Thomas
Jurden and William Best to be overseers. Loftes, 37.

John Jurdaine of Lyme Regis, Dorset, merchant, 23 September 1588,
proved 13 November 1588. To be buried in the church of Lyme Regis.
The poor of that parish. The poor of Axminster and of Charmouth.
Katherine Hawkins, widow. All my godchildren. My brother William
Jurdaine. My daughter Susan the now wife of John Woodroff. Her son
John Woodroffe at two and twenty. Henry Woodroff another son. My
daughter Judith at day of her marriage. My daughter Mary Jurdaine at
eighteen. My four sons, Silvester, Robert. John and Charles. To Silves-
ter my third part of the ship called the James Bonaventure. To son Robert
my interest and term of Tucking Mill and Close, near the Mill green in
Lyme Regis. Wife Thomazin, Son Charles at twenty five. I make my
good friends Walter Harvie, John Jones, my brother Richard Jurdaine and
my son in law John Woodroff, merchants, my executors of trust &c.

Leicester, 7.

Nicholas Bevys of the City of Exou (Exeter) merchant, 8 November
1612, proved 2 June 1613. To be buried in the parish church of St. Mary
Arches, within the said City. My loving friend William Martine Esq.
Recorder of the city. My cousin Mr. Ignatius Jorden. My daughter
Elizabeth Bevys. A legacy bequeathed unto her by her grandfather Bevis
deceased and a gift for her usa to me paid by Mrs. Jane Martynn, her graud-
mother. All my children except Elizabeth. My wife to be sole executrix-
and my loving friends the said William Martynn my brother John Marshall
and my cousin Ignatius Jourdeun to be overseers. Proved by Richorde
Bevis, widow and executrix. Capell, 53.

John Jourdaine of London, merchant, dated in London 8 February
and sealed and delivered iu Gravesend 16 February 1617. proved 27 Sep-
tember 1620. Bound on a voyage to the East Indies. I have made an
agreement with the Honorable Company to serve them five years to be their
principal agent in the Indies, for which service they are to allow me three
hundred fifty pounds per annum. I have laid into their bauds twelve hun-
dred pounds to be paid three for one at my return to England or one aud a
half to one if I die before my coming home. Also of this three hundred
fifty pounds per annum for my wages I declare that they are to give fifty
pounds yearly unto my sister Viney as long as I am wanting out of Eng-
land. The house where my sister Viney dwelleth which I bought of my
cousin Ignatious Jourden, cost two hundred pounds, the writing thereof I
leave with my sister Viney. In the hauds of my cousin Thomas Jourden
on adventure to the Isle of St. Michael's. My sister Viuey's children Hes-


ter and Robert Viney. Provision for the maintenance of my wife and her
son John Jourdaine. The principal to be delivered him at his marriage if
in case he marry in England with the consent of my sister Viney, my cou-
sin John Jourden of Exon (Exeter) and William Keredge, or two of them
consenting thereto. My sister's daughter Hester Viney. Anthony Wood-
roffe her brother. My three kinswomen Judith Hunt, Ann and Susan Jour-
den my brother and sister daughters. My brother Charles. My sister
Mary and her daughter, my goddaughter. My poor kinsfolk at Lyme.
The poor of Lyme. My kinsmen John Woodroffe, At r (Arthur) Wood-
roffe, John Jourdaine and Robert Viney. My sister Susan Viney to be
my executrix of trust, my cousiu John Jourden of Exeter, my cousin Wil-
liam Keredge of Lyme and Mr. Richard Harvie to be my overseers.

Proved (as above) by Susan Viney. Commission issued 13 November
1622 to Jone Viney, executrix of the will of Susan Viney deceased, to
administer the goods not fully administered by the said Susan.

Commission issued 22 October 1628 to Susan Jorden, relict of the de-
ceased, to administer &c. the grant to a certain Jone Viney in November
1622 being revoked 1625. Soame, 87.

John Jordaine of the City of Exeter, merchant, 26 July 1627, proved
2 July 1628. The poor of Exeter and the poor of Lyme Regis. The poor
of Tiverton, Devon. I give to the youngest of my brother Ignatius Jor-
daine's children fifty pounds, to be paid unto him when he shall come to
the age of two and twenty years. To my sister Elizabeth Crowe all that
her husband did owe me in his life time and to her five children fifty pounds,
i.e. ten pounds apiece. To my sister Christian Lathy one annuity or yearly
rent of six pounds to be issuing out of all my messuages, lands &c, called
Kerslake ah Carslake, in Tiverton, which I lately purchased of John
Kerslake. To my sister Lathy's children twenty pounds. To my sister
Joane Sinckler ten pounds and to her children ten pounds. To the children
of William Bolt of Crediton twenty pounds. To Robert Bolt's youngest
daughter twenty pounds. To Nicholas Bolt's youngest daughter twenty
pounds. Ten pounds to be bestowed for the relieving of Elizabeth Wou-
ston (or Wonston), the wife of Gregory Wonston (or Wouston), but no
part of it shall ever come to her husband's hands or disposition. To my
son John my parsonage of Exbourne in Devon. My son Samuel. My sou
William and such woman as shall be his wife at the time of his decease.
My daughter Katherine. My manor of Exbourne. To Samuel the occu-
pation of my dwe 1 ling house in Exon. My land in the parish of Saint
Sidwell's lying without the East gate of the city, containing seaventeen acres,
to be enjoyed by my wife Joane as long as she shall live unmarried after
my decease ; then to my son John. My son Joseph at four and twenty.
My three daughters, Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah. Mary and Katherine the
children of mv daughter Katherine. Wife Joane to be executrix and my
brother Ignatius Jordaine and my brother in law James Osmond to be over-
seers. Ignatius Jurdaiue one of the witnesses. Barrington, 67.

Elizabeth Jurdain of the City and County of Exoft\ widow, 27 Sep-
tember 1603, proved 31 October 1633. To be buried in the parish church
of St. Mary Arches in Exon, in the grave of my late deceased husband, and
my desire is that Mr. Henry Painter may preach my funeral sermon. I
give to Walter Younge the elder of Collyton and to John Davy of Credy
in the parish of Sauford, Devon, Esquires, and to Ignatius Jurdiane of the


City of Exon Esq., John Champneys gen', -and Johu Ilayne the elder,
merchaut of Exon, five hundred pounds to he employed by them for such
good and pious uses within the County and City in such manner and form
as they shall think fit and convenient. I give to Mr Henry Painter, minis-
ter of St. Petrocks in Exon forty pounds and ten pounds more to the use
of Heury, his son, to be paid him by his said father when he shall accom-
plish the age of one and twenty years or marry. Other clergymen (includ-
ing M r . Josias Gale minister of St. Davyes). The poor of Exon and of
Liscard in Cornwall. Anne Coade my sister. Philip Coade my servant.
William Sampford my servant.

Item. I civeall that debt which Nathaniel Duncan oweth, aud is indebted un-
to me, unto his two sons Peter and Nathaniel Duncan, to be divided equally
between them. Item, I release and discharge William Hill my kinsman of
all debts and demands whatsoever due unto me from him. I give to James
White of the City of Exon, merchant, fifty pounds upon condition that he,
his heirs &c, pay yearly unto Elizabeth Ryder my sister in law, during her
life, four pounds quarterly to be paid by equal portions, being a legacy
bequeathed her by my late husband deceased; and I give to the said Eliza-
beth Ryder ten pounds. I give unto the aforesaid James White fifty
pounds more upon condition that he pay unto Anne Taiue four pounds
yearly during her life, being a legacy given by my late husband. My son
John Jurdaiue. My daughters Ruth and Sara Jurdaine. Mr John Hayne
the elder of the City of Exon, merchant, and Mr James White to be my
executors in trust, and I give the residue to them until Elizabeth, Susanna,
John, Sarah, Lydia and Ruth Jurdaiue, ray children, shall severally accom-
plish the age of one and twenty years or be married.

Nicho: Carwithie one of the witnesses. Russell, 89.

Ignatius Jurdain. dated in Exeter 1 March 1635, proved 16 October
1640. To wife Elizabeth one third part of all my goods and to my childreu
that are unmarried one other third part, according to the Order of the City.
To the poor &c. The poor of Lyme where I was born and the poor of
Gernezey where I was new born. My sister Wackley's children. Richard
Slade in St. Thomas parish. Mrs. Mauton, widow. My cousin William
Ryder's wife. My brother Synckler. The poor of Topsom (Topsham).
Mr. Painter (and other ministers). Also I give to the children of my son
Nathaniel Duncan one hundred pounds. Also I give to the children of my
son William Hill one hundred pounds. All which money I will shall be
delivered to the fathers of each of them and to pay it when they come to
the age of four and twenty years, if they be well able to pay it. I forgive
all moneys owing unto me if it be under the value of twenty shillings each.
My wife to be executrix. For my son Joseph I pray my wife Elizabeth,
my executrix, and my overseers to take some pains for the placing of him
with his portion during his life. Coventry, 130.

(Sir) Simon Baskervill (knight) Doctor in Physic, of the parish of
St. Dunstan in the West (London) 20 April 1641, proved 7 July 1641. I
give my dwelling house in Fleet Street aud all my houses adjoining, which
I lately did purchase of Sir George Crooke, to my dear wife and to her
heirs forever. I give to my sister Jourdayne ten pounds. To her sou, my
nephew Ignatius Jourdayne I give all my books of Divinity. I give to
my nephew Richard Baskervill two hundred pounds. To my trusty servant
Thomas Hall twenty pounds. To the poor of St. Dunstan's parish wherein


I dwell three pounds. All the rest of my goods and leases whatsoever I
give to my dear wife whom I make sole executrix.

Proved by Dame Catherine Baskervill, relict &c. Evelyn, 88.

Joane Jordaine of the City and County of Oxon (Exon) widow, 21
October 1648, proved 25 August 1649. The poor of St. Mary Archers
(Arches) wherein I now dwell. To Elizabeth Jordaine, Mary the wife of
Christopher Letthebridge and Sarah Jordaine. daughters of John Jordaine
my last husband, all those closes &c. in the parish of St. Sidwells without
the city of Exeter which I there hold. Property in Tiverton to Joseph
Jordaine youngest son of my late husbaud. My late husband's legacies to
Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah. Fairfax, 1 23.

Elizabeth Jurdaine of the City and County of Exeter widow, 20
June 1645, proved 9 March 1649. John Painter of London, merchant,
oweth me. Hugh Sowden of London, merchant, oweth me. Fifty pounds
to the poor of Exeter in such manner as by the last will and testament of
my late deceased husband Ignatius Jurdaine is ordained. To my grandchild
Joseph Hill twenty pounds. The residue to my son Ignatius Jurdaine
whom I make sole executor. Pembroke, 42.

Dame Katherine Baskervile of Richmond Surrey, widow, late wife
of Sir Simon Baskervile &c, 15 April 1670, proved 10 October 1670, My
nephew Mr Richard Baskervile. Property in Kinge Street, Westminster.
My cousin Mrs Prudence Martyn widow. My cousin Mrs Anne Martin
widow. My god daughter Mrs Penelope Fisher. My nephew Mr Ignatius
Jordan. My two young cousins Mrs Anne Lawrence and Mrs Katherine
Biggs daughters of the aforesaid Anne Martin widow and grand daughters
of the said Mrs Prudence Martin. Mrs Prudence Martin to be executrix.

Peun, 132.

[I am much inclined to believe that the "William Hill whom Mr. Ignatius Jur-
dain, or Jordaine, called "son in law," was the William Hill of New Eng-
land, whose sons William, James and Ignatius Hill were legatees under the
will of Mrs. Mary Godwyn of Lyme Regis in 1665 (see ante, pp. 70-71), and
whose widow became the wife of Mr. Edmund Greenleaf, as there shown.
The Nathaniel Duncan whom Mr. Jurdain also calls son in law was also without
doubt our Nathaniel Duncan of New England, wdio had sons Peter and Nathan-
iel, just as appears in will of Mrs. Elizabeth Jurdain of Exeter (1633). Note
too that the Kcredge family of Lyme Regis are also connected with this family
(see will of Mrs. Godwyn also). Just what relationship John Cogan of Boston
in New England, or rather his wife and children, bore to Ignatius Jurdain I can-
not say, bqt he seems to have given two powers of attorney to demand and
receive legacy or legacies under Mr. Jurdain's (or Jordan's) will (see Lechford's
Note-Book, pp. 148 and 310. I give the references to the printed book, ignor-
ing that exasperating index at the end of the volume). See Vis : of London for
pedigree of Baskervill. Ignatius Jurdain was adm. to Wadham Coll., Oxf.,
1625, and succeeded Adam Harsnet as Vicar of Cranham, Essex. 2 Sept. 1639,
his uncle Baskervill being patron. Henry F. Waters.]


James Hili, of Lyme Regis Dorset, merchaut, 10 May 1620, proved
5 May 1621. The poor of Lyme Regis. To my sou James Hill ten
pounds. To my son Benjamin all that part of my house in Curnb street
in Lyme Regis in which he now dwelleth and the little garden now like-
wise in his occupation for the term of four score and ten years, if he so
long shall live. I give him in money twenty pounds and also those six
silver spoons which I bought of him; and I do forgive and discharge him



from the payment of such money as he doth owe me. To James Hill, sou
of Benjamin, twenty pounds. To the other four children of my said son
Benjamin, twenty marks apiece, viz 1 , to Anne. Elizabeth, Jane and Benja-
min, to be bestowed and employed for their good until their several ages of
one and twenty years or days of marriage. I do give unto my son 'William
Hill twenty shillings. To my daughter Sarah Fry twenty pounds and to
her three children, Tristram. William and Mary, twenty pounds apiece. To
my daughter Mary Hill two hundred pounds, within one year uext after
my decease. To my daughter Judith a silver spoon. To my said son
Benjamin all my wearing apparel (except my best gown). All the rest of
my lands, goods and chattels not formerly given I do give and bequeath
unto my " sonne in Lawes " William Frye and William Kirridge whom I
do heieby ordain and appoint to be my whole executors &c. John Cogins
the elder a witness. Dale, 35.

[The above will ought to be read in connection with the Jurdain wills here
given and that of Mrs. Mary Godwyn referred to iu previous note.

H. F. "Waters.]

Joan Griffin of the County of High Nockect in the River Ausemund
in the Country of Virginia and now being in St. Ollave's parish near Lon-
don and intending, by the permission of God, very suddenly to pass over
for Virginia in the good ship called the Margaret of London, whereof under
God Mr Robert Fox goeth as commander, 20 July 1660, proved 19 April
1661. David, son of George, Griffin (at twenty one). Robert Griffin,
another son (at twenty one). Thomas Griffin, another (at twenty one).
Richard Griffin, a fourth son of the said George, towards the keeping of
him at school, and after my decease when he shall accomplish the age of
twenty and one years my whole will and intent is that my whole plantation
in the County of Warisquick in the Land of Virginia &c. shall be to and
for the only use and behoof of him the said Richard Griffith (sic.) and his
heirs, executors, administrators and assigns. To Margaret, Mary and
Rebecca Griffin, the three daughters of the aforesaid George Griffin, at
twenty one or days of marriage. I make the said George Griffin my sole
executor; and I likewise make and ordain James Mansfeild of the parish
of St. Ollaves in Southwark, mariner, to be an overseer. Proved by George
Griffin. May, 57.

David Griffin of Basinghall Street, London, citizen and tallowchand-
ler, 11 November 1679, proved 12 December 1679. To my sister Kathe-
rine Sprigg, widow, for life, the rent of a house and orchard at Stratford
Bridge in County of Glocester, aud after her decease to my nephew John
Griffin, son of my late brother John Griffin deceased. To my said nephew
John a house aud orchard near Packenhalls-tithing, Glocestershire. My
brother in law John Hobbs and sister Elizabeth his wife aud her two chil-
dren John and Thomas Ilewett. My sister Katherine Sprigg's four children
Thomas, Abraham, Katherine and Joane. To my brother Samuel Griffin
in Virginia forty shillings for a ring to wear in remembrance of me.
Brother in law John Hobbs to be executor. King, 161.

Commission issued 35[?] November 1689 to Lydia Tonstall (v^ife of
Thomas Tonstall) niece on the sister's side and next akin to Eliza: Griffin,
lately of Virginia in the parts beyond the seas, widdow deceased, to admin-
ister her goods ike. Admon. Act Book (1689) L. 184.


Edmoxd Welde of Sudbury, Suffolk, mercer, 5 December 1605, pro.ved
3 May 1G08. I give and bequeath unto Amye my right well beloved wife
my mansion house wherein I do now inhabit and dwell, in the parish of
St. Peter in Sudbury, to hold for life; and after her decease I give the
moiety and one part thereof (i.e.) the shop, the chamber over it, the ware-
house &c. to Daniel Welde my eldest son ; the other part of the messuage,
being the West side thereof, I give to John Welde my second son. To the
said Daniel fifty pounds at five aud twenty years of age and to Johu forty
pounds (at same age). To Edmund my third sou my tenements aud houses
which I purchased of Mr. John Howe, in the parish of St. Gregory, to have
aud to hold after he shall be of the full age of four and twenty years. To
Thomas my fourth sou a piece of arable laud of six acres in Great Cornard
called Church Croftes, at four aud twenty. To Benjamin my fifth son a
piece of arable laud of five acres which I purchased of Peter Greene gen 1 ,
being parcel of the mauor of Neale's, lying in a field near the clay pits in
the parish of St. Peter in Sudbury, abutting upon the way leading from
Sudbury towards Great Waldiugfield, to have and to hold at his age of
four and twenty. I give to Joseph my sixth son my piece of meadow in
Cornerd and Sudbury containing two acres and three roods which was some
time Richard Eden's gen 1 and abutteth upon the high way leading from
Sudbury towards Corueard right against a certain lane called Cats Lane.
To James my seventh son my messuage or tenement with a croft of land
belonging of one acre and half in North Lopham Norfolk which I purchased
of John Lovick. To my eldest daughter Mary Welde fifty pounds at two
and twenty. To my youngest daughter Elizabeth my two tenements which
I purchased of John Drewe, in Balington Essex, and an acre of land called
Stumpcrosse in Cornard. Amye my wife to be sole executrix and my
brother John Dereslye to be supervisor. William Howe aud Robert Buck-
stone witnesses. Windebanck, 42.

[This will I found many years ago and gave it to some member of the Weld
family in America. Whether it has ever been printed I do not know.

H. F. W.

Mr. Waters communicated the will to Rev. Charles R. Weld, of Baltimore,
Md. Mr. J. Edward Weld, of New York City, is at present collecting genea-
logical material of the Welds in this country and in England.— H. E. W.]

Giles Boadman of Cambridge in the diocese of Ely 28 September 1604,
proved 17 October 1604. My body to be buried in the church of All
Hallows, Cambridge. To wife Elizabeth a hundred pounds and the lease
of the house I now dwell in, with all the household stuff &c. (the wares
and other things in my shop, with the hairs and timber, excepted). I give
her my tenement, messuage, burgage or cottage, with the croft adjoining,
in Ickelton, in Greeu Street there, iu the County of Cambridge. All the
rest of my goods &c, my debts paid and funerals discharged, I give unto
Robert Browne and Andrew Boadmau, my brothers, whom I make execu-

Proved by Robert Browne, one of the executors, power reserved to grant
commission to Andrew Boadman the other executor named &c.

II arte, 81.

IIelline (afterwards written Helliuer) Browne of Cambridge iu the
County of Cambridge, widow, 11 November 1616, proved 22 January 1616.
I give and bequeath unto Robert Browne, my son, besides the house which
his father formerly by will gave unto him, the sum of two hundred pounds,


to be paid uuto Mr. Oliver Greuough of Nanby in Lincolnshire, within
three years after my decease, to the use of my said son Robert. To son
Andrew Browne two hundred pounds over and above the hundred given
him by his father, to be paid (as above) within two years after my decease.
To son Samuel (a similar bequest). The said Oliver Grenough to be
"gurdenier" unto my said three children. To my son John Browne two
hundred pounds, to be paid unto him withiu six years after my decease.
A similar bequest to sou William.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my brother Andrewe Bordeman the sum
of five pounds. To Thomas Jury five pouuds. To Alice Foote, the wife

of Foote, one of my best gowns. To the poor of Bennett parish

in Cambridge twenty shillings, to be bestowed at the day of my burial. To
him that shall preach for me at my funeral ten shillings. All the rest of
my goods, whatsoever they be, uubequeathed I give aud bequeath unto
Mr. Johu Jackesonue and Mr. Robert Birder, my sons in law, whom I
make executors. Andrew Bordman and Thomas Jewry were witnesses.

The executors named in the will renounced and commission issued (at
above date) to John Atkiusou aud Thomas Jewrie. Weldon, 3.

Andrewe Bordman of Cambridge in the County of Cambridge, baker,
10 February 1616, proved 19 April 1617. I give to my eldest son Richard
Bouidman forty pounds to be paid unto him at his age of one and twenty
years. I give unto my son Andrewe Bordman forty pouuds, to be paid
unto him at his age of one and twenty. I give unto my son Thomas Bord-
man forty pouuds to be paid uuto him at his age of one and twenty years.
I give unto my son William Bordman forty pounds, to be paid unto him in
like sort at his age of one and twenty years. And if it please God that
any of my aforesaid four children, viz* Richard, Andrewe, Thomas and
William Bordman do depart this life before they or any of them shall attain
to their several ages of one and twenty years then my will is that he or they
surviving shall be the others' heir. I give to my loving wife Rebecca
Bordman my house in fee simple, which I purchased of Thomas Reade of
Cambridge, carpenter, to have and enjoy the same during her life; and after
her decease the foresaid tenement or house to be equally divided amongst
my foresaid four sons, or so many of them as shall be theu living after her
death. All the rest of my goods and chattells unbequeathed I give and
bequeath unto my said wife Rebecca Bordman, whom I do ordain and con-
stitute my sole and only executrix of this my last will and testament; and
she to pay my debts and to see my body decently buried.

Weldon, 31.

[The above is a larger abstract than was given by Emmerton aud Waters In
1880. The two wills preceding this have been gathered since 1883. It is alto-
gether probable that Giles Boadman was the father of Andrewe Bordman (both
of Cambridge, England) and that the latter was the father of our William

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