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Jeane Pauy (Pavy?) five shillings, if she be a remaining servant to Mr
Richard Bennett, and to Richard Bennett, servant to Mr. Richard Bennett,
twenty shillings, if he be living, to be disposed towards an adventure as his
brother Robert Bennett shall think fit. All these small matters my desire
is they should be paid within one month after the sight of the will in Eng-
land. Also it is my will that my overseers have five p c. for u facteringe "
of my goods. Also I do give unto Robert Bennett thirty shillings, to be
bestowed in a pair of silk stockings, and to Maurice Thompson two pounds
of good tobacco for a remembrance.

Wit: by Samuel Aston and Theophilus Dodsou.


This will was proved upon the oaths of Maurice Thomson and Theophilus
Dodson before the Right Wor 11 Sir Francis Wyatt, kn 1 . governor and ('apt.
general of Virginia, tho twentieth of April 1G25 &c. Teste me John
Southerns Clerk. Clarke, 82.

[Richard Brent of Stoke and Addiugton, sheriff of Gloucestershire, 1615, mar.
Eleanor, dan. of Edw. Reed of Turburie and Witteu. Their children Avere :
1. Fulke, who emigrated to Maryland and died unmarried; 2. Richard of Eng-
land; 3. Giles, first of Maryland, of which he was Lieut. General, Governor
and Admiral, and d. between 1671 and 1673 in Virginia; 4. William, d. in Eng-
land unmarried; 5. Edward; 6. George; 7. Mary, emigrated to Maryland 1638;
8. Margaret, emigrated also in 1638 ; D. Catherine; 10. Elizabeth ; 11. Eleanor;
12. Jane, mar. Thomas Cassie; 13. Anne.

The above account of the family is taken from the Eichmond Critic of 17
March, 18S9, and the 5th child (Edward) is doubtless the testator. — W. K.


Anne Hurt (in the Probate Act " Hart") of Dorchester Dorset, widow,
Monday, 19 February 1654, proved 7 May 1655. To be buried by her
husband in the church of Chard, Somerset. Three small tenements in
Chard, being chattel leases. Four godsons, James Cooth, John Cole, John
Prescott, and William Harvey. Son in law Mr George Cole of Dorchester,
merchant. Daughters, Dorothy Prescott and Marquesse Ilurvey. The
daughter of the latter. John Cooth, Mary Cooth and Susanne Deane.
Her daughter Prescott's five younger children. God daughter Julian
Gruben. The residue to sou in law George Cole, merchant, with this con-
dition, that he should distribute and divide the same amongst his children,
but according to his own mind and pleasure. (Nuncupative) in presence
of Eleanor Cole, Mary Nicholls and other witnesses. Commission issued
(as above) to George Cole. Aylett, 120.

[There was another Registration of the same will in the same volume (Aylett,
158). Here the name was written Hart, and that of her daughter Marquesse
was written Harvey.— H. F. W.]

Anne Cole of Dorchester, Dorset, widow and relict of George Cole late
of Dorchester, merchant, 7 August 1659, proved 18 July 1660. Eldest
son John Cole. Eldest daughter Elinor Cole. Daughter Mary Cole. Son
George Cole. To him his father's seal ring. Son Stephen. Son Jacob.
Son Symon. Daughter Sarah Cole. Daughter Ann referred to as if not
then living. Sister Marquis Harvey. Sister Dorothy Prescott.

Nabbs, 108.

[The will of George Cole has already appeared in the Gleanings for 1893 {ante
p. 715 J. My thanks are due to Mr. F. J. Pope for will of John Cole which
follows. H. F. Waters.

George Cole of Dorchester, Dorset, Eng., whose will is given iu Register,
vol. xlvii., page 274 (ante. p. 715), mentions sons Johu, George, Stephen, Jacob
and Symon ; daughters Eleanor, Anne, Mary and Sarah. He bequeaths to his
eldest son John all his lands and real estate in New England, unless he renounce
his right within eighteen months after the testator's decease.

Above follows the will of Anne, widow of George, and their son John, who
evidently died unmarried or without issue.

20 Dec. 1653, Thomas and Mary Bromihton grants to George Cole one-sixth
of land on the Piscataqua River and on Sturgeon's Creek; one half a sawmill, a
house and four acres. On the 31 Dec. 1653, they sell him one-sixth the land by
the mill pond, bought of John Milam, and three-quarters acre bought of Wm.
Phillips in Boston". At the same time there was granted to Peter Cole of Bar-
tholomew Lane, London, merchant, one-third interest in the above two lots.

12 Feb. 1707, Edward Bromfield, attorney for Jacob Cole, rector of the parish


of Swyre and vicar of Toller Fratruni, and Winford Eagle, Dorset, Eng., only
surviving son and heir of George Cole, late of Dorchester, Dorset, merchant,
deceased, grants one-sixth part of laud in Centre Haven and ou Mill hill, Boston.
— Walter K. Watkins.]

John Cole of Waymouth and Melcomb Regis, Dorset, merchant, 27
January 1669, proved 14 October 1672. I give and bequeath unto my
brother Simon Cole and his heirs all that my sixtli part of a plantation in
Boston in New England and all my messuages, tenements, lands, woods,
mills and hereditaments &c. in New England. Brother George now none
for East India. Money due from John Partridge merchant, now resident
in Barbados. My manor of Blunts Hayes als Blunt-hayes in Dorset. My
sister Sarah Cole. Brother Jacob Cole to have the books that were my
uncle Simon Cole's. To Mrs Edith Byat of Waymouth my old gold ring,
being a "sealed" one, which was my mother's. John Knightsbridge,
clerk, to preach my funeral sermon. Poor of Dorchester &c. My aunt
Prescot. My aunt Elianore Whitmore of Culumpton, widow. My sister
Mary Mervin. My brother Stephen Cole. Eure, 118.

William Hickman, citizen and cooper of London, 15 September 1672,
proved 30 September 1672. Messuage in St. Swithin's Lane, held by
lease from the parish. Wife Margery. Her son Samuel Bittony. My
sister Mary Sabin. My sister Ursula. Joseph Hickman now residing in
Virginia. My cousin Richard Hickman. Loving friend Mr. John Flavell.

Eure, 110.

Richard Sturman of " Nomr. iv,'' Oo. Westmoreland, 5 March 1668-9,
proved 30 September 1672. .' > vhole estate in Virginia, Maryland,
England and elsewhere to be sold, by wife Rebecca, and disposed of either
for ready money or tobacco between ibis and this time twelvemonth. My
three children Richard, Valentin^ aucl Margaret Sturman. If wife be with
child &c. Brother Mr. Thomas liab of Loudon, merchant, and his son
Thomas Hall of London, merchant. My will and appointment is that my
wife and children do, the next shipping, transport themselves for England.
I desire my well beloved friends Col. Nicholas Spencer and Lieut. Col.
John Washington to be aiding and assisting my loving wife in their advice
in the disposing of my estate.

Nicho: Spencer and John Lewlinge witnesses.

Proved by Rebecca Frodsham als Sturman, the executrix.

Eure, 113.

Jonathan Bull of Boston in New England, mariner, 2 August 1727,
proved 7 January 1728. To be buried at the discretion of friend Mr.
Samuel Storke of London, merchant. All just debts and funeral charges
paid and satisfied, the residue and remainder of my estate, both real and
personal, to be divided into three equal parts, of which wife Elizabeth to
have one and the other two to be divided amongst my children, Elizabeth
Bull, John Bull and Samuel Bull, share and share alike, when they shall
respectively attain their full age of one and twenty years cr day of mar-
riage. My said wife Elizabeth Bull and my brother Mr Samuel Greenleaf
to be joint executor and executrix. Witnessed by Mary Hyatt of Ratcliff,
widow, Mudd Fuller of Ratcliff Broad Street, scr., aud J. Hacket, his

Proved by Elizabeth Bull, the other executor, Samuel Greenleafe pre-
viously renouncing. Abbott, 2.


[Samuel Greenleaf and Martha Bull were married 14 October, 1708.— H. F. W.

John Bull of Boston, 1658, felt maker, by wife Mary had: John born 1668,
died young; James b. 1665; Mary b. 1666; Mehitable b. 1669; John b. 1671;
Henry b. i673; Margaret b. 1676; Martha b. 1678; Samuel b. 1680; Jonathan
b. 24*Feb. 1683.

John married Mary Woodward; Mehitable m. Windsor Saudcy ; Mary m.
John Stiler; Margaret m. John Jones; Martha m. Samuel Greenleaf; Jona-
than m. Elizabeth Mann and had: Elizabeth b. 30 Sept. 1710, died young;
Elizabeth b. 23 April 1712, died young; Mary b. 13 July 1714; Elizabeth b. 23
Feb. 1716; John b. 6 July 1718; Jonathan b. 30 Oct. 1721; Samuel b. 13 May

Will of Jonathan Bull is on file ia Suffolk Probate No. 5587.

Walter K. Watkins.]

George Smith of Virginia, 7 October 1728, proved 28 January 1728
All that mv full part, share and proportion of all the estate or plantations
in the Island of Virginia in the West Indies and which is lately descended
to me by the death of my late father Christopher Smith &c. &c, and all
other my estate, whether real or personal of what kind soever and where-
soever in Great Britain I give and bequeath unto my aunt Sarah Tayler,
wife of Richard Tayler of the parish of St. George the Martyr, Middlesex;
and I make her and her said husband executors. Abbott, 25.

Paschall Nelson, late of Boston in New England, now residing in the
parish of St. Margaret's Westminster, Middlesex, Esquire, 19 July 1759,
proved 19 September 1760. I give, devise and bequeath to my nephew
John Nelson, of Portsmouth in New Hampshire in New England, merchant,
all my lands, tenements and hereditaments on or about the river Kennebec
in the Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England, he conveying there-
out to the children of my sister Lloyd one seventh part thereof and one
other seventh part to the children of my sister Hubbard, they first paying
him their several proportions of the expences which I have been at in the
settlement and protection of the said lands. And as to my lands in the
Morehawk (Mohawk?) country in New York I give &c. one thousand
acres thereof to John Temple, late of Boston in New England (now re-
siding in London) Esquire, five hundred acres to John Lloyd of Stampford
in Connecticutt, merchant, five hundred to Nathaniel Elubbard of Stampford
Esq. and other five hundred to Paschall Smith of Stampford, son of the
late William Smith of the same place: the papers relating to these last
mentioned lands are in the hands of the Hon. James DeLeney of New
York Esq. All the rest, residue and remainder of my estates, both real
and personal. I bequeath unto my two nephews, the said John Temple and
John Nelson, whom I appoint executors. Signed Pascall Nelson.

Proved by John Temple Esq., nephew and one of the executors, power
reserved of making like grant to John Nelson Esq., nephew and the other
executor. Lynch, 366.

[Paschall Nelson graduated at Harvard in 1721, and died unmarried, 19 July,
175'J, in St. Margaret's Parish, Westminster, England, interred in St. Martin's-in-
the-Fields. He was a son of John Nelson, born in England 1654 ; died in Bos-
ton, 15 Nov., 1734, and Elizabeth, daughter of William and Rebecca (Stoughton)
Tailer. His nephew, John Nelson of Portsmouth, was born in Boston, 12 Dec,
1730, died 1784 at Granada, W. L, and was a son of Temple and Mary (Went-
worth) Nelson. His sister Lloyd was Rebecca, born 15 Nov., 1688, the wife of
Henry Lloyd of Lloyd's Manor, Long Island, N. Y. His sister Elizabeth was
the wife of Nathaniel Hubbard, of Stamford, Conn.

John Temple was Sir John Temple, 8th baronet. (See Register, x., 73-7.)
A son of Capt. Robert Temple of Ten Hill Farms, and Mehitabel Nelson ; he
married Elizabeth Bowdoin.

John Lloyd was a son of Henry Lloyd. Walter K. Watkins.]


Nicholas Coxf. of Newington Green, Middlesex, gentleman, 17 Julv
1765, proved 16 November 1765. To my niece Elizabeth Jennys fifteen
hundred pounds capital stock in Annuities of four pounds per cent per
annum, transferable at the Bank of England, and to be transferred to her
within three months after my death; also the interest of eight hundred
pounds &c. for life; and after her death I give the cap : al of the said
eight hundred pounds (tbree per cent Annuities) to her b -other, Richard
Jennys of Boston in New England and Richard Jenneys, his son, and to her
sister Rebecca Armstrong, wife of Mr. Martin Armstrong of Jamaica,
equally to be divided amongst them or the survivors of them. One thou-
sand pounds due me on mortgage of my late nephew Dr. Coxe's house in
Dover Street &c. Mrs Martha Smith, late Martha Coxe, the widow of
the late Dr. Coxe. My niece Martha Rogers, wife of Mr. Thomas Rogers.
My sister in law Mrs Hannah Coxe. Mr John Christopher Smith and
Martha his wife, late Martha Coxe. To my nephew Mr. Richard Jenneys
of Boston in New England two hundred pounds, if living at time of my
death, and if not then to his sou Richard. My nephew Richard Coxe son
of my brother Coldham Coxe. My nephew Mr Martin Armstrong of
Jamaica and Rebecca, his wife. My niece Rebecca Coxe, danghter of
Coldham Coxe deceased. My great nephew William Coxe. Coldham
Coxe an infant son of my nephew Richard Coxe, and Cecilia Coxe an infant
daughter of the same. All the children of my late nephew Dr Coxe
deceased by the said Martha his wife, now Martha Smith, that is to say,
William, Edward, Peter, George, Martha and Emilia Coxe.

Rushworth, 405.

Richard Wharton (eldest son of William Wharton late of Waiteby
near Wharton in the Co. of Westmoreland in Great Britain, gen*) now
resident in the City of Williamsburgh in the Colony of Virginia, 26 July
1712, proved 1 April 1713. I give and bequeath all my estate, both real
and persona], in this Colony or elsewhere, unto my most dear and well be-
loved brothers, Thomas and John Wharton, both of London gen tn , in trust
for my child or children, they not to sell any of my lands &c (except
slaves) in the Colony without the approbation of Mr. Henry Holdcroft; my
only son William to have the inheritance in lands and none of my lands to
be to my daughter. I desire that my dear and loving wife Ruth do not
fail for her own interest to employ some honest and kuowing attorney to
demand her dower in any of the lands lying in the Co. of Westmoreland
which are under any old mortgage to the Lowthers or any other person
whatsoever, whether my son redeem them or not. My negroes, cattle,
household goods and lumber, horse flesh and all creatures that I have in
Virginia here to be forthwith sold by my friend Henry Holdcroft, whom,
together with Mr Richard Richardson his neighbour, I make executors for
this Colony and my dear wife for the kingdom of England. To my god
daughter Mary, daughter of Henry Holdcraft, five pounds sterling. I give
to the poor widow Skelton (alias Broadbent) with her daughter liberty to
live in my stone house or Turret so long as they shall remain together and
to have apples for their own use out of the orchards, and liberty for pas-
turage for one; cow. And I give her a heifer yearling and a barrel of corn
yearly to help her towards a maintenance &c.

Admon. granted (as above) to Thomas and John Wharton the brothers
for the reason that Ruth Wharton the widow renounced &c.

Leeds, 93.


Andrew Faneuil of Boston in the Co. of Suffolk and Province of
Massachusetts Bay in New England, merchant, 12 September 1734, with a
Codicil added 23 January 1737, proved 4 September 1738. To the minis-
ter of the French church in Boston my ware house, to apply two thirds of
the rents &c. thereof for the maintenance of said minister and lay up the
other third in bank for the reparation of said warehouse. To the said
church three peices of plate (flagon, plate and bason) with coat of arms
and name of donor on each. Other gifts to the poor of said church and to
the minister. One hundred pounds to the poor of the town of Boston. To
the Rev d Dr. Benjamin Colman a suit of mourning throughout. My loving
brother John Faneuil of Rochell. My loving brother in law Peter Cossart
of Cork in Ireland and his sister Susanna Cossart of Amsterdam. To
Benjamin Faneuil of Boston, son of my brother Benjamin deceased, five
shillings and no more. My loving niece Mary, the wife of Mr. Gillam
Phillips, and Andrew Phillips her son. Anne Faneuil, daughter of my
late brother Benjamin, and Susanna Faneuil, another of his daughters (to
be paid in London). Marian Faneuil, another (also to be paid in London).
Sister Susannah Faneuil, widow of Abraham de la Croix of Rochell. My
servant maid Hendrine Boyltins and Henry Johnson her son. Peter
Faneuil, eldest sou of my late brother Benjamin, to be residuary legatee
and sole executor.

In the codicil he revokes the bequest to his sister Susanna. Richard
Blackett Jekyll one of the witnesses. Sworn to in Boston 15 February
1737. Brodrepp, 212.

Benjamin Faneuil, late of Boston in New England but now resident
in Bristol in old England, 2 October 1784 proved 16 May 1787. To wife
Jane two thousand five hundred pounds and a clear annuity of fifty pounds
(and plate &c). To the Bristol Infirmary one hundred pounds. To Brook
VVatson Esq. and Robert Rashleigh of London in old England merchant
all my messuages lands &c. in trust to sell &c. and pay debts and funeral
costs and foregoing legacies and place out the residue of the money at
interest in Government Funds of Great Britain or land security and pay
the interest or dividends to my brother Peter Faneuil during his life and
then towards the maintenance and education of his eldest son &c. &c. and
so on from son to son and daughter to daughter. Failing these then to
children of my sister Mary Bethune wife of George Bethune Esq. of Boston
&c. ; and lastly to my next of kin. Major, 211.

[For accounts of the Faneuil family see " Dealings with the Dead," by Lucius
Manlius Sargent, vol. 2, pp. 495-549; and Mrs. John A. Weisse's " Bethune and
Faneuil Families," pp. 45-54. — Ed t tor.

Andrew 1 and Benjamin 1 Faneuil were Huguenot refugees from La Rochelle,
France. They tirst settled near New York city, at New Rochelle. Benjamin
married 28 July, 1G9U, at Kingston, R. I., Ann Bureau; their son Benjamin 2
born 29 Dec, 1701, died October 1785, and Peter 2 born 1700, died 3 March,

Andrew 1 went to Holland and married there, bringing his wife to this country,
where she died 16 July, 1724. He died 13 Feb., 1738, disinheriting his nephew
Benjamin, and making his nephew Peter residuary legatee, and to the latter we
are indebted for Faneuil Hall.

The wills here given are of Andrew, 1 and Benjamin 3 son of Benjamin, 2
grandson of Benjamin 1 and nephew of Peter 2 Faneuil. Benjamin 2 married
Mary, the daughter of Rsv. Timothy Cutler, of Trinity Church, and died in
1785 at Brighton, Mass. Benjamin, 3 whose will is given, privately married the
eldest daughter of Dr. Lloyd, and sister of the Hon. James Lloyd, and quietly
departed with her to England, where they Avere the centre of a circle of re-


fngees from the colonies. Mary 3 the sister of the testator, married George

The family name of Faneuil has disappeared, there being no descendants of
the male line through the testator or his brother Peter, 3 who went to Canada. —
W. K. Watiuns.]

William Williams of Newport in the Co. of Monmouth gen', 28
March 1597. I have many poor nephews and nieces, sisters and a very
unkind brother. My good cousins Valentine Prichard of the Inner Temple,
London, Esq., Henry Williams of Matharine in the Co. of Monmouth Esq.,
William John Meredith of Abergavenny gen 1 , Thomas Hopkins of the City
of Bristowe, merchant. My brothers in law John Fownes of the City of
Bristowe, grocer, and John Jones of Newporte gen'. My lands &c. in
Rumpney. My sister Catherine and her son William. Lettice, eldest
daughter to my sister Johane deceased, and Margaret, eldest daughter to
my brother Richard (unmarried). Cicill and Lettice, two of the daughters
of my sister Elizabeth. Roger and Thomas, my brother Richard's sons.
Blanche and Anne, the daughters of my sister Joane. Andrew and
William, the sons of my sister Elizabeth. Johanne, daughter to my
brother Richard. Margaret, daughter to my sister Elizabeth. Johane, the
youngest daughter of my sister Elizabeth. Mary and Hester, daughters to
my sister Anne. Roger and John, the sons of my sister Johane. Margaret,
the wife of my brother Richard Williams. The late lands of Roger Wil-
liams, my cousin deceased. My sister Lettice. My nephew John Evans.
Roger Williams, my brother Richard's eldest son. Thoruas, his youngest
son. Margaret, eldest daughter to my brother Richard. My nephew
William Jones, son of my sister Lettice. My cousin Thomas Scudarnor, of
Little Salisbury in the County, and my cousin Thomas Scudarnor of York.
If my nephew Wiliiam Jones, whom I have constituted and made my
executor, do happen to die before he shall have made probate of this my
will then my nephew Andrew Jones, my sister Elizabeth's sou, shall be my
sole executor. I give to my nephew William Jones, my sister Elizabeth's
sou, the next avoidance, nomination and presentation unto the church of
Newport and St. Wolloes and to the chapel of Bettus thereunto belonging
and I do give unto him all my part of the Tythe, corn and hay in Bettus
for so long time as he shall be Vicar in Newport and St. Wolloes and re-
main unmarried. To my aunt Mrs. Laugley twenty pounds. John Fownes
one of the witnesses.

Commission issued 27 June 1G10 to Roger Williams, next akin &c. the
executor named iu the will having renouuced. Wiugfield, 66.

Henry Addams of Bristol merchant, 12 October 1601, proved 10
November 1601. To my daughter Marie Addames one hundred pounds if
my adventures by sea, made to France, do come safely home; otherwise
only fifty pounds (at age of eighteen). The residue to wife Susanna,
whom I make sole executrix. And I desire my father Thomas Addams
and my brother in law John Phoens, now one of the sheriffs of the City
of Bristol, to be my overseers. Iu the presence of my said father, brother
iu law, my brother Daniel Addams and William Robinson, Vicar of St.

The signature of the brother iu law was Jo: Fownes.

Woodhall, SO.


John Fownes of Bristol, merchant, 28 March, signed 24 August, 1609
proved 23 October 1G09. If I die in Bristow my body to be buried in the
parish church of St. Steveus within the city. To wife Anne, for life, all
my lands and tenements in the Co. of Monmouth, called by the name of
Monioy, and my house in Newport and the five and twenty acres I bought
of John Williams of All Souls Oxou ; and after her death the said lands
and tenements shall remain to my son John Fownes. To said wife my
dwelling house in Bread Street so long as she shall remain a widow and
unmarried; then to my son John, if living, and, if not, to my three daugh-
ters. Son John at one and twenty. Six hundred pounds apiece to daugh-
ters Mary Fownes, Hester Fownes aud Sara Fownes at eighteen or days
of marriage. To daughter Hester my virginals, my best carpet of green
cloth fringed with silk and my silver skynker. Ten pounds apiece to my
brother James Fownes' two daughters. Ten pounds to my kinswoman
Mary Longe. My late servant Richard Louge. Provision for two poor
laboring men yearly to rake and keep clean the marsh of the City of
Bristow and the walks round about the same. To my brother. Thomas
Fownes my scarlet gown and tippet. To Richard Longe and John
Tomlynson thirty shillings apiece in gold to make each of them a siguet
with my coat armor engraven therein and to wear it in remembrance of
me, sometime their master. To wife Ann one half of all my plate and
household stuff in my dwelling house in Bristowe and in my house at
Catchcolde in the Co. of Gloucester. The other half to my four children
(equally). Wife Anne to be executrix and my brother in law Mr William
Williams, my brother Thomas Fownes, Mr Abel Kitchin and Mr John
Guy to be my overseers. To my good mistress Mrs Langley five pounds,
to Philip Langley five pounds. To my sister Susan five pounds. To
Philip Langley's wife and Philip Langley's sisters, viz 1 Mary Tomlynson
and Anne Vawre, ten pounds, viz 1 to each of them three pounds six shil-
lings eight pence, to buy them a ring to wear at their pleasure for my sake.

Mary Langley one of the witnesses. Dorset, 94.

John Fownes, aged thirty six or thereabouts, 9 June 1624, proved 1
February 1624. To wife Dorothy Fownes my two closes of land near
adjoining to Lady well and my three quarter parts of the Dove of Ply-
mouth, now at New Foundland, with my three quarters of her voyage
which God shall bless them withal. To my brother Warwick Fownes one
hundred pounds, to be paid out of my five eighth parts of a ship called the

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