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Eagle of Plymouth, and her voyage from Virginia or New England if
please God to send her and her proceeds safely to return. To my mother
in law Mrs Elizabeth Yarde thirty pounds. To my nephew Francis
Amadas fifty pounds. To my two nieces Johane and Jane Amadas twenty
pounds apiece. To my servant Lawrence Beele fifty pounds. To my two
apprentices John Gay and Thomas Davies five pouuds apiece. To the
new building behind the church steeple called the new Hospital one hun-
dred pounds. To the poor of Plymouth ten pounds. To Mr. Mathias
Nicholls, preacher of God's word at Plymouth, five pounds. Wife to be
executrix and Mr. Mathias Nicholls Mr Thomas Sherwell my brother in
law Roger Beele and my brother in law Abraham Rowe to be supervisors.

Commission issued (as above) to Warwick Fownes, brother of the
deceased &c, the executrix named in the will having died &c.

Clarke, 15.


Anne Fownes of the City of Bristol, widow, 11 February 1629, proved
10 November 1630. My body to be buried in the parish church of St.
Stephens. The six children of my son in law Mr. William Claxton.
Penelope Claxton one of them. My grandchildren Abell Rogers and
Mathewe Rogers. My grandchildren Andrewe Barker and Sara Barker.
My grandchildren Aime Fownes and William Fownes. My grandchild
John Fownes. My three daughters. William Evans the son of my kins-
man John Evans. My kinsmau William Jones of Llansemfred in the Co.
of Monmouth. My sister Catherine Watkins. My cousin Elizabeth
Steevens. My cousin Mary Longe. My son John Fownes to be sole
executor and my good friends and kinsmen John Tomlinson and Richard
Long, merchants, to be overseers. My kinsman Mr. Roger Williams of
Newporte. Wit: Rich: Long: Willm yeomans. Scroope, 92.

[The will of Thomas Fownes of Plymouth, Devon., Esq. (1637-1638) which
should come in here, in chronological order, has already appeared among my
evidences concerning the Ilolworthy family (see Register for 1891, vol. xlv.,
pp. 153-4; ante, pp. 499, 500). He refers to Mr. John Gayre, gives to the poor
of Bristol, and names Elizabeth, wife of William Stephens of Bristol, and Mary
Longe daughter of sister Mary Longe deceased. He calls Judith, wife of Fran-
cis Amadas, kinswoman and Warwick Fownes of London, merchant, kinsman,
and refers to Humphrey Fownes as deceased. Richard Longe of Bristol he calls
kinsman and he also refers to an Aunt Yard as lately deceased. His daughter
Mary, as we know, was the wife of Richard Holworthy ; another daughter, Pru-
dence, was the wife of John Waddon and he speaks of daughter Johan as wife
of Hugh Gayer deceased. He also names daughters Elizabeth Yard and Susan
Kellond. He names also John, Thomas and Susan Kellond, the children of John
Kellond. This will therefore binds together the Fownes family of Bristol and
those of Plymouth and of London. H. F. Waters.]

Warwick Fownes of London merchant and citizen and mercer of the
same City, 2 August 1638, proved 17 July 1640. My body I commit to
the earth from whence it came and to be decently interred as beseemeth
the body of a Christian in the parish church of St. Bartholomew the less
near the Royal Exchange in London, whereof I am a parishioner, without
any pomp or vain ostentation, only my corpse to be accompanied to church
with my kindred, household, neighbors and familiars, but mourning cloth for
my executors and household. After debts paid &c. the remainder of my
goods &c. shall be divided into three equal parts and portious, according to
the ancient and laudable custom of the City of London, one part wnereof
I leave to my loving wife Julian for her customary and widow's part, one
other part I leave to my five children, Humphrey, Elizabeth, Mary, Martha
and Judith Fownes and such others as God shall send me hereafter. The
other third part remaining I reserve to myself, therewith to perform this
my last will and testament. Then follow bequests to wife and children
and others. My kinswoman Mary Fownes. My cousin Joane Large the

wife of Large. My friend Charles Yeoman. Mr. Philip Androwe

the elder. Plymouth, Devon., mentioned. Certain servants named. My
bi other James Yard and cousin Thomas Fownes to be executors. A brother
John Yard. Coventry, 103.

[For assistance on the Kellond family I am indebted to Mr. Winslow Jones
Who has a large knowledge of Devonshire families. II. F. Waters.]

Walter Kellonde of Tottones Devon, merchant, 15 May 34 Eliza-
beth, proved 11 November 1592. My body to be buried in the church of
Tottones. The poor of the Mawdelin house of Tottones. The poor of


South Tawton. To my son Christopher Kellonde the moiety and half of
all that tenement, houses, edifices, gardens, shops &c. in Totnes which were
demised to me l>y John and William Wotton, hy their deed bearing date
4 October 18 Elizabeth. The other moiety I give to my son John Kel-
land ; each to hold for three score and nine years. [These two sons still
minors and unmarried.] To Christopher a tenement in Harberton. Other
bequests to John. To Mary my wife two chambers and gallery in the
house, with free ingress &c, and other bequests to her of household stuff
&c. Provision for the schooling of my children which I have by the said
Mary, they being now infants. To Richard, my eldest son, my messuage
and tenement in Tottones wherein I now dwell &c. and my messuage &c.
in Harpers Hill Street, with provision for entailing upon his lawful issue,
failing which to sou Christopher, next to John, then to my son Walther,
then to son William, then to son Stephen. To my daughter Decous (or
Decous) Kellonde threescore pounds at twenty one. To daughter Mary
Kellonde fifty pounds at twenty one. The same to daughter Margaret Kel-
londe. To daughter Frideswell Kellonde forty pounds at twenty one. To
son Walther Kellonde fifty pounds at twenty one. The same to William and
Stephen. A bequest to a Thomas Kellonde, among others. To Agnes,
Walther, Thomas, Bartholomew and William Prideaux, children of Thomas
Prideaux. Henry and Thomas Bickforde sons of John Bickforde. The
child which my wife now goeth withal, yet unborn. Son Richard to be
executor and Bartholomew Laskie of Tottones, merchant, overseer-

Harrington, 83.

[The testator, "Walter 1 Kelloncl of Totnes, Devon., merchant, whose will

heads an interesting group, died in 1502. By his first wife, Nichol , had :

John, 2 Christopher", 2 ^ John, 2 Richard. 8 By his second Avife, Mary, he had:
Fridswell, 2 William, 2 Stephen, 2 Walter. 2 His will is given and the other Walter
is probably his son mentioned in his father's will.

John 2 (1576-1623) married Mary and had : John 3 (1G09-1679), Walter 3

(died 1611), Samuel. 3

John 3 married Susanna Fownes (1G17-1G19), daughter of Thomas Fownes of
Plvmouth, England, and had: John 4 (1635-1092), married Bridget, Thomas, 4
born 1G36, Samuel, 4 Henry, 4 Samuel, 4 Richard, 4 James. 4

Christopher, 2 son of Walter, 1 married Joan Brooking; she died 1G21-5, and
the wills of husband and wife are given.

Thomas, 4 born 11 Dec. 1036, married Abigail, the widow of Samuel Moore
and daughter of Capt. Thomas Hawkin, and had: Susanna* b. 21 Oct. 1665;
John 5 b. 2 June, 1667, died young; John* 1). 13 Feb. 1669, died young; Thomas*
b. 18 July, 1670, died young; Samuel* b. 11 Sept. 1671 ; Elizabeth* 1). 11 Aug. 1673;
Thomas* b. 29 Aug. 1674; John* b. 15 June, 1678; Richard* b. 26 Sept. 1681.

In April, 1661, Thomas Kellond and Thomas Kirk, a relative of Sir David
Kirk, were commissioned to search for Cols. Edward Whalley and William
Goffe, two of the regicide judges then in New England. They started in pur-
suit of them from Boston, 1 May, 1661, and went to the colonies of Connecticut,
New Haven and New York ; but unsuccessfully. In 1671 Kellond was appointed
a constable of Boston, but was excused -on paying a forfeit. He died 12 July,
1G86; his widow then married Hon. John Foster whom she outlived.

Walter F. Watkins.]

Christopher Kellond of Totnes, Devon., merchant, 22 September
1G1G, proved 10 April 1G18. The poor of Totnes. My wife Johane.
My three sons. The moiety and halfendeale of a house joining to the
Mill Lane in Totnes, being the inheritance of William Wotton Esq. My
daughters. My wife to be sole executrix. I do desire ray brother in law
Mr. Thomas Predeaux, my brother John Kelland and my brother in law
Christopher Broking to be my overseers. Richard Kellond a witness.

Meade, 2G.


John Kellond of Tottones merchant, 26 August 21 James, proved 7
February 1G23. The Maudlen House of Tottones. The poor of Tottones.
My wife Mary. My son John. My son Samwell Kellond, at twenty one.
To my daughter Dunes Kellond fifty pounds, but if she take a marriage
by the consent and agreement of my overseers and executors in trust then
she shall have five hundred and fifty pounds twelve months after her mar-
riage, and for her maintenance I give her twenty pounds a year until she
has her portion. My daughter Mary Kellond. My daughter Katheriue
Kellond. My daughter Agnes Kellond. My daughter Joan Kellond.
My five daughters. To son John my house wherein I now dwell, with
remainder to son Samuel, then to my daughter Dunes Kellond and the heirs
male of her body. My cousin Henry Bickford of Rottery and each of his
brothers and sisters. My cousin Agnes Kellond and Nell Kellond her
sister, daughters to my deceased brother Richard Kellond. The children
of my deceased brother Christopher Kellond and of my sister Dunes
Ducke. Nicholas the son of William Squyer. My sister Agnes Prydiaux.
My sister Jane Bickford. My sister Dunes Ducke. My sister Mary Kel-
lond. My cousin Mr. Bartholomew Laskey of Tottones. My brother in
law Mr. Nicholas Wyse. My friend Christopher Broockinge the son of
the deceased Mr. William Broockinge. My cousin Philip Lea. Son John
to be sole executor (he not yet twenty one). My brother Steeveu Kellond.
The mayor and burgesses of Tottones. To " dicayed " merchants. A new
prisou to be builded. Robert Shaplye one of the witnesses. A nuncupa-
tive codicil. Gifts in October and November 1G23. William Squyer jun r .
now in Oxford at the University. My deceased brother Richard Kellond's
daughter Joan Kellond. My sister Margaret Squyer, after the death of
her husband. Byrde, 1G.

Johane Kelland of Totues, Devon., widow, 4 November 1G24, proved
5 February 1G24. The poor of Tottnes and the poor of the Mawdlyn of
Tottnes. My son Walter Kelland. My son Christopher Kelland. My
son John Kelland. My (laughters Johane Kelland, Elizabeth Kelland,
Jane Kelland, Margaret Kelland and Wethen Kelland. The last named
to be sole executrix. My brother Christopher Broking and my brother in
law Christopher Maynard. Clarke, 17.

Walter Kelland of Stoke-canon, Devon., gen 1 ., 4 October 1G71,
with a codicil bearing date 11 October 1G71, proved 29 Jnne 1G72. To
wife Mary Kelland the tenement or living wherein she. now liveth, com-
monly called Beere, within the parish of Broad-list, Devon. My daughter
Hannah Kelland. My grandchild Audrey Kelland, daughter of my de-
ceased son Richard Kelland. My four grandchildren the daughters of my
said deceased son Richard Kelland, over and above the portions that their
said father appointed and bequeathed unto them, viz 1 , to Elizabeth, Mary,
Audrey and Dorothy. My estate of inheritance which I lately bought of
Jonathan Wade of Topisham gen*., situate, lying or being in Sowton, Devon,
I give to my daughter Elizabeth Lee, the now wife of Edward Lee, for
term of her natural life, then to their second son Walter Lee, next to their
third son Edward Lee, then to John Lee, their fourth son, then to Richard
Lee, their eldest son, then to their daughter or daughters. My grandson
Walter Kelland, eldest son of my deceased son Richard. My grandson
Richard Kelland, brother to the said Walter. My daughter Dorothy
Vicary, widow, her daughter Mary Vicary and her sou Walter Vicary.
My grandson Walter Kelland, son of my son Walter, and his two sisters


Mary and Hannah. Mrs. Anne Robinson, widow. The Ward-house,
wherein I now keep the Sheriff's ward or prison for the County of Devon,
situate in the parish of Stoke-Cauon. My son Walter Kellaud and my sou
in law Edward Lee. Eure, 76.

John Kellond of Paingsford, Devon, Esq., 22 September 1677, proved
16 July 1679. To Richard Bickford of Brent in Devon, yeoman, five
pounds. Elizabeth Predham of Little Hempston, Devon, widow. Jane
Barrie of Bridgetown in the parish of Berry Pomeroy, Devon, widow.

The poor of Aishprington and those of other parishes that shall be at
my funeral. The poor of Totues, Devon. My servant Nicholas Eraucis.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Kellond of Boston in
New England, my second son, for his portion, two thousand pounds. To
my daughter Joane Kellond one hundred pounds and no more because she
hath departed from my house and married against my liking and consent.
My grandson Francis Fullford, my godson, at one and twenty. My cousin
Zachary Gould of Staverton. My grandson John Kellond, the son of my
son John Kellond of Totnes. My farm and barton called Durleigh lying
near Bridgewater, Somerset. My grandson Charles Kellond, the son of my
son John Kellond of Totnes. My mansion house, barton, farm &c. called
Tingrasse in the parish of Tingrasse, Devon. Other real estate. Son
John. His daughter Susan Kellond, my grandchild, at day of marriage,
and her sister Bridget Kellond. To every one of my son Thomas Kellond's
children one hundred pounds, at day of marriage. My grandchild Eliza-
beth Sparke in Barbathos. King, 174.

John Kellond of Painsford, Devon, Esq., 10 March 1690, proved 1
November 1692. Reference to a deed bearing date 1 6 October 36 th Charles
II, made between me, of the one part, and Francis Fulford Esq., Charles
Kellond my son and Valentine Pomeroy gen 1 and John Rowe gen', of the
other part, for the conveyiug and settling my manor and lordship of Slapton
and the capital messuage &c. of Stancombe. My wife Bridget. My three
daughters Susanna, Bridget and Katherine Kellond. My grand daughter
Margaret Kellond, daughter of my son Charles. My brother in law
Thomas Drewe Esq. and his now wife. My nephew Samuel Kellond, at
the expiration of his apprenticeship. Certain servants. My kinsman
George Yard of the City of Exon (Exeter) mercer. In a codicil he refers
to kkisman M r George Yard of Stokegabriel. Fane, 206.

Luce Shorte, widow, of Gillingham, 4 October 1603, proved 2 Decem-
ber 1G03. To be buried in the churchyard of Gillingham. Brother Henry
Shorte My sister Alice Murgin. Alice Goodiuge, Thomas Goodinge,
Simon Gooding, Elizabeth Goodinge and Murgin Dauye which are my
sisters children. James Arnolde and Richard Arnold at twenty one. My
daughter Elizabeth Shorte. My son Thomas Shorte. My house in
Maidestone to my son Thomas, and if he die without lawful heirs of body
then to Thomas Goodinge and Simon Gooding, to be equally divided be-
tween them &c. Margaret Berry, Dorothy Kente, Joane Edwardes and
Elizabeth Shorte my daughters. Marrian Astreates, Joane Astreates and
Sara Astreates. Elizabeth, Richard and John Berry. Dorothy Rente's
child. Joaue Edwarde's child. Richard Kente of Stoke shall be guardian to
my son Thomas Shorte till he comes to the age of fourteen. The residue to
my son William Shorte whom I make sole executor. For overseers I ap-
point Richard Astreetes of Gillingham and Richard Kente of Stoke. Henry
Short and James Thurston witnesses. Bolein, 105.


William Short of Gillingham, Kent, 16 November 1G41, proved 21
December 1641. To be buried in Gillingham near the tomb of the Shorts,
my ancestors. My two grandchildren William Short and Elizabeth Man-
ser. My sister Johau Edwards and Mary Lofty her daughter. Richard
Arnold, William Berrye and Thomas Berrye, my sisters sons. Susan
Grauesden and John Wilson, my sisters daughters. Symon Gooddin my
kinsman. Mr. John Short, Mr. James Short, Henry Lawrance, Richard
Lawrauce, William Lawrance, Thomas Lawrance, Sarah Baylie, Mary
Duck, widow, Elizabeth Smith, Mark Short and John Short, his brother.
Susan Gravesend again mentioned. My kinsman Richard Arnold to be
sole executor. My grandchild William Short, son of my son James.
Richard Baylye and Thomas Lofty. The capital messuage or tenement,
called the Brewhouse, in Week Street in Maidstone. Reference to will of
John Short deceased. John and Joseph, his sons. John Short the son of
Thomas Short. Job an Duke, the daughter of the aforenamed Mary Duke,
widow. The foresaid Joane Wilson. William Mauser, my son in law.
Elizabeth Manser, his daughter. P^velvn, 128.

[The testator of the above will is that William Short referred to in the will
of his nephew Richard Arnold, printed in the Gleanings for July, 1894 (pp. 374-
375; ante, pp. 8S2-3J. H. F. W.]

John Lorde of RedrifF. Surrey, clothier, 14 September 1603, proved 8
December 1603. To wife Elizabeth, for life, my two houses in Sudbury,
Suffolk, one of them, with an orchard, being in the parish commonly called
Gregory parish, and the other in the parish commonly called Peter's parish.
After the decease of my wife I give them to my daughter Elizabeth. If
my wife die before my daughter shall have accomplished the full age of
nineteen years then the two houses aforesaid and the benefit of their rent

shall freely remain in the possession of Anthony Lord my father and

my mother, or the survivor of them, until my daughter come to said age of
nineteen years. But if she die without issue then the said houses shall go
to the said Anthony Lord my father and my mother and the sur-
vivor of them, and afterwards to my three sisters yet unmarried, Alice,
Joue and Prewe Lord (each one third) provided they pay to their other two

sisters ten pounds i. e. to Elizabeth five pounds and to Anne

five pounds. To my father Anthony Lorde ten pounds. To

Robert Lorde my In-other forty shillings which he shall recover by a bond
due to me from William Johnson of Colchester, Essex. My wife Eliza-
beth to be executrix. Bolein, 1 10.

John Lord of Sudbury, Suffolk, 1 March 1640, proved 11 July 1655.
To the poor of all the three parishes in Sudbury forty shillings apiece.
To Mr Rogers minister of the parish wherein I now dwell, if he be living
and preach a sermon at my funeral, forty shillings, or otherwise unto such
godly minister as shall preach such sermon. I give to Bennett my loving
wife all that my messuage or tenement, with the yards, gardens, orchards
and appurtenances thereunto belonging, situate and being in the parish of
St. Gregory in Sudbury which I late purchased of Robert Lord my kins-
man and Katherine his mother, or one of them, and now is in the tenure or
occupation of William Gunton the elder &c. My wife to hold this for
life, and after her decease I give and bequeath the said messuage &c. as
also the messuage &c. in the parish of All Hallows in Sudbury wherein I
now dwell and which my said wife holdeth for life, unto my daughter Elizabeth
wife of William Stacie the vounger of Boeking, Essex, for life. And after



decease of said wife and daughter I give to Anne Stacy ray grandchild the
messuase in the occupation of William Gunton and to Elizabeth Staeie my
grandchild the other messuage. If they die without issue &c. then to my
grandchild Mary Stacy. Other gifts to grandchildren and to wife. To the
children of Thomas Gunton the elder by my sister, viz*: to my cousin Thomas
Gunton the younger and to William, his brother, twenty pounds each, for
the benefit of their children, and to Anne and Elizabeth Gunton, sisters of
the said Thomas the younger and William, ten pounds apiece.

Item, I give unto my cousin Robert Lord, if he comes again from beyond
the seas to demand it, ten pounds.

William Stacie, the husband of my daughter Elizabeth, to be sole
executor and my kinsman Thomas Gunton the younger to be supervisor.
I will that my executor shall pay unto Susan Lord, my sister of the half
blood, four pounds yearly during her life, to Oliver Dowdle (my servant

that was) forty shillings, to my kinsman sou of Barwicke and Anne

Lord my kinswoman, apprentice with one Bowser, a weaver of Sudbury,
twenty nobles. Aylett, 70.

Bennett Lord of Sudbury, Suffolk, widow and aged, 26 September
1653, proved 26 July 1655. My sou in law William Stacye of Booking,
Essex, and his children. Frances Gunton daughter of my cousin William
Gunton. Oliver Dowdall and Martha Ilugens my servants. My kinsman
Richard Cooke of London for the use of his children. My kinsman
William Wood of London in the behalf of his children. My sister Eliza-
beth Crewes of Tendring. Mihill Clarke of Much Bromly, Essex, to be
my Executor. Aylett, 76.

[We have now the English home of one of our distinguished Essex County
families. Mr. Robert Lord was for years clerk of the courts for Ipswich, Mass.
His son Robert tilled the office of Marshal of the court for Ipswich, au office,
the nearest equivalent of which now is that of High Sheriff. Mrs. Katherine
Lord, widow, mother of the first Robert, received a grant of land in Ipswich
(Mass) in 16-11, within a few months, probably, after conveying to John Lord of
Sudbury (England) her iuterest in the messuage, etc., in the parish of St.
Gregory, referred to in the said John Lord's will.

I found at Finchingfleld, when I went down to Essex in 1891, this entry ou
the register :

" 1630, Nov. 11, Robert Lord and Mary Waite."

I do not find among my extracts any note of baptisms of any children of this
couple. Mr. Lord probably took his wife back with him to Sudbury. Fiuch-
ington Registers apparently began in 1617. — Hexry F. Waters.

Mary Waite, wdio married Robert Lord, was a daughter of Samuel and Mary
(Ward) Waite of Wethersfield in Essex. The will of her brother, Rev. Joseph
Waite, M.A., Rector of Springton in Suffolk, is printed in vol. xlvi., p. 318
(ante, p. 588). Other wills of Waites and Wards will be found in that volume,
pagjs 313-320 (ante, pp. 583-590).— Editor.]

George Ma.rvix (parish not stated) 24 March 1643, proved 4 April
1649. I do acknowledge myself in debts — to Mr Colney four pounds five
shillings, at the darke house a matter of eight shillings, Mr Ilaman, a
seedsman, two or three shillings, one Edward three shillings, to the apothe-
cary. I do will and bequeath fifteen pounds to my sister in Mislye, ten
pounds to my uncle at Stutton, five pounds to my cousin William at Stutton,
five pounds to my cousin John of Hentley, five pounds to my cousin John
of Stepney, five pounds to my cousin Richard of Rushmore, ten pounds
to Mrs Ward, widow of Mr Samuel Ward, five pounds to Mr Nath :
Ward late of Walke-horne, three pounds to Mr Colney at whose house I


now am, two pounds to Barnabas Brag at Mr Colney's house, ten pounds
in Mr Nathaniel Ward's hands for the good of the child, to be paid
when he shall think best for its good, ten pounds Doctor Hubbard for his
pains and care, to John and Tobias Coachman ten shillings apiece, two
pounds to Mrs Thorneton, to the poor of Silver Street where I shall be
buried ten shillings, to the poor in Cobden twenty shillings, to the poor of

Bently ten shillings. The poor of My cousin Knolls in Five

foot Lane. My cousin Bales; she lives at Coldharbor. Mr Thompson to
preach my funeral sermon. I do appoint and name for my executors Mas-
ter Nathaniel Ward and Mr Joseph Ward. Due me in moneys upon a bill
a hundred and fifteen pounds in Mr Nathaniel Ward's hands. My books
in a square chest with a padlock, with linen &c, at Mr Colveye's. My bill
is in my desk. My friends Nathaniel and Joseph Ward, ministers, desiring
them to see my body to be decently interred.

Proved by Nathaniel Ward, power reserved for Joseph Ward.

Fairfax, 46.

[In the Probate Act Book he is described as late of the parish of St. Olave
in Silver Street, London.]

John Ward of Stratford, Suffolk, clothier, 19 October 1629, proved 18
May 1631. 1 give and bequeath to Anne my beloved wife all that my
freehold tenement called Dawes, together with fifteen acres of land, more
or less, with the appurtenances, situate and lying in East Mersey, for term
of her natural life; and after her decease to John Ward my son and to his
heirs forever. I give to Anne, my wife, towards the proving and perform-
ing of this my last will, my fourth part of the ship called the Unity of
Maningtree, with all my part of the furniture and tackling thereof, with all

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