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pounds at eighteen or day of marriage. 1 yckenng, o'l.

William Colman of Thorington Essex, gen 1 , 29 July 1586, proved 18
November 1586. The poor of Thorington and every poor widow there.
To wife Anne one annuity or yearly rent of ten pounds to be taken out of
my farm of Thorington Hall and lands belonging, for the term of twelve
years if she so long live. To said wife one hundred pounds, accompting
the twenty pounds I lent her in her widowhood parcel thereof. If wife be
with child &c. My brother in law Richard Symnell shall have the custody
Sue. of my (laughters Jane, Elizabeth, Martha and Joane until! they shall
accomplish the full age of eighteen years. My brother Edward Colman.
To daughter Jane her mother's marrying ring. My sister in law Jane
Simuell. My cousin John Colman at twenty one. My brother in law
Thomas Symnell. My servant Anne Lane. Nurse Lawrence. My ser-
vant Henry Cooke. My servant Rand. My sister in law Martha Saffold.


To my sister Taylecote thirteen shillings four pence to make her a ring
and to her daughter Jane Lambert a French crown. To my sister Rachel 1,
my wife's sister, ten shillings. Mr. Forbore. To Smithe (?) the " shepe
milker " three loads of brush to be delivered at his house before the Feast
of St. Michael next ensuing. My brother in law Lawrence Symnell. To
John Cole four loads of brush. To Greeneleafe two loads of brush. Wil-
liam Day at asre of tweuty. The Master and Fellows of St. John's Col-
lege, Cambridge, praying them to be good to my children, to grant Licence to
my executor to let my farm to the most profit for my children. My brother
in law Mr. Richard Symnell to be sole executor. Windsor, 63.

William Hills of Loudon pewterer, 7 October 1603, proved 18 Octo-
ber 1603. Son William. Daughters Anne, Sara and Judith Hills. Hum-
frey Lambert and his wile Hellen Lambert. Their children, William,
Barbara and Sara Lambert. William Marshall and his wife. Robert
Marshall and his wife. Thomas Marshall and his wife. Samuel Marshall.
My brother James Hicks. John Tailcoate and Robert Tailcoat. Thomas
Young. Thomas Skoophulme. John Hatche. Thomas Rowley. Alex-
ander Waters. Katherine Hills. John Dickons. William Fells. Alice
White the elder. To my son William Hills my seal ring. The Company
of the Pewterers. My wife Parnell to be sole executrix. Anne Baylye
the wife of Edward Bayllye. Bolein, 78.

John Tailecot of Brainctrie, Esses, pewterer, A. D. 1604, proved 24
January 1604. The poor of Brainctrye. To wife Anue, for life, my mes-
suage wherein I now dwell &c, in Branctry; and, after her decease I give
the same to John Tailcot, my son, and the heirs of his body lawfully to be
begotten, remainder to my right and next heir. I give to wife Anne my
tenement in Brainctrie now in the tenure or occupation of one Barnabie
Boltell (Boutell?), taylor, to her and to her assigns for twenty years, and
then to my daughter Rachel Tailcot &c, remainder to son John Taylcot,
and lastly to my right heirs. To my son John Taylcot and to my daugh-
ters Anne, Mary, Grace and Sara Tailecot forty pounds apiece, at several
ages of one and twenty. To son John (among other things) my book of
Martyrs and my book intituled by the name of Mr. Rogers' book. My
maid-servant Elizabeth Ingram. My apprentices William Mullinges and
Thomas Clarke to serve with my wife after my decease. My wife Anne
to be executrix and to enter her own bond in the sum of three hundred
pounds to my father in law William Skynner and Robert Tailcot for the
performance of my legacies &c. ; and, if she marry again, to enter into suf-
ficient bond, before such marriage, in four hundred pounds, with one suffi-
cient surety, to my said father in law William Skynner and Robert Tail-
cot, my brother, truly to perform all the legacies, &c.

Wit : Marke Mott, Erasmus Sparhawke and James Sperhawke.
Proved (as above) by the oath of Moses Wall, husband of Anne, relict
of the said deceased. Hayes, 6

[The above will of John Talcott, of Braintree, in Essex, is given in the Talcott
Pedigree, Albany, 1876, page 15, and also the will of his father John Talcott, of
Colchester, dated in 1606. The latter mentions his grandson John Talcott,
son of his son Joliu Talcott, late of Braintree, and also his sons Robert and

This last John, a minor in 1G0G, came to New England in the "Lion," witli
others of Mr. Hooker's company, in 1G32, settled in Cambridge, deputy to the



Massachusetts General Court, 1634, 1635, and March 1636; removed to Hartford
in 1636, where he was one of the Committee who, for the first time, sat with
the Court of Magistrates in 1637, afterwards Deputy and Magistrate, Treasurer
of the Colony, 1654-1660, and Commissioner of the IT lited Colonies; died
in Hartford, March, 1660. He married Dorothy, daughter of Mark Mott, of
Braintree. The chart appended may be found in the Harleian MSS., 1137, p.
148, containing the Herald's Visitation of Essex, 1634, with th Coat of Arms,
granted in 1558, "Argent, on a pale sable, three roses of the field. Crest. —
A demi-griffin, Argent wings, endorsed, collared sable." The family of John,
of Braintree, has been added, and a few items from other sources, and this
is the chart as it is printed in the Talcott Pedigree. But it will be seen that
the wills confirm the chart. In the Talcott Papers, Vol. I, 276, 296, published
by the Conn. Historical Society, Gov. Joseph Talcott makes mention of sending
a letter to Mr. Thomas Talcott, in Warwick Lane, London, in 1732, very pos-
sibly a son or grandson of the Thomas Talcott who died in 1686.

M. K. Talcott.]







1st wife i 2d wife

Daughter of=John Tnlcott=Marie, Daughter of
Wells. I died 1C0G. Pullen.

Thomas Talcott=Margaret,

Rector of the

Churches of

St. Mary and

Mile End in

Colchester, and

Chaplain to the

Earl Marshal.

of Jeremy
Bigg of











Tho nas


John Talcott

of Madrid

in Spain,

alive in




died single in
Seville, Spain.



John TnIcott=Anne, dau.

of Braintree.
died 1004.

f William


Robert Talcott=Joanna, Daughter Daughter
of Colchester, I of John Drune m.

Alderman and of Branford, Barnard.
Justice of the Co. Suffolk.

John Talcott,
a minor in 1004.
Hartford, 10:;o.



Rachel. Anne. Mary. Grace. Saiah.




both died



Thomas Talcott=Tliamnr,
of Ilorkesley in I dau. of
Essex, son and John Bull

heir apparent, of Horkes
1034; ley Priory.

living in 1GG4.

Robert Tulcott=Mary,

in. in Arts.

dau. of

Robert Talcott.

Robert Talcott.

Thomas Talcott,

Son and Heir, act.

:il years in 1054,

Alderman, died

Feb. 22, 1085-0.

Buried in South aisle

of Holy Trinity Church, Colchester.

(twin with



of Hockley
on the Hill,
Co. Essex.


John Langley
of Colchester,

Cantain of

the Trainband

& Alderman.

b. after 10:14,
wife of Robert
Wyles of

Richard Symnell of Colchester, Essex, gentleman and one of the alder-
men of the same town, 9 December 1G07, proved 22 July 1G08. To be
buried near first wife Jane. The poor of the several parishes of the town.


s 1 Johu's College, Cambridge. The free or common Grammar School in
Colchester to enjoy a scholarship there, my kindred to be preferred. To
the Bailiffs and Commonalty of the town and their successors two bowls,
double gilt, of the value of ten pounds, to be made of the best fashion, with
my name to be set upon them, to be used at their feasts and meetings in
the moot-hall. To my sister Emme Clarke, widow, my tenement &c.
wherein she dwelleth, in the parish of All Saints, and twelve pounds yearly
for life. My sister Johane Waford. My wife Elizabeth. 1 bound unto
Eliazer Dnnkou of Ipswich, Suffolk, Ph. D. for the payment of four hun-
dred pounds to my said wife within six months after my decease. To my
brother Thomas Symnell my messuage &c. wherein I dwell, in the parish
of All Saints. My nephew Lawrence. Symnell. Johan, Alice and Jane
Symnell, the daughters of my late brother Lawrence Symnell, at twenty or
days of marriage. The corner house in the parish of St. Nicholas, at the
corner of Wyer Street, over against the church of St. Nicholas, now in the
tenure of Francis Clavse. My niece Elizabeth Keltridge. My nephew
Mr. Sydney. My cousin Mr. William Denman and my niece Thomazine
his wife. My niece Mary Loue (or Lone). Her late husband John Lone
(or Loue). My cousin Edward Lambard. My niece Jane Lambard, his
wife. To my niece (s?) Jane Hindes, Elizabeth Fowler, Martha Cutler,
Johan Cutbard and Jane Mathew, to every of them ten pounds, and to
every of their husbands twenty shillings (for rings). Elizabeth Furlye the
wife of Peter Furl v. To my nephew Richard Clarke, my nephew John
Clarke and my nephew William Taylecot ten pounds apiece. My brother
Thomas Symnell's wife and son Richard. My cousin Robert Legg. My
brother Thomas to be executor and my nephews Mr. Sydney Keltrich,
Thomas Hyndes and Samuel Cutler to be overseers.

Admon. de bonis non granted 27 November 1 620 to Thomas Penning-
ton, a creditor, the executor, Thomas Symnell, having died &c.

Windebanck, 71.

John Marshall of Chelmsford, Essex, woollen draper, 25 August 1604,
proved 18 February 1608. The poor of Chelmsford and of Moulsham.
My son Thomas. My house or Inn in Chelmsford, called the Dolphyn,
wherein Edward Bigland my father in law dwelleth. Sons Thomas, John
and Richard at twenty two. Daughters Ann, Elizabeth and Margaret
Marshall at one and twenty. My mother Margaret Bigland and my sister
Margaret Hamper. Every one of my brothers. My sister Jqane. To
wife Elizabeth my messuage in Much Baddowe, which I lately bought
of the heirs of John Sturgeon, for term of her natural life; and after her
decease I bequeath the same to my son John. To son Thomas my house
in Chelmsford called the Dolphyn, to enter upon it after the decease of my
mother Margaret Biglaud. To him also my messuage in Cookesmill Green
in Roxweil. Essex (and other land there), two crofts (of which) I pur-
chased of Robert Ellyott. To son John my double stall in Chelmsford.
To son Richard my messuage in Woodham Mortimer. The residue to wife
Elizabeth whom I make executrix. If she refuse then I make my brother
Mr. Edward Bigland and my brother in law John Hamper executors.

Dorset, 21.

Charles Bigland of Chelmsford Essex, 20 July 1624, proved 25 Janu-
ary 1624. Wife Grace to have all the rents &c. out of the copyhold lands
in Chelmsford, which I lately purchased of the widow Browne of Moul-


sham, during the minority of my son Charles. Lands lately purchased of
Mr. Theophilus Wiseman. My daughters Margaret and Grace Bigland at
eighteen or days of marriage. My messuage or tenement in Moulsham
which I lately purchased of my brother William Neale. My daughter
Mary at eighteen or day of marriage. My son Nathaniel at two and twenty.
Legacies to my children by the last will of Robert Robinson late of Spring-
field deceased. To my father Mr. Edward Bigland and my brothers Ed-
ward and Ezekias Bigland. My sisters Jane the wife of John Mortimer
and Margaret the wife of John Hamper. My sister Mary Seaman, widow,
and John and Elizabeth Seaman, her children. Rachell Clarke widow,
sometime the wife of my brother John Bigland deceased. Good friend the
Lady Mildmay. Mary the daughter of Alice Higham of Chelmsford.
Others. Thomas Joslin. Jane the wife of Ambrose Ay let. Sara the
wife of my cousin John Marshall. My cousin Robert Reynolds and the
wife of my cousin Samuel Clarke of Colchester. Mr. Burre of Bromfield
clerk. Henry aud Edward Bigland sons of my brother Edward. Grace
and William Sturton. The wife of Samuel Thrasher. Wife to be sole
executrix. Clarke. 7.

John Marshall of Chelmsford, Essex, woollen draper, 3 October 1G25,
proved 5 January 1625. The poor of Chelmsford and of Moulsham. To
Mr. Hooker, by whose pains in the preaching of the Gospel I have received
much spiritual comfort, forty shillings, to be paid upon the day of my
funeral, whom also I desire to preach at my funeral. My daughter Sara
Marshall at twenty. If Sara my wife shall be with child &c. My brother
Richard. My brothers in law Samuel Clarke and Robert Reynolds. My
father in law Thomas Dutchfield, my mother Elizabeth Dutchfield and my
mother in law Joan Coo. My uncle William Neale. My aunt Bigland.
My aunt Neale. My sisters in law Joan Strutt, widow, Mary Iligham,
Hanna Coo and Ede Coo. My brothers in law Isaac Coo and George Coo
the younger. Matthew Bridges and John Seely. My servant Henry Bul-
locke. My wife Sara to be sole executrix. If she be with child &c. My
father in law George Coo and my brother in law John Higham to be over-
seers. My aunt Hamper of Bylliraykay, my aunt Joan Mortouer of Lou-
don and my aunt Taylcote of Colchester.

Wit: Ma: Bridges, Thomas Ditchfield, John Seely. Hele, 12.

Elizabeth Duchfeild of Colchester, Essex, widow, 12 February 1638,
28 August 1651. My grandchild Sara Marshall, daughter of my late son
John Marshall deceased. My son Richard Marshall and his children John,
Mary, Elizabeth and Sara Marshall. Samuel Clarke my son in law and

his wife my daughter. My grandchildren Samuel Clarke, John Clarke,

Thomas Clarke. Nathaniel Clarke, Benjamin Clarke and Francis Clarke.
John Marshall of Colchester, gen 1 , one of the aldermen of the said town,
and Mary his wife. My daughter in law Anne Upcher, widow, and her
daughter Anne, now the wifa of John Gale of Colchester, woollen-draper.
The poor, lame and impotent people of Chelmsford, Essex, and of Lexden,
within the liberties of Colchester. The residue to my said son ii> law Sam-
uel Clarke and to the children of my said son Richard Marshall, to be
equally parted and divided between the said Samuel aud the said children.
The said Samuel Clarice t be sole executor. Elizabeth Dichfeild (her
mark;. Grey, 158.


John Parkinson of Colne Engaine, Essex, clerk, 7 May 1628, proved
2 December 1G29. To sou John my "chare" which I use to ride to
church, which I bought of Mr. Guidon. My sou John's wife and his son
John. Mv daughter Agues Wood ah Davy and her daughters Anne Fisher,
Elizabeth Fisher. Abigail Fisher and Margaret Fisher. My grandchildrea
John Fisher and Geoige Wood. My daughter Joane Howe, and my grand-
children Matthew, John. Thomas, Anne and Mary Howe, her children, and
Matthew Howe, her husband. Agnes Rookes the daughter of my sou
Christopher Parkiuson, and Richard Parkinson, his son, my grandchild.
Henry Parkinson the son of my son Thomas. My house in the town of
Huntington, in the parish of St. Beuett's, now called the " Checker."
Dorothy, widow of my late son Thomas.

I give and bequeath unto Robert Tailecott, gentleman, twenty shillings.
To Mary Taylecott my grandchild, the wife of Robert Tailecott, twenty
shillings. My son in law John Wood alias Davy. My grandchild Daniel
Fisher to be sole executor.

Sententia pro valore, in the case of the above will, was promulgated 2
December 1629, Mary Taylcott als Lumkiu ah Parkinsou, a daughter of
the testator, being one of the parties interested. Ridley, 107.

William Talcott of Colchester pewterer, 20 August 163S, proved 14
May 1 639. Eldest son Jeremy Talcott. Wife Anabell. Messuage &c.
in All Saints Colchester. Messuage &c. in Ilalsted, Essex, lately purchased
of William Austen. Son John. Abigail Harris whom I have forbidden
him to marry with. Son William. Daughter Elizabeth the wife of Thomas
Jervis. Elizabeth Jervys my grandchild. Wife Annabell to be executrix.

Harvey, 71.

Robert Talcott of Colchester, Essex, the elder, gen 1 , 11 August 1641,
proved 1 October 1641. To my son Robert all my lands, tenements and
hereditaments, both freehold and copyhold, in Polden, Essex. Other be-
quests to him. My brother Thomas Talcott, clerk. My eldest son Thomas
to be executor.

Samuell Clerke one of the witnesses. Evelyn, 128.

Sentence for the confirmation of the above was promulgated 14 May
1642, the parties in the case being Thomas Talcott, son and executor, of the
one part, and Robert Talcott, also a son, and George Dearsley and
Sarah Dearsley, nephew and niece (nepofes) on the brother's side, of the
other part. Cambell, 71.

Joan Coo of Great Maplested (Essex) 31 .January 1641, proved 9
August 1647. My sou Isaac. To my daughter Bridges twenty pounds.
To my son Bridges twenty shillings. Mrs. Hackett one of my grandchil-
dren. Mr. Hackett. Matthew Bridges ray grandchild. My daughter
Leigh and my son Leygh. My god daughter Joane Leigh. Anna Leigh
and George Leigh. My daughter Strutt and her sons John and Thomas
Strutt. My daughter Edith Coo. My son George Coo. I give to my
sister Taylcott's son Thomas three pounds and to her other four children
eight pounds to be equally divided between them. My son Higham and
his wife. To my cousin Thomas Cooke twenty shillings. The poor of
Much Maplested and Mr. Shepherd. My lands in Colne Byrt Hall. Mrs.
Blithe. Mr. Dan Rogers. Mr. Carr. Mr. Brewer. My cousin Lenton
of Sudbury. My cousin Greene of Hedingham widow. My son Isaack
Coo to be sole executor. Fines, 180.


Moses Wall of Brain tree, Essex, clothier, 16 September 1623, with a
codicil dated 10 October 1020, proved 20 January 1620. To wife Anne
my copyhold messuage in Little Bromley, Essex, for life. To son Moses
all my lands, tenements &c. in Hatfield Broadoak in Essex. And I give
him my copyhold tenement in Brain tree provided that my wife shall have
the bene^t of all my tenements and lauds &c. until Moses my son shall be
thought tit to go to Cambridge. My two daughters Lydia and Mary Wall,
at twenty one. My friends Mr. Collins of Braintree, Mr. Daniel Rogers
of Wethersfield, Mr. Pumfritte of Bocking, Mr. Bucklye of Lyees, Mr.
Wharton of Felsted and Mr. Blackerbye.

I give unto John Talkatt, my son in law, and to Rachel Taylcott and to
Sara Taylcott, my daughters in law, five pounds apiece. My workmen
John Louse, George Billinealle, Thomas Wilkinson, John Clarke and his
wife, Robard Kellogg, William Ventris and John Springe. John Prmcett,
Richard Claye and William Porter. John Jacob my apprentice. My breth-
ren Nicholas and John Wall. My other brethren Bartholomew and Daniel
Wall. John and Daniel Wall, sons of my brother Nicholas Wall. My
customary lands &c. in Fingregoe, Essex. If Moses die and my daughters
likewise, without issue &c. I give to John Taylcote my son in law my tene-
ment in Braintree after my wife's decease. My friend Thomas Fitche of
Bockinge. My loving sister Mary Peers, widow.

Wit: William Goodwin, George Steares. Wit: to the Codicil, W.
Lyngwood, George Stares, John Springe. Byrde, 6.

[Those interested will see a very large abstract of the above will in The
Goodwins of East Anglia, already referred to.]

Nicholas Wall of Langham, Essex, yeoman, 3 April 1647, proved 5
July 1G43. I give unto every one of my " sonne in lawes," Mr. Thomas
Gipps, Mr. Thomas Brandeston and Mr. William Allen, twenty shillings
apiece to make each of them a gold ring. To my three daughters in law,
my son John's wife, my son Daniel's wife and my son Bartholomew's wife
(the same legacies). To the poor of Langham forty shillings. To my
grandchildren, sons and daughters of my son John, viz' John, Daniel, Nicho-
las and Jane Wall, ten pounds apiece, the sons at one and twenty and the
daughter at same age or day of marriage. To my grandchildren Daniel,
John and Elizabeth Wall, children of my son Daniel (a similar bequest).
To my daughter Mary wife of Mr. Thomas Gipps fifty pounds (with con-
dition about their children). To daughter Elizabeth wife of William Allen
(a similar bequest). A similar bequest to daughter Sarah wife of Mr.
Thomas Brandston. To Elizabeth and Sarah Wall, the daughters of my
son James, fifty pounds apiece at one and twenty or days of marriage. To
my son Samuel Wall and Elizabeth his wife, after my wife's decease, my
customary messuages, lands &c. in Kirkby and Thorpe in the " Sookne " in
Essex. To wife Elizabeth, for life, fifteen pounds a year to be paid out of
the profits of my lease of the demesnes of the Manor of Langham, provided
she release to my son John and Jane his wife all her dower in that tene-
ment &c. in Feeriug and Mark's Tey, Essex, called Dolmsey, in the occu-
pation of Porter. My wife to release to my son Daniel and Mary his

wife her dower in the messuage, lands ifcc. called Meere's Pightle, in Strat-
ford, Suffolk, wherein the said Daniel now dwelleth. Other bequests and
provisions. Bartholomew Wall my son to be my sole executor, or, in case
of his death &c, my son in law William Allen. Essex, 120.


Bartholomew Wall of Midleton, Essex, yeoman. 21 November 1 60 1,
proved 30 April IG55. To son Richard Wall of Dedham, Kssex, clothier,
the farm 1 now use and occupy called Midleton Hall, to hold for one year,
he paying the year's rent &c. After that I give said farm to my wife Mar-
garet for the rest of the term of the lease. My two daughters Sarah and
Mary Wall. Household stuff 1 brought from Langford Hall. Messuage,
lands, &c. in parish of St. Lawrence in Dengey Hundred, Essex (and other
lands near bv). To my son Bartholomew Wall an annuity of ten pounds
per annum to be issuing out of the messuages, lands &c. given to my son
Richard; also twenty pounds of lawful money, to be paid unto him within
^ix months alter my decease. My daughter Elizabeth Pennington and
such child or children of hers as shall he living at the time of my decease.
Every one of my brothers, living at my decease. S mi Richard to he sole
executor and cousin Daniel Wall of Stratford, Suffolk clothier, and my
son's master Mr. Webb of Dedhain. clothier, to be overseers.

Aylett, 340.

Richard Wall of Stratford, Suffolk, clothier. 12 November 1656,
proved 23 February 1 6.30. All my lands, tenements &c. to be sold for pay-
ment of debts and funeral charges. My sister Elizabeth, wife of Nathaniel
Pennington, and her children. Edmund Cooke the younger of Stratford,
clothier" Reference to will of father, Bartholomew Wall, deceased, dated
21 November 1651, and to the bequest therein made to Mary and Sarah
Wall, his daughters (evidently still living). Elizabeth Pennington to be
executrix. Ruthen, 80.

Maygaret Seborne of Dedham. widow, 17 August 1622, proved 18
September 1622. My son William Bentley. My son Edward Bentley.
My son Bezaliall Bentley. My son John Bentley. My daughter Margaret
Bentley. My son Thomas Seborne. My son in law Edmund Seborne.
My five children, William, Edward, John. Bezaliall and Margaret Bentley.
Son William sole executor.

Proved by William Bentley. Savile, 83.

Mart Bektly of Langham. Essex, widow, 27 December 1647, proved
3 January 1648. My son William Bently and his wife. To Mary Clark
mv grandchild the whole hundred pounds that is in my brother Howe's
band of Dedham, forty pounds whereof is the legacy that was given unto
her by her grandfather at his decease, and the other three score pounds 1
give unto her with this proviso that she be subject to my executor and my
loving brothers John Alfounder and Steven How, to be ruled and advised
by them both now while she is in her single estate and also when she comes
to enter into the married estate, and to contract matrimony with no man
without their advice and consent. I give her a rug which I bought of my
si.-ter Salmon of Dedliam. I give to my grandchildren Mary Clark, daugh-
ter to my daughter Clark deceased, ami Anna. Elizabeth, Mary and Sara
Wall, daughters to my daughter Wall, and John and Mary Rayner, the
children of my daughter Rayner deceased, and John and Anthony Bog-
gice. the sons of my daughter Boggice, all that my part in the ship called
the Elizabeth of Maningtree. To my loving brothers and sisters, Henry
Fenn and his wife, my brother Alderman and his wife. Steven How and
his wife, Margaret Collings, my si-~ter Salmon, Bezaliel Bently and John
Bentlv. and to my sons and daughters Bartholomew Wall and his wife,
Edward Rayner and his wife and Anthony Boggice and his wife, five slid-

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