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shell footed with silver. To my son in law Matthew Alefounder one silver
spoon. To mv son in law John Alefounder one silver spoon. To my
brother in law John Alefounder one silver spoon. All the rest of my sil-
ver spoons I give to my grandchildren Mary and Elizabeth Wodward,
equally to be divided betwixt them. To my daughter in law Mary Wod-
ward my cloak and safeguard that were mine when I was a widow and a
piece of new cloth to make her a cloak. To my loving husband Robert
Alefounder my biggest gold ring and a piece of gold of thirty three shil-


Jings. To my daughter Anne Feuue a little gold ring. To my daughter
in law Susan wife of Matthew Alefounder another gold ring. My maid
Anne Deane. To Mr. John Rogers forty shillings and to Mr. Cottesford
thirty shillings. Mr. Witham of Misley. The poor of Dedham. I make
Ezekiell Sherman my son in law sole executor.

Wit: Lyonell Chewte, Symon Fenne and George Spinke.

Proved 5 September 1627.

Com. of London for Essex and Herts.
File for 1627-1628. No. 126.

John Alefounder of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier, 3 July 1627,
proved 9 November 1627. My sisters Emme White, Mary Howard and
Audrey Moore, My son Benjamin Alefounder. My cousin Robert Ale-
founder. My wife Mary. Skynner, 108.

Matthew Alefounder of Dedham Essex, clothier, 20 December 1628,
proved at Colchester 5 June 1629. To wife Susan, for life, my house
wherein I lately dwelt, called Sturgeon's, with all my lands and meadow-
ground now in the tenure &c. of Steven Howe and his assigns. I give her
also my house and lands called Knappe's, now in the tenure &c. of Henry
Renolds (with other lands). After my wife's death I give these houses
and lands to my brother John Alefounder. To my brother Robert Ale-
founder and his heirs forever all that my free land in Walton, Essex, called
Grovehouse land, with a barn thereupon built, now in the occupation of
John Cole, after my father's decease. I give to my sister Susan Salmon,
for life, my tenement or cottage wherein Joseph Tompson dwelleth, called
Sturgeon's (with other land). I give and bequeath unto my sister Rachel
Sherman, during her natural life, all my lands lying in Lawford, called
Foxash. And after the death of the said Susan Salmon and Rachel Sher-
man I give and bequeath to my brother John Alefounder and to his heirs
forever a:l those lands, meadow and tenement before given to the said Su-
san and Rachel. I give to my father Alefounder five pounds to buy a piece
of plate and to my mother Alefounder forty shillings to buy her a ring.
To Mr. John Rogers, preacher of God's word in Dedham, five pounds, to
Mr. Cottesford, minister of Dedham, three pounds and to Mr. Witham,
minister of Mislie, three pounds. To my father in law Upcher and to my
mother in law Upcher five pounds apiece. Item, I give to my father in
Jaw Goodwyn and to my mother Elizabeth Goodwyn forty shillings
apiece to buy them, each of them, a ring. To my brother Quarles, minis-
ter of Raydon, and to my sister his wife forty shillings. To my brother
Hayward and Anne his wife forty shillings apiece. To my sister Ale-
founder (wife of my brother Robert) forty shillings. To my brother
William Hubard, to my brother John Goodwin and to my sister Mary Hol-
lowaj 7 , to either of them forty shillings apiece. To my brother Richard
Bruning forty shillings. To my brother in law Ezekiell Sherman forty
shillings. To my brother in law Henry Fenn forty shillings. To my
brother in law Edmund Seaburne and Anne his wife forty shillings apiece.
To my sister Mary Bentlie forty shillings. To my aunt Emme White,
widow, three pounds. To my aunt Mary Howard three pounds. To my
aunt Audrie More, widow, forty shillings. To my cousin George White
five pounds. To my cousin Sarah Fintz, widow, three pounds. To my
cousin Richard Alefounder forty shillings. My two servants John Starke
and Elizabeth Rogers. My workmen Thomas Darbie, Gilbert Hilles
and Miles Robertson. The widow Pakyn of Much Broomlie. To my


niece Anne Fenne and to my nephew Mathew Sherman five pounds
apiece, to be paid to their fathers for them. To my brother Steven
Howe twenty pounds. To my sister Anne Fenne twenty pounds. To
my sister Sarah Bruning and to my sister Susan Alefouuder ten pounds
apiece. To the poor of Dedham five pounds. The lands bequeathed to
Susan my wife shall be in full lieu of the thirds of my free lands. All
the rest of my goods &c. I give to my wife. Provision in case she be with
child. Wife Susan to be sole executrix and my father Robert Alefounder

Wit: Lyonell Chewte, Robart Makin aud Joseph Tomsone.

(Signed) Mathew Alfounder.

Com. of London for Essex and Herts.

File for 1628-1629. N°. 98.

Robert Alefounder of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 16 March 1629,
proved 6 Mav 1630. Wife. To son Robert Alefounder my lands and
tenements in Kirkeby, Essex, and house and lands in Walton, Essex. To
son John Alefounder houses, lands and meadows in Dedham, which I
bought of Mary Bentley, Hanna Neavard and Susan Salmon. To John
other houses and lands in Dedham (including lauds in occupation of Thomas
Wilson). To my daughters Sara Browninge, Rachell Sherman and Anne
Fenne one hundred pounds apiece. To my daughter Susan Alderman
three hundred pounds in discharge of her portion which I agreed to give
her upon marriage. To my daughter Browning's ten children, being my
grandchildren, ten pounds apiece at several ages of eighteen. To every
of son Robert Alefounder's children excepting his son Robert, ten pounds
apiece at eighteen. To my daughter Sherman's children, being my grand-
children, viz 1 to my godson Robert Sherman twenty pounds and to her
three other childreu ten pounds apiece, to be paid in like manner. To my
grandchild John Wilkinson ten pounds and to my grandchild Anne Wil-
kinson thirty pounds (to be paid as above). To my daughter Fenne's three
children ten pounds apiece (in same manner). To Stephen Howe twenty
pounds, he to make a general release of all demands. To my daughter in
law Susan Salmon ten pounds, to be paid unto her at such time or times as
Mr. Rogers shall think fit. To the children of my wife's daughter Mary
Bently that were born before my wife's death ten shillings apiece at ages of
eighteen. To the children of wife's daughter Hanna Payte that were
born before wife's death twenty shillings apiece at eighteen. To the child-
ren of my wife's daughter Susan Salmon ten shillings apiece at eighteen.
To my sister Emma White five pounds. And my sons Robert and John
shall give thirty shillings apiece yearly to my said sister. Gifts to sisters
Mary Howard and Awdrie Moore. My sister Groome's children. My
kinsman Richard Alefounder. To my kinsman George White forty shil-
lings. The poor of East Bergholt and of Dedham. Mr. Rogers. Thomas
Darbie. My brother John Upcher and his wife. My brother Thomas
Woodgate and his wife. Thomas Branston of East Bergholt. My sou
Thomas Glover. My son Richard Browninge. To my son Ezekiell Sher-
man three pounds to buy him a ring. My son Henry Fenne. My son
John Wilkinson. My sister Cole. A silver bowl each to daughters Sarah
Browninge, Rachel Sherman and Anne Fenne. AVine cups to daughter
Susan Alderman. My daughter in law the widow Alefouuder. My six
children. My two sons to be executors and loving friends Mr. John Rogers,
George Cole the elder and William Cole to be supervisors.


Wit: And re we Bacon, Edmund Sherman and Edward Cardinall.

Seroope, 49.

Sentence for confirmation of the above was promulgated 19 June 1630
following litigation between Robert and John Alefounder, sons and execu-
tors, of the one part, and Elizabeth Alefounder, the relict, and Anne
Fenne, Rachel Sherman, Sara Browninge and Susan Alderman, daughters
of the deceased, of the other part. Seroope, 58.

Robert Alefounder the elder of East Bargholt, Suffolk, clothier, 10
February 1635, proved 18 June 1639. To wife Elizabeth three score
pounds a year out of lands in occupation John Cole in Wolton (Walton)
in Essex. Other provision for her. The above lands (and others) to my
6on Robert. Lands in occupation of Thomas Whiting. To Robert my
capital messuage in Kirbye. To Robert, my eldest son, my copyhold house
and land &c. where I now dwell in East Bergholt. Lands in occupation of
George White. Other lands in occupation of James Barker, Thomas
Greene and myself in East Bergholt. To youngest son John Alefounder
my farm in Winsou, Suffolk, for life (he evidently unmarried). To my
eldest daughter Elizabeth Trenham one hundred pounds to be paid unto
her within one year after John Trenham have made her a jointure which
he promised upon marriage and when he received her former portion. To
daughter Anne Alefounder four hundred pounds, at age of twenty or six
months after marriage. To my daughter in law Mary, Robert's wife, ten
pounds to buy her a piece of plate, for a token of my love to her, and to
George White and Robert White, her sous, five pounds apiece, George to
be paid within a year after my decease, and Robert to be paid at his age of
two and twenty. My son in law John Trenham. My sister Sara Brauning
and my brother Brauning. My brother John Alefounder and Martha his
wife. To brother in law Ezekiell Sharman and my sister Rachell five
pounds apiece. My brother Henry Feun and my sister his wife. My
brother in law John Alderman. My brother Thomas Wood and his wife.
Mr. Cornelius Fisher. Mr. Thomas Barker of Sipton and his wife. My
loving friend Mr Samuel Ward of Ipswich. Eldest son Robert to be ex-
ecutor. Then follows sententia pro valore of same date as probate, the par-
ties being Robert and John the two sons. Harvey, 98.

Thomas Brauston of Flowton, Suffolk, clothier, 3 September 1638,
proved 29 July 1641. Wife Mary to give a sufficient release in law to my
son John of the thirds of all my lands &c. To son Thomas messuages,
lands &c. in Curby (Kirby) and Walton in the Soken, Essex. John my
eldest son. My sister Judeth Clearke the wife of Joseph Clearke of East
Bergholt, Suffolk. John Clarke, Judeth Clarke and Nahomy Clarke, the
children of the said Judeth Clarke. William Maxcie (Maxey) and
Thomas Briminge( ?) my grandchildren. I give to my brother in law
M r . Robert Alefounder and my sister his wife thirty shillings apiece. To
my cousin Robert Alefounder, my said brother's son, twenty shillings. To
my cousin Elizabeth Trenham, the wife of John Trenham of East Berg-
holt, twenty shillings. To the town of Bargholt fifteen pounds towards
the purchasing of a workhouse for the poor to work in. Five pounds to
the poor of East Bargholt. Steven Brauston the son of John Brauston.
Steven Brauston the son of Edmund Brauston of East Bargholt. Rose
Braberton, the wife of William Braberton of Bergholt, and all her child-
ren, at ages of one and twenty. Richard Alefounder the elder of Berg-


holt and Richard his son and Susan hia daughter. To my brother in law
Mr. .John Alefounderof Dedham, Essex, my sister Briminge ( Brunninge?),
my sister Sherman, my sister Fenn and my sister Alderman twenty shil-
lings apiece to buy each of them a ring. To son John all the rest of
my messuages, lands &c. in Suffolk and Essex or elsewhere which is not
heretofore bequeathed, and the rest of ray goods &c. I give to my son in
law Maxey ami my son in law Bruninge ten pounds apiece. To William
Boggas my son in law forty shillings. Evelyn, 92.

Jonx Alkfoundkr of Finchingfield, Essex, yeoman, 5 February 1642,
proved 2 August 1647. Wife Anne. Son John at one and twenty. Son
Henry at one :md twenty. Wife with child. Wife executrix. The widow
died before taking out probate. Fines, 182.

Robert Lynkon of East Bergeholte, Suffolk, clothier, 15 August 1559,
proved 23 October 1559. To be buried in the church or churchyard of
East Bergholt. Wife Marion. Son Stephen at twenty one. Son Robert
at twenty one. Son William at twenty one. Daughters Edith, Joane and
Elizabeth at twenty or days of marriage. Wife Marion to have my tene-
ments and all my lands in East Bergholt till my son Robert comes to age
&c. ; then he to have them. To son Stephen lands in Stratford. I have
a state in my brother Thomas' house for certain money which I stand bound
to one Henry Wallys for him. Sons Stephen and Robert to be executors
and Stephen Cardynall and William Amys supervisors. To this witnesseth
Ric. Cole, John Borrowe and others.

Commission issued, at the date given above, to the supervisors to admin-
ister during the minority of the executors. Chaynay, 45.

Robert Lincon alias Skynner of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier, 20
March 1590. To eldest son Stephen Lyncolue als Skynner my messuage,
lands &c. which I bought of my brother Stephen, now in the tenure of my
said brother, situate in Dedham, Essex. To son Robert the messuage
wherein I now dwell, in East Bergholt, and the tenement and lands I lately
bought of Thomas Bacon of Bramford, situate in East Bergholt. To said
eldest son Stephen two hundred pounds at age of one and twenty, together
with the profits of his said houses and lands, which my brother in law Ste-
phen Woodgate shall take and receive until his said age of one and twenty.
To son Robert two hundred pounds (at same age). To Samuel two hun-
dred pounds (at same age). To daughter Elizabeth two hundred pounds
at eighteen, or at marriage if with consent of my brother in law Stephen
Woodgate and my brother Stephen Lyncolne als Skynner. The same to
daughter Mary who is to obtain the consent of my brothers in law Stephen
and John Woodgate and my said brother Stephen to her marriage. My
said children Stephen, Robert, Samuel, Elizabeth and Mary. My uncle
Thomas Skinner. My good friend Christopher Burrowe of East Bergholt.
My kinsman John Goodwin to have the custody of the two hundred pounds
given to my son Robert. John Brauston of East Bergholt to have Samuel's
portion. Others named. Commission issued 4 September 1591 to John
Goodwin to administer during minority of sons Stephen and Robert, the

Commission issued 27 August 1601 to Elizabeth Hollaway als Lincoln
als Skynner, daughter of the deceased, to administer the goods &c. left un-
administered by John Goodwin, for the reason that .Stephen and Robert
Lincoln als Skinner, executors, and sons of the deceased, had died before
taking upon themselves the burden of the execution of the will.

Saiuberbe, 69.


Steven Woodgate of East Bergbolt, Suffolk, clothier, 10 May 1598,
proved 23 November 1598. To Steven, my son by Mary ray late wife,
the messuage &c. wherein I now dwell and all mv lands and tenements
whatsoever which came to me by the gift of Steven Woodgate my late
father deceased and all my lands and tenements which I lately purchased of
Edward Cole and copyhold lands lately bought of Edward Forthe gentle-
man (and other lands), with remainder to my son Thomas Woodgate, then
to my son Benjamin and lastly to my son John and his heirs forever. A
tenement (described) to son Thomas. To son Benjamin the house I lately
bought of my brother John Woodgate. To son Daniel Woodgate three
tenements in East Bergbolt (described). Houses and lands to son John.
Gifts of money to sons Benjamin, John and Daniel at one and twenty
years of age. To daughter Manna two hundred pounds at eighteen. Mv
son in law John Goodwin shall have the education and bringing up of mv
son John and the care of his money until he is of age, being bound there-
for by an obligation which shall be delivered unto my brother John Wood-
gate to be safely kept to the use of my said son. My kinsman Robert
Deraughe of Gray's Inn, gen', shall receive my son Daniel's portion. His
obligation shall be committed and delivered unto mv son in law John Good-
win to be safely kept to the use of my son Daniel. Brother John Woodgate
shall receive Hanna's portion and if be refuse to become bound to my said
daughter Anna then my kinsman Edmond Barker of Sipton, gentleman,
shall receive my daughter Anna's portion, his obligation to be committed
and delivered unto my son in law John Goodwyn &c. My son in law John
Howe. My cousin Robert Deraugb. My kinswoman Elizabeth Houburd.
My kinsman Samuel Skynner. My kinswoman Mary Skynner. Every
of my grandchildren. Anna Borrowe the wife of Christopher Borrowe.

My sister in law wife of mv brother John Woodgate. Habygall

Borrowe her daughter. Elizabeth Borrowe also the daughter of the said
Anne Borrowe. My godson Steven Thorpe. My kinswoman Elizabeth
Woodgate. Edmond Woodgate. John Woodgate my kinsman. Anne
Woodwarde. Others named. Son Stephen Woodgate and son in law John
Goodwin to be executors and Robert Deraugb and Christopher Borrowe su-
pervisors. Christopher Borroughe one of the wituessess. Robert Wyles
the writer another. Lewyn, 80.

George Hewburd of East Bergbolt, Suffolk, 2 March 1598. proved
16 June 1599. To wife Elzabeth tenement at Puttocke's end in East Berg-
bolt wherein Michael Tranam now dwelleth. to hold and enjoy during her
life; and after her decease I give said tenement to my son William. Other
tenements described, one of which occupied by Richard Hedge. Certain
household effects to wife and to son William. The latter's mother to have
the custody of his part till he come to the age of one and twenty. My sis-
ter Margaret Hewburd. Mv brother William Hewburd and his son Wil-
Ham. My aunt Margaret Robertes. Tenement at Puttocke's Elnd wherein
William Hutchenson now dwelleth. My brother William IIewburd\ wife.
My cousin Nathaniel Clayse of Colchester. My brother Philip Banvicke.
My aunt Rose of Clafton (Clackton ?). Robert Buttler my aunt Rose's
son. My aunt John Woodgate's wife. William Hedge the elder. Wife
Elizabeth shall have the education and bringing up of my son William dur-
ing his minority- Christopher Burrowe of East Bergbolt clothier and ray
cousin John Goodwin to be executors. Proved, at above date, by Thomas
Lovell Not. Pub., acting for John Goodweu, power reserved for Christo-
pher Burrough.


Commission issued 25 October 1 GOO to William Hewburd, brother of the
deceased, to administer the goods &c. left unadministered by John Goodwvn
the executor, during the minority of William Hewburd the son. for the rea-
son that Christopher Burroughe, the other executor named in the will, had,
in the person of Mr. John Burroughe, Not. Pub., expressly renounced &c.

The foregoing Grant of Admon. was recalled and annulled and a new
grant issued 13 May (or March?) 1606 to Elizabeth Holloway uls Hew-
burd, relict of the deceased, to administer according to the tenor of the will
during the minority of the son. Kidd, 54.

Stephen Lincolne ah Skynner of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier, 27
January 1598, proved 13 June 1600. My four children, that is to say,
Steven Lincolne my eldest son, Robert, Elizabeth and Mary Lyncolne.
Money which was given to me by a certain gift of my uncle Richard Clarke
late of Dedham deceased, now being in the hands of Thomas Sharpe of
Dedham. to deliver and pay according unto the gift of my said uncle. John
Mannynge son of John Mannynge late of Stratford, Suffolk, deceased, to
have a part of it. Wife Alice. Youngest daughter Anna Lincolne at
eighteen. Youngest son Steven Lyncolne at one and twenty. My faith-
ful friend Christopher Borrough of East Bergholt. Money in the hands of
John Goodwynof East Bergholt given me in the last will and testament of
Robert Lyncolne my brother, late of East Bergholt deceased. Wife Alice
to be sole executrix. Wallopp, 52.

John Goodwin of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier, 10 May 1G00, proved
16 June 1600. Sundry bequests to the poor of that town. To son John
my messuage there which I lately purchased of my cousin Philip Berwicke,
in the occupation of William Hallaway or his assigns. Another parcel of
land in the occupation of Richard Hedge. Other lands there (one parcel
being in the occupation of George Hay ward). Lands bought of John Bran-
son in the tenure of John Branson. Lands in the tenure of John Clarke.
Lands bought of William Hubert of East Bergholt. To son Daniel mes-
suage and lands bought of Robert' Wiles of Bergholt (and other real es-
tate). To daughter Mary Goodwin messuage in Thorpe, Essex, lately
purchased of Adam Barwicke and lands in occupation of Philip Barwicke
&c. and also five hundred pounds to be paid her at age of eighteen. To
son Daniel my manor of Boyton's in Capell and East Bergholt lately pur-
chased of Stephen and Thomas Woollward. My kinsman William Good-
win to have the use of one hundred pounds out of my son Daniel's portion,
during said Daniel's nonage, provided the said William, together with Wil-
liam Goodwin his father, shall enter a bond for the sure payment of said
sum when my son Daniel attains the age of one and twenty. The 6aid
William Goodwin, my servant, to have the use of a part of my daughter
Mary's portion provided he and his father William Goodwin enter a similar
bond. Sundry servants named. Edmond Woodgate late my servant to
have the use of a part of my daughter Mary's portion provided the said*
Edmond, with John Woodgate his father, shall enter into a bond for sure
payment &c, this bond to be left in the hands of Francis Cole of Holtonne,
Suffolk, to her use. A gift to Edmond Chapman of Dedham, Essex, Doc-
tor of Divinity. My cousin Reginald Catlin. My cousin Francis Cole.
Master Burges of Ipswich. To William Huberd the youuger son of George
Huberd twenty pounds to be delivered into the hands of William Hallaway
for the use of said William Huberd, in consideration of one long cloth left
out of the inventory of the goods of George Huberd his father deceased.


Tsaacke Mitchell to have the custody of my son John's portion and to have
him brought up to the trade or mystery of a clothier until his age of one
and twenty and to enter into a good bond for payment &c, which bond is
to be left in the hands of Robert Alefounder to the use of my son. Wil-
liam Halloway and Elizabeth his wife to bring up ray son Daniel. Hallo-
way's bond to be left in the hands of John Arblaster of Hadleighe, Suffolk,
to the use of said Daniel. Robert Alefounder to bring up ray daughter
Mary Goodwin, his bond to be left with Mr. Robert Snellinge of Ipswich.
I give and bequeath the bringing up of William Iluberd, the only son of
George Iluberd deceased, clothier, into the bands of William Halloway and
Elizabeth his wife, mother to the said William Iluberd. I the executor of
George Huberd. I give and bequeath the bringing up of John Woodgate,
one of the sons of Stephen Woodgate deceased, into the custody of John
Woodgate his uncle, and with him the sum of three hundred pounds be-
queathed unto the said John in the last will and testament of his father
Stephen Woodgate. Mary the now wife of Philip Barwicke. Isaac
Mitchell and Robert Alefounder to be executors and the right worshipfull
Robert Barker councillor and my brother William Goodwin to be super-
visors. Wallopp, 39.

Sentence for the confirmation of the Will of John Goodwyn of East
Bergholt, Suffolk, was promulgated 16 June 1601 after litigation between
Isaac Mitchell an executor (alterum execidorum) of the one part and John
Goodwyn, Daniel Goodwyn and Mary Goodwyn, natural and lawful child-
ren of the deceased, also William Goodwyn, Richard Goodwyn, Margaret

Keppinge ah Goodwyn, Clarke ah Goodwyn, John Woodgate, Anna

Alefounder and Stephen Woodgate, next akin to the said deceased, and all
others interested &c. of the other part. Woodhall, 45.

[John Goodwin, the testator in the above will, was a party to chancery suit
of which my friend, Dr. Joseph James Muskett, author of the Suffolk Mano-
rial Families, has furnished mu with the following record. n. i\ w.]

In most humble wise complayning sheweth yo r Orator Stephen Wood-
gate of Estbergholt co Suff. clothier, that Stephen Woodgate late of Est-
bergholt clothier ffather of yo r Orator was seased of one Messuage and
lande in Estbergholte and did mary one Kattryn Whiter widow and for a
ioynture made a ffeoffament of said messuage to the vse of the sayd Stephen
Woodgate the ffather and Kateryn his wife and to the heyres of the sayd
Stephen for ever. Sayd Stephen and Kateryn had issue Elizabeth Kateryn
and Ane, w' h Elizabeth afterwards maryed John Goodwyn. Kateryn
maryed Edward Clarke and Ane maried John How. Stephen the ffather
gave good sumes of money in advancement of said maryages. Kateryn
his wyfe dyed. And afterwarde sayd Stephen Woodgate the ffather dyd

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