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mary one Mary Derehaw and for her ioynture made a ffeoffment of sayd
messuage and land to vse of sayd Stephen the ffather and the sayd Mary
and the heyers males of the body of 6ayd Mary, and for wante of such
issue male to the right heyres of sayd Stephen for ever and sithens Eliz-
abeth Goodwyn and Kateryn Clarke are both dead havyng seu r all issues of
theare bodies begotten. And Stephen Woodgate the ffather and Mary his
second wyfe had issues male Stephen, Thomas, Beniamyn, Daniell and John
and afterwardes Mary the second wyfe likewise died, and Stephen lived
many yeres vnmaryed and died abowte the space of one yere and halfe last
past. By his will he did devise the messuage and land abovesayd to Ste-
phen Woodgate his sun yo r Orator and made yo r Orator and abovenamed


John Goodwyn his executors. He did also devise to John Woodgate one
of his yonger sunes thre hundred powndes at his age of xxi yeres, an ob-
ligacon to pay the money to he given, and kept by John Woodgate of
Est bergholt, yoman brother of the testator: Yo r Orator being hut yonge
aud vtiexperyenced in the world did seale an obligacon in the latyn tunge to
save Goodwyn harndes for the execucon of sayd will. Now so it is that
Johu Goodwyn Edward Clarke aud Ane How widow having gotten the
evidences concernyng sayd messuage and lande have combyned together
aud contryved (as is supposed) secret conveyancs of sayd messuage.

The Answere of John Goodwin. Steven Woodegate ffather of the Com-
playnnt was greatlie advanced by Katherine Whiter widdowe his wife hav-
ing by her fifty poundes by yeare in lande and one thowsand poundes in
goods and did in consideration of saide marriage enfeoffe said Katherine
in said messuage and lande. Elizabeth eldest daughter of saide Ste-
phen and Katherine was married to this Defend 1 . Stephen her ffather
made great promises for her advancement as eldest daughter. In regard
that Defend 1 had no benefit nor p r ferment it was the purpose of said
Stephen that Defend 1 shoulde take suche benefite by said will, havinge a care
to see the same duelie pformed. Not longe before his deathe Stephen
Woodgate the ffather dyverse tymes tolde this defend' that he reposed his
wholle trust and confidence in him about the execution of his will. He
jaide " Sonne Goodwine I woulde have the to take vppon the my wholle es-
tate bothe of recouinges w" my debtors and to see my children paide there
legacies, alledgeinge further that he greatlie feared that if his estate shoulde
come into complaynnts handes his other children shoulde verie slenderlie be
paid there porcons." Defend' was vnwiliinge to entermeddle w' h the exe-
cueon of said will because Complaynnt kept all the goodes from this de-
fends Defend' bathe hearde that Complaynnt made a very vntrue Inventarie
of the said goodes. As sone as CompP shall satisfie said legacie of three
hundred pounds vnto his said brother John Woodegate this Defend' is
readie to become bouuden for the repaym' of the same. Defend' is verylie

p^waded that Cumpl' can reade the condicon vpp in learn-

mge both at the Englishe and grammer schoole. Defend' hath no wrytinge
and evidencs concerninge said messuage aud lands. Defend' saythe that
if Steven Woodgate, Complaynnts brother, sonne to Steven Woodgate de-
ceased by the sayde Katherine his ffirste wife, since gone beyond the seas,
shoulde come home againe, he should be compelled to buye said messuage
of his saide brother, &c.

Chancery Proceedings. Woodgate c Goodwin. 1599.
Eliz. B. & A. W W. 21.55.

Benjamin Woodgate of East Bergholt, clothier, 23 July 1603, proved
the last day of February 1603 (at Ipswifh). Wife Susan (if with child).
Son Benjamin at one and twenty. Father (?) in law Robert Alefender.
Sister Alefender. Brother Stephen Woodgate and sister his wife. Sister
Mary Blight's children. Brother in law Henry Bright. Cousin William
Hollawaye. Archdeaconry of Suffolk, B. 39, L. 341.

William Hollaway of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier, A. D. 1608,
proved 24 March 1608. To our Reverend Pastor Doctor Jones eleven
pounds upon condition that he shall make a funeral sermon at my death.
Five pounds to the poor of East Bergholt. To loving wife one hoop ring
of gold with this engraven within it — Memento Mori and W II, A ring
to every one of my children at age of twenty, to my good lady and mis-


tress my Lady Greselley and to Sir John Drury her son, to my very good
friends Mr John Brewster, Mr William Judson and John Goodwyn, to
Danyell Goodwyn, at age of nineteen, and to my very good neighbors and
friends Stephen Woodgate, Edward Clarke, Mr William Cardinall, Francis
Coole (Cole), Isaac Mychell, John Blackeshaw, Thomas Branston (or
Brauston) and my uncle Richard Woodgate. And to my cousin Mary
Goodwyn. Tenement in little Bentley. My daughter Sara Hollaway.
Lands &c. in Thorpe. My daughter Sara at one and twenty to convey and
release to the use and behoof of my son William lands &c. in Tendrine, Es-
sex, and to release to my daughter Mary Hollaway tenement &c. in Kyrby.
Daughter Mary to release to son William the lands &c. (Casnell's) in
Tendring. My wife shall have the letting of my daughters' lands until their
several ages of twenty or days of marriage. Her bond therefor shall re-
main in the hands and custody of my cousin John Goodwyn to their use.
Son William in his nonage. My cousin Stephen Woodgate. My very
good friend Mr Rogers of Dedham. My cousin Neflocke's wife and my
cousin Gladwyn's wife. My cousin Philip Cock. My very good friend
Mr John Hollaway. My work folks Gladwyn, Hedge, Wesson and Bar-
ker. Robert Alfounder and my uncles Thomas Wyles and Robert Wyles.
John Goffe's wife and Anne Hollaway and Jane Hollaway. Stephen Skyn-
ner and Robert Skynner. Others named. Wife Elizabeth to be sole ex-
ecutrix, desiring her that she will have a motherly regard of my four
youngest daughters for their virtuous bringing up of them in the fear of
God until their several ages of twenty years.

Wit : Edward Clarke, Richard Woodgate, J. B. and Richard Alefounder.

Dorset, 24.

Samuel Skynner of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier, G December 1608,
proved 30 March 1609. My cousin Stephen Skynner which ] have brought
up, at one and twenty. Stephen Skynner of the same town. Robert
Skynner of the same town. My cousins Mary and Elizabeth Skinner.
My loving wife Clemence Skynner. My son Samuel at one and twenty.
My houses and lands in East Bergholt. My daughter Clemence Skyn-
ner at eighteen. My brother William Hollaway and my sister Eliz-
abeth his wife. Mr William Cardinall of East Bergholt. Stephen
Woodgate. William Huberd my sister's sou. My sister's four chil-
dren and that she is withall. Old Stephen Skynner and his two
children. Robert Skynner and his three children. Stephen Skynner that
dwelleth with me. John Buckle. My brother William Hollaway aud my
said sister shall have the letting of my lauds aud tenements given to my
said children, they entering into sufficient bonds unto Mr William Cardi-
nall &c. My said brother William Hollowey and Stephen Woodgate for
to be mine executors and William Cardinall and Robert Lynche overseers.

Proved by Stephen Woodgate, William Hollaway the other executor
being dead. Dorset, 26.

Edward Clarke the younger of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier, 8
June 1625, proved 30 November 1625. Son Edward at one aud twenty.
Daughter Elizabeth Clarke at one and twenty or day of marriage. Wife
Mary to be sole executrix. My customary capital messuage or tenement,
with one house called a " woade howse," and divers tenements and certain
lands to the same belonging lying on the back side of the said messuage
(aud other lands described) to wife Mary for life and then to son Edward,
with remainder to my daughter Elizabeth and uext to my brother Robe


Clarke. And it shall be lawful for my loving uncle Thomas Woodgate of
London, merchant, and Stephen Woodgate of East Bergholt, clothier, and
either of them, with laborers and workmen, from time to time during the
life of the said Mary, to come into all and every of the houses and build-
ings to view and see in what reparations the same shall be. Provisions
made in case of waste, decay or spoil. Stephen Brauston (or Branston)
one of the witnesses. Clarke, 127.

Stephen Woodgate senior of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier, 1 Octo-
ber 1625, provod 12 December 1625. To son John (a lot of lands and
tenements). A parcel abutting upon the common way that goeth from
Stratford towards Ipswich. A meadow near Stratford mill. To son Thomas
land late in the occupation of Henry Munninges, being near Richardson's,
and land bought of Mr. Foorth of Hadley (and other real estate). To son
Steven the messuage where I now dwell and a parcel of land called the
" Woade bowse feild w th woad house " and all t :e things used in it (and
other lauds). To wife all my lands in Packnam (Packenham) or the towns
adjoining. Thomas shall not enjoy his lands until he shall attain the full
age of twenty four. My brother Thomas Woodgate shall have the bring-
ing up of my said son Thomas until he come to that age and shall receive
the rents &c. and shall put in sufficient bond unto my brother Daniel Wood-
gate &c. Brother John Woodgate to have my son John's portion until bis
full age of twenty two and to give bond to my brother Daniel. One hun-
dred pounds to my daughter Martha, to be paid her at eighteen, which por-
tion shall be put in the hands and remain with Margaret my wife in full
satisfaction of her education and bringing up fitting for one of her fashion,
my wife putting in good bond unto my brother Daniel. To daughter Anne
one beer bowl of silver. I was executor of will of Samuel Skinner of
East Bergholt deceased. Wife to be executrix and brother Thomas exec-
utor and brother Edward Clarke and brother John Woodgate supervisors.

Wit: Edw: Clarke, Steven Clarke and Joseph Weston.

Clarke, 146.

Daniel Woodgate of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier, 24 October
1625, proved 13 December 1625. To wife Sara, for life, my tenement and
lands, both free and copy, and all the appurtenances, with the woad house
thereunto belonging, the which I purchased of Isaac Mitchell, lying in Ba-
ker's End in East Bergholt. After her decease I give it to son William at
age of twenty four. Lands in Thorpe, Essex. Daughters Mary Wood-
gate, Anne Woodgate, Susan Woodgate, Elizabeth Woodgate and Sara,
each at eighteen. My brother John Woodgate. Flatford mill in East Berg-
holt. Brothers Thomas and John Woodgate. Wife Sara to be executrix
and brother Thomas supervisor. Clarke, 146.

Sentence for the confirmation of the will of Daniel Woodgate, lately of
East Bergholt in the county of Suffolk, Diocese of Norwich and Province
of Canterbury deceased, was promulgated 20 June 1627 after litigation be-
tween Sara Woodgate ah Chaplin, relict and executrix named in the will
&c, of the one part, and Mary, William, Anna, Elizabeth and Sara Wood-
gate, his natural and lawful children, Thomas and .John Woodgate, his nat-
ural and lawful brothers, and Mary Cole ah Woodgate and Hannah
Wragge ah Woodgate, his natural and lawful sisters, of the other part.

Skynner, 72.

Daniel Goodwyn of Yoxford, Suffolk, gentleman, 29 October 1625,
proved 16 February 1625. To wife Dorothy all such goods and chat-


tels that are now in tny possession which were hers before her marriage
with me. To my eldest son Edmond Goodwin all my lands and tenements
(except my copyhold lands and tenements in East Bargholt, Suffolk, holden
of Sir John Brewse), with remainder to my son Daniel, then to son Ste-
phen. To son Stephen I give the said lands &c. in East Bargholt. Said
Edmond at age of two and twenty. To son Daniel threescore pounds
at ace of twenty two. My father in- law Edmond Barker, gen 1 ., and my
brother John Goodwyn to be executors. Wit: Wm. Buckenham and Tho :

Proved by John Goodwvn, power reserved for Edmond Baker.

Hele, 32.

Mary Hollawat of East Bergholt (Suffolk), 3 June 1631. proved 5
July 1631. To Father Mr. John Goodwyn five pounds within one year after
my decease. To brother John Goodwin of Emanuel College, Cambridge,
ten pounds at one and twenty. Brother William Ilubbert of East Bergholt.
Sisters Sara Chapleyne and Mary Woodgate. Stephen Skinner the elder
and Stephen Skinner the younger of East Bergholt. To Mary Skinner,
daughter of Stephen Skinner the elder, a bible. To Mary Tranham, daugh-
ter of Robert Tranam, when she can read perfectly in the bible, a bible.
Robert Skinner, son of Robert Skinner late of East Bergholt (at one and
twenty) and Mary Aldham, daughter of Robert Skinner late of East Berg-
holt. Elizabeth Tassell of East Bergholt and William Clarke her son.
The poor of East Bergholt. The rest to my three sisters Susan Bacon,
Elizabeth Quarles and Ann Heyward, except one silver salt and a spoon
which I give to my nephew Thomas Quarles. Brother Mr. Francis
Quarles of Newton juxta Sudbury, clerk, to be sole executor.

Arch. Suffolk (Ipswich) 1631. B. 60.

John Goodwyn of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier, 19 July 1638,
proved 12 September 1638. The poor of the parish. Mr. Nathaniel
Bacon, Mr. Francis Quarles, Roades Ilayward, my "sonne in lawes."
Susanna the wife of the said Mr. Nathaniel Bacon and Nathaniel his son.
Thomas Barker, gen 1 ., my brother in law and Mary my sister his wife and
every one of their children. Elizabeth, one of my wife's daughters, the wife
of Mr. Francis Quarles. and Anne, one of my wife's daughters, the wife of
Roades Ilayward. Francis Quarles the son of the aforesaid Francis. My
nephews Edmund and Daniel Goodwyn. Mr. William Jones preacher of
East Bergholt and Mr. John Long his curate and Mr. Cornelius Fisher
schoolmaster here. To every one of the children of Mr. John Rogers de-
ceased, late preacher of Dedham. to every of them forty shillings apiece.
Mr. Wittam preacher at Misley in Essex.

Item, I give the sum of fifty pounds to be paid within one year after my
death into the hands of Mr. Mai hew Cradock, merchant of Loudon, to be
by him paid over to the governor of New England, there to be employed
for the best benefit of the plantation there as shall be by the said governor
for the time being and the assistants thought fit. My menservants and
maidservants. Robert Riges my workman. Tobias Ballard and John Pod
and Elizabeth the wife of Robert Backler sometime my servants. John
Goodwyn my grandchild at one and twenty. All my lands and tenements
whatsoever, with all my whole personal estate uubequeathed. I give and
bequeath to .John Goodwyn my only child, whom I make my sole executor
of this my last will and testament. Twenty pounds more to my daughter
Ilayward. To Goodman Carman of Dedham forty shillings. Proved by
John Goodwyn the only sou and executor. Lee, 111.


KDMCND GOODWYN of Neyland, Suffolk, 10 June 1645, proved 11 Feb-
ruary 1645. Wife Margaret. Son Edmund at one and twenty. Daughter
Mary at one and twenty. Son Daniel at one and twenty. Wife executrix.
I desire that my worthy friends Nathaniel Bacon Esq. and Col. Brampton
Gurdon Esq. would he pleased to see this my will performed.

Twisse, 13.

John Chapman alias Barker of Sib ton, Suffolk. 16 February 25 th Eliz-
abeth, proved 31 October 1583. Wife Julian. Houses in Bedfilde. Son
Edmund. My capital messuage with all my lands in Sibton and Yoxford
to Edmund, with remainder to son John, then to son Anthony, lastly to the
next heir male at the common law. To Edmund after decease of my
brother Thomas Barker, my houses and land* in Pesenhall. To John
lands in Farnam and Blaxall and meadow in Benhall. To Anthony, at
twenty one, houses and lands in Alborough, Ilaslewood, Saxmundham and
Standfild. Daughters Elizabeth and Dorothy. To my brother Thomas
Chapman alias Barker my house in Pesenhall called New Inn. To Anne
Barker of Colchester the whole sum of ten pounds and no more, to be
paid by my son Edmund. Sons Edmund, John and Anthony to he exe-
cutors. Butts, 9.

Thomas Barker of Colchester, Essex, clothier, 27 February 1584,
proved 5 May 1585. Lands and tenements in Nayland and Stoke by Nay-
land, Suffolk, to wife Anne for life. Son John at one and twenty. Sons
Richard and Thomas at one and twenty. The child wherewith my wife is
now pregnant. Servant Robert Cocke. Edmund Seborne and Thomas
Foster. Kinswoman Elizabeth Coppin. Sister Elizabeth Preston. Her
husband. Kinsman George Preston. Richard Coppinge dwelling with
Hawkins. Cousin Thomas Coppinge. The widow Briant. Cousin Dor-
othy Preston. Wife Anne executrix and friends Mr. John Pye and Rich-
ard Symnell supervisors. Brudenell, 19.

John Barker of Nayland, Suffolk, clothier, 24 June 1587, proved 10
December 1588. To wife Margaret my house which I now dwell in
and my house where William Harvye now dwells and my house where
Robert Webhe now dwells &c. for life and afterwards to my son Richard
and his heirs forever. To her my house which I bought of Mr. Home of
Loudon and my house and ground where John Knope now dwells &c. for
one year and then to my son John. Other houses and lands disposed of.
My son Thomas. My son William. Daughters Dorothy and Alice Bar-
ker. Daughters Anne and Joice Barker. Daughter Katherine Beriffe.
Son Legate. Cousin John Leache. Margaret Fenner. Cousin William
Killmache. Cousin Thomas Koppine at one and twenty. Dorothy Pres-
tone. Provision made for good bringing up of Richard, Thomas and
William Barker, my three younger sons, and of Dorothy, Alice, Anne
and Joice Barker, my four younger daughters. Wife Margaret to be exe-
cutrix and John Beriffe my son in law and John Barker my son to be my
faithful supervisors.

Among the witnesses were William Fisher senior and William Fisher
junior. Leicester, 14.

[These Barkers of Nayland I am watching as well as the Chapmans alias Bar-
kers of Sibton.— H. F. W.]


Margaret Barker of Nayland, Suffolk, 24 December 1589, proved 7
February 1589. To be buried in the churchyard of the village of Nay-
laud. My brother James Mawle of Nayland. My children. Their late
father John Barker my husband. John Barker of Na\land my son. Mes-
suage, croft and garden sometimes William Homes and Thomas Homes gro-
cers of London, situate in the village of Nayland. My son Ri' lard Barker. A
legacy bequeathed unto him by his father. Messuage &c. md lands lying
in Wethermounteford als. Wormingeford and Mount Bnres, Essex. My
son Thomas Barker. A legacy from his father. A deed of Christian Tur-
nour of Colchester, Essex, widow. Messuage &c. in Lammarshe and Much
Henny, Essex. My daughter Alice Barker. The rest of my daughters.
To John Gent, yeoman, of Walton on the Naues (Naze) in the Sooke,
Essex, messuage and land in Much Horskley, Essex, (upon certain con-
ditions). My daughter Margaret Legatt. Thomas Legat of Sutton in
Hornehurch, Essex, gen 1 . A messuage &c. there. My grandchild Jane Legate.
My grandchild Margaret Barker. Margaret Fenner. My grandchild John
Berriffe. The three children of my brother James Mawle, James and
Anne (sic). The two children of my brother John Mawle, John and
Robert. The two children of my brother George Mawle, John and Mar-
garet. The children of my brother Richard Barker at marriage or age of
one and twenty. To my sons Richard, Thomas and William three pounds
each, which was their grandmother Mawle's gift. My brother James
Mawle's wife. John Bowes and Margaret his wife. My cousin Kynwell-
marshe his wife. The wife of William Fisher of Buers. My cousin Leache.
For executors I appoint Mr. Thomas Waldgrave of Buers in Essex Esq.
and John Berriffe of Brightelingsey, my son in law, and for supervisors Mr.
Wynterflood of Asou (Assington) and William Fisher of Buers. Thomas
Winternood ODe of the witnesses. Drury, 10.

Anthony Chapman als Barker of Aldbrugh, Suffolk, gentleman, 29
August 1594, proved 26 June 1595. Every one of my brother Edmond's
children at one and twenty. The children of my sister Smithe at one and
twenty. Their father. John Barker and Richard Barker his brother,
children of my sister Anne deceased, at their ages of one and twenty. My
sister Dorothy at her day of marriage. My kinsman Edmond Barker son
of John Barker my uncle. Mv kinsman John Lane of Baddingham, Suf-
folk. My brother John Chapman alias Barker. Messuages, lands, &c. in
Aldburgh, Haselwood and Sternefield, Suffolk. Scott, 43.

Robert Barker Sen r of Nayland, Suffolk, oadsetter. 7 March 1617.
To be buried in the parish church of Nayland. Son Robert. Daughter
Margaret. Two grandchildren Robert and Richard Albone. Daughter
Mary Barker. Tenements in Nayland. Wife Elizabeth. Godson Robert

Fisher, son of John Fisher of Assington, Suffolk. Stickle, son of Edward

Stickle of Ilintlesonne. Robert Warren, son of Samuel Wan-en, begotten
of the body of Abigail my daughter. Susan Stickle the wife of the afore-
said Edward Stickle. John Legate's two children begotten of the body
of Bridget my late daughter deceased. Ann Barker wife of the aforesaid
Robert my son. Benjamin Cooper citizen and fishmonger of Loudon. My
daughter Mary to lie sole executrix and my brother George Clarke super-

Commission issued 4 March 1 1 "> -" i :* to Susan Stickle and Abigail Warren,
natural and lawful daughters of the deceased, to administer &c. on account
of the death of Mary Barker, daughter and executrix named in the will.

Russell, 10.


Elizabeth Barker of Nayland Suffolk, widow, 16 January 1G27,
proved 22 June 1632* Grandchild Edmond Ward. Grandchild Richard
Alboue. Daughter Elizabeth wife of John Weudlock. Grandchildren
James and Robert Albone. The said Elisabeth mother of the said Richard
Alboue. Robert his brother. To grandchild Thomas Ward my copyhold
tenement in Iladleigh, Suffolk, now in the occupation of the widow Spar-
row. My daughter Margaret mother of the said Thomas. Charles Ward
his brother. His sisters. Two grandchildren Henry and Bridget Webb
children of Henry Webb and of the said Elizabeth my daughter. Marga-
ret, Mary, Elizabeth, Sara and Martha Ward, the five daughters of my
son in law Tbomas Ward. William the son of J,ohn Weudlocke my son in
law. The said John Wendlocke and Edmond Ward I make executors and
Edmond Glandfeild my brother supravisor.

In the Probate Ac Mr. Ward's name is written Edward.

Audley, 62.

Marrton Barker of Yoxford, Suffolk, widow of Edmond Barker late
of Sibtou, gen 1 , deceased, her will dated 2 September 1635, proved 15 Oc-
tober 1635. To be buried in Chancel of Sibtou church near late husbaud.
Grandchild Mary Barker daughter of my son William Barker. William
Barker brother of the said Mary. Mary Barker wife of son William and
mother of said Mary. Grandchild Mary Ilodieme. Grandchild Mary
Yeardley daughter of Edward Yeardley- Her next sister. The third son
of my son in law Edward Yeardley. My grandchild Daniel Goodwyn at
four and twenty. Stephen Goodwyn his brother (at same age). Katheryn
Ritchman daughter of John Ritchman of Heddenham, Norfolk, gen 1 .
Thomas Bridges son of Walter Bridges, clerk. Grandchild Thomas Bar-
ker son of my son Thomas. Grandchild Edmond Barker son of the said
Thomas. Grandchild Mary Alefounder sister to the said Edmond and
daughter of the said Thomas Barker my son. Daughter Thomasyn Har-
mau. Daughter Dorothy Yeardly. Mary Crispe daughter of Thomas
Crispe late of Dunwich. Mary Barker daughter of my son George. Ehza-
both Barker daughter of my sou Thomas. Thomas, John and William
sons of the said Thomas Barker my son. Agnes Vesey wife of Nicholas
Vesey my kinsman. The widow Thome of Yoxford. God daughter Mary
Thorne. Richard Searles son of Robert Searles. The eldest daughter of
my son George Barker. Mary Barker daughter of son Edmond, and An-
thony Barker, his son. Edmond Barker their brother. Mary Barker wife
of son Thomas. Grandchild Edmond Goodwyn called a son of Daniel
Goodwyn. Reynold Vesey, Francis Vesey. George Vesey, Edmond Vesey
and Robert Vesey and Margaret Fella the wife of William Fella of Bram-
field, my cousins. My god daughter Mary Browne wife of William Browne
of Bramfield. Henry Searles son of Anthony Searles of Yoxford. Refer-
ence to will of late husband. His manor of Peasenhall. Friends Henry
Coke of Thorington, Suffolk, Esq. and Nicholas Vesey of Yoxford my
kinsman. Sadler, 106.

Thomas Barker of Sibton, Suffolk. Esq., 28 July 1643, proved 11
April 1645. Wife Elizabeth. Lands aud tenements in Holbrooke, Suf-

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