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then to Richard. After my sister's death I give the field and tenement, be-
fore given unto her during life, unto the Governors of the Public Grammar
School in Dedham, to be improved for a dwelling house for a schoolmaster
that shall teach children to read and writing, which said schoolmaster shall
freely teach one poor child which shall be from time to time appointed uuto
him by my son Edmond and after him by his heirs forever. To wife Anne
all my malt. To Sarah, Ilanna the daughter of Anne my second wife, Susan,


Samuel and John, my children, twenty shillings apiece which was hestowed
upon them by their grandmother Cleere. To John Elmes my kinsman ten
shillings. Others (servants &c.) Wife Anne to be executrix and Mr. D r .
Chapman and my brother in law Robert Lewys to be supervisors.

Wit: Robert Lewis, Henry Sherman and William Cole.

(Codicil) To eldest daughter Anne Sherman and son Bezaliell and
daughter Sarah, each forty shillings which their grandfather Sherman gave
them, to be paid them at the ages mentioned in his will.

Woodhall, 24

Robert Shkrman of Loudon, "Doctor in Phissick," 10 January. —
All my goods, debts and else whatsoever I in this life enjoy (my lands ex-
cepted) I will shall be duely and rightly valued and apprized and sold and
the same to be equally divided into three equal parts, one part whereof I
will shall remain to the discharge of my debts and funeral charges, another
I freely give unto my well beloved wife Bridget Sherman, the third I will
and give shall remain to be divided by my executors amongst four of my
children, Jane, Mary, Anne and Robert. And if there shall any surplus
remain of my third left to my executors I will it shall be equally divided
to my said four children. More I will my freehold land shall remain
wholly to my loving wife during her natural life, not doing any manner of
waste upon the house and lands, and that my son Richard shall have and
enjoy all the said lands, copy and free, to him and his heirs forever (with
remainder to son Robert and lastly to my three daughters, Jane having 6 lb
more in value than the other two. My executors to be my loving brother
Henry Sherman and loving friend Roger Gwynn.

Proved 20 January 1602 (Stilo Angliae) by Roger Gwynn, one of the
executors, power reserved for granting similar commission to Henry Sher-
man, the other.

Commissary C of London vol. 19, fol. 318.

In the Act Book testator is described as lately of the parish of St. Ste-
phen Coleman Street.

Anne Sherman of Dedham, Essex, widow, 3 August 1609, proved 12
January 1609. To John, my son, at twenty one, my house and land that
the widow Fence hath now in occupation. The rents &c. of the said house
and land, until then, shall be equally divided between Samuel Sherman,
my son, and the aforesaid John Sherman. All my goods, plate, household
stuff &c. shall be to the paymont of my debts and my late husband's lega-
cies. The remainder (my funeral expenses discharged) I will shall be
equally divided amongst my seven children, viz 1 Samuel, John and Benja-
min Sherman, Sara Warner, Anna Sherman, Susan Sherman and Mary
Sherman at the several ages of twenty one years. I will that mine execu-
tors shall see my six children which are yet under age well and faithfully
brought up until they shall accomplish their several ages aforesaid. I do
make, ordain and appoint my loving brother Nicholas Clarr of Colchester
and my son in law Thomas Warner my executors and I give to either of
them forty shillings. And I do intreat my loving brother Mr. Thomas
Haslewood and my brother Mr. Robert Lewes to be overseers. I give
either of them ten shillings.

Wit : John Rogers, Thomas Thurston. William Cole.

Wingfield, 9.


Simon Fenn of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 16 Jauuary 1609, with a codi-
cil, proved 11 May 1610. To wife Phehe my messuage &c. commonly
called Sowthowse, wherein I dwell, lying in Dedham, to hold for life.
After her decease I give the said messuage &c. to my son Henry Fenn.
To wife my meadow called Mill Fenn in Stratford, Suffolk, for life and
afterwards to son Henry, he paying five pounds yearly to my son John
Fenn. To said Henry my part of the wood in Langham, Essex, which
George Cole and I bought of William Thedham. To son Clement all my
right, title, &c. in a tenement and twelve acres of ground called Randes in
Dedham (and other lands and tenements) he to enter at four and twenty.
To son Samuel my tenement wherein Henry Cartwright now dwelleth, in
Dedham (and other lands &c.) at four and twenty. I give him also my
free laads in Bramford, Suffolk. My cousin Samuel Salmon shall surren-
der eight acres in Bramford &c. To son John my tenement in Little Clack-
ton &c. at twenty-four. Provision made for wife. My daughter Susan
Salmon. My daughters Phebe, Anne, Mary and Martha Fenn at one and
twenty. My executors shall upon good security lend unto Daniel Sher-
man fifty pounds and to Nathaniel, Ezechiell, John and Edmond Sherman,
my brethren in law, to each of them of like security ten pounds. To Mr.
John Rogers preacher of the Word of God in Dedham ten pounds, to his
son Daniel Rogers, my godson, forty shillings at one and twenty, and if he
happen to die before that to the rest of his brothers and sisters. To Mr.
Henry Sage vicar of Dedham. The Free Grammar School &c. Mr.
Bedell minister of Wolverston. Mrs. Dowe of Stratford. Francis, wile
of Candishe, my sister. My brother Clement Fenn late of Clacton de-
ceased, his children, Clement, Symon, John, Helen and Susan Fenn, at
twenty one. My brother George. John Fenn, son of my brother Thomas
deceased (late of Stratford), and his sister Margery. Thomas Revell my
sister's son, and Rose his sister. My sister White. I give to John Stan-
ton of Dedham the third part of the occupation which I bought of Pexall
remaining in his hands. Sundry servants and others. The residue to wife
Phebe to pay my debts and legacies and fulfill this will, whom, together
witli my brother Henry Sherman and my son Robert Salmon, I make my
executors. I give the said Henry and Robert three pounds apiece. And
I nominate the aforesaid Mr. Rogers, Henry Sherman my father in law
and Samuel Sherman my brother the overseers of this will.

Anthony Whitiuge one of the witnesses. Wingfield, 43.

Henry Sherman the elder of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 21 August 1610,
proved 8 September 1610. To Susan my wife my house wherein I now
dwell and the lands, with the " Oadehouse '* &c. belonging, holden of the
manor of Dedham Hall, by estimation twelve acres, which I had of the
surrender of my father. The above to her for life and then to my son
Henry. Other bequests to wife and son Henry, including a bed and bed-
stead in the parlor, a cubboard in the parlor and two chests in the same
place, the one a Danske chest and the other a joined chest. To son Na-
thaniel Sherman the house wkerein William King now dwelleth, with lands
belonging, called Scott's, by estimation five acres, he to pay to my son
Daniel Sherman ten pounds in two years. I give Nathaniel my broad
loom, now in occupation of John Orris of Lawford, with the furniture be-
longing. To John and Ezeckiell Sherman my sons all. those my lands
which were late Doctor Sherman's, called the Heckell and golding acre, to


be equally divided betwixt them. Other lands to these two (severally).
To son Edmund gar lick field and Ardley lands ami Bore man's acre. Refer-
ence to cousin Edmund Callaway. To Henry Eenn son of Simon Fenn
five pounds. To Mr. Rogers, preacher of Dedham, eight pounds. The
poor of Dedham. Phehe Fenne my daughter. My son in law Symon
Fenne deceased. My daughters in law. each of them. Anna Pet'ield
daughter of William Petfield. To Anne Sherman, my brother Dr. Sher-
man's daughter, five pounds which was the gift of her grandfather at her
full age of two and twenty years; it was once before paid into her father's
hands, yet fearing that she should be voyd of it for want of provision on
his part I will that it be paid as aforesaid. Gilbert Hills my brother in
law. My brother Lawrence of Esthorpe. Others named. I will that
George Cole the elder, William Cole, Edmund Sherman and John Fye
sball indifferently divide my goods unbequeathed betwixt my children. I
make Susan my wife sole executrix and I give her my part of the lease of
the Rayes. 1 appoint my cousiu ICduiuud Callaway, clerk, the supervisor
of this my will and for his pains he shall have twenty shillings.

Proved, as above, by George Cole, notary public, on behalf of Susan the
relict of the deceased.

Admon. de bonis non was granted 12 September 1610 to Henry Sher-
man the younger, natural and lawful and eldest son of the deceased and
executor also of Susan Sherman deceased &c.

Consistory C l of London.
Book Hamer (N° 7) leaves 33-36.

Scsan Sherman of Dedham, Essex, widow, 31 August 1610, proved 12
September 1610. I give unto Harry Sherman my son my silver and gilt
salt and my best tapestry covering. To Samuel Sherman my son my six
silver spoons which my husband gave me, marked E and S (and certain bed-
ding). To Daniel Sherman my son twenty pouuds in money and four of my
eight beasts which my husbaud gave me and are marked out for my use.
To Nathaniel Sherman my son twenty pounds. To John Sherman my son
my cubbord standing in the parlour. To Ezekiel Sherman my son ten
pounds and my new silver cup. To Edmund Shearman my son ten pounds
(and bed &c. in the parlor). To Phebe Fenne my daughter my least sil-
ver cup (and other articles). To Anne Whighting my daughter my Dauske
chest in the parlor (and other articles). Son Daniel's wife. Son Nathaniel's
wife. Robert Salmon's son, my great grandchild. Mary Sherman, my son
Samuel's daughter. To Susan Sherman, my son Daniel's daughter, my
leaved table in the parlor. My brother Gilber Hilles. To Mr. Rogers my
black mare. Susan Galloway daughter of my cousin Edmund Galloway.
My son Henry to be sole executor and for his pains I give him the lease of
the Rayes given me by my husband.

Wit: Edmunde Gallowaye, John Pye.

Consistory C. of Loudon

Book Hamer (N° 7) Leaf 13.

Tobias Makin of Fingringhoe Essex yeoman. 14 May 1610, proved 10
September 1610. Wife Katherine to have my lands &c. (described) for
life, she to bring up my children and also to pay unto Grace Sherman, my
daughter, ten pounds and to John Makin the elder, my son, ten pounds.


After the decease of my wife my son John Makin the younger to have the
lands &c. and to pay Joane and Rebecca, my daughters, five pounds apiece
and to John Makin, my eldest son, twenty pounds and to Grace Sherman,
my daughter, ten pounds &c. If said son John die before entering to be seized
of the land it shall remain &c. to Thomas, my youngest son, upon same
conditions. If he die &c. then to Samuel my son. Certain house and land
to wife for life, then to son Westbroome Makin, who shall pay to my son
Thomas thirty pounds. If Westbroome die then it shall remain to son Ro-
bert and if he die then to Thomas. Other bequests to his children (includ-
ing a son Tobias). Reference to " my three daughters naturall." To Eliza-
beth Potter, my grandchild, at twenty one years of age, five pounds of law-
ful English money. The same to Richard Sherman, the son of Edmund Sher-
man, at twenty one. To Richard Weald, the son of Richard Weald of Kyrbie,
my kinsman, five pounds at twenty one. To Thomas Weald, the sou of
Thomas Weald deceased, six shillings eight pence in one year. To John
Wealde,sou of John Weald the younger, six shillings eight pence at twenty
one. To Mary Payne a bullock. To Bridget Bury a lamb. Residue to wife
Katherine whom I make executrix. And I ordain Thomas Whiting the su-

Thomas Whiteiug one of the witnesses.

Book Hamer (as above) Leaves 45-48.

Nicholas Cleerk (by mark) one of the aldermen of the town of Colches-
ter, 15 March 1611. Wife Susan. Daughter Susan Cleere. Younger
daughter Anna Cleere. My well beloved brethren Master Thomas Hasle-
wood, and Master Thomas Thurston to be my executors.

Proved 25 May 1612 by Thomas Thurstou and 28 May 1612 by Thomas
Haslewood. Feuner, 46.

Nathaniel Sherman of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 13 January 1615
(date of probate not given). To son Nathaniel forty pounds to remain in
the hands of my brother in law John Ainger till my son Nathaniel shall ac-
complish the age of two and twenty years; he to give bonds to my brothers
Henry and Samuel Sherman for the payment of the said sum of forty
pounds. To my two children Joseph and Elizabeth twenty pounds each.
The residue to my wife Priscilla.

Com. of London for Essex and Herts.

File for 1615 &c.

Robert Lewis, minister of the Word of God and parson of Rash-
brooke Suffolk, 9 January 1615, proved 23 April 1618. The poor of the
parish of St. Mary's in Bury St. Edmund and the inhabitants of the same
parish, I having "binne" sometimes a preacher of the Word of God unto
them. My body to be buried (there) as near unto the body of my dear and
faithful brother Mr. George Estey as conveniently may be. My loving bro-
ther Mr. James Wallis, minister &c. at Stowe Lan'thorne, Suffolk. My
loving brother Mr. Ward, parson of Lyvermeere. My loving brother Mr.
Bedell, preacher &c. at Bury. My loving brother Mr. Helye, preacher like-
wise at Bury. My loving brother Mr. Wolfenden, parson of little Wheltam.
My true and faithful wife Mary Lewis the daughter of Mr. Nicholas Cleere,
alderman of Colchester deceased. My loving brethren in the law Mr.
Thomas Haselwoode and Mr. Thomas Thurstone, aldermen of Colchester.

Meade, 28.


Beazamell Sherman of Ipswich, Suffolk, grocer, 7 October 16 th James,
proved 3 December 1618. To Joane Shermau, daughter of my brother Ed-
moud Sherman, forty pounds at the age of four and tweuty years. To John
Shei man, sou of my said brother, twenty pounds at same age. Mary Colmau
now my servant. George Bloldroe now my servant. Erasmus Bushells now
my servant. Mr. Chapline father of my servant Heury Chapline. To my
loving wife all my plate and household stuff. To her the house wherein I
dwell, for life, and after her decease I give it to my son John and his heirs.
One half of my goods shall remain and be unto my said wife aud the other
half be equally divided betwixt my children, and if my wife be with
child such child to have a portion with the other two, at the age of two and
twenty years, that is to say, to my son at his age of twenty four and to my
daughter at her age of twenty one. To the poor of the town of Dedham
five marks aud the same to the poor of Ipswich. To the library of this town
a book called Speede's chronicle. Thomas Cooke my servant. I make my
loving wife and her father, Doctor Burges, executors.

Wit : El. Duukon, Edmund Sherman, Henry Buckenham, Joseph
Parckhurst, Richard Naser.

Proved (as above) by Priscilla Sherman, the relict of the deceased and
John Burges S. T. P., executors named in the will. Meade, 125.

Mary Sherman, wife of Bezaleel Shermau, was buried 11 February 1613.
Ursula, daughter of Bezaleel Sherman, baptized 30 April 1615. John
Sherman, son of Bezalleel Sherman, baptized 4 May 1617. Bezaleel Sher-
man was buried 9 October 1618.

Register of St. Lawrence Parish, Ipswich.

Thom*6 Haslewood of Colchester, Essex, merchant, 7 May 1619, with
a codicil added 9 May 1619, proved 7 June 1619. The poor of St. James, Col-
chester, of All Saints, Sudbury, and of the Hamlet of Ballington near Sud-
burv. Mr. Samuel Cricke. Mr. Saundes preacher &c. in Boxford. The child-
ren of John Haslewood late of Sudbury deceased. My kinsman Nicholas
Readeand his children. To my sister Mary Lewis part of my messuage in All
Saints, Colchester, for life, providiug that she dwell in the same. To my
kinswoman Anna Weston another part of the said messuage, for life. The
remainder to my kinsman Thomas Haslewood. The children of my brother
Thurston which he had by my sister Jane Cleere. My two kinsmen Daniel
and Samuel Wood. Susan and Anna Cleere the daughters of my brother
Nicholas Cleere. To my kinsman Thcophilus Weston all that my third part
of the ship called the Hopewell, now riding in the River of Colne. My kins-
man Nathaniel Weston. My kinswoman Elizabeth Weston. My kinsman
Richard Wood. Ten pounds apiece to my kinsman Samuel Shermau, to the
wife of my kinsman Thomas Warner, to the wife of my kinsman Richard
Bacler, to my kinsman Benjamin Sherman, my kinsman John Sherman and
my kinswoman Mary Sherman. Mary Mathewe the daughter of Benjamin
Mathewe. The town of Colchester and the Company of Bay makers there.
My loving friend Nathaniel Northie. My messuages, lands &c. in Boxford.
My messuage in St. Buttolph's, Colchester. Lands &c. in Copford and Stan-
away, Essex. Kinsmen Thomas Warner and Theophilus Weston executors.
My sou in law Nathaniel Claise (and Clayse). Tenement late my brother
Nicholas Cleere's in St. James, Colchester. Parker, 61.

Record of sentence in the case of the above will may be foimd Parker, 103.


Mary Lewes of Colchester, Essex, widow, 12 October 18 th . James, A.D.
1620, proved 21 November 1G20. The poor of iSt. dames in Colchester
and of All Saints in Colchester. To the Master or Seniors of St. John's
College, Cambridge, one hundred pounds, to be employed and put to the
best use for the said College that the said Master and Seniors and Mr.
Beadle, preacher &c. in Horninghearthe, Suffolk, and my executor, here-
under named, shall devise and think fit of. Susan Cleere, one of the daugh-
teis of my brother Nicholas Cleere, deceased, and Anna Cleere the other
daughter of my said brother.

Item, 1 do give and bequeath unto Samuel Sherman, the son of my sis-
ter Anna Sherman deceased, ten pounds &c. To John Sherman, Beniamyn
Shearman, Sara Sherman, Anna Sherman and Mary Sherman, the other
children of my said sister Anna Sherman deceased, five pounds apiece. To
the said Samuel Sherman one of my silver bowles. Mary Heckford,
one of the children of my sister Jane Thurston deceased. Stephen Thurs-
ton, one of the sons of my said sister. Edmond, Joseph, Thomas and
Jane Thurston, the children of my said sister Jane Thurston deceased.
Anna Thurston, another of her daughters. To Nicholas Read, the son of
my sister Read deceased, five pounds. Elizabeth Kyug, the wife of Wil-
liam Kyng (a similar bequest). Anna Weston, the daughter of my sister
Elizabeth Weston deceased. Mary Mathewe, the daughter of my kins-
woman Johane Mathewe.

Item, I do give unto Anne Anger, one of the daughters of my brother
Shearman deceased, one pair of sheets and one pair of pillowberes, to be
delivered within one mouth next after my decease. I do give and bequeath
unto Edmond Shearman, Richard Shearman and Anne Shearman, and to
every of them, a piece of gold of two and twenty shillings apiece. To
Anne Butler (Qu. Backler?) my said sister Shearman's daughter, the other
of my silver beer bowls. Sundry gifts to the Thurstons. My good friend
Mr John Inman of St. Edmondsbury. To my sister Thurstone my best
gold ring. To Mrs Mary Marshall, wife of Mr. John Marshall, my other
gold ring. John Brattle of Ardleigh and his eldest son.

Item, I do give and bequeath unto the child of my cousin John Auger
to which I was surety eleven shillings &c. To Mr Taylecott, minister of
the Word of God in the parish of All Saint's aforesaid, a piece of gold of
twenty two shillings. To the widow Starke twenty shillings. My late
maidservant Mary Kyng. Thomasine Waford my now maidservant. The
child of my late maidservant Alice Kyng. My late mauservant George
Wymple. The children of Robert Osborne and Henry Osborne, every one
of them. Sara Fuller the daughter of Henry Osborne. Mary Calthrope
the daughter of Philip Calthrope deceased. I do give and bequeath unto
my said kinsman John Shearman my silver high standing wine cup. To
my kinswoman Mary Shearman half a dozen of my best silver spoons and
the other half dozen thereof I do give and bequeath unto Beniamyn Sher-
man my kinsman. Anne Iladley the daughter of William Kynge. Wil-
liam Kyng the son of William Kyng. Sarah Wood the daughter of
Nicholas Wood deceased. My very good friend Mr William Beadle of
llorningesherthe aforesaid. My kinsman Nathaniel Northie.

Item, I do give and bequeath unto my kinswoman Auue Searles and to
my kinswoman Mary Bacon, and to either of them, a piece of gold of twen-
ty (wo shillings apiece. I make my loving brother Thomas Thurston ex-
ecutor. All the rest of my goods &c. unbequeathed (my debts paid and
funeral charges discharged) 1 will and my mind is shall be equally divided


by my executor between Samuel Shearmau, John Sherman, Beniamyn
Sherman, Anne Sherman and Mary Sherman, the children of my sister
Sherman, and Edmond Thurston, Stephen Thurston, Joseph Thurston,
Thomas Thurston, Mary Ileekford, Anne Thurston and John Thurston,
the children of my late sister Jane Thurston, part and part alike, within
twelve months next after my decease.

William Kyuge a witness. Soame, 109.

Susan Chapman of Dedham, Essex, widow, 30 June A.D. ( ).

proved 4 September 1624. To John Chapman my son my silver pot called
the College pot and one silver spoon. To son Paul Chapman the silver pot
with the cover which hath the letters of his name upon it, and a sil-
ver spoon. I give to my daughter Susan Tofte the wife of Thomas Tofte
of Norwich my new gown cloth of serge which lieth by me unmade and
one of my silver spoous. I give to Susan Sherman, my daughter
Christian's daughter, the posted bedstead where I use to lye &c. To
Christian Sherman my grand child five pounds at twenty or day of mar-
riage. Sundry plate and furniture to these two. The poor of Dedham.
I give to Edmond, John, Daniel and Henry Sheareman, my grandchildren,
ten shillings apiece. To my cousin Rounces wife of Norwich my book of
Mr Calvin upon the 119th Psalm. To Christian Shearman my grandchild
my book of Mr. Calvin upon Job. To my two sons John and Paul Chap-
man each of them a piece of gold of twenty shillings. The residue equally
to my two grandchildren Susan Sherman and Christian Sherman. My two
sons to be executors. To Mr Rogers, preacher of Dedham, a piece of gold
of twenty shillings and a piece of ten shillings to Mr Cotsford minister of
Dedham. The poor of Dedham.

Wit: John Pye and Francis Bridges.

Commission issued (at above date) to Daniel Sherman.

Consistory C* of London.

Book Allen (N° 9) Leaf 59.

John Pye of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 8 November 1G24, proved 24
February 1624. Wife Rachell. To her my great bible and a book called
Mr Rogers 7 treatises &c. John Neale, my sister's son, and his children.
My kinsman Thomas Lawe and his sister Elizabeth Lawe. The said
Thomas Lawe's wife and Rachell Lawe his daughter. My kinswoman Eliz-
abeth Lawe. I give to Mr Rogers, preacher of God's Word at Dedham,
six pounds and to Mr Cotsford, minister of Dedham, four pounds. To the
poor of Dedham six pounds, to be distributed to the most honestest poor
and those that are most painful in their callings, at the discretion of my
executors and my two loving friends Edmund Sherman, sen r , and John
Crosse. Gifts to Joseph Morse of Dedham, sen 1- , Isaac Ham, John Peri-
man and Robert Ham. Abraham Ham, Miles Robinson, Samuel Ilolborne,
John Ham, Abraham Watson, Richard Ellinot, John Singlewood, Robert
Lingwood, George French the weaver, Peter Boston and Clement Cotton
both of London. Symon Cooper of Dedham and Goodman Chute, the

widow Cart wright, John Canum. Spinke, Nicholas Prigg and Jeremie

Morse. John Wood. Symon Fenu whom I have brought up. I give and
bequeath the sum of twenty pounds to be put into the hands of Mr John
Rogers, preacher of Dedham and Mr Samuel Warde, preacher of Ipswich,


within a year after my decease, to be given to poor scholars in the Univer-
sity of Cambridge, at their discretions. Five pounds to be put into the
hands of Mr Wittam, minister of Misley, and John Peagrome of Man in g-
tree towards the repairing of Maningtre chapel. The free Grammar
School in Dedham. The house of correction or workhouse for the poor,
lately authorized to be set up. Money to be lent to a young clothier. First
to John Weed of Dedham. Mr. Harrison preacher of Layerdley. Mr
Edes minister of Lawford. Mr Liddall preacher of Colchester. Mr
Hopkins preacher of Great Veuham. Mr Hudson preacher of Capell.

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