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Mr Collins of Boxsted. Mr Beadle the scholar, which was the son of Mr
Beadle sometimes minister of Wolverston. Mr Aldridge. Margaret
Ruggle the wife of Jeffry Rugle of Sudbury. Mary Hudson the wife of
Christopher Hudson. To Elizabeth Rogers daughter of Mr Rogers of
Dedham forty shillings, to be put into her father's hands, to be paid her at
her age of twenty years. Elizabeth Toughe, my wife's sister. Rachel
Toughe wife of Raphe Toughe of Colchester. Robert Makin.

Item, I give to Nathaniel Sherman, committed to me by his uncle Ainger
to bring up, forty shillings, to be paid him when he shall accomplish his age
of twenty one years. Martha Salmon. The widow Hand. Whereas
Nathaniel Sherman was committed to me, with his stock of forty poui.ds
given him by his father and the sum of five pounds given him by his uncle
John Ainge (sic) to be brought up till he should come of age I would iu-
treat my loving friend Christopher Hudson take him and his stock to bring
him up and learn him an occupation as I should have done if I had lived.
I give to goodman Richard Backle (Backler?) my best cloak which good-
man Ainger gave me. To Mr Samuel Warde preacher of Ipswich forty
shillings. To the widow of Whiting of Fingrego forty shillings. The
residue to my kinsman John Neale if living, or if dead to his children. If
he be known to be dead leaving no children then of the overplus &c. to
Edmund Spinke of Dedham one half and the other half to be put into
the hands of Mr Rogers and Mr Cottesford of Dedham to be bestowed
upon the English school house, if there be need to use any of it that way,
or otherwise their discretions &c. I do make and ordain my loving friends
Richard Backler of Dedham, clothier, and Christopher Hudson of Ded-
ham, likewise clothier, my two executors &c. and do request and iutreat
my reverend friends Mr Rogers preacher of Dedham and Mr Cottesford
vicar of Dedham to be supervisors.

Wit: Robert Seaman, John Burr, Bezaliell Anger. Clarke, 13.

Anthony Whiting of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 1 September 1628,
proved 14 July 1629. To wife Anne my messuage and lands now in the
tenure and occupation of Benjamin Thorpe or his assigns, for term of life,
and alter her decease to Symon Whiting my son upon condition he pay out
of the same to my son Anthony Whiting thirty pounds within one year
after my wife's decease and forty pounds to my daughter Pliebe. To wife
Anne my tenement and yard now in the occupation of Gilbert Hills, for
term of her life, and after that to my son John. To my son Anthony and
to Mary his wife my two fields bought of the widow Shereman and after
their decease to the said Anthony's heirs. To son Symon fourteen pounds.
To daughter Susan Whiting three score pounds and to daughter Phebe
forty pounds. My two brothers Henry and Ezechiell Shereman shall sell
my house and lands in Langliam to best advantage, the money arising


thence to be paid to my executor for the performance of this my will. To
mv son John six score pounds at age of twenty three. To my daughter
Anne Loveran five pounds. To M r Rogers forty shillings and to M r Cot-
tesford twenty shillings. To the poor of Dedham forty shillings and of
Stanaway thirty shillings. My wife shall pay unto Mr Lawrence How
one hundred pounds for a lease of lauds bought of him. She to be execu-

Wit: Lyonell Chewte and Henry Shereman.

Consistory of London,
Book Bellamy, Leaf 326.

Thomas Wilson of Dedham, Essex, butcher, 30 January 1630, proved
24 Mav 1631. Wife Anne. Brother John Wilson and his son Thomas.
Brother Ilenrv Wilson and his now wife and his son Thomas and his two
daughters Elizabeth and Mary. The children of Lewes Elmes my brother
in law, late deceased. To my sister Mary Emery the rents of my house
wherein Richard Crowe now dwelleth during her life and after her decease
to Mary Parker and Susan Smith, two of the daughters of the said Mary
Emery. The other two children of my said sister, viz. Henry Smith and
Judith Thornton. My sister Straunge and her children (except her son
Robert). My nephew Robert Straunge. Mary Mun the younger, at one
and twenty. Every one of the daughters of my brother John Wilson.
Robert Alderton and his son Robert. My sister Syday's children. Mr
-John Rogers, preacher of God's word, and Mr Thomas Cottesford. Eliz-
abeth and Joyce Elmes. Judith Gosline and her children. Mr Anthony
Whiting, Phebe Whiting and the rest of my wife's children. Margaret
Morse. William Wood. Thomas Makin's son. John Garrad's child. I
make my brother in law Henry Sherman senior and Thomas Wood of Ded-
ham executors. S l John, 54.

John Burges parson of Sutton Coldfield, Warwick, 12 September
1634, proved 26 October 1635. My body I commit unto the earth to be
honestly buried in the chancel of Sutton church in the same vault where
the body of Dorothy my late wife was laid. To the poor of Sutton ten
pounds. * To the poor of the town of Ipswich six pounds six shillings eight
pence. To Dorothy Burges daughter of my dear son John Burges ten
pounds. To John Thurlbie, Robert Thurlbie, Elizabeth Thurlbie, the relict
(sic) and children of my late daughter Ursula Thurlbie, twenty pounds each
at age of one and twenty. As for Mary Thurlbie and Ursula Thurlbie, I
have already provided for them and given them their portions and under-
taken by bond to pay it. To Thomas Breedon, John Breedon and Eliza-
beth Breedon my grandchildren ten pounds apiece at twenty one.

Item, I give to John Sherman and Ursula Sherman atid to their mother,
my dear daughter Painter, to each of them, to be paid within eighteen
months after mv death, ten pounds apiece. To all my servants which shall
be in my service at the time of my death one quarter's wages. To my dear
brother John White of Dorchester I bequeath Stephanus his Latin Con-
cordance, which he gave to me, and to my dear sister Anne his wife, for a
token, five pounds. Finally to my dear son John Burges I give the silver
cup or can which was given me by the Honorable House of Parliament


and my greatest standing bowl of silver and gilt, with the cover thereof,
and all the books which I lent unto hirn and be at this present in his hands.
And my will is that if he will undertake to pay one hundred and fifty
pounds within one year after my death unto mine executors for the dis-
charge of debts and legacies he shall have all other my books, which oth-
erwise I leave to mine executors pleasure to sell for the payment of my
debts and legacies. To all the children of my dear patron Mr Robert Shil-
ton of Birmingham living at my death I give and bequeath five pounds
apiece and to himself and his beloved now wife. Mary each a ring of gold
with a death's head of twenty shillings price as a token of love. The like
to my beloved cousin Thomas Willoughbie and Elizabeth his wife. Pro-
vision for maintenance of beloved wife Lettice.

On the margin is written T. Johannis Dcoris Burges
in Medicinis Kectoris de Suttou Coldfeilde. Sadler, 105.

John Wilkinson of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 17 October 12 th Charles,
proved 1 December 1636. To Judith Wilkinson my daughter, wife of
Edward Sherman, and to her heirs forever my copyhold lands and tene-
ments in Thorpe in the Soaken, Essex, known by the name of Risbridge
lands, now in the tenure of Henry Andrewes or his assigns. To daughter
Anne Wilkinson all other my copyhold lands &c. in Thorpe. To my
daughter Anne Cole the wife of George Cole two hundred and fifty pounds
and to Judith Sherman (the same). To daughter Anne Wilkinson five
hundred pounds. To Margaret Ilorneby, widow, ten pounds. To my lov-
ing friend Mr. John Rogers of Dedham five pounds and to his son Samuel
three pounds. To Mr. Cottesford, vicar of Dedham, three pounds. Tho-
mas Withani of Musley and Mr. Edes of Lauford. The poor of Dedham.
My sister Mary Wellocke, widow. My brother Edward Wilkinson. My
sister Person. Richard Cocke my sherman. Samuel Person, sherman.
Mary Hills widow. Old Boone, weaver. Purdy, my weaver. Edward
Rampton, weaver. Daniel Sherman, my servant Troth Stympson, my
servant. The residue to be divided into three parts, one part whereof I
give to my daughter Anne Wilkinson and the other two parts shall be
equally divided amongst my other children. My two sons in law, George
Cole and Edward Sherman to be executors. Daniel Sherman one of the
witnesses. Proved by George Cole, power reserved for the other execu-
tor. Pile, 122.

Stmon Whiting of Dedham, clothier, 17 April 1687, proved 15 June
1637. To Jane my beloved wife all my houses and lands in Dedham for
term of life. To son Symon my house and lands which I now dwell in
after wife's death. I give and bequeath my house and one acre aud half
of land, now in occupation of Roger Cole my brother in law, unto that
chilil which my wife is now withall, after her decease; but if it die before;
my wife I give it to my son Simon. If all my children happen to die
before their mother all those houses and lands shall be heired by Anthony
Whiting, son of Anthony Whiting my brother, witli remainder to Thomas
Whiting brother of my nephew Anthony Whiting. To son Symon titty
pounds at two and twenty. To daughter .lane Whiting one hundred and
fifty pounds at nineteen. To brother John Whiting twenty shillings. To
brother Rojjer Cole forty shillings and to Martha his daughter, my god


daughter, ten shillings, to be laid out for two lambs. To Edmond Sher-
man of Colchester, my kinsman, ten shillings. To Thomas Whiting of
Colchester, my cousin, ten shillings. Item, I give unto k> ould " Richard
Sherman of New England ten shillings. Mr. Thomas Cottsford our pastor

and Mr. Matthew Newcom our preacher. John the Bohemian

scholar. The poor of Dedham. Miles Roberson. Elizabeth Raynold the
wife of John Reynold. The widow Burredge, late wife of Hugh Bui ridge.
The widow Hassett. If all my children die before the age of one and
twenty then my mind and will is that one hundred pounds of their legacies
be equally divided amongst so many of my brother in law Cole's children
which he shall have by Susan my sister as shall be then alive. My wife
to be executrix together with my cousin Clement Feune of Jupe's Hill.
Proved by the widow, Clement Fenne renouncing. Goare, 99.

Anne Wilson of Dedham, Essex, widow, 15 September 1638, proved
13 December 1638. I give and bequeath unto my son Anthony Whiting
of Bentlie, clerk, a long table cloth, half a dozen napkins and a needle
work cushion. I give to John Whiting my sou and to Susan Cole my
daughter all the rest of my household stuff &c. To my said daughter
Susan Cole ten pounds. To my daughter Phebe Barnard of New Eng-
land ten pounds, and to her two children born here before she went over,
viz* John and Samuel, to each of them twenty shillings apiece. To all my
daughter Cole's children, being four, to each of them twenty shillings apiece.
To my son John Whiting eleven pounds and to Anne, his daughter, twenty
shillings. To my nephew Symon Whiting, the son of my son Symon Whit-
ing, deceased, a little silver wine cup at his age of one and twenty years, if
he live so long; but if he die before his said full age then I will that my
son John Whiting have the same cup. I give unto Jane Whiting, daugh-
ter of my said son Symon, two silver spoons ii she lives to her full age of
one and twenty years, otherwise to my son John. To my two nephews
Anthony and Thomas, the sons of my son Anthony Whiting, to each of
them five pounds apiece, atone and twenty. Mr. Thomas Cottesford, vicar
of Dedham, Mr. Newcomy, of Dedham, clerk, and Mr. John Edes of Law-
ford, clerk. The widow Bacon, the widow Home, the widow Chase dwell-
ing near the heath, the widow Goffe, the widow Howchen. The poor of
Dedham. I give unto my brother Edmund Sherman of Colchester twenty
shillings. My neighbor William Wood. All the rest I give unto my lov-
ing brother Ezekiel Sherman, to discharge my debts, legacies and funeral
charges, and I make and ordain my said brother Ezekiel Sherman sole
executor, &c. I give to my son John Whiting my bible that was his

Wit: Lyonell Chewte, William Wode.

Com. of London for Essex and Herts.
Original will in File for 1638-9.

Number, 152.

Richard Backlkr of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 25 June 1639, proved
25 July 1639. To wife Anne the house my son Nathaniel now dwells iu
&c, for life, and one hundred pounds (and household stuff &c). To son
Richard the said house &c, after my wife's decease, and four hundred
pounds at two and twenty (he under seventeen). I do entreat my cousin
Bezaliell Anger to take him for an apprentice. To my daughter Anne
Smith one hundred pounds. The same to daughter Joane Crosse. Daugh-


ters Mary, Sarah (at 18) and Elizabeth (at 18). My cousin Elizabeth
Backler to be kept and maintained by Anne my wife and after her decease
by my executor. If God shall take away my wife before my two youngest
daughters accomplish their said ages they shall be at the disposing of my
brother Samuel Sherman. To son Nathaniel my moiety and part in the
mill and the meadow therewith occupied, now in the occupation of John
Marsh. John Sherman referred to. Son Nathaniel to be sole executor.
Peter Fisher one of the witnesses. Harvey, 125.

Samuel Sherman of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 14 June 1643, proved
12 December 1644. To wife Ester the house I now dwell in, with lands
&c. thereunto belonging, in Dedham, for life, and six acres now in occupa-
tion of John Crosse jun r ; the house wherein the 6aid John Crosse dwelt is
hers already for term of life. To her also my house and lands in Suffolk,
in Crettin<re or elsewhere, all which I lately bought of Samuel Salmon,
now in occupation of William Richardson ; all these for life. Other pro-
vision made for her. After her decease son Samuel to have the house I
now dwell in, with remainder to son Edmond, then to son Bezaliel. To
Samuel my piece of land in Ardleigh holden of the Pigot's Hall. To him
my oadhouse and oadhouse yard, fats and lead, with all those implements
belonging to the said oadhouse, the rent and profit thereof to be taken by
my cousin Edmond Sherman and reserved in his bauds until my son Samuel
be twenty-two, and then paid over to the said Samuel. Other bequests to
Samuel. To daughter Ester five hundred pounds at twenty or day of mar-
riage. And the same to daughter Anna. To my son John the rents that
shall arise of my farm at Empsted called Stevenses, now in occupation of
John Barker or his assigns, to maintain him, my said son John, at Cam-
bridge or Oxford, for I would have him brought up to learning that he
might be fit to honor God in his church, that is if God inclines his mind
thereunto and if my loving brother Dr. Bulges and my loving friend Mr.
Newcomen, they being consulted with, shall think him fit. Loving kins-
man Bezaliel Anger, or, if be be dead, loving friend Robert Webb to
receive the rents and reserve them in their hands and then pay to my son
John, or rather to his tutor at Cambridge, every quarter six pounds ten
shillings a quarter. Other provisions for John. He to have my house and
lands and meadows in Cretinge and Barking in Suffolk, called great Ra-
venses and little Ravenses &c, after my wife's decease, all which I bought
of Samuel Salmon late of Ireland. To son John also two hundred pounds,
which is to be paid into the hands of my brother John Sherman and laid
out in lands to be estated upon my said son, the profits to be kept by my
friend John Webb and then paid to my son John to buy him books with at
his a<*e of twenty-two. Son Edmond to have Stevenses farm at Empsted
afterlife's death. To son Bezaliel three hundred pounds at twenty-three,
and six hundred pounds more to he laid out in lands, with the advice of my
brother John Sherman, John Crosse sen 1 ', Robert Webb, Bezaliel Angier
and Edmond Sherman. To daughter Deborah five hundred pounds to be
laid out in lands (she under nineteen). To son Nathaniel, after wife's
decease, my house and lands wherein John Crosse now dwells, my wood in
Langham &c. (he under the age of twenty-two). Seven acres of wood
called Catt's rent, given to Nathaniel, shall be by ray cousin Richard Sher-
man once felled and my wife shall have ten load of the underwood. To
Samuel, my brother John Sherman's son, twenty pounds, and to Mary
Sherman, my brother John's daughter, ten pounds. My cousin John An-


gier. To my brother Benjamin's children twenty pounds. To my sister
Warner's son Samuel Warner twenty pounds, and to Mary Abbott ten
pounds and to Henry Warner ten pounds, all to be paid into my brother
Warner's hands. To my sister Backler twenty shillings.

Item, I give unto my sister Bacon in New England ten pounds, to be
sent her or her husband in linen cloth and shoes by my cousin Edmond
Sherman. To my loving sister Sherman, Edmond's widow, twenty shil-
lings, and to her son Samuel ten pounds, to her son John Sherman twenty
shillings and to her daughters, Grace and Ester Ward and her youngest
daughter, to either of them twenty shillings. All these legacies given to
sister Edmond's (sic) and her children shall be paid into Edmond Sher-
man's hands. I give to my brother Richard Sherman five pounds and to
his son Samuel five pounds and to his daughter Alice Sherman twenty shil-
lings, these legacies to be paid into cousin Edmond's hands &c. I give to
Anne Sherman iorty shillings and to Priske Sherman forty shillings. To
my loving cousin Mr. Smith, now vicar of Dedham, ten pounds. To my
loving friend Mr. Nathaniel Rogers forty shillings. Others. To my lov-
ing brother Dr. Burges twenty shillings and to his son Samuel twenty shil-
lings and to his son Nathaniel twenty shillings and to his son Daniel twenty
shillings, all to be paid into my brother Burge's hands. To my loving sis-
ter Nash twenty shillings and to her son twenty shillings and to her daugh-
ter, now at London, twenty shillings; all to be paid to my brother Nash.
I give forty shillings to be paid into the hands of my brother John or
James Burges, they to procure four godly sermons to be preached at the
town of Stanton Drew every quarter and they to give the preacher ten
shillings for every sermon. Gifts to Thomas Younge, old Carter, George
Barker sen r , William Cooper, Rohert Woodward, widow Carver, Ed.
Grome, my old friend Thomas Boylson, Robert Jennings, Joseph Mose,
Mr. Norcrosse, Mr. Knowles and others. The Free Grammar School in
Dedham a gift to enlarge the English schoolhouse. I would have my son
Samuel, when the Lord hath taken away to himself his dear loving father
and mother, to be a father to all his brothers and sisters that they may
come thither at times convenient and find brotherly entertainment and wel-
come; God having made him the elder brother I would gladly have him
to be a father to my children. Reference to Daniel Rogers, Henry Wright.
Thomas Iugoldsby and Nathaniel Page. Wife Ester and son Samuel to be
executors and John Crosse sen r , John Sherman, Bezaliel Angier and Ed-
mond Sherman supervisors. Rivers, 14.

Robkrt Borges of Stanton Drew, Somerset, yeoman, 17 November
162G, proved 14 December 1626. Son James Burges. Son in law James
Nash. Wife Alice Burges. Son John. Burges. My sister Anne Hintou.
My two daughters. To the two children of my daughter Hester Sherman
five pounds, viz' to each of them fifty shillings, which I will my said son
James shall pay unto them. The children of my son in law James Nash.
My brother in law Thomas Benbrick. Wife and son James to be execu-

Proved, at above date, by James Burges and probate granted 22 Decem-
ber 1626 to the widow Alice Burges. Hele, 145.

[This -will was again registered in Quire 149 of same book.]

Ester Sherman of Dedham, widow, 14 August 1646, proved o Septem-
ber 1 646. To my son John that forty pounds that was added to the two


hundred which was lent my brother Johu Sherman upon his land, and my
will is that my son John shall receive the benefit of that forty pounds for
and towards his maintenance at Cambridge. I give to my brother Corne-
lius Burges five pounds. To my brother John Burges five pounds. To
my brother James twenty shillings. To my brothers John Sherman and
Benjamin Sherman ten pounds each. To Mr. Nucomen and Mr. Smith,
the ministers of Dedham, five pounds each. To my cousin Ruth Marsh
two pounds ten shillings. To my Aunt Bembory of Pencford and to my
uncle Samuel Lush of Stanton Drew ten shillings each. To my cousins
Henry Warner and Mary Abbott ten shillings each. Goody Robertes of
Langliam and Goody John Garrood my neighbor. To my cousin Samuel
Cole's wife and my cousin Henry Wright's wife five shillings each to buy
a pair of gloves. Old Carter and Elizabeth Howard. My daughters lies
ter, Hannah aud Deborah. My sons Edmond, Beza and Nathauael. All
my eight children. My cousin Beza Angier's wife. To John Crosse
senior and Edmund Sherman, either of them, twenty shillings. Item, I give
to Richard Shermau of New England three yards of broadcloth. The poor
of Dedham. Goodwife Bowtell. Reference to husband's will. My two
youngest children Deborah and Nathanael to be brought up to school accord-
ing as my husband did appoint. My cousin Bezaliel Angier to be sole
executor and John Crosse senior and John Sherman supervisors.

Twisse, 125.

Henry Sherman of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 3 February 1642, proved
12 April 1645. To my son Edward a parcel of land called the Hikel now
in the occupation of Marten Garrad; he to pay Thomas Wattes fifty
pounds; with the use. To son Henry the Waye (?) lands and a parcel
called "goalden aker " now in the occupation of Marten Garrood. To
Edward the furniture of my painted parlor &c. The rest to son Henry

Witness, Henry Fenn and Ezechiell Sherman.

Com. of London for Essex and Herts.
File for 1644-5, No. 85.

Clement Fenn of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 4 November 1651, proved
17 December 1651. To wife Marcy my house aud land (described) dur-
ing her natural life and after her decease to be sold and equally divided
amongst my children. All the rents &c. of lands in Lawford to wife to-
wards the education of all my children until my daughter Mary shall accom-
plish her age of one and twenty, and then to be sold by my wife and bro-
ther Henry Cussens of Ipswich and my kinsman Edmond Sherman and my
brother Henry Fenn and the money arising to be equally divided amongst
my five daughters. Daughters Martha, Mary, Sarah, Anna and Lydia
Fenn. To John Cole my son in law five pounds aud to Thomas Cole my
son in law the best feather bed his mother brought. The rest to my wife
whom I ordain sole executrix.

Edmund Sherman a witness. Proved by Mercie Fenn the relict.

Grey, 239.

Ezechiell Sherman of Dedham, senior, clothier, 26 August 1653,
proved 14 August 1 654. Wife Anne. Youngest son John. My daughter
Mary Sherman. To her one wainscot chair, one pumell chair, a wicker
chair, a green chair, two wrought stools &c. My brother Alfoveer (?).


Mv brother Stephens. My daughter Salmon. My sou Ezeckiell. A
codicil made 1 September 1653. Alchiu, 19'J.

[The will of Ezekiel Sherman, eldest son of the above testator, proved 12
May 1057. has already been printed in these Gleanings (ante, p. 4).]

IIknry SriERMAN of Beutley, Essex, 9 August 1654, proved 22 May
1655, Loving friends Edward and Daniel Shermau of Dedham. My five
children. Sons Andrew, James, Zebius and Nathaniel. Wife Loere Sher-
man. Aylett, 365.

John Sherman of Dedluim, Essex, clothier, 5 August 1654, proved 10
November 1655. To son John twenty pounds. To son Samuel twenty
pounds within six months, so be it he doth not demand the twenty pounds
my brother Samuel gave him by will, which hath " bin" in my hands ever
since. To son Nathaniel thirty pounds, at age of twenty three. To my
daughter Anne thirty pounds at twenty one. The same to daughter Eliza-
beth. These three of my last wife's children, viz 1 , Anne, Nathaniel and
Elizabeth, to be heirs to one another. Forty pounds to loving wife and
she to be executrix. To my daughter Peachey forty shillings. I do intreat
my loving neighbours Capt. Webb and my loving cousin Samuel Sherman
and my loving cousin Bezaleel Angier and my loving cousin Edmund Sher-
man to be supervisors.

Proved by Anne Shermau the relict &c. Aylett, 440.

Rebecca Cole of Dedham, Essex, widow, 29 November 1655, proved
20 February 1655. Loving friend Mr. Lyonell Bacon of Hyem in Suf-

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