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folk. Mr. Matthew Nueomen and Mr. George Smith, ministers in Ded-
ham. John and Artor Cole the two sons of John Cole deceased. Samuel
Cob the son of Thomas Cob of Dedham, at one and twenty. The remain-
ing children of the said Thomas Cob. Rebecca Cricke at one and twenty.
If she die before then her legacy shall be divided between her two uncles
John Cob and Artor Cob,* before named, and her two aunts Elizabeth
Raymont and Alice Munt. Rebecca Tanner the daughter of my brother
William Tanner. The children of my cousin William Tanner. My cou-
sins Mary Cox, Sarah Cox and Elizabeth Tanner the three daughters of
my brother William Tanner. My copyhold lands and messuages in Claf-
ton Parva, Essex. My cousin William Cox of Coggshall. My cousin
Samuel Sherman of Dedham. Priscilla Tanner, my kinswoman whom I
h-ive brought up, and her two brothers Henry and William Tanner. Daniel
Cob, son of Thomas Cob* deceased. Andrew Cole of Brumley, sou also of
Thomas Cole, forenamed. The wife of Thomas Cropley of Colchester.
Brother William Tanner of Coggshall to be executor. Berkley, 57.

Samuel Sherman, clerk, late recto'r of Alderton Suffolk, declared his
nuncupative will 30 December 1658, proved 28 February 1658. lie
made and appointed Mr. John Sherman, Fellow of Jesus College in Cam-
bridge, and Mr. Edmond Sherman, minister in Ipswich, to be his execu-
tors, lie gave his notes to Mr. Edmond Sherman of Ipswich. He gave
to Mr. Martin Carter of Shufford in Essex five pounds, desiring him to
take his horse again which he bought of him. He gave to his eldest bro-
ther John thirty pounds, to his sister Hannah ten pounds, to his sister
Elizabeth eight pound*, to his brother Nathaniel twenty pounds, to Mr.
Samuel Jacombe ten pounds, to his cousin Sherman of Bradwell five pounds
and to his brother Peachie's boy Sam: ten pounds. Pell, 38.

* I suspect that for Cob, in the above will, we should always read Cole.


John Sherman of Norwich in the County of Norfolk, clerk, 6 July
1658, proved 20 July 1661. To the Free School of Dedham where I was
born five pounds, to be disposed of for books by the present schoolmaster,
the present ministers and two of the chief men in the town ; and my will is
that those books be chained as my uncle's are. To ten of the oldest and
poorest people in the town of Dedham ten shillings apiece. To the free
school in the Charter House, where I was bred, five pounds to be disposed
of for books ; and my order is that these books be chained. To the Library
of Norwich five pounds. To the oldest poor in my close of Christ Church,
Norwich, ten shillings apiece. To my half sister Christian Sherman twenty
pounds. To my half sister Martha Darie twenty pounds. To my brother
Bur who married my sister Susan Sherman twenty pounds. To my nephew
by my sister, John Bur, Bachelor in Arts, the little bed which was my
uncle's Court and College bed &c. and all my books and MSS. To my
niece Christian Swuriburn (?) ten pounds. Niece Susan Bur. To
nephew Henry Bur ten pounds at age. My sister Sherman, my brother
Daniel's widow, being executrix, oweth upon a bond to my uncle one hun-
dred pounds. I give her a half year to pay fifty pounds. The other fifty
pounds 1 order her to pay upon the day of her marriage. To my nephew
Daniel Sherman, son of my brother Daniel, ten pounds at age. The same
each to Elizabeth Sherman his eldest daughter and Susan Sherman his
second daughter. Fifteen pounds to Christian Sherman, my brother Dan-
iel's youngest daughter. Forty pounds to be equally divided among the
children of my half sister Mary Alexander. Five pounds apiece to the
nine children of my aunt Toft. To my uncle Toft five pounds. To my
aunt Toft my best ring. Forty shillings each to cousin Robert Chapman,
cousin Lougthorn the widow who dwells in Beast Street, Norwich, to uncle
Toft's sister the widow Rownse, to cousin Elizabeth Answorth now mar-
ried and in the Barbados, if she comes into England, and to cousin Robert
Gooch of Norwich (for rings). Rings to others. Mr. Coleman student of
Physick in Norwich. Five pounds apiece to the two children of my uncle
Edmond Sherman.* To my brother Henry my house and lauds in Ubbes-
ton, Suffolk, he to pay to my aunt the annuity (forty pounds a year) charged
upon it by my uncle. If brother Henry die without heirs male then I give
this to my nephew Daniel Sherman and to his heirs. Brother Henry Sher-
man to be executor. I give him the household stuff in the house of good-
man Stor at Ipswich. Thomas Crane one of the witnesses.

Consistory Court of Norwich (1660-61) Fo. 451.

John Sherman, D.D., Rector of Bradwell juxta mare, Essex, 31 Octo-
ber 1666, proved 24 May 1667. Wife Rebecca. Lands and tenements
which are the inheritance of my said wife and which I enjoy in right of
her. My sou John and my daughter Elizabeth Sherman. My daughter
Jane Sherman at nineteen. My children Charles, Susan and Sarah, which
I have by my said wife. My copyhold messuage &c. in Bradwell. My
copyhold messuages &c. in Lachingdon cum Lawling. Carr, 70.

Samuel Sherman of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 6 September 1670.
Wife Mary. My children, viz', Mary Cole wife of George Cole jun r ,
Judith Sherman, Samuel, Mark and John Sherman. The messuage &c.
which I bought of William Bo'ggas and Priscilla his wife. To son John

• This " uncle Edmond " must have been the Edmond Sherman (of Colchester) who
married Judith Anger. H. F. W.


the mansion house which I now live iu, eighteen acres and a woad house.
If wife be now with child &c. My friend Bezaliel Angier of Dedham to
be executor.

Commission issued 22 January 1G72 to Mary Sherman the relict &c.
Bezaliel Angier refusing. Bye, 11.

John Sherman S. T. B. (nuncupative). To my Bro: and sisters mar-
ried forty marks apiece. To my Bio: Bezaliell I remit his interest now
due to sister Fen, twenty pounds more. My library to Mr. Mawd and Mr.
Roe the better part to Mr. North my robes and all my lands I give to my
Bro: Edmund Sherinan and his heirs forever together with all my goods
and moneys not disposed and I make my said Bro: Edmund the sole ex-

John Mawhood and others testified that Doctor John Sherman did declare
his last will &c. 16 March 1670. Proved 29 March 1671.

Duke, 43.

Sententia pro valore Testamenti Johannis Sherman sacrae Theologian
Professoris nuper Universitatis Cautabrigiensis sed intra parochiam Sancti
Sepulchri London defuncti &c. was declared 13 June 1672; the parties in
the case being Edmund Sherman, brother and executor, on the one part,
aud Nathaniel Sherman, also a brother, together with the Master, Fellows
and Scholars of Jesus College in Cambridge &c. Eure, 39.

Edmund Sherman of Dedham, clothier, 11 April 1673, proved 28 May
1673. Wife Grace. Son Edmund. My three children, John, Martha
and Edmund. To John, my son, two hundred pounds at twenty two; and
if he shall be judged fit to go to the University then he shall have yearly
so much allowed him as is fit and necessary for his maintenance out of that
two hundred. To Martha at twenty. To Edmund at twenty two. Wife
Grace to be executrix. Wit : Bezal : Angier Sen r , William Barker.

Pye, 64.

Edmund Sherman of Dedham, Essex, clerk, 20 November 1674, proved
3 February 1674. To wife Sarah ail the right, title, interest and claim iu
certain freehold land situated in St. Margaret's Ipswich or in Tudnam Suf-
folk, containing forty acres, more or less, which title &c. accrued unto me
by virtue of a deed from William Stockton gent., bearing date 25 August
1665. Daughter Priscilla Sherman. Daughter Margaret. Daughter
Mary, at nineteen or day of marriage. Wife Sarah to be executrix.

Dycer, 19.

Bezaliel Sherman of Mitcham, Surrey, merchant, 10 May 1687,
proved 15 September 1687. Reference to an indenture made 16 Decem-
ber 1685 between the said Bezakel, by the name of Bezalecl Sherman of
London, merchant and citizen and mercer of London, and Anne my wife,
of the one part, and Richard Norton of Mitcham Surrey Esq., Richard
Niccoll of London, merchant, John Knapp, citizen and wax chandler of
London, Francis More of London, gen', and Richard Bowater, citizen and
mercer of London, of the other part, and certain Articles of Agreement,
dated 1'.) January 1677, concerning my marriage with the said Anne, one
of the. daughters of the said Richard Norton. The manor of Thorington,
Suffolk, and the capital messuage or farm in Wherstead, called Thorington
Hall, and the manor of Chatfoid alias Churchford alias Chestford Hall,


Suffolk, and several other messuages, lands &c. in Wberstead. Belstead,
Ipswich, Capell, Great Wenham, Little Wenham, Boyden, Baddingham,
Cransford, Stoake next Nayland, Polsted and Wiston, in Suffolk. My son
Norton Sherman. My three daughters Anne, Elizabeth and Hester Sher-
man. The patronage and advowson of the church of Capell. My nephew
Bezaleel, son of my brother Nathaniel Sherman, late of Dedham, clothier,
deceased. My brother in law Mr. Edward Fisher. My kinsman Mr.
John Wall of Stratford, Suffolk, clothier. My three nieces, the daughters
of my said late brother Nathaniel. Wife Anne to be executrix.

Foot, 121.

Ezekiel Sherman of Colchester, Essex, linen draper, 20 August 1715,
with a Codicil annexed 31 August 1716, proved 6 November 1716. Refer-
ence to marriage of eldest son Ezekiel, to whom silver tankard marked
E _ a - H To son Stebbing Sherman my copyhold lands &c. called the Hall
lands als Hallfield lands (about sixteen acres) in Dedham, holden of the
manor of Overhall and Netherhall in Dedham, with remainder to my two
sons William and John Sherman, in commou. Other lands. Daughters
Martha Sherman, Mary Sherman and Hannah Jones, the now wife of
Edward Jones. Sundry articles of silver &c. given. To son William my
eight day clock and my silver caudle cup with the cover marked s B - G
To my daughter Martha my silver server marked M. P. to M. S. To my
daughter Hannah Jones my large silver salt marked W. S. ad II. S. To
my son Stebbing Sherman my small silver spoon marked II. S. and my
small silver salt marked H s ' G , and also my little silver cup with two ears
marked M. P. My daughter Martha Sherman to be executrix. My bro-
ther in law Daniel Day to be guardian of my son Stebbing until he shall
attain his full age of one and twenty. My brother in law Daniel Day of
Colchester, Baymaker, to be executor if my daughter Martha shall happen
to die. Proved by Martha Sherman, the daughter &c. Fox, 214.

Ann Shekman of Kensington, Middlesex, widow. 26 November 1720,
proved 2 November 1722. My body I commit to the earth to be buried
as privately as possible in the vault in the churchyard of Mitcham in Sur-
rey, wherein Mr. Bezaleel Sherman lies interred. To my daughter Ann
Fielding a diamond ring made of part of my diamond pendants. My
father's picture and the picture of my said daughter Ann. To my daugh-
ter Elizabeth Vincent all the rest and residue. &c. and I do nominate &c.
my said daughter full and sole executrix.

Proved by Elizabeth Vincent wife of Henry Vincent Esquire.

Marlboro, 222.

[I have note of Marriage Allegation of Bezaleel Slierman of London, mer-
chant, bachelor, about 40, and Mrs. Anne Norton of Mitcham, Surrey, spinster,
about 19, with consent of her father, Richard Norton, Esq.; at St. Mary,
Aldermary, London, 19 January, 1G77-8.— II. F. W.]

Thomas Fonhs citizen and apothecary of London. 14 April 162'J,
proved 2'J April 1629. Have disposed, by Acts executed in my life time,
the greater part of my personal estate to and among my children and to
the use aud benefit of my wife. I commit the tuition &c. of my son Samuel,
during his minority, unto his uncle John Wynthropp of Groton, Suffolk,
Esq., J'jV.n White of the Middle Temple, London, Esq., and James Thurlby
citizen ana grocer of London. The tuition of my daughter Elizabeth and
Martha I do commit unto my said loving brother John Wynthropp until


they shall be married or attain their full age of one and twenty years. The
tuition of my youngest daughter Mary Fones I commit unto my loving
wife her mother. And I do make my said wife Priscilla Fones aud my
said brother .John Wynthropp the executors. Ridley, 28.

[The above testator married Priscilla widow of Bezaleel Sherman of Ipswich
and daughter of John Burgess S. T. P. She afterwards became the wife of the
Rev ■ Henry Painter. This family will be found referred to in the Life and Let-
ters of John YViuthrop. See also N. E. H. and G. Reg. for 1856. Mr. Fones
died the day after making his will.

The following three wills relate to the family of the wife of our Rev d John
Sherman. My friend L l Col. Vivian gives us, in his Visitations of Cornwall, a
pedigree of the Launce family, to which Mrs. Sherman belonged, and shows
the connection of that family with the Darcy family of Dartford, Kent, not of
Essex Co. as has been thought. H. F. W.]

Philip Hayne, widow, of the parish of St. Petrock in the city of Exeter,
18 January 1G39, proved 18 May 1640. I give towards the maintenance
of poor boys in the hospital of this city ten pounds. To Mr. Richard
Harris, my brother in law, twenty pounds. To the two children, the son
and daughter, of my sister the deceased wife of the said Richard Harris,
one hundred pounds, i.e. to each of them fifty pounds. To my brother in
law Mr. Simpson twenty pounds. To Francis Lance, the eldest daughter
of my sister Simpson, one hundred pounds. To my nephews David and
John Lance and the two other daughters of my said sister Simpson, to each
of her said several children fifty pounds, to be employed aud disposed of by
my executors, hereafter named, to the only use and benefit of the said five
children, for the augmenting of every of their said legacies so far as they
lawfully and safely may till they and every of them be married or attain to
the age of one and twenty years, and then to be respectively paid unto
them, with the increase and benefit thereof. And if my said sister Simp-
son be now with child aud shall be delivered of the same then I give fifty
pounds unto the said child, sou or daughter. Provision in case of death of
any of them. To the two daughters of my deceased sister Caldecott twenty
pounds each. To John Pattison the son of my former husband D r Patti-
son, thirty pounds and to his sister Mary the like sum. To Henry Painter,
clerk, minister of St. Petrock's in Exeter, fifty pounds. To Mr. Fardi-
nando Xicholls, minister of St. Mary Arches in Exeter, three pounds aud
to Mr. Mark Downe, curate of St. Petrock's, forty shillings. To Mr. Tim-
othy Shute, preacher in Exeter twenty shillings and the same to Mr. Allen,
preacher, and likewise to Mr. Bartlett, minister of St. Thomas parish. To
Mary, wife of Francis Fiver, five pounds. To my sister Prouze my best
diamond ring. To Priscilla Paynter, the wife of the aforesaid Henry
Painter, my other diamond ring. To. Mrs. Joane Collamore my wedding
ring which I wear, having this poesy ou it, Loue is the bond of peace. To
Mrs. Mosyer. the wife of Mr. Stephen Mosyer, my two silver salts. To
Mrs. Mules, widow, my best beaver hat and my mourning gown. To Mrs.
Man ton, widow, five pounds. To my nephew James Lance one silver can.
To Mr. John Gill, merchant, my little bible with silver clasps. To his three
children, each, two silver spoons with gilt knobs or tops. To my servant
Mary twenty shillings. To the two children of my son John Ilayne, each,
two silver spoons of them that have their grandfather's mark upon them.
To Mrs. Martha Spicer, wife of Nicholas Spicer, for a remembrance of my
love unto her, my silver sugar box. To my foresaid sister Isabella, the
wife of Mr. Sidrack Simpson, before named, all my wearing apparcll, linen


and other, not before given. To the three daughters of her my said sister
Simpson, namely, Francis, Mary and Isabella, all the residue of my plate,
jewels, linen and household stuff and utensils, to be equally divided be-
tween them after the decease of my said sister Simpson, into whose hands,
my will is. it shall be delivered and that she shall have the use thereof
during her life. All the rest of my goods &c, my debts, legacies and funeral
expences discharged. T give and bequeath unto my well beloved brother
and trusty friends Mr. Richard Harris of St. Clement's in the Co. of Corn-
wall gen 1 , and Henry Paynter, aforesaid, clerk, whom I make &c. my
executors. And I give unto my two brothers in law, Mr. Richard Prouze
and Mr. Richard Harris, each of them, a mourning cloak of good cloth and
to the aforesaid Henry Painter, clerk, a mourning gown of the same and to
my dear sister Prouze and to Priscilla Paynter, wife of the said Henry, to
each of them a mourning gown of silk, " Tabey or Calamiuco " and to my
niece Mary Lance a mourning gown of Turkey " tammey."

In a Codicil she gives to Mr. Painter her large bible with purple velvet
covering and silver clasps. Coventry, 61.

Stdrach Sympson of London, clerk. Master of Pembroke Hall in the
University of Cambridge, 2 April 1655, proved 15 April 165.3. 1 will that
fifty pounds be paid unto my dear and loving wife Isabella Simpson within
one month next after my decease and that my executors shall lend unto my
said wife fifty pounds more during her life, she giving bond for the repay-
ment thereof within one month after her decease. I give her one such of
my feather beds &c. as she shall make choice of and one little case of silver
cups, now in my trunk at Cambridge. To my son Sidrach all my lauds
and tenements in Rocking, Essex, which I purchased of Alderman Thomas
Andrewes. To the poor of Rlack Notley in Essex, where I was sometimes
preacher, forty shillings. To the poor scholars of Pembroke Hall twenty
pounds. To the children of my brother Joshua Simpson of Boston in the
Co. of Lincoln twenty pounds, to be equally divided amongst them. To
my brother Robert Sympson of Bristol ten pounds. To Mistress Symonds
my late servant five pounds. To my daughter Katherine Denham two
hundred pounds. To my daughter Priscilla Sympson three hundred pounds.
To my said son Sydrach twenty pounds to pay his debts which he owes at
Oxford and I desire my son in law Master Joseph Denham to take care of
paying the same, so far as the said sum will extend. To my son in law
Master James Lane my new black cloak faced with velvet. To my man
servant Thomas my black horse that is at grass and twenty shillings. To
old Mrs. Chapman widow ten pounds. All the rest and residue to my said
daughter Katherine Denham, the wife of Joseph Denham, and to my said
daughter Priscilla Simson, to be equally divided between them. And I do
make and ordain Captain John Stone and my said son in law Joseph Den-
ham executors &c. and entreat Master Richard Fludd, Master Samuel War-
ner, Capt. Mark Coe and George Peryer to be overseers. Elizabeth
Sjmons one of the witnesses.

Proved by both executors. Aylett, 346.

Isabella Simpson of London, widow, 29 May 1668, proved 4 August
1669. To my son James Launce one hundred pounds of that which he
hath in his hands. The other fifty pounds which he hath I give to my son's
daughter Isabella Launce. My trunk, with all the things in it, which is in
Exeter at Mr. Pamor's, I give to my sou James Launce; also a box, with


the tilings in it. There is a paper upon it written it is for my son James.
Other things to James (including a striking clock). To my son's wife
Rebecka Launce one drinking silver cup with two handles. To my son
Darcy Launce five pounds.

Item, my will is that my daughter Mary Sherman have " thartine 30 ' :
pounds, and I give her my cawdle silver cup with a silver porringer that
covers it, a ring with three diamonds in it and one silver spoon. I give her
mv clothes and household goods &c. and my watch. What money is left
when all things is discharged I would have my son Launce's children, those
that are not married, and daughter Mary Sherman's children, those that are
not married, to have it equally divided between them. To old Mr. Nye
and Mr. Loader five pounds each. To ministers and prisoners twenty
pounds. Item, I give to my son Sherman five pounds and the half of my
books, with the great bible I read, his name is writ in it for him. To
my son Powell twenty shillings to buy him a ring. To Dr. Gorden three
pounds. To Mrs. Nye ten shillings to buy her a ring. To Mrs. Loader a
similar bequest. To cousin Kifen ten shillings (for a ring) and the same
to Mrs. Turner and Mrs. Perie. Others. My friend Mr. Methuselah
Turner of Loudon, merchant, to be executor.

Methuselah Turner, the executor, and James Launce, a son, renouncing,
as by Acts of the Court appears, commission issued, as above, to Darcy
Launce, a sou, to administer according to the tenor of the will.

Coke, 99.

William Anger of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 24 October 1620. To
sen John my " Oadehouse " (woad house) &c. and sufficient ground about
it to lay both fuel for the use of the same and " Bever." To wife Josan
the occupation of my house and grouuds where I now dwell during her
natural life; and after her decease to my sou John, he paying to my son
Edmond forty pounds. Other bequests to Edmond. To son William thirty
pounds. To my daughters Elizabeth and Bridget forty pounds each, at age
of twenty or day of marriage. The rest of my daughters. My executrix
shall pay to Mr Rogers, preacher of Dedham, three pounds within one year
next after my decease. To Mr Cottesford, minister of Dedham, twenty
shillings. To every one of my grandchildren twenty shillings apiece. To
the poor of Dedham forty shillings. To son John forty pounds. My wife
Josan to be executrix and son John supervisor.

Wit: Lyonell Chewte, Edmund Sherman, Richard Backler.

Proved at Colchester 2 August 1622.

Com. of London for Essex and Herts.
File for 1622-1623 No. 186.

John Anger of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 19 January 1623, proved 18
February 1623. I give the house and ground now in the occupation of
Samuel Deacon, or his assigns, which I had of Mr Godscall and John Cole,
to Anna, my beloved wife for term of her natural life, then to my son John
and his heirs forever. I will that my executors, with my two loving friends
George Cole the elder and my cousin John Ward, shall, within a year &c,
buy as much land in the country as shall cost three hundred and forty
pounds, my executors to pay it out of my goods, the assurance to be made
to my son John. But until he arrive at the age of three and twenty my
executors shall employ the rents and profits to maintain my son at Cam-
bridge in the study of learning. If he die before that age I give said lauda


&c. to my sons Rezalleell and Samuel Anger, equally to be divided &c. To
wife Ann one hundred and fourscore pounds, either in money or goods,
vvooll or cloth, which she think best. To John my son three score and
ten pounds, twenty pounds whereof shall be added to the three hundred
and forty pounds before given to buy land and the other fifty to be paid him
at three and twenty. I give him my silver and gilt salt after ray wife's de-
cease. I give the house that Groome dwells in and the two fields thereto
belonging, called Woodcockes, which I had of the surrender of William
Ainger my brother, to wife Ann for life, then to son Bezaleell. I give the
house that my mother Ainger dwells in, with the field and meadow &c.
with my wood (woad?) house to son Bezaleell, but what profit is made of
the wodd (woad) house till he come to his age of xxiii my wife shall have,
if living, and Bezaleell take the profit thereof after her death. My exec-
utors shall, within a year after the decease of my mother id law Ainger,
pay to my brother Edmund Ainger forty pounds which my father did bind
me to pay by a conditional surrender made to me of the aforesaid house and
I give to my sou Bezalell; for if the money be not paid my brother is
heir at common law. To son Bezalleell two hundred pounds at three and
twenty. To son Samuel four hundred pounds at three and twenty, and
my will and meaning is that my executors shall, within twelve months
after my decease, pay into the hands of my loving friend Mr Hugh
Perry, merchant, now dwelling in Soper Lane, London, three hundred
pounds of the said portion (given to son Samuel), whom I do intreat to take
the care of the bringing up of the said Samuel my son till his age of three
and twenty; and my mind is he shall keep him to school till he be perfect

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