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in the Latin tongue and then take him apprentice and make him free of
London and of those companies of merchants whereof he is free, and to
learn him the trade of merchandize; Mr Perry to put in a bond to pay the
three hundred to my son at his aforesaid age. The other hundred pounds,
part of the portion bequeathed to Samuel, my executors shall pay to my
son Bezaleel at his age of three and twenty and take his bond to pay it to
Samuel at his said age. To wife Ann the field I bought of John Garrard,
now in occupation of Robert Baker, for life, then to my son Edmund. I
give my part of Frost's grove in Langham (twelve acres) to Edmund at
three and twenty, and during the mean time mine executors shall take what
profit shall be made of the underwood and timber felled, by the consent of
my friend Mr. Doctor Duke who hath two parts of said grove to my one,
and allow my wife every year four load of two baud wood and four load
of one band wood, and what profit more shall be paid to Edmund at his
said age. To Edmund also three hundred and fifty pounds, my executors
to get a good place in London for him, to place him with a woollendraper,
and my mind is that they would intreat my good friends Mr Richard Tur-
ner, at the Key, Mr Daniel Eliot, at the Lion, and Mr Tlioiuas Bridges, at
the three half-moons, woollen drapers in Watling street, if they be not in
want of one, to help place him with some honest man, and my executors
shall lend to the draper that shall take Edmund to apprentice two hundred
and fifty pounds, out of the said portion (to be repaid Edmund at his said
age) and the other hundred to be lent to son Samuel (at his said age) he
to give bond to pay it to Edmund at his said age.

Item : I give my daughter Mary Sparhauke the hundred pounds that I
did lend her husband Nathaniel Sparhacke and twenty pounds more, and
my posted bed &C. in the entry chamber and also my silver wine cup after
my wife's decease. To my daughter Ann two hundred and twenty pounds


at aire of twenty. And my executors shall pay into the hands of my son
in law Nathaniel Sparhauk three score and ten pounds out of Ann's por-
tion, he giving bond to pay it to her at her said age. To my brother Wil-
liam Ainger of Colchester forty pounds. To his daughter that I was wit-
ness to twenty shillings, to be paid into her father's hands. I give to Judith
Sherman the daughter of Edmund Sherman of Colchester, my god daugh-
ter, and to John Gillson, my brother Gilson's son, my godson, twenty shil-
lings apiece &c. To Ann Sherman, daughter of Edmund Sherman of Col-
chester, five pounds. To my sister Smith the use of thirty pounds for life,
and if she happen to have a child or children alive at her death it shall be
then divided among them at ages of one and twenty, if only one it shall
have the whole. To my brother Edmund Ainger and my sisters Elizabeth
and Bridget Ainger forty shillings apiece, at ages of twenty years. To my
Rev d friend Mr Rogers, preacher of Dedham, five pounds. To Mr Cots-
ford, minister of Dedham, forty shillings. Mr Harison, of Layer, Mr Wit-
tam, of Misley, Mr Collins, of Boxsted, Mr John Edes, of Lawford, ami
Mr Gullson, schoolmaster of Dedham. To my goddaughter Abigayll Rogers
five pounds, to be paid into her father Mr John Rogers hands within three
years &c. and he to pay it her at her age of twenty. To the poor of Ded-
ham si.\ pounds to be bestowed at my burial by the discretion of my exec-
utors anl my brother Edmund Sherman aud my cousin John Wardes and
that they respect the honestest and painfullest in their callings most. To
my sister Judith Sherman, the wife of Edmund Sherman of Colchester, ten
pounds, whhh I lent her husband in April last, and thirty pounds more on
condition he free my executors of all bonds wherein I staud bound with
him and on condition that the brethren and friends of my brother Sherman
proportionably do for him to clear him of his debts and to set up his estate.
My sister Auna Smith. Mr Lyddall, preacher of Colchester. To Joseph
Morse the elder, Samuel Holborne, Andrew Taylor, Robert Risbye, Thomas
Youge the elder, Bezaleell Ravens, Edmund Ravens and Robert Webb
twenty shillings apiece. My godchildren Johu Backler, Robert Sherman,
Joan Backler, Dorothy Garrard, Rachel Crosse and Elizabeth Robinson.
Susan Crosse my goddaughter. Her father Be.ijamiu Crosse. John Dea-
con my godson. His father Samuel Deacon. Matthew Shuckford. Whereas
my brother Nathaniel Sherman, on his death, did intreat me to take the
charge of Nathaniel, his sou. and to biing him up and did give him a por-
tion of forty pounds, which he willed I should have in hand and to put in
bond for the same to my cousin Henry Sherman and my cousin John Ward
for the payment of said portion when he come to age, now, therefore, I
entreat my friend Johu Pye to take the charge &c. After wife's decease
my silver beaker to sou Bezaleel\ my great silver bowl to Samuel, three
silver spoons to Edmund aud threes silver spoons to Ann. My cousin old
Cartwrigbt, widow, and my cousin t T ohn Shiuglewood's wife. The widow
Browne, and her sou Samuel Brown?. Elizabeth Rickes of Ardley, widow.
My brother Richard Sherman. My sister Sarah Gillson. To Annah Spar-
hawke my grandchild five pounds (into her father's hands). Mary Hayes
daughter of Mr Thomas Hayes. Wife Aun, friend John Pye and brother
in law Richard Backler my executors and reverend friends Mr Rogers and
Mr Cotsford supravisors. Samuel Cole a witness. Byrde, 19.

Ann Anger, 2 September 1625. I give and bequeath to John Anger
my son, to Bezaliell Anger my son and to Mary Spaihake my daughter all
my moveable goods <fcc, to be equally divided betwixt them, and 1 would


desire my loving brothers Richard Sherman, Richard Backler and Samuel
Sherman to divide it betwixt them. To my daughter Sparhake all my
wearing linen and woollen and the sum of twenty pounds. To my son
John Anger fifteen pounds, at age of one and twenty years. The same
to son Bezaliell at three and twenty. To son Samuel Anger five and
twenty pounds at three and twenty. The same to son T dmund Anger.
To daughter Ann Anger forty pounds at age of twenty. To Mr. Rogers
preacher of Dedham three pounds and to Mr. Cotsford, minister &c, forty
shillings. To the poor of Dedham three pounds, to be distributed by my
brother Richard Sherman and Samuel Sherman with the assistance of mine
executors. To Mr. Carter, preacher of Bellsted and to Mr. Beadel the
scholar, son of Mr. Beadell. sometime preacher of Woverston ( Wolverston),
to Mr. Alldridge and to Mr. Edward Sparhake twenty shillings apiece.
Mr. Witham preacher of Mislye, Mr. Culverwell of London, Mr. Edes of
Law fowl and Mr. Liddall of Colchester. To my two brothers Edmund and
Richard Sherman ten pounds apiece. To Samuel Sherman, John Sherman,
Sarah Warner, Anna Backler, Mary Bacon, my brothers and sisters, to
every of them twenty shillings. To my brother Benjamin Sherman three
pounds. To William Anger, Judith Sherman, Anna Smith, my husband's
brother and sisters, thirty shillings apiece. To Ann Sherman and Jone
Sherman, daughters of my brother Edmund, twenty shillings apiece. To
Judith Cartwright and Alice Mase, widow, and to Ann Sherman daughter
of my uncle Sherman, doctor departed, twenty shillings apiece. To Wil-
liam Petfild, son of Richard Petfild, twenty shillings at age of one and
twenty. To Anna Shinglewod, daughter of my cousin John Shiuglewood,
and Elizabeth Smith, daughter of my cousin Robert Smith, and to Anna
Sherman, daughter of my brother Richard Sherman, twenty shillings apiece,
at ages of twenty. Katherine wife of John Garrad, Margery wife of Isaac
Harae, Nicholas Prig's wife, Susan, Robert Ham's wife, William Skot's
wife, the widow Ilame, Elizabeth, Edmund Robinson's wife, Margaret
Thorpe and Joseph Thorpe her son. I give to the two children of the wife
of Thomas Rogers, John Sherman and Richard Sherman, m}' kinsmen, ten
shillings apiece at their ages of one and twenty. To Edmund Anger, my
husband's brother, and to Sarah Gillson, Susan Cross, Elizabeth Gellson
and Brigit Anger ten shillings apiece. To Anna Sparhak my grandchild
five pounds to be put into her father's hands. To my brother Bezaliell's
two children, John Sherman and Usalye (Ursula) Sherman, ten shillings
apiece at their ages of one and twenty. Ann Taylor daughter of Andrew
Taylor, Katherine the wife of Robert F reman and Amie which was my
servant and the widow Blake. To my two executors forty shillings-apieee.
To Brigit the wife of Edmund Anger twenty shillings. Bezaliell Ravens,
Edmund Ravens and Robert Webe. Elizabeth Bluit of Groten, Rosse
Pirson of Ardlye and Elizabeth wife of William Cartwright. Joseph
Morse. I do make and ordain for my executors my loving son Nathaniel
Sparhauck and my brother Edmund Sherman. I stand bound as being an
executor witii Richard Backler and John Pye to the paying of all legacies
given by my late husband John Anger in his last will and testament and to
all his debts I never being possessed with any of my said husband's goods
nor never meddled with any of them to any use but only took of the other
executors my portion which was given me &c, &c. To goodman John
Cafium ten shillings.

Wit.: Thomas Makin and Jerimiah Morse (by mark). Proved at Col-
chester 16 December 1625. Com. of London for Essex and Herts.

File for 1625-1626 N° 177.


Jotsen Anger of Dedham, widow, 27 August 1627, proved at Colches-
ter 28 May 1628. Eighteen pounds each to son Edmond Anger, daughter
Sara Gilson, daughter Susan Crosse, daughter Elizabeth Gleeson and
daughter Bridget Anger, the latter at twenty or day of marriage. To my
son in law William Anger ten shillings. To Mr. Rogers preacher at Ded-
ham twenty shillings and to Mr. Cotsforde minister of Dedham ten shil-
lings. Son Edmond Anger to be sole executor. To the poor of Dedham
twenty shillings. Com. of London for Essex and Herts.

File for 1627-1628 N° 18.

Benjamin Cross beiug very sick &c, 19 December 1638, proved 4 April
1639. To wife Susan two hundred pounds &c. To daughter Susan one
hundred pounds. To son Benjamin one hundred and fifty pounds at age of
twenty two. My executrix shall pay into the hands of my loving brother
Edmund Angier three score and fifteen pounds to be improved by him for
the bringing up of my son, and the other part of my son's portion
which is three score and fifteen pounds, shall be paid into the hands of my
loving cousin Bezaleel Angier (for the same purpose). My will is that
my sou shall be educated at the Grammar School " while "* he is fifteen
vears of age. And my executrix (with the help of my friends Edmund
and Bezaleel Angier) shall provide a good master for my son and bind him
" while "* he is two and twenty years of age where he may learn the trade
of clothing and clothworking. My friends, on receipt of these sums, to
give bonds to pay according to my will. To my three daughters Sarah,
Bridget and Anna fifty pounds apiece at age of twenty. To my loving
mother thirty shillings. To my sister Margaret Burrowes three pounds.
To my sister Ann Branch twenty shillings. To my brother William Angier
my best coat. The poor of Dedham. Mr. Thomas Cottford and Mr. Mat-
thew Nucumen. Others. Wife Susan to be executrix provided that within
one week after my decease she put in Bond of eight hundred pounds unto
my loving brother John Cross and my cousin Bezaleel Augier to perform
this my last will and testament. They two to be supervisors.

Thomas Lufkin jun. one of the witnesses.

Com. of London for Essex and Herts.
File for 1638-1639 N° 252.

Samuel Fenn of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 9 February 1654, proved
13 April 1655. Wife Lydian. Cousin Bezaleel Angier. My sons Joseph,
Simon and John, at their several ages of two and twenty. My five daugh-
ters Lydia, Deborah, Priscilla, Abigail and Phebe, at twenty. Wife Lydian
to be sole executrix. Daniel Sherman one of the witnesses.

Aylett, 355.

Samuel Angier, merchant adventurer dwelling in Dordrecht in Hol-
and, 1 April 1667, stilo novo, proved 22 May 1667. To Mr. Thomas
Marshall the minister of God's Word to the Merchants Adventurers' Church
in Dordrecht. To John and Samuel Ford the sons of Sir Richard Ford,
kn*. and alderman of London. To my three brothers, John Angier,
preacher of God's Word, Bezaliell Angier, clothier, in Essex, England, and
Edmund Angier, at present at Cambridge, in New England, twenty pounds
sterling. My cousin Mary Smith the daughter of the late George Smith,
preacher of Dedham in Essex. My wife Barbara Angier, formerly Bar-
bara Colemore, to be executrix. Carr, 57.

* The word "while" in these two cases evidently means until. — h. f. w.


John Angier, pastor of the Church of God at Denton in the parish of
Manchester and County of Lancaster, 27 August 1677, proved 8 Novemher
1677. To be buried in Denton Chapel where are buried my late dear wife
Margaret and others. To daughter Mary Angier my silver bowl marked
J. M. A. &c. The daughters of my sou John. My seven grandchildren.
My silver bowl marked J. F. A. My son's son John Angier. My grand-
son Eliezer Hey wood. Houses and free lands in Ardleigh, Essex. Grandson
Samuel to be brought up in learning. My son Angier's present wife. Mv
cousin Samuel Angier, son of my beloved brother Bezaliell. The three
daughters of my son John. To son John my signet ring. Mary Ashton.
I give out of my library to Denton Chapel Mr. Hildersham's Lectures
upon the One and Fiftieth Psalm and Bishop Jewell's Works against Hard-
ing, as a remaining testimony of my love, to be chained up in a convenient
place at the charge of the Chapelry, hoping that others will make additions.
Other books to grandsons John Angier and his brother Samuel. My manu-
scripts &c. to my four grandsons, John and Samuel Angier and John and
Eliezer Hey wood. To my brother Bezaleel my ring with the Moseley's
arms and to his son Samuel after his death. To his sons Nathaniel and
Mathew twenty shillings apiece. Sister Angier. Brother Edmund Angier.
My daughters in law Angier and Heywood. Cousin Samuel's wife Anne.
My sister Russell and her two daughters. To Nicodemus Monks md two chil-
dren. To the child or children and grandchildren of iny sister 1 ongue. My
son Heywood. Aunt Bourdman. Loving friend Mr. Nathaniel llulton and his
wife. The poor of Dedham in Essex. My cousin Mary Snelling and her
children. To my cousin Samuel Angier, if he live with me at my decease,
and to his children Bezaleel and Margaret. Cousin Samuel to be sole
executor. Cousin Oswald Moseley of Ancoats, Esquire. Hale. 112.

Edmund Angier of Wiston, Suffolk, 16 March 1677, proved 12 June
1678. To my wife Bridget my land in Dedham. Sous Samuel, Edmund,
John and Nathaniel. Nathaniel to be executor. Reeve, 60.

[Bridget, daughter of Johu Rogers, the famous preacher of Dedham, mar-
ried Edmond Anger. See Register, vol. 41, p. 159; ante, p. 210.]

Bezal: Angier Sen 1 ' of Dedham, Essex, clothier, 2.5 October 1678,
proved 11 November I67tt. Wife Anne. All my children. Son Matthew
Angier. Son Samuel. Son in law Samuel Barker. To son Samuel the
tenement wherein the widow iliehcock liveth. Sou Bezal :. Son Nathaniel.
My three daughters, Mary Barker, Hannah Barker and Sarah Blomfield.
My grandchildren. I give unto my brother Edmund Angier of New Eng-
land twenty shillings, to buy him a ring, and to my cousin Deborah Wall,
widow, twenty shillings &c. The same to Elizabeth Astye, Mary Snelling,
wife of John Snelling, Piiscilla Garrod, wife of Martin Garrod and my
uncle Samuel Smith. Others. Wife Anne to be executrix and brother
John Blomfield to be assistant to her. Reeve, 120.

Samuel Aungier of Loudon, merchant, outwards bound in a voyage to
Barbadoes, 1 November 1692, proved 4 May 1693. Everything to wife
Sarah, whom I appoint executrix. Coker. 73.

Samuel Angier of Duckinfield, Co. of Chester, Minister of the Gospel,
4 July 1712, proved 24 December 1713. To be buried in the yard of the
new Chapel in Duckingfield, over against the South door, in the middle


between the said door and the wall. Eldest son Bezaliell. Son John
Angier of Bristol. Son in law Mr. Ralph Lathropp. My daughter Mar-
garet, his wife. My daughter Anne and her children. Son John Angier.
1 give my small tenement in Dedham to my sou Bezaliell, desiring him to
give ten shillings apiece to such children to whom I am an uncle, i. e. the
children of my brethren and sisters &c. My brother Nathaniel. My two
sisters Hannah and Sarah. My brother in law Edmund Sherman. To
the poor of Dedham five pounds, to be distributed by my two sisters Han-
nah and Sarah. All my four children. Leeds, 267.

John Goodwin (ante p. 1152):

[To Mr. Goodwin's will, printed in the April Register (ante, p. 1152), Mr.
"Waters appended a record of a chancery suit, Woodgate c Goodwin, furnished
him by Dr. Joseph James Muskett, author of Suffolk Manorial Families. Dr.
Muskett has furnished him with the following additional matter relating to
the suit. — Editor.]

Chancery Proceedings. Woodgate c Goodwin.
James I. B. & A. W. 30. 1.

John Woodgate of Estbergholt in y e couutye of Suff., clothier, shew-
eth that Willm Ilolloway late of Estbergholt was seised of divers lands &
tenem ts cald Casnells in Essex, y e revercon therof to Sara now y e wife of
Danyell Woodgate & yo : Or x Mary expectant. He was also possessed of
goods, ready money plate &c. to a great value and did about nyne yeeres
last past make his will & did geue y e s rt lands vnto W m Ilolloway his sonn
by Elizabeth his second wife & to the heires of the same for ever & did give
vnto yo: Or x Marye [Her name is omitted at the head of this Bill] y e some
of 120 u at her age of 20 yeers or at y e daye of her marriage vppon con-
dition y* she should convey her right to said lands to y e vse of s' 1 W m Ilol-
loway y e sonue. He did make Elizabeth his wife, now wife of John Good-
win his sole executrix & shortly after died. In a short time she tooke to
husband y e s d Jo: Goodwyn of Estbergholt, clothier, who possessed himself
of testators psonall estate. Goodwyn refused to pay y e s' 1 120 u to yo: Or:
as a legacy vntill s rt Mary should accomplish her full age of 21 yeeres vn-
less yo: Or s : should give obligacon of 240 u for the setlinge of their right
vppon W m Ilolloway y e sonne, but he before any assignment was made
died without issue, Elizabett, Ann, Susan & Mary daughters of W m Hollo-
way the father by y e s' 1 Elizabeth his last wife being his sisters and coheirs,
since whose deatt yo: Or s . together with Daniel Woodgate & Sara his wife-
con veyed all their right to s' 1 p'miss called Casnells to y e s' 1 Elizabett, An,
Susan & Mary & their heirs. But soe it is Goodwyn doth refuse to de-
liver up to yo : Or s s d bond or to allow s' 1 120 u bequeathed to yo: Or*

Woodgate c Goodwin. Ja s I. B. & A. W. 29. 43.

Answere of John Goodwyn & Elizabett his wief. William Ilollowaye did
by his last will bequeathe vnto Marye his daughter wief to said John Wood-
gate the Complaynnte the some of six skore pounds to be paide vnto her at
her day of marriadge yf it were w u the consent of his wiefe now the defend'
Elizabett, s tl Mary to assure her right vnto Casnells to the said William
Hollowaye her sone Woodgate did become bouude by obligacon of twoe
hundred & fortye pownds dated 15 tl; Marclie in the nientlie yeie of his Ma us
reigne, about three yeres before the full age of the saide Marye, for the
payment of sixe score pownds lent him by this defendant. Wiltm Ilollo-
waye the sone being this Elizabeths sone being of the age of fower yeres or
thereabouts at the tyme of the deatt of his father. After the deatt of


William Ilollowaye the sone, Elizabett, Anne, Susan & Marye this defend'
Elizabeths daughters were of their then severall ages of sixteue, fowertene,
teune & eight yeres. After the deatt of Willm the sone aboute one yere
past Cornplaynant did make Clayme vppou Casuells. Complaynfit & Marye
his wife & Daniell Woodgate & Sara his wife have not assured by suffi-
cient wayes their right to Casnalls to Elizabett Anne Susan & Marye sisters
& coe-heyres of the saide Witim the sone deceased. Capt. 6 Jun. 1 6 lac.
apud Eastbergholt.

John Perkie, late of Antigua, now of St. James, Westminster, Middle-
sex. Will June 24, 1708 (ante p. 1106).

[John Perrie, Esqr, was a member of the Council and Secretary of the Island
of Antigua and Provost Marshal General of the Islands of St. Christopher,
Nevis, Mont Serrat and Antigua.

His daughter and coheiress Anne married Richard Rigby of Mistley Hall in the
Co. of Essex, Esqr, a member of the Council of the Island of Jamaica. Dor-
othy married George Baker of London, merchant. Elizabeth died young and
unmarried. Mary married the Hon blc John Cleland, member and President of
H. M. Council for S. Carolina and H. M. Collector of Customs at Charles Town.

Mr. Perrie's " S. Carolina plantations " stretched four miles along Peedee River
from Weehaw creek to and including George Town and " Richmond," " Rose
Mont," " Kensington " and " Weehaw " plantations. The latter (the old settle-
ment) has ever since remained in the possession of his descendants. — Langdon
Cheves, of Charleston, S. C]

Richard Downing of Donington (Suffolk) yeoman, 22 December 1594,
proved (at Ipswich) 2 October 1595, To eldest son Robert land bought of
Thomas Col bye of Beccles Esq. and one close bought and purchased of
Lewes Sparhauke of Dedharn, Essex. Sons Edward aud John, daugh-
ters Rose and Jane Downing aud daughter Alice Grosse. Son Robert
Downing and George Grosse of Midleton to be executors.

Arch. Suffolk (Ipswich) B. 35 L. 434.

Lewes Sperhawke of Dedharn, Essex, mercer, 4 November 1597,
proved 9 March 1597. Nuncupative will. To wife Margaret ten pounds
a year, to be paid by son Nathaniel. To Nathaniel Thorne the house
wherein William Elmes now dwelleth. Son Daniel Sperhauke to be sole
executor. Nathaniel Sperhauke one of the witnesses. Proved by Thomas
lies, notary public, for Daniel Sparhawke. Lewyu, 23.

Arthur Spakiiawke of Wytham (Essex) yeoman, 15 June 1005,
proved 4 July 1G05. The poor of Witham. Dorothy Barre the daughter
of Henry Barre. The child of Richard Newman my brother in law. Sy-
mon Rychold and Mary Richold, my wife's children. My wife Johane to
be executrix. Ja : Sphawke aud Nicholas Sphake witnesses.

Arch. Colchester, Bundle Adam No. 3(5.

John Sparhawke, Commissary of Musters for the King, 25 October
1605, proved 25 June 1G08. I have ever "bynne" from my cradle a true
protestant in heart and soul, detesting from the very inward parts of my
heart the Pope with all his shavelings and all their papistical trumperies
and most ungodly and execrable courses in religion. My old good friend
Sir William Browne, knight, " Liefetennte" Governor of Vlishinge (Flush-
ing) whom I have heretofore with an entire affection dearly loved. Cap-
tain Flemynge, Lieut. Johnson, Capt. Throgmorton, Sergeant Major of
Vlishinge, Capt. Youuge, Mr. Daniell and Mr. Abraham, preachers of


God's word in Vlishinge. Sir William Waade, knight. My cousin Ed-
ward Ilodierne. My cousin Reynolde Rabbatt. My brother Erasmus
Sparhawke. My mother in law and every one of her children, except
Erasmus and James Sparhawke. Brother in law James Sparhawke to be
sole executor. All my goods &c. remaining in Vlishinge. Signed and
sealed 9 November 1603." The Lord's most blessed name be praised for
ever and ever, Amen, Amen. There is au inventory of all my money here
iu Vlishinge.

Then follows a Memorandum made hy Sir William Browne and wit-
nessed (among others) by Richard Johnson and John Throckmorton.

Windebanck, 56.

Richard Boggas of Branthara, Suffolk, gen 1 ., 22 October 1610, proved
28 November 1610. Wife Susan. Godson Richard Boggas, son of brother
William. Robert Boggas, my brother William's other son. Brother
Robert's four children, Robert, Mary, Anne and Jane Boggas. Brother John.
The poor of Brantham and of Dedham. Mr. Rogers. Brother Robert
and his wife. Aunt Watson. I give to my cousin Samuel Sperhawke and
to his wife, to buy them two rings, four pouuds. Sister Anne Moptide. My
god daughter Anne Clercke at marriage. Aunt Clerk and Aunt Cotton.
Sister Ellete's children, Joseph and Anne, at his age of one and twenty and

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