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at her day of marriage. The mother of the said Joseph and Anne. Thomas
Ufford. ' House at Shotlie. The widow Wythe of Dedham. My three
brethren, Robert, William and John. If it happen my wife to be with
child &c. Brother William executor. Samuel Sperhawke a witness.

Wingfield, 97.

Erasmus Sparhawke of Branktrie, Essex, Innholder, 26 January 161 1 .
Wife Elizabeth. Son John and my three daughters, Alice Sparhawke, Racli-
ael Sparhawke and Johan Sparhawke. Friend John Lawrence and brother
James Sparhawke. I do give unto the said John my son and to Alice, Ra-
chael and Johane my three daughters all such goods and moveables as are
now in my possession which were my brother John Sparhawke's the elder
deceased. I give all my lands, tenements and hereditaments in Branktrie
and Bocking to wife Elizabeth for life, with authority, in her widowhood
beino- uncontracted, to sell for payment of debts. I have purchased of Wil-
liam Webbe. gen 1 ., and Mary Motte, then spinster, three crofts iu Bock-
ing upon which I have erected a windmill and other new buildings. These
conveyed in trust to Robert Walford and Thomas Wood gen 1 . Wife Eliza-
beth and son John to be executors and she to be his guardian during his mi-
nority. John Lawrence and James Sparhawke to be overseers. To sou
John and daughter Alice my wine license for town of Branktrie.

Commission issued 23 March 1611 to Alice Barr ah Sparhawke, a sis-
ter of the deceased, to administer &c. during the minority of John Spar-
hawke one of the executors &c, Elizabeth Sparhawke the relict and other
executor renouncing. Fenner, 23.

Elizabeth Younge wife of Thomas Younge of Braintree, Essex, bra-
sier, 14 September 1625, proved 15 November 1625. Reference to Con-
tract of Marriage dated 1 August 16 James. Testatrix a daughter of John
Daye of Braintree deceased. Son Henry Wilkinson deceased. His child-
ren Elizabeth, Sara, Joaue, Mary and Frances Wilkinson. Son Williani
Wilkinson. His children William, Susanne, James, John and Mary Wil-
kinson. Daughter Alice. Daughter Rachel. Daughter Joaue Sparhawke.


Son John Wilkinson deceased. His children James, Joane and Elizabeth
Wilkinson. Mary Wilkinson wife of sou William. Son John Sparhawke.
Son Thomas Wilkinson. His son James. Daughter Rose Camper. Son
in law John Camper. Mr. Buckley of Stisted, clerk. Mr. Samuel Collyns,
clerk. Thomas Perry son of John Perry and Bridget his wife, my daughter.
Among the witnesses were Daniel Collins, James Sparhawke, Adrian
Mott and Thomas Younge.

Com. of London, Essex and Herts, No. 218.

Elias Wortham of Branktrye, Essex, yeoman, 20 January 1624,
proved 2 August 1G27. The poor of Brancktrye, Bocking and White Not-
ley. Samuel Collin, clerk, minister &c. in Brancktrye. To son Richard
my copyhold lands and tenements in White Notley. To daughter Eliza-
beth now the wife of James Sparhawke of Branktrye messuages &c. in
Bocking. To Susan Sparhawke, Martha Sparhawke, Elizabeth Sparhawke,
John Sparhawke and Hanna Sparhawke, James Sparhawke's five children,
thirty pounds apiece at one and twenty or days of marriage. Similar be-
quest to Elizabeth, Francis and Richard Wortham, the three children of
the said Richard Wortham. Richard Wortham's wife and Robert Worth-
am's wife. To my son Robert my messuage &c. known as the Swan (and
other houses) and a copyhold stall in Butcher Row, all in Branktrye. I
make him sole executor and Richard Wortham overseer.

James Sparhawke one of witnesses. Skynner, 85.

[The will of Robert Wortham the son and executor, named in the above will,
has been already given among my wills relating to the Wall family (see Regis-
ter, L. 2-10, ante p. 1132).— H. F. W.]

Hugh Sheriffs of Rochford, Essex, yeoman, 23 December 1G40,
proved 8 July 1641. One hundred pounds each to eldest daughter Sara
and to daughter Martha at twenty one or days of marriage. Kinsman
Richard Pitches et uxor of Stebbing, yeoman, to have the disposing and
governing of daughter Sara during her minority and kinsman John Spar-
hawke and Easter his wife of Cogshakl to have the disposing &c. of daugh-
ter Martha. To my grandchild Thomas Maule of Elastwood twenty shil-
lings. The residue to my two sons Elihu and Nathaniel. Loving kinsman
Simon Bowtell of Prittlewell shall have the ordering and bringing up of my
youngest son Nathaniel during the time of his minority or else my kinsman
Matthew Butcher of Castle lieningham. Son EJihu to be sole executor
and my kinsman Symon Bowtell aforesaid and Thomas Harrison of Leighe
in said county to be overseers. Christ : Sheriffe a witness.

Commission issued (at above date) to Simon Bowtell, supervisor &c, to
administer during minority of Nathaniel, Sara and Martha Sheriffe, child-
ren of the deceased, Elihu Sheriffe, son and executor named in the will,
having died before taking upon himself the burden of execution, &c.

Arch. Essex, Book Whitehead, L. 103.

James Sparhawke of Brayntree, Essex, gen 1 ., 1 January 1644, signed
and sealed 29 May 1645, with a codicil dated 10 September 1646, proved
24 October 1618. Mr. Samuel Collins Vicar of Brain tree. The poor of
Braintree, of Bocking and of Stisted. My cousin John Sparhawke son of
my brother Erasmus. My cousin Joane daughter of my brother Erasmus.
Mr. Lyngwood the elder, Mr. William Lawrence, John Kent the elder and
Henry Browne. My brother Robert Wortham. Mr. Adryan Mott and
John Marryou. My cousin Nicholl's wife, William Elders, John Barnard,



Elizabeth now the wife of Johnson &c. My sister Worthani. My son in
law John Kent. My son John. The house wherein I dwell in Braintree.
Mv three daughters Martha, Elizabeth and Hannah. James Wall my
grandchild, son of my (laughter Elizabeth. My godson James Sparhawke,
son of my said cousin John. My cousin James Barker, sou of my sister
Joane. My grandchild Elizabeth Johnson. Essex, 143.

John Westley of Stanaway, Essex, clerk, 18 October 1652, proved 30
January 1 653. Eldest daughter at seventeen or day of marriage. Daugh-
ters Mary and Jane at ages of sixteen. The poor of Ilempsted, Samford
Magna and Stanaway. To son Samuel messuages and lands which I pur-
chased in Baruestones, otherwise called Baruardistones, Suffolk, now or
late in occupation of Thomas Deekes and William Chinery, and lauds and
tenements in Ilempsted, Essex, which John Westley his grandfather pur-
chased of Thomas Cotton sometime of Paufield Esq. and now or late in
the occupation of John Heard. Wife Mary to be guardian of son (now un-
der the age of fifteen). Certain lands &c. in Hempsted to honored friend
John Gurdon of Assingdon, Suffolk, Esq. and loving cousin John Spar-
hawke of Great Coggeshall, clothier, to be sold for children's portions.
Residue to son Thomas whom I make executor. Alchin, 373.

John Sarhawke the elder of Great Coggeshall, Essex, clothier, 29
March 1653, proved 30 September 1653. To the honest poor people of
Great Coggeshall five pounds. To wife Hester for life an annuity of five and
forty pounds yearly issuing out of my two messuages and all the freehold lands
&c. belonging, in Braintree, Bocking and Stisted, now or late in the occupa-
tion of George Palmer and Wiliiam Woodley, and out of my messuage near
Church pond in Great Coggeshall wherein I now dwell and my two cottages
in Church Lane (and other real estate there). To my son John the afore-
said houses and lands in Braintree, Bocking and Stisted, charged with said
annuity To son Samuel my messuage or inn called the George in Wit-
ham and messuage in Great Coggeshall had of Nicholas Northy deceased
(and other lands ) and five hundred pounds, to be paid into the hands of my
brother Christopher Sheriffe whom I desire to be my son Samuel's guardian.

To my daughter Hester five hundred pounds, to be paid into hands of my

cousin Whitinge of Ipswich and he to pay her at age of twenty or

day of marriage. And I will that the four hundred pounds now in the
hands of my cousin Stuckey of London and one hundred pounds in the
hands of my brother Mr. Robert Crane shall be for her portion. To my
daughters Sara, Susan and Elizabeth five hundred pounds apiece at twenty
or days of marriage, to be paid to my said brother Sheriffe and my neigh-
bor William Coxe. To the children of my brother Sparhawke in New
England all the money which their father was indebted to me, with the
debt which their father did assign to me to receive of their uncle Samuel
Anger, which still rests in their uncle's hands. To my cousin Pechy and
her children ten pounds; and the money which her brother John owes me
I will shall be divided between him and his brother Samuel. Loving
friend Mr. John Owyn, dean of Christ Church, Oxford, and my late minis-
ter. Lands in Much Baddow assured to me upon condition. Mr. John
Sames my minister. The executors of my cousin Westly late of Stanaway,
clerk, deceased. To the children of my brother Edward Sparhawke fifty
pounds, to be paid to their father. To my cousin Samuel Crane ten
pounds. My servants William Courtmau and Samuel Bridgwood. Daniel


Larke sometime my apprentice. George Ireland's wife for their children.
Richard Trewe sometime my apprentice. All my workmen which at pres-
ent work with me and those that have wrought with me a year now last
past. The children of Thomas Hawes and of Benjamin Ilawes. I give to
Samuel Sherman my kinsman, the son of John Sherman, five pounds. To
Edward Bridgwood five pounds. I do appoint my said brother Christo-
pher Sheriffe and William Coxe guardians to my said son John and his es-
tate until he attain the age of one and twenty years. Provision made in
case the personal estate (legacies first paid) shall surmount one thousand
pounds. Son John and "brother Sheriffe to be executors. Brent, 30.

[In the gleanings concerning the Sparhawke family in Emmerton and Wa-
ters's " Gleanings from English Records about New England Families," pp.
113-115, this will and that of Lewis Sparhawke, 1597, are printed, with a long
note. See also Register, vol. xix, pp. 125-127, and vol. xxi, pp. 172-3. for
articles on the Sparhawke family by William S. Appleton, A.M. — Editor.]

Ester Sparhauke of Great Coggeshall in the county of Essex, widow.
15 April 1668, proved 1 July 1668 by Matthew (?) Burrell, son aud exe-
cutor. To son John Sparhauke of Marsden twenty shillings. To son Nath
(sic) Burrell one hundred and fifty pounds now in the hands of Mr. Josh.
Draper of Braintree. and due from him to myself upon bond, which money
did belong to his wife. To my daughter Esther, wife of the said Nathan-
iel, twenty pounds, to be divided between the two children of my said
daughter, Nath and Esther, to each an equal share &c. My son Samuel
Sperhawke. My three youngest daughters, Sara, Susanna aud Elizabeth.
The widow Ilawes. Son Nath Burrell to be sole executor and my friend
William Cox to be supervisor. The witnesses were Richard Pembertou,
Elizabeth Bufton (by mark) and Elizabeth Tanner. Hene, 97.

John Sparhawke of Booking, Essex, grocer, 29 April 1667, proved 25
November 1670. Son James. John Sparhawke my other son and Mary
Sparhawke my daughter. Messuages and lands in Braintree, Shalford and
Saling. Martin Kelloge (by mark) one of the witnesses.

Penn, 170.

James Sparhawke of Booking, Essex, citizen and leatherseller of Lon-
don, 13 April 1679, proved 27 May 1679. Kinsman Thomas Swift son of
my brother in law James Swift of Braintree, Essex, clothier. Mary Swift
daughter of said James. Said brother in law James Swift and Mary his
wife. Brother John Sparhawke and Mary his wife. Kinsman John
Deadman citizen and mercer of London. Sister Mary Swift. Her son
James Swift. Kinsman John Clarke of Gray's Inn. Kinsman Elizabeth
Walford. Brother John executor. K H1 g> 64.

[The foregoing wills clearly relate to our well known family of Sparhawke,
and the will of Richard Downing (1594-1595) which begins the series seems to
point to N.E. Suffolk as the original home of Lewis Sparhawke of Dedhatn. When
examining the wills at Ipswich and Norwich, England, years ago, I often came
across the name and took sundry brief notes like the extract of Richard Down-
ing's will referred to. I found them, usually as Sparhawkes (with varied spell-
ings of the name) but sometimes as Ive als Sparhawke (once as Sparrocke als
Ive). They were to be found perhaps chiefly in and around Easton Bavent, South
Cove, Walpole and Bramtield. I could see no Lewis Sparhawke among them
however. It was reserved for my researches at London to discover that. I give
the following very brief note of my discovery and I suggest that it may possibly
indicate the family from which our New England family has sprung. Accom-
panying it will be found some of mv notes gathered at Norwich and Ipswich. —

H. F.W.I


Harry Eve a!s Sparhauke of Southcowe (South Cove) Suffolk, yeo-
man, 12 May 1565, proved 21 May 1568. Wife Margaret. The poor of
Eston Bavent. Lands in Wapull (Walpole) and Bramfelde. My wood at
Frosondon (Frostenden). My wood at Stoven. Son Harry at 21. My
children. Sister Cicely and her children. My brother Lewes Eve als
Sparhawk and Anthony Revepf Walpoll to be executors. Proved by Rafe
Kins as attornev for the executors. Babingtou, 11.

Robert Sparhawke of Eston Bavent (1456) proved 21 February 1456.
Son Robert. Nephew Robert Birt. Niece Isabella Birt. Wife Margaret.

Norwich Consistory Court, Book Neve, Leaf 54.

Alice Sparhawk of Northalys (North Hales or Covehithe) widow, 8
November 1532, proved 12 December 1532. To Simond South a sparling
net &c. Elizabeth and Alice Brush. John Brush and Elene Brush.
Richard Brush. William Walshe. To John Sparhawke a ix score nette.
William Sparhawk. Sister Anyce (Agnes) Bimtyng of Halesworth. Sis-
ter Johan Cook. Alice Burde, William Burde. Others.

Norwich Consistory Court, B. Punting, L. 15.

Agnes Barsham of Beccles 20 September 1474, proved 24 November
(1474). To be buried in the church yard at St. Michael Archangel in
Beccles. To daughter Johanne forty shillings. To said Johanne all my
household utensils. To said Johanne Sparhawk my principal messuage.
She to sell one acre of land and (expend) the money thence arising for
celebrating one Trentall of St. Gregory. John Sparhawke to have one
cow and twenty shillings in money at age of twelve years. To Thomas
son of said Johanne, one " vitulum" of one year of age and three shillings
four pence, at same age. The messuage &c. which I have sold and given
ly in Beccles and Barsham &c. Daughter Johanne to be executrix and
John Frank supervisor. Arch. Suff. (Ipswich) B. 2, L. 267.

John Walpoll 2 December 1494, proved 11 December (1494?). To
be buried in the churchyard of Walpole. To William Lane forty shillings.
To John Bruar twenty shillings. To Edmund Sparhawk the son of John
Sparhawke six shillings eight pence. To John Sparhawke three shillings
four pence. To Robert Sparhauke three shillings four pence. The same
to Harry Moor. Executors John Baldwyn and Thomas Cownter.

Arch. Suff. B. 3, L. 168.

Edmund Sparhawke of Laxfeld 8 October 1505, proved 20 October
1505. To be buried in the churchyard there. A priest to sing for my
soul, my wife's soul &c. To the parish church of Laxfield. To the parish
church of Walpole. To the parish church of Cokeley. Katherine Warde,
Christian Warde. Elianore Dowe of Rekynghale (Rickinghall). Ed-
mund Sparhawke. Each of my godchildren. Each of my wife's god-
children. The residue to son Nicholas and he to be executor.

Arch. Suff. B. 4, L. 213.

John Ive ah Sparhawke of Bramfeld — February 1510, proved 28 Sep-
tember 1510. Son John Ive. Son Robert Ive at twenty two. Daughter
Anne Ive. Son Edmund Ive. Brother Edmund Ive. Wife Margaret.
Reference to " my" dairy at Walpole. Arch. Suff. B. 5. L. 140

[Note that testator has sons John, Robert and Edmund, and compare wiii of
John Walpoll (1494) where similar names are to be found, though without the
alias of Ive.— II. F. W.]


Alice Peers widow, 12 March 1514, proved 22 April 1515. To be
buried in the churchyard of St. Andrew of Nothalys. Margaret Jekkes.
Isabel Jekkes. Helen Sparhawke. Joliane Wryght my god daughter.
Nicholas Jekkes. Emme Sparhawke. Henry Crosse. Alice Prowde-
foote. Robert Edmundes. Thomas Crosse. Agnes Edmundes. William
Holme and Alice Brushe. Executors William Sparhawke and Thorn
Harding. Arch. Suff. B. 7, L. 75.

John Ive ah Sparhawke of Walpole, 4 May 1525, proved 26 October
1525. Sou Henry. Reference to father's last will and testament. Son
Thomas Ive. Wife Alice. Every one of my sons. Every daughter. The
last will and testament of my mother in law Margery Smyth late departed.
Wife and John Bryan of Bramfelde to be executors. Cousin Robert Melle
to be supervisor. Arch. Suff. B. 9, L. 107.

Alice Sparhawke of Northalys widow, 13 November 1532, proved 12
December 1532. To be buried in the churchyard of said town. Simond
South. Elizabeth Brush, Alice Brush, John Brush. William Walsle (?).
Elene Brush. John Sparhawk. Sister Anyce Buntyug of Hallysvvorth.
Sister Johan Cook of Yermouth. Alice Byrde. Margaret Byrde. Alice
Barwyke. Richard Brush. William Sparhawke.

Arch. Suff. B. 11, L. 69.

Johan Walpole of Iluntyngfeld widow, 2 July 1539, proved 3 October
1539. To Johan Sparhawke daughter of Edmunde Sparhawke six shil-
lings eight pence. To said Edmund Sparhawke the bargain and sale of my
land, all my moveables &c. He to be executor. Robert Smyth of Iluntyng-
feld to be supervisor. Arch. Suff. B. 13, L. 140.

Henry Sparhawke of Cockley (Cookley) yeoman, 20 September,
with a codicil dated 16 October, 1584, proved 4 October 1591. Tene-
ments, lands &c. in Walpole, Bramfeild and Sipton. Wife Alice. Son John
at twenty three. Son Henry. Daughter Margaret. Brother Timothy.
Uncle John's second son and third son &c.

Arch. Suff. B. 33, L. 485.

Leonard Sparrocke alias Ive of Laxfield yeoman, proved 7 April
1597. To John Taller of Laxfield late son of Hugh Taller my kinsman
all my messuages &c. in Laxfield, being copyhold. Wife Johane. Sister
Elizabeth Sparrocke als Ive. Elias Fyske of Laxfield to be supervisor.

Arch. Suff. B. 36, L. 605.

[I found also at Ipswich that License was granted to Daniel Sparrowhawke
of Bentley in Essex and Elizabeth Hall of Clopton to be married in Clopton.
Unfortunately I have lost the date. Some of Mr. Appleton's notes on this
family may be found in the Register of 18(55 and of 18G7 (p. 172). Other
notes will be -found in Gleanings from English Records by Emmerton and
"Waters (Essex Institute 1880) pp. 113-110. Whether Lewis Sparhawkeof Ded-
haiu was an uncle of our Nathaniel Sparhawke, as I find suggested by me in
1880, 1 cannot say. I feel rather doubtful. He might have been the grandfather
for aught I can now see. — H. F. W.]

John Cowlfax of Willingham Suffolk 20 May 1569, proved 6 October
1569. Wife Margaret late wife of Martin Frens of Dickleborowe. Daugh-
ter in law Prudens Frens. Reignold and Alice Gybbon. My five child-
ren. Brother Arthur Cheute gen 1 , and Robert Payn to be executors. Lyo-
nell Chewte a witness. Cons. CourJ Norwich, Ponder, 232.


Lionell Chewte of Brampton clerk 24 July 1592, proved 1 August
1592. To be buried iu the chancel there. He did gyve to Lionell Chewte
his son his graye nagge w th he did ride on to Ippisw' ''. Item he did gyve
to Grace, Sara and Judith Chewte his dawters to everye of them a cowe ;
Item he did gyve and bequethe to Susan his wief all the residue of his
goodes and cattails whatsoever desiringe her to have care of the bringiuge
upp of his children and willed that she shoulde have the execucon of his
goodes and named her his executrix. Theise beinge witnesses Arthure
Chewte gen 1 . Thomas Jollye and others.

Cons. Court Norwich, Apleyard, 128.

William Beadle of Beccles gen 1 . 5 January 1620, proved 10 February
1629. To be buried by my wife in the chancel of Beccles church. Sister
Sherman. Cousin (female) Daies. Cousin Lionell Chowte of Dedham.
Cousin Cuddon's wife of Chaddingfield. Cousin Wade's wife. Cousin
Hammond's wife. Goddaughter Dorothy Hammond at one and twenty.
Cousin William Harvy and his now children. Cousin Barnebie's wife.
Cousin Pring's wife. Cousin William Wade my godson at twenty one.
Cousin John Cuddon my godson at twenty one. Cousin William Greene my
godson. Cousin Francis Greene. Cousin Richard Carter's son. Cousin
Glemham Wade of Ditchingham to be executor.

Arch. Suff. (Ipswich) B. 53, L. 215.

[Some years ago, through the kindness of our constant friend George W.
Marshall, LL.D., I had the chance to take a few notes from Col. Chester's book
containing his extracts from the parish Registers of Dedham. I noted the fol-
lowing. I hope my readers will not place too implicit trust upon its accu-
racy. My work was done hurriedly.]

Marriages (in Dedham).

1566 Oct. 27 Will 1 ". Pettfyld and Judith Shareman.
1570 Ap 1 25 Edmund Sharman and Ann Pellatte.
1575-6 Feb. 26 Mr. Phillip Hart and Susan Sparhawk.
1576 May 8 Martin Garrard and Eliz. Webb.

1582 June 1 Henry Sherman wid r . and Maryan Wilson widow.

1583 Dec. 9 Mr. Robert Sherman and Barbara Browne.

1584 Sep. 11 Edmund Sherman and Ann Cleare.
1594-5 Jan. 8 Anthony Whiting and Ann Sherman.
1601 May 15 John Anger aud Ann Sherman.

1601 Aug. 18 Daniel Sherman and Christian Chapman.

1 605 Ap 1 — Thomas Branson and Susan Woodgate.

1610 May 13 Richard Backler and Ann Sherman.

1611 May 15 Edmund Sherman and Judith Anger.

[Hiatus of about 30 years.]

1642 May 9 Walter Alexander wid r . and Mary Sherman.

1645 Aug. 21 Ezekiel Sherman and Martha Stevens, both single.

1656 June 24 John Wall of Stratford and Debora Sherman mar. at

1656 Dec. 8 Edmond Sherman of Dedham wid r . and Grace Steevens
of Stratford.

1658 March 25 Martin Garwood wid r . aud Priscilla Sherman.

1661 Oct. 17 Mr. John Whiting and Mrs. Mary Raney mar. at Lang-

1681 May 5 John Cooke wid. and Martha Petfield.


1683 Sep. 11 Will™. Smith wid r . and Priscilla Garwood wid.

1684 July 7 Jos. Nichols of St. Peters Colchester and Christian


1693 May 18 I^dmund Sherman single and Sarah Bloomfield widow
1693-4 Jan. 18 Nath 1 . Sherman and Susan Sharpe.

1694 June 5 Will" 1 . Sherman and Sarah Sharpe.


1560-1 Feb. 6 Robert son of Sherman.

1564 July 2 Nathaniel son of Lewis Sparhawk.
1567 May 25 Ann dau. of John Rogers.
1570 May 1 Phebe dau. of Henry Sherman jr.

1570 Sept. 4 (?) Henry son of Edmund Sherman.

1571 Aug. 26 Henry son of Henry Sherman jr.
1572-3 Jan. 11 Samuel son of Henry Sherman.
1575 Aug. 7 Susan dau of Henry Sherman.

1575 Oct. 9 Ann dau. of Edmund Sherman.

1576 Ap 1 2 John son of Will" 1 , and Anne Anger.
1576 Sep. 22 John and Edward sons of John Rogers.
1576-7 M ch 3 Richard son of Edmund and Ann Sherman.
1578 May 22 Susan dau. of John Rogers.

1580 June 19 Nath 1 son of Henry and Susan Sherman.
1580-1 M ch 7 Anna dau. of Edmund and Anne Sherman.
1582 July 11 Nath 1 son of Henry Sherman jr.
1585 Aug. 17 John son of Henry Sherman jr.
1587 Nov. 14 Daniel son of Samuel Sparhawke.

[Hiatus from Jan. 1587-8 to 29 Sept. 1590.]
1590-1 Feb. 17 Susan dau. of Edmund and Ann Sherman.
1592 July 27 Mary dau. of Henry Sherman.

1595 Ap 1 13 Thomas son of Thomas Sparhawk.

1596 May 31 John son of Anthony Whiting.

1597 M ch 27 Benjamin son of Edmund Sherman.
1597-8 Feb. 16 Nath 1 son of Sam* 1 Sparhawk.

1598-9 M ch 20 Mary dau. of Edmund and Ann Sherman.
1599 Ap 1 20 Christian son of Thomas and Susan Chapman.
1599 Oct. 2 Mary dau. of Sam 1 Sherman.
1599 Oct. 23 Edmund son of Edmund Sherman jr.
[(In another hand) Edmund the son of Edmund Sherman was bap. the
23 day of June 1599.]

1 600 Feb. 1 Mary dau. of Samuel Sparhawk.

1601 Sept. 15 Ann dau. of Edmund Sherman.
? ( 1601 Oct. 20 a son of Samuel Sherman.

( 1601 Nov. 20 Henry sou of Samuel Sherman.

1602 May 22 Pxlward sou of Samuel Sparhawk.
1602-3 Jan. 25 Henry son of Henry Sherman.

1603 Aug. 21 Mary dau. of John Anger.

1603 Dec. 13 Joan dau. of Edmund Sherman.
1603-4 Jan. 24 Martha dau. of Sam 1 Sherman.
160.'!-4 M oh 6 Benj. son of Sam 1 Sparhawke.

1604 Dec. 16 Edmund son of Dan 1 and Christian Sherman.

1605 Oct. 8 John son of John Anger.

1605-6 Feb. 11 Seara dau. of Samuel Sherman.

1606 Ap 1 1 Hester dau. of Edmund Sherman.


1607 May 27 Henry son of Daniel Sherman.

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