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1G07 .July 24 Samuel son of -John Anger.

1 G08 Oct. 10 Richard son of Edmund and -lone Shermau.

1608-9 dan. 1 Nathaniel son of Nathaniel Sherman.

1610 March 31 Edmund son of John Anger.
1610-11 Jan. 10 Elizabeth dau. of Mr. Rogers.
1610-11 Feb. 15 Philip son of Samuel Sherman.

1611 April 1-4 John son of John Bacon.

1611 June 25 Edward son of Henry Sherman.

1611 Sep. 17 Bezaleel son of Edmund Sherman.

1612 June 21 Daniel son of Daniel Sherman.

1612 Sep. 1 Abigail dau. of Mr. John Rogers.

1613 Oct. 23 Elizabeth dau. of Nathaniel" Sherman.

1613 Nov. 21 Anna dau. of Richard Sherman.
1613-14 Feb. 2 James son of Lionel! Chute.

1614 April 30 Martha dau. of John Rogers.
1616 June 18 a child of Edmund Sherman.

1616 Oct. 22 William son of Richard Sherman.

1617 March 30 Mary dau. of John Bacon.

1618 July 12 Samuel son of Edmund Sherman.
1618 Aug. 18 Robertson of John Firmin.

1618 Sep. 27 Priscilla dau. of Richard Sherman.

1619 Nov. 23 Mary dau. of Lionell Chewte.
1619-20 Feb. 27 Robert son of Ezekiel Sherman.

1620 April 25 Thomas son of John Anger.

[Hiatus of about eighteen years after Oct. 29, 1620.]
1638 Oct. 21 Mary dau. of Richard and Mary Sherman.

1638 Dec. 9 John son of Daniel and Frances Rogers.
1638-9 Feb. 28 Nathaniel son of Samuel and Hester Sherman.

1639 May 3 Alexander son of Henry and Lore Sherman.
1639 May 5 Edmund son of John and Anne Shermau.
1639 Sep. 8 Samuel son of Bezal: and Anne Angsr.
1641 May 30 Bezal: son of Bezal: and Ann Anger.

1641 Dec. 5 Elizabeth dau. of John and Ann Sherman.
1641-2 Feb. 1 Andrew son of Henry and Lore Sherman.
1641-2 Feb. 20 Elizabeth dau. of Daniel and Eliz: Sherman.

1642 Oct. 30 Simon sou of John aud Alee Whiting.

1642 Dec. 2 Elizabeth dau. of Daniel and Frances Rogers.

1643 May 14 Martha dau. of Edward and Martha Sherman.
1643 June 23 Anne dau. of Bezal: and Ann Anger.

1643 Aug. 31 Sarah dau. of Richard and Mary Sherman.

1643 Nov. 3 John sou of Daniel and Elizabeth Sherman.
1643-4 Feb. 8 Bezal: son of John and Ann Sherman.

1644 Aug. 18 James sou of Henry and Lore Sherman.

1645 April 13 Daniel son of Daniel aud Elizabeth Sherman.
1G45 Oct. 26 Mary dau. of Edward and Martha Sherman.

1646 May 3 Sara dau. of Bezal : and Ann Anger.

1646 June 27 Martha dau. of Ezekiel and Martha Sherman.

1646 Oct. 1<S John sou of Daniel and Elizabeth Sherman.

1647 Sep. 5 Grace dau. of Ezekiel and Martha Sherman.
1647-8 Feb. 3 Edward son of Edward aud Martha Sherman.

1648 May 16 Lebbeus sou of Henry and Lore Sherman.
1648 Julv 23 Nathaniel son of Bezal: and Ann Anger.


1648 Oct. 20 Mary dau. of Samuel and Mary Sliermau.
1648 Nov. '26 Anna dau. o John and Anna Rogers.

1648 Dec. 31 Susan dau. of Daniel and Elizabeth Sherman.

1649 Sep. 19 Sarah dau. of Bezal : and Anne Anger.
1649-50 Feb. 17 Ilanna dau. of Ezekiel and Martha Sherman.

1650 Sep. 8 Samuel son of Samuel and Mary Sherman.

1562 April 30 Eliz : ux r . Lewis Sparhawk.
1563-4 March 16 Thomas Sharman.
1571 June 25 Wife of John Rogers.
1571-2 Jan. 4 Agues Rogers widow.
1576 Oct. 16 John son of Henry Sharman the elder.
1580 June 21 Nathaniel son of Heury and Susan Sharman.
1580 Oct. 14 Agnes ux r . Henry Sharman the elder.
1584 June 8 Anne ux r . Edmund Sharman.
1587 June 1 Ezekiel son of Dr. Chapman.
1600 Dec. 22 Edmund Sherman the elder.
1602 Dec. 30 Dr. Chapman.

1604-5 Feb. ā€” Man child of Henry Sherman unbapt.
1610 Aug. 28 Henry Sherman the elder.

1610 Sep. 13 Wife of Henry Sherman the elder.

1611 April 23 Phebe ux r . Nathaniel Sherman.

1612 Dec. 5 Sara dau. of Samuel Sherman.

[Hiatus of about twenty -eight years.]
1641 May 13 Widow Greenlef.

1641 July 14 Elizabeth dau. of Daniel Rogers.

1642 Aug. 30 Mary ux r . Henry Sherman.
1642-3 March 3 Robert son of Ezekiel Sherman.

1643 April 4 Frances ux r . Daniel Rogers.

1644 April 28 John son of Daniel Sherman.
1644 Sep. 4 Ezekiel son of John Sherman.

1 647 Sep. 5 Sarah dau. of Bezal : Anger.
1647 Oct. 26 Benjamin Sherman.
1647 Oct. 27 Richard Shermau.

1647 Dec. 7 Mary dau. of John Rogers.

1648 Dec. 15 Martha dau. of Ezekiel Sherman.
1653-4 Jan. 21 Ezekiel Sherman.

1656 Oct. 24 John Sherman.

1657 March 31 Daniel Sherman.
1678 Nov. 1 Bezal: Angier.

[I found that a John Sherman was bunco at St. Nicholas, Colchester, 16
October, 1544, and that a Daniel Sherman and Sara Mitchell were married there
23 April, 1G22.

In Chelmsford John Sherman and Agnes Jobsou, widow, were married 20
October, 1561 and Ezekiel Sherman and Elizabeth Samfford were married 7
December, 1582. Who they were I know not. I found the baptisms of Ezckiel's
Children recorded tiiere from 1588 to 15'J6 inclusive. I noted also a number of
entries of burials of persons of the name of Sherman there from 1580 to 1608
inclusive. John Sherman, householder, was buried 1 March, 1586, Anne, wife
of John, 23 April, 1587, Ezekiel, 19 February, 1603, Elizabeth Sherman, widow,
13 October, 1608.

In Feet of Fines for Essex County, Paschal Term, 40th Eliz : I found Henry
Sherman and Edmund Sherman qner Robert Sherman, Dr. in Medicine, and
Bridget his wife thforc. concerning two messuages, one curtilage, two gardens,
eight acres of land, with the appurtenances in Dedhani. Consideration eighty
pounds sterling. h. r. w.]


Edmond Chapman of Dedham, Essex, D.D., 12 May 1601. To wife
Susan all my houses, lauds, tenements &c. in Dedham and Ardleighe, Es-
sex, for life; and then to my son Paul. To sou John all my books (other
than those bequeathed to my wife) for his better encouragement in the
course of his study. To my daughter Susan Chapman two hundred pounds
at marriage or age of twenty. A messuage &c. in Bread Street, London.
Brother Nicholas Chapman and his sons Thomas and Edmond. My
nephew Dannocke. Master John Hare of London Esq. Master Os-
borne of Ilawkestead, Suffolk, Esq. and Simon Feun of Dedham, clothier,
to be the executors.

In a codicil (of same date) testator ordains that daughter Christian (al-
though not named in the will) should have as good part &c. as if expressly

Commission issued 10 February 1G02, the executors having renounced.

Bolein, 16.

[The above, I suppose, was the father of Christian wife of Daniel Sher-
man.ā€” H. F. W.]

William Skinner of Braintree (Essex) yeoman, 14 August -1616,
proved 26-7-1 616. The poor of Braintree twenty six shillings eight pence.
To wife Margery my freehold lands, messuages, tenements, shops &c. in
Braintree for life ; afterwards to second son John. To John copyhold
lands &c. in Braintree, he to secure his mother the rent it now goeth for &c.
To John twenty pounds and to his son John, my grandson (silver). To
eldest son William one hundred and sixty pounds. To his daughters Re-
becca and Francis Skinner (silver) and thirty pounds apiece at eighteen
years of age, and to his son Richard forty pounds. To my youngest son
Richard (inter alia) my book of my brother Allyn's works. To John and
Mary Skinner children of said son Richard (household stuff). To son
Richard ten pounds for use and benefit of Mary, Ellyn and Richard, his
children, at ages of eighteen. To eldest daughter An, wife of Moyses
Wall, forty pounds. To John Taylcoate, Sara Taylcoate and Rachell Tayl-
coate, Moyses Wall, Lidia Wall and Mary Wall, the children of my said
daughter Am, five marks apiece, to be paid to the said Moyses Wall my
son in law to their use &c. To my son in law Moyses Wall ten pounds to
be employed about a building which he did intend to do within the house
wherein he now dwelleth. To Sara Taylcoate my bible. To John Gill my son
in law twenty pounds to the use of Mary Gill and An Gill, children of my
daughter Margery. To my said daughter Margery Gill two silver spoons.
To my son in law Edmund Allstonne ten pounds. To Rachell Skinner my
daughter, the wife of Edmund Allstonne (household stuff). To my brother
Allin " my new hatt turf w Ul velvett. " To Mr. Collen ten pounds for a
sermon to be preached at my burial. To Edmund, Rachel and Mary All-
stone children of my said daughter Rachel five marks apiece. To my said
daughter Rachel my book of Mr. Perkin's works after wife's decease.
Susan wife of Joseph Man and her daughter Susan. Godson William
Skinner son of William Skinner of Booking. Godson William Winterflood.
Godson William Skinner son of Martin Skinner. Cousin Martin Skinner.
To Mr. Daniel Rogers ten shillings. To Cousin Richard Barnard ten shil-
lings. Wife Margery to be executrix and friends Martin Skynner, sons in
law Moyses Wall and Edmund Alstone, and Richard Barnard to be super-
visors. Com. Court of London for Essex and Herts,

Unnumbered will, File for 1616.


Margerie Sktnner of Brainctree, Essex, widow, 2 March 1617,
proved at Brainctree 1G December 1620. To my daughter Margerie five
pounds (aud other goods) and to her sou John Gill a bullock. To my son
William Skynuer five pounds. To my son John Skynner twenty pounds.
To my daughter Rachell five pounds. I do give and bequeath further to
my daughter Rachell three pewter platters of the greater sort and three of
the best cushions in the great chamber and my warming pan. To Sara
Taylcoat a flock bed and a flock bolster, a coverlet and a pair of blankets
(and other effects). To Rachell Taylcoate a little kettle of a gallon, a
brass pot, a posnet (&c). And I will that the pewter which I had of my
son in law John Taylecoat I will the same to Sara and Rachell to be equal-
ly parted and divided between them ; and I give more to Sara my kneading
trough. If my son John Skynner's son do die before he be of age to receive
his gift which my husband gave him, which is a silver bowl and two silver
spoons ; then I give the same to my son John. To my son John Skynner's
wife two silver spoons. The residue of my pewter I will shall be equally
parted and divided between my daughter Ann her two daughtefs she had by
my son in law Moses Wall, my son Richard's wife and my son John his
wife, by even portions, and I give more to my son John his wife a kettle
next the biggest. And I give to my son Richard twenty pounds and the
residue of my household stuff unbequeathed. I give more to my daughter
Anne a two and twenty shillings piece in gold and to her husband Moyses
Wall a two and twenty shillings piece in gold. I make my son Richard
sole executor. I give to Mr. Collen ten shillings to preach at my funeral.
To the poor of Brainctree six shillings eight pence. I nominate and ap-
point my son John Skynner overseer. Christopher Taylor, scr. a witness.

Com. of London for Essex and Herts.

File for 1620-1621, NĀ°. 121.

[See wills of John Tailecot and Moses Wall in last January Gleanings (pp.
134 and 139; ante, pp. 1125 and 1130) and pedigree of Talcot (p. 135; ante, p.
1126) in the same Gleanings.ā€” H. F. W.]

Robert Cole of Stratford, Suffolk, clothmaker, 29 January 1527,
proved 5 March 1527. To be buried within the parish church of our
blessed Mary of Stratford next my wife. A gravestone to be laid over me
and my wife. To the church for breaking of the ground. To the high
altar there. To the poor people being inhabitants and dwellers within the
parish of East Bargholt sixty shillings sterling. To the poor people dwell-
ing in Dedham twenty shillings. To the poor people dwelling in Manytre
twenty shillings. To the poor dwelling in Lawford five shillings. To the
poor in Ardeleigh five shillings. To the poor in Langham five shillings. To
the poor in Boxstede five shillings. To the poor in Horkesley five shill-
ings. To the poor in Stoke ten shillings. To the poor in Colchester
twenty shillings. To the poor in Hadley thirteen shillings four pence.
Other parishes named. To Margaret Darnell my daughter sixty six pounds
thirteen shillings four pence. The same to daughter Agnes Mannok. To
my daughter Elizabeth, to be delivered to her at such time as she shall
come to the full age of twenty years or at such time as she shall be mar-
ried, one hundred pounds sterling. Every child of the said Margaret Dar-
nell and of the said Agnes Mannok. My godson James Benet. I will
that my executors, after my departure at times convenient, do deliver or
cause to be delivered to the use and building of the church of East Barg-
holt as much freestone as shall make up the work there, that is to say the
body of the same church with the North Aisle, according to such promise as


1 have made. Thirteen pounds six shillings eight pence to be employ-
ed and bestowed upon a vestment and cope to be delivered to the said
Church of our Lady of Stratford. My godson Robert Patche. Others
named. To my son Richard at twenty one all that moiety or half part of
the lordship of Newhall in East Bargholt and my head house with the ap-
purtenances in the " Valye" in Bargholt which I purchased of the executors
of Robert Florett, also the half part of the mill called Flatford mill. To
son Edward at twenty one my house or mansion place the which I now
dwell in and all my lands, tenements &c., as well freehold as copyhold,
in the town of Stratford and my lands and tenements in Bargholt called
Tyntes in Gassondes end and the other half part of the foresaid mill called
Flatfordes mill. To son Robert at twenty one my laud in Bargholt called
Hedcehouse (and other lands there) and the lands and tenements I bought
of Gregory Dey in Bergholt and my house and land which sometime was
my father's in Bergholt (and other lands). To sons William and Anthony
at twenty one all my other lands and tenements, except my lands in Alder-
ton, Rameswolde and Bawdesey, evenly to be divided betwixt the said
William and Anthony. The lands excepted shall be sold and the money
thereof coming shall be equally divided and delivered to them as they shall
come to the full age of twenty one years. If any of my said five sons die
before coming to the said age his part shall be equally divided among the
residue of all my other sons then living and to be delivered at said age.
My executors to be Jakes Darnell, Richard my son and Robert Bogas and
the supervisor to be William Smythe of Stratford, clerk. One of the wit-
nesses was Adam Barwyk. Porch, 29.

Edward Cole of Stratford 7 May 1542, proved 22 November 1542.
My body to be buried where is shall please God. John Chese my servant
at a^e of twenty one. The poor of Stratford. To Elizabeth Fene my sis-
ter five pouuds. To Agnes Manok my sister five pounds. To my brothers
Richard, Robert, William and Anthony Cole all the the residue of my
goods &c. equally to be divided between them. Brother Richard to be ex-
ecutor. Spert, 13.

Richard Cole of East Bergholt, Suffolk, 1 September 1559, proved 14
September 1559. To he buried in the church there. To wife Jone all my
house and lands and tenements &c. which I now have in mine own occupy-
ing so long as she do remain a widow (certain lands excepted). When
she shall marry or depart this world Robert my son shall have them.
Among real estate descrihed is house, land &c. purchased of Jakys Darnyll,
also the moiety of mill called Flatford mill. To Robert houses and tene-
ments in Ipswich to hold so long as Jone my wife shall hold my mansion
house in East Bergholt and no longer. To son Christofer other lauds
and tenements if he live to the age of twenty one years. To my daughter
Agnes Hedge a hundred marks. One hundred pounds to each of two sons
Robert and Christofer. One hundred marks each to daughters Elizabeth,
Bridget, Jane and Jone at marriage or at age of twenty. Gifts to John,
James and George Fenne. To brother Anthony Cole twenty pounds of the
debt he oweth me if he pay the rest in two years. If brother William pay
my executors five pounds within a month next after my decease then I will
that my executors shall deliver him an obligation that Robert Cole stood
bounden to me in. Son Robert to be executor. Among the witnesses
were Robert, William and Anthony Cole. Chaynay, 41.


Robert Cole of East Bergholt^ Suffolk, the younger, clothier, 19 De-
cember 19 Eliz:, proved 6 February 1576. The poor of that parish. I
have entered into the administration of the goods &c. of Robert Moyse
late of Holbroke, Suffolk, deceased, for the true performance of whose will
and testament I have entered into a bond by recognizance to the supervis-
ors of the testament and last will of John Warren, executor of the said
will &c. of the said Robert Moyse. I desire my uncle William Cole
and my brother Christofer Cole to enter into the administration and
ordering of the said Robert Moyse's will and my uncle William to have
the bringing up of John Moyse and my brother Christofer the bringing
up of Robert Moyse. My wife Edythe to be executrix. Alice the for-
mer wife of Robert Moyse. My brother Hedge's children, begotten of my
sister his late wife, at their ages of twenty one. My part of the mill called
Flatford Mill. My son Richard at twenty one. My three daughters. My
kinsmen Francis and Anthony Cole. Catherine my late wife was seized of
certain lands and tenements in Thorpe and Kyrbye, Essex, which after her
decease did descend unto Richard my said son, of her body begotten. My
daughter Catharine at twenty and my two other daughters at twenty. My
cousin Elizabeth Cole dwelling with me and Priscilla Blosse and Anne
Cocke. Four gold rings to be given to Francis Cole, Anthony Cole, Pris-
cilla Cole and Nicholas Fryer's wife to the end they remember me.

Daughtry, 4.

Edward Cole of East Bergholt, Suffolk, yeoman, 1 April 1606,
proved 4 February 1606. I give to Robert Cole my son all my copyhold
lands called Tintes. To my grandchild Simond Rosier twenty pounds at
age of one and twenty years. To my brother in law Richard Ravens, min-
ister of Wattesfield, four pounds. The residue of my goods &c. to my son
Edward Cole whom I make sole executor. Memorandum, that Edward
Cole the elder did give and surrender into the hands of the Lord of his ten-
ements, messuages and lands holden of the manor of Old Hall in East
Bergholt to the use and according to his last will &c, Edward Cole the
younger being instead of bayliff &c. 2 May 1606.

Hudleston, 16.

Francis Cole of East Bergholt, Suffolk, yeoman, 12 September 1616
proved 28 November 1616. My prentice Robert Snelliug. Others. My
daughter Mary Edwards. My daughter Edith Clarke. My grandchildren
Richard Edwardes, John Edwards and Mary Edwardes. My daughter Mar-
garet. My daughter Francis at one and twenty. My daughter Elizabeth
at one and twenty. To wife Margaret for life the rents aud profits of the
Mayors house which I purchased of Mr. John Clarke and his wife &c, and
of the tenement wherein Francis Richardson nowdwelleth aud of my mes-
suages or tenements at Gassons end wherein Richard Aylefounder,

1 1 ale and Christofer Goodwyn do now dwell, also with these my lands
called Tyntes, both free and copy, in the occupation of John Woodgate,
upon condition that my said wife shall, upon reasonable demand, release all
her right and claim to any dower or thirds unto Francis my son of all my
lands which I shall hereafter give unto him. To son William, after death
of my wife and at his age of four and twenty, my messuage called the May-
ors house (and other lands). To son Robert, after my wife's death and ;tt
said age, my messuage or tenement at Gasson's End &c. and my lands
called Tyntes &c. A tenement to daughter Francis. My said three daugh-
ters at one and twenty. Son Francis to be sole executor.

Cope, 106.


Christopher Cole of East Bargliolt, Suffolk, yeoman. 3 December
1622, proved 27 January 1622. Thomas Gillmore of East Bargliolt, yeo-
man, husband of Susan daughter of Susan my loving sister deceased, to be
my executor. During all the time of my sickness I have been tenderly re-
garded and tended by the said Thomas Gillmore and Susan his wife by the
space of many years in which it hath pleased God to visit me with lame-
ness and have not been regarded by others of my kindred who have fought
always to birder and disturb me. Swann, 3.

Sentence to confirm the above will was promulgated 24 May 1G23 fol-
lowing upon litigation between Thomas Gilmore the executor of the one
part and Benjamin Catlin, William Crosse aud Christopher Aldham, calling
themselves next akiu to the said Christopher Cole. Swaun, 43.

Bridget Brand of Bilston, Suffolk, widow, aged, 24 February, 1G32,
proved 19 September 1G33. To my grandchild Abigail Firman, wife of
Edward Firman of Dedham, twenty pounds, or to her sou Robert Firman,
to be paid him by his father Edward Firman. The said Edward Firman
shall become bound unto Edward Cole of East Bergholt, my son in law, to
pay back again the said twenty pounds to be equally divided amongst all
the children of the said Edward Cole aud Abigail Cole my daughter after
the death of the said Abigail Firman and the death of the said Robert. Fir-
man, her son, if he happen to depart this life before he come to age of one
aud twenty years. To my grandchild Edward Cole twenty pounds to be
paid unto him within one month next after my decease. To six of the other
children of my daughter Abigail Cole aud Edward Cole of East Bergholt
ten pounds apiece, vizt. to Peter Cole, John Cole, Grace Cole, Sarah Cole,
Mary Cole and Abigail Cole, to be paid uuto them at their several ages of
one and twenty years. To the youngest daughter of Sarah Welde, my
daughter late of Dublin in the kingdom of Ireland, twenty pounds at one
and twenty or day of marriage. To Thomas Andras my grandchild forty
shillings at one and twenty. To Mary Andruas my grandchild ten pounds
at one and twenty or within two months after my decease. To my sou in
law Thomas Andruas of Bilston twelve pence and to my son in law Daniel
Weld twelve pence. To the inhabitants of Bilston twenty shillings. The
remainder of my household stuff &c. to be divided equally amongst seven
of the children of my daughter Abigail Cole and Edward Cole. The resi-
due to son in law Edward Cole whom I constitute sole executor. Edward
Cole junior a witness. John Layman another. Russell, 79.

[It is to this family of Cole that Edward Cole of East Bergholt must have
belonged, whose will I gave more than a dozen years ago (see Gleanings, ante,
p 31). He mentioned wife Abigail, sons Edward and Peter, daughters Sarah
and Mary, and grandchildren in New England. Cannot some of the New Eng-
land genealogists tell us who those grandchildren were? The will of Mrs.
Brand shows us who his wife was, and gives the names of other children. Ben-
jamin Brand (or Brond) went over to New England (with Winthrop I think;.
Perhaps the Life and Letters of John Winthrop may throw some light on the
question. H. F. W.]

Jamls IIami>sti:d (Ilolmsted) of Much Leighes Essex yeoman. 20
May 1592. To eldest sou Thomas, according to the custom of the manor,
a parcel of land in Braintree (and other lands described) which lands are
customary lauds and holden of the manor of Braintree. To my second
son Richard, according to the custom of the said manor, a tenement known
as Forde's and Marshalls (and lands &c.) in the tenure or occupation of me


the saiil James, and of John Allen, joiner, all in the same parish. To third
son James, according to the custom of the said manor (certaiu lands de-
scribed). To fourth son Nicholas (lands in the same manor) and a free
tenement in Braintree. To fifth son John a messuage or tenement in Fair-
sted, in the tenure &c. of one William Steele or his assigns, and a house and
three acres of land in Hatfield known as Sparrowes Arbor. If any of my
said five sons die before day of marriage or age of one and twenty then
the part or portion of him or them so dying shall be equally divided be-
tween and amongst the rest of my said sons then living. To my daughter
Mabell forty pounds at age of one and twenty or day of marriage. A sim-
ilar bequest to daughter Elizabeth. If either of them die before receiving
the portion then such portion shall be equally divided between my two sons
James and John. All my lands to my wife Jane, during nonage of sons, for
the education and bringing up of said sons. All goods and chattels &c. to
her and she to be sole executrix.

Proved at Chelmsford 8 January 1595. From a copy of the original
will. Com. of London for Essex and Herts.

Bundle for 1610 (unnumbered).

John Hood of Halsted, Essex, weaver, 6 November 1622, proved at
Halsted 20 November 1622. To daughter Anne forty shillings to be paid

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