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by my son John out of my house within the first year after the death of Anne
my wife. To my daughter Jane the like sum of forty shillings to be paid
(as before) the second year &c. To Avese my daughter the like sum &c.
(payable the third year), to Cattronn (Catherine) my daughter the like sum
&c. (payable the fourth year), to Grace my daughter the like sum &c. (the
fifth year), to Mary my daughter the like sum &c. (the sixth year) and to
Rose my daughter the like sum &c. (the seventh year). Wife Ann to be
executrix. Com. of London for Essex and Herts.

File for 1622-1623 N°. 134.

[The above testator must have been the father of our John Hood of Cam-
bridge, afterwards of Lynn, ancestor of a large and well-known family in Lynn
and elsewhere. In Lechford's Note-Book (pub. by the American Antiquarian
Society, A.D. 1885), on pages 10 to 15 inclusive (I ignore the wretched Index
appended to that book), will be found the confirmation of my assertion made
above. John Hood, late of Halsted, Essex, weaver and now (20th and 22d of
8th month 1638) of Cambridge in New England, weaver, makes conveyance of
houses, lands &c. in Halsted now or late in the tenure of Thomas (or John)
Beard and Anne his wife, mother of the said John Hood. Confirmation of all
this is supplied by the following extract from Registry of Deeds for Essex
County, Mass., which I made at home many years ago. Henry F. Waters.]

14 th of the 6 th moneth 1654.

John Hood of Lyn in the county of Essex in New England yeoman
for thirty pounds in hand paid hath sold vnto Wiltm Crofts of the same
yeoman three dwelling houses or tenements w th all thereto belonging in
Halsted in the county of Essex in old England, w th a covenant for further
assurance, And the said Wittm is to pay 40 s a peice to the sisters of the
said John according to his fathers will, the w uh apeth in the bargaine and
sale by deed dated the 10 th day of December 1652.

Anne Grave of St. Buttolph without Algate, London, widow, 10 Feb-
ruary 1675, with a codicil dated 1 March 1675-6, proved 20 March 1676.
To my grandson Joseph Hardey my messuage or tenement wherein I do
uow inhabit and dwell, situate &c. in the Great Minories street in the said


parish. I give the messuage adjoining to my said dwelling house, now in
the tenure or occupation of Andrew Furgland, ehirurgeon, to my grand-
son Jonathan Hardey. Both these houses I hold by lease from the city of
London. To my said graudson Joseph llardey five hundred pounds, to be
paid into the Chamber of the City of London and the same, with inter-
est, paid him at his age of one and twenty. To my grandson Jonathan
llardey six hundred pounds (in the barne way). To my said grandson
Jonathan my messuage heretofore called Ilunwicke and now or late by the
name of Hewes house, with the orchard belonging called Graye's yard, in
Aldersford street in Hedingham Sible, Essex, and other lands &c. in
Maplested and Hedingham Sible, now in the occupation of Gregory Glas-
cock, to the said Jonathan and the lawful heirs of his body, with remainder
to my grandson Joseph Hardey. Failing issue to him then to George
Grave the elder of Hartford in Connecticot in New England and John
Grave of Guilford in the County of New Haven in New England and
to their own natural sister living also in New England an annuity
of six pounds issuing out of said premises and the residue of the rents
&c. shall be employed in putting forth poor children to prentice. Ref-
erence to the Company of Leathersellers. My cousius Charles and John
Ellis at one and twenty. To the said .George Grave the elder, John
Grave and their own natural sister ten pounds and twenty pounds to be dis-
tributed amongst the children. My kinsman Thomas Williams now resi-
dent at Barbados, and Anne Butler his sister. His children and her chil-
dren. Godfrey Watkinson, sou of Watkiuson of Chesterfield,

Derby, husbaudman. To my said grandchild Joseph Hardey one silver
tankard marked d L A a »d one gilt bowle marked w T A- To Jonathan
one large silver tankard marked A: G, one large silver salt marked
R w M* one small silver salt marked also r : w m, three small silver wine
cups marked A: G and seven silver spoons marked J: P:. My cousin
Francis Smith grocer. William Kiffiu Esq. and Hannah his wife. My
cousin Bennett, late wife of James Bennett deceased. Anne Butler's three
children. To my grandson Jonathan Hardey my messuage lately erected in
Watliug street, in the parish of St. Mary Aldermaey, on the North side of
the said street, now in the occupation of Jacob Diston, now kuowu by the
sign of the Fox, which I hold by lease from the Goldsmiths. Provision
for the maintenance of eight poor, aged, decayed ministers, whereof Mr.
Hanserd Kuowles, Mr. Cox, Mr. Forty, during their natu-
ral lives, to be three. William Kiffeu and James OrbeH executors in trust
with and for the said Joseph and Jonathan Hardey. Proved by William
Kiffiu, power reserved for James Grbell.

A new grant of Probate made 11 October 1688 to Joseph and Jonathan
Hardey, the former grant having expired by reason of the full age of said
Joseph and Jonathan. Hale, 31.

[I have no doubt the Connecticut genealogists can give some account of the
Connecticut families referred to in the above will. Perhaps too my friend
Eben Putnam can throw some light on the family of Grave. II. F. W.]

Henry Reignoldf.s. will \~>&o (ante, p. 1 164).

[In the April number of the Register, among these Gleanings (ante p. 11G4),
is the will of Henry Keignoldes of Little Belsteade, Suffolk. From the striking
similarity of Christian names, it seems to furnish a clew to the English origin
of the numerous family of the name in Rhode Island.

Helen W. Reynolds, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y~]


James Allyne of Swiinbridge (Devon), 26 June 18 th Jaines (1621),
proved 4 January 1621. The poor of Swimbridge and of Lauukey. To
my daughter Mary one hundred pounds at seven years of age. To my
brother George ten pounds to be paid 25 March 1624. To iny brother
Matthew ten pounds to be paid 25 March 1623. John Badcocke, George
Cruse, Em Gull and Hugh Meare. My " godchiller." My wife Joane to
be sole executrix and John Leuse and Matthew Allyne to see the will per-
formed. Matthew Allyne a witness. Savile, 5.

Bartholomew Chichester of Braunton Devon, gentleman, 10 Octo-
ber 1632, proved 17 February 1635. The poor of Braunton. To wife
Katherine all my messuages, lands &c. in Georgeham Devon (except a
close called the new close). I give and bequeath unto Margaret Allyn my
kinswoman the wife of Matthew Allyn ten pounds. To Philip Wyott my
kinsman all my messuages &c. in Newknoll in said parish of Braunton, af-
ter the decease of my wife Katherine until 10 December 1699 and my new
close in Georgeham, late purchased of Robert Baker. To my cousin John
Chichester of Arlington Esq. a silver bowl worth five pounds sterling. My
cousin George Beare. My cousin Dr Peter Muden. My cousins Johane
Wyott and Agnes Wyott. John Wyot of Horridge. My servant Thomas
Jones and Marrian his wife. Other servants. Wife Katherine and cousin
Philip Wyot to be executors and residuary legatees. Pile, 16.

Richard Allen the elder of Branton in Devon 29 November 1647,
proved 10 May 1652. To my son Thomas Allinge five pounds. To my
son Mathew Allinge five pounds. To Mary Allinge daughter of son Thomas
twenty shillings. I give and bequeath unto my son Mathew's three chil-
dren, to John the sum of twenty shillings, to Thomas, his son, twenty shil-
lings and to Mary, his daughter, twenty shillings. To my grandchild Mary
Tamling five pounds, to my grandchild Eliauor Tamling four pounds, to my
grandchild Obedience Garland twenty shillings and to my grandchild Eliza-
beth Tamling twenty shillings. To my daughter in law Elizabeth, wife of
my son Richard, twenty shillings in gold to buy her a ring. To my grand-
child John Ailing, son of my son Richard three pounds. To my grand-
child Margaret, daughter of my son Richard, three pounds. To John Rice
of Barnstaple twenty shillings. To the poor of Branton three pounds, to
lie distributed to their houses within ten days after my decease. To Wal-
ter Cutt five shillings. To every servant in my house at the time of my
death two shillings sixpence apiece. Son Richard Ailing to be executor
and residuary legatee. Bowyer, 108.

[On page 49G of Register for October, 1894 (Vol. 48, ante p. 932), I gave the
will of William Thorne of Estdowne Devon and in the note appended to that will
furnished my reasons for supposing the Mr. Mathew Allyn mentioned in Mr.
Thome's will was our Matthew Allyn of Cambridge, Mass., and afterwards of
Hartford and Windsor, Conn. I made it clear too that our Thomas Allen of
Barnstable, Mass., was of the same family and that the latter had a brother
Richard living in Braunton Devonshire. Now the foregoing will of Richard
Allen the elder of Braunton names sons Thomas, Matthew and Richard and also
Mary the daughter of Thomas, and John, Thomas and Mary the children of Mat-
thew, while the will of Bartholomew Chichester of Braunton calls Margaret* the
wife of Matthew Allyn " kinswoman." I have not the Visitation of Devon at
hand to examine the Chichester pedigrees, but I doubt not we have here a prom-
ising clew to help some of our Connecticut and Massachusetts friends in tracing
their English ancestry. — H. P. W.]

* See Lechford's Note-Book, page 86 (as printed).


Richard Allyn of Brautou in the County of Devon, yeoman, 12 May
1662, proved 17 June 1662. To my son John tenement in Dushtou in the
Parish of West Duckland. Daughter Margaret. To my wife my mes-
Buages, lands &c. in Bowde within the said parish of Brautou. Son Rich-
ard to have my part of grounds in Frithelstock at age of twenty one. To
said Richard the tenemeut iu Branton town within the manor of Brautou
Deane. To son Thomas messuages &e. iu Barnstaple. To son Matthew
messuages etc. in Northam. My daughter Elizaheth. Daughter Mary, at
twenty "one. Wife Elizaheth to be sole executrix and good friends and
kinsmen Philip Dennys of Hfarcombe (Ilfracombe), Thomas Deuys of
Barnstaple, John Symons the elder of Branton and Richard Tamlyn of
Marwood to be aiding and assisting unto my said executrix, whom I make
overseers. Laud, 78.

Christopher Cade of Northam, Devon, mariner, 8 February 1622,
proved 25 June 1623. To the reparations of the church and the poor of
the parish. Whereas I have an estate &c. of messuages, lands and tene-
ments wherein I now inhabit and dwell for certain years determinable upon
lives, as in and by the deed indented thereof shall or may appear, the same
messuages &c. I give to Mary my wife during her life, and after her decease
to my son William during all my estate therein &c. if the said William die
not before he be married. If he so die &c. then it is to come to my son
James, next to ray son John. One annuity or yearly rent of five pounds
issuing out of certain messuages, lands &c. called Knap a/s Lower Knapp,
in Northam to wife Mary and sons James, William and John (as above)
A certain estate in Ilartland to sons John, William and James (as above),
they to pay to my sister Ellinor Bante every year during the life of Clase
Middleton three pounds &c. To son William all ray fishing nets and all
my salt and ca^ke in Ireland, all my wearing apparel and implements for
the sea and twenty pounds &c. To son James twenty pounds. To my
daughter Phillipp Cade fifty pounds, and forty pounds more to her at day
of marriage if she marry with consent of my overseers. To my daughter
Thomzin Cade ten shillings. The residue to wife Mary whom I make sole

James Cade the elder one of the witnesses. Swann, 58.

Henry Cade of Northam Devon, shipwright, 6 April 1G45, proved 25
September J 640. Daughter Mary Cade. Dwelling house standing on Mr
Lee's lands. Son Henry and daughter Elizabeth. My barque called the
Elizabeth. To wife Christian Cade my now dwelling house for life and
next to son Heury and my two daughters Margaret and Joane. I give my
two third parts of the barque called the Phillipp to my son Phillipp Cade
and ray daughter Margaret Cade. To daughter Joane one eighth part of
the barque James of Appledore. Wife to be executrix.

Twisse, 131.

[The foregoing couple of wills relate to a family which was represented in
New England by James Cade of Boston, Mass., shipwright, who, with wife
Margaret, conveyed 4 December, lG. -> .8, to George Strange, gentleman, a dwell-
ing house (lately erected) and fourteen acres of land in the parish of Northam
Devon, and also an interest and right unto one rent charge or annuity of five
pounds per annum going or coming out of three messuages and tenements and
four acres of land in Northam, lately purchased by William Lee, of Northam,
Esq., of Christopher Cade, father of the said James, or to be paid by the said
William Lee. after the death of Mary Hopper, the mother of James Cade, for
and during the lives of the said James, John Cade, his brother, and Thomazin


Roe, -wife of John Roe of Abbotsham in the county of Devon, mariner, and the
longest liver of them. (See Thomas Lechford's Note Book, pp. 42-44 (as
printed) as also for a reference to a tenement in Biddeford Devon, held by the
said James and Margaret during the life of the said Margaret). It will be seen
therefore that the Christopher Cade, whose will I have given, was the father of
our James Cade, and that the mother of James afterwards became the wife of
Hopper, and his sister Thomazin was married to John Roe. — H. F. W.l

William Mirriam of Hadlowe, Kent, clothier, 8 September 1 635, proved
27 November 1635. To the poor of Hadlowe ten shillings. To my daugh-
ter Susan, already preferred, fifty shillings. The like sum to daughter
Margaret, likewise preferred. To daughter Joane, already preferred, one
shilling. To my daughter Sara forty pounds within three months next after
my decease. To wife Sara all the household stuff of mine which is in my
now dwelling house situate at Barnestreet in Hadlowe and the five pounds
per annum which is to be paid out of my lands in Goodherst, Kent, during
her natural life. I give her also three pounds per annum to be paid to her
during her natural life out of my tenements and lands in Yalding, Kent.
And she shall have her dwelling and abiding in my dwelling house afore-
said after my decease during the whole term of her natural life, with free
access, ingress, egress and recourse to and from the same and into and from
the gardens and orchards for herbs, water and for her brewing, baking,
washing, drying and the like needful occasions. To my son Joseph Myr-
riam all such household stuff as I shall have at the time of my decease re-
maining and being in the house wherein he now dwelled) situate in Tewdly,
or elsewhere where he shall then dwell, being in his custody or possession.
To George Mirriam my son five pounds and to his daughter Mary, my god
daughter, five shillings. To William Howe, my grandchild, ten shillings
and to every child of his father Thomas Howe which he had by my daugh-
ter, his late deceased wife, I will five shillings. To William Mirriam my
grandchild, son of the said Joseph my son, five shillings.

As touching my lands and tenements I will to Joseph Mirriam my son
&c. all my lands and tenements in Yalding charged with the before men-
tioned annuity of three pounds. To Robert my son the messuage wherein
I now dwell, in Hadlowe with the barns, outhouses, yards, gardens, orchards
and all my lands thereto belonging, and all other my lands, tenements &c.
in Hadlowe. And I give him all my goods and chattels not formerly be-
queathed. And I make him sole executor.

Proved by Christopher Crispe, Notary Public, attorney for Robert Mir-
riam, son and executor.

Rochester Wills, Vol. xxii. (1631-1644), fol. 165.

[This will, which Mr. W. S. Appleton published long ago, I give now in order
to show the significance of the following wills. — H. F. W.]

Robkrt Goldston of Tonbridge, Kent, 10 April 1637, proved 16 May
1637. The poor of Tunbridge, Tewdly and Capell. Loving friend Mr.
Joel Callys. To Elizabeth the wife of William Howe twenty shillings or
a ring of that value for a testimony of my thankfulness for her great pains
taken with me. William Dyker. Thomas and Francis the sons of Sara
the daughter of Waller Thompson. William Howard and Robert Rootes
the apprentices of Thomas Diker. Elizabeth Goldstoue, the late wife of
William Goldstoue of Brenehley deceased, and Elizabeth, Frances and
Anne Goldstoue his three daughters. Frances my loving mother, now the
wife of Thomas Dyker of Tonbridge, taylor. My sister in law Elizabeth


the daughter of the said Thomas Diker. Francys, Anne and William Di-
ker the three children of the said Thomas Diker.

Item, I give and bequeath unto Jane the wife of Thomas Howe of Ton-
bridge, clothier, and to Sara the wife of Joseph Meiryam of Tewdly,
clothier, my sisters, ten shillings apiece, to be paid them within one
month next after my decease. I will and give to Manna Mirriam, my god
daughter, the daughter of the said Joseph, one pair of fine sheets which are
in the house of Richard Kipping of Tewdly, tanner. Anne Tanner the

wife of James Tanner. My god daughter the daughter of Stephen

Bennett late of Tewdly deceased. The four children of Roger Thomsett
of Brenchley my uncle. William Howe, Sara the wife of Nathaniel Wel-
ler, Elizabeth the wife of Josias Johnson, Mary, Susan and Thomas How
the children of the said Thomas How. John, William. Jane, Martha and
Susan the rive children of William Jeffrey of London. Simon, John and
Thomas Jeffrey the three sons of Thomas Jeffrey of Tonbridge and the two
children of Nicholas Jeffrey. John Baldock, Jane the wife of Christopher
Constable and Martha Harborough. To Francys. John and Mary Johnson,
the three children of the said Jane my sister by Benjamin Johnson her late
deceased husband, and to Alice and Francys. the two other children of the
said Jane by the said Thomas How her now husband, six pounds apiece.
Item, I give and bequeath unto William, Sara. Joseph, Thomas, Elizabeth
and Hanna, the six children of the said Joseph Mirriam by the said Sara
his now wife, to either of them the like sum of six pounds apiece, to be paid
them within five years next after my decease. Thomas Dan the son of
Thomas Dan by Elizabeth my sister deceased. My brother Roger Gold-
ston certain household stuff &c. in the now dwelling house of Richard Kip-
ping. The residue I wholly give to the said Thomas How and Joseph
Merriam whom I ma<ke and ordain full and sole executors.

Then follows the disposition of the lands and tenements in Brenchley,
which are to go to brother Roger Goldston at the end of five years (the ex-
ecutors receiving the rents &c. during that period). If Roger die before
the end of the said term then all these lands and tenements to go to sisters
Jane the wife of Thomas How and Sara the wife of Joseph Mirriam &c,
provided the said Roger leave no issue And the said Francys my mother,
if then living, shall have the use aud occupation of that part of the said
lands &c. which is now in the occupation of one William Turner, contain-
ing by estimation fourteen acres more or less.

Rochester Wills, Vol. xxii. (1G31-44), fol. 248.

[The above will evidently throws light on the connections of Sarah, the wife
of our Joseph Meriam of Concord, who, as we have learned from his father's
will, was living at Tewdly in 1635. This makes the following will worth sav-
ins:, since the testatrix may have been the grandmother of Mrs. Meriam.

H. F. W.]

Jane Jefferie of Pepiugburie ah Pemburie, Kent, widow, 28 April, 21
James, proved 11 March 1G23. The poor of Pemburie. To my daughter
Francis the now wife of John Gouldstone my gold ring aud my best suit of
apparel, that is to say, gown, petticoat, kirtle, hat and band of cambric or
holland. To Susan the now wife of my sou Roger Thompsjii my second
suit of apparel &c. To Susan the now wife of my son William Jefferie
my third suit of apparel. The rest of my apparel I give to Jane and Martha
Baldocke daughters of my daughter Margaret. To Jane Gouldstone my
god daughter, the daughter of my daughter Francis, five shillings aud one


pair of sheets. My god daughter Elizabeth Wood the daughter of my sister
Wood. All the children of my daughter Francis. All my other godchil-
dren. John Jeffrey the son of my son John Jefferie. John Jefferie the son
of my son William Jefferie. Ten shillings each to my son John Jefferie
and to my son Roger Thompson. All the children of my two sons Waller
Tompson and Roger Tompson. John Baldocke and the said Jane and
Martha Baldocke, the three children of my daughter Margaret deceased, to
have thirty pounds divided equally between them in full payment and satis-
faction of all such duties and demands which they or any of them shall or
may claim or demand by and after the death of Roger Tompson their de-
ceased grandfather or by and after me the said Jane as administratrix after
the death of the said Roger Tompson or by gift, promise or otherwise of
me or of John Jefferie my late husband deceased, the same to be paid unto
them by my executors hereafter named at the age of twenty and two years
of them the said John, Jane and Martha Baldocke or at their day of their
several marriage if they or any of them shall marry before their said age
&c. with the advise and consent of my sister Elizabeth Wood and of my
daughter Francis Gouldstone. My son Thomas Jefferie. Edward and
Nicholas Jefferie my sons. Every of my servants. To my said son Thomas
Jefferie my silver cup and to William Jefferie my son my silver salt. Other
gifts. I make Thomas Jeffrey and Edward Jeffrey my sons executors &c.
Then follows the disposition of landed property. Land in Capell. House
or cottage and lands in Pepingburie ah Pemburie. To son Thomas Jeffrey
the house wherein I now inhabit called Crowherst.

I appoint my weli beloved friends Stephan Jefferie of Grays Inn, gent.,
and Edward Jefferie of Tuubridge, yeoman, my brothers in law, Thomas
Wood of Capell my brother in law and John Gouldstone of Tudely my
son in law to be my faithful overseers.

Rochester Wills, Vol. xxi. (1606-81), fol. 20.

[" Stephen Jeffrey of Staple Inn, gent.," admitted to Gray's Inn, November
25, 1602. See Foster's Gray's Inn Admissions, page 105. — Editor.]

Edward Jeffrey of Pepingburie ah Pemburie, Kent, yeoman, 3 No-
vember 1623, proved 12 March 1623. To the poor of Pembury and of
Speldherst in the said county twenty shillings (each parish) to be paid by
my brothers William Jeffrey, Thomas Jeffrey and Nicholas Jeffrey within
one year next after the decease of Jane Jeffrey my mother. To brother
Nicholas Jeffrey a piece of land in Speldherst in payment and full recom-
pence and satisfaction of the sum of thirty pounds which was given unto
him, the said Nicholas, by John Jeffrey our late deceased father in and by
his last will and testament. All other my messuage &c. and all other my
lands, meadow, pasture and woodland containing by estimation fifty acres,
in the parishes of Speldherst and Aishurst in the said county, all which
came unto me by the will and testament of John Jeffrey my deceased father,
to have and to hold unto me and mine heirs after the decease of Jane Jeffrey
my mother, I give to William, Thomas and Nicholas Jeffrey my brothers,
they to pay out of these lands to my brother John Jeffrey the sura of twenty
pounds within one year next after the decease of Jane Jeffrey my mother,
which is the full part and portion which I mean unto him the said John
Jeffrey. I give to my mother Jane Jeffrey one annuity or yearly rent
charge of three pounds out of certain lands in the county of Kent granted
by William Jeffrey unto John Jeffrey my father and his heirs.

Rochester Wills, Vol. xxi. (1606-31), fol. 25.


John Jeoffrkt of Ligli, Kent, yeoman, i) September 1 G24, proved 23
October 1624. To be buried in the churchyard of Pembury near the foot
of my father's tombstone. Lands and tenements in Stapleherst. Wife
Jane. Son John. Father in law John Newington. If wife be with child &c.

Rochester Wills, Vol. xxi. (1606-31), fob 95.

William Piper of Tewdly, Kent, bachelor and by trade a clothier, 24
July 1632, sworn to 6 March 1632. The poor of the parish. My eldest

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