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sister Elizabeth Tary, her (children) John Statkey and Thomas Tary.
Michael Hartridge the eldest son of my second sister Ann Hartridge. My
younger sister Mai y Piper. My aunt Morris. Elizabeth Deuet the daugh-
ter of Steven Benet unto which I was witness in baptism. I give unto
Elizabeth Mirriara daughter of Joseph Miriam, unto which I was witness
in baptism, the sum of twenty shillings. The servants of my father in
law's house (one of them Henry Swan). I will that my younger sister
Mary Piper be at the charge for my burial and also for the proving of my
will and for a sermon at mv burial, to ijive twenty shillings if it be to him
that I appoint. And also I will and appoint and give power and authority
unto my father in law Richard Dan and Joseph Miriam for to sell and make
sale of the lauds (called Mill fields, containing about ten acres) and for to
take in the twenty pounds which is in my brother Michael Hartridge's
hands and also to pay these legacies &c, and if the lan^s be sold for more
than a hundred pounds then I will that the overseers of this my will &c.
have it for their pains. Mary Piper to be executrix. Wit: Thomas Tarry
and Richard Dann.

In the probate act the name of the executrix is given as Mary Peper.

Rochester Wills, Vol. xxii. (1631-44), fol. 1.

George Dann of Tewdly, Kent, tanner, 9 August 1633, proved 26 Sep-
tember 1634. The poor of Tewdly. To wife Frances all my goods, cattle,
chattels, stock and debts, towards the payment of my debts and legacies, the
which Frances I do make executrix &c. Tenements and lands in Brenchley
purchased of Thomas Dann to my brother Thomas after decease of my wife,
he paying to Dorothy, Elizabeth, Jane and Margery, my sisters, ten pounds
apiece and to Ann and Sara Wooddy, children of Dennyes my late deceased
sister, ten pounds apiece, and also to Ann and Mercy Rootes, children of my
said sister Dorothy, ten pounds apiece. Joseph Meriam one of the wit-

Commission issued, at date given above, to Robert Goldstone natural and
lawful brother of Frances Dann, relict of the said deceased and executrix
named in his will, because the said Frances died before accepting the trust.

Rochester AVills, Vol. xxii. (1631-44), fol. 94.

Frances Dann the relict of George Daun late of Tewdly, tanner, de-
ceased, and the executrix named in his testament and last will did make her
testament and last will by word of mouth 18 September 1634, proved 26
September 1034. Her brother Robert Goldstone to be her executor and
pay such debts as ought to be paid by her. Her debts and funeral charges
being paid and such charges as should happen by reason of her death and
about her will being discharged, her said executor should have t.venty pounds
of her personal estate and the rest should be and remain to him to pay
legacies. To the poor of Tewdly the twenty shillings which her husband
had willed them and ten shillings more which she gave them (saving that
her desire was that her kinsman John Baldcocke or his wife should have


the greatest share with them thereof) and also to pay two shillings six pence
to Harborowe, her husband's godson, and six shillings eight pence to Thomas
Mirriam, likewise her husband's godson, and to Joane Peerse forty shillings
and ten pounds apiece to every one of her brothers and sisters, which she
willed unto them in this manner, viz*, to her brother Roger ten pounds, to
her sister Howe ten pounds, to her sister Mirriam ten pounds and to her
sister Dann ten pounds if her personal estate should extend to so much, oth-
erwise they should have equal shares in the remainder. And if her estate
should amount to more she willed the overplus to her executor.
Wit : Frances Dyker, Agnes Cowchman and Joane Peirse.

Rochester Wills, Vol. xxii. (1631-44), fol. 95.

[Of course I have gathered other Meriam wills, but I take it for granted that
Mr. Appleton has seeu them and furnished notes from them. I may possibly
have two wills which he has not noticed. One is the will of Mildred Hatche
(nuncupative) proved 29 November 1599, which refers to father Hatche's will, to
brothers Richard, James and Thomas Hatche, father Msrriham and her mother
and her mother's three youngest children. Her mother to be executrix. Proved
by Henry Meriham husband of Susan the executrix. The will of James Hatche
of Yaldiug, proved 30 November 1G00, mentions brothers Richard Hatch®, Tho-
mas Hatche, Edward Mower and John Merriam, and sistar Elizabeth Mower,
father Merriam and mother Susan Merriam. — H. F. W.]

Thomas Shotton of Cropson in the County of Leicester yeoman, 21
October 1631, proved 8 February 1631. The poor of Crapson, of Anstie
and of Thurcaston. The old hospital in Leicester. The new hospital of
the same. To my son William Shotton thirty pounds. To my daughter
Maitha Shotton fourescore and tew pounds, one half upon the day of her
marriage and the other half that day twelve month. To all my daughter's
children that now are ten shillings apiece. To my son Sampson Shotton
that house where Tho: Sauidg dwelleth in Crapson, with all the lauds,
leas, meadow, with all common and pasture thereunto belonging, with all
other profits and commodities thereunto appertaining, to the said Sampson
and his heirs forever, except my son Anthony Shotton do give him for the
same fourescore and ten pounds within one six years after my decease. To
Mary my well beloved wife half my dwelling house with half the farm and
profits &c. during her natural life, and after her decease to my sou
Anthony Shotton and his heirs forever. And in the mean time Anthony
shall have the other half to him and his heirs forever. Wife Mary and
son Anthony to be full executors. Audley, 15.

[In Lechford's Note-Book, p. 1G (as printed) cau be found a formal acknowl-
edgment, made 22 October 1038, by Samson Shotton of Mount Woollaston in
New England, planter, that he had received of his brother Anthony Shotton of
Cropston in the County of Leicester (England) yeoman the sum of fourscore
and ten pounds (the very sum fixed in above will) and, in consideration thereof ,
he gave to his said brother AntJiony a general quit-claim.

I had saved a note of the will years ago on account of the baptismal uame
Sampson which I knew to be the name of our New England settler. This
evidence from Lechford establishes the identity. — H. F. Waters.]

Richard Clarke of Bulmer, Essex, yeoman, 31 August 1556, proved
5 September 1558. To the Vicar of Buhner, in recompence of my tithes
and "dewties" negligently forgotten and not paid, six shillings eight pence.

To Augnes Rande now the wife of Rande all that my garden with

the appurtenances lying and being within the hamlet of Balidon next to
Sudbury, within the County of Essex, and all that my croft of arable laud
called Tilles Croft, in Bulmer, to hold for her natural life, and after her


decease I will that Richarde Raude, the son of Thomas Rande and of the
said Agnes, shall have and enjoy my said garden and croft to him and Ins
heirs forever. I give the said Richarde Rande my capital messuage
wherein I now dwell &c. To Rohert P>riggestocke my servant my tene-
ment called Shakespeares which I late purchased of George Claypole,
lvinjj in Bulmer. Other gifts to him. A tenement to William Clovier
my servant. Certain copyhold lands to Richard Rande. And where
John Coole (Cole) of Sudberry " marchauntma " standeth bound by his
deed indented unto me for the payment of one hundred six pounds thirteen
shillings and four pence &c. a certain amount (out of it) to be paid to the
said Agnes wife of Thomas Rande. a certain amount to Jane Ingeham wife
of John Ingeham, a payment to Richard Rande. To the said John Cole
twenty shillings and to Elizabeth now his wife twenty shillings; and more
I give to Marten Cole and to Willm Cole, to every of them twenty shillings
and to Robert Cole, Richard Cole, Mary Cole, Thomas Cole, Giles Cole,
John Cole and Edward Cole, children of the said John Cole and Elizabeth,
to every of them six shillings eight pence. To Elizabeth and Joane Clarke,
being two sisters, to every of them six pounds thirteen shillings four pence,
and to their natural mother twenty shillings. My late servant Alice
Andrewe and Richard Andrewe. - Mary Rookes, the daughter of Nicholas
Rookes of Newport, and her brothers and sisters. " I the saide Richarde
Clarke wolde be right glade and desireous to joyne in lawful] marriege the
saide Richarde Raude and one Anne Rookes nowe one of the daughteres of
the saide Nycholas Rookes." In case of such marriage they to have all
the residue &c. The said Nicholas Rookes and Richard Raude to be
executors and Thomas Rande of Sudbury to be supervisor.

Noodes, 41.

Thomas Russham of Sudbury, Suffolk, gen 1 , and one of the aldermen
of the same town, 31 May 1578, proved 23 October 1578. To be buried
in the churchyard of St. Gregory " whereas " my father and mother were
buried. To wife Thomasine my house which I now dwell in, situate in
the parish of St. Peter in Sudbury and purchased hy me of John Cole the
elder and also a shop and a chamber over the same, which I purchased of
George Alliston the elder. I give her my four butcher stalls right over
against my said house wherein I dwell, sometimes Tanner's stalls. I give
her my orchard and garden commonly called the Pound garden, sometime
belonging to the College and walled about with a middle wall, situate iu
the parish of St. Gregory. Also my three tenements right against Mr.
Eden's place, called sometimes the Friars. Also, my house a little from
the Gull. She to hold all these tenements &c. for life; and after her
decease I give them to my son Jefferey Russham. I give my wife my
house in the parish of St. Peter now in the tenure of William Gardyner,
with a barn and stable and an orchard thereunto belonging, in a street lead-
ing towards Much Waldingfield. To son Jefferey sundry furniture &c,
among which a joined chair, a wicker chair, a chest with bars of iron &c.
Also to him my best bowl of silver, parcel gilt, and six silver spoons. To
Elizabeth Cole my daughter and wife unto William Cole my other bowl
of silver and three silver spoons and ten pounds in money. To William
Cole her husband my black gown faced with budge. To my daughter
Frances Prentyse, wife unto John Prentyse of Cowlue, ten pounds and
three silver spoons. Elizabeth Russham daughter unto my son John late
departed. Anne Ellys, my wife's daughter and wife unto Peter Ellis now


dwelling at the Swan. Samuel Russham son to Ellin Russham my daughter
late deceased. Ten shillings each to John Cole the son of inv daughter
Cole, to Martyn Cole, her next son, to William Cole, her youngest son. to
Ellyn Cole, her daughter, and to Parnell Cole, her next daughter. John
Prentyse, son of my daughter Frances. William Prentise, her next son,
Robert Prentyse, her third son, aud Johan Prentyse, her daughter. Wife
Thomasyn to be executrix and sou Jefferey supervisor.

Langley, 37.

Martyn Cole of Sudbury, Suffolk, mercer. 9 August 1588, proved 29
October 1588. To be buried iu the churchyard of St. Gregory by the
chancel door there. The poor of Sudbury, viz 1 , the halt, lame, blind, sick
and such other as be comfortless. I will that upon the day of my funeral,
when the people are gathered together, some learned man shall make a
sermon unto them aud I do give unto him, for his pains in that good exer-
cise taken, six shillings and eight pence. To wife Helleu my capital
messuage &c. in Sudbury, near unto the Bars iu Boramgate end (aud other
land) to hold for life. After her decease I give it to my son Thomas Cole,
with remainder to my son Cesar Cole. Gifts to son Martyn Cole and my
daughter Cole his wife. I give and bequeath unto my well beloved father
Mr. John Cole my best felt hat, one of my dublets and one shirt. Gifts to
brothers Robert and Richard Cole. To my brother William Cole my
Spanish leather hair. I £nve unto my brother Edward Cole mv "old iin«\

L OCT »' ./ O W

desiring him after his decease to give it unto his sen, my godson, Martyn
Cole. My brother John Cole. My sister Gibbones of Ipswich. Agnes Ililles
the wife of Robert Ililles. L6vin<j friend Robert Gale of Edwardstou.
To son Cesar Cole my messuage wherein I now dwell and lease of land
lying by the Windmill hill, and, after wife's decease, land lying at Gallow
hill. Mary and Susan Browne, my daughter's daughters, atone and twenty.
John and Thomas Browne their brothers. My daughter Mary Browue
the wife of Johu Browne of Dedham, Suffolk (sic). Wife Ilellen aud son
Cesar executors. Leicester, 3.

William Cole of Sudbury, Suffolk, 17 October 1588, with a codicil dated
18 October 1588, proved 9 January 1588. To wife Elizabeth my house
wherein I now dwell during her uatural life, also my house and orchard
which I lately purchased of William Curde the younger. To daughter
Fallen Cole twenty pouuds at day of marriage (and certain household stuff).
To son Martyn Cole twenty pounds at twenty one or day of marriage (and
other property). The same to son William at twenty one &c. Similar
gifts to sons Edward and Geffrey Cole, each at twenty one. Daughters
Parnell and Mary Cole at marriage or twenty one. To son Roger Cole
twenty pounds within two years next after my decease. To son Johu
twenty pounds in one year. To son Robert twenty pouuds in one year.
Brother John Cole. Wife Elizabeth executrix and brother in law Jeffery
Rusham to be executor with her, if he will. Leicester, 17.

Jefferte Rusham of London gen 1 . 22 July 1587, proved 12 June 1589.
To wife Mary my messuage &c. in Cornard Magna. Suffolk, called Parkers,
lately purchased by me of Roger Warren Esq., to hold for her natural
life and after her decease I devise and give the said messuage to John Cole,
eldest son of Elizabeth Cole my sister, to hold for ten years after my wife's
decease, then to Martin Cole his brother, then to William Cole another
brother, next to Edward Cole another brother, then to Jeffery Cole auother


brother, afterwards to my right heirs forever. To the children of ray sister
Elizabeth now wife of William Cole of Sudbury a hundred and three score
pounds, viz 1 , twenty pounds apiece. To the children of ray sister Frances
Prentise now living ten pounds apiece. To Elizabeth Rusham daughter of
my elder brother John twenty pounds. The portions severally due to the
foresaid children to be delivered unto my brother William Cole for his
children and my brother Prentise for his children and to my brother
Ilunwick for Elizabeth Kussham. To the children of my sister Anne

Ellis now widow rive pounds apiece. Margaret mother of the said

Elizabeth Rusham. To my brother John ilunwick of Colchester twenty
pounds to buy him a gilt salt. To sister Ellis, sister Cole anil sister
Frances Prentice fifty shillings each to buy them rings. Mr. Garnett mv
wife's father. Mr. Donatte. Mr. Albery. The poor of Sudbury. Wife
Mary to be executrix and her father and my brother Ilunwick overseers.
In a codicil added .Time 31 Eliz : he refers to John Ilunwick of Stebbinge,
to Parnell Cole daughter of William Cole lately deceased, to Robert Garthe,
to brother Jasper Garnett, to cousiu John Curde of Sudbury and others.

Leicester, 51.

John Hdnwick of Colchester, Essex, merchant, 24 November 1593,
proved 8 June 1594. Wife Anne. Capital tenement in Fryers Street
near East Gate. Christopher Curde, son of John Curde of Sudbury the
only son of Aune Ellis my sister deceased, my only sister. John Curde his
elder brother. My servant John Ilunwicke son of Thomas Hunwicke of
Brometield. Gyles Ilunwicke brother of said John. Hugh another brother.
Thomas Ilunwicke their brother by their father and by another vent.
Lands &c. in Bradwell, in Middleton and in Little Birche &c. Two tene-
ments in the parishes of St. Giles aud St. Mary's Colchester, now or late
in the tenure and occupation of John Morrice and Marcillus Goodwyn.
Other real estate. John Hassard son of Thomasine daughter to Anne
Ellis deceased my only sister. Thomas Rande. William Saunders son of
Valentine Sanders of London gen 1 . Melford and Acton Suffolk. My good
sister Mrs. Mary Daniell. Sister Elizabeth Palmer of Sudbury and her

husband Palmer. My sister Frances Isaack and her husband

Isaack. My sister in law the mother of Elizabeth Rusham and her son by
her second husband. I forgive John Cole my godson that my debt of one
hundred marks by specialty, which bond I will, if he return again into
England to be delivered him, if not to be delivered to his brother Roger
Cole as a debt to him. Frances Slaterforde, daughter of my sister Anne
Ellis deceased, and her sisters Thomazine Ilassarde. Margaret Ellis and
Parnell Ellis, Richard Ellis being bound to leave it her children. Her sister
Elizabeth Maior of Melford and Maior to do the like. My godson John
Wiles of Dedham. His father Robert Wiles. Elizabeth Rusham and
John Eldred her husband. Wife's sister the wife of one Phillippes of
Oxford. Judith Phillippes her daughter that dwelleth with John Warner.
Parnell Ellis daughter of John Ellis of Middleton. Wife's brother John
Warner. Thomas Furnace of Maiden aud Harry Freeman his wife's
brother. My cousin William Ilaynes of London goldsmith. John Cotwyn

and Mary his wife. Frances the wife of Slaterforthe and Thomas

Harrison her son. Mr. John Bird, now fellow bailiff with me, and his
wife. Mr. Glover, parson of St. Laurence, and his wife aud their son
John Glover. Others mentioned. Large charities to the poor of various
parishes and towns, the free school in Colchester &c. The executors to be


wife Anne, cousin Mr. Valeutiue Saunders of London, Esq., William Beriff

of Lincolns Inn gen 1 , and . For overseers I nominate and appoint

Thomas Taylour of Colchester, Bachelor of Law, and my loving cousin
Roger Cole of London gen 1 .

Confirmed by Sentence Diffinitive, Trinity Term 1599. Dixy, 45.

Magdalen Maister of St. Saviour's Southwark, Su rey, widow, 9
December 1609, with a codicil dated 12 November 1614 and another
(nuncupative) made in the time of her last sickness and about two months
before her death, proved 18 January 1614. To my son Olave Maister,
one of his Majesty's yeoman warders of the Tower of London, one hundred
and threescore pounds and my best salt of silver all gilt, one tankard of
silver all gilt, one bowl of silver parcel gilt and six of my best silver spoons
parcel gilt and one French chest of walnut tree standing in the now dwell-
ing house of my son Roger Cole, also one Turkey carpet belonging to my
square table, hereafter given him, one Irish rug chequered and one loom-
works carpet wrought with flowers (and a lot of linen and other household
stuff). Among the latter were Spanish leather "quishons" gilt and
Spanish stone platters and dishes. I give to said Olave twenty pounds
which I will that he shall give unto Mary Master, his daughter, at her day
of marriage or age of one and twenty years. A similar gift for his daughter
Margaret. A similar gift for his daughter Magdalen Darby.

I give and bequeath unto my loving daughter Anne Cole wife of Roger
Cole of London gentleman one hundred and threescore pounds. Also I
give and bequeath unto Saraa Stokes als Cole, daughter of the said Anne
my daughter, twenty pounds, to be paid unto her on the day of her marriage
or at her full age of twenty and one years. To Elizabeth Cole, daughter
of the said Roger Cole and of my said daughter Anne, twenty pounds (at
marriage or age of twenty one). The same to Susan Cole and Catelina
Cole, daughters of the said Roger and Anne. These legacies to be de-
livered to Roger Cole for the use of the said children. Twenty shillings to
the poor sisters of the Trinity House in Deptford. Loving friend John
Partridge, scrivener. The poor in the Clink liberty in St. Saviour's.
Every poor widow in Reddrith. The residue of goods &c. to my said son
in law Roger Cole and my said daughter Anne his wife. The residue of
debts and ready money to be equally divided between my said son Olave
Maister and my said son and daughter Roger Cole and Anne. The said
Royer and Anne to be executors and the said John Partridge overseer.
(The mark of Magdalen Master). Oleffe Master, Roger Cole and Anne
Cole anions the witnesses. In the first codicil she desires her son Olave to
live quietly and peaceably with Roger and Anne Cole. Thomas Stockes
one of the witnesses to this. Rudd, 2.

John Cole of St. Olave, Hart Street, London, gent., 25 July 1620, with
a codicil dated 10 August 1620, proved 11 October 1620. To the poor
people of the town of Sudbury, Suffolk, three pounds sterling, to be distrib-
uted amongst them by the Mayor of the town there and the head church-
warden of St. Peter's church for that year being. The poor of St. Olave
where I am now a parishioner. To my wife Temperaunce Cole all my lands
and tenements in and near Milton next Sittingborne, Kent, and after her
decease I give and bequeath all the said houses and lands unto my brother
Edward Cole for life, then to Anthony Thomas the vounger, the eldest son
of my sister Mary, and unto his heirs forever. I give and bequeath unto


my brother Roger Cole and to my cousins William 01 an el and William
I. cike the sum of three score and six pounds of lawful money for the use
and behoof of my sister Parnell Fettiplace, to be put out and disposed by
thern to the best advantage that may be. If she die before it shall be paid
uuto her I give it amongst the children of my brother in law Anthony
Thomas, excepting twenty pounds which I do then give unto the said Roger
Cole, William Oland and William Locke. My cousin Elizabeth Wraye.
The four children of my said sister Mary Thomas. To my said brother
Edward Cole fifty pounds sterling in three months next after my decease;
and if he shall happen to decease before that time theu I do give the said
fifty pounds unto Mary Thomas the eldest daughter of my said sister Mary.
I give and bequeath unto my said brother Roger Cole and unto his three
daughters twenty pounds sterling, i. e. five pounds apiece, to be paid within
one year next after my decease, hoping that they being in so good case to
live in, in this age, and the blessing of Riches being upon them more thau
upon the others of my kin they will take in good part this poor gift and
legacy given them by me. My kind friend Mr. Thomas Jones, skinner.
My countryman John Florey. Reference to a grant made 6 August 5 th
James by Richard Cole late of Buckesh Esq. unto Thomas Lea of East
Putford, Devon, gen 1 . &c, which the said Thomas Ley assigned and set
over unto testator. I give it unto my brother Edward Cole, my brother in
law Anthony Thomas and my son in law Francis Wall. Wife Temper-
ance to be sole executrix. To my father Heywood my seal gold ring of
arms. Soame, 88.

Sententia pro Valore Tnventarii et Compoti bonorum Johannis Cole &c.
was promulgated 16 February 1621 after litigation between Paruell Fetty-
place of the one part and Temperance Cole, relict and executrix, also Roger
Cole, William Oland, William Locke, Elizabeth Raye, Anthony Thomas
and Mary his wife and Anthony, Mary, Temperance and Robert Thomas
their children, Edward Cole, Elizabeth Oland, Susanna Locke and Cather-
ine Cole. Savile. 1C.

Martin Cole of Sudbury, Suffolk, draper, 28 September 1620, proved
19 December 1620. To be buried in the churchyard of St. Gregory's in
Sudbury by the chancel door beside the body of late deceased father Mr.
Martin Cole. The parish of St. Peters. A yearly sermon there on As-
cension day. Another sermon at St. Gregorys. Wife Anne Cole. Mar-
tin Cole son of brother Cesar Cole. Thomas Cole another son. Rose
Andrewe daughter of my late brother Francis Audrewe of Hadleigh. Mar-
garet the wife of my brother Cesar Cole. Elizabeth Smith late my servant
now the widow Starke of Xeedham. Elizabeth Andrewe daughter of my
brother Francis Andrewe. John Cole son of my brother Cesar. Anne
Andrewe daughter of my brother Francis Andrewe. Lands in Layham
now in the occupation of my said brother Fraucis Andrewe. Jane Andrewe
his daughter. Elizabeth Cole daughter of brother Cesar. Lands &c. in
Hadleigh purchased of Mr. Adam Winthropp. Lands purchased of Mr.
Appleton. Francis Andrew son of my said brother Francis Audrewe. El-
len, John, Mary, Martin and Elizabeth, children of my cousin Mary Gar-
ford now wife of George Goldinge of Sudbury. The four children of my

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