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cousin Susan Brown now wife of William Sermon of Creatinge. Rose
Fuller daughter of John Fuller of Nayland my wife's brother. Edward
Andrewe son of my said brother Francis Andrewe. Rose Richards of



Langhatn. Rose Walker late the wife of Robert Walker of Stratford.
Robert Hawkins son of my cousin Robert Hawkins late of Ardleigh. Sara
Andrewe daughter of my said brother Francis Andrewe. Land in Great
Cornard, Suffolk, purchased of Joseph Weld. Mary and Rose Andrewe
daughters of my brother William Andrewe of Hadleigh. I give and be-
queath to my cousin Mr. Roger Cole five marks if he overlive me, to make
him a gold ring. The same to my cousin Mr. John Cole. My brothers
William and Edward Andrewe. My sister Barbara Andrewe. My cousin
George Golding of Sudbury. My said cousin Susan Brown wife to the said
William Seamans. John Bond the elder of Ipswich, chapman. Wife
Anne executrix and brothers Edward and Francis Andrewe supervisors.

Soame, 104.

[The family of Cole of Sudbury aud of Southwark is of interest to us on
account of Gov. Willoughby's connection with it (through the Locks). In my
Gleanings for January, 1895 (Vol. 49, p. 129; ante, p. 977), I gave the will of
Roger Cole, the maternal grandfather of Mrs. Margaret Willoughby. The
Visitations of Surrey (1623) give a pedigree of this family probably furnished
by this Rosier Cole or constructed for him. See Harl. MSS. 1046 (fo. 46),
1147 (fo. 72 1 '), 1397 (fo. 84), 1433 (fo. 78 b ), 1561 (fo. 136) and Add. MS. 4963
(fo. 94b).

Mundy, in his copy of this Visitation (Harl. MS. 1561, fo. 136), calls William
Olaud Proctor of the Civil Law, and says that his widow Elizabeth was mar-
ried secondly to William Ayscough Register of the Court of Audience to the
(Arch) bishop of Canterbury. The wills show that William Cole of Sudbury,
father of Roger, had another wife not given in the Surrey pedigree. She was
Elizabeth the daughter of Thomas Russham and sister of Jeffery Rusham. She
was probably the mother of all William Cole's children, named in his will,
except Robert and Roger. ā€” H. F. W.]

[See Notes on the Families of Locke aud Cole, in Family Histories aud Gene-
alogies, by Prof, and Mrs. E. E. Salisbury, Vol. I., Part 2, pp. 605-625. See
also Register, Vol. 35, pp. 59-65; and for Locke, see Book of the Lockes, pp.
347-359.ā€” Editor.]

JOHN COLE of Sudbury = Elizabeth,
in Com. Suffolk: there buried. I

Martin Cole of:


son and H.

Elianor, dau. of

William Cole=Catalina de
of Sudbury, Gallegos,
2 son. born in Spain.

Caesar Cole,
2 son, married
. .. dau. to . ..


Martin Cole of
Sudbury, obt. s.p.

mar dau.

of ... . Andrews.




Mary, uxor
. . . . Brown.

Robert Cole.
3 son.

Robert Cole of=Aune, dau. to

Sudbury, son Cooke

and heir, s. p. of Kersey
in Suff.

Roger Cole of=Anne, dau. to
St. Saviors, I Edward Master
Southwark, | of Rotherhithe
2 son, 1623. I in Com. Surrey.


Roger ^omnes S. P.



Richard Cole

de Waltham Epi.

in Com. South'ton.

John Cole de Waithani

Edward Cole=Christian,
of Winchester. dau. to

Elizabeth, ux'r Willi. Oland de London.
Susanna, ux'r Willi. Lock de Merton in Surrey.


Anne, wife of

Edw. Fryar of


Jane, wife of

Edward Cole
of Winchester.

Eliz : dau. of
Ebden, D.D.

Martin Cole

of Winchester


William, s. p.




John Locke, citizen and mercer of London 13 November 1510 (2 II.
viii.), with a codicil bearing date 20 April 1518, proved 16 December
1519. If it please God that I decease within tin; city of London or witliiu
twenty miles nigh unto the same city then I will that my body shall be hon-
estly conveyed and brought from the place where it shall happen me to de-
cease unto the church of St. Thomas of Acres in West Cheape of London.
My goods &c. to be divided into two equal parts if I die without issue, the
one half for myself for the performance of this my will &c. and the other
half to remain unto Mary my wife. But if I die leaving issue &c. then
three parts, whereof one part to myself one to my wife and the third to
such issue as God shall send between her and me. The church of St. An-
tonyne. London, where as I am a parishioner. The church of Aldermary.
The church of St. Mary Bothawe next London stone. Other churches &c.
A marble stone of the value often marks to be laid upon me. to be graven
with such convenient pictures and sculpture as shall be thought requisite.
Gowns of black cloth of the price of five shillings the yard for my wife, my
mother, Thomas Foster and his wife, John Bodman grocer, William Bur-
welles and his wife, William Locke and his wife and other persons, to the
number of twenty persons. The poor. An honest priest of good name
and fame to sing for my soul and my father's soul and all my kiusfolkes*
souls in the foresaid church of St. Thomas of Acres, in the chapel there
called the Mercers' Chapel, at seven or eight of the clock in the morning
to begin his mass and at the Lavatory of mass to turn him to the people to
say de profuudis for my soul and the souls abovesaid by the space of teu
years next ensuing after my decease. Other services. To Elizabeth Bul-
strode my mother, if living at day of my decease, ten pounds. To Edith
Underbill, late dwelling in St. Bartilmewe Spitell, if she be alive the time
of my decease, twenty pounds sterling. Thomas Foster, " Browderer " of
London, and Erne his wife. Jane my " sustre " in law. Alice Heron late
servant with Edith Underbill. Dorothy my sister in law. Margaret Bur-
well. To twenty poor maidens' marriages thirteen pounds six shillings eight
pence. Wife Mary to be executrix. Lands in Bedfordshire. William Bur-
well mercer of London. Ayloffe, 24.

Otwell Hyll citizen and mercer of London, 11 November 1543,
proved 21 November 1543. Goods &c. to be divided into three equal
parts, whereof Dorothy my wife shall have one, according to the laudable
custom of the City of Loudon. The second part I give to the child now
being in my wife's womb (if she be with child), to be paid at age of twenty
one or marriage. If said child die before that time I give said part to my
wife Dorothy. My brother Thomas Lok of London, mercer, shall have
the governance, keeping and bringing up of my said child. The third part
of my goods I reserve to mysell to perform my legacies and bequests. My
late master Mr. William Gresham of London, mercer. Anthony Gresham
of London, mercer, deceased. The last will and testament of my uncle
Aleyn Hill deceased. My mother and my natural brethren and " sustern,"
being in the County of Lancaster. My uncle Randolfe Smyth. The
parish of Rachdale in the County of Lancaster. My mother and my
brother Thomas Hill (evidently living there). My brother Randolfe Hill.
My brother Richard Hill. My brother Aleyn Hill. I give and bequeath
to every of Thomas Lok, James Broun, Kduiunde Lok, Matthew Lok and
Thomas Stacye a black gown and a ring of gold of the value of forty
shillings a piece. To either of my father in law Mr. William Lok of


Loudon, mercer, and my mother in law his wife a ring of gold of the value
of forty shillings and a hlack gown. To every other my said father in
law's children a hlack gown. My wife Dorothy to be sole executrix and
Thomas Lok and James Broun overseers. Spert, 27.

My last will 1549 in March. William Lok mercer and alderman of
London (indexed on margin " T. Willi Lock militis") proved 11 Septem-
ber 1550. Written 15 March. To be buried in the mercers church at the
great Conduit in Cheape, in the middle of the body of the church there
where lieth buried my father and mother and my first wife. Money to be
given to the four prisons, Newgate, Ludgate, the Marshalsey and Kings
Bench. Money to be given in alms at Martyn, Wymbilton, the two
Totings and Totnam. The poor of the Vintry Ward. Other poor. I
give to Thomas, Mathew, John, Henry and Myghell Lok, my five sons,
my dwelling house in Bow Lane and my house at the Lock in Cheape and
my house at the Bell in Cheape, with all the shops and appurtenances
belonging to them to that intent that they, or some of them, may dwell in
them and keep the retailing shop still in my name to continue there. I
give to Johu Loke my house that Parris now dwelleth in. To Henry Lok
my house that John Edwardes dwelleth in. Three houses to Mighell Lok.
Another house to Henry. Two houses to Matthew Lok. To John, Harry
and Mighell Lok all my houses in the Poultry and Bucklersbury aud iu
St. Johns Street. To Mathew Loke all my houses at Dowgate and in the
Vintry. To Thomas Lok all my houses in Cheape being in St. Peters
parish there. I give more to Thomas Lok my land at Martyn aud Wym-
bilton that I may give him except one farm which I give to Henry and
Mighell Loke my young sons. I give the lease of my garden betwixt my
five sons to be kept in their hands for all their recreations in Grub Street.
Other property divided among them. They to pay to my well beloved
wife Elizabeth, for dower, forty pounds every year during her natural life
out of all my lands and houses, as appeareth by a certain Indenture of
Covenants &c. She to have a certain sum of money for her part of all my
goods &c. by the custom of this noble City. My daughter Elizabeth to
have to her marriage as much as any of my daughters that be ready mar-
ried have had of my goods. My executors to be Thomas, Mathew and
Henry Lok and my overseers John aud Myghell Lok, and because some of
my sons be young I shall desire my trusty and well beloved friend Sir
Rowland Ilyll, knight and alderman, to be my chief overseer. Per me Sir
William Lok knight and aldermau.

Commission issued 6 April 1571 to Michael Lok natural and lawful son
&c. to administer the goods left unadministered by Thomas, Mathew and
Henry Lok executors; now deceased. Coode, 20.

Elizabeth Locki:, widow, of the city of London ("Domina" in Act
Book) 8 September 1551, proved 27 February 1551. Many legacies to
individuals named. Margaret the maid that dwelleth with my daughter
Anne Lock. Thomas Typkyne, brewer, for that he lost certain money by
my husband Ilutton. William, Mary, Elizabeth and Ellen Meredyth the
children of my late husband Robert Meredithe. My house hold stuff at
Newington. Newington Green. 1 give and bequeath to these persons
following, each of them, a gold ring of the value of forty shillings apiece to
Thomas Locke and his wife, to Mathew Loke aud his wife, to Henry Lock
and his wife, to Anthony Hickman and his wife, to Thomas Stassye and his


wife. John Cowswartb and his wife, Mighell Locke, John Locke, Richard
Hills and Elizabeth Locke. My sister Elizabeth Farthinge. My sister
Mvston and her husband. Mr. LMundell and his wife. David Apowell
and his wife. Mathew Fylde and Elizabeth Meredithe. William Mere-
dith and Ellen Meredith. My mother Meredith. Others. To Elizabeth
Locke one gilt cup with a cover, weighing tweuty five ounces, with her arms
on the cover. Richard Spryngham and his wife. Elizabeth Springham
my son's daughter, to her marriage. Elizabeth and Robert Nicolles my
godchildren. My son Richard Springham. Thomas Stacy mercer. John
Cowswarthe mercer. I make my son Richard Springham and Thomas
Nicolles the elder my executors.

Memorandum that the last day of November Auno 1551 this testament
was presented as the last will and testament of this testator by the hands of
Ellen Meredithe, this present day the day of the departure of the same in
presence of &c. Powell, 7.

Mathew Locke citizen and mercer of London, 23 February 1551, proved
27 May 1552. Goods &c. to be divided into three equal parts whereof
wife Johan to have oue, after the laudable custom of the city of London,
the second to my daughter Elizabeth at age of twenty one or marriage, the
third I reserve to myself and to mine executors. Jf daughter die before
age or marriage then a part of her portion to the mercers' compauy aud
part to be divided among the children of my brother Thomas Locke and
my brother Anthony Hickman, one half to each. Twelve sermons to be
preached in St. Stephens Walbrooke. My cousin Makebray. Poor house-
holders in Mertou, Surrey, and at Tottenham. To my father Rigges and
my mother his wife a standing cup, gilt, that my father Sir William Lock
gave me at the day of my marriage. To wife Johan t'.e lease of my house
in which I dwell in London and my part of a lease in Tottenham. A ring
of gold of forty shillings each to my father Rigges and his wife, my father
Jermayn and his wife, my brother Thomas Locke and his wife, my brother
Henry Locke and his wife, my brother John Lock, my brother Mighell
Loke, my brother in law Anthony Hickman and his wife, my brother
Thomas Stacy and his wife, my brother John Cosowarth and his wife, my
brother Richard Hill and his wife, my brother Marshe and his wife, my
cousin Richard Springham and his wife, my cousin Feilde and his wife,
Mr. Robert Rose and his wife, my sister in law Elizabeth Baker aud my
friends Edward Castlen, William Dale and William Piersou. The residue
to wife and daughter equally. Wife Johan and the said Thomas Lock and
Anthony Hikman to be executors. Thomas Rigges and Edward Castolyn
among the witnesses. The widow renounced execution.

Powell, 16.

Thomas Lok citizen and mercer of London, 21 March 1553, with a
codicil, proved 11 December 1556. To be buried in the Mercers Church
in West Cheape, London, commonly called St. Thomas of Acoru church,
as nigh to the place there where my late father lieth buried as conveniently
may be. My loving brethren and friends John Cosowarth, Thomas Stacy
and Anthony Hykman citizens and mercers of London. My younger sons
Rowland, Thomas and Mathewe Lok Houses, lauds, &c. in the city of
London and the Suburbs and in the Counties of Middlesex aud Surrey.
Wife Mary to have (among other property) my best ring of gold set with
a diamond that was my father's. My daughter Mary at lawful age or


marriage. My four sons, William, Rowland, Thomas and Matbew Lok at
twenty one. William, my eldest son, and Anthony Hikman, my brother,
to be executors, my said brother to administer by bimself alone until my
said eldest son shall accomplish the age of eighteen years.

In the codicil he speaks of his brother Thomas as having deceased. And
God hath given me one other son whose name is John and one daughter
called Anne and besides my said wife is with child, at this present uncer-
tain whether it be a man child or a woman child. Mary mine eldest
daughter. Ketchyn, 26.

Richard Hyll citizen and mercer of London, 2 June 1564, proved 13
November 1568. Goods &c. to be divided into three portions according to
the custom of the city, whereof one part to wife, the second to my children
and the third I reserve to myself and mine executors to perform my legacies.
My bastard daughter Mary at marriage if with consent of my overseers.
My maid Alice Dewerden at her marriage. To Dick my " fole " three
pounds six shillings eight pence, to be given as he shall have need by the
discretion of mine overseers. I forgive Richard Hyll all that he owes me
and I give to my brother Cowsewarthe and my sister his wife and to my
cousin Feilde and his wife, every of them a ring of gold of forty shillings
apiece. My wife shall have of my portion so much as will make her portion
five hundred pounds and the rest to go to my children (equally). My wife
to enjoy my house at Newington Green so long as she lives My executors
to be my children Otwill and Katherine and Elizabeth. The overseers to
be my cousin Matthew Feilde, my brother Cowswarthe and my friend
Thomas Aldersey, cousins Edward Best and Thomas Boldnes. Memoran-
dum that this will was found 16 September, sealed up with his seals and
opened in our presence: Anthonye Hickman, Henrye Lock, Edwarde Best,
Thomas Boldnes.

Commission issued at above date to Elizabeth the relict and Michael
Lock, citizen and mercer, to administrate during the minority of the three
executors. Babington, 21.

John Cosowarth of Cosowarth, Cornwall, Esq., 3 August 17 Eliz:
proved 5 March 1575. To be buried in the parish church of Colan if I
die within the said County of Cornwall. The poorest people of Colan and
the poor of nine other parishes near adjoining to the parish of Colan. To
Dorothy my wife two chambers over the buttry in Cosowarthe for life.
Other bequests to her (including one thousand pounds in money). Tin
work in the parish of St. Agnes. My five sous Thomas, John, Edward,
Michell and William. Son Thomas to be sole executor and residuary
legatee. Carew, 3.

[The above testator was probably the one referred to in the following 'will,

of -which I give a brief abstract. For a pedigree of this family see Vis. of
London of iocs, published by the Ilarl. Soc. vol. l. p. 1Cā€” II. F. W.]

John Cosowarth i; of St. Colan (Cornwall) 10 January 1567 (10 Eliz:)
proved 17 March 1568. Wife Elizabeth. Uncle John Cosowarthe mercer
of London to be executor. Sheffelde, 8.

Jank Lockic, wife of Michael Locke of London mercer, 9 February
1570, proved 6 April 1571. All my worldly goods are my husband's by
whose leve I have hitherto enjoyed them ; and now with his consent I be-
queath part of them. To my son Zacharia a goblet of serpentine stone


garnished with silver. Rings, Jewells, goblets &c. to sons Eleazar, Gersom
and Benjamin. To son William a ring of gold with a lock graven.
Daughters Anne. Joane and Elizabeth. My sister Anne Locke. My
cousin Kateryne Segar. My cousin Joane Argall. My Lady Cromwell
wife of Sir Henry Cromwell, knight. My cousin Richard Spryngham,
mercer. My cousin Raphe Ilethington. My good friend Mrs. Anne
Warcuppe. My kinsman Raphe Warcupp. now my servant. Margaret
Yale. My husband to be executor. Ilolney, 14.

Henrye Lok, mercer, 28 January 1570, proved 31 October 1571. As
touching my worldly goods whatsoever they be I give and bequeath them
to my wife Anne Loke ; and I do make my only executor unto this my
last will my good and well beloved brother Michael Lok.

Ilolney, 39.

Mathew Locke of Marton in Surrey, Esq.. 14 May 1599, proved 13
June 1599. My body to be buried in the Mercers Chapel, called St.
Thomas of Aeon, London, as near to my mother as possible. To my
eldest daughter Mary Locke, if she shall marry with her mother's good
liking and consent, a thousand marks, to be paid her at the day of her
marriage or the age of one and twenty years. If she marry without the
consent of her mother she shall have lint five hundred marks. If she die
before the day of her marriage the said portion shall be divided equally
between my other two daughters. To my second daughter Elizabeth Locke
(under similar conditions) three hundred pounds. A similar bequest to
third daughter Anne Locke. To my son Robert, after the deatli of his
mother. Mares Marsh in Stepney, provided that if my son Thomas pay my
said son Robert three hundred pounds then Thomas shall have it ; and in
the meantime Robert to have sufficient maintenance from my executor. If
Robert die before this bequest shall take place the same gift shall be and
remain to my son Francis in all things as aforesaid. To Francis, after his
mother's death, all my land at Dowgate and in the Vintry in London,
Thomas to have similar power of redemption at three hundred pounds;
in the mean time to have sufficient maintenance. If Francis die &c. then
to my son Robert. To my son William my free land at shore ditch, now
in the tenure of Ihimfrey Bigges. Five pounds to the poor. Forty shil-
lings to the repairing of the church way from my house to the Rushe.
M r. Gaily my curate. To my good friend Serg 1 . Muschampe ten pounds
to buy a gelding. Residue to wife Margaret. She to be executrix.

Kidd, 54.

Zacfiary Lok, 29 January 1602, proved 4 April 1603. I desire that
my body might be buried in Mercers Chapel in London near to the place
wliere mv great grandfather Thomas Lok and my grandfather Sir William
Lok were buried, if it please God I die near London, or otherwise in the
parish church of that place where it shall please God to call me. The
poor of how parish. To my father Mr. Michael Lok my seal of arms &c.
To my brother Eleazer Lok my hoop ring with a diamond which I wear
and the " Armyng swoorde" and dagger which my Lord Willoughby gave
me. My brother Lenjamin Lok. My brother Jenny and his wife. My
brother Sansom and my sister Jone his wife. My sister Sansom's children.
Mv brother Uleuett in Cornwall and each of his children bv my sister
Anne Lok. I give to Sir Edward Norris knight mine armor complete,


with the trunk wherein it is, which I pray him to accept, which I do in
consideration of a wrong which I was privy unto that was done to his
brother Sir John Norris in the low countries. And I know not where
else to make any satisfaction for the clearing of my conscience. The resi-
due I give and bequeath to my dearly beloved mistress Ursula Johnson
whom I intend, by God's grace, to make my wife; and her I do nominate,
constitute and appoint to be the sole executrix of this my will.

Bolein, 27.

Sentence to confirm the above will was promulgated 11 July 1606 after
litigation between Michael Locke of the one part and Ursula Johnson ex-
ecutrix &c. of the other. Stafford, 53.

Eleazer Lore, 25 March 1605, proved 2 May 1605. To be buried
in the church of All Hollowes in Huntington. Six pounds thirteen shil-
lings four pence to be bestowed at the George in Huntington for my funeral
amongst my kindred, friends and fellows. The poor of Huntington and
of Brampton. I give unto my master, whose favor I crave towards my
poor father and my " travailinge " brother, my great black mare and hei?
colt and my parcel gilt cup. To his four other brothers each a ring of go'd
of twenty shillings price. To my father twenty six pounds a year, pay-
able quarterly. And after his departure out of this world I give to my
brother Benjamin two huudred pounds, to my brother Sansome (besides
twenty pounds by promise I owe unto him) the sum of twenty pounds, to
my brother Jenney and my sister thirty pounds and my silver tun. My
father shall have my gown and best black cloak and my seal ring. My
brother in law William Sansom of London and Mr. John Hearne of God-
manchester to be executors. A codicil added 10 April 1605.

Hayes, 34.

Beniamyn Locke of London, merchant, 6 January 1606, proved 29
August 1611. My will and desire is that if it shall please God to suffer
me to die in England that then my body shall be interred in the Mercers
Chapel in London in the place where my grandfather Sir William Locke
knight lieth buried &c. Reference to a joint bond wth Mr. Henry Garway
to one Abraham Cartwright and to another debt owin<* to Mr. Thomas Cor-
dell and Mr. William Garway upon the foot of an Accompt. I give and
bequeath to ni} r father Michael Locke thirty pounds and do further release
and discharge him of and for all such debts and sums* of money as he oweth
me by specialty bill bond or otherwise. The poor prisoners of Ludgate,
Fleet and Newgate. The fellowship of the Mercers. Johan Martin maid
servant to my brother Sansom. The poor children harboured in Christ's
Hospital. St. Bartholomew's Hospital. To Mr. Henry Garway my seal-
ing ring of gold. To my cousin Michael Locke my velvet hose and jerkin
and a satin dublet. My brother Jenny, my brother Sansom and my cousin
Edward Phillippes. Mr. Doctor Moydou. To my said brother Sansom my
Turky carpet which lieth in the hall of his dwelling house in London. My
sister Jenny and her four children. My cousin Henry Locke. My broth-
er Sausome's two children. Friends Mr. Henry Garway and John Munnes
to be executors.

These executors renounced and commission issued, at above date, to
Michael Locke the father to administer according to the tenor of the will.

Wood. 72.


Richard Candler, citizen and mercer of London, 12 December 1614,
proved 20 March 1614. Goods to be divided into three equal parts, one
part whereof to my wife, another to my son Ferdmaudo and the third
reserved to myself for legacies &c. My loving aunt Mrs. Elizabeth Gaud-
ier. My loving kinswoman the Lady Anne Heyborne. Brother in law
Richard Rygdale. Brother in law Richard Pulford. Wife's mother Mrs.

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