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Anne Smythe. To my mother in law that was my father's wife twenty
pounds. My half sister Margaret Candler. My other half sister Sara
Candler. The poor of Little Walsingham, Norfolk, where I was born.
My worshipful good friend Sir Ferdinando Heyborne of Tottenham knight.
If my son die before coming to the age of one and twenty then his portion
to be divided into four equal parts whereof one part to mv wife, another
to my Lady Heyborne, another to my brother in law Richard Rydgedale
and .Susan his wife and another to my brother in' law Richard Pulforde and
Anne his wife. Rudd, 24.

Elizabeth Candeler of Tottenham, Middlesex, widow, 8 December
1622, with a codicil without date, proved 14 January 1622. To be buried
in the parish church of Tottenham under the tomb where Sir Ferdinando
Heyborne knight, my late loving son in law, and my loving daughter Dame
Anne his wife lie buried, which tomb I did erect at mine own charge.
Gifts to sundry servants and others. My kinswoman Mrs. Preston and
my servant Anne Locke her sister. My cousin Baker's wife. My cousin
Travis his wife. My cousiu Anne Baker, daughter of Robert Baker de-
ceased, now wife of Mr. Tyroo apothecary. My cousin Robert Baker her
brother, at his age of twenty. My cousin Fardinando Baker at one and
twenty. Every of the other younger children of the said Robert Baker
deceased (sons and daughters). Fardinando Heyborne, son and heir to Sir
Fardinando Heyburne knight my loving son in law deceased, at his age of
oue aud twenty. The seven younger children of my said cousin Robert
Baker deceased. To my Lady Heyburne my diamond ring, of the value
of twenty pounds or thereabouts. And also I give unto her my silver
warming pan weighing fifty ounces and odd, the which my mind is and I
do desire her, besides the natural affection of her to her son, that it shall
be given to the said Fardinando Heyburne her son, at her death, if he shall
be then living, or some other thiug of the like value. To the said Fardi-
nando Heyborne the picture fastened over the chimuey of the chamber where
I now lie.

Item, I give and bequeath to my kinsman William Locke son to Matthew
Locke the sum of one hundred pounds of lawful money of England and
my " bedsteed " wherein I usually lie with fine taffata silk curtains of crim-
son color. To my cousin Robert Locke five pounds. To Elizabeth Pul-
forde daughter of Richard Pulforde citizen and iremonger of London thirty
shillings to make her a ring of gold. The same to cousin Susanna Crewe
wife of Mr. Anthony Crewe. To my cousin Barbara Preston the wife of
George Preston of London merchant one hundred and fifty pounds. To
Susan Traves daughter of Mr. Edmund Traves of Tottenham thirty shil-
lings to make her a ring of gold. To my kinswoman Anne Locke, if she
shall dwell in house with me at my decease and be unmarried, one hundred
and twenty pounds. To Elizabeth Preston the daughter of the said George
Preston five pounds. Goodwife Wilder. Edward Beecher son of Mr.
Henry Beecher deceased. Richard Avery stationer in London. Mrs.
Chamberlaine. Mrs. Traves wife of the said Edmund Traves. My cousin


Mrs. Jenings. My kinswoman Mrs. Threele. To the parish of Newiug-
ton towards the hetter maintenance of the new foot cawsey made by me
five pounds and to the parish of Hackney for the maintenance of the like
cawsey within that parish five pounds. To every of the children of the
said Thomas Locke that shall be living at the time of my decease twenty
pounds apiece except unto Elizabeth Locke unto whom I do give my chain
of pearl which cost me fourscore pounds. To my loving cousin Mr.
Thomas Locke of Martin Abbey four hundred pounds in money and five
pieces of tapestry and two pieces of bordering under the windows and five
curtains of purple and yellow taffata and vallance to them. To my loving
friend Sir Thomas Fowler the elder knight five pounds to buy him a piece
of plate withall. I make my trusty and loving friend Arthur Robinson
Esq. full and sole executor &c. and for his pains herein to be taken I give
unto him one hundred pounds. And overseers I do make and nominate
my said loving cousin William Locke and Richard Pulforde. My said
cousin Thomas Locke of Marten Abbey aforesaid and his heirs after my
decease shall have and enjoy my copyhold and customary lauds, tenements
&c. in Tottenham &c. To Christopher Ileyborne of Tottenham gen 1 , forty
shillings to buy him a ring. The same to my cousin Fardinando Candler,
and to Mrs. Simes and to my cousin Charles Locke. To the said Richard
Pulford my " Scrittory " with drawing boxes. To Barbara Locke the elder
forty shillings and to Elizabeth Killam twenty shillings. To my cousin
Robert Locke five pounds more than formerly given him and to Benjamin
Jeninges forty shillings towards his schooling. The residue to my cousins
Thomas and William Locke equally to be parted and divided between them.
The codicil notes a bequest to every of the children of her kinsman Thomas
Locke except her god daughter (meaning and naming Margaret Locke,
(laughter to the said Thomas, unto whom she did give and bequeath her
chain of pearl which cost her fourscore pounds, which legacy, by error of
the writer of her said will, is not therein set down according to her direction
and meaning aforesaid). Swaun, 4.

Sentence to confirm the above will and codicil was promulgated 24 May
1023 following upon litigation between Arthur Robinson, executor, of the
one part, and Thomas Lock, Robert Lock, William Lock and Elizabeth
Genny, kinsfolk of the deceased. Swann, 43.

Ann Lock of Newin<non Surrey, one of the daughters of Matthew
Locke late of Marten in the County of Surrey Esq. deceased, her will
m:i(le 13 April 1G23 and proved 23 May 1,023. To be buried in the Chapel
belonging to the Right Worshipful the Company of Mercers in London so
near the (dace where my said loving father was buried as conveniently may
be. To my loving mother Dame Margaret Mnschampe, widow, twenty
pounds to buy her a ring in remembrance of ray love and duty unto her.
To my brothei' Thomas Locke Esq. twelve pence to buy him a pair of
gloves. To my brother Robert Lock fifty shillings to buy him a piece of
plate. To my brother William Locke (the same). To my aunt Allin lifty
shillings to buy her a ring. The same each to Thomas Boughe and his
wife. To my god daughter Mary Locke, daughter of my said brother
Robert, lifty shillings to be paid unto her at her age of fifteen years. To
my goil daughter Mary Locke, daughter of my said brother William (the
like sum at the same age). To my loving brother in law Edward Thrille
fifty shillings to buy him a ring. To my well beloved friend Lyonell
Ashenhurst gen 1 , four hundred pounds of lawful money of England to be


paid unto hi in as soou as my executor, after named, eau or may receive and
get in so much of my estate as will satisfy and pay the same. Fifty pounds
to he bestowed hy my executor out of my estate upon my funeral. The
residue and all sums accruing to me by reason of the decease of my late
sister Elizabeth Lock, or otherwise, I give to my sister Mary Thrille wife
of the said Edward Thrille. And I do nominate and appoint the said
Edward Thrille the full and sole executor &c. And if any person or per-
sons before in this my last will and testament particularly named shall hy
any manner of ways or means whatsoever directly or indirectly endeavor
or ljo about to question or avoid this my last will and testament and not
hold themselves fully satisfied with such legacy, gift and bequest as I have
given, willed and bequeathed then such legacy as I have given unto any
such person or persons as shall so endeavor or go about to question or
avoid this my present last will &c. shall be utterly void unto them and the
legacy hereby given to such person and persons I do give and bequeath
unto the said Lyonell Ashenhurst.

Then follows Sentence to confirm the above will which was promulgated
24 May 1623 following upon litigation between Lionel Ashenhurst. princi-
pal legatary named in the will, of the one part, and Edward Thrill, execu-
tor &c, and Mary his wife and Thomas Locke, Williain Locke aud Robert
Locke, natural and lawful brothers of the deceased, aud all others inter-
ested. Swann, 36.

Dame Margaret Muschampe of Newington, Surrey, widow, 2 May
1621, proved 15 September 1624. My body to be buried in Mercers Chapel,
London, as near unto my husband Matthew Lock as may be convenient. I
give and bequeath to the poor of the parish of Newington ten pounds of
lawful money of England. To my two daughters Mary Lock and Ann
Lock all my goods, chattels, leases, household stuff, ready money and money
owing unto me, debts whatsoever and movables, my debts being paid, to be
equally divided between them, and to make my loving daughter Mary
Locke my full aud whole executrix of this my last will aud testament and
I do appoint my son William Lock to be my overseer. Byrde, 75.

Mary Tiireele of Newington, Surrey, widow, late the wife of Edward
Threele Esq., 21 February 1637, with codicil dated 6 March 1637, proved
12 March 1637. To be decently buried in the Chancel of the parish Church
of Greene, Sussex, as near unto my late loving husband as conveniently may
be. To the poor of the parish of Newington, where I now live, live pounds,
to be paid unto such of the said poor as shall inhabit or dwell near my
dwelling house and not to be given unto any of the said parish dwelling in
Kent Street or Blackmail Street. To the poor of the parish of Greene in
Sussex five pounds. To my brother Thomas Lock Esq. three pounds to
buy him a gold ring. My god daughter Mary Justice the wife of Mr.
Hugh Justice. My niece Elizabeth Lock the daughter of my late brother
Robert Lock and my sister Elizabeth Lock the late wife of my said brother.
I give and bequeath unto my sister Susanna Lock the wife of my brother
William Lock my satin gown and my crimson velvet petticoat. I give unto
my niece Ilanna Lock daughter of my said brother William my Turkey
tammett petticoat and waistcoat and my orange colored satin damask petti-
coat. To my sister Mary Threele the silver and gilt bowl which was her
aunt Ward's and ten silver spoons which were her father's. My good friend
Mary Brockwell widow for her pains she' hath taken with me in my sick-


ness. My aucient servant Thomas Treape and Anne Treape his wife. My
god daughter Susan Threele the daughter of Mr. William Threele. The
widow Wood and the widow Payne. Whereas I am indebted unto my lov-
ing brother Mr. William Lock in certain sums of money my will is that he
should be paid and satisfied, and likewise all other my debts and legacies, out
of my personal estate; aud I do make and ordain the said Mr. William Lock,
my loving brother, full and sole executor. More, I do give unto my brother
in law Mr. William Threele the gold ring with the seal at arms which was
his father's. To the rest of the children of my brother Thomas Lock I do
give twenty shillings apiece to buy them rings. To the other of my brother
William's children not named in this my will twenty shillings apiece to buy
them rings. The same to the two sons of my late brother Lock.

Elizabeth Lock the elder, Elizabeth Lock the younger and Mary Brock-
holl witnesses. George Brockholl and Daniel Cooper also witnesses.

Lee, 28.

[My friend R. Garraway Rice, Esq., F.S.A., has given me the following ex-
tracts from the parish registers of Morton aud Mitcham, Surrey.

Merton Co. Surrey — Burials.

1610 Apl 12 M rs Elizabeth Lock, gent.

1613 Sep. 23 Edmunde son of Thomas Lock, esquyre

1620 Nov. 30 Francis Locke, gent.

1625 Aug. 29 Susa the dau. of M r Tho: Locke, Esq r

1633 Dec. 26 Thomas son of Thomas Locke, Esq r

1648-9 Feb. 6 M r Thomas Locke, Esquire.

Hiatus in Register 1656 to 1694..

N. B. Lock was one of the names in which I was interested, and I had
it in my mind when searching the register; so presume I could not find any
baps, or marriages of the name.

Mitcham Co. Surrey — Buriah.

1625 "John lock y e Sonne of M r Thomas Lock was buryed (of the sick-
nes) ye 22 day of August."

N. B. Could not find Will or Admon. for Tho s . Lock, Esq r . 1649 in
P. C. C. or Surrey Courts. A Tho s . Lock of Christ Ch. See Probate
Act Book 1 July 1623.

[In Harl. MS. 1096 (fol. 20), is given a pedigree of this family of Lock or
Lok. On fol. 33 b of the same MS. I note that Mathew Loke, born 23 February
1521, of London, merchant, the 9 th child and last of Sir William Locke by his
first wife, had a daughter and sole heir Elizabeth, the wife of Richard Cande-
ler of London, mercer. Their daughter Elizabeth was married to Ferdinando
Richardson als Heborne, who is called groom of the Privy Chamber to Queen
Mary; but in Harl. MS. 1541 (fol. 188), he is called Sir Ferdinando Ilayborne,
Knight, Groom Porter of the Privy Chamber to Queen Elizabeth, and his wife
Elizabeth is called the daughter of Ric : Candler of Loud, mercer by the dau. of
Bromley.— II. F. W.]

Alexander Emerson of Sereby in the County of Lincoln, yeoman, 10
April 1604, proved 10 February 1605. To be buried in the church of
Serebve. To my wife nil my lands aud tenements in Serebye during her
life if she do not marry after my decease. And whensoever she shall hap-
pen to marry or to die then my will is that Michaell Emerson my son shall
have all my said lands and tenements to him and to his heirs male of his
bodv lawfully begotten for ever, with remainder to my son Robert and


the heirs male of his body &c, then to my sou Thomas &c , then lo my
son John and lastly to the right heirs of Michaell Emerson my son for
ever. To mv son Thomas all my lands, tenements &c. in Ilowsam and
Caduey, with remainder to John, then to Robert, then to Michaell and
lastly to the right heirs of my son Thomas. To my wife all my houses,
lands and tenements &c. in Glamford Brigges for life and then to my son
Robert. To Margery and Margaret Emerson, the daughters of my son
George deceased, twenty shillings each. All my goods &c. shall be equally
divided amount these five, viz 1 , my wife and John, Michaell, Robert aud
Thomas Emerson my sons. I make my son Michaell lull and sole execu-
tor. A Michaell Emerson and a Thomas Emerson among the witnesses.

Stafford, 8.

[I have ventured to insert the above will for the reason that the names of
Michael, John, Robert and Thomas were to be found among our earliest Einer-
sons in Essex County, Massachusetts Bay.— H. F. W.

The parties, named above, may have been kinsfolks of the Haverhill, Mass.,
Emersons; but the families at liaverhill were certainly of a later generation.

Michael Emerson appeared in Haverhill in 1656, and married, the next spring,
Hannah, a daughter of John Webster of Newbury. Their eldest child, Han-
nah, married Thomas Dustin and was the heroine of the massacre of Indians,

Robert Emerson, who married Ann Grant, was a householder at Haverhill in


Thomas Emerson, wife and two children were killed by Indians, 1G97. He
had brothers, Joseph and Stephen.

These, with Samuel, who married Judith Davis, were residents at Haverhill,
where descendants are yet numerous.

Thomas Emerson at Ipswich, 1G35, brought with him children born in Eng-
land. He was the ancestor of a long line of distinguished New England rem-
itters, the most noted of whom was the poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson. No con-
nection between the Haverhill and Ipswich families has been discovered.

Geo. A. Gordon.]

Edmond Burton, citizen and cloth worker of London, 10 April 1577,
proved 23 April 1 577. To be buried in the church of St. Martin's where I now
dwell. My debts paid all my goods &c. to be praised according to the order
of this worthy city, to say into three parts, one part for my beloved wife,
one other part for my children, the third for my self which I have to be-
queath ; and out of my own part I will that my funerals and my legacies
shall be paid and out of my own part I do give to my wife three hundred
pounds, and the rest of my goods, my legacies being paid, I do give to my
children to be divided equally amongst them by even portions. Bequests
to the hospital of the Grey Eriars, for poor children, to twelve poor men,
to the poor at my burial, to the Company of Clothworkers, of which com-
pany I am one, &c. I do forgive my brother Deves all such sums of money
as he doth owe me and I give Anne Deves my cousin ten pounds and to my
cousin William Burton six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence and to
my cousin John Burton forty shillings. Gifts to Lucy Hoocker, if she con-
tinue with me, and to Richard Southwick. To " my maister and to my
maistres." My well beloved father aud mother, to wit, my father in law Mr.
John Knighton and his wife. I give to my son Symes and his wife and to
John Le, each of them, a black gown at fifteen shillings a yard. My god
daughter Martha Golston. My sister Maryett.' My well beloved wife aud
my eldest son Ilumfrey Burton to be executors and my brother George
Knighton aud my son Symes overseers. My cousin Bridget Ilinde. My
two tenements in Shoreditch. Written with my own hand. Reference to


"my small children." Mary Symes my daughter's daughter. One of the
witnesses was Randall Symes. Proved hy Dionis Burton, the relict, and
Humfrey Burton, the executors. Daughtry, 13.

[See the will of John Scrogges of Patmer in Reg. for 1894 (vol. xlviii., p.
123; ante, p. 824), who mentious mother in law Dyonice Burton and brother in
law Mr. Randolfe Symmes. See also Reg. for 18!)5 (vol. xlix. pp. 485-6; ante,
p. 1005) for other notes about the family of Randall Symmes. For pedigree of
this Burton family see Vis. of London, 1568 (Harl. Soc. Pub., vol. 1, p. 31). —
H. F. W.]

Edmond Burton of St. Martin's Orgar in the city of London, draper,

7 January 1G05, proved 7 February 1605. To be buried in this parish
church. To my well beloved wife, who, as at all other times so in this time
especially of my long lingering sickness, hath been a most loving and care-
ful wife unto me, so much out of my third part as shall make her third part
due unto her by the custom of this city a full thousand pounds. I give her
my dwelling house here in London so long as she shall continue unmarried
if the lease so long continue. I give her also the lease of the house and
land at Iladham, Herts. And I make her executrix. The residue I give
uato my son Edmunde, to be paid unto him at his full age of one and twenty
years. Twenty nobles to be bestowed upon a dinner for the Company of
Drapers. Reference to the lease of the moiety of ray dwelling house made
unto me by my brother Mr. Doctor Aylmet (Aylmer?). Among the wit-
nesses were Theoph : Ailmer and Randall Symes.

Proved by Cicely the relict &c. of the deceased. Stafford, 10.

William More of Groton, Suffolk, gentleman, 6 October 1566, proved

8 March 1566. Wife Alice. To son in law Thomas Lappage my capital
messuage in Boxford &c. Lands in Boxford and Edwardeston. Raffe
Lappage. William Lappage. Robert Lappage. Mary and Alice Lappage,
daughters of the said Robert. Alice Edgar my wife's daughter. Margare
Pigott of Ippiswiche my sister. Paskynge Nedeham, my sister's daughter,
and her daughter Anne Newton. My kinsman Henry Fox and his chil-
dren. My kinsman Robert More. Johu More. Thomas Cowper the elder
of Ipswich and his children at their ages of one and twenty. Tenements
&c. in Stoke next Nayland. Thomas More the son of Richard More. Alice
Starlinge sister of the said Thomas. The eldest son of the said Thomas.
Mr. John Holte of Bury. William, Thomas and Margery More the chil-
dren of John More of Ilengham in Norfolk. The children of Symon More
my brother (John and Robert evidently two of them). I give and be-
queath unto John Wyntroppe gent., John Spencer, William Coo and Johu
Gale and to their heirs forever, after the decease of my wife, my messuage
and lands &c. thereunto belonging or with the same occupied or " letten to
ferme " in Boxford and Iladleigh (for three pounds twelve shillings yearly
above all charges) to the use and intent that they the said John Wyntroppe
&c. shall suffer the churchwardens of the towns of Boxford and Groton to
receive and take the whole rent &c. of the said lands, tenements &c. for the
poor of those towns. The poor of Edwardeston. Mary and Bridget Star-
linge the daughters of Raffe Starlinge. My sister Elizabeth Spencer. To

Margaret a blind maid now dwelling with mother Plome. Henry

Browne and Agnes his wife. Elizabeth More the daughter of my brother
Richard More at her age of twenty two. Richard Cowper of Ipswich.
The residue to my said wife and Thomas Lappage her son whom I make
executors. And I appoint my well beloved friend Master Robert Thorpe
overseer. Reference to the last will of brother Johu Cogate to whom I
was only executor. Stonarde, 9.


Elizabeth Lick, of Hambledon.co. Southton. My now husband Richard
Lee; to Ann King, wife of Thomas King of New England of Westwel fringe
or Westreitringe Parish ten pounds. 10 [Ienry Fleshmonger Senior fewer

pounds. To John Courtnell fower pounds. To Elinor Collens, dan. of
Thomas Collens lower pounds. To Thomas Courtnells three children Eliz-
abeth, Margaret and Anne Courtnell 20 / apiece in gold. To Richard
Lee, son of Richard Lee my wedding ring which he gave me. To my
brother Thomas Collens the use of 20£. Kinsman Thomas Courtnell ex-
ecutor. Elizabeth Lee.

her X mark.

Pec. Ct. of Bishop Waltham, Winchester Reg'y. 22 Mar 1GG0. 10 Ap]

West. A note from Will. — Margaret West of Petersfield, co. South-
ton, widow — '" to my beloved Son Edmunde West now in Pennsylvania the
sum of Five Pounds to be paid him by my Executrix hereafter named if he
ever come to England again and not otherwise." .30 April 1737. Proved
5 Oct. 17.17 bv Margaret Horrod wife of William Ilorrod natural and law-
ful daughter and executrix.

Consistory Ct. of Chichester. Volume 86, p. 226.

R. Garraway Rice, F.S.A.

Francis Archer of Bocking Essex, clothier, 25 November 1578,
proved 24 October 1579. To wife Amye my messuage or tenement where
I now dwell and those two tenements now in the occupation of John Fuller
and my six tenements which I lately purchased of Thomas Brokemau,
gentleman, now in the occupation of Daniel Dobson, John Andrewe, Charles
Hunt, Harry Coper, John Buntinge and Thomas Hardinge, and my two
tenements which are now in the occupation of George Clarke my son in law
and of Agnes Wickham widow. The said Amve to hold these from the
day and hour of my death forwards during her natural life, paying and dis-
charging the quitrents &c and suffering and appointing sufficient looms for
John Goodwin and Jacob Iluct to occupy in according to the order of this
my last will. I give to my said wife my two tenements in Bocking End
now in the several occupations of Thomas Miller and Edie Goodwin,
widow. After my wife's decease all my said messuages &c. to be demised
and let to farm by George Clarke my said son in law for the term of eleven
years (for certain uses). Frances Archer, my son Robert's daughter.
Robert Archer her brother. Thomas another brother. Johan Archer her
sister. Margaret Archer another sister. Richard Archer another brother.
Mary Archer another sister. Edmond Clarke one of the sons of the said
George Clarke and Prissille my daughter. Amie Clarke a sister of Edmond.
Francis, his brother. Mary Clarke auother sister. The said eleven chil-
dren being the children of Robert Archer and Prissille Clearcke my said
children. I give to said George Clearke and Prissilla his wife, my daugh-
ter, the two messuages now in the several occupations of the said George
and of one Agnes Wickham, widow. The reversion of the other tenements
&c. after my wife's death I give to my son Robert. I give to Robert my mes-
suage called the Grayhoundin Bocking, for his life and then to his next heirs.
To son Timothy lands &c. in Hawlsted, Essex (and other bequests to him).
1 give and bequeath to John Goodwin and Jacob Hartt (sic) my two faith-
ful servants sufficient house rooms within my tenement wherein I now
dwell only to use and occupy the art of cloth making to have and to hold


for the term of fourteen years &c. and twenty pouuds to be delivered to
them to -remain in their custody the whole term of twelve years. Three
pouuds to the children of John Causton of LorSysse beside Maldon. John

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