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zen and cordwainer of London, 12 May 1617, proved 17 July 1617. Debts
paid and funeral charges borne the residue of my goods, chattels and
worldly substance shall be equally shared, parted and divided into three
equal parts according to the laudable use and custom of the honorable
City of London (the sum of one hundred and ten pounds which I have
promised to give unto my daughter in law Elizabeth Gray beiug first paid
out of my whole estate). One third thereof I give to my wife Joane.
Another third I give to my daughter Barbara Gray now the wife of Anthony
Sharpe and the other third I reserve to my self to dispose in legacies. My
kinsman William Band. My son in law Francis Taliafero. My sister
Joane Band. Five pounds towards the building, of the church in Wapping.
The rest and residue of said third part I do fully and wholly give and be-
queath unto my said wife Joane and to my loving kinsman Robert Boorne
of Wapping, shipwright, equally between them to be parted and divided.
The said Elizabeth Gray, who married with William Gray my late son
deceased, to release all further claims. My lands and tenements, being
freehold, I do wholly give to my said daughter Barbara wife of Anthony
Sharpe. Said wife Joane and said kinsman Robert Boorne to be executors.
Richard Sharpe a witness. Weldon, 67.

John Boorne of Wapping, Middlesex, mariner, 14 January 1618,
proved 27 February 1618. To Mr. Sedgwicke of Wapping, preacher of
the Word of God, five pounds. To John Harris and William Harris the
sons of William Harris and Elizabeth his wife, my daughter, ten pounds
apiece. Reference to a bequest unto my daughter Joaue Boorae made by


my late deceased father John Boorne in his last will whereof Magdalyn
Boorue, my mother deceased, was executrix, who took upon her the probate
and execution of the same and shortly after made and declared her last will and
testament. Messuages &c. within the precinct of St. Katherine's near the
Tower. My brothers Robert and Bartholomew Boorne. Residue of estate
to be equally divided between my daughters Elizabeth Harris and Joaud
Boorne. Reference to legacies bequeathed to my daughters by their grand-
father Richard liar lis of Lee in Essex deceased. William Harris, my
daughter's husband, now gone to the East Indies. Bro. Robert Boorne to
be sole executor and friends John Montgomery of Wapping and John More-
house of the same place shipwright to be overseers.

Commissary of London, Vol. 23 (1616-1621) L. 251.

William Bonde of Wapping, Middlesex, citizen and whitebaker of
London, bound forth on a voyage to the East Indies 20 March 1620,
proved 30 July 1623. Goods to lie divided into three equal parts &c.
One part to wife Sara Bond. Another part to such child or children as
said wife now goeth withal. The other third I reserve to myself to dis-
pose of. To my brother in law Robert Bourne and John Montgomery
eleven shillings apiece for and in regard of their love towards me. The
residue to be divided between wife and child or children. Wife Sara to be
executrix and said brother in law Robert Bourne and John Montgomery
to be overseers. Richard Sedirewicke a witness. Swann, 77.

Robert Bourne of Wapping, Middlesex, shipwright, 3 August 1624,
with a codicil bearing date 6 August 1624 and another dated 12 June 1625,
proved 22 June 1625. First I give and bequeath unto my son Nehemyah
Bourne (whom I will shall be a scholar and brought up at the University
of Cambridge if God shall fit him with gifts in that behalf) and to his heirs
and assigns forever all that my messuage or tenement, with the appurte-
nances, commonly called by the name of the sign of the Pewter Platter,
situate and being in Grace church Street London. My copyhold lands,
tenements &c. in Hockley, Essex, and all other my copyhold lands, in the
said County to my loving wife Mary Bourne, for term of her natural life,
and the reversion thereof to my said son Nehemiah. Provision for bring-
ing up said son until his age of twenty one years. To S041 John the lease
which I hold of " Ilamsen gaiues " (Hams and Gaynes — see will of John
Bourne the father of Robert) within the precinct of St. Katherine's near
the Tower of London, except the four tenements which stand together in
the North corner there, which four tenements I do give &c. to my brother
Bartholmew Bourne and his three children, viz 1 to each of them one of
the said tenements. To son John the lease granted to me by and from one
John Stepkin Esq., which I commonly call by the name of the Bell lease,
together with the Dock, yard, tenements and all other things by said lease
granted or letten or thereunto belonging, wife to hold them until son John
accomplishes the age of twenty one. To daughter Martha Bourne my
lease, which I hold of the Master, Brothers and Sisters of St. ICatherine,
of divers tenements in Dolphin Alley there and also fifty pounds sterling if
she do marry with the consent of my said wife. To daughter Mary Bourne
fifty pounds &c. at age of twenty or day of marriage and a lease in A\ ap-
ping near the Milk Yard there. To daughter Ruth Bourne fifty pounds
(as above) and the lease held of William Langhorne and the three new


brick houses &c, near the Milk Yard ; wife to hold all these premises and
to educate, maintain and bring up said children. To brother Bartholmewe
ten pounds sterling (aud other things) and to his son Bartholmewe rive
pounds, to be laid out by my wife for his schooling, and to said brother's
youngest daughter five pounds, to be laid out in like manner. I do release
my said brother of his debts to me &c. Unless through the death of my two
sous he become possessed of the fee and inheritance of the Pewter Platter,
in which case he shall pay my wife one hundred pounds, and she to accept
thereof in satisfaction said debts. To my reverend friend Mr. Richard
Sedgwick, preacher of God's Word at Wapping, ten pounds. To my cousin
Elizabeth Harry son five pounds to buy her a ring. To the poor of Wap-
ping three pounds and of St. Katherine's forty shillings. The residue of my
goods, chattels, leases, household stuff, shipping and all other things of mine
whatsoever I do give and bequeath unto my said loving wife Mary Bourne.
She to be sole executrix. The overseers to be my loving and kind friends
Mr. Richard Sedgwicke, John Badger gen 1 ., Royland Coytemore mariner,
Luke Whetstone mariner and Richard Newman gen 1 . Among the witnesses
were John Dearslye and Thomas Sheppard Seri. In the last codicil the
messuage called the Cock and Bull is left to daughter Martha Bourne.
Other arrangements made about brother Bartholmewe Bourne. John Tay-
lor was a witness to this codicil.

On the 24 th day of September 1630 Commission issued to Richard Sedge-
wicke, clerk, and Luke Whetstone, overseers named in the will, to administer,
according to the will and during the minority of Nehemiah, Mary, Ruth
and John Bourne, the goods &c. left unadministered by Mary, lately relict
and executrix of the deceased, now also herself deceased. Clarke, 67.

Arnold Browne of Lymehouse in Stebunheath ah. Stepney, Middle-
sex, mariner, 4 February 1624, proved 9 November 1627. Brother Robert
Browne of Ratcliffe, Middlesex, mariner, aud his daughters Elizabeth and
Alice Browne. Brother Christopher Browne of Ratclife mariner. Sister
Letice Plumptou and her daughter Letice. My son Arnold Browne that
Elizabeth my wife now hath. And if it shall please God that my said wife
shall be now with child then I give to said child one hundred pounds.
Wife to be executrix, and my said brothers Robert and Christopher to be
overseers. Thomas Taylor a witness. Skynner, 113.

Mart Whare of Wapping, Middlesex, widow, 6 August 1630, proved
24 September 1630. To Richard Sedgwicke, minister of God's Word of
Wapping, ten pounds and to his wife Mary forty shillings to make her a
ring. Ten pounds to be distributed among poor widows. To Adrian a
blind man dwelling in Wapping three pounds. To the wife of Henry lies,
sister unto my late husband Peter Whare deceased, three pounds. To
Francis, a blind man, forty shillings. To the poor of the precinct of St.
Katherine's near the Tower of London forty shillings. To my son Nehe-
miah Bourne all the return of an adventure lately by me sent over to
Adyan Johnson at Gottenburgh in Swethland merchant. To my son John
Bourne all this dwelling house wherein I now live and all my title and
interest to and in the whole row of houses, with dock and yard &c. My
son in law John Hoxton and John Taylor of Ratcliffe now hold a lease of
the dock and yard. To my three daughters, Martha wife of John Hoxton,
Mary Bourne aud Ruth Bourne twenty pounds each, the last two at mar-
riage or age of twenty one. The residue of personal estate lo all my five



children, Nehemiah, Martha, John, Mary and Ruth. Reference to the last
will of late hushand Robert Bourne deceased. Sou Nehemiah to be execu-
tor. The overseers to be my loving friends Mr. Richard Sedgewicke, Mr.
John Badger, gen 1 ., Mr. Luke Whetstone, mariner, and John Taylor of
Radcliffe, shipwright. John Taylor one of the witnesses.

Scroope, 75.

John Bourne of the parish of St. Mary Magdalen Bermondsey, Surrey,
iriner, 7 November 16(55, proved 10 October 1G67. To son Robert my
medall and chain, as also the seal ring which I usually wear on my finger.
To son John my biggest silver tankard. To Robert and Mary, the two
children of my kinsman Bartholomew Bourne, five pounds apiece. I give
my copyhold lands, houses &c. in the parish of St. Mary Matfellon alias
Whitechapel. Middlesex, and my interest and term of years in the house
wherein 1 now live and all other my goods &c. to my wife Mary and my
two sons Robert and John to be equally divided betwixt them. Wife Mary
to be sole executrix and loving friend and brother John Hoxton of Step-
ney, Middlesex, Esq. to be overseer. Carr, 129.

Nehemiah Bourne of London, merchant, 11 February 1690, proved
15 May 1691. To be buried in my vault at Bunhill where I laid my dear
wife. My will is that those debts which I owe ( which are but small ) be forth-
with paid and discharged, as also my funeral expenses which, for my own
part. I am content should not exceed one hundred and fifty pounds at most,
but I leave it to the discretion of my dear son Nehemiah Bourne, whom I
hereby constitute and appoint sole executor. One hundred pounds to be
distributed unto needy persons and families, especially to such as fear God
and are of sober conversation, especially to shipwrights and seamen in and
about Wapping. To my daughter Mrs. Anna Bourne five and twenty
pounds to buy a jewel or piece of plate (as she pleases) as a token of my
respect. To my son in law Mr. John Berry and to my grandsons Mr.
Arnold Browne and Mr. Benjamin Collyer ten pounds apiece to buy them
enamelled rings with a diamond spark in each as a remembrance : and I
i ppoint them to be overseers of my will. To my grand daughter Mrs.
Collyer, wife to Mr. Co'lyer aforesaid, two hundred and fifty pounds, she to
allow fifty pounds to her eldest daughter Anna at her age or marriage. I
give to her younger daughter Susan Collyer ten pounds for a piece of plate.
I give unto my first great grand daughter Hannah, the eldest child of my
first grand daughter Hannah Browne deceased, two hundred pounds, which
being added to fifty pounds left her by her grandmother (my dear wife)
makes in all two hundred and fifty pounds, to be paid her, with accrued
interest &c, at her marriage or age of one and twenty. But if she die
before said age or marriage then one hundred pounds thereof shall go to
her brother Arnold if he lives till his age of one and twenty. The remain-
ing one hundred and fifty pounds shall go to my grand daughter Collyer.
To Arnold Browne son of ray said grand daughter Browne deceased fifty
pounds at age of one and twenty, but if he die before that it shall go to his
said sister Hannah. To my nephews Mr. Robert and Mr. John Bourne
ten pounds each. To my nephews Mr. Peter Sainthill and Captain Nehe-
miah Earuing twenty nobles each to buy cloth or to dispose as they please.
To Mary wife of Samuel Lardner, for her relief, twenty pounds, to be paid
at such times and in such sums as may answer her need and as my son shall
see to be fittest for her relief. To my niece Mrs. Martha Hasted forty


shillings for an enamelled ring with a small spark of a diamond as a remem-
brance of her dear father. To my niece Martha Earning, as a token, ten
pounds. Bequests of household stuff, plate &c. to great grand daughter
Hauuah Browne and great grand daughters Hannah and Anna Collyer.


Nehemiah Bourne of Ebsham, Surrey, merchant, 9 April 1700, proved
3 January 170'J. Cousin Mr. Benjamin Collyer. Friends Mr. John Ive
and Mr. John Bridge. The children of my niece Collyer, wife of the said
Benjamin. My said niece Anne Collyer. My estate in a dock yard and
several messuages &c. at lledrith Surrey to my said niece Anna Collyer.
The poor of the parish of St. John at Wapping, Middlesex. Benjamin and
Nehemiah the sons of my cousin Collyer and Anne his daughter. Nephews
Nicholas and Matthew Skinner, sons of my brother in law Mr. Matthew
Skinner, and niece Mary Skinner, their sister. My aunt Mrs. Anne Berry
and my three cousins Francis, Katherine and Anna Prince. My cousin
Robert Bourne and Hannah Martin (whose name was Earuing). Niece
Collyer to be executrix. My dear wife two thousand pounds (and other
bequests to her). Reference to father's last will and his bequest to his
great grand daughter Hannah Browne. My said cousin Hannah now
called Hannah Hickman. Her daughter.

In the margin is (among other things) a reference to marriage agree-
ment (26 April 1G7G) between one Arnold Browne junior, son of one
Arnold Browne sen r of Mile End Green, Middlesex, mariner (nautae)
and one Hannah Blake then a maiden, only daughter of one Robert Blake
late of London mariner deceased. Vere, 201.

[I suppose the John Bourne (son of Robert and brother of Nehemiah) whose
will, proved in 1G67 (Carr 129) I have given, on pp. 112-13, antep. 1254, was that
John Bourne of Wapping, mariner, who, with (Thomas) Hawkins of Dorchester
(Mass.), had a suit against Nicholas Hcwett of Dorchester, shipwright, in 1639,
as appears by Lechford's Note-Book, page 116 (as printed). His brother Nehe-
miah Bourne Avas a shipbuilder in Charlestown (Mass.) and also in Dorchester.
I notice in the Note-Book (at bottom of p. 193) a reference to the Register,
Vol. xxvii., pp. 26-36. On page 193 (as printed) of the Note-Book is a note
of letter of Attorney made by Katherine Earwing of Dorchester, widow
to Nehemiah Bourne of Dorchester, merchant, and Anthony Earwing of Lon-
don, mariner, to rocieve all moneys due to her in England. Compare now
Nehemiah Bourne's will (1691), in which he makes a bequest to his niece
Martha Earuing (so far as the Register of Wills shows I could not have told
whether this name was Earuing or Earning). In the same will mention is
made of a Captain Nehemiah Earuing (or Earning) . This therefore may serve
as a pointer in looking up the English origin of the Earwings. On page 203
(as printed) of the Note-Book I lind that a John Bourne was bound (in 1639)
to Mr. Nehemiah Bourne for si:: years to be instructed in the trade of a ship-
wright. On the same page of the Note-Book I learn that Mr. Nehem : Bourne
authorized his wife Hannah to receive debts, &c. — H. F. W.

The reference by the editor of Leeh ford's Note Book to the Register, vol.
27. pp. 26-36, is to the memoir of Rear Admiral Nehemiah Bourne, whose will
(Vere 201) Mr. Waters gives on the preceding page. Many details relating
to Bourne and his relatives are given by the author, Isaac J. Greenwood, A.M.
—J. W. D.]

Henry Long of the parish of St. Andrew Holborn, Middlesex, Esq.,
5 February 1722, proved 17 December 1723. Marriage contract with
Margaret Webb, my now dear wife, bearing date 27 February 1719. My
messuage or tenement in Red Lion Square in said parish, coach, chariot,
coach horses and harness. Daughter Anne Long. My messuage and farm


at Bayford, Herts, bought of Clarke. Other lands, &c. there. My

son Richard Long. My mother Margaret Long and my sisters Margaret
Harvey, Sarah Long and Jane Long. I give unto Charles Long natural
son of Elizabeth Plumley late of New York deceased the sum of three
hundred pounds, which said Charles Long was lately in the service of Mr.
Wilson of New York, merchant. Henry Philip of Ware in the county
of Hertford, carpenter, and his children. My two aunts Sarah Haggard
and Catherine Haggard. My three nieces, Mary. Margaret and Anne
Harvey, and my nephew Henry Harvey, children of my sister Margaret
Harvey widow. To my brother Thomas Long one thousand five hundred
pounds and the further sum of five hundred pounds which is due and ow-
ing unto me by ray father Backer on bond but not payable till after his death.
An indenture bearing date 28 January, 1713, reciting Articles of Agree-
ment made before my marriage with Jane Cary one of the daughters of
Richard Gary. No issue male by her, but only one daughter, to wit Jane
Long. Son Ricliard to have manors at Bayford &c. if Jane depart before
attaining to age of one and twenty years. 1 do appoint Richard Cary,
Esq. her grandfather to be guardian of said Jane until she shall attain her
age of one and twenty years or be married. My dear mother not to be
unprovided for in her old age, to have fifty pounds a year out of my per-
sonal estate. Wife Margaret and brother Thomas to be executors.

Richmond, 262.

George Deane belonging to New England, 27 April 1691. All my
wages that I have due in this His Majesty's hired Ship Princess Anne I
give to Henry Wilks of the said ship, mariner, in the parish of St. Paul,
belonging to London, and all my cloath (sic) and things else that belonged
to the said George Deane. So I rest in the Almighty. Wit : Robert
Rowell and Henry Ogilby.

Commission issued 19 December 1693 to Henry Wilke universal legatee
named in the will of George Deaue lately belonging to the Ship Princess
Anne but at Barbados, bachelor, deceased, to administer &c.

Coker, 206.

[I have to thank ray friend Mr. William Dean for the above. — H. F. W.

George Deane, the testator, was a son of George and Elizabeth Deane of
Salem, of whose descendants a genealogy, by Edward Stanley Waters, is printed
In the Collections of the Essex Institute, vol. 13, pp. 263-317.— J. W. D.]

William Rotheuy of Cockermouth, in the County of Cumberland,
carpenter, 17 October 1658, proved 21 May 1659. Daughter Barbara yet
unpreferred. Son in law George Peirson and Dolice my daughter, his
now wife. John, William and Christabell Rothery three of my late brother
Anthony's children. I give unto Thomas Larkham son of George Lark-
ham, clerk, twelve pence. William Fearon son of William Fearon. Others.

Pell, 298.

[For the George Larkham referred to above see Savage's Gen. Diet, of N. E.
under the name Larkham. — H. F. W.]

John Claiike alias Kingman of the Liberty of the Cathedral Church
of St. Andrews in Welles, in the County of Somerset, yeoman, 24 August
1641, proved 25 September 1641. Gifts to the Cathedral church and also
to the parish church of St. Cutberts in Welles. To John and Chris-


tian, the son and daughter of my sou John Clarke deceased, twenty shil-
lings apiece. To iny sou James Gierke who is now iu New England, if
he "he living, in money ten shillings. To my daughter Susan Gierke twenty
pounds and one pewter platter marked in the side with the letter S, and one
bible. To my daughter Elizabeth the wife of Richard Williams eight
pounds. To my wife thirty pounds (and sundry household effects). And
she shall hold and enjoy my house wherein I dwell for life if my term
therein shall so long continue. To Mary Hodges, the wife of Johu Hodges of
Dinder in the said county, weaver, five pounds. To my daughter Eliza-
beth Williams aforenamed the West part of the tenement I have in South-
over within the City of Welles and to my daughter Susan Clerke the
Eastern part of the aforesaid tenement. Two shillings apiece to my
workmen William Stevens, William Sage, Richard Plumbly and Johu
Bernard, and to the said Richard Plumbly my second best breeches and
gerkin, and to the said John Bernard my worst breeches and gerkiu. All
my other goods whatsoever herein not mentioned and yet uubequeathed I
do give and bequeath unto my son Samuel Clerk whom I do hereby nomi-
nate and appoint to be my full and whole executor. Evelyn, 117.

Benjamin Cross of Wimborne Minster, Dorset, Gen', 22 March, 1716.
To my son Benjamin all of my estate, right, title, interest, property, claim
and demand of and in all the dwelling houses &c. iu Pater-noster Row,
London, which was given unto me by the Lady Bolton's will. To loving
wife Jane all my personal estate for life and after her decease the same to
be divided between my son and daughter William and Mary Cross in such
manner as my said wife shall iu her life time direct and appoint. My said
wife Jane to be sole executrix.

On the seventh day of June A.D. 1734 there issued forth a commis-
sion to Benjamin Cross the brother and lawful Attorney of William
Cross the natural and lawful son and one of the universal or residuary
legatees substituted in the last will and testament &c. (as above) to ad-
minister the goods, &c. according to the tenor and effect of the said will
for the use and benefit of the said William Cross, now residing in New
England, for that Jane Cross widow, the relict of the said deceased and
sole executrix &c. first renounced the execution of the said will and Mary
Bruton, otherwise Cross, widow, the daughter of the said deceased, the other
of the universal or residuary legatees &c. renounced the Letters of Ad-
ministration with the Will annexed. Ockham, 129.

[I believe I owe the above to the kiudness of Mr. F. J. Pope, who has before
this given me help about Dorset families. The will of Lady Bolton which is
here referred to I have not yet come across. Possibly when found it may give
us more information about this family. — H. F. W.]

Mary Skilton of the parish of Mary Woolnoth, in White Horse Yard
near unto Lombard street, London, 28 August 1G50, proved 9 January
1653. The children of my sister Anne Blissard deceased. My sister Isa-
bel, now wife of Edward White of Ealwin(?) shoemaker, and Easter
White, her daughter. My sister Joane the wife of John Wilkinson in New
England. The residue to my loving nephew and kinsman Isaac Ashe, son
of my sister Elizabeth Ashe. He to be sole executor. One of the witnesses
was James Hart a drawer at the Globe Tavern behind the old Exchange.

Alchin, 322.


[As to the place name given above let me suggest that there was an Ealing
Ln Middlesex, a Welwyn in Herts and a St. Elwyn in Cornwall. — H. F. W.

I find on the Register of St. Mary Woolnoth, Mary Skelton d. 10 Dec. and
bur. 11 Dec. 1658.— Walter K. Watkins.]

Joseph Morgan of Carmarthenshire mariner, late belonging to his
Majesty's Ship Blenheim, 18 July 1734, proved, 17 October 1734 Every-
thing to my wife Hannah Morgan now at Boston in New England. I
make my friend Samuel Spurrier of St. John, Southwark, victualler, to be
sole executor. Ockham, 222.

Henry Martin of Wappiug, Middlesex, mariner, 20 February 1655.
To my two sons William Bates Martine, Henry Martine aud my daughter
Priscilla Martine, children which I had by my former "wifes," these several
legacies following, viz : to my said sou William Bates Martine I give and
bequeath all those my lands, tenements and hereditaments, with the appur-
tenances, in Charlestown in New England from and immediately after the
said William shall attain to his age of twenty and one years, to be and re-
main to the use of the said William Bates Martine and the heirs of his
body lawfully to be begotten, and, for want of such issue, I give and be-
queath the same unto my said son Henry Martine &c, next to the said
Priscilla my daughter &c. and lastly to such heirs male or female by me be-
gotten or to be begotten on the body of Margaret my now wife. In the
meantime it shall remain to the use of the said Margaret towards the main-
tenance, education and keeping of my said children. To my said two sons
fifty pounds apiece to be paid out of that estate in the County of Cornwall

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