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belonging to me by virtue of the last will and testament of my late de-
ceased father Thomas Martin, to be paid to the said Margaret for their
uses and to remain in her hands till they, and either of them, shall attain
to their several ages of twenty one years. Fifty pounds to daughter Pris-
cilla, at eighteen or day of marriage. The residue to my wife Margaret
whom I constitute sole executrix.

Proved 25 February 1661 by Margaret Martin the relict of the de-
ceased &c. Laud, 21.

Richard Hoskins of the Province of Pennsylvania in America mer-
chant, now resident at London, 4 May 1700, proved 20 March 1700. I
give and bequeath all my messuages, lands &c. in Pennsylvania to my son
Aurelius Hoskins. To my four daughters Martha, Mercy, Mary and Anne
Hoskins four beds and my late wife's and daughters' wearing apparell and
such and so much other linen, as sheets and table linen, as my executors in
Pennsylvania shall direct. All the rest of my personal estate there to my
said son Aurelius. To my loving friends Philip Collins, planter, and John
Groves, merchant, both of the island of Barbados, all my plantations &c.
in the said island and all my goods, stock &c. there and I make them sole
executors as to my said estate there in trust to sell and dispose of the same
after my death and remit the moneys arising by sale thereof to my loving
friend Edward Shippen and Samuel Carpenter at Pennsylvania, deducting
thereout seven pounds per cent out of what they shall so remit, for their
care and pains in getting in and sending the same, and deducting fifty
pounds of Barbados money which shall be sent to Dr. Thomas Loure my
physician for his extraordinary care and pains and great expenses about
me in my sickness in London. My loving friend Theodore Eccleston to
be sole executor as to my estate in or near Loudon (with provisions


for shipping to Pennsylvania having deducted commission). To David
Llovd, for his great care ami pains in the educating and instructing of my
said son, thirty pounds. Provisions for the maintenance of daughters.
Edward Shippeu, Samuel Carpenter and David Lloyd to he sole exeoutors
at Pennsylvania. Dyer, 38.

[Richard H08KINS was " an eminent Physician and minister of the Gospel."
II" died in England while on a visit. His wife died in Philadelphia in 1G98.
His daughter Anne died 1710; maniecl 11 .Ian. 1710, John Carpenter, the son
of Samuel Carpenter mentioned above. Walter K. Watkins.]

Michael Martyn of London, mariner, bound out on a voyage to New
England in America, 1 February 1097, proved 1 March 1700. After just
debts and funeral charges are paid all the rest of my estate, real or per-
sonal, in England, New England or elsewhere, I give to my dear and lov-
ing wife Sarah Martyn for life and after that to my son Richard. But if
he die without issue then it shall go to my sister Jane Rudkin. Loving
friend Tliomas Webb of London merchant. Said wife Sarah to be sole
executrix. Dyer, 39.

[Richard Martin of Portsmouth had a daughter Sarah, b. 1657, married
John Cutt; Hannah, b. 1664, married Richard Jose; Elizabsth, b. 1662. married
Edward Kennard. He also had, with others, a son Michael, b. 8 Feb., 1C-66;
on the 10 March, 1697-8, he was the only surviving son. 30 Dec, 1721, Richard
Martyn, mariner, who was born in the County of Middlesex, Eng., 8 June, 169T,
was the only surviving son of Capt. Michael Martyn and Sarah his wife, both

Michael Martin of Boston, only surviving son of Richard Martin, late of
Portsmouth, made his will 23 Oct., 1700, which was probated 14 Nov., 1700, in
Suffolk Couuty, Mass. He gives to wife Sarah one third of dwelling, &c, in
Portsmouth, and two thirds to son Richard Martin. If son died before coming
to ag9 it went to his sister Sarah Cutt's son, Richard Cutt. If he died, to the
testator's sisters Sarah Cutt, Elizabeth Kennard and Hauuah Jose.

Walter K. Watkins.]

Arthur Gray of Lowthe, 12 December 1556, proved 24 January
1556. To be buried in the church of St. James iu Lowth. I give and
bequeath to the " coman huche" of Lowthe to be lent to poor men upon a
gage, as the custom is, ten pounds. Other gifts to the poor and to the
free school in Lowthe. Reference to the will of Thomas Spencer of
Lowth, deceased. I give to William Ilutchynson son of John Ilutchynson
of Lincoln fifteen pounds, to Christofer sou of William Ilutchynson five
pounds. John Smyth. William King of Lowth and his wife. John
Garner of Ipswich. My brother John Browne. To Mr. William Ilutchyn-
son of Lincoln three pounds six shillings eight pence. John Northe, my
nephew. Tliomas North, ray nephew. My nieces Frances and Anne
Palmer at sixteen. Nephews Arthur and Matthew Chapman and niece
Jane Chapman. My sister Gray of London and William, her son. My
son John Gray at twenty one. Nephew William Gray of Loudon.
William Palmer son to my sister Jane. Others mentioned. My execu-
tors to be my said son John Graye, John Ilutchynson, now Mayor of Lin-
coln, Sir Robert Pratt, now parson of Little Carleton, and Richard
Wright of Lowth. And I do bequeath to the said John Hutchynson my
young horse, for his pains taking, and six pounds thirteen shillings four
pence in money and one goblet of silver. Gifts to the others. Lawrence
Eresbie of Lowth to be supervisor. My sou John to be at the governance
and ordinance of my said executors and supervisor during the time of his
nonage. To Rachel, John Sinyth's daughter, ten shillings. To William


the son of John Smyth, towards his exhibition and bringing up in learning,
twelve pounds. To Arthur Hutchynson my godson ten pounds. To the
other children of John Hutchynson five pounds, to be equally divided amongst
them. Wrastley, 3.

William. Hutchinson citizen and alderman of the City of Lincoln, 4
January 1556, proved 6 March 1556. To Christofer mine eldest sou my
messuage, with all the buildings, orchards, gardens, closures, meadows &c,
which I lately purchased of Richard Topcliff, lying within the parish of
St. Botulph's within the suburbs of Lincoln, and other property including
moiety of a messuage lately purchased of John Salmonde and Isabell his
wife, which was in the right of the said Isabell (in the same parish). To
my second son Thomas a messuage &c. (described) iu the same parish and
the lease, that I have by the gift and grant of Robert Standley gen' de-
ceased, of a messuage called the Horn, in St. Botulph's. To my youngest
son William a tenement iu the parish of St. Peter in the suburbs and a
piece of ground which I lately had by the gift and grant of Ambrose Sutton
Esq. (in St. Peter's parish). To wife Dorothy certain property, including
a windmill set on a hill called Canwyck in the parish of Bracebridge in the
county of the City of Lincoln, to hold all for life. At her decease all to go
to sons (Thomas to have the windmill). To wife the lease I have by the
gift and grant of Robert Standley gen 1 deceased of that messuage that I
now dwell in, so long as she keep herself sole and unmarried and no longer.
And if she marry and take husband then the said lease to remain to my
son William. Provisions made for daughters Margaret and Mary till their
marriage. One hundred marks apiece to the three sons, within one year
after decease of testator, the gift to son William to be put into the custody
of John Neale, for his use, till his marriage or coming to age of twenty
one years. Similar gifts to Margaret and Mary at marriage or age of
twenty one. To my son in law John Neale twenty pounds and my best single
gown. To my brother John Hochinson my scarlet gown and my tippet
and to every one of his children six shillings eight pence. To my sister
Remyngton twenty shillings and to each of her children ten shillings ster-
ling. To my brother Remyngton my winter gown. To my brother Thorns
daughter thirty shillings. I will that my brother John Hutchinson shall
have all my interest, right, title, use and possession of all ray part of all
that messuage, lands and tenements in Whisby in the county of Lincoln
that my said brother now hath and occupieth together with his part, yield-
ing and paying to my executors to the use of Thomas, my son, sixteen
pounds. This will to be entered in the Guildhall of the City of Lincoln
according to the custom of the said city. I make John Neale and Raffe
Stubbes my executors. I give to my son John Neale a crimson damask
dublet. I make ray brother Hutchinson supervisor. Wrastley, 8.

[William Hutchinson, the testator, was a brother of John Hutchinson,
mayor of London, whose will follows this and who was the grandfather of
William Hutchinson, who emigrated in 1G34 to Boston, Mass., with his wife
Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson. See Col. Joseph L. Chester's article on the
Hutchinson Family of England and New England, Register, vol. 20, pp.
355-367 ; also W. H. Whitmore's article on the same family in vol. 19, pp.
13-20.— J. W. D.]

John Hutchinson, Mayor of the City of Lincoln, 21 April 1565, proved
14 June 1565. To be buried in the parish church of St. Mary in Wig-
ford. To wife Anne the half part of all my household stuff, my legacies being


first performed, one dozen of silver spoons of the maiden bead (and other
silver). To daughters Alice and Mary forty pounds to be eveuly divided
between them and to be delivered unto thetn at the age of twenty one
years or day of marriage. William Ilochinson my eldest son. My sous
Thomas, John, Arthur and Edward. To every one his portion at age of
twenty one. To Jane Knight my daughter six silver spoons with round
knobs. To Edmund Knight my sou iu law a riall of gold. To my sister
Browne one old angel and to either of my brother Browne's sons one
French crown. To my cousin Christofer Hochinson two five shillings. I
will that Katherine Maltby, widow, shall have her house rent free for life
after my decease. Edmund Knight, my son in law, shall have the order,
rule and government of Alice my daughter and of her portion until of age or
married. My wife shall have the order and bringing up of Edward my
son and Mary my daughter and the governance of their portions. John
Graye shall have the custody of Arthur my son and of his portion. I be-
queath to every one of my wife's children one angel of gold or in money
ten shillings. I make and ordain William my son and John Greye of
Lowth my executors and to the said John Grey, for his pains and travell
herein to be taken, I give and bequeath one piece of gold that was Mr. At-
kinson's and my ring of gold which is my signet. I make my brother
Leonard Browne and John Welcombe, citizen of the said city supervisors.
Signed John Hochensou.

Then follows his will disposing of real estate, including messuages &c. in
St. Mary's Wigford in the suburbs of the City, St. Peter at Gootes (Gowts
or Gates) the rectory, parsonage &c. of Cherry Willingham and the ad-
vowson, patronage, &c. of the vicarage there, messuages, lands &c. in Whys-
bie, a tenement in St. Botulph's, tenements &c. in the parish of St Mark
the Evangelist, a toft and dovecote iu St. Swithiu's in the suburbs &c.

Morrison, 20.

William Hlchinson of Ilorncastle, Lincoln, merchant, 18 Novem-
ber 1575, proved 22 May 1576. My body to be buried iu the church of
Horncastle. Mv wife Elizabeth shall occupy and enjoy the mansion house
wherein I now dwell &c. for twenty years, and from and after said term
of twenty years my daughter Margery Iluchinson shall have the lease
of said house &c. for the whole term to come and unexpired. If she die
before marriage my brother in law John Neale of Horncastle shall have
the same lease. To my brother Christopher my brown bay trotting geld-
incr. To my brother Thomas my little gray nag. To my mother Dorothy
Raithebeck and ray sister Margery Neale, each of them five pounds. Mr.
Lawnde of London oweth me, upon a bill of his hand, a certain sum. Wife
and daughter Margery executors and brother John Neale supervisor.

Carew, 10.

Ciiristoi'Ukr IIutchlnson of Mabelthorpe, Lincoln, .31 August 1592,
proved 2'J November 1502. To wife Anne all my "ferme" where I dwell
at Mabelthorpe. during all my years yet to come, towards the maintenance
of herself and the bringing up and finding of my two daughters and my
eldest son that I had with her till they severally come to lawful age. I
give her also six " kieu," two oxen and four mares, with one wain, one
plough and their gears and furniture; also threescore ewes and threescore
lambs, the half part of all my corn, swine and " pullenn " and thirty loads
of hay and forty wethers; and also the third part of all ray timber, five


"burlinges" and five yearlings. I nive her also the third part of all my
household stuff and plate; and the other two parts I give to ray two daugh-
ters Mary and Frances Ilutchenson, each at lawful age or day of marriage.
The residue to the executors, towards the payment of my debts and " fu-
neralls " &c. My eldest son William to have the third part of all my lands,
tenements &c. in Thedilthorpe and Carleton and the other two parts to
sons Robert and Christopher. Thomas Hutchenson of Louth, my brother,
and Edward Hutchenson of Alforthe, mercer, to be executors and Mr.
Thomas Coupldike Esq. and John Neale of Hornecastell, tanner, to be su-
pervisors. Harrington, 81.

John Neall of Hornecastell, Lincoln, tanner, 31 August 1594, proved
11 February 1594. To be buried in the church of Hornecastell. The
poor of that parish and of Spillesbie and of Alford. Certain shoemakers
and customers named and referred to. To Robert Freestone, Herbert
Thorndike, Thomas Raithebecke and Thomas Hamerton, each twenty shil-
lings, and to every of their wives ten shillings. My nephew William
Nealle. The daughters of Peter Smith deceased which he had by Ana
my niece. William Neale's daughter Ann Neall. John Jaxon of Horn-
castle, scrivener, and his wife. My kinsman John Bowis, his wife and
every of his children. John son of said Peter Smithe. Wife Margery
Neall to be executrix and to become bound, with good and sufficient sure-
ties to Ralf Townrawe of Ashy next Hornecastell, gen 1 , for the true and
faithful performance of this will ; otherwise I make Thomas Cupledike of
Nether Toyntou next Hornecastel Esq. and Thomas Hutchenson, my broth-
er in law, executors. My will and mind is that William Neall my nephew
(notwithstanding he hath not deserved any such benevolence at my hand,
but rather any evil I might afford him) shall have yearly paid him, during
his natural life, ten pounds, so long as he shall not offer any abuse or vio-
lence to my wife or any of her or my kinsfolks or friends, otherwise every
gift to him and his child to be utterly void and frustrate. I do remit to
every decayed shoemaker in Hornecastell every of their debts under five
pounds and if any of them owe me above five pounds I remit to them the
half thereof. John Jackson, tanner, a witness. Scott, 12.

Thomas Hutchenson of Louthe, Lincoln, yeoman, 22 January 1G09,
proved 17 of April 1G10. To wife Anne leases in Keddington and twenty
pounds annuity out of my lands and tenements in Thedilthorpe and Ma-
belthorpe. My sons Christopher and William. Thomas, my eldest son.
Mv daughter Briget Ilutchenson at one and .twenty or day of marriage.
My daughter Awdvye wife r>f William Newporte. My daughter Margery
wife of William Gryrne. Anne Gryme, daughter of William Gryme, my
son in law. Thomas Maddisonne ray son in law. Daughter Frances wife
of Robert Becke of Lincoln. My cousin Edward Ilutchenson of Allforde.
My sister Neale. Mr. Herbert Thornedike's wife. Robert Freestone.
Thomas Hammerton's wife. William Hutchenson, my brother's son. My
daughter Dorothy wife of Thomas Maddison. Wingfield, 3G.

Margery Neale of Hornecastell, Lincoln, widow. 10 July 1611, proved
10 May 1G13. To be buried in the church of Horneastle near to the place
where my husband was laid. I give towards the repairing of the church
forty shillings and to the repairing of the little chancel where ray husband
lieth three pounds. To the poor people dwelling in twenty towns next
about Horneastle at the time of my death twenty shillings a town. To the


poor of the parish of St. Buttulphe's in Lincoln, wherein I was born, forty
shillings yearly to be paid out of ray house and ground which I bought at
Mawblethorpe at the Nativity of our savior Christ. To ray nephew Thomas
Hutchinson the hundred pounds which lie hath in his hands and to his
mother a white silver bowl which I usually " weare." To the said Thomas,
in money, ten pounds, to William his brother thirty pounds, to Christopher
his brother forty shillings a year for his life. To Francis Becke my niece
one silver tun and, in money, twenty pounds and to every of her now chil-
dren forty shillings apiece. Similar bequests to niece Margerie Grime and
her now children. Bequests to niece Dorothy Maddison and Elizabeth her
daughter and her other children. Niece Awdery Newporte and every of
her now children. Niece Bridgett Hutchinson. To William Hutchinson,
eldest son of my brother Christopher, twenty pounds. To Robert Hutch-
inson, his brother, my house in Horncastle wherein he now dwelleth, to
him and his heirs &c, with remainder to his brother Christopher and his
heirs, yielding and paying out of the same, as a rent charge, forty shillings
yearly unto Anne Hamerton during her natural life. To my said nephew
Christopher Hutchinson thirty pounds. To Mary Fitche my niece one sil-
ver goblet, twenty pounds, a pair of linen sheets and two pillowbeers and
to every of her now children forty shillings apiece.

Item, I give to my nephew Thornedike and to Margerie his wife " an hun-
dreth poundes" which he hath in his hands and to his son William, my
godson, ten pounds and to every one of his other children five pounds apiece.
To the said Margerie my niece (among other things) one barred chest which
I bought of her father, a suit of damask, namely, a table cloth, a towel, one
cupboard cloth and nine napkins; all which things (except a gown) after
her decease I will shall remain to Sarah her daughter (to whom other be-
quests). To Anne Hamerton my niece forty shillings yearly rent charge
(as above) and other bequests. Her son Nicholas. To my cousin Edward
Hutchinson ten pounds and to Susan his wife a drinking jug covered with
silver and to his daughter Hester, my god daughter, and to every one of his
other children (certain bequests). My cousin Mary Cutbert, Richard Free-
ston, her son, and George, his son, and to Nathaniel Cutbert, son of the said
Mary. My cousin Knight and his wife. My cousiu Lolly and his wife and
Edward her son. My cousin Arthur Hutchinson. Thomas Dawson of
Lincoln, baker, and his brother and their two sisters. Every one of the
children of Edward Dawson deceased. My cousin Susan Kealle and their
children. Robert Freestou's son Robert and daughters Margery (my god
daughter) Anne and Mary. Thomas Rathbecke my late nephew's son and
his sister Margaret. Every one of Peter Smithe's daughters which he had
by Anne Neile. Anne Beedam, daughter of William Neile, and her mother.
I give towards the repairing and making seats in the church of Saltrletby
All Saints twenty shillings to be bestowed at the discretion of Mr. Leonard
and Mr. Charles Newcomeu (of Saltfletby ). My god daughter Anne Cooke.
Mrs. Davison, Mr. Davison and John, his son. Joane the wife of my lov-
ing friend Mr. Charles Newcomen and Margery their daughter. My friend
Mrs. Townrowe and her son George Townrowe. Jasper Smith and his
wife. Mr. Clement Boothe and his wife. Jane Phillippes wife to Vincent
Smith and her daughter Elizabeth. Every one of my nephew Thorn-
dicke's servants that shall be dwelling with him at the time of my death.
Others (including the poor). The Free Grammar School of Horncastle.
I make my nephews Robert Hutchinson and Ilarbert Thoruedicke full ex-
ecutors and I require my cousin Edward Hutchinson to be supervisor.

Proved by Herbert Thorndicke, power reserved for Robert Hutchinson.

Capell, 42.


Anne Hutchinson of Lowthe, Lincoln, widow, 5 April 1615, proved
16 August 1615. To be buried in the church of Lowthe. To my eldest
son Thomas Hutchinson that bond wherein he standeth bound unto me
bearing date November 1611 and to his wife three double sovereigns.
To my son William Hutchinson fifty pounds and to my son Christopher
Hutchinson twenty pounds. Certain household goods to daughter Bridget
Hutchinson. To my son in law Mr. Thomas Maddison a double sovereign
and to Dorothy his wife three double sovereigns. To William, John and
Elizabeth, children of the said Thomas and Dorothy, five pounds apiece at
one and twenty. To William Gryme forty shillings, to Margery his wife
forty shillings and to every one of their children, Anne, Francis and Mary,
ten pounds apiece at one and twenty. To every one of the children of Mr.
Robert Beck of Lincoln, John, George, Thomas and Robert, ten pounds, to
be put forth by their said father. To the said Mr. Robert Becke my son
in law a double sovereign and three to his wife Francis. To William New-
port a double sovereign and three to his wife. To every one of her chil-
dren, John, Dorothy and Francis, six pounds, thirteen shillings and four
pence at one and twenty. Laurence Westerbye of Lowthe. Widow Browne
of Lowthe. My daughter in law Elizabeth Hutchinson. My natural brother
Arthur Palframan and his daughter Elizabeth Palframan. Margery Hutch-
inson, the daughter of William Hutchinson late of Keddington deceased.
My sons Thomas Hutchinson of Theddlethorpe and Robert Becke of Lin-
coln to be executors. Rudd, 78.

Christopher Hutchinson, of Scupholme in the parish of Somercotes
Peter in the County of Lincoln, singleman, 20 January 1616, proved
29 March 1617. To be buried in the churchyard of Somercotes. To
my brother Thomas Hutchinson my leases at Keddington. To my brother
William all my whole title, claim and interest of and in my messuage
and other houses i i Theddlethorpe, with all my lands, tenements &c. in
the possession and occupation of my brother Thomas. To my brother
Thomas seven pounds which is in his hands that I have no bond for. The
four children of William Newporte deceased, John, Robert, Dorothy and
Francis, after the decease of my sister Audry (their mother). Bequest to
brother William, he to pay to my sister Margery, wife of William Greame
and the four daughters of the said William Greame, Elizabeth, Anne,
Francis and Mary, &c. Thomas Maddison's two sons, William and John,
and daughter Elizabeth. My sister Dorothy, his wife. My sister Bridget.
The four sons of Robert Becke of Lincoln, John, George, Thomas and
Robert, at one and twenty. Five acres of meadow in Gainthorpe. To my
brother in law Robert Newporte one double sovereign which was given me
by my brother William Newporte late decease.!. Other bequests. I make
my brother William sole executor.

Proved by William Hutchinson. Commission issued 11 November 1617
to Thomas Hutchinson, natural brother of the deceased, to administer the
goods not fully administered by William Hutchinson the executor.

Weldon, 25.

Thomas Maddison of Trustrop the elder in the County of Lincoln,
gentleman, 29 September 1637, proved 22 Jauuary 1637. Bequest to the
cathedral church in Lincoln. The poor of Trustrop and Mablethorpe. My
son Thomas Maddison and his wife and the children of my said son Thomas,
viz 1 . Richard his eldest son (at one and twenty), John his second son. Eli*.


abeth Maddison and Frances Maddison, two of his daughters (at one and
twenty) and Deborah Maddison another daughter (at one and twenty). I
give unto my said son Thomas all my beans and barley. To my daughter
Elizabeth Browne wife of Martin Browne of Saltfletby two hundred pounds
which the said Martin oweth me upon Ills bond. Dorothy Browne daugh-
ter of the said Martin. To my said daughter Elizabeth Browne the silver
salt with the cover (bed and bedding &c.) with one chest and other household
stuff as were given to my late wife or my said daughter by Mrs. Neale late
of Hornecastle deceased. Thomas Browne eldest son of the said Martyn
Browne and Richard and Stephen Browne two of his younger sons. Jus-
tine Browne and Elizabeth Browne daughters of the said Martin (at eight-
een). To Ilumfrey Browne son of the said Martin all my lands, tenements
&c. in Theddlethorp in said county, to him and his heirs forever, and the

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