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said Martin, his father, shall receive the rents and profits thereof during the
said Humfrey's minority. Dorothy Maddison daughter of my son Richard
deceased (at nineteen). Ellen another daughter (at nineteen). Amy an-
other daughter. The said Dorothy's father in law Christopher Skegnes.
John Maddison son of my said son Richard deceased, at one and twenty.
Richard Guisinge and Elizabeth his wife and each of their children, the
said Richard and his wife not to claim any of the goods which was my son
Richard's. My grandchild Thomas Maddison, eldest son of my said son
Richard deceased, to have all my houses, lands &c. in Trustrop and Sutton.
Amy Maddison wife of my grandchild Thomas Maddison. Thomas Mad-
dison eldest son of my son William. Amy Skegnes wife of Christopher
Skegnes and her two daughters, Mildred and her sister. My niece Saun-
derson and every of her children. Mary Maddison wife of my son William.
My daughter in law Elizabeth Maddison. To John Maddison, son of my
son William, one close of pasture in Mabelthorpe North parish (ten acres)
which I lately purchased of Thomas Hutchinson my brother in law. Rich-
ard Maddison son of my son John deceased. Land in tenure of John Pres-
cott gen 1 . John the younger son of my son Richard deceased. Thomas
Emerson of Sutton and his sons Robert and Thomas. Richard Maddison
of Theddlethorp. William Maddison of the same. Mark Maddison of
Witherne and John Maddison of Mablethorpe. William Purle of Thed-
dlethorp. Alice Ketchin my housekeeper. Son William Maddison and
son in law Martin Browne executors and grandchild Thomas Maddison
and kind friend Robert Boswell gen 1 , supervisors. Lee, 2.

Thomas Hutchinson the elder of Neather Toynton next to Horncastle,
Lincoln, gen 1 ., 16 January 1G44, proved 16 July 1646. To wife Frances
the messuage &c. in Theddlethorpe St. Ilellen, in said county now or late
in the tenure of Henry Odling, his assignee or assignees, to hold during
her life. My sister Bridget Walgrave. Her husband. My niece Eliza-
beth Walgrave. Thomas and Johane Walgrave children of my sister Wal-
grave. My cousin John Hutchinson. My cousin William Maddison. My
cousin John Becke. My cousin George Becke. John and George Becke
sons of my cousin Robert Becke. Elizabeth Clarke, Francis Merekin and
Mary Beckett daughters of my sister Greame. My cousin Robert Pal fry-
man of Lusbie to be supervisor. My nephew Thomas Hutchinson to be
sole executor and residuary legatee. If he refuse &c. then my wife Fran-
ces to take administration, with absolute power to dispose of my lands &c.

Commission issued (as above) to the widow Frances Hutchinson for the
reason that Thomas Hutchinson refused. Twisse, 114.


Robert Hamby of Ipswich, Suffolk, gen 1 ., 7 June 1635, proved 6 Au-
gust 1635. I give to my daughter Katharine my messuages or tenements in
Hadley ; but if she depart this life before her full age of one and twenty
years without issue of her body then I will the same shall be divided equally
amongst the rest of my children then living and their heirs forever. My
wife shall convey the messuage wherein I now dwell in Ipswich unto my
supervisors (to certain uses). My daughter Anne at one and twenty. My
son William at one and twenty. Certain copyhold lands and tenements in
Whatfield. My son Robert at one and twenty. Lands and tenements at
Witnesham and Tuddenham. The poor of St. Matthew's parish. The
poor in Wittnesham. My wife to be executrix and Mr. Francis Bacon,
my cousin Mr. John Sone the elder, Mr. John Hawes and Richard Studd
to be supervisors and overseers. To Mr. Bacon twenty nobles to buy him
a nagg, my cousin Sone my best gown, Mr. Hawes forty shillings, goodman
Stud forty shillings. Proved by Elizabeth Hamby. Sadler, 85.

Richard Hutchinson citizen and ironmonger of London, 4 November
1669, proved 11 April 1670. My manor of Albrough and all other lands
&c. in Norfolk. My lands and hereditaments in Boston and Skerbeck or
elsewhere in Lincoln to wife Mary for life and also fifty pounds a year is-
suing; out of one hundred pounds a year which is payable to me by my eld-
est son Edward out of my lands in Ireland &c. My son Edward to pay
the other fifty pounds a year towards the raising of a portion for my young-
est daughter during her mother's life, and after that the whole hundred
pounds to my sons Samuel and Jonathan if Ireland shall be in a prosperous
condition and my son Edward enjoy the estate without expulsion. The
Norfolk estates to descend to son Edward, with remainder to son Samuel,
then to son Jonathan, then to son Ezekiel, then to son William and lastly
to my own right heirs. To son William my houses, lands, sawmill and all
other estate, real and personal, credit and stock, in New England, which I
have not by deed or otherwise heretofore conveyed or settled upon my son
Eliakim. More to William two hundred pounds in goods sent this year for
my own accompt. To my daughter Anne Hutchinson a thousand marks
upon the coming in of the estate, to be made up one thousand pounds if she
marry not against her mother's consent. My sons in law William Puckle,
Barth: Soames and Peter Grey and their wives that be living. To the
Company of Ironmongers a piece of plate of about fourteen pounds. To
my brother Edward Hutchinson and his wife ten pounds (cloth for mourn-
ing). Penu, 47.

[A facsimile of Richard Hutchinson's autograph will be found in the Reg-
ister, vol. 20, p. 3^2.— J. W. D.

Towards the close of Queen Elizabeth's reign, the Roman Catholics of Ul-
ster, under O'Neill, Prince of Ulster, known as" Hugh (Aodh), Earl of Tyrone
(Tvi-Owen), broke into rebellion, and after great resistance were Anally over-
come and their possessions in the northern counties of Ireland were escheated
to the Crown, by act of Parliament in the reign of James First. James deter-
mined to make these lands a Protestant settlement, and offered a large portion
to the city of Loudon for that purpose.

In 1609 the Mayor and citizens of London erected a company, known as the
Irish Society, obtained a charter in 1618, under which they acted until 1637,
when it was revoked by the Star Chamber Court. In 1662 a fresh charter was
granted under which the Society has acted in the present century.

The Society was principally composed of the twelve Great Livery Companies
and the small companies then existing.

One of the Great Companies was that of the Ironmongers, whose share was
held jointly with the companies of Brewers, Scrivners, Cowpers, Pewterers,
Barber Surgeons and Carpenters.


The assessment made upon the undertakers in 1613 was £40,000, oue twelfth
being on the Ironmongers and their associates above-mentioned, or £3334.
Their division of lands was numbered seven, and comprised some fifty town
lands, and was created a manor in 1615 called the " Lizard."

After the troubles caused by the Irish Rebellion of 1641 had subsided, the
manor house and all the dwellings of the company having been destroyed, and
in 1650 the Ironmongers, appointed Richard Hutchinson and Thomas Glover to
meet, with the committees of the other companies, as to the state of affairs, and
his signature appears signed to a remonstrance of the companies that year. In
the previous decade bstween 1612 and 1646 a series of subscriptions of Adven-
turers for Lauds in Ireland and for sea service at that period contained two
subscriptions of £100 each, by Richard Hutchinson, Ironmonger, of London.
In an account of the adventurers in the County of Tipperary, about 1654, to
Richard Hutchinson was assigned land in the Barony of Iffa and Offa in the south
part of Tipperary, in the West Middle, No. 4 division, lot 3.

For the conveyance of land, &c, in New England to son Eliakim, see Suffolk
Deeds, vi. p. 1. Walter K. Watkins.]

Herbert Thornedyke of Little Carlton 24 May 1554, proved 23 No-
vember 1554. To be buried in the parish church of Little Carlton. To
Nicholas Thorndike my brother's son four ewes, four lambs and a mare and
sixteen shillings eight pence to be paid to him yearly during the term of
his life for his painstaking in and about the bailiwick of Great Carlton if
he do not refuse to do as he now doth for me, and to his three boys three
sheep. To the children of William Thorndyke my brother's son, to either
of them one sheep. To the children of Thomas Obe to every one of them
one sheep. John Thorndyke of Little Carlton and every oue of his
children. William Thorndyke servant to John Cooke. The children of
William Thorndyke remaining with their mother at Braytofte. Thomas
Rye and Jenytt his wife. John Wright the son of Nicholas Wright. Rob-
ert Ormeysbye of Gatton. Richard Clarke of Louth. Symon son of
George Smythe late of Great Carlton if it can be kuown where he is.
Walter Cowper my daughter's son. The children of Thomas Blanchard at
eighteen or day of marriage. The children of Johan Blanchard my daugh-
ter. The children of Nicholas Thorndyke my son, to every one of them
five pounds to be paid to them at eighteen years of age or at day of marriage.
Others. Jenytt my wife and Nicholas my son I make mine executors and
Thomas Blanchard my son in law the supervisor, and he to have for his
pains twenty pounds in money and a two year old horse, twenty ewe sheep
and a mare. More, 12.

IIarbert (and Herbert) Blanchard (and Blancherde) of Lowth
in the County of Lincoln yeoman, 8 January 1591, proved 22 August 15'.)2.
My body to be buried in the church of Lowth near unto my fatiier's sepul-
chre. To the school of Lowth four pounds to be paid unto the same in six
years out of my lands in Wargholme that I have given to my son William.
I give unto threescore poor persons in Louth, being ancient householders
and whose younger years have not "binn" spent in idleness, twenty sh
lings. To son William (among other things) all my books. To wife Ann
(among other things) a silver goblet, a silver tun, a silver salt, and a dozen
of silver spoons. To George Blancharde my son forty pounds which I will
and charge my son William to pay unto him when he cometh to lawful
years of age. Other gifts to him. To son Nicholas a close of pasture in
Wargholme containing thirteen acres (and other lands and tenements there).
To son Thomas a tenement in Wargholme (and other real estate). The


rest of my lands, tenements &c. in Lowth, AVargholme and Tatliwell I give
unto my sou William. Whereas my mother Frances Thornedike hath an
annuity of four pounds in the year out of my lands in Wargholme during
her life natural 1 will that my sons Thomas and Nicholas Blancharde shall
pay the same unto her out of the lands I have given them. Also whereas
I am to pay to my mother Thorndike, during her life natural, for the twenty
pounds that was allotted unto me out of Anderhie, the sum of twenty shil-
lings yearly I will that the same be paid unto her out of my lands in Warg-
holme which I have given unto my sou William. My sister Northe. Every
one of her children, Arthur Northe only excepted. To Arthur Northe my
godson four pounds in full payment and satisfaction of a legacy of three
pounds which my father Blancharde did give unto him. Brother Gilberde
Blancharde's children (one of them Roger). Son William and cousin Wil-
liam Blanchard of Louth to he executors. I ordain and make my uncle
Thorndike,*my cousin Richard Blancharde and my good friend Mr. Dough-
sie, vicar of Louth, the supervisors of this my will. George my youngest
son. Harrington, G4.

Nicholas Thorndyke of Grenefield, Lincoln, yeoman, 20 October

1595, proved 22 June 1596. The poor in Little Carleton, Great Carleton,
Lowthe (and other parishes). To the free Grammar School in Alforde
five pounds, payable in ten years, by ten shillings a year. To Francis
Thorndyke my son my best silver cup, my best silver goblet, three of my
best silver spoons, three of my second silver spoons, and forty pounds
in money. To my daughter Joane Newcomen twenty pounds and to every
of her children five pounds at one aud twenty. To Anne Walgrave my
other daughter twenty pounds and to Margaret her daughter ten pounds
and to Andrew her son five pounds. Jane Room and every of her chil-
dren. Her son James. Elizabeth Bancrofte. Maudline Northe my sister's
daughter. Every one of the children of Harberte Blancharde. Every of
the children of John Thorndyke of Little Carleton. James and Francis
Thorndyke children of Nicholas Thorndyke. P^very one of Robert Obye's
children. John Thorndyke son of John Thorndyke. To my wife Francis,
besides her own goods which she brought unto me one annuity of ten pounds
a year for and during the term of her natural life upon condition that she
do not make claim or demand of any thirds of my lands in Lowth or else-
where. George Thorndyke and Robert Thorndyke my servants. I give
unto Mr. Nicholas Wilkinson one colt stag of three years old to make him
a gelding on requiring him to be good friend and landlord unto my son
Herbarte for his part of Grenefeild. I give to my said son all my lands in
Lowth. I make my said sou Harberte Thorndyke executor and 1 do desire
my sons in law Charles Newcome (n) and Christopher Walgrave to be su-
pervisors. Drake, 48.

Edward Colman of Great Waldingfield, Suffolk, clothier, 27 October

1596, proved 23 November 1598. The tenement with yards and gardens
belonging, and now or late in the tenure of William Kendoll, called Cobbe's
I give to the poor people and the children of the parish. Mr. Lovell our
minister and Mr. Knewstubbe and Mr. Sandes. To Francis Thornedike my
grandchild twenty pounds at his full age of one and twenty upon condition
that my son in law Francis Thorndike and his wife Alice my daughter shall,
upon sufficient request, release unto my son William Colman all their right


&c. in a tenement called Sheppardes wherein my cousin Charles Hay now
dwells (and other land). My grandchild Robert Colman son unto William
Colman. Edward Colman my grandchild son to my son Samael. My eld-
est son William. My manor called Abbott's Hall in Breut Leigh. His
eldest son John Colman. My manor called the Badleys in Great Wald-
ingfield. Freehold lauds bought of John Kendall. Robert Colman the
second son of my son William. My tenement in Pentlowe called Ropers.
Copyhold lands holden of the manor of Foxheard, in the tenure of George
Clerke of Pentlowe. Other lands. Sou Samuel. Son William executor.
Signed and sealed 1 November 1596. Lewyn, 89.

Paul Thornedyke of Sawsthorpe, Lincoln, 6 December 1G39, proved
21 May 1640. To wife Elizabeth my lease of the Grange and Rectory of
Maidenwell during her natural life and after her decease to my son Fran-
cis and his heirs. I give her also all the goods in the best chamber and
all her own jewels, plate, linen and household stuff which were her own
before our marriage and the diamond ring which f gave her since. All
the remainder of my personal estate, my debts, legacies and funeral first
discharged. I give unto my other children. Martha, Paul with the child which
my said wife goeth with all, equally to be divided amongst them at their
several ages of one and twenty years. Wife Elizabeth executrix.

Coventry, 54.

John Hayward of Coton, Cambridge, clerk, an unworthy servant of
Jesus Christ in the Ministry of his holy word and sacraments, 3 July
1647, proved 15 October 1651. For that small portion of worldly goods
which it hath pleased my gratious God to lend me for the use of this pres-
ent life, though it be far greater than I deserve, in regard of my many cry-
ing sins against my heavenly father (which I beseech him to do away ac-
cording to the multitude of his mercies) yet by the iniquity of these late
times and the oppression of my neighbors of Grancester it is but a poor
pittance, God knows, in regard had to my numerous issue &c. My eldest
daughter and most lovine and dutiful child Anne Gibson, widow (who is
competently well provided for by the care aud love of her uncle and aunt
Crane). Her son John Gibson my sweet grandchild. My daughter
Elizabeth Barrett. Her children Prudence, John aud Elizabeth Barret.
My daughter Elianor and her daughter Elizabeth Barford. John and
Prudence Barford, her children. My son Heroine Hayward, in regard
the great charge I was at for his education at Ely and at Charterhouse and
binding him out apprentice at London to Mr. Toone a hosier &c. My
daughter Mary Heyward. My daughter Alice Pemberton. Her husband
Cyprian (Pemberton). My son in law William Barrett. To my brother
Mr. John Crane of Cambridge Esq. - a Jacobus Angel of Barbary gold which
hath lain long by me and my brass staff with the perspective in it. His dear
wife my good sister Mrs. Elizabeth Crane. To my brother Melville I give
our uncle Oueratts picture in one table and his arms in another lesser. My
nephews Richard and Joseph Glanrile. My loving nephews Dr. Aylett
and Geo : Gaell. My dear sister Mrs. Margaret Scarlett widow. My
loving friends Doctor Martine and Doctor Beale and my cousin Herbert
Thorndike. Grey, 187.

[Coton, Cambridgeshire, is four miles west of Cambridge. Grancester or
Grantchester two aud a half miles south from Cambridge. From the transcripts


of the register of the church of St. Peter, Coton, at Ely, we find John Hay-
ward became rector in 1G07. He had baptized there a son John 11 Sept. 1(113;
Elizabeth 15 Nov. 1618, and others by his wife Prudence, among Avhom were
Ellenor, Hierome, John and Frances.

There is also recorded, 10 Sept. 1637, the marriage of John Hayward and
Jone Adams, and on the 25 May 1643 the burial of John Hayward of St. Michael's
Parish, Cambridge; which entries doubtless refer to the son. On 29 April 1662,
Prudence, widow of John Hayward, rector, was buried.

1 July 1639, Robert Barford and Ellenour Hayward were married. Cyprinn
Pemberton and Alice Hayward were married 19 May 1646. Mr. Cyprian Pcm-
berton, senior, was buried 10 Nov. 1688, and 21 April 1696, Mr. Cyprian Pem-
berton was buried.

A John Hayward was canon of Ely in 1631. The family of Hayward or
Haward were 'settled at that period in the parish of Croyden cum Clopton, about
ten miles southwest of Cambridge.

The Barford or Barfoote family were at Eltisley Parish, twelve miles west of
Cambridge; while at Wisbech on the borders of Norfolk the Pemberton family
was numerous.

An Edward Martin was vicar of Oakington in 1627, and rector of Conmng-

ton in 1631.

Clement Martyn was minister at Tydd St. Giles in 1610, where John Martyn,
clerk, was married in 1617. John Martin alias Wignald was minister at Shady
Camps, from 1650 to 1684, and John Martin became vicar in 1669 at Orwell,
where he was buried 9 Sept. 1693.

Hierome Beale was parson of St. Mary at Hardwick, six miles west from
Cambridge, in 1613, and Richard Pemberton was parson of the same parish in
1G19. Walter K. Watkins.]

Francis Thorndike of Scamelsby, Lincoln, gen 1 , 26 June 1655, proved
18 November 1656. To be buried in the chancel of the church there near
my former dear wife Margaret. My farm in Castle Carleton now in the
possession or Bryan Doleman. Mrs. Douglas Tyrwliitt. My farm in Lit-
tle Carleton. Other real estate. My daughter Anne Thorndike. My
brother Herbert Thorndike. Francis Thorndike eldest son of my brother
Paul Thorndike decerned. Paul Thorndike son likewise of my said brother
Paul. My said daughter at the ago of eighteen years. To my wife an
annuity or rent charge of forty pounds a year out of all my lands and
tenements in Little Carleton. I have in my hands part of the portions of
my two nephews Francis and Paul Thorndike, sons of my brother Paul,
given by their father's will.

My brother John Thorndike shall have and enjoy, for him and his heirs
forever, after my decease twenty pounds a year out of the Rectory of Great
Carleton. And I give to my brother Herbert Thorndike an annuity or
yearly rent charge of twenty pounds out of the said Rectory. I make my
said wife Anne and my said daughter Anne joint executrices of this my
last will and testament and I do appoint my brother Herbert Thorndike and
my cousin John Boswell Esq. supervisors. I give to my two nephews
Francis and Paul Thorndike and to my niece Martha their sister twenty
shillings apiece. Berkley, 380.

Elizabeth Allison of St. Clement Danes (Middlesex) 19 September
1 665, proved 3 November 1665. My Father Laurence Allison in York,
in Conny Street. My sister Jane Thorndick. The parish of Cony Street
in York, wherein mv father lives and wherein I was born. My brother
Richard Thorndick" and sister his wife. Her daughter. My kinsman
Herbert Thorndick. His sister Jane Thorndicke. Master Edward^ Cox
of " Chelsey nye" London. Mrs Margaret Burrostone In White Friars
and her daughter Winn. Others. Hyde, 135.


Herbert Thorndike, Prebend of Westminster, 3 July 1672, proved
15 Julv 1672. As for uiy body I charge my executor to bury it between
Doctor Nurse and my brother John Thorndike in the way from my lodging
to the church, without any solemnity of a funeral, only by the ordinary
service etc., and to write these words upon my gravestone : — Ilic jacet
corpus Herberti Thornedike Prebendarii luijus Ecclesire : Qui vivus veram
Reformanda3 Ecclesiae rationena ac modum precibusque studiisque pro-
sequebatur. Tu Lector requiem ei et beatam in Christo Resurrectionem
precare. I give and bequeath unto the Right Reverend Father John, Lord
Bishop of Rochester, Dean of Westminster Church, and unto Dr. John
Fell, Dean o Christ Church in Oxford, and unto Dr. John Pearson, Mas-
ter of Trinity College in Cambridge, my lease of the Tithes and Parsonage
of Trumpin^ton near Cambridge upon trust &c. My honored friend Sir John
Coel of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex ; knight. My loving cousin Charles As-
fordby clerk. My parsonage of Great Carleton in the county of Lincoln.
To Doctor Busby (sundry books) together with my Telescope. I give all
my lands at the three Carletons, not hereby formerly disposed of, unto my
cousin Buckley for the use and benefit of his wife and children by this
wife, subject notwithstanding to the charges and payments appointed and
given by my brother Francis Thorndike and by his last will and testament
and likewise subject to the payment of three hundred pounds to my two nieces
Alice and Martha Thorndike, equally to be divided betwixt them. I give
to my niece Allington two hundred sixty six pounds thirteen shillings and
four pence, to be paid her within a year after the death of my sister Bolt
and the ceasing of the forty pounds a year which she now enjoyeth, and
thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence more, to be paid her a
year after the death of Mrs. Douglas Terwhit and the ceasing of the five
pounds a year which she now enjoyeth by my brother's will, provided that
my cousin Buckley secure my trustees for the Scamblesby lands, that the
forty pounds a year and five pounds a year be duly paid out of the Carleton
lands, and the Scamblesby lands not troubled for them. And if my said
niece die before she be eighteen years old or before her marriage then the
said sums to go to my said cousin Buckley. But. my will is that if my said
nieces, or either of them, shall return to New England after my decease
or shall marry with any that goes to Mass or any of the new licensed Con-
venticles then whatsoever is given them by this my will, exceeding the four
hundred pounds which I have absolutely given them by deed, shall be void
and not due ; so that when either or both of them shall be married here
to such as sincerely cleave to the Church of England then the payment to
be made ; in the meantime my cousin Buckley furnishing their maintenance
out of the profits of the three hundred and the four hundred pounds which I
have already absolutely secured unto them upon his estate ; committing the
oversight hereof to their loving cousin Charles Asforby. My brother
Francis hath, for want of issue male of the body of his daughter Anne,
devised all his lands and tenements in Scamblesby and the three Carle-
tons to me and the heirs male of my body, with several remainders over,
and if his daughter do only leave issue female then he to whom his said
lands should remain or come should pay unto such issue female (if but out')
the sum of one thousand pounds, to be paid at age of eighteen or day
of marriage, and in the mean time the interest thereof to yo towards her
education. Whereas the said Anne Thorndike is dead without issue male
and hath left only one daughter, namely Anne Allington, in performance of

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