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the said will I give to William Saucroft, clerk, Doctor in Divinity and Dean


of St. Paul's Church, London, and to iny loving cousin Charles Newcomen
of Bagg-Euderby, Lincoln, all my lands tenements, and hereditaments in
Scamblesby upon trust that they pay to my said niece Anne AUiugton one
thousand pounds at age of eighteen or day of marriage and in the
mean time shall pay to her and to Hugh AUiugton Esq. her father sixty
pounds per annum towards her education, and after the said thousand
pounds is paid they found a perpetual vicaredge in the Church of Scambles-
by &c. My servant John Gee. The chamber where my neices lie iu my
house in the Little Cloisters at Westminster (the elder Alice, the younger
Martha). I give my chalice and patin to Trumpinton Church. My
honored friend Sir John Coell. My loving friend Anthony Hinton,
apothecary and citizen of London. My cousin Thorndike, coachmaker,
and his mother. I make my cousin Buckley executor. Proved by Ed-
ward Buckley. Eure, 94.

[Herbert Tiiorndyke, the testator, was a writer on ecclesiastical subjects,
born about 1593, and third son of Francis Thorndike of Scamblesby, County
Lincoln, not Rev. George as given by Savage; he died at Chiswick, Middlesex,
11 July 1C72. His brother John Thorndike, who was at Beverly, Mass., went
to England in 1GG8, where he died and was buried 3 Nov. 1668 in the East Clois-
ter of Westminster Abbev, near his brother the prebend. His son Paul and
nephew of the testator was baptized 18 April 1GG2, at the age of about twenty
years, at "Westminster, and afterward married and settled at Beverly. On 10
April 1GG9 Alice and Martha, daughters of John, were baptized and in the
record are spoken of as of ripe years. Walter K. Watkins.

See Historical Magazine, vol. 2 (New York, 1858), pp. 33 and 2iG.— J. W. D.]

William Grace of London, Gen 1 , 20 June 1702, proved 24 Novem-
ber 1702. All my estate (after payment of debts &c.) to my loving
brother Francis Grace and my son in law Herbert Thorndike and their
heirs, to be divided between them in even and equal proportion. And I
appoint them executors. Witnessed (among others) by William Wise,
Scrivener at Gosport. Proved by Herbert Thorndike, power reserved for
the other. Heme, 175.

Valentine Crome of London, scrivener, 5 May 1662, proved 26 May
1662. Imprimis, I give and bequeath to my brother Sir John Lewys,
knight and baronet, and to his lady the sura of five pouuds apiece to buy
them rings. Item, to my brother Nathaniel Newgate and his wife the like
sum of five pounds apiece to buy them rings. And to all the rest of my
brothers and sisters forty shillings apiece to buy them rings.^ To my
cousin Matthew Browne the sum of fifty pounds, and to my loving friend
Mr. John Wilson forty shillings to buy him a ring. The rest and residue
of my personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever I give and bequeath
between my loving wife Jane Crome and my son Valentine Crome, to be
equally divided between them, and I do make and ordain my said wife my
whole and sole executrix of this my last will and testament. And as con-
cerning m y lands, tenements and hereditaments in Walden als. Saffron
Walden, Littlebury, Audley-end, Thurrington, Danbury Russell, Purly or
elsewhere in the Co. of Essex, and Battersey in the Co. of Surrey and
all my messuages and tenements in the several parishes of St. Antholins,
St. Bennets Shere hog, that my moiety of a messuage in the parish of
Christ Church and my part, share and interest in a messuage in Shoe Lane
in the parish of St. Brides, London &c &c. these unto my said brothers in
law Sir John Lewys and Nathaniel Newgate, their heirs and assigns forever,


to the intent and purpose that they shall, with all convenient speed, after my
decease, make sale thereof to the best advantage, and the sum and sums of
money raised by the Bale thereof, or any part thereof I will shall be dis-
posed in the purchase of lands or tenements as they shall see fit, to the
use nevertheless and only behoof of my sou Valentine Crome and Phillis
Crome, his now wife, and the heirs of the said Valentine. Certain ar-
rangements ordered as to personal estate. My will is that in all such
settlements of lauds purchased, either with my own estate or my said
daughter's portiou, provision be made to bar the children of my late
sister Walton deceased from having or claiming any benefit therein
or in any part thereof in case my said son die during his minority
without issue; in which case I give and bequeath my whole estate, other
than what I have given by legacies &c. unto and between my said
loving wife Jane Crome and my daughter Phillis Crome, as followeth, that
is to say, two third parts thereof to my said wife and the other third part
thereof to my said daughter, to their several and respective uses forever;
my said wife, in such case, paying to my cousin Browne the sum of one
hundred pounds, and my said daughter paying him the sum of fifty pounds
over and besides the legacy before given him. And my desire is to be
buried in the inner church yard of the parish church of St. Bartholomew
the Great, London, as near my parents as conveniently may be. And
if the parishioners will permit, a monument to be set up over me, to be a
yard high from the ground and covered with stone. In such case, I give
them five pounds to their poor. Tvveuty pounds to my daughter Phillis to
buy her a ring. Laud, Gl.

[18 January 1GG1-2, a marriage license was granted to Valentine Crome of
Barn Elms, Surrey, bachelor, age about 14 years, son of Valentine Crome the
elder, of St. Antholin, London, citizen and scrivener, who alleges, and Phillis
Dashwood, spinster, daughter of Mrs. Daslr.vood of Waltham Abbey, Essex,
widow, who consents. Valentine Crome, Jr., was christened 17 May 1649,
at St. Antholins.

24 November 1GG2, a license was granted Fresclieville Holies of Grimsby,
co. Lincoln, Esq., bachelor, 21, and Jane Crome, widow, of St. Gabriel, Fen-
church, London, age 30, to be married at St. Bartholomew the Great, London.
This relates to the marriage of the widow of the testator to the son of Gervase
Holies, the celebrated antiquary, by his wife Elizabeth Molesworth. The
groom, Sir Fresclieville, was knighted for his valor against the Dutch in 16G5,
and he fell at the naval battle of Sotithwold Bay, 28 May 1G72, and was buried
in St. Edmund's Chapel, Westminster Abbey. The widow is mentioned in the
will of Nathaniel Newdigate, as wife of Sir Trettwill Hollis, and in the will of
Sir John Lewys, as Lady Jane Holliers. — Walter K. Watkins.]

Nathaniel Newdigate ah Newgate of London, merchant, 8 Septem-
ber 1CG8, proved 22 September 16G8. Wife Isabella to be sole execu-
trix. Brother Sir John Lewis, of Lewistone in the county of York, Ed-
ward Rumball of the Savoy, haberdasher, and Edmund White of London,
merchant, to be overseers. To my wife a full third of my personal estate
and to son Nathaniel a third. To my mother Anne Newgate twenty
pounds. To my Aunt Anne Newgate ten pounds. To my brother Simon
Liue and his wife forty pounds and to each of his children now living ten
pounds apiece. To Edward Jackson of New England, my brother-in-law,
ten pounds, and ten pounds more to my brother Peter Oliver. To my said
brother Sir John Lewis and to the said Edward Rumball and Anne his
wife ten pounds apiece. To Edmund White ten pounds. To my brother
Henry Haines and his wife ten pounds apiece. All my lands, tenements and
hereditaments in New England to my son Nathaniel Newgate and the heirs


male of his body. To ray frieud Master Robert Eceleston of Green-
wich and his wife ten pounds apiece. To Sir William Peake the now
Lord Mayor of London forty shillings to buy him a ring. To my niece
Mary Rnmball five pounds. To W ra Pate ironmonger ten pounds. To
William Arundell fifty pounds, to be paid him when he shall render to
my said executrix a true account of all goods and moneys that I have
entrusted him with. To Arthur Hare, master of my ship, forty shil-
lings. To my cousin Jane Danby forty shillings to buy a ring. Simon
Line to receive the rent of the lands in New England, during the minority
of my son Nathaniel. To my neighbor the wife of George Baker of
Greenwich, merchant, forty shillings to buy a ring. To my friend Hum-
phrey Taylor of London, merchant, forty shillings to buy a ring. The
residue left to the disposal of the executrix. Wit: Susanna Gilbert, Jane

To my lady Hollis, wife of Sir Frettvill Ilollis, twenty pounds, when
she shall pay to my executrix such legacies and moneys which are due to
me and my wife, or either of us. One hundred pounds to such silenced
ministers as D r Wilkins and the said Edmund White shall direct, and the
said D r Wilkins shall receive such part and share of the said one hundred
pounds as he and the said Edmund White shall agree upon.

Hene, 118.

[Nathaniel Newdigate, bapt. 4 April 1627, married Isabella, daughter of
Richard Lewys and Jane Brinsley. He died Sept. 1GG8, and she married before
21 June 1670, John Johnson and died previous to 24 Nov. 1679. (See reference
to A. A. B. 1679, fol. 158, after the will of Mary AVortley given below.)

Simon Lynde married Hannah, sister of the testator; Elizabeth, another sis-
ter, married (1) John Oliver, (2) Edward Jackson; Sarah married Peter Oliver;
Anne Lewis married Edward Rumbald, and Elizabeth Lewis married Henry

Jane Lewis, sister of Isabella (Lewis) Newdigate, married (1) Valentine
Crome, (2) Sir Freschville Holies.

Nathaniel Newdigate the son settled in Rhode Island, and is buried in New-
port. Walter K. Watkins.]

Sir John Lewys, Knight and Baronet, 21 June 1670, proved 1 De-
cember 1671. Memorandums for settling my estate. Mentions daugh-
ters Elizabeth and Mary Lewys. My manor or Lordship of Marr. Lands
in tenure and occupation of my brother Capt. Edward Lewys. Lands
in Bawne, Bentley and elsewhere, purchased from Sir John Rany and
Mr. Sheppard. I give and bequeath unto each of my own sisters, Mrs.
Mary Wortley, Mrs. Anne Rumball, Mrs. Isabella Johnson, the Lady
Jane Holliers and Mrs. Elizabeth Haynes, to each fifty pounds per annum,
rent charge, yearly issuing out of all my lands &c. To Mrs. Sarah Chad-
wick forty shillings per annum during her life. To my wife all her own
wearing jewels forever and, so long as she shall live a widow, surviving
me, the use of all my plate and household stuff in my house at Ledston ;
but at the day of her marriage or death to belong unto my executors in trust
for my said daughters. My Lady Butler, my aunt in Ireland, and her son
Francis and each of her two daughters, Mary and Jane. Mr. Richard
Kay of Barnbrough and my cousin his wife. My cousin Mr. Francis
Lewys and his wife. My father in law Sir Thomas Foote. My brother
in law Sir Francis Rolle and lady. My brother in law M r Arthur Onslowe
and his wife. The Company of Ironmongers. Certain servants and at-
tendants. Provision for hospital or almshouse near the church at Ledston.


My body to be intotnbed in Ledsham church within my own " Quire,"
where I would have a vault made and two or three hundred pounds be-
stowed in a tomb and thirty pounds given as a dole to the poor at my funeral,
as five pounds to him that shall preach my funeral sermon, besides a mourn-
ing gown, which I leave to the discretions of my executors, whom I appoint
to be ray father in law Sir Thomas Foote, my brother in law Sir Francis
Rolle and Arthur Onslow Esq. and my own brother Capt. Lewys. Ref-
erence to a bond to give ten thousand pounds to the Earl of Huntington,
with daughter Elizabeth, in case they be married. Duke, 145.

[Robert Lewys of Marre in Strafford Hundred, in the West Riding of York,
four miles from Doncaster, was a descendant of an ancient Welsh family. His
son John was recorder of Doncaster aud had a son Richard, who married Jane
Brinsley and had with other issue the testator. Sir John Lewys of Lcdston, who
was created a baronet in 1660. Sir John married Sarah, third daughter and co-
heir of Sir Thomas Foot, Lord Mayor of London in 1G49, and by her had two
daughters — Elizabeth, who married Theophilus Hastings, Earl of Huntington,
and Mary, who married Robert Leak, Earl of Scarsdale. The testator was
Master of the Ironmongers' Company in 1657. The next year he presented the
company a standing cup" and cover weighing 58 oz., 13 dwts. On his death, 14
Aug. 1671, the baronetcy became extinct, and his widow married Denzil Onslow.

Walter K. Watklns.]

Mary Wortley of St. Bridget ah Brides, London, widow, 19 Novem-
ber 1665, proved 12 July 1672. To my eldest daughter Mary Wortley
three hundred pounds. To my daughter Jane Wortley two hundred
pounds. To my son John Wortley two hundred pounds. To my son
George Wortley two hundred pounds. I give and bequeath all those
books which are locked up in a chest to be distributed between them
according as my husband George Wortley, their father, hath marked
them. To my dear and loving brother Sir John Lewis forty shil-
lings to buy him a ring to wear in remembrance of me. To my dear
brother Captain Edward Lewis forty shillings &c. To my sister Anne
Rumball twenty shillings &c. To my sister Isabella Newgate twenty
shillings to buy her a ring. To my sister Jane Holliss twenty shillings &c.
To my sister Elizabeth Haines twenty shillings &c. To my husband's
father and his mother twenty shillings apiece &c. To Mistress Chadick
and Master Cooke ten shillings each &c. To Mistress Cooke (the same).
To George Ballard and Mistress Milson ten shillings &c. My brothers Sir
John Lewis and Capt. Edward Lewis to be executors. My daughter Mary
to be brought up with her uncle Capt. Edward Lewis and Jane to be
brought up with her uncle Sir John Lewis.

Commission issued, as above, to Jane Wortley, a daughter &c. Sir John
Lewis, one of the executors, having died and Captain Edward Lewis, the
other executor, being incapacitated from acting. Kure, 95.

Johnson (Newgate? ) Mense Novembris 1679. Vicesimo quarto die
emanavit comissio Johanni Johnson marito ttimo Isabella? Johnson nup
noce sci Edmundi Regis London deftae heutis etc

A. A. B. 1679, fo. 158.

Elizabeth Brooke of London, widow, 18 June 1599, proved 28 July
1599. To be buried in the chancel of the parish church of St. Leonard
nigh East Cheap, where I am a parishioner. The Company of Leather-
sellers to accompany my corpse to the church. The poor children bar-


bored in Christ's Hospital to accompany my corpse to the church. My
son Robert Brooke. My late husband John Brooke deceased. My daugh-
ter Joane Foote to have my wedding ring of gold. My daughter Susan
Bonner. My daughter Margaret Foote. My daughter Katheren Floode.
My daughter Sara Storye. My daughter in law Mary Brooke. John,
Thomas and Mary Storye, my daughter's children. Thomas Bethonie, my
daughter's son. To Elizabeth Foote, daughter of my said daughter Mar-
garet Foote, one gilt ale pot with two ears, to be delivered unto her
father or mother for her use. To Mary Foote, daughter of my said
daughter Joane Foote, one other ale pot of silver gilt with two ears, to be
delivered unto her father or mother for her use. William Whetman, my
brother's son, and his sister Elizabeth Whetman. Robert Axon aud his
wife Elizabeth Axsonne. Sybbyll Flood, daughter of my said daughter
Katheryn Flood. John Northcott. Thomas Berry, one of my daughter's
sons. All the children of my daughters which are not mentioned. The
poor of Blechingley, Surrey. Messuages, lands &c. in London and in the

county of . My messuage in Gracious Street commonly called or

known by the name of the sign of the Star and Stirrup to my son Robert
Brooke, with remainder to my son Thomas Brooke, then to my said daugh-
ters Joane Foote, Susan Bonner, Margaret Foote, Katheren Floud and
Sara Storye. To son Thomas my messuage and lands, fields, pastures
&c. at Horsham, Surrey, he to pay to my son in law Robert Foote, within
two years after my decease, twenty six pounds thirteen shillings four pence at
the foresaid messuage or tenement called the sign of the Star and Stirrup, the
said Robert Foote, upon this, to make a general acquittance, release &c. for
any legacy, bequest, debt, &c. to him or Joanehis wife given, due or belong-
ing by or from the said John Brooke my late husband deceased. Similar
payments, under like conditions, to my sou in law John Bonner, my son iu
law John Foote, my son iu law Richard Flood and my daughter Sara
Storye (so long as she shall live a widow). John Foote, grocer, one of the
witnesses. Kidd, 05.

Robert Foote of Shalford, Essex, yeoman, 27 January 1608, proved
15 February 1608. To the poor in the parish twenty shillings. To the
poor in Wethersfield twenty shillings. To my well beloved wife Joan,
during her natural life, all such yearly rent as to me is reserved out of my
lease of certain tenements which I hold for divers years yet enduring by
the grant of Sir Robert Chester knight and lying and being in the town of
Royston, the yearly rent whereof to me reserved is at this present eight
pounds. I give her also one annuity of four pounds to be paid during her
natural life by my son Robert. To my son James fifty pounds. To son
Daniel forty pounds at four and twenty. The same each to sons Natha-
niel, Francis and Josua at like ages. To daughter Elizabeth Foote forty
pounds at day of marriage or at age of thirty. To son Joseph my lease
and term of years iu a certain hopground called Plomley which I hold

by lease from Mr. Josyas Clarke and his wife. Other gifts to him.

Certain household stuff to wife. Elizabeth Ormes my maid servant. To

Tibbet, the wife of William Tibbet, five shillings in recompence of

her pains she hath taken with me. To Mr. Richard Rogers preacher of
God his Word twenty shillings. The wife of George Pulsing. Thomas
Cott. To my son Robert my free tenement or mansion house wherein I
now inhabit, with the land &c. aud the stock of hop poles upon the hop
ground, he to pay the legacies &c. The residue of my goods &c. to all my


children. If it happen ray (laughter Mary Ilewes to be departed then her
part to be paid to her children. For the execution of this will I do ordain,
nominate and appoint my well beloved son Robert Foote to be my sole ex-
ecutor and I do desire my well beloved brother John Foote of London
grocer and my son in law John Hewes of Royston to be supervisors and
assistants to my executors. Dorset, 21.

John Hewes of Royston, Herts, chandler, 20 June 19 James, proved
21 August 1621. To my son Jonathan forty pounds, to be paid him at his
age of four and twenty years. To my sou Josua thirty pounds, to be paid
unto him likewise at his age of four and twenty years. To my daughter
Mary twenty pounds at age of one and twenty. The same to daughters
Elizabeth, Sarah, Hester, Lidia, Phebe and Anne, at their several ages of
one and twenty years. Wife Mary to be sole executrix. My well beloved
brother Thomas Hewes and my brother in law Joseph Foote to be my su-
pervisors and overseers. Dale, 87.

John Foote citizen and grocer of London, 17 November 1616, proved
A December 1616. After my debts paid and funeral expenses performed
I will that all my goods, chattels and debts, after the laudable Custom of the
City of London, be divided in three parts, whereof I will Margaret my
wife shall have one equal part according to the said custom, and the second
equal part shall be divided, according to the same custom, to and amongst
my children, viz 1 John Foote, Thomas Foote, Samuel Foote, Elizabeth
I hues, Susan Cutt, Priscilla Clement and Ellen Foote, provided that the
sums of money which I have already given in marriage with Susan and
Priscilla be reckoned to be in part of that which shall happen to them. I
give in charge to all my said children that they be dutiful and loving to
their said mother as good children ought to be, and loving and kind one to
another in all brotherlike affection. To the poor of Royston in Cambridg-
shire where I was born five pounds. The poor people of the liberty of the
old parish garden. The poor of Christ's Hospital. Loving friend Mr.
Dun the minister of our parish. Mr. Culverwell the preacher. To my
cousin Robert Foote that sometime was my servant one hundred pounds.
My sister Storie. My grandchildren John Hayes and Elizabeth Hayes.
My other grandchildren Robert Cutt, Susan Cutt, Thomas Cutt and Eliza-
beth Cutt. My sister Elizabeth Smith widow. To my son in law John
Hayes and to my said children John, Thomas, Samuel and Ellen Foote one
hundred pounds apiece over and besides their portions (as above). The
said sons at ages of one and twenty. My sister Alice Sawle. My ser-
vant Daniel Foote. Loving friend Mr. Greene the parson of the parish
church of Royston. The residue to ray wife Margaret whom I make ex-
ecutrix. And I make my son in law Mr. Robert Clement and my loving
friend Mr. Thomas Brookes the overseers. I give my shop aud ware-
house in Royston unto my son Thomas. I give my house and yard in Roy-
ston to my other son Samuel. If Thomas aud Samuel die without issue
male &c, I give said shop aud warehouse and house and yard to my son
John. Daniel Foote one of the witnesses. Cope, 127.

[The testator refers to his daughter Priscilla Clement, and his son-in-law
Robert Clement. His widow Margaret Foot, in her will 1034 (on the next page)
eighteen years later, names her daughter Priscilla as the wife of Richard Gar-
ford, stationer.— H. F. W.]


Thomas Benton citizen and diaper of London, 13 .January 22 James,
proved 27 January 1 G24. Goods to be divided into three equal parts accord-
ing to the laudable Custom of the City of London. One part to wife Elinor.
Another part to children John, Tliomas, Mary and Priseilla Beuyon. Mary
my daughter by my former wife. The poor of St. Leonard in New Fish
Street. The poor of Whitchurch in the county of Salop where I was born.
Brother John Benyon and brothers in law Raphe Jackson and Robert Al-
chester (apparently living there). The daughters of brother John. The
children of my brother in iaw Raphe Jackeson, my brother in law Thomas
Edgely and my brother in law Robert Al Chester. My sister Mary Edowe
wife of my brother Edowe. My brother George Benyon. My cousiu
Thomas Benyon in Fleet Street. My cousin John Hodgekins. My cousin
Allen Hodgekins. My sister in law Elizabeth Lechland. Henry Bonner

haberdasher. To my loving brothers in law Thomas Foote and Samuel
Foote, grocers. Loving friends Mr. Henry Roberowe minister of St.
Leonards in ±te\v Fish Street and Mr. Barnes minister of St. Margaret's
in New Fish Street. My cousin Arthur Ilodgekins. Wife Ellinor to be
sole executrix and my said two loving brothers in law Thomas Foote and
Samuel Foote to be overseers. My dwelling house in New Fish Street in
the parish of St. Leonards. Lands and tenements in Drury Lane. Thomas
Foote and Samuel Foote among the witnesses. Clarke, 7.

Thomas Brooke citizen and haberdasher of London, 18 November
1625, proved 1 December 1625. I will that the yearly sum of five pounds
per annum which I am charged to pay by the last will of my late mother
Elizabeth Brooke deceased shall be duly paid to my sister Sara Story
during her life. I give and bequeath unto my two sisters Margaret Foote
and Sara Story, to either of them the sum of thirty shillings sterling to
make each of them a ring. To my two loving kinsmen and friends
Thomas Foot, grocer, and Henry Bonner, haberdasher, citizens of London,
to either of them thirty shillings to make a ring. The residue of my
goods &c. I fully and wholly give and bequeath unto and amongst my
eight children, John, Nathaniel, Benjamin. Elizabeth, Sara, Rebecca, Susan
and Martha Brooke, equally between them to be divided. And I make my
said loving kinsmen and friends Thomas Foote and Henry Bonner execu-
tors. Samuel Foote a witness. Clarke, 143.

Margaret Foote of St. Benet, Grace Church, Loudon, widow, 13
September 1G34, proved 10 October 1634. To be buried within the
parish church there. To my son in law John Hayes forty pounds. To
my grandchildren Robert and Edward Cuttes, the children of my son
in law Edward Cuttes, twenty pounds each and to Susan Cuttes their
sister thi.ty pounds. To John and Alice Cuttes, two other of the chil-
dren of my said son Edward Cuttes, to either of them fifty pounds.
The same to be paid to the said three sons at their several respective

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