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give to Thomazine my well beloved wife.

Then follows his disposition of his lands, tenements &c. Provision made
for satisfaction of wife's dower and for bringing up and educating of chil-
dren already born or hereafter to be born. To son Henry my mansion
called Tildeu (in another place Silden) in the parish of Marden and my
tenement and lands which I late purchased of Mr. Richard Tilden, lying
&c. in the same parish, to him and the lawfully begotten heirs of his body,
remainder to Peter my son, next to my two daughters Katherine and Lydia,
then to my nephew Peter Maplisden, then to my cousins John, Edward
aud Richard Maplisden, the sons of mine uncle Jervis Maplisden deceased,
and lastly to my right heirs forever. Certain lauds &c. to sou Peter
(among which some bought of John Walker and Robert Tilden), with pro-
visions for entailing &c.

I will that my said wife shall have the ordering, educating and bringing
up of my said children for their better training up iu the fear of God in
virtue and learning until they shall severally attain aud come to their
ages of one and twenty years.

John Eppes one of the witnesses. Sainberbe, 2.

Richard Allarde the elder of the City of Rochester, Kent, 20 April
1593, proved 10 July 1593. To the poor of Biddenden three pounds six
shillings eight pence, to be distributed by Mr. Whetcombe the pastor there,
my cousin Evernden and my sons Henry and Richard Allarde. To the
poor of Crambrooke forty shillings, to be distributed by the pastor there,
Thomas Shefe, William Ilider and Edmonu Calvin. To the poor of Roun-
den forty shillings, to be distributed by Peter Maplesden, Robert Gibbondes
and Edmond Gibbons. To the poor of Bennenden thirteen shillings four
pence, to be distributed by M r Jones, Richard Sharpe and John Wattes.
To the poor of Tenterden thirteen shillings four pence, to be distributed by
M r Elye, Robert Stace and John Tilden. To the poor of Frittendeu ten
shillings, to be distributed by M r Graunger, William Oakes and Thomas
Batherst. Similar bequests to be distributed, to the poor of Maiden by M r
Zachary Scott and the pastor there, to the poor of Brooke by M r Henry Hall,
my uncle Allarde aud Thomas Hall of Wye, to the poor of Northiam by


George Bisshopp and Richard Sharpe, to the poor of Sandhurst by the
pastor there and John Wattes, to the poor of Smarden by my cousin
Evernden and Henry and Richard, my sons, to the poor of Rochester by
M r Streton, Mr. Bucke and Mr. Cobham. To every of my aunts, brothers,
sisters, sons, daughters, kinsfolks, allies and friends, for a remembrance of
my love towards them a ring of gold, with the form of a death's head in it,
of the price of twelve shillings for every man, and of the price of nine
shillings for every woman: that is to say my brother Maye and my sister
his wife, my brother Hider, and Richard his son and Phebe his daughter,
my sister Cruttall, my sister Crier, my cousin Thomas Shefe and his wife,
my cousin Alexander Courthopp, my son Richard Sharpe, my son Peter
Maplesden and his wife, my son Richard Maplesden, Alice Kinge, Dorothy
Coucheman, my son John Taylor and his wife, my son Richard Allard and
his wife, my son Porter and his wife, my cousin John Evernden, George
Ramsdenne, Josias Selliard, my son Henry Allarde and his wife, my son
Richard Allard aud his wife, my son Porter and his wife, my son God-
frey and his wife, my son Henden and his wife, my son Francis Allard,
John Berry the younger and my daughter his wife, Thomazine my wife,
Henry, Peter, Catherine aud Lydia her children, my sister Fisher the elder,
my aunt Maplesden aud my cousins John, Edward and Richard Maplesden,
her sons, George Maplesden the elder, my sister Gouldsmith, my cousin
Peter Maplesden, my cousin John Fisher, my cousiu John Eppes and his
wife, my cousin Calib Banckes and his wife and my cousins Katherine and
Mary Fisher daughters of my said sister Fisher; all which said rings I will
that my executors &c. shall cause to be made, provided and delivered with-
in six months next after my decease. My sister Cryer's childreu. My
sister Couchman's children. My cousin Lapham's wife. Henry, Richard
and Francis Allarde, my sons. My brother William Hider of Crambrooke.
My cousin John Evernden. My son Peter Maplesden. Mary, his now
wife, my daughter. Richard Maplesden the eldest son of the said Peter,
at eighteen. Robert Porter my son. Anne Porter, my daughter, his wife.
To every one of my own daughters one goblet of silver or silver and gilt.
Walter Fisher, my wife's brother. Robert Fisher, my wife's brother.
Stephen Lapham. My brother Francis Allard of Biddenden. Lands
lately purchased of Laurence Sharpe. Lands bought of John Whitfield.
Lauds in the occupation of William Gilbert. Nevell, 55.

[For reference to the above will my thanks are clue to our friend William S.
Appleton, Esq. Richard Allarde must have married the widow of George
Maplisden.— Henry F. Waters.]

Jarvis Gybbone of Bennenden, Kent, Gen', 4 January 1594, proved
10 April 1595. My sisters Joane Hawker, wife of Serlis Hawker of Chal-
lock, Margaret, wife of John Braye of Bacombe, Sussex, Phillip, wife of
Henry Allard, Elizabeth, wife of Richard Allard of Byddenden and Anne,
wife of George Pixe of Bennenden. To my sister Mary Gybbone one
hundred marks in augmentation of her portion willed unto her by my father
Henry Gibbone. To Katherine Gib'bone my sister on my father's side
thirty pounds, to be paid unto her at her day of marriage or age of eighteeu
aud at such time as her portion bequeathed unto her by ray father Henry
Gybbone is to be paid. Anne Gibbone wife of my uncle Edmond Gibbone.
My uncle John Wattes and my aunt his wife and every one of the chil-
dren now born or hereafter to be born of the body of my said aunt Wattes.
Frances Gybbone, Ann wife of Richard Glover and Mary Gybbone chil-


dren of my uncle John. My three cousins Henry Willard, Thomas Wil-
lard and Richard Willard. I acquit the said Richard Willard of thirty
pounds which he oweth me. Henry, Thomas, John and Phillipp Patenden
and Mary Cogger and Dorothy Kinge the children of my aunt Patenden.
My two kinsmen Henry and Robert Meere. My cousin Edward Engham
of Nonington, my cousin William Gybbone of Saltwood, my brother in
law Thomas Godfrey of Lydd and my cousin Robert Gybbone the elder of
Rolvenden. The sons and daughters of my brother Hawker, the children
of my brother Braye and of my brothers Henry and Richard Allarde, be
they sons or daughters. My mother in law Anne Gybbone widow of my
father Henry Gybbone. My father in law Mr. Birde of Grays Inn and my
mother in law Mrs. Birde. My brothers Thomas Robertes of Glasseuburv
and Thomas Hendley of Courshorne. My brother Birchett and my brother
Edmoud Robertes. Every one of my wife's own sisters both by father and
mother. Mrs. Birde, my wife Grysell's mother. My three daughters
Frances, Ellenor and Grisell Gybbone at marriage or age of eighteen. My
executors to be my uncle Edmond Gybbone of Rolvenden and my brother
Sides Hawker of Challock. Then follows will disposing of lands &c. in
Kent, Sussex &c. Among them are certain lands occupied by Thomas,
Richard and Henry Willard in Benneuden, Kent. Certain bequest to
Edmond Gibbone with remainder to Francis Gibbone of Rolvenden afore-
said, son of uncle John Gybbone. My daughters at sixteen. Peter
Maplesden a witness. Scott, 25.

Thomas Herenden one of the Jurates of the town of Lydd, Kent, 17
January 35 Elizabeth, proved 15 October 1595. Wife Dorothy. Her
brothers George Scotte and William Scott. John Gates one of my god-
children. Richard Gates at twenty one. Cousin Thomas Spratt. My
cousin Joseph Bartlett and my cousin William Warde, son of Robert
Warde. Cousin Jonn Cavell of the Middle Temple. My loving uncle Mr.
George Maplisden of Maideston, Jarate. My good friend Clement Stup-
penie of Lydd, Jurate. These three to be my overseers. Wife Dorothy to
be sole executrix. I give to my said wife all my lands called the Weeke
and my lands called Pot Hill which I purchased of Thomas Bate the elder,
the son of John Bate. To William Sharpe, the sou of Margaret Sharpe,
my wife's sister, my messuage and land in Iden, Sussex, which I pur-
chased of John Sharpe, his father, remainder to John Sharpe, eldest sou of
the said John, and lastly to my wife and her heirs forever. Rebecca Knight
the wife of Henry Knight. Scott, 17.

Caleb Banks of Ashitifforde, Kent, 12 March 1597, proved 24 March
1597. To the poor of Asheforde forty shillings to be paid within one year
after my decease. To the mending of highways between Barrowhill and
Ripton stile twenty shillings. Small bequests to every child of Griffin Fox,
to Nicholas Sharpe of Asheforde and to every one of Dennis Master's chil-
dren. To my fellow soldiers at the day of my burial twenty shillings.
Item, I give to my brother Epps and my sister and to my brother Bankes
and my sister Bankes and to my mother and to my Aunte Goldsmith and
to my brother Fisher and to my sister and to Richard Barrovve of Baugh-
tou, to Mr. John Edolphe, Mr. Edward Hall and to Nicholas Gourney and
to my cousin Edward Maplesden of Maidstone and his wife and to my aunt
Allard and to Mr. Martin Lether of London and his wife, to my sister
Thurstou and to my brother Dauiell and Margaret Thurston, to every of


these I give a ring of gold of the price of six shillings eight pence. I will
that my wife shall perform all such matters as I have " hin " put in trust
withal towards my sister Thurston and her children concerning the will of
Alexander Thurston deceased. I will that Margaret ray wife shall receive
all debts due unto me with as much speed as may be, to the end that she
may pay all my debts, as I hope she will be careful of. I will that she
shall receive the profits of my part of all the hop grounds which I have of
Mr. Ellis, during the term of five years which I have, with all my hops
which I have lying in London. I give unto my cousin John Epps the
younger my little roan nagg. John Hall my servant. Eive shillings
apiece to four of my workmen in the hop gardens, that is, to Stone, Price,
Lord and Symonds. Kalherin Pollord and Elizabeth Christen my ser-
vants. To John Padinall my kinsman ten pounds, to be paid him at the
age of one and twenty years. Browniuge and John my plowmen and
Roger Pollord. I will and bequeath the custodie and bringing up of my
daughter Lidda, with her portion, to Mr. Martin Lether of London if he
will accept of her till she comes to the age of sixteen years; and for the
rest of my children I will my wife shall have the custody and bringing up
of them, with their portion, till they come to eighteen years or the days of
their marriage. I make Margaret, my wife, sole executrix. Concerning
my lauds and tenements I will and bequeath all my lauds aud tenements,
freehold and copyhold, unto Margaret my wife until John my sou shall ac-
complish the age of one and twenty years, provided always that she shall
allow him four pounds every quarter for the first six years and for the resi-
due of the time five pounds every quarter aud that she see him forwarded
and brought up in good learning; aud after that he shall come to the age of
one and twenty years I will and bequeath all my lands aud tenements
whatsoever unto John my sou and to his heirs forever, provided that if he
die without heirs of his body lawfully begotten before his age of one and
twenty years then I will all my lands &c. unto Margaret my wife during
the term of her natural life, and after her decease I will unto my brother
John Bankes the house wherein I now dwell with the appurtenances, to
him and his heirs forever, and the tenement wherein'Edward Dunkiu now
dwelleth, with the malt house, closes aud gardens appertaining, to my
brother Daniell Bankes &c. Among the witnesses were John Epes and
John Bankes. Lewyn, 24.

[The earliest l'ecorded pedigree of the Bankes (Banke. Banks, Banckes)
family of England relates to the ancient Yorkshire family seated at Bank New-
ton in Craven in the West Riding of that county and who trace a descent from
Simon Banke, who married 7 Edward III. (1333), the daughter and heiress of
Robert de Catherton and held jure uxoris the above named manor. Although
Simon appears as the head of this, the oldest line in respect to a recorded pedi-
gree, it is not certain that this branch represents the original stock, for in one
of the Harleian MSS. there appears the arms of Bankes of Bank Newton
amongst those of " The Knight and Gentlemen of the Countre of York as served
King Edward the First iu Scotland and elsewhere." A family of this uame
resided in Richmondshire (one of the sub-divisions of the county of York), be-
fore the time of Simon Banke of Bank Newton, for in the Subsidy Rolls of 30
Edward I. (1301), we have a William del Banke paying a subsidy at Riciimond,
and Henry fil. Robert del Banke paying subsidy at Marske in Richmondshire, 33
Edward I. ; also a Richard del Banke at Freraingtou in Richmondshire iu 1300-1
paying 3-7 subsidy. A Robert del Banks was sworn to give evidence in 1320
concerning the foundation of the Chantry of Pateley Bridge (Speight, Nidder-
dale and the Garden of the Nidd, passim). It seems, however, that most of
the branches of this family in England either trace by recorded herald visita-
tions or by other equally established means, to this Craven stock or to the


Lancashire county Bankses who are undoubtedly an offshoot of the York line
through migration to the adjoining shire. All the arms of the other Banks
families are merely variants of the Bank Newton coat, viz. : sable, a cross or,
between four fleur-de-lis argent. The cross in one is engrailed, in another is
surcharged, in another becomes ermine, while one shield has a canton, and
another substitutes two eagle heads for two fleur-de-lis. This seems to show
a common descent from the simple original of the Bank Newton stock. The
crests of course differ in each branch.

The family of Banks, whose wills appear here, are descended from John 1
Banks of Lancashire who migrated to Kent, seated himself at Ashford iu that
county and died in 1579. By his wife Margery Masterson of Wilmington, Co.
Chester, he had issue, and the following pedigree of this family has been con-
structed from the wills here given, from the visitations of London, 1633
(Harl.-Soc, p. 42), and other miscellaneous sources: —

i. Caleb 2 (the testator first named), b. 1560 aud d. March 1597-8, married
Margaret Epps and had :

1. Lydia. 3 b. 1587.

2. John, b. 1589; d. 1614.

3. Katherine, b. 1591.

4. Thomas, b. and d. 1592.

5. Mary.

6. Ann.

7. Elizabeth.

ii. Joshua.

iii. Daniel.

iv. John.

v. Friscilla, b. 1571; m. Alexander Thurston, 12 Feb. 1594.

vi. Tabitha.

vii. Lydia, d. infancy.

John 2 (John 1 ), another testator, was of Maidstone and London, in which
latter place he died in the summer of 1642, leaving issue by his wife Mary,
daughter of Alexander Fisher of Maidstone, as follows :

1. Caleb, 3 son and heir.

2. Margaret, m. Thomas Andrew.

3. Katherine, b. 1603 ; m. John Davie.

4. John, b. 1G08.

5. Lydia, emigrated to Salem, Mass., about 1638 and'became a member

of the First Church. She returned to England in 1642 and in 1664
was given letters of dismissal to Rev. Mr. Nye's church in London.
In 1655 her " Plain Farm " (so called) of 400 acres at Salem was sold
for £123. (Felt. Annals.)

6. Elizabeth, m. (1) Thomas Grigsby, (2) Radford.

7. Priscilla, b. 1613; m. Thomas Read of Wickford, Essex, a relative by

marriage to Governor John Winthrop.

8. Mary, b. 1618; m. Nathaniel Weeks.

Caleb 3 (John. 2 John 1 ), another testator, of Maidstone, Kent, has some
indirect connection with New England colonization (vide Founders of New
England, p. S3). He m. Martha, daughter of Stephen Dame of Feversham, iu
the same county, and had issue :

1. Elizabeth, 4 b. 1624.

2. Mary, b. 1626; m. Jacob Willett, 1648.

3. John, b. 1627, of Aylcsford; Baronet 1661, M. P.; d. 1699. He m.

Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Dethick, knt., Lord Mayor of Lou-
don, by whom he had issue :

(1) John.*

(2) Caleb, b. about 1659 and d. s. p. 1696. M. P. for Queens-

borough 1685-8, 1695-6, also M. P. for Rochester.

(3) Martha, d. young.

(4) Elizabeth, m. Sir Henea^e Finch, Solicitor General.

(5) Mary, m. John Saville.

4. Joshua, b. 1629.


5. Caleb, b. 1631.

6. Martha, b. 1633.

7. Lydia, b. 1634.

8. Caleb, b. 1637.

9. Daniel, b. 1639.
10. Bryan, b. 1640.

The Sir John 4 Banks above mentioned must not be confounded with a con-
temporary of the same name, who was the Lord Chief Justice of Common Pleas
under Charles the First. This later Sir John Bankes, Kt. LL.D., was born at
Keswick, in Cumberland, about 1589, and died at Oxford, December 28. 1644.
His wife, Mary Hawtrey, became the heroic defender of Corfe Castle during the
Civil War (a place purchased by Sir John in 1635), and now a picturesque ruin
in Dorsetshire; and for several generations the sons of this family were Mem-
bers of Parliament for Corfe Castle, although seated after its destruction at
Kingston Lacy in the same county. A Christopher Banks of the Giggleswick
(Co. York) branch, b. 1615, M.A. of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, who entered
the Roman Catholic priesthood, states that Sir John was a relative of his, thus
indicating the kinship of the various branches seated in York, Lancashire and
other northern counties.

Thus far my researches have failed to establish a connection with any Eng-
lish family for my ancestor Richard Bankes of York, Maine, who d. 1692, and
whose descendants, arranged in the usual Register form, are printed in vol. 44,
p. 258, of the Register. He first came to Scituate, Mass., and soou removed to
York, Me., about 1340, in company with Abraham Preble and John Twisden (both
of whom were probably Kentish men), and together they settled that part of
York knoA\n for many years as "Scituate" Parish.

Charles Edward Banks, M.D.]

Robert Fisher of Redrith, Surrey, gen' 28 March 44 Elizabeth, proved
30 April 1602. To the poor of Rederith six pounds. To my brother in law
Master Peter Hilles six angels. To my sister his wife four sovereigns of
gold. To my nephew Peter Maplesden a sovereign, to his three men ser-
vants, Joshua. John and Richard, to each of them a French crown and to
each of his three maids the like. To my cousin Katherine Banckes twenty
shillings and my wearing linen, to Mary Banckes fifteen shillings, to my
niece Lidia Bell two angels, to my sister Allen six angels, to every one of
her children one angel, to my cousin Osborne two French crowns, to my
cousin Salloes his wife one sovereign, to Master Doctor Dawson Dionisius
Halicar Nasseus Herodotus Ilerodiam and Suetonius, to Master Butterton
an angel, to my uncle Fisher six angels, to my brother Reder four pounds,
to my sister Devenish three pounds, to my sister Browne four angels, to
each of her children one angel, to my cousin Katherine Smith twenty shil-
lings, to my cousin Cheesman twenty shillings, to his eldest son a French
crown, to my cousin Master John Fisher and to each of his sisters, my
loving cousins, a sovereign of gold, to my cousin Master H: Hall my Peter
Martir's Common Places in Latin, to my cousin Edward Maplesden my
Abridgement of Statutes, to my cousin Richard Maplesden an angel, to my
cousin Anne Goldsmith a sovereign, to my niece Beale two angels, to my
niece Maplesden two angels, to Master Carre my Italian bible and my
French books of Divinity, to my cousin Richard Maplesden of London a
sovereign, to Master Arthur Barham all my other French and Italian
books, to his wife a sovereign, to Mistress Mary Barham the like, to my
cousin Ben net Barueharn of London the like, to my sister Fisher and to
each of her children au angel, to Margaret Fisher of Rederith the like, to
my brother Walter Fisher of Maideston, gentleman, all my law books and
abridgements of law made by myself and all my other books not before
given, whom I make the sole executor &c. Montague, 25.


Thomas Padnall citizen and haberdasher of London, 14 November
1626, proved 12 January 1626. My goods &c. to be divided into two
equal parts, according to the laudable custom of this Honorable City, one
full and equal half parte whereof I give and bequeath unto my loving
wife Margaret Padnall and the other half I bequeath as followeth, after
debts and funeral charges borne and paid. To my uncle John Bancks and
to my cousin Caleb Bancks twenty shillings apiece to make each of them
a ring. To Hanna Goldham whom I keep twenty pounds, to be paid unto
her at the age of one and twenty or day of marriage. To my cousin Mary
Simmons forty shillings. To Elizabeth Addams, my wife's mother, five
pounds sterling (payable by five shillings quarterly). To Mr. Muggs and
his wife twenty shillings apiece and unto Edward Varneham twenty shil-
lings. To Peter Burrishe an old suit of clothes and unto Robert Shewster,
my servant, twenty shillings. The residue to my wife Margaret whom I
make sole executrix; and I entreat my loving friends M r Francis Bridges
and Mr. Richard Cleyton to be my supervisors and overseers, and for their
pains I give them twenty shillings apiece.

Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's Book D. Leaf 314.

John Mellowaie of Old Romeney, Kent, gentleman, 15 May 1624,
proved 28 April 1627. I nominate, make and appoint my loving brother
William Epps of Old Romeney, gentleman, sole executor. As 1 have now
in the hands of my said executor the sum of one hundred marks my will is
that he shall put out to the best advantage all such sums of mine as he may
have in his hands, the profit arising to be paid to my sister Elizabeth, now
wife of Andrew Bate of Lydd, taylor, during her life and then to my
cousins Elizabeth and William, children of said Andrew Bate and Eliza-
beth my sister. Provisions for their better education &c.

Commission issued (as above) to Richard Russell, the executor named in
the will of William Epps deceased, while he lived executor named in the
will of the deceased, to administer according to the tenor of the said will,
for the reason that the said William Epps had passed away before taking
upon himself the trust of executorship. Skynner, 35.

John Bankes of Loudon gen 1 , 8 April 1641, with a codicil dated 20
July 1642, proved 22 August 1642. To the poor of Ashford in Kent five
pounds, to be presently paid and to be disposed of by my two daughters
Margaret Andrew and Elizabeth Grigby. To my kinsman Thomas Clarke
and to his sister Margaret Clarke fifty shillings apiece. My servant Eliza-
beth Oliver. To my four sons in law Mr. John Davie, Mr. Thomas
Andrew, Mr. Thomas Grigby and Mr. Nathaniel Wicks eight pounds
apiece to make them suites if they please. To my five daughters Margaret,
Elizabeth, Mary. Lydia and Priscilla six pounds apiece for a remembrance
or for to make them gowns if they please, intreating all my said sons and
daughters in the fear of God to support one another in love and all Chris-
tian duties. To John my son eight pounds, also my great bible, the which
I desire he should well esteem and make it the rule of his life. To him
also my best silver cup with two silver spoons marked with I. B. and T. P.
To Mary my wife twenty pounds, with all the rest of my plate, linen and
household stuff &c. To each of my five daughters twenty shillings apiece.
I will that Caleb my son shall well and faithfully pay or cause to be paid
all such sums of money as he is engaged and standeth bound by bonds unto
his sisters or any other persons &c. And I will that if it please God that


my daughters Lydia or Priscilla do depart this life before the days of pay-
ment come then the portions of them so dying shall be equally divided
amongst all niv children, sons and daughters, surviving. The residue to
Caleb my son whom I make sole executor, earnestly enjoining and requiring
him to be very careful in discharging that trust which is imposed upon him
and myself concerning my daughter Grigby and her children, that, living
or dying, they be not defrauded.

To mv son John my two houses, with the lands &c. belonging, in Ash-
ford at a place called Bever (and other lands &c. in Hincksell, Iletcorne
and Sutton, Kent), he to pay Mary my wife ten pounds a year at her
dwelling house, in quarterly payments during her life. The remainder of

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