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Wood, with all my men and maid servants that shall be dwelling with me
at ray decease. I give to my cousin William Riche fifty pounds, to John
Darween twenty pounds, [to Edward Markes twenty pounds] (the forego-
ing added on the margin and then cancelled) already given him at his
marriage, to John Clarke ten pounds, to John Mansell five pounds and to
all my maid servants forty shillings apiece, besides such mourning apparell



as is fitting their degrees, and my cousin Sisilia Rich and her husband,
at Beech (?) mourning apparell. Out of my own third I give and be-
queath unto my son Richard one thousand pounds over and above the for-
mer thousand pounds I gave him to begin the world withal. My grand-
children Mary Peet, Joen Peet and Mary Shephard. My godson Thomas
Peet. The remainder of ray own third part I give to my son Thomas Sy-
moudes whom I make sole executor. To my two overseers, the Right
Hon. Sir W m Cockin, knight, and now Lord Mayor, and my loving brother
Mr. Abraham Cartwright, to each of them a piece of plate of ten pounds
apiece, for a remembrance of my love and for their pains to be taken in the
aiding of my executor. I give to Mary Mason ten pounds, to be paid at
dav of marriage, and I do freely forgive her father, my cousin Coels (?) and
Charells Lowlis (Charles Lovelesse) the debts they owe me, in regard of
their poor estates. I give unto Lawrence Lovlis ten pounds (at one and
twenty). I give unto my cousin Vassell and his wife such mourning ap-
parell as is fitting their degrees. To my brother William Wade and his
wife twenty pounds and to their son William Wade a ring with a death's
head of three pounds price and to Robert Wade such mourning apparell
as fits his degree, with the like to my cousin Gyll and his wife, Richard
Steus (or Stons) and his wife, with his wife's sister and her husband in
Taunton. To the Company of Skinners a bason and " yore " of twenty
five pounds price in memory of me. To Mrs. Elizabeth Abott and her daugh-
er mourning apparell and to her son Edward Abott a ring with a death's
head in memory of me.

Wit : John Darwin, Edmond Marckes, Lawrence Lovelesse.

Soame, 89.

James Cartwright of London, merchant, 5 July 1619, proved 22 No-
vember 1623. Intending to sail and go into the East Indies. I do owe
and am indebted unto my loving uncle Abraham Cartwright, citizen and
draper of Loudon in divers and sundry sums of money. These debts and
sums of money shall be satisfied and paid and the rest and residue of all
my goods &c. I wholly give and bequeath to Samuel Vassall citizen and
draper of London, whom I make my full and sole executor.

Wit: Will: Goodwin Sfvt. to Tho: Fitch Scr. and Robert Shelton
Srvt. to the said Scr.

Then follows a Sententia pro Valore (of the same date as the Probate)
the parties in the case being Samuel Vassall, executor, on the one part, and
William Cartwright, a brother, on the other. Swann, 111.

Mense Septembris 1625. Duodecimo die emanavit comissio Magdalene
Cartwright Relicte Abrahami Cartwright nuper poch sci Andree Under-
shaft Civitatis London defuncti hentis etc. ad administrand bona, iura et
credita dfii defuncti. Adm. A.B. (Aug. 1625-1627) L. 9.

The Moneth of Februarie 1653. The four and twentieth day Let'rs of
Adon issued out to Isaac Cartwright nrall and lawfull sonne of Abraha
Cartwright late of y e pish of Andrew Undershaft London dec'd to ad'ter
the goodes, chells & debts of the said dec'd left unadfnstred by Magdalen
Cartwright ah Jones Relicte of y e said dec'd &c.

Adm. A.B. (1653-1654) Vol. 1, L. 88.

John Vassell of Ratcliffe in the parish of Stepney, Middlesex, mar-
iner, 29 April 1625, proved 16 September 1625. To be buried in the parish
church of Stepney where I am now a parishioner. To my wife Judith all


my household stuff whatsoever, my plate only excepted. To my son Samuel
my great gilt salt, to my sou William my plain white silver salt and to my
daughter Ann Jones my great white silver bowl. The rest of my plate to
Judith my wife during her natural life, and after her decease it shall be di-
vided amongst other five of my children, viz 1 . Rachel the wife of Peter Au-
drewes, Stephen Vassell, Thomas Vassell, Mary the wife of Edward West
and Elizabeth the wife of Henry Church, at the discretion of my said wife
according as she shall dispose thereof in her life time. I give to the said
William Vassell to his use forever all the wainscot, portals of wainscot,
cupboards and benches of wainscot affixed and fastened in the house where-
in I now dwell and all the dresser boards, shelves, iron backs for chimnies,
locks and other ironworks upon the doors and windows now standing and
being in and about my said dwelling house in Racliffe. I give him also
the great table of walnut tree now standing in my great parlor. I give to
my son Thomas Vassell my lease and term of years unexpired of the par-
sonage or rectory of Eastwood in the County of Essex, which I bought of
John Coggen and Mary his wife, and all my messuages, lands, tenements
&c. i i Eastwood. To my daughter Mary wife of Edward West fifty pounds.
To my daughter Rachel now wife of Peter Androse one hundred pounds.
To Elizabeth my daughter, now wife of Henry Church one hundred pounds.
Judith my daughter, the relict of John Freeborne late deceased, hath had
and received divers and sundry large sums of money far surpassing and sur-
mounting the portions of the rest of my daughters. I give her therefore
only twenty shillings to buy her a ring. I give to Judith my wife for life,
my messuages, lauds, tenements &c. in Seething Lane, in the several par-
ishes of All Sts Barking, in Tower Street, and St. Olaves, White Hart
Street, London, and after her decease I give and bequeath them all to rnv son
Stephen Vassell. I give all my lands, messuages ccc. at Brookstreet in the
parish of South Weale (Weald), Essex, unto Judith my wife and her heirs
forever. I make and appoint the said Judith Vassell sole executrix. And.
to be overseers I do appoint my sous Samuel Vassal!. William Vassell and
my son in law John Jones.

On the l5 tU dayof April 1686 commission issued to Stephen Vassall
grandson (nepoti ex Jilio) of John Vassall latel}' of Ratcliffe &.c. deceased
to administer the goods &c. left unadministered by Judith Vassall the relict
and executrix deceased. Clarke, 99.

[The testator was of Ratcliffe, Stepney, and of Eastwood, Essex. He was
an alderman of London and vestryman of the parish of Stepney, the ancestor
of all of the name who afterwards figured in the history of New England. In
1588 he fitted out at his own expense, and commanded, two ships : the " Samuel "
and " Little Toby," with which he joined the Royal Navy to oppose the Spanish
Armada. His name and services are commemorated upon the memorial lately
erected in Plymouth. He is said to have been son of another John Vassall who
came to England from France, a member of an ancient family of Rinart, by
Cany, in Normandy.*

The testator was throe times married in St. Dunstan, Stepney : 1st, 25 Sept.
15G9, to Anne Ilewes, by whom no issue survived; 2d, 4 Sept. 1580, to Anna
Russell, through whom the Ratclille estate came into the family, and who was
the mother of Judith, b. 25 Mar. 1582, mar. John Erecborne, Samuel, b. 5 June
158(1, the London M. P., and William, b. 27 Aug. 1592; she died 5 May 1593,
and he mar. 3d, in 1594, Judith, widow of Thomas Scott, and daughter of
Stephen Borough of Stepney, who became mother of Anna, b. 10 Jan. 1595,

* I have in my possession an account of the French family of Vassall, prepared by Lieut.
H. Vassal of the French navv, in 1867, tracing the name hack to the twelfth century.

— E. t>. H.


mar. John Jones, Rachel, mar. Peter Andrews, Stephen, the head of the Essex
branch, Thomas, b. 7 Apr. 1702, Mary, mar. Edward West, and Elizabeth, mar.
Henry Church. Judith, the widow, died Jan. 1638-9, and her will follows.

Of the sons of John Vassall, Samuel, the eldest, was Member of Parliament
for London 1640-1660, and was one of the original patentees of Massachusetts
lands. In 17(36 an elaborate monument to his memory was erected in King's
Chapel, Boston, by Florentius Vassall, not a descendant as stated by me in
Register xvii., 56, but a great-grandson of his younger brother William.
Samuel Vassall mar. Frances, dan. of Abraham Cartwright of London (see
Cartwright wills in this group). He was of St. George, Southwark, and later
of Bedale, Yorks, and died in 1667, with issue: John, b. 1619, d. 1664, of Lon-
don and Bedale, whose will is the last of those of the Vassall* furnished by Mr.
Waters for this number of the Register, and who died apparently without
issue surviving; Francis, living 1667 with issue; William, living 1664 ; Henry,
d. s. p. probably in Carolina, and before 1667; Samuel, living 1067 with issue.
None of the descendants of Samuel and Frances are known to have been in
New England.

William, the second son of John of the Armada will be noticed on a following

Stephen, the third son of John, became the Rector of Rayleigh, died in 1643,
leaving au only sou Stephen of Rochford, d. 1695, the father of Asser, d. 1728,
the father of another Asser, d. 1762.

Of Thomas, the youngest son of John, I know but little. He mar. 1625,
Anne Dickenson, was of St. Leonard, Eastcheap, a draper, and living in 1650.

E. D. Harris.

See article entitled " Vassall," by Francis Olcott Allen, in this number of the
Register.— Editor.]

George Kinge of Woodham Mortimer, Essex, yeoman, 14 October
1G25, proved 7 December 1625. I give to wife Joane (for life) the lease
of the house wherein I dwell, and after her death I give it to George
Kin" my eldest son, with remainder to second son Thomas Kinge, next to
my third son Daniel King and lastly to my daughter Judith. Reference
made to 4 " my " right Worshipful good master Sir Arthur Harris knight.
My four children, George, Thomas, Daniel and Judeth. I am possessed
of a lease for years of a farm called Westcanuon in Cold Norton and Stow
Maris. Essex, and seized in fee of a tenement &c. in Siowe Maris. I give
to son Thomas my lease of West Cannon (subject :o a rent charge of six
pounds per annum payable to my son George). I give to my son Daniel
my farm of East Cannon in Cold Norton and Purleigh in Essex. Other
gifts to the above named children. I give unto Anne Vassall my daughter
my sealing ring of gold. To my cousin William Petchey my suit of silver
buttons. To Edward, John, Anne and Johau Petchey my kinsmen and
kinswomen, ten shillings apiece. To my kinswoman Susan Purcas/orty
shilliugs. To my three grandchildren, John, Judeth and Francis Vassall,
twenty shillings apiece. Certain reckonings or accompts between me and
Susan the (laughter of my late brother Christopher Kinge, clerk, deceased.
James Kinge, the son of my said brother. I give to my son in law Wil-
liam Vassall all my instruments and tools for the measuring and plotting of
lands and the suit of silver buttons the which he hath of mine and my
crown. John Harding my servant. Thomas Totman of Norton. John Liu-
ron. my wife's kinsman. The widow Marrion of Norton. Old Tabor of
Stow Maris. Others. I make my said son in law William Vassall sole
executor. Clarke, 140.

[The testator, George King, was the father of Anne who married at Cold
Norton, in 1613, that William Vassall whose will appears later in this group.

E. D. Harris.]


Edward Kingswell of London Esq., 30 January 1635, proved 6 April
1636. To be buried in St. Pulchers iu London near late dear wife the
Lady Jane Clifton. The poor of said parish. Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson, my
sister's daughter. My cousins Edward Ridgway, Mackwilliam Ridgway
and Thomas Brocas Esq. My cousin Robert Brocas, son of the said Thomas.
Barnard Brocas, another of his sons. Mr. William Bradshawe, to be re-
compensed well for his pains taken about the business between me and Mr.
Vassall. My friend John Guy gen*, also to be recompensed for his pains
taken about the said business. My servant James Cooke now in Virginia
to be freed from his service. My old servant William Twitchell. There
is a suit depending before the Lords Commissioners for Plantations in my
name against Samuel Vassell merchant and Peter Andrewes, his brother in
law. My brother and sister Mr. Roger Wingate and Dorothy his wife.
Servants, money, tobacco, beaver and other goods belonging to me beyond
the seas. Pile, 34.

[Edward Kingswell contracted with Samuel Vassall to be taken in 1633 to
Carolina, of which he was to be governor, but was taken by Peter Andrews
in the Mayflower and landed in Virginia. Kingswell returned to England and
petitioned for damages to the Privy Council. For not attending a hearing in
the matter Samuel Vassall was committed to the Fleet Prison 4 Feb. 1635.

For papers relating to this suit see Calendar of State Papers (Colonial),
1574-1660, pp. 190, 197, 198, 199, 207.— Walter K. Watkixs.]

John Jones of St. Nicholas Aeon, London, clerk, 18 April 1636. proved
3 May 1637. To my sons Allen Jones, Robert Jones, AV T illiam Jones,
Abraham Jones, Richard Jones, Samuel Jones, Thomas Jones and Joseph
Jones twelve pence apiece. All but Allen Jones to have their propor-
tionable parts out of my lands &c. which are to be sold. My wife Anne to
have a double part and the rest divided among them (except Allen). Wife
Anne to be sole executrix.

Book Allen, Leaf 259.

Consistory Court, London.

Judith Vassall of Eastwoode in the Couuty of Essex, 9 November
1638, proved at Chelmsford 29 January 1638.

I give unto my son Thomas Vassall all such sums of money as he is in-
debted unto me. I give unto my daughter Rachel the wife of Peter
Andrewes of RatclifFeone great leather chair (and other household effects).
I give unto Judith West and Jane West, the children of my daughter
Maiy the wife of Edward West, to each of them twenty shillings. I give
unto the said Mary West my daughter ten pounds. I give unto Elizabeth
my daughter, the wife of Henry Church, some of my wearing apparell, at
the disposal of my executor. I give unto my daughter Ann Joanes, the
late wife of John Joanes, one of my best gowns. 1 give unto all my grand-
children not named, to each of them five shillings. The rest of my estate,
goods and chattels and moveables unbequeathed I give unto my son Stephen
Vassal] of Raleigh, in the county aforesaid, towards the payment of my
debts and funeral charges and the better enabling him to help such of my
children as shall have most need. And I make the said Stephen my sole
executor &c.

Wit: Thomas Oresby, Samuel Lee and the mark of Rebeccah West.
Original Wills, Cora, of London for Essex and Herts.
File for 1638-9. No. 137.


Anne Jones of London, widow, late the wife of John Jones late of St.
Nicholas Aeon, London, clerk, 9 May 1640, proved 27 July 1640.
Reference to will of said husband (dated 18 April 1636). I have labored
and endeavored, as much as in me lay, sithence my husband's decease, to
sell and dispose of the lands, according to the true meaning of said will,
but hitherto could not meet with or hear of any person that would give
near the true worth thereof. I give the said lands and all other my lands,
tenements &c. in Much Wakering or elsewhere in Essex to my loving and
kind brother Mr. Samuel Wassail, to be sold and the money arising to be
disposed by him as hereafter is mentioned. Then follow bequests. Son
Allen Jones. To son William Joues my little gilt silver tankard which my
husband's father took iu Cadiz. Son Abraham Joues. Son Richard Jones.
Son Samuel Jones. Sou Thomas Jones. Son Joseph Jones. Cousin
Judith Hill. Sister Andrewes. Sister Church. Sister Vassall, wife of the
said Samuel Vassall. My servant Anne Bradford. My sister West. My
brothers Stephen Vassall, William Vassall, Peter Andrewes, Henry Church.
My cousin Winterborne. Thomas Bagnall. My four sisters Frances
Vassal], Mary West, Rachell Andrews and Elizabeth Church. My brother
Samuel Vassall to be sole executor. My seven children, Alleu, William,
Abraham. Richard, Samuel, Thomas and Joseph at five and twenty. The
children of my said brothers Samuel, William and Stephen Vassall and
of my said sisters Mary West, Elizabeth Church and Rachell Andrewes. My
brother Thomas Vassall. Coventry, 104.

[Anne Jones, the testator, widow of John Jones, clerk, whose -will imme-
diately precedes this, was born 10 Jan. 1595, the oldest child of John Vassall
(d. 1625) by his 3d wife, Judith. — E. D. Harris.]

Jane Bromley of Orsed, Essex, widow, 26 June, 15 Charles (I.)
proved 13 July 1641. The poor of Stocke and Bntsberrie. Mine eldest
son Samuel Bromley of West Haningfield and Jane his daughter. An-
nis the wife of my son Nicholas. My youngest son Josua Bromley of
High Roothing and Anne his wife and Jane his daughter. I give and be-
queath unto Mary Varshall ray grandchild, daughter of Stephen Varshall
of Rayleigh, clerk, the sum of ten pounds of lawful English money, to be
paid unto her at her full age of one and twenty years, and I give unto her
the gold ring which I use to wear on my finger. My grandchild Jane
Turnech, daughter of William Turuich, aud Mary, another daughter.
Nicholas Bromley my second sou. John Leader my godson. Ellen Hat-
chett widow. My youngest son Josua to be sole executor.

Book Allen, Leaf 432.

Consistory Court, London.

Francis Cartwright (of London says the calendar) 20 October
1641 proved 1 February 1644. First to my dearly beloved mother forty
pounds, secondly to my father Jones five pounds, thirdly to my brother
Taylor forty pounds, fourthly to my brother John Wogau twenty pounds,
fifthly to my brother and sister Vassall five pounds apiece, sixthly to my
brother and sister Siraonds five pounds apiece, seventhly to my master Mr.
William Davenport twenty pounds and to my mistress three pounds. My
desire is likewise that my brother Taylor and my master should be over-
seers of this my last will and testament, and, iu regard of their trouble
therein I give them more ten pounds apiece. And for the rest of my estate
I give it wholly and solely to my best beloved sister Elizabeth Cartwright
whom I make aud ordain mv sole executrix.


In the Probate Act following the registered copy of this will the executrix
is strangely called relict of the deceased. Rivers, 35.

[In the Probate Act Book for 1644-1645 the testator of the above will is de-
scribed as of St. Lawrence in the Old Jewry, London, and the executrix is
there also called relict of the deceased. — H. F. W.]

Ralph Cartwkight of London, merchant, 12 Februa v 1646, proved
17 August 1647. Wife Elizabeth. My son in law Mr. Aron Baker and
Elizabeth his wife my daughter. The said Mr. Aron Baker alts Cocke.
The children of my brother Abraham Cartwright. My grandchild Thomas
Baker, son of the said Mr. Baker and Elizabeth his wife. My grandchild
Elizabeth Baker. My loving cousins Mr. Samuel Vassall and Mrs. Frances
Vassall his wife. My friend Mr. Richard Swinglehurst now secretary to the
Hon. English East India Company, and Mrs. Swinglehurst, his now wife,
and their daughter Mrs. Ursula Tomblings. Every other of his children.
My cousin Isaac Cartwright the son of my deceased uncle Mr. Abraham
Cartwright (in remembrance of the love and duty I owed unto him for the
fatherly care he had of me). My sister Elizabeth Kent and her two daugh-
ters. My sister Frances and the two children she now hath. My sister in
law Mrs. Anne Cartwright and her daughter Isabel Cartwright. Raphe
Cartwright, one of the sons of my brother Abraham, and Thomas Cart-
wright, another, and Abraham and Susan Cartwright, the two other chil-
dren of my said brother. The now wife of my said brother. The poor
of Tewksbury in the County of Gloucester. The poor of the parish of
St. Andrew Undershaft in London.

Commission issued 1 June 1675 to Susan (or Susanna) Cartwright relict
and administratrix of Abraham Cartwright deceased, while he lived (brother
and) executor &c. of the deceased, to administer the goods &c. left unad-
ministered by him.

Commission issued 25 September 1684 to Susan Cartwright spinster,
niece on the brother's side of the deceased Raphe Cartwright to adminis-
ter his goods left unadministered by Abraham Cartwright brother and ex-
ecutor and by Susan Cartwright administratrix, both also deceased.

Fines, 174.

Peter Andrewes of London, merchant, signed 29 August 1650,
proved 3 October 1650. My lands in the parish of Shad well and Muck-
inge. Rachel! my wife. My daughter Judith Andrewes. My daughter
Fiances Andrews. Peter Andrews, son of my brother Thomas. My
brother Samuel Vassall and his wife. John, Francis, William, Henry,
Samuel and Mary Vassall. My brother Thomas Andrewes. My brother
Thomas Vassall, sister Church and sister Stillimon. Grace Jarret. Jane
Lyne and her children. Margaret Andrews. Retorne Jarret. Edward
Pike my servant. Rachell Gierke. Alice Morrison. Ann Knight. The
poor of All Hallows the Wall and the poor of St. Mary Acts. Major Thomas
Chamberlin, Capt. John Crowder and Mr. John Heather to be overseers
and my daughter Judith sole executor. (Elizabeth Church a witness.) The
greater part of my estate doth consist in ships, voyages and adventures.

Commission issued (at above date) to Rachell Andrews the relict &c.
to administer during the minority of Judith the daughter and executrix.

Proved 28 March 165 [-] by Judith Andrews the now wife of John
Bew ["-] the letters of administration with will annexed granted to
Rachel the relict being void and expired by reason of the full age of said
executrix. Pembroke, 152.


Barbadoes. William Vassall, now resident in this Island, Esq., 31
July 1655, proved 12 June 1G57. Son in law Nicholas Ware and his
wife Anna, my daughter. My two other daughters, Margaret and Mary
Vassall. All now here with me. My estate in this Island, New England,
or any other part or place in the world. To son John Vassall, whom I
appoint executor, one third. To my daughters, Judith, wife of Resolved
White, Frances, the wife of James Adams, Anna, the wife of Nicholas
Ware, and Margaret aud Mary Vassall, the other two thirds, to be equally
divided among them, to each a fifth. My son John not being now in this
island, my son in law Nicholas Ware is to act and manage for him and he
aud his wife, child and family to remain, abide and dwell on my plantation
until my said executor's arrival, or an order from him concerning the same.

The testator made his mark in the presence of Humphery Davenport,
Humphrey Keut and Lion Hill. The will was proved by John Vassall,
sole executor. Ruthen, 246.

[This William Vassall, second son of John of the Armada, was the assistant
in our Massachusetts Bay Co. He married, 1613, Anne, daughter of George and
Joane King of Cold Norton, Essex, and came here in 1635. — (See Kegister,
xvii., 57 et seq.). After a brief residence at Scituate, he departed, and died in
Barbadoes in 1655. An only son, John, survived him; married Anna, daughter
of John Lewis; was called Colonel; lived in North Carolina, Virginia and
Jamaica; and left at least live sons. In my extended account of the family in
the Register in 1863, this John was confounded with another of the name, the
son of Samuel of Bedale. The researches of the Rev. William Vassall, lately
rector of Wear Gilford, and now of St. Servan, Hie et Vilaine, France, and of
Mr. W. Duncombe Pink of Leigh, have fully established the line as indicated in
these notes. Of the live sons left by John and Anna (Lewis), the eldest, John,
left sons, but the name appears to have died out in this branch with his grand-
sons; of the second and third sons, William and Henry, nothing appears ; the next
son, Florentius, was of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, married Ann Beckford, and was
the father of that Florentius who erected the King's Chapel monument, and
whose granddaughter Elizabeth achieved notoriety (see Register, xvii. , p. 126) .

Leonard, the youngest son of Colonel John, was the Boston man, whither he
came from Jamaica about 1723. His sons were: Lewis, H. C. 1728, of Quincy,
father of Lewis, H. C. 1760, who went to the West Indies and left issue there;
John, H. C, 1732, of Cambridge, whose great great grandson, Captain Spencer
V. F. Henslowe, is now of Colchester, Essex; William, H. C. 1733, of Boston,
the Refugee, whose great great grandson is the Rev. William Vassall, now of

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