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St. Servan, France* ; Henry, of Cambridge, who died in 1769, and was buried
beneath Christ Church there, leaving no male issue. — E. D. Harris.]

Joane Clerke of Walkerne, Herts, widow, late wife of Henry Clerke,
citizen and merchant taylor of London, 17 November 1660, proved 25
May 1664. My son John Clerke. My messuage &c. in St. Andrew
Undershaft in the Ward of Algate, London, now in the occupation of James
Clitherow of London merchant. My two sons Henry and George Clerke.
My third son Abraham. My moiety or half part of those lands, tene-
ments and hereditaments in Crakehall, Leming aud Askewe in the parish
of Bedall in the Co. of York which I now hold together and undivided
with my nephew John Vassall son of my deceased sister Francis Vassall.
My daughter Joanna. Bruce, 51.

John Vassall of London, merchant, 29 February 1664, with a codicil
dated 12 March, 1664, proved 30 March 1665. To wife Mary Vassall all

*In 1889 I had the privilege of examining at my leisure two bound volumes of copies
of letters, all in the handwriting of William Vassal!, the Refugee; the first dated 27 Nov.
1769, and the last 2 April 1800 (he died May 8, 1800). They were of family and business
nature, and full of interesting data relating to the times and to the management of his
various interests here and in the West Indies. — E. D. H.



that dowry or portion which was promised me by her father and mother
(and other personal property) and twenty pounds to buy her mourning.
To my honored father, Samuel Vassall Esq., twenty shillings to buy him a
ring to wear in remembrance of me. To my brother Francis Vassall and
to Alice his wife, to each of them and to each of their children, Samuel,
Francis, Henry & Elizabeth, one shilling. To my brother William Vas-
sall five pounds to buy him a ring to wear in remembrance of me. To my
brother Samuel Vassall and to his son Samuel one shilling apiere. To my
sister Mary Cliti'e and to her son Charles one shilling apiece. To my lov-
ing friend and partner Mr. William Prideaux, Merchant at Malaga in Spain,
the one full moiety or one half part of what shall be due to me on the
Balance of our Account, all debts being first paid and satisfied and all ac-
counts adjusted. And also I give and bequeath unto the said William
Prideaux one full moiety or one half part of whatsoever moneys, goods
&c. shall be recovered of Mr. Thomas Wright the younger, for an adven-
ture he hath of mine in his hands.

The rest and residue to my loving brother Henry Vassall, merchant, who
is to be the sole executor.

The witnesses were Frances Bugg, Katt. Hansord(?) and Tho s .- Stokes.

In the codicil, wherein he styles himself John Vassall esquire, he makes
bequest to loving brother and executor, Henry Vassall, of all that my
moiety or one half part of all those lands, tenements and hereditaments situ-
ate, lying and being in Crake Hall, Leraing and A.skew, in the parish of
Bedall or elsewhere in the county of York, whereof my father Samuel
Vassall Esq. is at present tenent for life, forever, on trust &c. He shall,
with all convenient speed, make sale &c, pay and satisfy debts and lega-
cies; the residue to my honored father Samuel Vassall Esq. I have two
messuages or tenements in S l . Mary Axe, Parish of St. Andrew Under-
shaft, London, one now in the occupation of my said brother Henry Vas-
sall and the other late in thj occupation of James Stayner, merchant, and
now in the occupation of S r John Banckes, Baronet, and which last named
messuage I have lately demised to James Clitherovv, of London, gentle-
man, for forty one years from Christmas next at the rent of three score
pounds per annum. To my wife, for life, the said estate in the messuage
now in the occupation of S r John Banckes and the other messuage to
my father, Samuel Vassall, during his natural life ; remainder, after his
death, to my brother Francis Vassall, during his natural life, then to Samuel
Vassall, eldest son of the said Francis, and to the heirs of his body law-
fully begotten, remainder to Francis Vassal], the second son of the said
Francis, next to Henry Vassall, the third son, next to William Vassall, my
brother, remainder to Henry Vassall the elder, then to Samuel Vassall,
mv brother, then to the right heirs of me, the said John Vassall.

The witnesses to this codicil were Sa : Carletou, Francs Bugg. 6 Marche
(stylo Anglige) 1667 emanavit commissio Andrew Midleton, civ. Lond. mer-
catori ad administraudum etc. the goods &c. not fully administered.

Hyde, 29.

William Clarke (S. T. P.) Dean of Winton, 22 April 1679, with a
codicil dated 28 July 1679, proved 22 March 1679. My body to be buried
in St. Peter's chancell in St. Alban's, near my ancestors. The poor of
Stepney in Middlesex and the poor of St. Peters in St. Albans in the
Co. of Hartford. The poor of the city of Sarum and of the Soake ad-
joining. The Quire of the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, Winton,


chat is the Petty Cannons, Lav Vicars and Choristers, Vergers, and Bell
Ringers. Each' Prebendary of said church. My cousin Francis Vassall
my godson and my cousin Sarah Cox of London. My household servants.
Susan Raddish and Mary Bray daughters of Richard Bray late of Luton.
My dear aunt Mrs. Frances Preston. My dear friend Mrs. Anne Wind-
sor. William Wood my late servant. My cousin Elizabeth llackett my
god daughter. My cousin William Pickman my godson. My servant
Peter Venables. To the rebuilding of St. Paul's Cathedral, Loudon.
My niece Elizabeth Cooke. The estate at Cosines Bleaine, that was
settled on her, and the wood called Tilcost Wood adjoining that was never
settled. My old friend Master John Clarke, Rector of Asker near
Northampton. My cousin Thomas llackett of North Crawley, Mr.
Robert Pocock of Long Ditton, clerk, and my cousin Abraham Preston
of London. My cousin William Preston my godson. Lease taken of
the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's of certain lands, tithes &c. in the
parish of Tillingham Essex. My cousin Pyne, widow, daughter of Mr.
Vassall, Rector of Raleigh in Essex deceased. Mrs. Sarah Jeffreys daughter
of Mr. Jeffreys late Rector of Wandon Bucks. Alexander Henderson son
of Alexander Henderson of Stepney, clerk. My cousin Susan Preston,
daughter of Dr. Preston late Rector of Droxford in Hampshire, and my
cousin William Preston her brother. My cousin Mr. Abraham Preston.
Conditional bequest to the younger children of my dear cousin Thomas
llackett and the children of my dear cousin Francis Vassall and to my
cousin Grace Painter, viz.: two thirds to cousin Hackett's children and the
other third pare to the children of cousin Vassall and to cousin Grace
Painter. My dear cousin Mrs. Elizabeth llackett wife of my dear cousin
Thomas llackett. My cousin Francis Vassall the elder stands indebted
to me by bond the sum of fifty pounds. I forgive him the said debt.

Bath, 3G.

[Almost all the foregoing abstracts of wills I have had ready for the Glean-
ings these many years past, but I had waited in the hope to add to them the
will of Stephen Boroughe or Burrough, the father of Judith, the wife of John
Vassall. This, as will be seen, I found at last in the Rochester Court. Then,
too, I wanted to learn more about the family of Mr. Abraham Cartwright
whose daughter Frances became the wife of Samuel Vassall. The wills of
William and Alice Wade and Thomas Symonds show clearly enough who the
wife of Abraham Cartwright was and a "Cartwright pedigree in the Visitation
of London for 1633, 1G34 iudicates the family to which her husband may have
belonged. I should like, however, a little more light on that subject. There
is a pedigree of Vassall also in the same Visitation of London, which, by the
way, makes a mistake in the order of the wives of John Vassall, whose will
shows that Judith was his last wife. She is also called in that Visitation the
daughter of William Borough. The wills show that he was her uncle, and that
her father was Stephen Borough. This Visitation pedigree appears also in
Ilarlcian MS. 1470. I noted there a memorandum which possibly may not be
found in the printed Visitation. It is tins : " The Amies respited untill he can
send into France where his Ancestors remained." I have noted too that this
family have been noticed in Burke's Commoners and Landed Gentry and in back
numbers of this Register ami the Heraldic Journal. Through the kindness of
one of mv friends in the College of Arms I was once allowed to examine a
book of Miscellaneous Pedigrees (A. I., I. II., Vol. I). In it I found a pedigree
of this family which I copied roughly into a note book which I regret to say
I have left behind in London. This i f I recollect aright comes down so as to in-
clude the generation of Florenlius Vassall and even later. I have, too, one or
two notes of other wills which I have not yet found time to abstract and
which I hope to furnish Later. The following notes, however, may well come
in here.


Marriage Licenses.

March 26, 1563. Stephen Aborowghe and Johanna Overye of the parish
of Stepney.

Nov. 17, 1571. William Aborowghe gen* and Judith Joanes widow of
Stepney, to be married at Stepney.

Dec. 2, 1586. Thomas Skott gen* of Colchester, Essex, and Judith Abo-
rough spinster, of Limehouse in the parish of Stepney, Middlesex,
daughter of Stephen Aboroughe late of Chatham, Kent, Esq., deceased,
to be married at Stepney.

March 23, 1593-4. John Vassall of Ratcliffe in the parish of Stepney,
mariner, and Judith Scott of the city of London, widow of Thomas Scott
of the said parish gen'.

March 5, 1603-4. George Bartlett of Stepney merchant, aged about 40,
bachelor, and Elizabeth Burrougheof the same parish spinster, aged about
23, daughter of Stephen Burroughe of Chatham, Kent, mariner, de-
ceased, her mother also deceased, and the said Elizabeth Burroughe
dwelleth with her sister Mrs. King at Ratcliffe, who giveth her express

June 9, 1613. William Vassall of Eastwood, Essex, yeoman, bachelor,
aged about 20, son of John Vassall of the same parish gen l t, with his said
father's consent, and Anne Kinge of Cold Norton, spinster, about 20,
daughter of George Kinge of Cold Norton, yeoman, who appeared and
did give express consent, to be married at Cold Norton.

Feb'y. 26, 1619. Robert Salmon mariner and Joan Vassall daughter of
John Vassall of Eastwood mariner.

Oct. 14, 1623. Henry Clarke of St. Faith's, London, merchant tailor,
bachelor, about 30, and Joane Cartwright of St. Andrew's, Undershaft,
spinster, about 18, daughter of Abraham Cartwright of the same parish
draper, to be married at St. Andrew's, Undershaft.

Jan'y. 19, 1624—5. Henry Church of Wapping, seafearing man, bachelor,
about 22, at his own disposal, and Elizabeth Vassall of Ratcliffe, spin-
ster, about 17, daughter of John Vassal of Stepney, mariner, to be
married at St. Nicholas Aeon.

June 25, 1625. Thomas Vassall of St. Leonard's Eastcheap draper, bachelor,
about 24, at his own disposal, and Ann Dickinson of the same parish,
spinster, at her own disposal, to be married at St. Nicholas Aeon.

Oct. 12, 1661. Robert Arnold of St. Mary Aldermary citizen, bachelor,
about 28, and Mary Vassall spinster, about 20, with consent of her
father Samuel Vassall of St. George's Southwark.

Parish Register of St. Nicholas Acon.

1636, May 15. Mr. John Jones, Rector of this Parishe departed this life
at Higate in the Contie of Middesex on Saturdaye the 14- of Maye and
was Buryed in St. Nicholas Churche in the Chansell under the Commau
Tabell on Sondaye.

1640, July 24. Ane Jons widdow somtime wife of Mr. John Jons som-
time Rector of this parish, — buried.


1 61 9-20, Feb. 28. Robert Salmon of ye parish of Deptforde, and Joane Vas-
sall of this parish.


By Henry ^


Thomas Shelley:
de Scottis Ockolt in
Com. Cantii. Sup'-
stes te'pe E. 1, et 24
E. 3 regum Angl.

Joh'es Shelley:
Alius primo genitus.

John Petle, livings?
in reign of H. Ill

filia et hiBres
Joh'is Rolfe.

Tho. Shelley

a quo familiado

Shelley in Com.




Richard Petle^

Johannes Petle)— Juliana filia et
b®res Willi, do

dictus Senior
Obiit 1394, 18 R. 3.

Will'mus Brampton^Alicia filia et hasres
Miles, Maior Londi-
nensis. Ob. A 6 H. 4.
Sepult. in EcclesiaSt.
Magni London.

unica. Quarters both
lather's and mother's

Thomas Petlcy:

Sup'stes An'o 50 E. 3

et An'o H. 5.

-Isabella uxor elus.

Jacobus Braropton=Alicia filia et cohaercs

Quarters father's,
mother's and
grandfather's arms

Nich'i Arden de Ship-
ton in Com. Oxon.

Johannes Petley=Alicia filia et cohsores
Obiit An'o E. 4. Jncobi-Biampton.

Christiana filia ct=Johaunes Petley
lucres Thomas Obiit An'o 9 Regis H. 8.
Philpot. 6 quartering*.

2 Rlchnrdus Mannings:




2 fil.

ux. ——Bird
de Elthani.

3 fil.




4 filia

Agnes riiIni = J<
et coha;res


2 Hen. Manning^Caterina filia




2 fil. Marescallus Hos-

et Agnetae Kerkener,

ob. s. p.

ob. 8.

pitii H. 8, E. 6, R. M.,
R. Eliz. et Ob. 1593.

relicta Rob'ti Waller.

Hen. Manning=Jocosa filia

1 j
Caterina Anna

Do rath ea

Mnr^arefa Fortuna


utriusquc juris

Jacob! Dey

ux. John ux. .Insure

nx. Edward

ux. Tho.

V ic. ux. Thorn, . ,.,,

doctor. Jam

de Com. Buck.

Ludlowe. A vlmrr fil.


Bindon, renup. de Mc

sup'stes, 1607.


Eilin. Ludlowe,

Johis, Mar-


chis Winton.


Manning Arms.


Henry 2 Richard. 3 John. 4 1

Ill 1

1 1 1 1


•"rands. 5 Edward. 6 Charles. 7 Will

iam. Catharine.






Maria et



Martha twins.















ere, A.M.

Symon Manning
d'ns Castelliet. Villac de
Uettreds, sub Ric'o pri-
mo Regc militans < rn-
ccm susvexit iu Expe-
di'co'cad terram s'cnm.
Ob. te'p'e H.3.

1 Steph'us Manning:
Sup'st. tp'c H. 3.
Ob. anno 3 E. '2.

2 Robertas Manning

fratcr secuudus

Steph'i Manning.

Eylmer Manning
Alius tertio genitus.

1 Will's Mannings filia ct haeres

Sup'stes 14 E. 3. Ric'i Chyrfold et
Ob. anno 17 E. 3. Johanna 1 uxoris eius.

2 Rob'tus Manning
An'o33E. I,et3 IS. 2.

Simon Manning=Catherina soror Galfrldl

de Codhara. Su'pstes
46 E. 3, et 5 R. 'i.

Chawcer mllitis, Celeber-
rimi Poetae Auglicnni.

Joh'nos Manning de Codham=
Obiit an'o 13 H. 4.

Alicia filia Walden

de Com. Cantii.

1 Johannes Manning=Juliana filia et haeres

Ob. Anno 14 H. 6.

Kic'i Brokhill, Relicta
Will'mi Wallys de

2 Doctor Manning
Decanus Windsor.

Hugo Manning de Cray= filia Brandon

Ob. apud Cray Anno 1" AmitaCaroliDucisSuff.

Catarina filia Johls etr=Will'mus Wally»
eororllugonis Manning pater Walteri.

3 filius.


Walterus Wallys de=Alida soror Joh'is Leo
Codliam. de Adlington.

Anno 6 H. 7.

Richardus Wallys=
de Codliam.

■fanning=Thomazina Trady ux.
wne. 1, a'quibus Hugo, nater

iKH 8 Willifilmi Pt Kic'i ainn

j, t\ <{n luua nugo, pater
Willielmi et Ric'i sine
prole musculo



omas. William. Richard. Mylles

. . filia .... Burton
de Cassalton.

Georgius Manning^-Johan'a filia et haeres

de Downe, Alius
piimo genitus.

F da

Ric'i Wallys

Petrus Manning=Elizabetha filia

de Downe.

Modo sup'stes


et cohseres
.Incobi Verzelinl

Thorn, duxit Mariam Botley
de Com. Surrey.

Georgius ob. npud Cane in
Normandi 8. p.

Will'mus occisus in Hibernia s. p.

-Anna ux. Tho. Lambert.

(2) Rich. Broomehedd.
-Johanna ux. Henrici Welsh.
-Oaterina ux. Hugonis Underhill.
-Dorothea ux. Joh'is Webb de Surrey.
-Elizabetha ux. Griffini Greene.
-I'liebe ux. Jacob! Waters.

Joh'es duxit Margeriam filiam
Thomi. Johnson de Brenchley.

obus Manning
s et haeres






2 Nicholas. 3 B.irth'us. 4 Henricus. 5 Pcrciuall. 6 Petrus. 7 Georgius. 8 Edwardus.




1624-5, Jan. 20. Henry Church of Wapping and Elizabeth Vassall of

1625, June 27. Thomas Vassall of the parish of St. Lenard East Chepo

and Ane Dickinson of the same parish.

For these extracts from the Registers of St. Nicholas Aeon I have to thank
my friend Mr. William Brigg who has published these Registers (1539-1812.) —

Henry F. Waters.]

Manning Family.

Richarde Manning citizen and merchant tailor of London, 11 October
1544, proved 22 November 1544. After debts paid and funeral expences
"doon" I will that my goods &c. shall be divided into three equal parts
whereof Agnes my wife shall have one &c. after the Custom of the City of
London, and the second part to my children Francis, Bridget, Dorothy and
Anne Mauuyng equally amongst them to be divided, and to be delivered to
every of them when they and every of them shall accomplish and come to
his or her lawful age of twenty one years or else be married. The third
part I reserve to myself and to my executrix to perform my legacies &c. My
"suster" Joan Pope. To my brother John Mannyng all such sums of
money, debts and duties as my brother George oweth to me. The residue
to wife Agnes, to her own proper use, the which Agnes I make my execu-
trix. And I make and ordain my brother Henry Mannyng my overseer.

Fynnyng, 18.

Leonard Manning, citizen and skinner of London, 2 April 1545
proved 22 of April 1545. To be buried within the chapel on the North
side in the parish church of Barking, London. To my brother Richard
Mannying (wearing apparell). George Alen. To Audrew Bery my ring
with the signet or seal and four pounds sterling. To my daughter Agnes
Mannyng one hundred marks towards her marriage. My servant Thomas
Warner. I bequeath all my lands and tenements with their appurtenances
lying and being in the town of Sandwich in Kent to Eliz : my wife for
term of her life upon condition that she find and provide towards my
brother Richard Mannynges necessary (?) so far forth as the profit thereof
will extend. I will my wife do provide for and find my brother Richard
his necessaries convenient during his natural life, so that he be ruled and
use himself well towards her. The residue to wife Elizabeth and I make
her sole executrix. Pynnyng, 26.

Mtlles Manninge of Tedington, Middlesex, gen 1 , 25 March 1555
proved 25 October 1555. To wife Anne all her wearing gear &c. (among
other items) a sheet that is about my child. The residue of my goods &c.
not bequeathed I give and bequeath unto Hughe Mannynge my father,
which Hughe I make my sole executor ?.nd I make Henry Mannynge my
uncle the overseer, giving him twelve pence for his pains taken. My father,
the said Hughe Mannynge shall have all my lands and tenements &c.
within the said village and fields of Todington (sic) during his natural life
and if it happen that the said Hughe do die before my son Edward come to
the age of twenty one years I will that Henry Mannynge, mine uncle and
William Mannynge my brother shall have the order and the occupation of
all my lands &c. paying yearly during the nonage of the said Edward my
son towards his finding and learning to them that shall be charged with the


custody of the said Edward during said nonage four pound by the year &c.
and after the said Edward shall come to the age of twenty one years then
these lands &c. shall remain to him and his heirs male of his body lawfully
begotten; failing such then to my brother William &c. and next to my
brother Richard Mannyuge. Proved by Hugh Mannynge the executor.

Consistory Court of London.
Book Wymesley (1548-1556) L. 168.

Hughe Mannynge of Todingtou (sic) in Middlesex, gentleman, 28
July 1557, proved 9 May 1558. To be buried in the church of Toddington.
The high altar there. I will that mine executors shall distribute among
the poor people at the day of my burial in bread the tiar (?) of one bushel
of wheat and a kilderkin of double beer and as much cheese as shall be
thought convenient to be eaten with the said bread. To son Richard my
house and tenement with the land appertaining &c. being in the parish of
Dowue in Kent, with remainder to the next heir. To my son William my
tenement sometime Peter Larkes with ten acres of laud thereunto belong-
ing, with two garden plots adjoining to the same tenement, with all that
my garden plot adjoining to my house wherein I now dwell (and other
lands). My daughter Julian Cherrye. Elizabeth Mannynge my brother's
daughter. Emme Mannynge. My daughter Mary. My son Thomas at
eighteen. The residue to son William aud to daughter Mary the wife of
Stephen Domynycke ah Domrycke whom I make my sole executors. And
I make and ordain my brother George Mannynge and my brother Heury
Mannynge to be my overseers, to whom I give for their pains twenty pence
apiece. Commissary Court of London.

Book Darbyshere (1555-59) L. 36.

Jone Shelly of Westminster Middlesex, widow, 26 January 1558,
proved 9 February 1558. To be buried in the parish church of St. Mar-
garet in Westminster. Servants named. My daughters children Dorothy
Mannyng, John Nedam, William Nedam and Jane Nedani to be executors
and my goods to be equally divided unto them and to be delivered to every
of them at the day of their marriage or to the men children at the age of
twenty one years and to the women at the age of eighteen years. Mine
overseers to be Edmund Tymewell and George Gate who shall have the
governance and bringing up of my said executors till they and every of
them come to their lawful age as is aforesaid.

The overseers were granted administration during the minorities of the
executors named in the will. Welles, 40.

John Mannynge of Lambeth Surrey 5 March 1566, proved 9 May
1567. To be buried in the church of Lambeth. I give to my brother
George Mannynge a ring of gold of the value of twenty shillings or better
with a dead man's head graven in it and to his wife ten shillings. I give
to my brother Harry ten shillings and my lute. To my brother Harry's
wife ten shillings in gold or silver. Godson John Frauncis. My goddaugh-
ter — Barton. My god daughter — Disher. The poor of the parish of
Downe. To Peter Mannynge my godson all my copyhold land in Lam-
beth, in a field called the " Ote Arsche " holden of the manor of Kenyng-
ton. All my houses in Lambeth which be free hold and that I and my
wife did purchase of Richard Ide of Camberwell, after the decease of
Agnes my wife, shall be sold by my brother George and by my neighbor


John Cawstone etc. Aud after my debts paid, my funeral and legacies per-
formed and paid I give to Elsabeth Maimynge my brother George's daugh-
ter three pounds. To Isabell Bowdre four pounds. To Agnes Capon my
n suster" Popes daughter three pounds. To Richard Pope forty shillings.
To Margaret llogges ten shillings. The residue to wife Agnes whom I
make sole executrix. Aud I desire my brother George and my neighbor
Cawstou to be my overseers.

Commission issued at above date to George Maimynge supervisor &c. to
administer the goods according to the tenor of the will for the reason that
Allies the relict and executrix renounced. Stonarde, 16.

Erasmus Kirkner of East Greenwich Kent, armorer, 4 September
1566, with a Codicil dated 27 May 1567, proved 2 June 1567. My kins-
man Leonard Geball. My godson Erasmus Waller. I give and bequeath
uuto Katherine Mannynge my daughter in gold twenty shillings to make a
ring for a memory. The same to daughter Anne, to daughter Susan, and
to my son in law William Mannyng. To every child of every of my daughters
twenty shillings apiece. To Henry Mannyinge my son in law three yards
of crimson satin to make him a doublet. The residue to wife Agnes whom
I make my sole executrix. And my overseers I make my sons in law
Henry Mannynge, William Michell and William Mannynge. Lands and
tenements in White Friars in the parish of St. Dunston's, London, to my

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