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wife for life and then to my three daughters Katherine Mannyng, Anne
Michell and Susanne Mannyng. Lands and tenements at East Green-
wich, Kent, in the same manner, with remainder to my kinsman Leonard
Gebull. Stonarde, 20.

William Mannynge of Todington Middlesex, gentleman, 4 October
1573, proved 12 February 1573. The poor of the parish of Chevininge.
The poor of Grenwiche and of Todington. To my brother Richard a bed
furnished except curtains which I myself did commonly use to lie in and
also a cupboard standing in the kitchen. To Margaret Manninge a silver
spoon to the value of ten shillings. To my daughter Anne twenty nobles
of lawful money to be paid unto her at the lawful years of marriage or else
at the age of twenty one years, which cometh first. My god daughter
Anne Manning at fourteen and Katherin her sister. As concerning all my
lands both freehold and copyhold I will it shall remain as I have already
disposed it and as for all my evideuces and writings I will they shall remain
in the custody of my uncle Harry Manninge gentleman. The residue of
my goods to my wife Susan whom I make my whole executrix. And I
make to be my overseers Harry Manninge gen 1 , my uncle and Richard Man-
nyng my brother.

Wit: Harry Manning gen*., Griffin Lloyd parson of Chevening and
William Toothe. Martyn, 6.

Thomas Dunmoll of Einsforde, Kent, yeoman, 22 November 1581, with
a codicil written 3 January 1581, proved 27 January 1581. The Vicar of
the parish church and poor householders of Einsforde and other poor people
there. The poor of Shorham in said county. The household stuff in my
now dwelling house in Einsford shall be divided into two parts whereof one
part I give to Jane, now my wife, and the other moiety I give to Henry, John
and Thomas Dunmoll my sons to be equally divided between them. To
wife Jane lease of lands in Horton Kyrby and Sutton at Hone. Lease


of the mauor of Southcourt, lately taken by my good friend Francis Roger
gen 1 , of the demise and grant of my very good friend Mr. Sir George
Harte kn*., I give to my son Henry. Son Thomas at twenty one. Son
Richard and Thomas Dunmoll, his son. Jane daughter of the said Richard.
Every of the children of my daughter Fridiswide wife of Henry my son.
Servants Thomas Youuge and Isabel Plumleye. I make sons Henry and
John my executors and my loving and faithful friends Francis Sandbage,
Francis Roger, Richard Mannyng of St. Mary Craie and William Hinde
gen*, to be supervisors. Then follows disposition of real estate at Sutton at
Home, Eiusforde and Shoreham in Kent and Warlingham, Surrey. Lands,
tenements &c. in Nockholt, Kent, which I sometimes purchased of William
Tothe late of Nockholte deceased. Lands in Chelsfield, Kent, late pur-
chased of Raphe Pettleye. In the codicil he speaks of lauds in the parish
of St. Mary Craye. Robert Mannynge was a witness. Tirwhite, 5.

Edward Mannyng of Gray's Inn, Middlesex, gen 1 .. 15 March 1581,
proved 19 March 1581. To be buried iu the Cathedral church of St. An-
drew in Rochester. I will that there be distributed amongst the poor peo-
ple of Rochester, Stroode and St. Margaret's at the day of my burial four
marks and to the poor of St. Mary Craye forty shillings. To Edward
Mannynge my son my lease, interest and term of years of and in the Par-
sonage or Rectory of Iclesham, Sussex, with all the glebe lands, tythes &c.
to the same belonging. To Edward my said son one hundred and ten
pounds in the hands of William Carew. And my brother Richard Man-
nynge shall bestow and employ the said sum unto the use of my said son
until he shall accomplish the age of one and twenty years. I will and be-
queath unto Edward Godin (Goodwin) my cousin, now my servant, forty
shillings. To Samuel Mannynge my godson, forty shillings. To Parcival
Wiborne one of the prebends of Rochester forty shillings. I make my
well beloved brother Richard Mannynge my sole and only executor, to
whom I give for his pains twenty pounds. I make my well beloved friend
Mr. Francis Rogers of Dartford gen*, and my cousin Henry Mannynge of
St. Mary Craye supervisors. Then follows the will disposing of real estate.
Lauds, tenements &c. in St. Mary Craye, Pooles Craye and St. Margaret's
near unto the city of Rochester. The lands &c. in St. Mary Craye and
Poole's Craye to wife Anne for term of her natural life and after her de-
cease to remain to my son Edward Mannynge and his heirs forever. The
lands and tenements in St. Margaret's to the said Anne so long as 6he shall
live sole and unmarried. And if it happen the same Anne to marry then
I will the same lands and tenements shall remain unto my said son Edward
&c. And 1 will the tuition aud governance of my said son Edward unto
my brother Richard Mannynge with all his lands and goods until he shall
accomplish the age of twenty one years.

Rochester Wills, Vol. XVI. (1578-84), L. 175.

Thomas Lord Howard, Viscount Howard of Bindou, 24 May 23 Eliz :
proved 14 February 1582. My body to be buried at Marnhull, Dorset.
Sundry real estate &c. Two thousand pounds for the better preferment
and advancement of Frances Howard my daughter. My loving sister in
law Mary Fowle, wife unto Robert Fowle, gentleman, shall have the gov-
ernment and education of my said daughter until her marriage &c. ; or if
the said Mary shall happen to die or depart out of the Realm of England
I will the government &c. to my loving brother in law Richard Burton of


Carshalton in Surry Esq. or to mine executors until the time of her mar-
riage unless she be preferred to her Majesty in service. And I wholly re-
fer her advancement in marriage unto her Majesty. If it fortune my said
daughter to die before she shall be married then one thousand pounds of
the 'said two thousand pounds I will and bequeath unto my wife, or if she
be dead to Charles Lite als Howard my son, at his full age, or if he die &c.
to Gyles Howard one other of my sons. The other thousand pounds I give
to the said Charles Lite als Howard, to be paid him at age of one and twen-
ty, or after if the said Frances die before she shall be married. A tomb to
be made at Marnhull in Dorset whereas I have appointed, by God's per-
mission, my burial for me, Gartrude and Mabel, my late wives, aud the
Lady Margaret my now wife. The right Hon. William, Lord Burghley,
Lord High Treasurer of England, the Right Hon. the Earl of Sussex, Sir
Christopher Hattou Knight, her Majesty's Vice Chamberlain, Sir Edward
Horsey, knight, captain of the Isle of Wight, the said Richard Burton of
Carshalton Esq. Bartilmewe Clerk, Dean of the Arches, Henry Man-
ninge of Greenwich and Francis Clerk, brother of the said Bartilmew, to
be executors, humbly praying these honorable personages to take under
their honorable protections and defence my true and loving wife Lady Mar-
garet and my said daughter, that their weakness by their honorable strength
may be aided, protected and defended from wrongs and injuries as my special
trust is. I give as a token of my good will unto the said Lord Treasurer
two of my best horses, two of my best geldings and two of my best mares
which I have at the hour of my death aud to the said Earl of Sussex two
the best horses next them and four the best mares next them, and to the
said Sir Christopher Hattou two of my best horses next them and two of
my best mares next them (and to each of the other executors named two
geldings and two mares).

This will was proved by Richard Burton and Harry Manning, power re-
served for the others. Rowe, 13.

John Manntng of St. Mary Craye in the County of Kent, gen'., 28
April 1583, proved 10 May 1583. To be buried in the churchyard of St.
Mary Craye between the place where my father lieth buried and the chan-
cel wall. Money bestowed upon deeds of charity. The ringers that ring
at my burial. To my sister Ursula twenty marks to be paid at the day of
her marriage. My brother Richard Manninge. The reparations of the
church of St. Mary* Craye. My cousin Richard Mannynge of St. Mary
Craye and his wife. Every one of my brother's children. Frances Botley
my mother's maid. My sister James Manninge's wife. I make my well
beloved mother (Elizabeth), my brother Henry Manninge and my young-
est brother Martyn (Manning) mine executors and my well beloved cousin
Richard Manninge of Kevingtowne and my brother Hugh Mannynge over-
seers. Then follows will disposing of real estate. Lands, tenements &c. in
St. Mary Craye, Orpingstone, Foots Craye, Sutton at Hone, Senuock and
Chevenynge in Kent. My mother shall have and. enjoy all my lands &c.
during her natural life, doing and performing all things as I am charged by
my father's will. After her decease the remainder of my lands in Foots
Craye to my brother Hugh, paying to my brother Martyn forty pounds.
Lands in Sutton to brother Henry, paying to said Martyn forty pounds.
Lands in Chevening and Sennock to brother William, paying to brother
Richard ten pounds. Two houses in St. Mary Craye, after my said moth-
er's decease, to brother Martyn, he paying to my brother Thomas aud my
brother James twenty pounds apiece. Rowe, 26.


George Mannynge of Downe, iu Keut, gen 1 , 30 April 1583, proved 16
May 1583. To Johau iny wii'e twenty pounds by year and her chamber fur-
nished during the time of her natural life. To son Thomas fifty pounds,
to be paid to the said Thomas at the time that the years of his apprentice-
ship is expired. The same to son John at the expiration of his years. My
two sons George and William shall be kept to writing school one whole
year after this my decease upon the proper costs and charges of my son
Peter and they shall be bound apprentice to some trade during the time of
eight years and at the end of said years of apprenticeship expired they
shall have, either of them, fifty pounds. To my daughter Dorathy thirty
pounds at day of her marriage. I will that my daughter Phebe shall be kept
to school under the tuition of my daughter Dorathy and she, the said Dora-
thy, shall have forty shillings by year for teaching of the said Phebe during
the term of six years. And also I give unto the said Phebe thirty pounds,
to be paid at the day of her marriage. To my daughter Elizabeth Greene
ten pounds, whereof three .pounds is due to her as a legacy from my
brother John.* To my daughter Anne Broomehedd three pounds six
shillings eight pence. To Amie Barrykar at Lambeth three pounds six
shillings eight pence, whereof ten shillings is due to her as a legacy from
my brother John. To my daughter Katherine Uuderhill three pounds six
shillings eight pence. My daughter Joane Welche shall have the house
and garden wherein she now dwelleth during the time of her natural life
and id'terwards to remain to her son Peter. Servant John Wrighte. Rest
of lands &c. to son Peter and his heirs male forever and all my goods &c.
I give also to the said Peter whom I make sole executor. I will and or-
dain my brother Marry e Mannynge, Hughe Underbill, Richard Broomehedd
and Griffyne Grene to be the overseers and they to have for their pains
either of them forty shillings.

Henry Mannynge and Richard Manninge were among the witnesses.

Rowe, 27.

Thomas Manninge of St. Mary Craye in Keut, yeoman, 7 November
1582, proved 14 June 1583. To be buried in the church of St. Mary
Craye. The poor of that parish and of Orpington, Chelsfield and Eyns-
ford. Son George. Son Richard and his wife Anne. Anne wife of my
son George. Lucy wife of my son Robert. My daughter Margaret Re-
stone. Daughter Elizabeth Payne. Daughter Jane Dunmoule. Daughter
Anne Lawnce. Daughter Cicilie Dunmoule. Son in law Edward Payne.
Daughter Bridget. Daughter Johaue. To son Richard my silver salt cel-
lar to be taken after the decease of Elnor my wife to whom I give the use
of the same during her life. Suudry servants named. A sermon to be
preached to the glory of God and comfort and edification of good people
gathered together at the day of my burial. Wife Elnor and son Richard to
be executors and Mr. George Smythe, pastor of Chelsfield, Edward
Payne and Thomas Lawnce to be overseers. Then follows disposition of
real estate. Samson Manninge son of my son Robert and of Lucy his
wife. Rowe, 33.

Edmond Manninge of Clifton in the parish of Dadington iu Oxon,
gentleman, 8 May 1588, proved 21 November 1588. To be buried in the
church of Dadiu^tou near my ancestors. I give to my cousin Henry Man-
iuge his sou of Kent, which I am godfather unto, a parcel of ground in the

* See will of John Mannynge of Lambeth, Surrey, ante, ]ip. 1324-5. — H. F. W.


parish of Sisham after the decease of Mary Manninge my wife. To broth-
er Matthew Manninge my house and six yard lands in Sisham &c. and to
his beirs male&c. with remainder to Henry Manninge's son in Kent accord-
ing to a deed made between us. The children of my sister Slemaker. My
brother Matthew Maninge his children. My brother Simon Maninge Ins
children. Sister Katherin her children. Sister Agnes Swallovve her
children. Henry Maninge his children in Kent. John Maninge, my
brother Simon's son. Lease of the farm and mill iu Clifton to brother
Matthew wlio shall leave the same to his son John, with remainder to John
son of Simon. Philip Manninge daughter of Matthew at one and twenty.
Brother in law David Jones. Wife Mary to be executrix and if she re-
fuse then brother Matthew to be executor. My overseers to be Henry
Manninge of Greenwich, John Welshman, Henry Maninge of Kent and
Simon Busbie. Leicester, 9.

Robert Mannynge of Foots Cray (Kent) 9 September 34 th Eliz:,
proved 3 February 1592. I give my lands and tenements &c. at Croken-
hillin the parish of Aynesford in the County of Kent to my daughters
Elizabeth and Anne and to their heirs forever, their several parts to come
to them as they accomplish the age of twenty one years. And my will is that
my wife shall enjoy the said lands until their several ages, as is said. My
said wife Lucv to be my full and whole executrix.

Rochester Wills, Vol. xviii. (1.391-1605), fob 214.

[The above name appeared as Mannering all through the registered copy of
this will, but the original will on fde in the Somerset House, gives it Mannynge,
as appears by an official note on the margin of the Register. — H. F. W.]

Agnes KlRKlNER.of East Greenwich, Kent, widow, 3 September 1591 ,
proved 25 January 1593. My body to be buried near the place where my
husband Erasmus Kirkiner lieth buried in the parish church of Greenwich.
My daughter Manning, cousin Susanna Hinde. William Michell my
daughter's son. Erasmus Michell and Robert Michell. I make my
daughter Katberiue Manninge anil her son Mr. Doctor Mannynge execu-


Proved by Katherine and Henry Manuyuge, Doctors of Laws &c. through
an attorney. Dixy, 2.

William Mannynge of St. Mary Craye in the County of Kent, gen 1 ,
14 January 1596, proved 26 January 1596. To be buried in the church-
yard of the parish church of Craye as near the place where the bodies of
my father and brother John were buried as may be conveniently. The
reparation of the church. The poor of the parish. To brother Harry
Mannynge a messuage &c. in Kevingetown in the parish of St. Mary Craye
which were late the lands of John Marshall, now in the tenure &c. of
Thomas Standi ey or his assigns, upon condition that the said Harry pay
yearly to my brother James Mannynge the sum of forty shillings during
the natural life of the said James. Other considerations named. To my
brother Hugh Mannynge a messuage &c. in Coodham, Kent (and other
land there) upon condition that the said Hugh pay to my brother Thomas
Mannynge twenty pounds within one year next after my decease and to my
sister Ursela Botley ten pounds. To my brother Martin Mannynge a tene-
ment commonly called Masters in St. Mary Craye now in the tenure &c.
of Harry Mannynge my brother and another tenement now in the tenure


&c. of my brother James Manninge and anotlier piece of ground called
Clays in the occupation of the said Harry Mannynge. To my brother Harry
certain lands in Cheevenninge and Sevenacke, in Kent, sometimes the
lands of one William Toothe, the said Harry paying unto my brother Richard
Mannynge twenty pounds and to my sister Ursela Botley ten pounds.
Other considerations. I give and bequeath unto Jeremye Mannynge, my
brother Harry Mannynge's son, four pounds. To my godson Peter Man-
nynge, the son of Peter Mannynge of Downe, forty shillings. To Anue
Botley, my sister TJrsela's daughter, three pounds. To Elizabeth Starte
forty shillings. To John, my brother James Mannynge's son, forty shillings.
To John Starte the younger twenty shillings. Thomasin Walter, my brother
Harry's maid. Elizabeth, my brother James his daughter. I appoint my
brother Martyn Mannynge sole executor and will and desire my well be-
loved cousins Mr. Doctor Mannynge and Mr. Peter Mannynge of Downe to
be overseers, and to each of them for their pains my will is that my execu-
tors shall give a gold ring of ten shillings apiece. Cobham, 6.

Katheryne Manning of Downe in Kent 4 February 1594, proved
26 January 1596. To my daughter Dorothy Mannynge my house in East
"Lane in East Greenwich, Kent, now in the tenure of William Stanton,
with remainder to my son Henry Mannynge, Doctor of Law, and to his
heirs forever. To the Lady Margaret, my daughter, Viscountess of Byn-
den forty shillings to make her a ring to wear for my sake. To my daugh-
ter Anne Ayelmer a piece of plate worth five pounds. To my daughter
Mildred Fortune Whitefeilde a piece of plate price five pounds. To my
daughter Katheryn Ludlowe a piece of plate price five pounds and five
pounds more in recompence of a gown promised her by her father. To
my son Erasmus Waller five pounds. To my goddaughter Katherine
Ayelmer twenty shillings and to my goddaughter Katherine Whitefeild
ten shillings. To my cousin Catheryn Underbill of Greenwich twenty
shillings to maker her a ring. To my servant Anne Lambard ten shillings.
All the rest of my goods &c. I give and bequeath unto my son Henry
Mannynge whom I appoint my sole and only executor. And I appoint
and ordain my son in law Thomas Whitefeilde and Peter Mannynge, my
cousin, overseers of this my last will and testament and for their pains
my will is that they shall have one silver gilded spoon apiece.

Cobham, 6.

William Tothe of East Greenwich, Kent, yeoman,. 31 March 1597,
proved 3 May 1597. Mary Payne wife of John Payne. Wife Elizabeth.
A messuage late burnt, a barn and buildings and garden and the old hall
&c. in Chepsted (and other lands there) in the parish of Chevenynge
said county. All these to the said Elizabeth my wife during her natural
life and after her decease to nry cousin Henry Mannynge of St. Mary
Crave, gent. The rest of my goods to my wife whom I appoint executrix.

Rochester Wills, Vol. xviii. (1591-1605), L. 549.

Thomas Mannings of Foots Craye in Kent yeoman, 17 January 1601,
proved 24 February 1603. To be buried in the churchyard of St. Mary
Crave near unto the place where my ancestors do lie in the same church-
yard. The poor of Foots Craye and of St. Miry Craye. To wife Agnice
the house in Foots Crave wherein I now dwell, with the land belonging
(which lieth in Foots Craye and Chiselhurst) during her natural life. To



uiy godson Thomas Manninge son of my brother Hugh and to my godson
Thomas son of my brother Richard ten pounds each, to be paid unto them
by him who shall have the next estate in remainder of the said messuages,
lands &c. within two years and one quarter of a year next after the decease
of me and of Agnice my wife. To Agnice Botlye, daughter of John Bot-
lye late of St. Mary Crave deceased, live pounds (to be paid by the holder
of the remainder &c.) if she shall marry according to the liking of me and
of my brother Henry Manninge. My brother James Mauninge. Agnice
Sparrowe daughter of Robert Sparrowe. Matthew Manning sou of my
brother Henry to have all the messuages, lands &c. after the decease of
me and Agnice my wife, with remainder to Jeremias Manninge son of my
brother Henry, next to John Mauninge son of my brother Henry and lastly
to my brother Henry and his heirs forever. Wife Agnice and brother
Henry to be executors.

Rochester Wills, Vol. xix. (1597-1614), fol. 342.

Nicholas Vercelini dwelling in London (translated out of Italian)
2"> May 1600, proved 21 March 1603. Sou Nicholas (of the age of seven
years). Brother Jasper, dwelling at Venice, and his children if he have
any. The children of James my brother, of London. To Elizabeth the
wife of Mannyng, my niece, fifty pounds and to Mary my other niece, the
wife of Palmer, forty pounds. To Helen the mother of my son Nicholas
forty pounds, to wit four and twenty pounds in ready money and the rest
bein<j the sum of sixteen pounds which her husband doth owe unto me by
obligation for so much lent him in ready money. My moveables to be
sold for making a mass thereof, part beiug divided among my nieces.

Harte, 31.

Richard Mannynge of Kevingtowne in the parish of St. Mary Cray,
in the County of Kent, gentleman, 16 August 1604, proved 1 March 1604.
My body to be buried in the church yard of St. Mary Cray near unto the
place where my ancestors ly buried there. The reparations of the church
there. The poor of St. Mary Cray, Paulius Cray, Orpington and Chellis-
field. Mv godson Francis Mannyng son of my cousin Hugh Mannynge.
My godson Nicholas Mannynge son of my cousin Peter Manninge. My
two sisters Agnes Godding and Alice Barker. To my cousin Richard
Manninge of Curepedes ( ?) Cross my ring of gold which my cousin William
Death gave unto me. To Agnes his wife one angel of gold. Thomas
Woode late of Waldens and Joane his wife. William Barker son of my
sister Alice and Edward Barker his brother. Agnes Barker daughter of
sister Alice. The son of Francis Pierce deceased. My nephew Edw.ird
Mannynge. Edward Goodwin. My brother Clerke. George and William
Wyborne sons of William Wyborne. Wife Rachell and nephew Edward
Mannynge to be executors and my good friends Mr. Richard Barton and
my cousin Richard Manning the elder to be overseers. Then follows dis-
position of the real estate. To Rachell my wife my mansion house where
in I dwell at Kevingtowne and land late Ellen Starte's deceased (and
other estates, &c.) during her natural life and after her decease to remain
to my nephew Edward Mannyng, next to Edward Goddin son of my sister
Agnes Goddin, then to Samuel Goddin another of the sons of said sister
Agnes and lastly to my right heirs forever. Other lands to nephew Edward
Mannyng, with remainder to Anthony Hardinge one of the sons of my sis-
ter Jane, next to my godson Francis Mannynge son of my cousin Hugh
Mannynge aud his heirs forever. Other real estate settled. Hayes, 18.


Jacob Versellin of London Esq. and free denizen of England, 29 May
1804, sealed and subscribed 31 May 1604 witb a Codicil bearing date 9 Sep-
tember 1606, proved 20 January 1606. My body to be buried in the Chapel
of Downein Kentandover my grave I will shall be laid a marble stone wherein
I will shall be graven the pictures of myself and my loving wife, with our
Arms and some other remembrance or epitaph, upon which I will shall be
bestowed the sum of twenty pounds. Every of my tenants dwelling in Downe.
The poor there. The poor in the parish of St. Olaves in Hart Street
in London where at this present 1 am abiding. Christs Hospital. Other
hospitals &c. The children of my late brother Jasper Versellin late whilst
he lived dwelling in Venice in the parts beyond the seas. Elizabeth Guado,
my wife's goddaughter now dwelling with me, at her marriage, if with the
consent of my executrix. The residue of my personal estate to Elizabeth
my dear and well beloved wife whom I nominate &c. my full and sole exe-
cutrix. And I nominate &c. my trusty and well beloved friends James
Deane, William Petula, Richard Langley aud Thomas Fytch overseers.
Then follows the disposition of landed property, manors, lordships, farms
&c. To eldest son Francis forty pounds a year out of my manor or lord-
ship of Downe and out of my capital messuage called Valence in Westra-
ham and Brasted. A similar annuity to son Jacob. My capital messuage
called Downe Court in Keut. Elizabeth their said mother. To wife
Elizabeth all my manors, messuages, lands &c. in Kent except only those

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