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lands, tenements &c. which I purchased of my son in law Peter Mannyuge,
called Randall woods. Messuages &c. in Marte Lane als Mark Lane in the
City of London which I late purchased of Richard Lee. A messuage in oc-
cupation of Hugh Hammersley, merchant, which I assured to or for the
use of my daughter Mary Palmer at her marriage. Messuages &c. in
Downe &c. which I purchased of John Smith of London Esq. and Symon
Smith of London gen 1 . Lands &c. purchased of Sir William Cornewallis
knight to my daughter Elizabeth Mannynge, wife of the said Peter, with
remainder to my godson Jacob Mannynge, their eldest son, then to Nicholas
Mannynge, another son, then to Bartholomew, another, lastly to the right
heirs of my said daughter Elizabeth. A lot of other real estate to them.
Capital messuage &c. in Chevening, Kent, bought of Christopher Willoughby
of Penshurst to Michael Palmer citizen and grocer of London and Mary
his wife, my daughter. Their son John Palmer. To John Nowell son of
my late son in law John Nowell Doctor of Physick, begotten upon the body
of Katheriue his late wife my daughter deceased, fifty pounds at age of
twenty one. Elizabeth Nowell daughter of said John and Katherine.

Hudleston, 7.

Sentence to confirm the above will was promulgated 16 May 1607 follow-
ing upon litigation between the relict and executrix of the one part and the
four children of the other. Hudleston, 40.

Richard Mannynge the elder of St. Mary Craye Kenit, yeoman, 10
April 1605, with a codicil dated 24 July 1605, proved 27 November 1605.
A sermon to be preached on the day of my burial. The poor of St. Mary
Craye, of Orpington and of Crokenhill. Francis Tresse late of Hoo in
6aid county, yeoman deceased, made me his sole executor. His children
Francis, Anne and Ellen Tresse. My wife Agnes to be sole executrix
and my brothers in law John Humfrey and Henry Dunmowle to be over-
seers. To wife Agnis my mansion house in St. Mary Craye &c. and other


lands there and in Orpington, for the term of her natural life. After her
decease I give my said mansion house &c. to my nephew Tobye Manuynge
youngest sou of Robert Manuynge my late brother deceased, with remain-
der to Richard Mannyinge second sou of my brother George. Whoever
shall first enjoy said lands after my wife's decease shall pay unto Sampson
Manuynge, elder brother of said Tobye, live pounds and live pounds
apiece to Jone and Agnes Mannyinge daughters of my said brother Robert.
In the Codicil he refers to his wife as already stricken in years. Edward
Maunynge and John Humfrey were witnesses to the will.

Hayes, 74.

Elizabetei Vkrsilyn of London widow, late the wife of Jacob Versilyn
late of London Esq. deceased, her will made 5 September 1607 proved 27
October 1G07. My body to be buried within the parish church of Dowue
in Kent near the place where the body of my said late husband Jacob Ver-
silyn was interred. To son Francis Versilyn the three messuages &c. in Mark
Lane in London which late were the inheritance of the aforesaid Jacob.
To my son Jacob Versilyn one hundred marks. To my daughter Eliza-
beth Manning twenty pounds. To my daughter Mary Palmer twenty
pounds. To my grandchild Elizabeth Nowell fifty pounds within a month
next after she shall attain and accomplish her full age of twenty and one
years or within a month next after the day of her marriage, which of them
first happening. My kinsman James Mace. My goddaughter Elizabeth
Guado whom I have brought up of a child. Mr. Simpson parson of St.
Olaves in Hart Street, London, and Mr. Robinson in Mark Lane and Mr.
Langley of Merchant taylors Hall. The poor of St. Olaves Hart Street
where I dwell. The poor of Dowue in Kent. Son Francis to be sole execu-
tor. Hudleston, 77.

William Mannyng of London, gentleman, 27 February 1596, proved
2 March 1607. I give and bequeath unto my sister Phebe Waters five
pounds of lawful money of England, to be paid unto her within one year
after my decease. To my cousin Elizabeth Lambert fifty shillings. All
the residue of my goods &c, my debts being paid and funeral expenses dis-
charged, I give and bequeath unto my well beloved brethren John and
Thomas Mannyng, which said John and Thomas I make full and sole
executors. Windebanck, 18.

[The Probate Act Book for the year 1608, in the case of the foregoing testator
describes him as William Mauninge lately in the parts of Irelaud beyond the
seas deceased. — II. F. W.]

Martin Manning of St. Mary Crave in Kent, gentleman, 28 June
1613, proved 24 November 1613. I give and bequeath my goods &c.
unto Sir Thomas Norton knight of- Norwood in the County of Kent to be
disposed to the use of John Manning my son and Elizabeth my wife as to
him shall seem good and convenient for their behoof. And I make the
said Sir Thomas Norton my sole and whole executor. Capell, 110.

IIknky Mannyngk, Doctor of Laws and Chancellor of the Diocese of
Exeter, 14 June 101 4, proved 29 October 1614. Freehold lands and tene-
ments in Pagham, Sussex, and my lease for the term of twenty years of
the parsonage of Pagham to be sold and the money thereof coming to be
employed for and about the payment of my debts and legacies. To every
of ray younger sons one hundred pounds, to be paid them when they have


accomplished their age of twenty and four years or shall have fully served
and ended their apprenticeships or other service. To Henry my eldest
son, at age of twenty four or when he shall have fully served out his ap-
prenticeship, the sum of two hundred pounds To eldest daughter Kather-
in two hundred pounds at twenty one or within six months after her day
of marriage. To every of my younger daughters one hundred pounds (as
above). The residue to all my said daughters. I do make and appoint
executors of this my last will and testament my well beloved brothers
Thomas Whitfield of Morteloke in the County of Surrey Esq., Emanuel
Badde of Farehame in the County of South : Esq. and Edward Haydon of
Bradley in Wilts gentleman. And I desire Mr. Doctor Edwardes Chan-
cellor of the City of London, Mr. Doctor James and Mr. Doctor Burde to
be overseers.

Henry Whitfeld and William Jefferaie were witnesses. Lawe, 99.

John Morse of Aylesford, Kent, gen*, 24 April 1615. Wife Joane.
My four daughters Anne, Dorothy, Mary and Elizabeth Morse. Sister
Mary Clampard. Father in law Mr. Henry Barnewell. Brother in law
Edward Mannyng gen 1 , and brother Matthew Morse to be executors. Mr.
George Barnewell. Probate not given in Register.

Rochester Wills, Vol. XIX. (1597-1614), Part I. fol. 537.

Henry Manninge of St. Mary Craye in the County of Kent, gen*., 18
July 1610, proved 8 November 1620. To be buried in the church of St.
Mary Cray. My daughter Margaret Manninge at day of marriage or full
age of twenty and one years. My two sons Edward and Jeremy Man-
ninge. To son John Manning all my books and twenty pounds to be paid
him at his full age of twenty one. To my brother Hughe Manninge of
Foots Cray in Kent, gentleman, twenty shillings to make him a ring of
gold to wear in remembrance of me. The residue of my goods to my son
Matthew Manninge whom I make full and sole executor. And I make my
very good friends the said Hughe Manninge and Henry Kightley (of Or-
pington, Kent, yeoman) overseers. To my said son Matthew my mes-
suages &c. where I now dwell, called Waldens, in St. Mary Craye aud
Orpington, and a messuage now in the tenure or occupation of Thomas
Standley, in St. Mary Craye, and my messuage, tenement or inn called the
Black Boy, now in the occupation of Sibbell Eaton, widow, situate in the
said parish. Lands in Becksley, Kent, to Matthew and to daughter Mar-
garet. To son Edward a messuage in Eltham, Kent (and other real estate
there), and a messuage called Copthall in St. Mary Craye. To son Jeremy
certain real estate in Becksley and Sutton at Hone in Kent. To son John
a messuage at Keveingetowne, in said parishes of St. Mary Cray and Or-
pington, and all those my messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in
the County of Northampton which I have now in possession and which
hereafter of right shall come to me by reversion after the decease of Mat-
thew Manninge of in the County of Northampton, gentleman, and

of now his son. To son Matthew two pieces of woodland in Chis-

elhurst, Kent. Soame, 97.

John Webbe of East Wickham in the County of Kent, yeoman, 29
April 1624, proved 1 February 1625. To Dorothy my wife my house at
Welling wherein now George Hampe dwelleth, during her natural life;
and after the decease of the said Dorothy I give the same to my two young-


er sons Peter Webb and John Webb to be equally divided between them.
I give unto Oliph Webb my eldest son five shillings. To my son Peter
Webb five shillings. To my son John five shillings. To my daughter
Anne Best live shillings. To my youngest daughter Jane wife of Henry
Barnard five shillings. The residue to wife Dorothy whom I make sole
executrix. And I do ordain and appoint for overseers of this my last will
and testament my well beloved " brothren " in law Thomas Manning and
William Plasse and I give to either of them for their pains five shillings

Wit: Tho: Manninge, William Plasse, George Harape.

Rochester Wills, Vol. XXI. (1606-31), fol. 176.

George Manning of Skeethi in the parish of Orpington in the County
of Kent, yeoman, 30 July 1624, proved 23 December 1624. To be buried
in the churchyard of St. Mary Cray near unto the place where my father
Thomas Manning and grandfather Richard Mannyng lie buried. The
poor of said parish and of Orpington, of Chelsfield and of Crockenhill in
the parish of Eynsford. To son Thomas (among other bequests) the twen-
ty pou'ids which is owing to me by Henry Dunmole the elder and Francis
Dunmole of Eynsford. Youngest son John Mannyng. Ellen Mannyng
daughter of my son Richard. The residue to my second son Richard
Mannyng. Touching my lands and tenements in Lullingstone or else-
where in England I wholly give and bequeath (them) unto the aforesaid
Ellen Mannyng, daughter of my said son Richard, with remainder to the
rit/ht heirs of my said son Richard. The supervisors to be Francis Dun-
mole and Thomas Humphrey my kinsmen and I give to each of them for
their pains to be taken six shillings eight pence apiece. AVill somewhat al-
tered 28 October 1624. Edward Mannyng and Henry Dunmole among
the witnesses. Byrde, 109.

Rachel Feerby of Pawlins Cray in Kent, widow, 28 March 162.3
proved 18 February 1625. To be buried in the chancel of the church of
St. Mary Cray, in the said County, by my former husband Mr. Richard
Manninge. The four children of my cousin Edward Manninge, viz 1 . Rich-
ard, Thomas, Edward and Anne, at their several ages of one and twenty
years. My cousin William Barker of Sundridge and William, his son. My
cousin Thomas Godwyn of Saddlesvvorth and his sister Bridget Godvvyu.
Mr. John Turner of Staple Inn. My cousin Faith Lane. Certain copy-
hold lands and tenements in Ilamsted, Middlesex, being my own inheri-
tance. My nephew William Clarke and his eldest son Richard. The terra
of seven years, — which was the time and space of my abode and education
in Hamsted in my younger years. My nephew Francis Clarke and his
eldest son Thomas. My well beloved cousin Edward Manninge of Kev-
ington the elder in St. Mary Craye gentleman to be executor.

Hele, 33.

Anne Barnewell of St. Mary Cray, Kent, widow, 11 December 1627,
proved 2G June 1628. My daughter Joane Biggs wife of Jeremie Big<;s
of Colchester gen 1 . Her eight children, that is to say the four which she
hath by the said Jeremy Biggs her now husband and the four which she
had by her former husband John Morse gen 1 . Anne Biggs one of her chil-
dren. Mary Morse another and Elizabeth Morse another. The four chil-
dren of ray son Edward Manning of St. Mary Craye gen 1 . My nephew
William Dowries of Maidstone. My kinswomen Elizabeth Litle and Rachel


Litle. Loving friend Edward Staple and his five children. Susan Wy-
horne wife of George Wyborne of St. Mary Craye. My god daughter
Mary Legg the daughter of Robert Legg of the Hithe near Colchester.

Barrington, 62.

Henry Manninge citizen and tallow chandler of London, 31 August
1632, proved 8 September 1632. To my daughter Elizabeth Manning my
walnut tree bedstead with the crimson curtains and vallence and canopy all
of silk Turkey grogaran and fringed &c My wife's sister Elizabeth Beven.
Money owing unto me by William Bayley of Ludlow in Salop. My cousin
Edward Manning. I do freely give and forgive unto Thomas Manniug of
London grocer the sum of twenty shillings which he now oweth unto me.
My godson Henry Manning.

Item I give unto my cousin Richard Waters the sum of ten shillings.
The residue of all my goods &c. I give to my loving wife Ellianor Man-
ning whom I make and ordain to be my full and whole executrix. I do
suppose that upon account between my mother Elizabeth Maiming widow
and myself there will be due unto her about fifteen pounds and ten shil-
lings, which will be due unto her from me at Michaelmass next.

Among the witnesses were Edward Manning, Richard Waters and John
Banes (by mark). Audley, 91.

John Canon of Chiselhurst in Kent, 22 August 1630, proved 14 Sep-
tember 1630. To Peregrine Brittaine all my lands in Middlesex. Susan
and Anne daughters of Richard Brittaine. Jaue wife of John Canan and
her son John and her daughter Susan Canan. House in Greenwich. Rich-
ard Teton. To Richard Manning and his heirs forever Dalton's house and
the books. To Martin Manning my sword. To Martin Maninge and Rich-
ard Manninge Waters' house and land after the death of my wife. Other
bequests to these Mannings. Thomas Streate and his wife. Twitnam
where I was born. My will is that my wife shall enjoy my house and land
at North Cray during her life, and after her death I give it unto Peregrine
Britayne and his heirs forever, they paying unto the parish of Chiselhurst
ten shillings per annum forever. The poor of Chiselhurst and of Foot Cray.
The wife of Martin Manninge. Wife Susanna to be sole executrix, and if
she die I appoint Martin Manninge and Richard Manninge joyut executors.
Proved by the widow. Scroope, 80.

Susan Cannon of Footscray in Chiselhnrst, Kent, widow, 19 February
1635, proved 19 August 1637. To be buried in the church here near late
husband John Cannon. I will and bequeath to my son Richard Manninge
that house which I bought of late from Mrs. Holt, with remainder to my
son Martin Manninge during his life and after his decease to his son Richard.
My daughter Jane Canon. My son in law John Canon. Daughter Jane
Cannon's children. My god daughter Susan Manninge at one and twenty.
Richard Manninge the younger at one and twenty. Nicholas Manninge his
brother, at same age. My daughter in law Barbara Manninge. My sister
Joane Wakrel. Richard Brittaine. Elizabeth Streete and her husband.
My two sons Richard and Martin Manninge to be full executors.

Goare, 118.

Jeremy Manning the elder of St. Mary Cray in the County of Kent,
yeoman, 23 May 1651, proved 25 June 1651. The poor of the parish .of
St. Mary Cray wherein I now dwell. My daughter Ann Petly the wife of


Anthony Petly of Chelsfield yeoman. My wife Cicely Manning. Anne
Brooke. Joane Brooke and Mary Littlegroome the three daughters of my

daughter Margaret Littlegroome wife of John Littlegroome of Bromley
yeoman. Henry. James, Sara and Joane Gardiner four children of my
'daughter Isabel Gardiner wife of Henry Gardiner of Kingsdowne yeoman.
Anne and Sara Manning the two daughters of my son Jeremy Manning of
St. Mary Cray yeoman. My grandson Jeremy Manning. Susanna Man-
ning mother of my said grandson. Gray, 124.

Edward Manning of Kevingtowue in the parish of St. Mary Cray,
Kent, Esq., 14 April 1G87, proved 22 October 1G89. To he buried in the
chancel there as near to my loving wife as conveniently may be. Eldest
son Edward and his wife Ann Mannynge. My daughter Elizabeth Austen
and her husband Edward Austen. My own daughter Ann Mannyng.
Youngest son Thomas Mannyng to be executor. Ent, 143.

[Cowdham, Downe, Orpington, St. Marys Cray, Pauls Cray and Foots Cray,
parishes in which these Mannings chiefly had their homes, are all in the Hun-
dred of Ruxley in the County of Kent. Among the places which I have named
tiie earliest home to which this family can be traced was Cowdham, in which
parish we are told (in Hasted's History of Kent) Richard de Cherfholt had an-
ciently some property, in the hamlet of Bertrey, or Bettred, as it was after-
wards called, and held the reeveship of the manor of Bertrey under Geoffrey de
Say who discharged him from this office in the 15th year of K. Edward II.,
anno 1321 &c. He died without issue male, and his daughter and heir carried
the estate which he held in it, in marriage, to William de Manning, who died in
the 17th year of K. Edward III., anno 1342. From him it descended to Hugh
Manning, who settled at St. Mary Cray, and left two sons (says Hasted) of
whom John, the elder, was of Downe and Richard, the younger, of Kevington
in St. Mary Cray, where his posterity remained till within a few years. The
pedigree which I found in the British Museum (in Harl. MS. 1548, fo. 29) gives
this Hugh Mauning a third son Robert. Hasted gives the following note about
William de Manning, above.

" He was the son of Stephen de Manning ; of whom there is mention in old
deeds of the time of K. Edward I., who was descended from Simon de Man-
ning,to whom John Silvester of WcSterham demised land by deed in the 14th
year of K. Richard I. and who (as is recorded in an old pedigree relating to
this family) was engaged in the holy war against the Saracens under that


" They are said to be descended of an anticnt and noble family whieh took its
name from Manning, a town in Saxony, from whence they came into England
before the conquest, and some of them are said to have settled in Friesland.
They bore for their arms— Gules, a cross potence, orflory, between 4 cinqiiefoilsor.
Guillim, p. 138." (Hasted's Hist, of Kent, Vol. I., p. 124.)

In his account of St. Mary Cray, Hasted (Vol. I., p. 141) describes Keving-
ton as a manor and seat in that parish, " now (he says) vulgarly called Keviug-
town." This estate was for some generations the residence of the Mannings.
Here also the reader may find some account of this family. He speaks of John
Manning as settled in the parish of Cowdham in the reign of K. Henry IV., " his
son, of the same name, was also of that parish and died anno 14 K. Henry VI.
leaving by Juliana his wife, daughter and heir of Richard Brockhill relict of
William Wallys, one son, Hugh Manning, who was of St. Mary Cray and mar-
ried the daughter of Sir William Brandon, knt. kinswoman to Charles, Duke of
Suffolk, by whom he had two sons, John, who settled at Downe, from whom
descended the Mannings of Downe, Ilalsted and Wcsterham — and Richard,
who continued at St. Mary Cray, and had three sons." He then continues his
account of this younger branch of the family who remained at Kevington down
to Richard Manning Esq., who resided at Kevington, of which he died possessed,
April 24, 1753, without issue, bequeathing it by his last will to his Nephew
Denzil Onslow, Esq., son of Denzil Onslow, Esq., of Drnngwiek, Sussex, by
Mary, his sister. This Denzil Onslow, Esq., the son, resided at Kevington and


married in 1730 the daughter of Thomas Middletou Esq. In a Note on the same
page (141), we learn that Richard son of Thomas, the eldest of the three sons
of the Richard Manning who continued at St. Mary Cray (see above), is said
in his epitaph to have been of Mannings Hall, the old family seat. He died
Sept. 22, anno 1G05, in his 72 a year, and was buried in the church of St. Mary
Cray. He had a cousin Richard, son of John (another of the three sons above
referred to), who " married Rachael, one of the daughters and co-heirs of Wm.
White of Hampsted in Middlesex, and dying Jan. 18, 1GI0 (1G04), in his G3 a
year, without issue, was buried in this church." His brother Edward (another
son of John) was bred to the law and married Anne, daughter of Thomas Wil-
loughby, Dean of Rochester.

Through the removal of John Manning (the elder son of Hugh Manning of St.
Mary Cray above mentioned) to Downe the interest of our New Englanders
becomes transferred to that parish, since it is from this John Manning that so
many New England families are descended, through female lines ; e.g. the families
of Whitfield, Higginson, Lee and others, through one alliance, and the families
of Waters (of Milbury), Proctor, Felton, Porter, Putnam, Shillaber, Poole,
Benson, Whittredge and others through another alliance. The parish of Downe
immediately adjoins Cowdham, to the West and North West. The manor of
Downe Court, in this parish, was, we are told by Hasted (Vol. I., p. 116), " in the
reigns of K. Edward I. and II., the property and residence of Richard de Downe,
who lies buried, with his wife Margery, in the chancel of this church, but with-
out any inscription on his grave-stone, the brass having been torn from it.
This family becoming extinct here before the middle of the reign of K. Ed-
ward III. the family of Petle (later Petley) appear as lords of the fee. Ac-
cording to Hasted John Petle,the ancestor of this family, was settled at Downe
in the reigh of K. Henry III. and bore for his arms — Argent, 2 bends ingrailcd,
a canton sable. His son Richard left issue two sons, John and Richard. John,
the elder son, was possessor of Downe manor, as above, and died possessed
of it in the 18 th year of K. Richard II. By Juliana, daughter and heir of William
Troumer of Downe, he had issue Thomas Petle, who died in the 9 th year of K.
Henry V. and lies buried, with Isabel his wife, in the church of Downe. His
son John Petle married Alice, (laughter and coheir of James Brampton, by
whom he had John Petl«y, who lived in the reign of K. Henry VIII. He died
without male issue, leaving by Christiana his wife, daughter and heir of
Thomas Philipott, four daughters, his coheirs, of Avhom Agnes, the eldest, was

married to John Manning of Downe Esq. (above named), the second to

Bird of Eastham (Eltham?), the third to Cassinghurst, and the fourth

daughter married first to — Smith and secondly to Childrens. On

the division of their inheritance the manor of Downe was allotted to the eldest
daughter, Agnes; aud her husband, John Manning, in her right, became en-
titled to it. He died possessed of it, in the 35 th year of K. Henry VIII. , and lies
buried, with Agnes, his wife, in this church. His descendant (grandson) Peter
Manning, of Trowmer, in the reign of K. James I. alienated this manor to Pal-
mer. Hasted follows the descent of the fee through John Palmer to his son and
heir Michael Palmer, who, in the year 1GG2, sold it to Mr. Richard Glover. But
the seat of itself, called Downe-court, Hasted tells us, which passed with the
manor to John Manning, in right of his wife, was by his son Henry Manning of
Greenwich Esq., separated from the manor and sold by him to Sir Francis
Carew of Beddington, in the County of Surrey, Knight. It is from Phebe,
sister of the said Peter Manning and wife of James Waters of London, and
from her cousin Fortuna Mildieda, daughter of the said Henry Manning and
wife of Thomas Whitfield of Mortlake, that the New England families whom I
have mentioned are descended.

To my young friend Mr. Leland L. Duncan, one of the editors of the publi-
cations of the British Record Society and well known for the interest he takes
in Kentish family history, I am indebted for some interesting contributions.
He gave me a tricking of arms and a copy of an inscription which he found in
the church at Downe. The arms were those of Manning empaling Petle and
the inscription was as follows : —

Hie Jacet Johanes Maning et Agnes uxor eius filia et coheres Joliis
Petle de Trowener qui quidem Joties obiit A D" 1 MCCCCCLIII quo?
ftiabs ppicief Deus Amen.


At St. Mary Cray he found the following inscription (on a brass) : —

Here Richard Manning lies, who sone of Tlio Mailing cauae

He dwelt & dyed at Manings Hall old Iloinestalle to y* uaine

Zelous of Gods truth hateing sin to honest men right kinde

Hovskeper good & ioyed mvch to welcome frem & fryud

Good wit' a helper fit he had Assisted with Godsgrace

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