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the little house in Wadhurst where he now dwelletb, during his life. To-
wards the reparations of the church of Wadhurst twenty six shillings eight
pence. The poor of Wadhurst and of Worth. To John, eldest son of my
son Thomas, a salt of silver parcel gilt and to every other child of my said
son's, now born, ten shillings. The residue of my goods &c. I give and
bequeath unto Thomas Wiiytfeld my son whom I make and ordain sole
executor. To him all my copyhold lauds &c. in Wadhurst.

Lewyn, 18.

Robert Baker of Beyham in Sussex gentleman, 20 May 1604. To be
buried in the chancel of Frant beside my sister Martha Porter. I make
John my son executor. My loving wife. My child unborn if I have any.
My brother and sister Numan's children which they now have. My brother
and sister Warnette's children &c. My brother and sister Smyth's chil-
dren. The children of my sister I lowed. My cousin Elizabeth Vennell,
my sister's daughter, at one and twenty or day of marriage. Mr. Burnet.
My servant Thomas Baker. I give to my brother Thomas Baker all that
he oweth me. I give to my uncle Mr. William Whitfeild the use of one
hundred and four score pounds for three years, and one year longer if my
overseers see cause, the which nine score pounds be oweth me and must
make good assurance for the repayment to my overseers. The poor of
Frant and Withiham. My brother Thomas Porter. My brother John
Porter. My brother aud sister Ilawes. To my loving wife all my house-


hold stuff here or at Gilldredge. My brother Porter's servants and other
attendants helping about me. My mother Baker. Pinson's wife that
watched with me. Every of my own sisters. I give to my cousin Thomas
Isted my hawke. I make my brother John Porter and my brother John
Baker overseers in trust and give them full powers &c. during the minority
of my said son. If God leave me without a son either befo e he shall have
issue or he of one and twenty years then my lands to remain to my brother
by my father's will and then doubling my brother's children's legacies. I
commit the bringing up of my son unto my brother John Porter, who
hath promised me now to bring him up as his own son, and my overseers
shall allow for his maintenance. John Porter and Edmoud Ilawes among
the witnesses. Harte, 61.

William Whitfeild of Mayfeild in Sussex, clerk and minister of the
Word, 15 October 1G10, proved, March 1610. My lands and tenements,
with the goods and chattels which God of his goodness hath bestowed upon
me, to be all sold to the best value for the payment of my debts by my eld-
est son Robert Whitfeild and my well beloved wife Mary, his mother. And,
my debts being paid, of the money that remaineth I bequeath to every of
my sons William, Caleb, Josua, Samuel, John and Thomas fifty pounds
apiece to be paid unto each of them when he shall accomplish the full age
of twenty and two years. My daughters Agnes and Elizabeth Whitfeild.
My two other younger daughters Jane and Sara Whitfeild at twenty or
days of marriage. A portion I gave my eldest daughter Mary. I give my
daughter Mary a bible or ten shillings to buy one. The residue to wife
Mary and eldest son Robert whom I make joint executors. And I ordain
my most loving nephew Mr. John Porter of Lamberhurst in Kent and Mr.
John Baker of Chittinglie in Sussex mine overseers. Sealed with my seal
by me William Whitfeild preacher of the word of God at Mayfeild in Sus-
sex and vicar there. Wood, 22.

Herbert. Wiiitfeld of Tenterden, Essex, Esq., 18 September 1622'
proved 15 February 1622. To be buried in the parish church of Tenter"
den as near to my deceased wife as conveniently may be. I leave it to the
discretion of my executor whether he will make a monument or lay over
me and my son Anthony and daughter Elizabeth, which were buried in the
said church, three such stones as is over my said wife, with several inscrip-
tions on them. My son Herbert Whitfeld. My son Robert Whitfeld at
one and twenty. Martha Whitfeld, daughter of my son John, at one and
twenty or day of marriage. Son Raphe Whitfeld to be sole executor and
my loving cousin Stephen Ilerenden of Rochester, gen 1 ., to be overseer.
All my lands and tenements &c. to son Raphe, with remainder to Her-
bert, next to Robert and lastly to my right heirs. A codicil annexed bear-
ing date 22 January 1622. Among other bequests he gave to Robert his
gold ring with his seal of arms which he then and always before wore upon
his thumb. To his grandson Herbert son of Raphe forty angels in gold
formerly given to said testator by John Whitfeld Esq. father of the said
devisor. Swann, 10.

John Baker of Retherfield in Sussex gen'., 16 October 1623, proved
16 February 1624. The poor of Witheham, Retherfield and Frant in Sus-
sex. Loving lather in law Anthony Fowle Esq. and my loving mother
Mrs. Elizabeth Fowle, now wife of the said Anthony. My uncle John
Porter Esq. and my aunt Mrs. Anne Porter, his wife. My uncle Mr. John


Baker and my uucle Mr. Thomas Baker. My aunt Newman, my aunt
Warnett and my aunt Smith. My cousin Mrs. Knight. My uncle Mr.
Thomas Porter and my aunt his wife. My uncle Richard Porter. My
uncle Mr. Hawes. My aunt Hawes, my aunt Godman and my aunt Susan
Porter. My brothers John, Richard, Christopher and William Fowle and
my sisters Anne and Jane Fowle, my father Fowle to receive their lega-
cies. My brother Anthony Fowle. My brother and sister Farmer. My
cousins Richard, John, Thomas and Arthur Porter, sons of my said uncle
John Porter, and my cousins Elizabeth, Anne, Jane and Mary Porter his
daughters. My cousins John, Thomas and Richard Porter, sons of my
said uncle Thomas Porter, and my cousins Mr. Henry Porter and Mr. Ed-
ward Godman. My cousin Francis Pellet. William Weller. Mr. Col-
lyus parson of Retherfield. Mr. Rayner. Such preacher as shall preach
a sermon at my funeral. My cousins Mr. John Baker and Mr. Thomas
Baker of Mayfield and my cousin Mr. Thomas Ballard. To my cousin Mr.
Henry Whitfeilde forty shillings to buy him a ring and to my cousin Mr.
Samuel Whitfeilde twenty pouuds and to my cousin Thomas Whitfeilde ten
pounds. The children of my uncle and aunt Warnet at twenty one or
days of marriage. The last will and testament of Robert Baker my father
deceased. Uncle and aunt Smithe's children. The children of my uncle
and aunt Newman. The children of my aunt Howell deceased. Elizabeth,
daughter of my aunt Vennell, and my cousin Robert Vennell at their several
ages of one and twenty. My said mother Elizabeth. My said uncle John
Porter to be executor and my said father Anthony Fowle and my said un-
cles John Baker and Thomas Porter and my brother Alexander Fermor
and Thomas Houghton to be overseers. Clarke, 12.

William Whitfeild, citizen and cutler of London, 17 January 1625,
with a codicil bearing date 28 January, proved 6 February 1625. Loving
mother Mary Whitfeild widow. Brother Henry Elliott owing me money.
Manor of Lovin in York. Brother Thomas Whitfeild. Brother Robert
Whitfeild. Brother John Whitfeild and sisters Elizabeth. Jane and Sara
Whitfeild. Cousin Thomas Pellen at one and twenty. My son William
and my daughter Mary Whitfeild at their ages of one and twenty or on
her day of marriage. The sons and daughters of my sister Mary Pellen
deceased. Joseph Negus. Friends Samuel Wood and Thomas Ward. My
apprentice Samuel Browne. Loving brother Joseph Lister, loving cousin
Henry Whitfeild and the said Samuel Wood and Thomas Ward to be
overseers. Wife Mary to be executrix. Parish of Whadden in the coun-
ty of Cambridge. Bryan Lister son of brother Joseph Lister. Manor
of Bore house, Suffolk, which I hold of the Provost and Fellows of
King's College, Cambridge. Hele, 23.

William Blunt, 7 January 1625, proved 4 April 1626. My well be-
loved cousin Elizabeth Fowle wife of Francis Fowle clothier at Cranbrook
in Kent. My land in Kent near Tunbridge. Loving cousin Nicholas Ben-
nett and his wife and my godson William Bennett their son. I do give to
my loving cousin William Whitfield, out of the rest of the same land (land
near Tunbridge), ten pounds yearly to him and his heirs forever. I give
out of the same land to Thomas Whitfield and his brother Francis Whit-
field, to either of them forty shillings yearly; besides I forgive the said
Francis Whitfield forty shillings which he oweth me. I do give to all my
alliance and kindred in Kent and Sussex ten pounds to be distributed


amongst them in rings. My loving sister Elizabeth Crowe and my little
brothers Thomas and John Crowe. My cousin Wennell and my cousin
Maie. My loving sister Webb. My cousin Thomas Kidwell aud his wife.
The servants in Langherne Castle if I die there and the church and the
poor of Langherne if I die there. The poor of Bennadan in Kent. To
wife Mary Blunt all my lands (subject to legacies) aud she to be execu-
trix. Hele > 49 -

Isaac Hate of Netherfield in the parish of Battell, Sussex, gen*., 10
December 1631, proved 2 February 1631. To be buried in the parish
church of Battell near father and mother. Wife Ester. Lands and tene-
ments in Hastings and Ore. House called the Swan in St. Clement's,
Hastings. My brother Wennell. My right and title in a certain piece of
land in Rye, Sussex, which I had of my cousin Mr. Havell Page. Eliza-
beth Haye the daughter of my brother Abraham deceased. A certain
house or houses and lauds in Tenterden, Kent, belonging to my brother
Mr. William Whitfeild are- mortgaged unto me. Bills and bonds from the
said William Whitfeild and Clement Whitfeild his father made unto me.
My brother Edmund Haye gen'. Lands and tenements which were pur-
chased by Thomas Haye my father &c. Harbert Haye of Glimeborne Esq.
and William Haye gen 1 ., his brother. These to be overseers a:nd brother
Edmund Haye executor. Audley, 20.

Susan May of Peveusey, Sussex, widow, 7 April 1633, proved 31 May
1633. To be buried as near my husband as conveniently may be. The
poor of this parish. My daughter Hester May at one and twenty or day
of marriage. I give unto ray son John May fifteen pounds which now is
in the hands of my brother Thomas Whitfield, to be laid out to finish the
purchase of the house and land which I was to buy of Thomas Rowe, there
remaining only so much to pay for the same. To sons Thomas and Arthur
five shillings each. More to Hester. Son Thomas to be executor aud
brother Thomas Whitfield and sister Mrs. Hester Haye to be overseers.

Commission issued (at above date) to Thomas Whitfield, natural and
lawful brother of the deceased and one of the supervisors, to administer
during the minority of Thomas May the executor named in will.

5 Russell, 40.

Commission issued 9 July 1634 to William Whitfield the natural and
lawful brother of Thomas Whitfield lately in the parts beyond the seas,
widower, deceased, to administer his goods.

Adraon. Act Book 1634-1636 L. 37.

John Whitfield of Rowfarnt in the parish of Worth, Sussex, Esq.,
15 August 1635, proved 3 February 1636. To eldest son Thomas my
capital messuage called Rowfarnt &c, with remainder to second son John,
next to third son Robert, then to my well beloved brother Henry Whit-
field, Bachelor of Divinity and rector or parson of Ockley in Surrey, and
lastly to my right heirs forever. To sons John aud Robert five hundred
pounds apieceat ages of twenty and four years. The like sum to eldest
daughter Elizabeth at twenty one or day of marriage. The same to daugh-
ter Anne at nineteen or day of marriage and also to youngest daughter
Mary (at same age &c). A certain trust committed to Mr. Nicholas Wins-
ton, parson or rector of Worth, and my kinsman Abraham Edwardes.
Son Thomas to be sole executor. My manor of Marston Magca ah. Broad-


marston in Somerset. Lands and tenements &c. in Cliarlewood, Surrey.
I give and bequeath unto Dorothy Whitfield, my god daughter, daughter
of my well beloved brother Henry, five pounds, to buy therewith a piece of
silver plate, to be kept in remembrance of me, the said five pounds to be
retained and kept in the hands of my said brother, to be bestowed within
three years next after my decease if the said Dorothy be then living.
Elizabeth Whiston, daughter of Mr. Nicholas Winston and god daughter
of my dearest wife deceased. John Ilocommy godson, son of John Ilocom
the elder my farmer and sometimes household servant. Other servants
named. The poor of Worth and of East Greenwich [?]. To all my sisters
living at the time of my decease and to their husbands that shall survive
me and to all the overseers thirty shillings each, to buy for each of them
one ring of gold with this posie: Memor esto mortis et mortui: engraven in
the inuer side of the same next the finger. Three hundred pounds to be
invested in lands &c. and the revenue used for the yearly redemption of
Christian protestant Englishmen found under the bondage, slavery and ty-
ranny either of the Turkish Monarch, otherwise called the Grand Signor,
the King of Spain or any other popish prince &c. &c. And I do appoint
&C. my worthy friends Robert Goodwyn of Home in Surrey Esq., John
Goodwyn of the Inner Temple, London, Esq., brother of the said Robert,
my much respected loving brother in law Richard Southcott of Calverley
als. Calwoodlye in Devon Esq. and my well beloved brother Henry Whit-
field &c. overseers of this my last will and testament. Signed John Whit-
feld. Goare, 34.

Stephen Sparrowe of .St. Olave Southwark, Surrey, citizen and mer-
chant taylor of London, 18 February, 1 Charles, proved 22 February 1625.
I give and bequeath unto my brother Henry Whitfeild twelve pence. To
my loving wife Margaret Sparrowe all my goods &c, and I make her sole

Wit: Elizabeth Harvye. Mary Worlington and Tho. Wannerton, Scr.

Book Yeast, Arch. Surrey (1G22-1630) L. 203.

John Jowles ofNewiugtou Butts in Surrey Esq., 21 March 1638, proved
6 June 1639. My son John at one and twenty. My cousin Henry
Jowles. My wife Cornelia. Lauds in Rumney Marsh, Kent, settled upon
her. My son Henry. If wife be with child at my death. I have an
estate in Middleburgh in Zeland in the right of my said wife. My four
sisters. My sisters Joyce Baker and Dorothy Whitfeild the wife of
Francis Whitfeild. My godson John Whitfeild the son of my sister
Jane (?) Whitfeild. My cousin Mr. Henry Jowles to be sole executor.
My brother Thomas Whitfeild. My goddaughter Margaret Gibbon the
daughter of my sister Elizabeth Gibbon. If my cousin Mr. Henry Jowles
die before my son John or his surviving 'heir shall accomplish their several
ages of one and twenty years then I desire and nominate my brother-in-law
Mr. Thomas Whitfeilde of Biddenden, Kent, to be executor.

Harvey, 101.

Michael Wilkinson of the Island of St. Christophers in the parts beyond
the seas, planter, now resident in London and lying very sick and weak in
the house of Thomas Townsend of the parish of All Hallows Barking, in
London, porter, 25 February 1642, proved 25 October 1645. There is due
and payable unto me by and from Mr. Maurice Thompson of London mer-
chant, by bill of exchange, three score and ten pounds. My dear and well


beloved mother Merriel Nelson. My three brothers Robert Wilkinson,
Marmaduke Wilkinson and Thomas Wilkinson. If my brother Robert be
now deceased, as I do not well know whether he be living or dead, I will
that the legacies of my said brother shall become due to my said other two
brothers. I give and bequeath unto my sister Elizabeth Whitfeiid, if she
shall be living at the time of my decease, the sum of ten pounds, but if
deceased I give and bequeath the said legacy uuto and amongst her children.
I give and bequeath unto my said countrymau Thomas Townsend five
pounds. Anne Townsend wife of my said countryman Thomas Townsend.
The residue of my goods and estate, with my lands and plantation in St.
Christophers Island, I have already settled upon and disposed of unto and
amongst my brothers. My brother Robert, if living, to be executor, but if
he be deceased my said two other brothers Marmaduke and Thomas
joyntly together to be my executors and my said countryman Thomas
Townsend overseer.

Proved at above date by Marmaduke Wilkinson, one of the executors
named in the will, power reserved for Thomas Wilkinson his brother and
the other executor named &c, Robert Wilkinson, executor named &c,
being deceased. Rivers, 119.

Sir Raphe Whitfelde knight, one His Majesty's Sergeants at Law, 12
September 1645, proved 27 December 1645. It hath pleased God to take
to his mercy my very good and worthy brother in law Sir John Spelman
knight. The poor of Tenterden and of Bletchingley. Loving wife Dame
Dorothy Whitfeld. Son Sir Herbert Whitfeld. To wife the arrears due
from His Majesty for the Pensioners Place my son Henry hath in the time
Sir John Evelyn had the same place. Sir Herbert our oldest son. My
brother in law Robert Raworth, Esq. My good daughter Dorothy Whit-
feiid. Nicholas Leeke, Esq. To daughter Dorothy my silver pot and
cover called the "sully-bubb pott." Son Roger Whitfeiid at two and
twenty. Son Charles (at same age). Reference to will of Herbert Whit-
feiid Esq., my deceased father, and Herbert Whitfeld Dr. in Physick my
deceased brother. I did purchase of Sir Roger Townshend, Baronet, my
dwelling house in Barbican and other tenements thereunto adjoining. House
and garden called Kent House (purchased of others). Manor of Burmarsh
in Kent. Other real estate. Son Henry. Son Raph. Issue of said brother
Robert Whitfeld deceased. Cousin William Whitfeld eldest son of Clem-
ent Whitfeld, Esq., my deceased uncle. My cousin Thomas Whitfeld of
Rowfont in Sussex Esq. Issue of John Whitfeld, Esq., deceased late father
of the said Thomas. My cousin Henry Whitfeld. Bachelor in Divinity.
My cousin Robert Whitfeld clerk. My cousin Matthew Whitfeld of Whit-
feld Hall in the County of Northumberland Esq. My cousin Francis Whit-
feld son of my cousin Raph Whitfeld, late of Whitfeld Hall aforesaid Esq.,
deceased. Rivers, 156.

John Spellman of Haydon in Norfolk Esq., son and heir apparent of
Sir Henry Spellman knight, intending by God's permission to travel into
foreign parts beyond the seas, 22 May, 4 Charles, A. D. 1628, proved 31
May 1647. My dear wife and I are to receive and have of our worthy
and most loving brother Sir Roger Townsend, Baronet, the sum of four
thousand pounds as the portion of my said wife. I desire that the same
shall be paid unto my loving uncle Sir Ilamon le Strange knight, Sir
Henry Spelman knight, my father, and Raph Whitfeiid Esq., my brother
in law, and expended by them in the purchase of some manor, lands and


tenements in Norfolk, Suffolk or Cambridgeshire, to be assured to tbe use
of my said wife for her life, then to Roger Spelman my eldest son &c. next
to Charles my second son &c. Fines, 108.

Memorandum that on or about the seventeenth day of September One
Thousand six hundred fifty seven or thereabouts Henry Whitfeild of the
City of Winchester in the Couuty of Southton Clerke with an intent to
make his will and dispose of his estate, being of sound good and disposing
memory and understanding, did utter, nuncupate and declare his last Will
& Testam 1 in manner and forme following, or the lyke in effect, viz 1 ., I doe
giue and bequeath all my estate whatsoever uuto my wife to bee disposed of
by her to and amongst my children as shee shall see cause. In Testimony
whereof wee the Witnesses p r esent when the said deced uttered the same
words or the lyke in effect liaue hereunto sett our hands. Nath : Whit-
feild, Mary Whitfeild.

Letters of Administration issued forth 29 January 1657 unto Dorothy
Whitfeild widow, the relict and universal legatory named in the Will of
Henry Whitfeild late of Winchester in the County of Southampton de-
ceased to administer the goods &c. of the said deceased. Wootton, 17.

John* Whitfeild of Maidenhead Berks Esq., 3 April 15 Charles II.,
proved 13 May 1G63. The IIono ,lle and my most honored, worthy and
real friend William Willoughby Esq. My brother William Cherry gen*.
Manor of Auuton ah Aldington in the County of Worcester. The remain-
der of Sir Paul Pindar's debt due to Sir William Powell. Daughters
Sara and Hannah to have portions. Daughter Johanna. Eldest son John.
Son Edmond. Farms in Marlow, Bucks and in Wooburne in same County.
Son Richard. Son Ralph. Lands in Bray and Cookham. Son John to
go to Oxford, and thence to the Temple. Son Edmund to go to Oxford.
Godson Thomas Staples. Grandson John Staples. House and lands now
or late in the tenure or occupation of my brother William and lying in
Hidgenton Bucks. Brother William's five children. Nephews John Knightly
and Walter Kidwell. My sister Kidwell. Nephew Newell Kidwell.
Son in law Thomas Staples. Wife (Hauna). Mathew Whitfeild a wit-
ness. Juxon, 62.

Alexander Weldish of Bread in Sussex gen 1 . 27 November 1662,
proved 5 February 1665. Wife's son Thomas Freebody. My three grand-
children Dorothy Whitfeild, Elizabeth Whitfeild and Jane Whitfeild, daugh-
ters of mine only daughter Elizabeth Whitfeild, at days of marriage or
ages of one and twenty. Books wherein my wife's name is written by my
son Whitfeild. Daughter Elizabeth Whitfeild sole executrix and Thomas
Lake of Gowtherst in Kent Esq. overseer. Son John Whitfeld. George
Weldish. Children of Dorothy Lenham late of Gowtherst deceased, widow.
The children of my sister Dorothy Hermon deceased. Wife (name not
given). Mico, 37.

Elizabeth Risby widow, executrix of Esa Risby late of Saffron Hill
in the parish of St. Andrew Ilolborne, Middlesex, gentleman deceased, her
will made 27 May 1669, proved 10 December 1669. To be interred in the
grave of ray said husband in the parish church of St. Andrew aforesaid.
Reference to husband's will. His two nephews Thomas and Anthony Ris-
by sons of his deceased brother "Thomas. My brother William Whitfield
of Beakesboume in Kent gen 1 . Grandchild Sara Skipp daughter of George
Skipp Esq. and of Sarah his wife, my deceased daughter. Her mother's



picture in gold. My grandchild Thomas Goodwyn son of Theodore Good-
wyn Esq. deceased and of Elizabeth relict of the said Theodore, my daugh-
ter. My brother William Whitfield and his wife and his two daughters.
My brother James Whitfield and his son William. My brother in law Ed-
ward Crosse and his wife my sister and Elizabeth their daughter. My sons
in law George Skipp and Nicholas Cutler. Loving friend John Rowland
of the said parish of St. Andrew Esq. and my said brother William Whit-
field to be executors. Coke, 155.

Mense Aprilis Anno Dili 1685. Decimo die em* Como Nathanieli
Whitfeild avunculo et princili creditori Francisci Higginson imp poae sci
Olavi Ilartstreete London caelibis defti he'ntis etc. ad a(lstraii<3 bona, iura
et cred dfii defti. Admon. Act Book 1685. L. 45.

Decimo die Januarii 1584 emu' Lc:iia Curato SSi Magni Martiris ad
pedem pontis London ad solemnizancl mrimoniu) inter Thomam Whittfeilde
de interiori temple Loudon genosum et Mildredam FortunS Maninge puel-
lam dSe ciuitatis filiam nalem et ttimam Ilenrici Maninge Armigeri de
Grenewiche iu Coin Kan tie cu) unica bannoru) ediSoe ut est moris.

Liber Vicarii Generalis Stanhope
(Pars l ma ) 1583-90, 5, f>.
Consistory Court of London.

[The foregoing a'ostracts of wills of the Whitfield family I have kept by me
many years in the hopes of gathering a lot of notes ou the Manning family of
Kent to accompany them, for, as will be seen above, Mr. Thomas Whitfield the
father of our Henry Whitfield and the grandfather of Mrs. Sarah, wife of the
Rev. John Higginson, and probably also of Mrs. Dorothy, wife of Samuel Dis-
browe of Guilford, Connecticut, afterwards keeper of the Great Seal of Scot-
land, married into this family of Maiming, thus endowing very many of our
present New England families with a very interesting line of ancestry. Having
now collected and set in some order most of these Manning notes I have thus
redeemed the promise made some years ago in my Gleanings (ante, page 253).

A printed pedigree of the family of Whitfield may be found in Clutterbuck's
History of Hertfordshire (Vol. I., p. 189). Another I have noted as being in
Berry's County Genealogies (Sussex, page 15). In Harleiau MS. 1432 (240 iu
pencil) I found the following pedigree (with a reference to Hollinshed folio

Robertus Whitfield do Wadhurst.
in Cora. Sussex.

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