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wife, cousin Taylor's wife, cousin Clarke's wife, cousin Wimbishe his
wife, cousin Anne Wimbishe and cousin Thomas Lea's wife, now a

* See the will of John Hunwick of Colchester among my Cole wills in October
11 umber of Kegistkk for 1896 (vol. 50, p. 513; ante, p, 1221 ).— H. F. W.


Salter's wife in Bread Street, to have rings in remembrance of my love.
The residue to cousin Alice Cheney, Joane Russell, Hellen Woodhouse
and Wenefride Silvester, among and between them four to be shared,
parted and divided part and part alike. And I make my brother in law
Mr. Nicholas Ray n ton, citizen and Alderman of London, and ray loviug
friend Mr. Thomas Ferns, citizen and clothworker of London, to be the
executors and my cousin Hugh Humfreys, clothworker, and my cousin
Arthur Juxou, salter, citizen of London, to be the supervisors and overseers
of the same. Audley, 43.

[Matthew Graves, bapt. 1594, son of Thomas Graves of Limehouse, is
probably the one mentioned in the will. He had sisters Mary, bapt. 1570, unm.
in 1003; Susan, d. before 1603; Ann, ditto; Rebecca, m. after 1603 a Puzey.
Thomas Graves of Charleston was son of Matthew's uncle John Graves. Mat-
thew's aunt Joan, m. 1603 Nathaniel Moulson. See notes on ancestry of
Thomas Graves in Essex Institute Hist. Col., vol. xxxi., p. 166.— Eben Put-

Commission issued 2 June 1634 to Ellis (or Elias) Juxon, natural and
lawful brother of Alban Juxon, deceased in parts beyond the seas, to ad-
minster his goods &c. Admon. Act Book (1634-1636) fob 30.

Commission issued 7 April 1635 to Elizabeth Juxon mother of Ri-
chard Juxon late of Cambridge deceased to administer his goods &c.

Admon. Act Book (1634-1636) fol. 98.

Robert Retnoldes of Stockersou ah. Stockefaston, Leicestershire;
Esq. 16 July 1634, proved 16 February 1635. To my kinswoman widow
Spencer of Loudon five pounds in money and to her daughter Anne the
wife of Mr. Juxon, trumpeter, forty shillings in money. Sir Thomas Bur-
ton, knight and baronet. My grandchildren Mr. John Burton, Mr. Tho-
mas Burton, Jane Burton, Mary Holdinge and Charles Havers. Others
named. Messuages &c. in Branston in the county of Rutland. My
grandchild John Havers. My wife Anne sole executrix.

Then follows sententia pro confirmatione &c. which was promulgated 1 6
February 1635 following upon litigation between Sir Thomas Burton
knight, father and curator ad lites of John, Thomas and Jane Burton,
grandsons by the daughter of the deceased, of the one part and Anne
Reynolds, now deceased, whilst she lived relict and executrix of the de-
ceased and now between John Havers Esq. executor of the will of the
aforesaid Anne Reynoldes deceased, of the other part. Pile, 17.

[Near the above, in the same quire, is the registration of the will of Anne
Reynoldes, widow of the foregoing. She mentions her various relatives named
Burton, Holden or Holdinge and Havers, but throws no light whatever upon the
Juxson(?) connection.

Here might come the will of Thomas Ferrers, citizen and clothworker of
London, who seems to have married Judith the widow of John Juxon. This
will was made 5 March 11 Charles, with a codicil dated 14 March 1635, proved
17 January 1636. He mentions wife Judith and the children she had by her
former husbands, without naming them, and also her uncle Sir Nicholas Rayn-
ton and her brother Nicholas Raynton. This is all I found in his will bearinsr
on his wife's relationships. In case any one interested w^ould like to make a
further and larger examination of it, I would say it is registered in Book
Goare (11).]

Elizabeth Juxon of St. Michael Pater Noster in the Royal, Lon-
don, widow, late the wife of Mr. Thomas Juxon, whilest he lived, citizen
and merchant taylor of London, 12 December, 1637, with a codicil added 1


January 1G37, proved 12 January 1G37. To be buried in the parish
church of St. Michael Pater Noster, whereof I am a parishioner, iu the
upper end of the South aisle, on the right hand, as near unto the body of
my said late well beloved husband Mr. Thomas Juxon as possibly I can
be laid in Christianlike manner. I do give and bequeath six hundred
pounds apiece unto my son Elias Juxon, my son Thomas Juxou, my
daughter Mary Hobby widow and my daughter Elizabeth Cotton widow,
late the wife of Sampson Cotton late citizen and draper of London de-
ceased. To the church two pots of silver, with covers, to be forever used
and employed at the Communions or Sacraments, &c, and cases to be
made for them. To sou Elias the lease of the house wherein he now
dwelleth, in the said parish. To John, Richard, Anne and Rachell Hob-
by, the children of my daughter Mary Hobby, ten pounds apiece. To
Anne, the wife of Mr. Thomas Walters and one of the daughters of my
said daughter Elizabeth Cotton, ten pounds. To Elizabeth, the wife of
Edmond Sheafe and one other of the daughters of my said daughter Eliza-
beth Cotton, ten pounds. Ten pounds apiece to the other children of my
said daughter Elizabeth Cotton, viz 1 . James, Johane, Hester, Sarah and
Thomas Cotton, to be paid to the male children at their several ages
of twenty and one years and to the females at ages of twenty and one or
days of marriage. To my loving sister the Lady Pye, late the wife of
Sir Walter Pye, ten pounds as a token of my love to her. Five pounds
as a token to ray cousin Mrs. Elizabeth Charnock. Twenty pounds to my
loving sister Mrs. Mary Hanckinson. Forty shillings to my sister Coleby
widow for a ring. To son Thomas Juxon the lease of ray house and gar-
den in the parish of St. Giles without Cripplegate, London, which I hold
of the Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of London, so as my said son
Thomas do permit and suffer his sisters, as often as they shall have occa-
sion, to dry their clothes within the same garden without yielding or pay-
ing any consideration or allowance for the same. To my cousin Michael
Handcorne fifteen pounds. To Charles Faldo who did surrender his place
unto my son Richard Juxon in Eaton College five pounds. To Elizabeth
and Rebecka Pitt, the children of William Pitt by my late daughter Re-
becka deceased, and to Elizabeth Hill the daughter of John Hill by my
late daughter Sara, also deceased, the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds,
equally amongst them to be divided, i.e. to every one of them fifty pounds
apiece, at twenty one or day of marriage. To Thomas Walter, late ser-
vant of my late son in law Sampson Cotton, five pounds. The same to
P^lizabeth Burton daughter of my brother Toby Ireland. To Anne Hob-
by the Turkey carpet which her late deceased father gave me. Gifts to cer-
tain friends who are named. My loving cousin Mr. Nicholas Crispe and my
loving friend Richard Rochdale I do request to be aiding to my exe-
cutrix by their advice and pains. Reference to an annuity left by late
husband to son Ellis payable out of certain lands at or near Newbury.
Reference to the part which daughter Elizabeth Cotton is to pay towards
the great charge expended and laid out in and about the new building
and repairing of the ruins and decays of the messuage or tenement where-
in a joint trade of refining sugars between us is used by means of a
casualty of fire therein lately happened. The lease of the said messuage
granted by Christopher Citherowe and Thomas Offeley and his wife. The
residue to my sons Elias and Thomas and my daughters Elizabeth
Cotton and Mary Hobby. Reference made to a partnership in the life
time of Sampsou Cotton between him and me for the refining, buying and


selling of sugars. His widow Elizabeth Cotton solely interested as ex-
ecutrix of his will. My said daughter Elizabeth Cottou to be full and sole
executrix of this my last will and testament. In the codicil a bequest to
Hester Juxon the daughter of son Elias (at age of twenty or day of mar-
riage). Elizabeth Juxon the daughter of my sou Thomas. Mrs. Woorrae.
My cousiu Bowles. Samuel Crispe. Tobyas Crispe. Anthony Boxe.
John Boxe. Martha Burt. Lee, 5.

Commission issued 26 April 1638 to Thomas Juxon husband of Joanne
Juxon late whilst she lived of Trinity parish Loudon, to administer her
goods &c. Admon. Act Book 1639-1640, Leaf 25.

Mary Hankenson of London, widow, 5 October 1638, proved 28 Sep-
tember 1640. My body to be decently buried in the parish church of St.
Meldreds Breadstreete, London, by the side of my late father and mother
who lie buried there. I give and bequeath unto my loving and much re-
spected sister whom I acknowledge myself much bound unto, that is to say
Dame Hester Pye, forty shillings to buy her a ring to wear in remembrance
of my love. To my loving cousins Mr. Nicholas Crispe, one of the city
captains, and Mr. Samuel Crispe, his brother, twenty shillings apiece to buy
them rings &c. To my three daughters, Mary Boles, Elizabeth Hawkes
and Martha Burt six pounds (eight?) shillings and four pence apiece and
to their husbands, my loving sons in law, forty shillings apiece. The three
children of my late daughter Bridget Abdy deceased, viz'., Hester, Nich-
olas and Mary Abdy. Their father George Abdy. My two sons Anthony
and John Box and their two wives Anne and Joane Box. My grandchil-
dren Anne, Philip and Nicholas Boles, and Elizabeth Palmer and Mary
Hickes, and Hester Billingham, and Thomas Halden and Tobias Halden,
and Sarah Hawkes, and Mary, Elizabeth, Martha, Anne, Bridget, Sara.
Hester and Paul Burte. The children of son John Box, viz 1 ., Hester,
Anne, Mary and Elizabeth Box. To my loving wife ( ?) Elizabeth Char-
nock twenty shillings and also the ring which my sister Juckson gave me.
Ten of the poorest that were dwelling at Nettlebedd when I lived there.
Ten of the poorest that were dwelling at Maidenhead when I came from
thence. My grandchild Nathaniel Box. Richard Hankenson the grand-
child of my late husband deceased. To so many of my children as shall
take pains with me in my sickness twenty shillings apiece. The bond
which I have of Richard Hankenson's shall be delivered unto him immedi-
ately after my decease. To my son Philip Boles and Mary his wife five
pounds in respect I have " byn " troublesome to them. To my son John
Box, over and besides what I have already given him, five pounds more in
respect of my motherly love to him and the duty and respect he always
shewed to me, and to Aune Box his wife my best embroidered gloves
which my sister Juckson gave me. There is fifty pounds remaining in the
hands of my said loving sister the Lady Pye as executrix to Ellice Crispe,
her late husband deceased, who was executor to my father John Ireland
deceased, who gave it me to give away by my last will to whom I should
think fit. My son John Box to be executor. Coventry, 123.

Thomas Scales citizen and merchant tailor of London, 1 May 1639,
with codicils dated 27 August, 10 October, 3 November and 1 December
1639, proved 21 October 1640. My cousin Richard Tanner. Two mes-
suages in St. John's Walbrooke, one of which a corner messuage wherein


I myself lately dwelt called the Red Lion, now in the occupation of Thomas
Seasbricke, and the other known by the name or sign of the Three Shep-
hards. My cousin Anne Belgrave. To my cousin Judith Wilson a tene-
ment in the said parish of St. John upon Walbrooke known as the Ship,
now in the occupation of William Rawson, this for her natural life and
afterwards to her son Thomas Wilson. My cousin George Laingharn my
late sister's son. My eight tenements in the parish of St. Thomas Apostle
in Vintry Ward. Susan Orball, my late wife's sister. My cousin Hester
Webster, widow. Tenements leased to Humphrey Gould, in part whereof
is his own dwelling and in another part his son's dwelling. My kinsman
John Petty. My cousin George Fyson son unto my late cousin Elizabeth
Fyson deceased. A great capital messuage called the Tower Royal in the
parish of St. Thomas Apostles in Cordwainer Ward. The poor of the
parish of Mortlake Surrey. My cousin Richard Webb. Three of his sis-
ters, Anne Belgrave, Eliz: Coxon, Judith Wilson. My cousin Margaret
Buckley at twenty one or day of marriage. My good friend and neighbor
Mr. Richard Lee of Mortlake. My late wife's kinsman Mr. John Laine of
the Temple. Susan Orbell, my late wife's sister, and her son Richard
Rathborne. My said wife's kinsman John Chery and his sister Anne Fo-
den the wife of William Foden of London, silk dier. My cousin Samuel
Buckley. My cousin Hester Petty. My cousin Hester Webster, widow.
My cousin Anue Belgrave's son Richard Tanner. My cousin Hester
Brint. My cousin Susan Juxon. My cousin Judith Harvey. My cousin
Elizabeth Laingham. My cousin John Juxon. My cousin Bette Fyson.
Tomasin Fyson. My brother in law George Laingharn to be sole executor
and my cousin Mr. Robert Fyson overseer. My cousin Richard Snead my

late sister's son. My loving friend Mrs. Whitehead of London

widow, aunt to my cousin John Juxon. Mr. Thomas Edwardes sou in law
to my neighbor Mr. Richard Lee.

The signature appended to the will and to each of the codicils was plain-
ly (on the Register) Thomas Seales. Coventry, 135.

Commission issued 12 December 1642 to Judith Juxon widow, relict of
Thomas Juxon lately of the parish of St. Giles without Cripplegate, Lon-
don, deceased, to administer his goods &c.

Admon. Act Book (1641-1642), L. 175.

Dame Hester Pye of London widow, 5 June 1641, with a codicil ad-
ded 26 November 1641, proved 18 March 1642(3). My son in law Sir
Walter Pye. My daughter in law Dame Anne Crispe. My Cousin Eliza-
beth Burton and her children. My cousin Mary Browninge and her chil-
dren. I give to my cousin Mrs. Elizabeth Cotton a ring of forty shillings
price. The same each to cousin Mary Hobbey widow, cousin Elias Juxon
and cousin Thomas Juxon. To my cousin Bowles five pouuds. To my
cousin Hawkes five pounds to be disposed of by her at her own pleasure. My
cousins Martha Burt. John Boxe and Anthony Boxe. I do give to my
brother Rowland Willson and his wife a ring of three pouuds price apiece
and to my cousin Rowland Willson and his wife, to either of them a ring
of forty shillings price. To my cousin Rebecca Strowde, my cousin Skelton
and my cousin Wbitaker, to every of them a ring of forty shillings price.
Sir Richard Younge and his lady. To the Worshipful Company of the
Salters in London a pair of pots of silver of the value of twenty and five
pounds in acknowledgement of my love to them and especially the thank-
fulness of my heart to my good God for his blessing that my dear husband


aud loving father did reap by their labors in that calling, being members
of that Society, from wbom I received my best livelihood, praised be to
God. The parish church of St. Mildreds in Bread Street, London (where
I did receive the seal of my new birth in baptism). Aud my will and
mind is that my body be buried in the vault with my dear and loving hus-
band and ancestors. A lot of clergymen named (among whom Mr. Cala-
my of St. Mary Aldermary Church whom she wishes to preach at her
funeral). To Hester Ireland daughter of John Ireland five pounds and to
Anne Crosse forty shillings. To Richard Rochdale forty shillings. To
sundry Hospitals &c. To the poor of Marshfield within the county of Glou-
cester six pounds, to be distributed by my cousin Thomas Crispe, my broth-
er Vinar (or Viner) and the parson and churchwardens. The almswomen
of Marshfield. To my daughter Elizabeth Charnocke, wife of Roger
Charnocke, one hundred pounds, at her own dispose aud her husband shall
not have any interest therein or any part thereof or any intermedling there-
with, but to be by her disposed for the benefit and advancement of such child
or children as she shall think fit. Her eldest daughter Elizabeth Char-
nocke. Another grandchild Hester Charnocke. Daughter Mary Crispe.
Katherine Crispe. My sons Sir Nicholas Crispe, knight, Samuel Crispe
and Tobias Crispe. Sons Sir Nicholas and Samuel Crispe to be executors
and cousin Mr. George Strowde, brother Mr. Rowland Willson aud son To-
bias Crispe to be overseers. Reference to will of late husband Ellys
Crispe. Son in law Roger Charnocke of Gray's Inn, Middlesex, Esq.
John Box citizen and Salter of London. Thomas Ince, Robert Charnocke
a^id Roger Charnocke, the three sons of my said daughter Elizabeth, by
Thomas Ince her former husband and by the said Roger Charnocke her now
husband. Crane, 26.

[The first husband of the testatrix was Ellis Crispe, whose will is printed on
page 108 {ante p. 1362). The will of her father John Ireland is on page 106
{ante p. 13G0). — j. w. d.]

Elizabeth Keeeell of East Sheene in parish of Mortlake, Surrey,
widow, 20 July 1642. To be buried in the parish church there. Eliza-
beth Gethings daughter of my grandchild Gethinge. The Worshipfull
John Clarke Doctor of Phisick of Creed Lane London. My son Henry
Kerrell. My grandchild John Juxon. One Mrs. Oliver or one Mr. Nichol-
son her son in law. My daughter in law Lucie Kerrell wife of my said
son Henry. My grandchild Elizabeth Kerrell daughter of my son John
Kerrell deceased (he a freeman of London). My other two grandchildren
John and William Kerrell. Bequest made by my husband to Elizabeth
Gethings wife of Morrice Gethings. Elizabeth Frewen wife of Henry Frewen
of Reading, pewterer. James Frewen son of my cousin Frewen of Bark-
ing shall have delivered to him his part of linen left him by his grand-
mother (my sister Greene) which is now remaining in my house and put
up together for him in a trunk, which trunk is marked H. K. His broth-
er, Thomas Frewen. My sister Clarke. My god daughter Elizabeth
Clarke daughter to my executor hereafter named. Lands and tenements
in Lethered Surrey. My daughter Lucie and her husband Henry Kerrell.
Daughter(?) Gethings. Kinswoman Margaret Norden and her brother
John Norden. My cousin Anne Thornebury of London widow. My will
and full mind is that there shall not be above the sum of one hundred
pounds bestowed in mourning and all other charges about my fuueral. And
I desire my executors that there be no other banquet used at my funeral


but Naples biscuit and wine. I make and ordain the said Doctor John
Clarke full and sole executor, and my loving friends Thomas Slee of Lon-
don, silkman, and Morrice Gethinge who married my grandchild the over-
seers. A codicil added 2 January 1G42. She names (among others)
grandchild Robert Gethin. Proved 20 January 1642. Crane, 4.

Henry Kirrill of East Sheene in Mortlake, Surrey, gentleman, 27
November 1655, proved 15 February 1655. The poor of the parish of
Mortlake. Dorothy Tylar who now dwelleth with me. My nephew John
Kirrill. My dear and loving wife Lucie Kirrill. My loving friend John
Michell of liichmoud gentleman. Wife to be sole executrix.

Berkley, 64.

George Langham of London merchant taylor, 30 March 1643, proved
6 December 1644. Debts and funeral charges first paid my personal
estate shall be divided into five equal parts, four of which I give to my four
children which are notas yet advanced in portion, viz 1 . Henry, Thomas, Wil-
liam and Elizabeth Langham. The other fifth part I leave to perform
legacies. The poor of St. James Garlicke Hive (sic). The Company of
merchant taylors and the Clerk and Bedle. My sister Porter. My two
grandchildren John Juxon, eldest son to my sou in law Mr. John Juxon of
Morclacke, and George Harvie, eldest son unto my daughter Harvie, at
their age of twenty one years. Eldest son George to be sole executor or if he
die then my second son Henry. Timothie Cruso a witness. Proved by
George Langham. Rivers, 13.

Anne Bigg of St. Giles in the Fields, Middlesex, widow, 8 May
1646, proved 16 May 1646. To be buried in the parish church of Giles
in the Fields as near as conveniently may be to my deceased husband
Richard Bigg. My son Mathew Bigg to be sole executor. To son Richard
Bigg, to whom some years since I gave a large part of my estate, I now give,
as a testimony of my continued affection, twenty pounds to buy him a ring
and to the Lady Phoebe his wife I give twenty pounds to buy her a ring and
to his son John, if he attain to the age of seven years, one hundred pounds.
Son Robert Bigg. Daughter Anne now the wife of Tessilio Yale. Her
daughter Elizabeth Yale and Mary Yale and her son Samuel Yale. My
daughter Margaret, now wife of Christopher Nickolson, and her son Ar-
thur. My son Francis Bigg. Debt owing unto me by Dr. Levett of
York. My messuage at Thacham in Berkshire. My son Edward Bigg.
My daughter Katherine Bigg. My husband's last will and testament. To
Katherine that chest of drawers which was her aunt Whitehead's, with
the linen therein. To my mother Sarah Sheppard ten pounds to be paid
her within twenty days after my decease and ten pounds per annum dur-
ing her life. To my brother Raphe Juxon twenty pounds. And upon
serious and mature consideration I do give and bequeath to my brother
Matthew Sheppard one hundred pounds, to be deducted out of such money
as he jointly with Thomas Juxon doth owe unto me. The poor &c. The
poor of Christ Church where I was born. My brewhouse. My brother
Arthur Juxon. My cousin Maurice Gethin. Arthur and Nicholas Juxon
among the witnesses. Twisse, 63.

Thomas Juxon, at Little Compton 9 September 1642, proved 10 July
1646. It having pleased God to visit me with a lingering sickness and
having no formal will made, being now in perfect memory and understand-


ing I have caused this Declaration to be made which I desire may stand
in force as my last Will and Testament. I name my brother John Juxon
Kaq. executor. To my eldest daughter Elizabeth Pory two hundred
pounds and to her eldest daughter Elizabeth Pory, my god daughter, one
hundred pounds. I give my manor of East Harden in Sussex to my
daughter Frances Juxon. I give her a lease held of the Church of Chi-
chester, being a tenement lying without the South Gate of the City of
Chichester, with certain land in Spittlefield whereon I have built a house.

1 give her also a lease of two chambers over the Chain Gate held of the
Vicars of the said Cathedral Church. I further give unto her my lease of
a house held of the Rector and Scholars of Lincoln College in Oxford,
in All Hallows parish there. And I give full power to my executor, with
the approbation of my right reverend brother the Lord Bishop of London, to
make sale of all or any of these leases to the best advantage of my children
if they shall find it fit. The goods coming unto me by a deed of gift and
schedule annexed after my mother in law Mrs. Elizabeth Levins I dispose
of to my said daughter Frances. The legacies paid I give the remainder to
my said daughter Frances and I intend in case she die before she be eigh-
teen years of age or be married then my daughter Elizabeth Pory shall
have all her sister's portion and in case she die before her then her chil-
dren shall enjoy the same. I have nothing worthy the bequeathing but my
gratitude to my honored brother, my Lord Bishop, whom I beseech that
his goodness to me. Twisse, 109.

[In Book Fairfax (2.153) is a registration of the "will of the same testator,
beginning like the above and yet not exactly the same. It was dated 22 Au-
gust, 1639, and proved 25 October, 1649. The lease of the manor of East Mar-
den and tenements, etc.. in Chichester are bequeathed to eldest daughter Eliza-
beth (her married name Pory not given) and the other daughter, Frances, is to
have only the Oxford lease. He speaks of his brother the Bishop as Lord
High Treasurer of England. He names his father in law Mr. Humf rey Levinz.
He~gives rings of the value of forty shillings apiece to his brother John and
his sisters, and his books to his nephew William Juxon, Brother John exe-
cutor.— H. F. W.]

Sir Nicholas Rainton knight and Alderman of the City of London,

2 May 1646, proved 11 September 1646. To be buried in the parish
church of Enfield, Middlesex, in that vault which I there made, by the
body of my loving wife deceased. The funeral charges &c. to be managed
by my loving friends whom I have trusted therewith, my cousin John
Stephens Esq., my (-) George Rainton gen 1 and William Cawthorne gen*.
A monument to be erected. Nicholas Rainton, eldest son of my nephew
Nicholas Rainton deceased, at twenty one. Thomas Rainton, second
son &c. The capital messuage in the parish of St. Edmonds the King in
Lumberd Street, London, in which I now dwell, and another tenement
adjoining and a large shop and warehouse adjoining, all which I formerly

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