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purchased of Edward Seabright Esq. I give to the Master and four War-
dens of the Fraternity of the art or mystery of Haberdashers in London
(for certain charities). Jewels which were my wife's I give to Rebecca,
Anne and Elizabeth Rainton, the three daughters of my nephew Nicholas
Rainton deceased. Other gifts to above grand nephews and nieces. The
said George Rainton my cousin. My cousin Mr. Richard Chambers, al-
derman of London, and his wife Judith my niece. Her former husband
Thomas Ferries. William Ferres her son. Her son in law, my cousin.
Mr. W T illiam Vincent of London, merchant, and Mrs. Rebecca Vincent his


wife. William Vincent their son, my godson. My cousin Mr. George
Clarke of London, merchant taylor, and Anne his wife. Nicholas Clarke,
their eldest son, George Clarke, another of their sons, Rebecca Clarke,
their eldest daughter, and Anne, Elizabeth and Mary Clarke, three other
of their daughters.

Item, I give unto my Kinsman Mr. William Tayler* of Loudon, haber-
dasher, ten pounds, and to Mrs. Margaret Tayler, his wife, ten pounds. I
give to Rebecca Taylor, their daughter unmarried, fifty pouuds. I give to
Daniel Tayler his son, ten pounds and to Rebecca, his wife, twenty pounds.
I give to Samuel Taylor, another of his sous, one hundred pounds. My
cousin Rebecca Forinall. My cousin John Downes Esq. and my cousin
Hannah Downes, his wife. My kinsman William Rainton Esq. aud Mrs.

Rainton his wife and Rainton his daughter. Mr. Charles

Trinder. My sister in law Mrs. Jane Rainton widow. My kinswoman Mrs.
Madgalen Rainton, widow of William Rainton deceased, aud my cousin Wil-
liam Rainton, their sou. The three daughters of the said William Rain-
ton deceased. I give to my kinsman Mr. Arthur Juxon of London,
sugarbaker, twenty pounds and to Nicholas, his son, one hundred pounds,
and to John aud Arthur Juxon, his sons, fifty pouuds each. My kins-
woman Magdalen 'Wimbidge and Mary Wimbich, her daughter, and Samuel
Wimbich, her son, and Lydia Wimbech, her daughter. Robert Hall of (— — )
in the County of Glocester and Judith, his wife, and William Hall, his eldest
son, and the rest of his children. My cousin William Rainton the sou of
Nicholas Rainton of Wapping, Middlesex, haberdasher, aud Martha Rainton,
daughter of the said Nicholas. My kinsman Mr. Ilamond Rainton aud
Robert, Nicholas aud Josuah Rainton, his sons, aud Mary and Rebecca
Rainton, his daughters. My kinswoman Mrs. Anne Glanvill widow and
Arthur Glanvill, her son, aud Rebecca Glanvill, her daughter. My kins-
woman Mrs. Elizabeth Wetherhead and Mr. Edward Wetherhead, her hus-
band. My kinsman Mr. John [Farmerie?] and Rebecca, his wife, and
their children. My kinsman Mr. Thomas Clarke of Ileighington in the
County of Lincoln and Susan his wife and their children (among whom
George my servant). Robert Cooke. Mr. William Sanky. My niece
Mrs. Sarah Ferries. My cousin Anne Stephens wife of my cousin John
Stephens Esq. aforesaid. Their daughter Anne Stephens and their sous
Thomas and Edward. My sister in law Mrs. Anne Moulsonf widow aud
her son Mr. Thomas Moulson, my kinsman. My cousin Mr. Sergeant,
Turner and my cousin Mrs. Anne Turner, his wife, and my cousin Ed-
ward Turner, Esq., their eldest 6on, aud my cousin Mrs. Anne Turner,
their daughter. My cousin Mr. John Buubury. His son George. My
cousiu John Kendricke alderman of London. My cousin Mrs. Elizabeth
Aldersey, the wife of Thomas Aldersey of Spurstowe in the County of
Chester. My kinswoman Mrs. Mary Prigge. My kiuswomau Mrs. Re-
becca Barker. Certain friends named. Robert Curteyes of Endheld.
My cousin Nicholas Rainton, eldest sou of my said nephew Nicholas Rain-
ton deceased, who is my heir at law, I appoint to be my sole executor

* This William Taylor married, for his second wife, Margaret, a sister of our Rev.
John Wilson and the mother of our Edward Rawson. His will may be found in my Glean-
ings ante, p. 271. His son Daniel Taylor's will (on p. 272) mentions brother and
sister Juxon. — II. F. W.

t From his naming the Moulsons and the Alderseys of Spurstowe as kindred I sup-
pose Sir Nicholas Rainton married Rebecca the sister of Alderman Moulson (see pedi-
gree on page 405 of Rfgisteu for Jul}', 1894 {ante p . 913), where his name is wrongly
printed Rawton). — II. F. W.


when he shall attain his age of one and twenty .years, and ray said cousin
John Stephens, my cousin George Rainton and William C'awthorne to be
executors until then. And I do hereby make and appoint my said loving
cousins Mr. William Taylor, citizen and haberdasher of Loudon, Mr. Ar-
thur Jdxon, citizen and sadler of London, and Mr. George Clarke, citizen
and merchant taylor of London, overseers.

A new probate was granted 14 March 1655 to Nicholas Rainton, gentle-
man, executor &c, who had come to full age. Twisse, 129.

Hanameel Chiborne of Messing, Essex, Esq. 16 March 1647, with
a codicil dated 7 April 1648, proved 5 May 1648. My place of burial
to be within the chancel of the parish church of Messing that I may
there sleep with my fathers. My manors of Messing Hall cds. Messing
Baynards and Bouchiers Hall in Messing and Hardborroughs. The im-
propriate parsonage of Messing, with the tythes of corn and hay belonging,
and the advowson of the vicarage of the church. Wife Isabella. My now
dwelling house called Messing Hall. My brother Richard Chiborne gen'.
My nephew George Juxon gen 1 . My kinswoman Etheldred Peele. My
kinsman Drue Webster. My late son George. My sister Frances Enc-
hain and her son Thomas and daughter Margaret. My sister Elizabeth
Juxon and every of her children by Richard Juxon her late husband. My
sister Mary Porter and every of her children. My late father Sir Charles
Chiborne, Sergeant at Law. Dame Margaret Chiborne. My cousin John
Josceline of Grays Inn Esq. In the codicil he refers to sister the Lady
Frances Ingeham. Essex, 84.

[The will of Sir Charles Chiborne, knight, father of the above, was proved
10 March 1619 aud registered in Book Soame (24).]

Arthur Juxon citizen aud Salter of London 25 March 1652, proved
29 March 1652. To my cousin Sara Byfield fifty pounds and to John and
Thomas Juxon, sons of my nephew John Juxon deceased, at their ages of
one and twenty years, forty pounds apiece. To my brother Ralph Juxon
twenty pounds, to be taken off of his debt. Mourning for wife and three
sons and son Nicholas his wife. My sister Glanvile and my sister Wim-
bish. To loving wife Mrs. Ann Juxon fifty pounds per annum so long as
she pleases to live with my sons. And if of her own will she think fit to
go away then to pay her twelve hundred pounds and her annuity then to
cease. Certain profits to be divided between sons John and Arthur. The
household stuff at Sheeue I give to my son Nicholas, he having undertaken
to satisfy my cousin Mary Wimbish her debt. My house in Newgate Mar-
ket I give to my son Arthur. A gift to son Nicholas his wife and to his
daughter Elizabeth. I make my brother in law Richard Sanders sole exe-
cutor and sons Nicholas, John aud Arthur overseers. Proved by Richard
Saunders. Bowyer, 59.

William Michelborne of Sedlescombe, Sussex, gen* 28 January 1651,
proved 19 August 1652. Nephew William Thomas Esq. My grandchild
William Juxon. Goods in the house wherein I some time dwelt in West-
meston, Sussex, and in the house wherein I dwelt in Albourne, Sussex.
Cousin John Michelborne, of Newicke in the same county gen 1 , son of
John Michelborne who was the son of my brother George. A moiety of
the manor of Middleton in said county. Lauds and tenements in West-
meston and Westfield. My cousin Thomas Avery of Seddlescombe. My


son in law John Juxon Esq. Aune his late wife and my daughter. My
sou in law John Broomefield esquire. Elizabeth his now wife and my daugh-
ter. The late wife and children of my cousin Edward Lutman deceased.
The said John Michelborne my executor. All my right, title and interest
in certain land in Thorneweeke by virtue of die last will and testament of
Edward Michelborne late of Hamonds in said county Esq.

Bowyer, 228.

Richard Chiborxe of Witham, Essex, Esq., 17 October 1G52, proved
7 June 1G53. To wife Elizabeth my farm called Rockinghams and the
lands &c. in Layer Marney, Essex, for life; then to my daughter Mary,
with remainder to my nephew Charles Porter, next to nephew John Por-
ter, next to nephew William Porter, then to my right heirs forever. A
messuage in Layer Marney to the said Elizabeth my wife, Robert Haines
and Ilezekiah Ilaynes Esquires, my cousins, upon trust for the use and ben-
efit of my daughter Mary &c. House and household stuff in Witham to
wife. My cousin Mary Porter. My late sister Juxon's children. My sister
Porter's children. My said cousins Robert Haines and Ilezekiah Haines
and such one person more as my wife shall nominate and appoint shall have
the guardianship of the body of my said daughter and of her estate until
her age of one and twenty years or day of marriage. The education of
my said daughter I desire may be in a liberal and •• ingenous " way. I ap-
point and name Mr. William Allen of Witham and Mr. Bartholomew Wall
of Falkborne executors. Administration with the will annexed was
granted on the above day to Elizabeth Reade otherwise Chiborne the relict
&c., the executors named having renounced. Brent, 27.

John Juxon of Alborne, Sussex, Esq., 15 December 1654, with a codicil,
proved 80 May 1G55. Son William Juxon. Lands at Woodley in the
parish of Sunning in Berkshire to be sold. Lease of certain lands in Ful-
ham and of a farm in Finchley (both in Middlesex). Son John Juxon.
Said son William at one and twenty. Manor of Little Crompton in Glouces-
tershire. Other manors. The right reverend father in God Doctor Juxon,
lately Bishop of London, my most honored Lord and Brother. My well
beloved friends Major Thomas Juxon, son of my kinsman John Juxon late
of Walbrooke London deceased, and my nephew Robert Puy (or Pry) of
Little Compton aforesaid, and John Allen of St. Gregorys London gen 1 .,
and my nephew Richard Swaine gen*, to be conditional trustees for the
benefit "of the said Reverend Father Dr. Juxon my brother." Son John
at age of one and twenty. Lands in Sussex. Said nephew Richard Swayne
and his brother Lawrence Swayne. My niece Frances Juxon. Sister
Anne Swayne widow. My nephew Thomas Pory son of the aforesaid Rob-
ert Pory (see Pry above) and Elizabeth his late wife my niece. My nephew
Robert Pory the younger, son of the said Robert and Elizabeth. My nephew
and godson John Pory, sons of the said Robert and Elizabeth. My
nephew John Swaine. His brother Lawrence Swayne. His brother Rich-
ard Swayne. Robert Pory the younger's three sisters Elizabeth, Elleanor
and Mary. I do nominate and appoint my well beloved kinsman Major
Thomas Juxon and my nephew Robert Pory the elder aforesaid mine exe-
cutors. My said trustees Thomas Juxon, Robert Pory, John Allen and
Richard Swayne. Loving friends Thomas Bonnett, Dr. of the Civil Law
and one of the Masters of Chancery, Michaell Handcorne of London gen 1 .,
and George Juxon of Boughton in Kent gen 1 ., to be overseers. In the


codicil a bequest of ten pounds a year during her life to ''my sister Hand-
come." To my niece Elizabeth Merlott the sum of one hundred thirty and
odd pounds which was owing to me by her mother at the time of her de-
cease. My sister Swayne an annuity. Lauds in Alborne Sussex. My
good friend Mr. John Bargrave governor to my son William, now beyond
the seas, when he shall return with my son into England. My kinswoman
Mrs. Gibbons. Aylett, 158.

Hester Johnson of London, widow, 2 February 1655, proved 8 April
1656. Son William Johnson and his wife. Silver apostle spoons. Daugh-
ter Anne Tichborne. Daughter Hester Preston. Daughter Mary Alliug-
toh and her husband Thomas Allington. Daughter Frances Massey. Her
husband William Massy. Daughter Elizabeth Juxon. Sons in law Robert
Tichbourne, alderman of London, Isaac Preston, alderman of Yarmouth,
Thomas Allington, William Masey, Nicholas Juxson and Hugh Smithson.
My grandchildren. The children of my sister Thomazine Gibbs deceased.
Francis and Thomas Anguish the sons of my sister Anguish deceased. My
aunt Susan Ilarman. Aunt Angwish. Brother Alderman Dethick of Lon-
don. Sister Atkin. The five children of brother Atkin viz 1 . Thomas,
Anne, Joaue, Mary and Hester. Henry King Esq. Peter Cushon. God
daughter Hestor Haward. Anoe Caron and Jane Copping two of the
daughters of my aunt Cofers. My daughter Smithsou. The poor of Ing-
ham in Norfolk. Five sermons to be preached in Ingham (Hingham)
church by some godly divine who shall have for his pains twenty shillings
for every sermon. And my desire is that if master Peter Cushon (Gush-
ing) be thereabout living he shall preach all those sermons; and upon every
one of those sermon days that seventeen shillings and six pence to be then
given to the poor of that town and two shillings and six pence then given
also to the clarke of that parish for his waiting there that day upon that
occasion. My six daughters. Berkeley, 126.

John Juxon of London merchant, 5 May 1659, proved 6 December
1659. To be buried near unto my father in the parish church of St. Lau-
rence Pountnall (Pountney) London, desiring that Master Francis War-
ham, minister &c. at Hendon, Middlesex, may preach a sermon at my fune-
ral. To my younger brother George one thousand pounds at age of four
aud twenty years. My honored and faithful friend Master Samuel Foote
of London, merchant. To my aunt Mrs. Sarah Byfield, wife of Master
Byfield, minister, one hundred pounds and to her daughter Elizabeth Bow-
ers twenty pounds. To my kinsman William Juxon in the Barbadoes
twenty pounds which I desire my uncle Lieu 1 . Colonel Thomas Juxon to
take care of. The almshouses in East Sheene. Lands, tenements &c. in
Mortlake. My honored uncle Col. Edmund Harvey and my loving aunt
his wife. My uncle Morrice Gethings and his wife. Loving uncle L l . Col.
Thomas Juxon and his wife. Uncle Byfield, minister, and my aunt his wife.
Uncle Thomas Laugham aud his wife. Loving uncle Col. George Lang-
ham. My uncle Col. Matthew Shepard and his wife. Uncle Ralph Juxou
and his wife. My cousins the children of my said uncle Edmund Harvey,
either Datural or by affinity. My cousin Matthew Shepard and his wife
and my cousin Thomas Shepard and my cousin John Key and my cousin
his wife and my two cousins the daughters of my aforesaid uncle Morrice
GethiDgs and the son and daughter of my aforesaid uncle Thomas Juxon
and my cousin Nicholas Juxon and his wife and my cousin John Juxon


and his wife and Mistress Phebe Foote, Mrs. Elizabeth Foote, Sarah
Foote, Samuel Foote the younger, Ann Foote Ann (and?) Mary Foote
and my cousin William Juxon in Wood Street and hi? wife and my cousin
William Bremer and his wife. My cousin Mrs. Aunt; Belgrave (and oth-
ers). To my brother Thomas all my lands, tenements &c. of which my late
father John Juxon died seized and which I deem and take :o belong to me
as the heir of my said father. Reference to father's execators. My said
brother Thomas Juxon to be sole executor and uncle Col. Thomas Juxon
and uncle Col. George Laugham to be overseers. Pell, 537.

Ralph Juxon citizen and grocer of London, 15 October 1660, proved
8 November 1660. To be buried in St. Sepulchres church. My son in law
Richard Norfolke and his wife and their children. Grandchild Margaret
Norfolke. Grandchildren Sarah, Richard and Mary Norfolke. My daugh-
ter Elizabeth Tucke widow. Residue to wife Margaret whom I make sole
executrix. Nabbs, 285.

John Swaine, servant to Master Lawrence Low, barber surgeon in
Rood Lane in the parish of Margaret Pattens London, bound out for East
India, 31 January 1658, proved 2 February 1660. To my dear mother
Mrs. Anne Swayne widow of my father Mr. John Swayne of the parish of
Allborne late deceased, in the county of Sussex, fifty pounds, being a part
of my father his legacy given unto me in his last will and testament. To
my eldest brother Mr. Richard Swayne fifty pounds, part of the said legacy.
To my younger brother Lawrence Swayne one hundred pounds out of the
legacy bequeathed unto me by my uucle John Juxon Esq. late deceased.
My loving kinsman Mr. John Palmer of the city of London linen draper
to be sole executor. Loving kinswoman Mrs. Bridget Scivington. Mr.
Richard Higginson. Mr. Edward South. The signature of testator was
entered as John Swayne. May, 32.

Joseph Juxon of Offord Cluny, Hunts., gen'., 12 October 1660, proved
25 November 1661. To be buried, if I shall happen to die in London, in
the vault of the parish church of St. Lawrence Pountney als Poultney
where my deceased father Mr. John Juxon lies interred. Wife Sarah.
Lands in Offord Cluney lately purchased. Son Joseph. Daughter Alice
Juxon. Mother Mrs. Judith Chambers. Four brick houses in the parish
of St. Lawrence Pountney &c. Item, I give and bequeath unto my son
Joseph Juxon, from and immediately after the death of my said mother
Mrs. Judith Chambers, all those two houses situate and being in the parish
of St. Lawrence Pountney als Poultney in London which houses are join-
ing in that part of the lane which is called Suffolk Lane and is next unto
London Stone, now in the occupation of Mr. Roberts and Mr. Pennyman
or Prittyman. I further give and bequeath unto my children Joseph and
Alice Juxon all such sum or sums of money that shall be allowed for the
fee farm rents that my brother Major Thomas Juxon purchased for me (in
Yorkshire). W T ife Sarah to be sole executrix and my brother Major Thomas
Juxon to be overseer. May, 180.

William Juxon Archbishop of Canterbury 20 September 1662, de-
clared to be my last will &c. 14 May 1663, with a codicil annexed, proved
4 July 1663. A gift to the parish of St. Peters the great, (alias) the Sub-
deanry in the city of Chichester. The poor of St. Giles in the suburbs of
Oxford. The poor of Sofrierton in Oxford, of Little Compton in Glouces-


tershire, of Lemingtou and Todenhaui in the same county and of Lam-
beth and Croydon in Surrey. My sister Anne Swayne and my nephews
Richard and Lawrence Swayne. My nieces Elizabeth Merlott and Fran-
cis Fisher. My cousin Dr. Robert Pory and his children, Elizabeth, Thomas,
Helen, Mary and Robert Pory. My cousin John Pory and each of his
children. My cousin Henry Fisher. My cousin Thomas Juxon of Mort-
lake. My cousin John Meeres of Petersfield. My cousin John Palmer

merchant and his sister Palmer of Chichester. Dr. Braburne my

chaplain. Sir Philip Warwicke. Dr. Bayly, Dean of Salisbury. The
President and Scholars of St. John's College in Oxford. The repair of the
church of St. Pauls. My reverend brother Gilhert, Lord Bishop of Lon-
don (to whom my barge &c.). My nephew Sir William Juxon to be sole
executor. If I happen to die before the Hall at Lambeth be finished &c.
Richard Mannynge a witness. The cathedral church of Canterbury. Mr.
George Juxon of Canterbury. Dr. Turner, Dean of Canterbury.

Juxon, 89.

Roger Dalton of St. Clement's Danes, Midd., gen 1 ., 15 March 1664,
proved 26 April 1665. I give unto my sister Margaret Juxon of St. Se-
pulchers parish in Middlesex twenty pounds and a certain gold ring with
four blackmores heads which she formerly gave me. My said sister's grand
child Margaret Norfolke. To Dr. Anthony Morbury of St. Clement's
Danes ten pounds. Certain friends named.

Arch. Middlesex, Vol. 1 (1664-1667).

William Juxon citizen and mercer of London, now living in the parish
of Saint Albau in Great Wood Street, London, 30 August 1661, proved
30 June 1666. My late master Thomas Agges. Wife Elizabeth and my
two daughters Elizabeth and Sarah Juxon. Mr. Arthur Worth. Wife to
be executrix. Samuel Juxon a wituess. Proved by Elizabeth Plumpton
als Juxon wife of Richard Plumpton and relict of the deceased.

Mico, 100.

Margaret Juxon of St. Sepulchre's, Middlesex, widow, 3 May 1665,
proved 12 July 1666. Aged. Certain poor. Daughter Sarah Norfolke
v idow. Messuages &c. at Cow Cross in said parish. Grandson Richard
Norfolke at seventeen. Grandchildren Margaret, Sarah and Mary Nor-
folke. Brother Mr. Matthew Sheapeard to have a gold seal ring which
was my late husband's engraven with four blackamores heads. Loving
kinsman Mr. Matthew Sheapeard the younger. Granddaughter Margaret
Norfolke to be sole executrix. Mico, 118.

Thomas Allington of the parish of Mildred in the Poultry, London,
merchant, 3 September 1658, proved 27 November 1669. To wife Mary
all my messuages, lands, tenements &c. in Norfolk. My brother in law
Nicholas Juxon and Elizabeth his wife. My brethren James, Richard,
William and Robert Allington. My sister Mary the wife of Mr. Godfrey
Twelves and my sister Ann. My loving brother in law Robert, Lord Tich-
bourne, and Dame Anne his wife. Brothers in law Mr. Isaac Preston and
Hester his wife, Mr. William Massey and Frances his wife, Mr. Hugh
Smithson and Sarah his wife and Mr. William Johnson and his wife. Wife
Mary to be executrix. Coke, 131.

Robert Port, S. T. P., Archdeacon of Middlesex and Canon Residen-
tiary of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, London, 19 October 1669,



proved 30 November 1669. I give towards the reparation and re-edifica-
tion of the cathedral church of St. Paul, now in ruins, one hundred pounds.
The poor of St. Buttolph without Bishopsgate and of Much Had ham and
Little Haddam, Herts. The town of Little Compton in the county of
Gloucester. My brother Mr. John Pory and his wife Catherine. My
nieces Mary, Catherine aud Elianor Pory. My eldest son Thomas Pory.
Son Robert. My daughter Mary Newce. My eldest daughter Elizabeth
Pory. One huudred pounds left to her by my first wife's father Mr. Thomas
Juxon. My daughter Helen Pory. My dear wife Mrs. Jane Pory and her
son Bryan Walton and her sister Mrs. Mary Fuller. My sister Carter and
brother Gervase and brother Robert Fuller. Coke, 145.

William Taylor of the town and county of Newcastle upon Tyne,
gentleman, 15 September 21 Charles II., proved 3 November 1669. My
cousin Mr. Samuel Taylor. My cousin John Juxon, sugar baker. My sis-
ter Anne wife of Dunkam of Barmoodaes. My sister Mary wife

of Henry Moore of Barmoodaes. My aunt Margaret wife of John How-
brey and her children. My cousins Catherine, Rebecca and Margaret Tay-
lor daughters of my cousin Daniel Taylor deceased. My cousin Mr. Wil-
liam Webbe and his two daughters Margaret and Hannah Webb whom he
had by his first wife and are not as yet married. My maid servant Jane
Taylor. My said cousins Samuel Taylor and John Juxon to be joint exe-
cutors. Coke, 149.

Nicholas Juxon, Strand on the Green in the parish of Chiswick, Mid-
dlesex, 26 April 1671, proved 30 November 1671. Wife Elizabeth.
House at East Sheene. My children. My brother John Juxon to be exe-
cutor. Duke, 133.

Charles Harvey, citizen and draper of London, 30 April 1672, proved
5 November 1672. To be buried in the parish church of St. Dunstan in
the East, in the vault where my honored mother and three children are in-
terred. Houses and ground at Clapham Surrey. Wife Elizabeth. My
children Charles and Elizabeth Harvey. Brother Edmond Harvey. Fath-
er in law Mr. William Low. Friends Mr. Thomas Pakemau and Mr.
John Davis. Brother Thomas Harvey. Uncle Thomas Westerne, my
partner, and my aunt his wife and their children my cousins. Brother John
Boone and his wife. Uncle Col. George Laugham and cousins Thomas
Bard and his wife and Thomas Juxon and his wife (aud others).

Eure, 135.

Thomas Juxon second son of John Juxon late of East Sheene, Mort-
lake Surrey, proved 21 December 1672. I do give and bequeath my man-
sion house in East Sheene, with all the laud thereunto belonging, enclosed
with a pale, unto my nephew Thomas Juxon during the life of my dear son
William Juxon, with the issues and profits, that he may be therewith en-
abled to maintain my said son with necessaries. And after the death of
my dear son I give the said mansion house and land unto his heirs forever.
By Deed of Feoffment dated 6 October 1670, made at Dublin between me,
Thomas Juxon, Standish Hartstroug and John Petty deceased and my son
William Juxon of the other part, I, for the natural affection I bore unto
my son, did settle all my castles, houses and lands &c. in the County of Lim-
erick unto him and his heirs, paying yearly one hundred pounds thereof

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