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unto my dear daughter Elizabeth Juxon so long as she shall live unmar-


ried. A new arrangement made. These castles &c. given to daughter
Elizabeth to be sold aud two thirds thereof (arising) may be to my dear son
William when he shall be cured of his " Melancholly " distemper (accord-
ing to an agreement made by me with Mr. Newton where now he lodges).
For want of heirs of my said son lawfully begotten the moiety of the pro-
ceeds of the said lands I give to my nephews Thomas and George Juxon
of London sons of my brother John Juxon deceased. Provision in case of
having a child by dear wife. Nephew Tristam Davis. Sister Sarah By-
field and her children. The children of my cousins Matthew Sheppard,
Nicholas Juxon and John Juxon. To my nephew Timothy Byfield my
farm of Barberries in Danesbury Essex and sixty pounds to repair the
same and twelve pounds to pay the fine to the lord and other charges. To
my dear sister the rent of the lands which I bought of the Briggeses, ly-
ing in the Barony of Deese and county of Meath &c, for life. And I give
unto the sons of my said sister, Timothy and Nathaniel, the said lands &c.
Niece Elizabeth Davise. Niece Rebecca Jackson. Niece Sarah Byfield.
I give the sum of tweDty pounds to be laid out in erecting a monument in
the remembrance of Maurice Carent Esq. and the lady Elizabeth his wife,
the father and mother of my dear wife deceased, in the church of Henstrige
or Woodyates, Dorset, provided that the lands of Toomerel do descend to
my children and their heirs, my brother James Carent dying without chil-
dren. I will that there be erected in the church of Islington a marble in
the wall near where my dear wife lies buried, with this inscription. Here
lyes buried the Body of Elizabeth Juxon late the wife of Thomas Juxon
Esq r . Daug r . of Maurice Carent of Toomer Parke in the county of Soni-
sett Esq r . and of the Lady Elizabeth his Wife the Eldest daughter of James
Earle of Marleburg Lord Treas 1- . of England etc. w cU said Eliza: Jnxon
dyed the of September 1669, leaving two Children W m . and Eliz-
abeth. Over the said Marble, supported with flat columns, my coat em-
paled with Carent and Tomer quarterly, y e first Argent 3 Ilurtes charged
with 3 Chevernelles Gules: y e 2 d Argent 3 bars wavy Gules, and my Crest
upon a helmet &c. above the escutcheon. I give twelve pounds to be laid
out in repairing the alms-houses at East Sheene and for setting up a stone
with my father's coat and crest cut and colored. Sundry legatees (among
whom) Mr. Brinsley's brother in law that lives in old Bramford. My cousin
William Juxon late of Virginia. My dear cousin Sir W m . Juxon knight
and baronet. Cousin James Carent Esq. Cousin Matthew Sheppard.
Cousin John Juxon. The eldest son of my cousin John Kirriell deceased.
Brothers Sir Charles Meredith aud Robert Meredith. Sister the Countess
of Mouutrath. To my dear Lady Anne Coote y e Spleene-stone after the
death of my dear sister the Countess of Mountrath. Niece Farrington and
niece Kenricke. Nephew John Key. The tkree youngest daughters of
my sister Byfield that are unmarried. Daughter Elizabeth to be execu-
trix. Eure, 147.

Sententia pro Confirmacione in respect of the above will was promul-
gated 17 February 1673, following upon litigation between Elizabeth Juxou
daughter and executrix of the one part and Thomas Juxon and George
Juxon, nephews by the brother, of the other part. Bunce, 136.

Maurice Gethin of Islington Middlesex Esq. 29 July 1670 proved 20
January 1672. Wife Mary. Goods &c. in the County of Denbigh.
Daughter Rebeccah wife of Richard Kendrick. Daughter Sarah wife of
Edmund Farrington. House at Islington. Tenement in Bermondsey


street, Southwark, Surrey. Daughter in law Hannah the now wife of my
son in law George Juxon. Poor of Spittie in Denbigh where I was born
and of St. Mary, Islington, where I now live. Nephew Richard Roberts.
Son in law John Key. Pye, 4.

George Langham of Clapham, Surrey, 1 June 1680, with a codicil
dated 16 March 1682, proved 4 May 1683. Brother Mr. Thomas Lang-
ham. My nine houses lately built by me or my tenants upon my fee in St.
Thomas Apostles in the Ward of Vintry, London. Lease of houses, tene-
ments and wharf at the Three Cranes in the Vintry held by lease from the
Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors. Loving nephew Mr. Thomas
Juxon of Moreclack. My niece Mary Harvey. Tenements in lease to
Thomas Chester and Joshua Child, now Sir Joshua Child. My nephew
George Juxon brother of Thomas. My cousin Peter Harvey sou of my
nephew Thomas Harvey by Jane his now wife. My niece Sarah Inglet (or
Juglet). Tenement in lease to Mr. Daniel Farrington, merchant, lately built
by himself. Tenement near adjoining ia parish of Thomas Apostles and
fronting College Hill on the South. The youngest son of my niece Judith
Lush, daughter of my sister Judith Harvey deceased. Niece Martha Tooth.
Niece Alice Harvey. ( Niece Elizabeth Wilcocks (and Willcox). A pas-
sage from College Hill' or Cloke Lane. Sister in law Mrs. Mary Langham.
My late wife. Loving cousin Elizabeth Juxon wife of nephew Thomas
Juxon. Cousin Thomasin Thorpe wife unto Mr. John Thorpe. Brother in
law Mr. Matthew Barker. The Company of Merchant taylors, "when I
came upon the livery." Cousin Mr. George Maynard, merchant, now liv-
ing in Lisborne. Niece Sarah Browne wife of Mr. Robert Browne. Niece

Martha Tooth wife of James Tooth. Niece Alice Picks wife of

Picks. Nephew George Juxon of London silkman. Drax, 59.

Thomas Langham of Clapham, Surrey, 1 February 1694, proved 30
May 1695. Niece Elizabeth Lane. Niece Sarah Nicholas. Niece Alice
Pickus. Niece Elizabeth Wilcocks. Niece Mary Harvey. Mr. Peter
Smith. Mr. Marshall Smith. Mr. Stephen Nye. Mrs. Elizabeth Ben-
son. Jane Harvey daughter of my niece Jane Harvey. Mary Harvey
daughter of said Jane. Houses and lands in Finchingfield Essex. Peter
Harvey son of said Jane. Niece Elizabeth Juxon. Wilson daugh-
ter to my late niece Bush. Nephew Thomas Juxon. Houses at

Clapham. Company of Mercers, London.

A grant of Admon. with the will annexed, de bonis non, was issued 28
April 1758 to Jane Harvey widow, administratrix with the will annexed of
the goods of Jane Harvey widow, deceased, whHst living surviving execu-
trix &c. Irby, 75.

Thomas Juxon of Clapham, Surrey, gen'., 18 April 1704, with a codi-
cil bearing date 11 May 1705, proved 1 August 1705. Wife Elizabeth.
My manor of East Sheene and Westhall &c. in Mortlake and Horley, Sur-
rey. Deeds of settlement bearing date 27 August and 11 September 1661.
Other deeds dated 10 and 11 May 1665. Mr. Maurice Kay of Hatton
Garden, London. My cousin Elizabeth Wynn, wife of John Wynn, and
her daughter Elizabeth Wynn. My cousin Sarah Farrington, wife of Ed-
mond Farrington, and her sister Rebecca Kendricke. I give unto Timo-
thy Byfield Dr. in Physick two hundred pounds, to Dorcas wife of Robert
Patten one hundred pounds, to John Jackson, son of Rebecca Jackson de-


ceased, one hundred pounds and to his sister Elizabeth, wife of William
Patten, one hundred pounds. Mary Browne, widow and sister to Dorcas
Patten, and her two daughters. Edmond Cox son of Debora Cox late
sister to Mary Browne. William Juxon brother unto Elizabeth Milner
widow. Dorothy Savill widow and relict of Daniel Savill. The executor
of Ralph Gregg Sen r and Ralph Gregg jun r . Elizabeth Foote widow and
relict, of Samuel Foote late of London, ironmonger. Katherine wife of
George Foote and daughter of Mary Bowyer widow. Judith Pickas, daugh-
ter of Alice Pickas late of Plymouth, and her two sisters. The Governors
of the Workhouse without Bishopsgate commonly called Sir Paul Pindars
house (for the benefit of the poor therein). Gifts made by my late grand-
father John Juxon and my late brother John Juxon. My cousin Mary
Desmineres of Ireland and her children. Wife Executrix. Others named.
John Farrington son of Sarah Farrington. Gee, 162.

[These Juxon wills, -which began with the will of Thomas Knott on the last
page of my Gleanings for July (ante, p. 1358), enable us to enlarge very greatly
the pedigree of Juxon given in the Visitation of London for 1633-4, &c, as
published by the Harleian Society (page 23 of the second volume) . It begins
with a John'juxon, whose will I have not run across, but who appears appar-
ently in the registry of Christ Church, Newgate Street, a printed copy of
which I had a chance to examine hurriedly last year. From that I gleaned the
following :


1552 Aug. 18 Richard son of John Juxon.

1578 May 11 Thomas son of Thomas Juxson.

1580 May 23 Christopher son of Rass (Raff) Juxson.

1581 Aug. 27 Mary daughter of Rase (Rafe) Juxson.

1585 June 4 Agnes daughter of Rafe Jugson by his wife Sara.

1585 June 4 Mary daughter of Thomas Jugson.
158G Aug. 21 Arthur son of Raf Jugson.

1586 Sept. 10 Mary daughter of Thomas Judgson.

1578 Feb. 2 Rafe Ingson (Jugson) and Sara syster unto Mr. Smalwood'a


1560 June 21 John Judson.
1566 Mar. 6 John Juxon's grandmother.

1582 July 14 Mrs. Jugson wife of Thomas, grocer.
1586 Mar. 2 Rafe Juxson.

Among the Marriage Licenses recorded in the Vicar General's Book (1533-90)
I found one issued in January 1583 to the curate of St. Mildred's, Bread Street,
to solemnize a marriage between Thomas Juxon of Christ Church, Newgate,
merchant taylor and Elizabeth Ireland spinster (puellamj, daughter of John Ire-
land of the aforesaid parish, salter. This was that Thomas Juxon whose will
was published in my Gleanings for July 1889 (Register, Vol. 43, pp. 304-5,
ante, p. 345). His daughter Elizabeth became the wife of Sampson Cotton,
whose will was also published in that same volume of the Register (p. 303,
ante, p. 344). Elizabeth, one of the daughters of Sampson and Elizabeth Cot-
ton, was the wife of Edmond Sheafe and the mother of Sampson Sheafe of
New England; after the death of Mr. Sheafe she was married to Mr. Matthew
Barker, a clergyman of London. Anne, another daughter of Sampson Cotton,
became the wife of Thomas Walters, a merchant of London ; Joane, another,
was married first to John Wood, a merchant of London, and secondly to John
Bence ; Hester, another daughter, was married first to William Ballowe, citizen
and mercer of London, and secondly to Edward Wastfield or Westfleld, citizen
and grocer of London. Most of the wills of these people I have gathered and
here publish.]


Whitfield and Southcott (mite, pp. 839, 1344-1354) :

[Thomas Southcott of Calwoodley, Devon, whose will is given in Reg., Vol. 48,
p. 139, ante p. 839, mentions his son Richard whom he makes his sole executor.

Vivian's Visitation of Devon gives the wife of Richard as Elizabeth Whif-
fleld of Wadhurst, Sussex, an evident error for Whitfield.

It was this Richard most probably who was at Dorchester, who came in the
Mary and John, 1630, and returned in July of that year to England.

His brother was George Southcott of Kilmington, Devon, of whom is re-
corded in the Public Record Office his great service to the Puritans. Thomas,
son of George, is also mentioned.

Mr. Waters, in his article on the Whitfield family, July number (vol. 51, p.
410 to 420; ante, pp. 1344-1354), asks for a list of the children of Rev. Henry

The following account, prepared by Hon. Ralph Dunning Smyth, has been for-
warded by his grandson, Dr. Bernard C. Steiner, librarian of the Enoch Pratt
Free Library of Baltimore : —

"Rev. Henry Whitfield, p. 1597 at Mortlake, England; d. Sept. 1657, at
Winchester, Eng. ; m. 1618 Miss Dorothy Sheaffe, dau. Dr. Edmund Sheaffe of
Cranbrook, Kent. She survived her husband. Both returned to England in
1650, having emigrated thence to America in 1639. Their children were:

1. Dorothy, bap. at Ockley, England, Mch. 25, 1619; said to have been the
wife of Thomas Jordan, one of the first settlers of Guilford, or according to
another account of Samuel Desborough, Lord Keeper of Scotland under Crom-

2. Sarah, bap. at Ockley Nov. 1, 1620; d. 1675; m. 1641 Rev. John Higginsou
of Guildford and Salem.

3. Abigail, bap. at Ockley Sept. 1, 1622; d. at Saybrook, Conn., Sept. 9,
1659; m. Rev. James Fitch of Saybrook and Norwich.

4. Thomas, bap. at Ockley Dec. 28, 1624. Probably did not come to Guilford,
may have died young.

5. John, bap. at Ockley Feb. 11, 1626: came to Guilford but returned to Eng-
land with his father.

6. Nathaniel, bap. at Ockley June 28, 1629; came to Guilford but returned to
EDgland soon after his father, probably about 1655.

7. Mary, bap. at Ockley March 4, 1631.

8. Henry, bap. at Ockley March 9, 1633; d. at Ockley Feb. 28, 1634.

9. Rebecca, bap. at Ockley Dec. 22, 1635."

Elliot Stone, Esq., Riverdale, New York City, furnishes extracts from the
records of Ockley, Surrey, printed in the " Proceedings at the Celebration of
the 250th Anniversary of the settlement of Guilford."

"1619 Dorothea dau r of Henry Whitfield bapt Mar 25
1620 Sarah " " " " Nov 1

1622 Abigail " " " " Sept 1

1624 Thomas son of " " " Dec 1

1626-7 John " " " " Feb 11

1629 Nathaniel " " " " June 28

1631-2 Mary dau r of " " " Mar 4

1633-4 Henry son " " " " Mar 9

1635 Rebekah dau r of " " " Dec 25

1634-5 Henry son " '• " buried Feby last day."

Walter K. Watkins.]

Bate (ante, p. 1291):

[I do not know whether the Bates of Lyd were related to the family of the
same name in London, but I can send you for publication, if you wish it, an
abstract of the wills of Anthony Bate, citizen and clothworker of London 1598,
and his brother Robert Bate of Little Chester, co. Derby, 1626. I also have
wills of the Bates of Little Chester and a short pedigree from the Visitation
of Norfolk 1563.

Among the records of benefactions to the Ironmongers Company of Lon-
don is an entry in 1500 : —

" Mystris Felys Bate late the wife of John Bate gave ij saltys with a cover
of sylver and p'cell gylt weyiug liij unces di. the iij day of November a MV C ." —
J. Paul Rylands, F.S.A., 2 Charlesville, Birkenhead, Cheshire, England.]


William Ballowb, citizen and mercer of London, 1G March 1G40.
proved 21 April 1G41. My personal estate to be divided into two equal
parts, whereof one part to my wife Hester, according to the custom of the
city. The other part to pay legacies &c. To my mother in law Mrs.
Elizabeth Cotton twenty-five pounds. To my dear mother Mrs. Debora
Saunders the like sum. I do acquit and discharge my brother Thomas Bal
lowe of and from the payment of thirty pounds due. I give to William
Ballowe, son of brother Thomas, fifty pounds. To Thomas, another sou,
twenty pounds at oue and twenty. To my brother Henry Ballowe three
hundred pounds. To my brother Daniel Ballowe two hundred pounds.
To my brother in law Robert Bendish one hundred pounds. To his
daughter Debora Bendish, by Mary, his now wife, fifty pounds. To my
uncle John Ballowe twenty powuds, and to his six children thirty pounds
apiece (at one and twenty &c). To my brother in law Mr. John Wood
twenty pounds, to my brother in law Mr. Thomas Walters twenty pounds,
to my brother in law Mr. Edmund Sheafe twenty pounds, to my brother
in law James Cottou ten pounds, to my sister in law Sarah Cotton ten
pounds, to my brother in law Thomas Cotton ten pounds. Five pounds
apiece to Aunt Hobbye, cousin John Hobbie, cousins Ann and Rachel
Hobby and ten pounds to cousiu Richard Hobbie. To cousin Henry
Ballowe, son of uncle Thomas deceased, twenty pounds. To the two
maid servants of my mother in law M rs . Elizabeth Cotton forty shillings
apiece. To Mr. John Sedgewicke, minister, five pounds. To Michael,
John and Thomas Saunders, sons of my father in law Mr. Michael Saun-
ders, ten pounds apiece at one and twenty, and to Richard, his son ten
pounds. To cousin Joane Litlepage of Thame ten pounds. The residue
to wife Hester Ballowe whom I nominate sole executrix, and I desire my
uncle M r . John Ballowe and my brothers in law John Wood and Thomas
Walters to be overseers. Evelyn, 42.

Thomas Walters of London, merchaut, 15 December 1657, proved 15
January 1657. I give and devise unto my dear and loving wife Anne all
my household goods, rings, plate, jewels, linen, woollen and apparel what-
soever, and all such sum and sums of money as are due and belonging unto
me by stock in the Sugar Work, now by me managed in the house where
I live, in copartnership with my mother in law Mistress Elizabeth Cotton
and my brother in law Master Thomas Cotton, according to the accompt
thereof made up and balanced on the nine and twentieth day of September
last past before the date hereof, together with all profits and advantages
made by the same stock since the said time, and all sugars, materials and
utensils to my part of the said trade and stock belonging. I give and de-
vise unto my son Thomas all those my messuages and tenements situate,
lying and being in the parish of Great St. Helen's, in London, in which
Master Jennings, merchaut, lately lived, and the house thereunto adjoining.
If he die before he attain the age of one and twenty years the said mes-
suages to be sold and the moneys arising to be distributed and paid to and
amongst my daughters, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, Barbara, Judith and Han-
nah. I give and devise, unto my loving sou in law Master William Throck-
morton and my daughter his wife mourning. To the poor of the parish of
St. Michael Royal, London, where I now live, the sum of ten pounds. To
my servant John Gray one hundred pounds. My executrix shall give unto
every oue of my menservants and maidservants some reasonable sum of
money for mourning. I give and will and devise that mournings be given


unto my loving mother in law Mrs. Elizabeth Cotton, to my brother in law
Master Barker, minister, and his wife, to my brother in law Master John
Wood and his wife, to my brother in law Master Westfield and his wife, to
my brother in law Master Thomas Cotton and his wife, to my cousin Mas-
ter Humphrey Piggott and to my cousin Master John Wright of Brooke
Street in Essex and his wife, to my cousin Thomas Lightfoot and to Master
Richard Southwood. I give to Mrs. Ann Stamford five pounds. My wife
Aune to be sole and absolute executrix.

One of the witnesses was Matthew Barker. Wootton, 5.

Michael Hancorne, citizen and merchant taylor of London, 18 Jan-
uary 1659, proved 17 July 1660. My body to be buried iu the parish
church of St. Michael Pater Noster in the Royal in London near my late
wife Alice. I give to Frances, Dionyse, Thomas and Edward Hancorne,
the four children of Francis Hancorne, late of Kingsthorp, Northampton,
yeoman deceased, to my nephew Zachery Hancorne and to every other of
my kindred, in full for whatsoever they may claim out of my estate, twelve
pence apiece and no more. The residue I give to my maid servant Alice
Courtis, whom I make and ordain full and sole executrix.

Nabbs, 126.

[I give the above will because Sampson Cotton in his will referred to Michael
Handcorne as his cousin and appointed him an overseer to assist his executrix.

H. F. W.]

John Wood of London, merchant, 27 December 1660, proved 14 Janu-
ary 1660. My debts and funeral charges paid the residue of my goods &c.
shall be divided into three equal parts, according to the custom of the city
of London, one full part whereof I give to my wife Joane, another part to
my son John Wood, to be paid him at his age of one and twenty years. The
other third part I do will and appoint for the performance of this will. I
give to my wife the household stuff and utensils at or belonging to my
house at Leyton &c. To my son John two hundred pounds remaining in
my hands given unto him and his sister by my mother in law Mrs. Eliza-
beth Cotton and twenty pounds more given unto him by M r . Timothy Mul-
grave deceased. I give unto my cousin Jane Carpenter fifty pounds, and to
my cousin Anne Whitnall twenty pounds. To the poor of Langston in
Hampshire ten pouuds and to the poor of Layton ten pounds and to the
poor of All Hallows in the Wall, London, teu pounds. I release to my
cousin John Sone one hundred pouuds by him owing to me. I release to
my cousin Francis Sone all such moneys as are due from him to me, by the
balance of account of the Serraleon trade made up between us, so as he be
assistant to my executor in the getting in of my estate. 1 give my friend
Mr. Thomas Crispe forty shillings, to my friend Mr. George Kellum one
hundred pouuds and desire his best advice aud assistance to my executors, to
the Governors of Christ's Hospital one hundred pounds, to the Master and
Wardens of the company of clothworkers one hundred pounds, to my cousin
Mrs. Mary Bowles one annuity of six pounds to be yearly paid unto her
during her natural life. All the residue to my wife and son. May, 12.

Elizabeth Cotton of London, widow, 10 December 1662, proved 20
December 1662. My body to be decently buried in the parish church of
St. Michael Royal, London, as near to the place where my late dear hus-
band lies interred as conveniently as may be. I give fifty pounds towards
the repairing of the said church of St. Michael Royal. Ten pounds more


I give to the poor of the same parish and ten pounds more towards the
placing forth of two poor children of the same parish to be apprentices.
To my son Thomas Cotton eight hundred pounds. To my daughter Anne
Walter, widow, eight hundred pounds. To my son in law Master Matthew
Barker and my daughter Elizabeth his wife eight hundred pounds. To my
son in law Master John Bence and my daughter Joane his wife eight hun-
dred pounds. To my daughter Hester Westfield the wife of Master Ed-
ward Westfield, over and besides what I have by deed settled upon my
daughter Walter in trust for my said daughter Westfield, two hundred
pounds. To my grandson Richard Edge twenty pounds at one and twenty.
To my grand daughters hereafter named and to their husbands fourteen
pounds each to buy them mournings, viz 1 . Anne the wife of Captain Throg-
ruorton, Elizabeth the wife of Master Saunders, Sarah the wife of Master
William Burridge and Elizabeth the wife of Master Proby. I give to
Elizabeth Atwell forty pounds. To Anne Stamford, widow, ten pounds.
To William Hinton six pounds. To Widow Deacon forty shillings. To
Anne Hollis forty shiMings. To fifty poor women twenty shillings apiece.
My daughter Anne Walter to be sole executrix. Laud, 152.

Edward Wastfield citizen and grocer of London, 8 January 1677,
proved 11 February 1677. Have advanced my two sons Edward and
Richard in the world and have fully paid and given unto either of them
more than his full orphanage portion, part and proportion of my estate will
amount unto. They my copartners. By this copartnership I have a stock
of thirteen hundred pounds, being thirteen thirtieth parts of said stock.
Now 1 do declare that five hundred and fifty pounds thereof, after my
death, doth wholly belong to my loving wife Hester Wastfield for her to
dispose of it at her death to what child or children of hers she pleaseth, for
that it was so given by a deed of special trust to Anne Walter, her sister,
for her by her mother Cotton. Other three hundred and fifty pounds there-
of I give to the said Hester my wife to complete nine hundred pounds which
I intend for her out of my own personal estate. And the remaining four
hundred pounds, residue of the said stock, is a debt I owe unto my daughter
Elizabeth upon Bond, the which I have made up for her to complete her
orphanage part equal with her brothers William and John. The same to
be paid unto her at her age of one and twenty years or marriage. Pro-
visions for sons William and John (the latter a minor). My daughter
Hester is advanced in marriage to Mr. Ambrose Nicholas. My daughter
Anne is advanced in marriage to Mr. Martin West. They have received
their portions of five hundred pounds apiece. I do further give unto them
twenty shillings apiece for rings. The residue of personal estate to wife
Hester whom I make sole executrix. Sons Edward and William( ?) to be
overseers. He speaks of them as his copartners. Proved by the widow.

Reeve, 19.

Richard Gerveis of St. Giles without Cripplegate London, gen*., 10
August 1694, with a codicil bearing date 18 October 1694, proved 29 Oc-
tober 1694. To be buried in the parish church of St. Leonard Shoreditch
near to my well beloved wife Susanna. My daughter in law Elizabeth

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