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Barnard. Sir Leonard Robinson. Mr. Lee, sadler. Mr. Tanner clerk of
Fishmongers Hall. To my cousin Ann Walter ten shillings, to buy her a
ring, and to my cousin Hester Westfield ten shillings to buy her a ring, and
to Mr. John Pargiter and his wife twenty shillings apiece to buy them rings


and to my cousin Sarah Freelier and her three daughters ten shillings apiece
to buy them rings and to my kinsman Nathaniel Jemmat and his wife twen-
ty shillings apiece to buy them rings and to my kinsman John Jemmatt and
his wife twenty shillings apiece to buy them rings and to my cousin Mary
Miller forty shillings to buy her a ring. Ten shillings apiece (for rings) to
Mrs. Compton, Mrs. Mary Morgan, Mr. Samuel Kendall, Mr. Jonathan
Harris, Mr. Osborne and his wife, Mr. Nathaniel Spring, Mr. Samuel Al-
derson, Mr. Harding, Mr. Benjamin Alport and Mr. Philip Hills. The same
to cousin Nicholas and my cousin her husband and to cousin (female) Ward
and to cousin John Winington. The same to Mrs. Bingham, James Daw-
son, John Hall, Elizabeth Trowell, Thomas Purser, loving friend Mr. Wil-
liam Clough and Richard Wall. Cousin Ann Jemmat the younger. Cousin
John Jemmat's eldest daughter. Cousin Ambrose Nicholls. The children
of my cousin Thomas Walters. The children of my cousin Thomas Cot-
ton. Mary Bankin (?). Tabitha Tompson. Lease of tenements which I
hold from the city being in Sword Bearers Alley. Daughter in law Eliza-
beth Barnard, mother of my grandson Richard Gerveis. My lands in
Stow Maris, Essex, and copyhold tenements in Westham, Essex, and lands
in Abthorp in the county of Northampton and freehold tenements in Angel
Alley, Bishopsgate Street and my field at Low Laytou, Essex, and two ten-
ements in Basing hall street, with my tenement in Bow Lane held from the
company of Broderers. The children of my cousin Ambrose Nicholas.
The female children of my cousin Thomas Cotton. The children of my
cousin Thomas Waters. My copyhold tenement at Plaistow to the chil-
dren of Philip Hills. Mary Rankin (see Bankin above). The Company
of Shipwrights of London. The poor of St. Giles Cripplegate and of St.
Leonard Shoreditch. My loving friend Thomas White gentleman to be ex-
ecutor. In codicil Matthew Holland citizen and blacksmith of London
made joint executor with Thomas White. Mary Rankin one of the wit-
nesses. Box, 170.

Matthew Barker of St. Giles Cripplegate, Loudon, clerk, 1 March
1697, proved 20 April 1698. To be buried in the church or chancel there-
of situate and being at College Hill in the City of London near the place
where my late beloved wife Mrs. Elizabeth Barker was interred, otherwise
in the new ground next the Artillery Ground in Moor Fields, London.
And my funeral I appoint to be decent not pompous. My loving daughter
Elizabeth Probee. Her husband referred to (but not named). My grand-
son Matthew Probee son of Mr. Edward Probee. My cousin Mary Dexter.
My cousin Ruth Dominel the wife of Thomas Dominel late of Wellingbo-
rough Northampton. Cousin Mr. John Woolston and cousin Elizabeth
Woolston his wife. Cousin Alexander Spencer and cousin Mary Spencer
his wife. I forgive and release unto my son in law Samson Sheafe the one
hundred pounds which I lent him upon his bond and all interest moneys
that shall be due thereupon at the time of my decease. Cousin Mr. Ed-
mond Baw of Wellingborough aforesaid and cousin Ruth Baw his wife.
The poor of the church whereof I have been many years pastor. The poor
of Crausley in the County of Nottingham where I was born. My cousin
Alexander Spencer of Brixworth iu said county. My cousiu Mr. Sairs of
Wapping in Middlesex. My cousin Rachel James. Mr. Glover of Hack-
ney, merchant. Jemimah James the daughter of the said Rachel James.
To my sister Westfield ten pounds to buy her mourning. To my cousin
Mary Whitfeild five pounds. Loving friends William Scrimpsheir Esq.,
John Archer merchant and William Surflet scrivener to be executors.


Executors renounced and commission issued (at above date) to Mary
Dexter grandniece by the brother (pro uepoti ex fratre) to administer ac-
cording to the tenor of the will. Lort, 95.

[In connection with these Cottons we must bear in mind the will of John
Diugley of London (1626), published in these Gleanings {ante, p. 265), who
calls Sampson Cotton brother in law. I have found traces too of a connection
with the Pargiter family.

Another New England family through which the famous family of Juxon at-
tached itself to New England was the Byfleld family. I have already in my
earlier Gleanings (ante, pp. 114-116) given the wills of Richard Bifield of
Stratford upon Avon and later of Isleworth, and of his son Richard Byfleld of
Long Ditton. The latter was the father of Col. Nathaniel Byfleld of Boston,
Massachusetts. Here follow other wills of this family.]

Margauet Hardware, one of the daughters of Henry Hardware of
Peele in the County of Chester, Esq. deceased, 20 February 1G1G, proved
17 March, 1G1G. Brother John Hardware. Late mother Mrs. Elizabeth
Hardware. Said brother's wife and his daughter Hannagh. Item, I give
to Henrye Whitfeild my contracted husband the sum of one hundred and
forty pounds. Item, I give to the said Henrie Whitefeild one white
" beare " bowl, one " Tune " and cover and three spoons, one piece of gold
of three pounds seventeen shillings. Item, I give unto the said Henrye
"Whitfeild, more, one pair of valence aud two cushions of needle work, four
towells, two short and two long, three pair of sheets of flaxen of the best,
four pillowbeares, one dozen of fringed napkins, four of the best table
cloths, two cupboard cloths, one featherbed, two bolsters, two down pil-
lows, one arras coverlet, four blankets aud all the apparell that was pro-
vided for my marriage. Francis Byfeild wife unto Nicholas Byfeild,
preacher, and Adouiram and Martha, son aud daughter unto the said
Nicholas and Francis Byfeild. Mrs. Crispe. Bathshua the daughter of
Nicholas Byfeild. Rings to Mr. Astley and his wife, to Mrs. Lucy and
Mrs. Francis Whitfeild, Walter Charnocke and his wife, Mr. John Ratliffe
of Chester and his wife, and my cousin Margaret Leech. My godson
Jonathan Byfeild. Mrs. Simcox. All my goods &c. to Nicholas By-
feild, preacher of God's word, and he to be my true and lawful executor.
Roger Charnocke one of the witnesses. Memorandum that if, after all my
debts aud legacies are paid, the remainder of my estate be above the
value of fifty pounds, that then Mr. Nicholas Byfeild have only that
fifty pounds, and my loving friend and contracted husband Mr. Henry
Whitfeild have the rest of my whole estate. Weldon, 24.

Nicholas Byfeild preacher of the word of Isleworth, Middlesex, 6
September 1622, proved 15 October, 1622. Certain books to wife. All
the rest of them to sons Adonyram and Jonathan to be equally divided
between them, Jonathan's portion to be handed over to my loving son in
law Mr. William Clyfford to be kept for the use of my said son Jonathan
until he come to the age of discretion. My dear father Mr. Richard Bi-
feild hath paid unto me twenty pounds for the use of my daughter Martha,
for which he was bound. To daughter Mary all my estate &c. in houses
&c. in Isleworth which I lately bought of one Thomas Whitehead. A
debt due from my noble friend Sir Horace Vere. Household stuff in the
now dwelling house of my said father in Isleworth. My wife shall hold
and enjoy the house wherein I now dwell during her life, and after her
decease the residue of my estate and term therein shall wholly remain and
come unto my son Benjamin. To son John a little silver dish which wa┬╗


given unto me by my sister Burges at her death. To daughter Anne
thirty pounds at the age of eighteen. To daughter Margaret twenty
pounds at like age. My said wife is now with child. Provision made for
its portion. Divers of my dear and loving friends of the City of Chester
do stand bound unto me for the payment of ten pounds yearly for seven
years next after my death for and towards the maintenance of my chil-
dren. Wife shall take charge of the education of my son Jonathan and
daughter Mary. Mr. Thomas Aldersey of Chester is indebted unto me.
My dear friend Mr. John Gearinge of Isleworth. Wife to be executrix.
Proved by Elizabeth Byfield.

Book Bellamy (Consist. C 1 . of London) L. 115.

Elizabeth Bifeild of Istleworth Middlesex, widow 2 November
1623, proved 2 December 1623. To be buried in the parish church here
near the body of Nicholas Bifeild, clerk, my late husband. My son Benjamin
Bifeild shall have the great brick house at Istleworth which my late husband
(now with God) did devise unto him after my decease. Another house to
son John and a tenement in old Brainford. The arrearages of a certain
pension owing unto my late husband by the Right Hon. the Earl of North-
umberland and one hundred pounds remaining to my use in the hands of
Mr. John Geringe of London grocer. Daughter Anne Bifeild at eighteen.
Daughter Margaret Bifeild at like age. Daughter Elizabeth Bifeild at same
age. Son in law Mr. Clifford and his wife. Adonyram, Jonathan, Mar-
tha and Mary Bifeild the other four children of my said late husband. To
my loving uncle Mr. William Wright one seal ring which I now wear and
one of late husband's books last printed and come forth. To my loving
brother in law Mr. John Temple one seal ring of the print of a hammer
and anvill thereon and to my sister Temple his wife my lesser diamond
ring. To my loving brother Mr. Richard Tomlyns one seal ring, being
the greatest that I have, and one of my husband's last printed books. To my
brother in law Mr. Thomas Willes my two least rings, to be made into one
and then delivered to him, and to my sister Willes his wife my great round
ring which now I wear. Loving cousin Mr. Richard Clempson and his
wife. Kind friends Mr. Davis and his wife. Loving friend Mrs. Mary
Darcy. To my father in law Mr. Bifeild, as a small remembrance of my
love, my late husband's black silk cloak faced with velvet. Mrs. Barrel 1 of
Istleworth. My special good friends Mr. John Geringe and his wife. He
is to be executor and my said brother Mr. Tomlyns and Mr. Willes over-
seers. Swann, 126.

Joane Gater of Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, widow, 2 June 1624,
proved 14 September 1624. The poor of Portsea in Southampton. The
poor of Kingston upon Thames. I give and bequeath to my loving son in
law Richard Byfeild, clerk, and Mary his wife, my daughter, all those lauds
which I purchased of Robert Playfoote, being in the fields of Kingston in
the parish of Portsea aforesaid, within the liberties of the town of Ports-
mouth in the said County of Southampton, containing five acres more or
less. To my grandchild Mary Byfeild one hundred pounds at day of mar-
riage, so as she do marry with the consent and approbation of her parents.
My sister Sibbell Carpenter. To my two cousins Josua Willerd aud Hau-
na Willerd ten shillings apiece. Sou Richard Byfield to be sole executor.

Book Yeast, Arch. Surrey (1622-1630), L. 124.


Mary Byfield of Yearlington in Somerset, 17 May 1634, proved 23
June 1634. To be buried in the church of Yearlington. Property in the
possession or custody of Mr. John Geering grocer in London. To my
sister Clifford, wife unto Mr. William Clifford, ten pounds. To my brother
Jonathan Byfield and my sister Martha Granger forty shillings apiece. To
my two brethren Benjamin and John Byfield ten shillings apiece. The
same to my two sisters Margaret and Elizabeth Byfield. Lasly I make
my brother in law Mr. William Clifford and my beloved brother Mr.
Adoniram Byfield joint executors. And my desire and request is that my
uncle Mr. Richard Byfield and my uncle Mr. Thomas Willis may be over-
seers. Proved by M r Clifford, power reserved for the other executor.

Peter Thatcher was one of the witnesses. Seager, 51.

Sir Robert Parkhurst, knight and alderman of* London, 28 June
1636, proved 22 February 1636. Wife Ellen. Have fully advanced daugh-
ters Anne and Mary in marriage. Son Robert being unadvanced, to have,
for his own orphanage and customary portion of my personal estate, a full and
equal third &c. according to the ancient and laudable custom of the City
of London. Certain poor in hospitals aud prisons. The poor of Pirford and
Mr. Bray curate there. A stock to maintain the poor to work that
there be no beggar in Pirford. The relief of ten godly and conformable
preachers and ten widows of preachers who are left poor and distressed,
being godly. The poor of the parish of St. Peter's the Poor and the poor
of the town of Ripley. Mr. Jeremy Leech parson of St. Mary le Bow and
his son Samuel. Nephew and godson Nathaniel Parkhurst son of brother
Henry. Brother John Parkhurst, Doctor in Divinity, and Henry his son
and Thomas his youngest son. Brother Thomas Parkhurst. Nephew
Philip Mellish. My niece Susan Sherer, the daughter of my sister Susan-
na Lancashire by her first husband. John and Henry the two sons of
my cousin Richard Streete, at twenty four. To James Lancashire and Mary
Bifield, two other of the children of my said sister Susanna Lancashire,
forty pounds apiece. Henry and Rebecca Lancashire, the two youngest
of her children. My cousins William, Oliffe, Henry and Samuel Spurs-
towe. Cousin and godson Richard Smith. My niece Dauiell Margaret
Jennor (sic). Cousin Elizabeth Wiseman. Cousin Anne Blackstone.
Cousin Hill and her two sons and her daughter. Cousin Margery Johnson.
My sister Smith and my sister Palmer. My aunt Aldersey, the Lady
Coventry, the Lady Capell, the Lady Knatchball. My cousins Sir Nicholas
Rainton, Sir Thomas Moulson, my cousin John Bunbury and every of
their wives and my cousin Thomas Tompson. The poor of the Company
of Clothworkers. Wife to inhabit my now dwelling house in Broad Street,
London, during all the term of her natural life. Brother in law William
Spurstowe. Wife Ellen and son Robert to be executors and brother Spur-
stowe and friend Edward Tailor, girdler, overseers.

Com mission issued 8 November 1651 to Robert Parkhurst, Esq., the
grandson and next akin to the deceased, to administer the goods &c. left
unadministered by the executors, now also deceased.

Commission issued 19 October 1677 to Robert Parkhurst Esq. great
grandson (pronepoti ex jilio) of Sir Robert Parkhurst knight, lately one of
the aldermen of the city of London but at Pirford in Surrey deceased, to
administer the goods &c. left unadministered by same. Hellen Parkhurst,
the relict, and Robert Parkhurst Esq, the son &c. the executors named in
the will, and Robert Parkhurst the grandson, &c, now also deceased.

Goare, 14.

Samuel Bamford clerk 17 March 1655, proved 1 September 1657. St.
Edmond's parish, Lombard Street, in which parish I was bom. Olive's pa-
rish Southwark wherein I was for divers years brought up. Albau's parish
Woodstreet if I shall continue rector of the said parish till my decease.
Emanuell College of which foundation I was in mine younger years chosen
a scholar and where I continued till after I had taken a second degree in
the University. Master William Cooper minister of the gospel at St.


Henry Pakkhurst of Woodford Essex Esq., citizen and grocer of
London, 31 December 1Go9, proved 28 November 1640. Wife Gartred,
Son Nathaniel. The free school of the town of Guilford where I was
born. Cousin and godson Henry Parkhurst. Brother Thomas Parkhurst.
Cousin Philip Mellish. Cousin Sir Robert Parkhurst. Cousin James Lan-
casheere's wife, towards the maintenance and bringing up of her children.
Cousin Henry Lancasheere my goodson. I give unto my cousin Mr.
Richard Bifield and his wife three pounds to make each of them a ring.
Cousin Richard Sherer and his wife. Cousin Edward Danford and his
wife. Brother in law William Spurstowe and his children. Brother in
law Thomas Wetherall and his wife and his son Henry Wetherall, my
godson, and my cousins Anne and Elizabeth Wetherall. My sister in law
Dorothy Salter widow. Brother in law Mr. Rowland Wetherall and his
wife. My cousin Anne Blackston, widow, and her son Christopher Black-
ston. Sundry poor in Hospitals. The Society of Grocers. The preach-
ers of St. Autholins Church in London. The poor of Guilford. The parson
of St. Mary Pomary in Iremonger Lane, London (if I shall be buried in
that parish). Wife Gartred and son Nathaniel executors and brother in
law Mr. William Spurstowe, brother in law Mr. Thomas Wetherall and
cousin Mr. Richard Sherer overseers. Coventry, 140.

Thomas Wtn of London merchant 29 March 1644, proved 8 January
1644. Wife Elizabeth My three children Thomas, Jane and Damoris
Wynne. Brother Richard Wynne. Estate I am to have now by the
death of my mother. Uncle William Spurstowe. Cousin William Spurs-
towe, his son. Cousins Oliver Spurstowe, Henry Spurstowe and Samuel
Spurstowe. My brother and sisters being four. My cousin Richard
Sherrer. James Hill. My mother Wych. Cousin Nicholas Wynne.

Rivers, 27.

William Spurstow citizen and mercer of London 20 September 1644,
proved 4 February 1645. To be buried in the parish church of St.
Stephens, where I now dwell, near the corpse of my dear wife. I was one
of the executors of my brother Richard Wynn deceased. My cousin
Katheriue's portion. The children of my cousin Thomas Wynne deceased.
I was executor to my brother Edward Spurstow deceased. The widow,
her son, her daughter Ellinor and Anne, Katherine and Mary under age.
For poor scholars in Katherine Hall Cambridge. The poor of St. Chad's
parish Shrewsbury. Son William. Cousin Priscilla Wynu. Cousin Wil-
liam Spurstowe. Elliuor, Anne, Katherine and Mary Spurstowe. The
three children of my cousin Thomas Wynn deceased. My cousin Bi-
field. My sister Olive Parkhurst. Sister Parkhurst late of Oxford. Cou-
sin Henry Parkhurst. James Hill. Rowland Hill. Others named. Cousin
Nathaniel. Cousin Damaris Andrewes. Son Henry. Sou Samuel. Daugh-
ter Olive Spurstowe. Cousin Richard Sherer. Twisse, 26.


Olive's Southwark. Loving kinsman Master John Ilayne, gentleman and
scrivener, dwelling by Newgate Market, and loving kinswoman Mrs. Ann
Havne. Item, I give and bequeath unto Master Adoniram Bifield and unto
Master Benjamin Bifield and unto Master John Bifield, brethren of my
present wife, unto each of them one book out of my library such as may be
to their liking. To Mrs. Margaret Sargent, my wife's sister, one such Eng-
lish book out of my library as may be to her liking, as also two porcelain
cup dishes such as mine executor shall think fitting. My cousin german
Master Lambert Osbalston clerk. Cousin german Mrs. Judith Floyd
widow, sister to the said Lambert. My gold ring with the Osbolston's arms
engraven on it. Cousin german Master Robert Osbolston, linen-draper
upon London Bridge, brother to the said Lambert and Judith. My cousin
his wife. Mine only daughter and child Elizabeth at eighteen years of age
or time of marriage. She shall have that fair silver and gilt cup which
the Queen of Bohemia was pleased to bestow upon me and a large chest
of cedar wood which was left me by my father and a suit of damask table
linen of Orpheus' work, a piece of my former wife's " Huswifery " in the
spinincr f it. Her mother to give her a further share of linen &c. Wife
Elizabeth to be executrix and kinsman Mr. John Hayne and reverend
friend Mr. William Cooper to be overseers. Ruthen, 343.

John Btfield of Old Windsor Berks Esq. 16 September 1657, proved
9 November 1657. Wife Anne. Daughter Anne Byfield to be sole
heir if no issue male by said wife. Eldest son of my dear brother Mr.
Benjamin Byfield. First and second son successively of loving brother
Mr. Adoniram Byfeild. My house in Windsor Great Park. Wife to be
advised by my good friends Sir William Robers. Mr. Johu Oxenbridge and
my loving brother Mr. Francis Sargaut. Ruthen, 413.

Adoniram Bifetld of Collingbourne Ducis Wilts, 29 October 1657,
proved 31 August 1660. To my son Adoniram and my daughter Ka-
therine his wife my two silver tankards that have the arms of the Uni-
versity of Oxford upon them. To son Nicholas my biggest silver tankard.
Daughter Martha. Son Adoniram to take care of my son Nicholas and
daughter Martha and pay to Nicholas fifty pounds as soon as he shall be
bound an apprentice, and one hundred pounds more as soon as he shall set
up for himself, and five years after my death pay to my daughter Martha one
hundred and fifty pounds. My grandchild Adoniram Shingle. Son Ado-
niram Byfeild and dear friend and brother Mr. Thomas Bayly to be exe-

Proved by Adoniram Bifeild, power reserved to grant probate to Mr.
Bayly when he should come to seek it. Nabbs, 164.

Richard Sherer of London merchant 24 December 1664, proved 21
March 1665. Wife Susanna. Tenements in Whitechapel Middlesex.
Grandchildren Richard, Charles and Susanna Sherer at one and twenty
or marriage. Brother Thomas Young and his wife. My son in law Mr.
William Cary (of the City of London, merchant). My kinsman Richard
Clntton, Esq. (of Magdalen College Oxford). My kinsman Mr. Edward (in
other places Edmund) Davenporte (of London merchant). Thomas Young
described as of Grinstead Green Kent, gen'. I give and bequeath to my
brother in law Mr. Richard Bifield and his wife four pounds between them
and to Dr. William Spurston (Spurstow?) and Henry Spurton (Spustow?)
my kinsmen forty shillings apiece and to each of their wives forty shillings


apiece, to buy them rings. My cousin Richard Wynne. My cousins Judith
and Susan Dios. My cousin Sarah Puller. My cousin Thomas Haynes.
Mr. Ellis Cunlifte. My only daughter Susanna, wife of the said William
Cary, to be sole executrix.

The daughter renounced and commission issued at above date to Susan-
na Sherer the relict. Mico, 52.

Sarah Byfeild daughter of Mr. Richard Byfeild late Rector of Long
Dittou, Surrey, deceased, her will made 15 August 1672 and proved 4 Oc-
tober 1673. I make and ordain my mother whole and sole executrix. I
give and bequeath unto my dear and honored mother Mrs. Sarah Byfeild
twenty pounds. To my loving brother Mr. Timothy Byfeild five pounds.
To my brother Nathaniel Byfeild five pounds. To my dear sister Mrs.
Rebecca Jackson five pounds. To my dear sister Mrs. Dorcas Patten five
pounds. To my dear sister Mrs. Priscilla Byfeild, twenty pounds. To
my dear sister Mary five pounds. To my dear sister Deborah Byfeild
five pounds. Pye, 120.

Richard Byfeild of Selborn, Hampshire, clerk, 29 October 1679,
proved 3 December, 1679. To each of the five sons of John Berrow, clerk,
born of my dear sister Elizabeth deceased, fifty pounds at their respective
ages of one and twenty years. To Samuel, Thomas and Seth the sons of
Samuel Wickins, citizen of London, and my dear sister Anne, three pounds
to each of them. To my niece Sarah Wright one hundred pounds. To

my sister Mary, the wife of Brown of London physician, ten pounds.

To every one of my father's children, namely Anne, Timothy, Nathaniel,
Rebecca, Dorcas, Priscilla, Mary and Deborah, I give one pound and to
my brothers in law each ten shillings. To my nephew John Wright, clerk,
one pound. To Mary the wife of my brother Samuel Byfeild one pound
and to my niece Mary his daughter ten pounds. To my successor and suc-
cessors in the vicarage of Selborn and to the farmers and inhabitants of
and in the five messuages and farms, viz*, the Grange, the Priory, the Tem-
ple, Blackmore and Okehanger House in Selborn, eighty pounds in trust to
purchase an annuity for ever towards the apprenticing of poor children to
good trades. Thomas Aubery of Selborn yeoman for his four sous, Tho-
mas, Henry, James and Richard, and his two daughters, Anne and Mary.
William Cooper and Anne his wife. Certain friends and neighbors named.
The residue to my most dear brother Samuel Byfield of Ewhurst, Surrey,
clerk and to his heirs forever upon condition that he shall pay all my
debts and legacies, and I make him sole executor. Proved by the execu-
tor, as above.

Commission issued 3 November 1705 to Mary Johnson ah. Byfeild wife
of William Johnson, niece by a brother and next akin of Richard Byfeild
deceased, to administer the goods left uuadministered by Samuel Byfeild,
brother and executor, now also deceased. King, 157.

Sarah Byfeild second daughter of John Juxon late of East Sheen in
the parish of Mortlake in the County of Surrey, widow and the relict of
Richard Byfield minister of the Gospel and late Rector of Long Ditton,

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