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Arch. Suff. (Ipswich), B. 45, L. 127.

Thomas Dobson of Leistofte " boteman," 24 February, but signed 18
March, 1613, proved 30 March 1614. To grandchild Joseph Markes my
house and tenement wherein I dwell, after the decease of my wife Joane.
To William Giggles and Alice Giggles, my wife's children, forty shillings
apiece. Arch. Suff. (Ipswich), B. 47, L. 29.

Margery Smith of Southwolde widow, 24 January 1624, proved 21
June 1624. Grandchildren Margaret, William, and Susan Bellson and
Alice, Mary and Nicholas Bellson. Nicholas, Elizabeth and Francis
Smith, children of son Nicholas. Son Robert's children Nicholas, Eliza-
beth, Robert, Thomas aud Daniel. Son William's children, Nicholas,
Anne, Ellen, William, Thomas, Margaret, John and Mary. Son in law
Robert Anderson's children, Nicholas, Agnes, Elizabeth and Mary. Friend
and kinsman Daniel Jeggell of Southwolde. Christopher Yonges of South-
wolde clerk. Daughter Margaret Anthonie's children. She the wife of
Francis Anthonie. Daughter Joane Bellson.

Arch. Suff. (Ipswich), Vol. 55 (unbound).

Thomas Elliott of Southwould gen 1 , 27 March 1641, proved 16
December 1641. The poor of St. Matthew's parish, Ipswich, and the poor
of Southwold. My two sisters Margaret Tyler and Sara Lyngfield. To
son Thomas my freehold lands, messuages and tenements in St. Matthew's,
Ipswich (except one house of stone called by the name of St. George's
Chapel, with the chapel yard and two tenements thereunto adjoining, which
I give to be sold towards the payment of my debts). To my said son
Thomas all my lands &c. in Grunsborough, he to pay my wife Elizabeth


ten pounds per year during her life. To wife Elizabeth all my copyhold
lands in St. Matthew's, Ipswich, to her and her heirs forever. To my
second son Daniel, at age of four aud twenty years, one barn, parcel of
my capital messuage or inn called the Grayhound in Ipswich, with free in-
gress, egress and regress through all yards and passages &c. To my third
son Nicholas, at four and twenty, my capital messuage or inn &c, which I
lately purchasad of Gilbert Lyngfield, merchant (excepting the two tene-
ments on each side of the great gate of said capital messuage, opening into
the Brook Street in Ipswich, and the barn aforesaid). To my fourth son
Nathaniel, at four and twenty, my tenement on the right hand side of said
great gate, in the occupation of Edward Smyth. To my youngest son John,
at four and twenty, my tenement on the left hand of said great gate, now

in the occupation of . All four to have free liberty to and

from the pump and pumphouse adjoining the tenement given to Nathaniel.
To my two daughters, Susan and Elizabeth Elliott, twenty pounds apiece
in three years after my decease. To my kinsman Thomas Elliott the elder
of Ipswich forty shillings and my second suit of apparel. Wife Elizabeth
to be executrix and my kind father in law Mr. Daniel Jeggle, my good
cousin William Greenwood the elder, gen 1 , and my loving friends Robert
Mellings Esq. and Thomas Feltham gen' to be supervisors.

Arch. Suff. (Ipswich) Original Wills (1641), No. 45.

Daniel Jeggles of Southould, merchant, 9 February 1641, proved 3
November 1642. To the town of Southould ten pounds, to be paid into the
hands of the chamberlain in six months after my decease, to the intent that
fifteen shillings shall be distributed yearly and every year forever to the
poor of said town. To Mr. John Goldsmith, minister of Southould, forty
shillings. To my wife Elizabeth fifteen pounds. To my daughter Eliza-
beth Elliott, for life, all my messuages, lands and tenements in Southould,
except the house or messuage which I bought of one Chapman, wherein
one Richard Oulte lately dwelt. After her decease these to go to my
grandchild Daniel Elliott, except as above and except the house purchased
of Edmunde Harvy. The said Daniel not yet two and twenty years old.
Grandchildren Nathaniel and John Elliott at one and twenty. My grand-
children the wife of Matthew Kempe aud Elizabeth wife of Thomas Cocke.
Reference to a former will in which I did give unto my said grandchild
Susan, by name of Susan Elliott and, since, said Susan is married unto said
Matthew Kempe &c. To my kinsman William Jeggles all such sums of
money as he oweth me. William Greenwood Esq. of Great Yarmouth,
Norfolk. My grandchild Susan Kempe's uncle Nicholas Allen gave her
thirty pounds which my executrix or executor is liable to pay.

Arch. Suff. (Ipswich) Original Wills (1642), No. 129.

[The foregoing wills are all I have found relating to the family of Jeggles or
Giggles, a name which, in both forms, often appears in our Salem records.
The end of Union Wharf was built over Jeggles Island, and there was a place
called Jeggles Rocks, I believe, in South Fields, near Forest River and Salem
Harbor. — Henry F. Waters.]

William Yonges of Lowestoft 22 June 1530, proved 7 March 1530.
Wife Margery. William Hocker of Lowestoft to be executor.

Arch. Suff. (Ipswich), B. 10, L. 172.

Christopher Horne of Aylesham yeoman, 4 March 1602, proved 21
April 1603. To be buried in the churchyard of Aylesham where my wife


lieth liuried. Nephew Christopher Yonges of Colby the elder. His
daughters. Tenements &c. in Colby and Albie. Christopher, John and
William Yonges sous of my nephew Christopher Yonges. Wife Emme
Home. Sister Johan Yonges. Kinsman William Barker of Aylesham
and Elizabeth his wife. Cousin Awby of Weston, Norfolk, John Crome
and Elizabeth his wife. Codicil added 15 April 1603.

Consist. Court, Norwich, B. Nor.brth, L. 242.

[The same will was proved in the Prerogative Court iu Loudon, 19 May,
1604, and registered in Book Harte 49.]

A mandate was issued 2 March, 1611, for inducting Christopher Yonges,
clerk, into the real possession of the vicarage of Reydon. See Act Book
in Probate Registry, Ipswich.

Christopher Yonges, clerk, minister of Southwold, 21 November
-, proved 5 July 1626. To wife Margaret all lands &c. for life. Then

to my six children John, Joseph, Christopher, Mary, Margaret and Martha.
To eldest son all my books except some English books such as my wife or
my other children shall choose out for their use, one or two apiece. To
John and Thomas Yonges my grandchildren, to each a silver spoon. Wife
Margaret and John Smith and Thomas Elliot of Southwold to be executors.

Consistory Court, Norwich (1626), No. 164.

Margaret Yocngs late wife of Christopher Youngs deceased, of
Southwold, 27 October 1630, proved 8 January, 1630. For the outward
goods that God hath given me I do dispose as followeth. For the house
and land I dwell in I desire it may be divided amongst my children ac-
cording to my husband's will. Next, for all my household stuff &c. be-
longing to me, my will is, my debts and funeral charge being paid, the
remainder to be equally divided betwixt my six children, John, Joseph,
Christopher, Mary, Margaret and Martha, or so many as shall be alive at
the time of my decease. My two sons John and Joseph Yonges to be
executors. Arch. Suff. (Ipswich), B. 59 (1629-30), L. 349.

Thomas Warren of Southwold merchant, 4 March 17 th Charles, 1641,
proved 13 September 1645. To son Thomas all my houses and lands in
Southwold bought of William Burrye late of Muttford and (other houses,
tenements &c.) bought of the Bailiffs of Southwold, sold under the will of
Richard Buckenham, with brewhouse &c. To daughter Elizabeth wife of
Thomas Gooch of Southwold twenty pounds.

Item, I give and bequeath to the two children of Mary Youngs, my
daughter, wife of John Youngs now in New England, the sum of forty
pounds English money, to be paid unto them in manner and form following,
i.e. to Mary Gardiner, my said daughter's daughter, the sum of thirty
pounds within four years next after my decease. Item, I give unto Ben-
jamin Youngs my grandchild the sum of ten pounds of like English mouey,
to be paid unto him within five years next after my decease. To my
daughter Margaret Youngs, the wife of Joseph Youngs, thirty pounds, to
be paid ten pounds in six years, ten pounds in seven years and ten pounds
in eight years after my decease. To my daughter Christian Barnard,
wife of Symon Barnard, twenty pounds, to be paid ten pounds in nine
years and ten pounds in ten years after my decease. To my son George
Warren ten pounds iu eleven years &c. All these sums to be paid by my
son Thomas Warren. To my daughter Deborah the house and land in
Southwold which I purchased of John Perry and Stephen Herrington.


Certain money duo from Daniel Stephenson, late of Southvvold deceased,
to Robert Warren, my sou, deceased. Son Thomas and son in law Simon
Barnard to be executors.

Arch. Suff. (Ipswich) Original Wills (1645), No. 120.

[The above will was not indexed in the Calendar. Nor was it registered. I
came upon it in going through the bundles of original wills. I found that there
was an immense number of wills not registered and many not indexed.

To this family of Yonges undoubtedly belonged John, Joseph and"Christopher
Yonges or Youngs of Salem. Some mention of them will probably be found
in the Essex Institute Historical Proceedings (Salem). Christopher, I think,
removed to Wen ham, and one or both of the other two, I believe, removed to
Southold. Iu Salem, I associate them with the lower part of the town, say
about the neighborhood of English, Webb and Derby Streets. I have not my
notes at hand or I could speak more definitely of the whereabouts of their lots.

I have found the family mentioned occasionally in the wills of the Prerogative
Court.— H. F. Waters.

Christopher Young of Wenham, Mass., left a will dated 9 June, 1647. He
directs his three children to be sent to their native country, Great Yarmouth,
Norfolk, England. But our court decided otherwise. He names father-in-law
Richard Elvin of Gt. Yarmouth, and his wife to whom he bequeaths his two
daughters; his son to John Phillips of Wenham; sisters the wives of Joseph
Young and Thomas Moore. His children are Sarah, Mary, Christopher. (The
latter bapt. 1644.) Esdras Reed of Wenham, Wm. Brown of Salem, and the
wife of Joseph Young, executors.

The son Christopher, I suppose, married Mary Budd, and had sons Christo-
pher and John. The younger Christopher of Southold was son of Rev. John
Young, the pastor there, and born in America.

Margaret, the daughter of the Rev. Christopher Youngs of Reydon, in Suf-
folk, married Capt. Joseph Youngs of Salem and Southold.

Christopher Youngs, sr., was of Southold in 1656. In 1637 "John Yonge
of St. Margretts Suffolk, minister ageed 35 yeares and Joan his wife ageed 34
yeares with 6 children, John Tho., Anne, Rachell, Marey and Joseph" were
examined being "desirous to passe to Salam into New England to inhabit."
(Mass. Hist. Coll., 4th Series, vol. 1, p. 101.) His passage was forbidden, and
when he did come his wife was named Mary. See Thompson's Long Island.
He died 1672 aet. 74.

The statements of Thompson and Griffin must be accepted with caution.
Probably the entire connection of these Southold and Salem Youngs can be
worked out from these wills and the, Essex County records, Salem, and South-
old records.— Eben Putnam.]

William Yonges of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, merchant, burgess and
alderman of the same town, 13 September 1611, proved 11 November
1611. Wife Dorothy. Her daughter Mary Remington. My kinsman
Robert Sayer, merchant. My daughter Rachael Peck. My kinsman
Augustine Yonges the elder. My kindred Edmond Yonges, James
Yonges, Katherine Harris, Margaret Johnson, Frances Kendall, Agnes
Yonges, Henry Yonges my brother John's son, Susan, Elizabeth, Martha,
Joane and Temperance, daughters of said Henry Yonges, Katherine
Niccoll, Margaret Gayfer and Ursula her sister. Brother in law Benjamin
Cooper and his children. Children of brother in law George Birche.
Tenement I bought of my brother in law Isaac Cooper. Son in law
Nicholas Pecke. Son in law Nathaniel Remington and Agnes now his
wife. Mary Remington their daughter and Nathaniel their son and Samuel
their son. Son in law William Doughtie and Prisca his wife. Edmund
Cocke and Sara his wife and Joseph and Nathaniel their sons. Edward
Ainswortli and Hanna his wife and their daughter Lydia and sons Thomas
and Nathaniel. Brother in law George Birche and Prisca his wife.
Benjamin Cooper son of my brother in law Benjamin Cooper and of


Hanna his wife. Brother in law Thomas Cooper and his wife. Brother
Henry Yonges. Brother in law Thomas Housegoe. Cousin James
Matchett. A number of others named. Wood, 93.

Robert Page of f Southwold, Suffolk, mariner, 27 November 1617,
proved 6 February 1617. To the reparations of the church or chapel of
Southwold five shillings. To Mr. Christover Yonges, minister of South-
would, five shillings. Wife Margaret. Eldest son William Padge. Daugh-
ter Elizabeth Padge. Brother in law Richard Farrow and my sister Far-
row. My kinsman Thomas Farrow. My three children John, Agnes and
Marion Padge. Daniel Jeggell of Southwold merchant to advise my wife
in the distribution of ten shillings worth of clothes amongst the children of
mv sister Alice. Meade, 20.

Robert Williamson of Southwould, Suffolk, mariner, 25 October 1617,
proved 6 February 1617. Ten shillings towards the reparation of the
church or chapel. Ten shillings to Mr. Christover Yonges preacher of the
word of God of Southwold. Five pounds to Katherine Mason my kins-
woman. Robert Padge of Southwold. Residue to wife Em, whom I make
sole executrix. Daniel Jeggell one of the witnesses. Meade, 20.

Thomas Kembolde of Hechiii (Hitcham?) 20 September 1557, proved
20 April 1558. Wife Betteres. Sons Nicholas and Leonard. Daughter
Parnell. Bury Wills (Arch. Sudbury) Book Bell, L. 53.

Henry Kembold of Hechiii 4 January 1558, proved 10 March 1558.
To be buried in the churchyard of Hechiii. To my wife Sysley Kembold
my tenement I live in called Pogelle's &c. and a piece of laud in Rattles-
den. These to son Henry after my wife's decease, he to pay certain sums
to his brothers and sisters. To son Thomas piece of land in Rattlesdeu af-
ter my wife's decease. To Thomas three pounds six shillings and eight
pence, whereof thirty three shillings and four pence at his age of twenty
one years and then every year six shillings eight pence until 1 the sum, three
pouuds six shillings eight pence, be fully paid. To son Henry a piece of
land which I have in mortgage of Henry Bowie. To son Richard six
pounds thirteen shillings four pence, for to be paid by Henry Kembold my
son, at his age of twenty one years. To daughters Agnes and Margaret
Kembold thirty three shillings each at days of marriage and the same
sum in five years. Wife Syslye and son Henry to be executors and Ed-
mund Lever to be supervisor. Bury Wills, Book Bell, L. 542.

Nicholas Kembold of Kettleberston husbandman, 13 May 16 Eliz.,
1574, proved 2 August 1574. Wife Margaret. Sister Parnell Cyrsp
(Crispe?). Godson Henry Cyrsp. Leonard Cyrsp at twenty one. Ed-
mund, Robert, Nicholas, Rose and Hester Clarke.

Bury Wills, Book Wroo, L. 43.

George Dickenson clerk and parson of Buxhall 26 March 1619.
proved 29 April 1619. Wife Judeth. Thomas Dickenson, eldest son of
my nephew Thomas Dickenson, and George Dickenson, anotlrer son of
Thomas. Sister Margaret Jennings of Scarborough, widow. Jane Potter
all Fiubus (?) daughter of my sister Isabel deceased. Mary Kinge daugh-
ter of John Kinge. John Kinge son of Elizabeth. Barbery Dickenson
daughter of brother Henry. Peter Dickenson son of brother John. A lot
of Coppingers named. Son in law John Salter. The children of Robert


Salter. Sister Bridget Kimbold. Brothers Richard, Stephen and Thomas
Kimbold. Sister Anne Kimbold a/s Benton. To Mr. Munninges my great
Bible, to preach at my funeral.

Consistory Court, Norwich, Book Mason, L. 208.

[The same will was proved at Bury St. Edmunds the next day, 30 April lfil9,
ami registered in Book Gibson, leaf 492. I And that my notes taken from it
differ somewhat from the above. Niece Jane is here called Jane Potter a/s Fry-
bus. Mary and John Kinge are called children of John Kinge. And sister Anne
Kyinboldea/s Bowlton appears (instead of Benton). — H. F. Waters.]

Robert Whotlock of Rattlesden, knacker, 20 September 1622,
proved 8 October 1622. My kinsman Thomas Skott of Rattlesden, glover.
My sister Martha Skott. My kinswoman Ursula Kemball. Kinswoman
Ellen Usher. Andrew Bartholomews Andrew Fordham of Rattlesden.
Elizabeth Bell. Prudence Webb. My kinsman Roger Skotte at one and
twenty years of age. House in Norfolk my brother Roger Whotlock gave
me. Peter Devereux, minister of Rattlesden. Henry Skott a witness.

Consistory of Norwich, B. Bradstreet, L. 125.

Henry Skott of Rattlesden, Suffolk, yeoman, 24 September 1623,
proved 10 January 1624. To my wife Martha the house wherein I dwell
t&c. during term of her natural life; after that to my son Roger Skott and
his heirs forever. To Abigail Kemball my grandchild forty shillings at her
age of one and twenty years. To my grandchild Henry Kemball twenty
shillings at age of one and twenty and the same sum each to grandchildren
Elizabeth and Richard Kemball at same age. To son Thomas Skott five
pounds within one year after my decease. To Mr. Peter Devereux, min-
ister of Rattlesden, ten shillings. Wife Martha to be executrix.

Bury Wills, Book Pearle, L. 117.

[These Kembold and Skott wills (as well as the other Norfolk and Suffolk
wills here published) -were gathered more than ten years ago. When Mr. Mor-
rison was over here in 1889, finding that he was in search of the English home
of the Kimballs of Ipswich, Mass., I had the pleasure of putting him upon the
right track by giving him these notes, all except the will of Robert Whotlock
(brother of Martha Scott), which by some oversight I did not notice when E
was going over my collection with a view to help him. It was this very Martha
Scott who, with her son Thomas Scott and her daughter Ursula Kembold or
Kemball and the latter's husband, Richard Kemball, took passage the last of
April, 1634, in the Elizabeth, William Andrews master, from the port of Ipswich
in old England, and settled in Ipswich, New England.

Below will be found two or three wills taken out of the registers of the Pre-
rogative Court of Canterbury, at Somerset House, Straud, London.— H. F. Wa-

John Plumbe of Boxford, Suffolk, clothier, 15 April 1622, proved 23
June 1623. To be interred within the sanctuary at Boxford. To brother
Steven Plumbe my messuage or tenement in Groaton which I had by and
after the decease of my father (and two closes in Groaton). And after the
decease of my said brother I do give and bequeath the said messuage &c.
unto my godson John Plumbe, son of the said Steven, and the aforesaid
two closes unto William Plumbe, one other of the sons of the said Steven.
More to my said brother one hundred pounds. Ten pounds to Mr. Joseph
Byrd minister of Boxford. Forty pouuds to my sister in law Mary Daynes
the wife of Benjamin Daynes. Thirty pounds to my uncle Miles Markes.
To my two brothers in law Job Grymwade and Joseph Gale twenty
pounds apiece. I give unto my niece Anne Kemball twenty pounds. To


my cousin Charles Monnyngham ten pounds and to his son William other
ten pounds. Mr. Nicholson minister of Groaton. Thomas Byrde and the
widow Larkin. John Kiuge. To my son in law Lawrence Lomax and to
Elizabeth my daughter, his wife, all my messuages, tenements, lands &c.
not herein formerly bequeathed. To my grandchild John Lomax my houses
&c. in Boxl'oid on the North side of the river and of the street or road
leading between Sudbury and Hadley, and one meadow of copyhold land
in Groaton which I bought of Mr. Adam Wintroppe (and other land).
After the death of the said Lawrence and Elizabeth I give and bequeath
unto my grandchild Lawrence Lomax my messuage &c. wherein I now
dwell. The said Laurence and Elizabeth to be sole executors. Ten pounds
to Mary Daynes the daughter of Benjamin Dayues. Ten pounds to Mary
Plome the daughter of Steven Plome. Swann, 57.

Stephen Kembold of Bildeston, Suffolk, yeoman, 6 March 1633,
proved 9 May 1634. To my6on in law John Furley and to Anne Furley
my daughter, wife to the said John, all my lands and tenements, as well
freehold as copyhold, in Bildeston, Chelsworth and Wattelsham, with all
my lands and tenements in Boxford and Powlsted, with all my lands and
tenements which I do hold of the manor of Nortons &c, during the term
of their natural lives, next to my grandchild Stephen Furley, their eldest
son, with remainder to Jonathan Furley, their second sou, then to any other
issue of the said John and Anne, if any; if not then to my grandchild
Anne Langley for term of her natural life &c. To my son in law Henry
Tanner of Coruard Magna fifty pounds and fifty pounds to my grandchild
Stephen Tanner. Son in law John Furley to be executor.

Seager, 50.

Sentence for the confirmation of the foregoing will was promulgated 14
November 1634 following upon litigation between John Furley the execu-
tor of the one part and Anne Furley a daughter, Stephen Tanner a daugh-
ter's son and Anne Langley a daughter's daughter of the deceased, of the
other part. Seager, 95.

Margaret Weld relict of Thomas Weld late of Gate side by New-
castle, clerk, deceased, her will made 20 March 1664, proved 16 Novem-
ber 1671. To my brother in law Mr. William Doget and my kinsman
John Jeaffreson, their heirs and assigns, my house and messuage &c. situ-
ated in Wyrestreet in the parish of St. Nicholas in the town or borough of
Colchester Essex, to the use hereafter mentioned, viz', that the clear rents
and profits thereof shall be to the only use and behoof of my well beloved
sister Anna Dogett, wife of the said William, for and during all the term
of her natural life; and after her decease to the use of the respective chil-
dren of my 'said sister and my sister Elizabeth Wade deceased that shall be
then living, to be divided amongst them by equal portions until sale shall
be made of the same messuage, which should be done with all convenient
speed for the best price they can get and the money so raised divided
amongst the said children of my aforenamed sisters. Duke, 139.

[According to Savage our Thomas Weld obtained a living at St. Mary Gates-
head and died 23 March 1661.— H. F. W.]

Mary Marshall of London, widow, 1 6 January 1715, proved 15 June
1716. Infirm of Body and that increased by my grief for the death of my
late dear and loving husband Mr. Joseph Marshall. To be buried in the
parish church of St. Mary Aldermary near said husband. To the use of


the Charity School in Gravel Lane, South war k, one hundred pounds. Tea
pounds each to twenty poor dissenting ministers. Annuities to be paid as
follow. To my cousin Dannetta Dellingham, daughter of my late uncle
Danet Foorth deceased twenty pounds yearly. To my cousiu Sarah
Jukes, daughter of my late uncle Thomas Foorth deceased, ten pounds a
year. To my cousin Mary Terry widow of Stephen Terry deceased, ten
pounds a year. I give to my cousin John Meade one hundred pounds. To
my cousins Matthew, Samuel, Robert, Francis, Rebecca and Mary Meade,
sons and dauijhters of my late uncle Richard Meade deceased, fifty pounds
apiece. To my cousin Rebecca Shrimpton, wife of Epaphras Shrimpton
of Boston in New England, two hundred pounds and all my housebold
linen. To my cousiu Matthew Rolleston of Friday Street London fifty
pounds and to my cousin Deborah Rolleston his sister one hundred pounds.
To my cousin Samuel Rolleston, brother of the said Matthew, five hundred
pounds if he shall be bred a dissenting minister; but if not then only one
hundred pounds at age of twenty one. To my aforesaid cousin Dannetta
Dellingham's two daughters one hundred pounds apiece. To each of the
two daughters of my cousin Elizabeth Wildbore, daughter of my late uncle
John Foorth, one hundred pounds apiece. To my cousin Elizabeth Baker,
wife of James Baker, one hundred pounds. To my aforesaid cousin Mary
Terry's sou and daughter fifty pounds apiece. Five pounds apiece to Rich-
ard Baker, citizen and skinner of London, and Anne his wife. To the
three children of Widow Smith, who was the niece of Martha Lathum de-
ceased, twenty pounds towards putting them out apprentices or otherwise
for their benefit. Whereas my said late husband did desire me to give un-

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