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Barrow and his wife. Cousin Barrowe's three children. Cousin Law-
rence and his wife and their daughter. Cousin Robert Norman and his
wife and his son and daughter. Cousin Marmaduke Lane. Cousin John
Norman and his wife. Cousin Mary Creswell. Mary Norman. Grand-
child Thomas Shipton to be executor and my kinsman Thomas Barrow
and Mr. Bartholomew Edwards to be overseers. To my cousin Edwards a
cloak. Seager, 19.

[The will of her husband Edmund Aleyn or Alleyn (1616) was given in my notes
about Steven Bacheler (Reg. for July, 1891, p. 236, ante p. 519). He mentioned
son Edward, daughter Elizabeth, wife of Robert Castell, daughter Mary Hall,
grandchildren Edmund, George, Robert and Martha Alleyne and others. He
was a brother of Thomas Aleyn, the father of Peter Bulkley's wife, and ap-
pears in the pediirree of the family printed in Visitations of Essex (Harleian
Society's Publications). The Visitation of 1612 (pp. 133-4) shows his con-
nection with other members of the family, and that of 1634 gives a short
pedigree beginning with him. His son was Sir Edward Aleyn whose will I
shall give. — Henry F. Waters.]

Thomas Aleyn of Little Waltnam Essex, gen', 5 January 1634, proved
14 April 1635. To my youngest son Richard Aleyn my leasehold mes-
suages, lands &c. in the town fields and parish of Gouldington in the Coun-
ty of Bedford, lately granted or assured to me the said Thomas by the
said Richard my son and late being the freeholl or inheritance of one Johu
Faldo, late of Gouldington gen 1 deceased. To my son William Aleyn of
London grocer the hundred pounds which he doth now owe unto me.
And my will and desire is that he should give fifty of the said hundred
pounds unto his son Thomas Aleyn and fifty more unto his sou William
Aleyn as a legacy and gift from me. To my daughter Ursula Mathew,
widow, of Harliugton in Bedfordshire ten pounds. To my daughter Joane
Stable, wife of John Stable of Hatfield Essex clerk, fifty pounds. To
my daughter in law Mrs. Alice St. John, widow, of the parish of Gould-
ington Bedfordshire ten pounds. To my son in law Peter Buckley, clerk,
twenty pounds. To my son in law Robert Haseldine Esq. five pounds.
To John Knappe now vicar of Gouldington three pounds. The residue
to my eldest son Gyles Aleyn whom I make sole executor. Sadler, 42.

William Hasilden merchant, citizen and grocer of London, 22 March
1632, proved 5 January 1635. If it shall happen I shall depart this mor-
tal life in Holland or in Amsterdam then 1 will that my body may be
buried in good fashion in the great " Qnier called the Coare " in the new or
old church and be carried thither by twelve or fourteen of my neighbors
there inhabiting. The poor of the English church of Amsterdam. Mr.
Pagett preacher there. The poor of Goldington in the county of Bedford
where I was born. My brother Robert Haselden of Goldington and my
nephew, his son, John Haselden of London grocer. My niece Constance,
eldest daughter of my said brother Robert and now wife of Mr. John
Knapp, minister of Goldington. My god daughter Mary Haselden, one
other of the daughters of my said brother Robert, and Alice Haselden and
Elizabeth Haselden, two other of his daughters, and Martha Haselden,
another. I give and bequeath unto my sister Mrs. Alice St. Johu, widow,


late wife of Mr. Oliver St. John deceased, three hundred pounds which I
will and devise shall be likewise put out upon good security for her use
and she to receive the profits thereby accruing during her life, ami from
and after her decease the same three hundred pounds to come to the chil-
dren of the said Alice then surviving, to be equally divided amongst them.
I give and bequeath unto Mary and Anne, daughters of my said sister Alice
St. John, two hundred pounds apiece. To my nephew John St. John,
son of my said sister, one hundred pounds upon condition that neither he
nor any for him shall at any time hereafter trouble or call his said mother
to account for or concerning thirty pounds or thereabouts which sjie re-
ceived for his use and by her laid out and spent ih housekeeping and bringing
up him and his said two sisters. These legacies to each of them at their several
ages of one and twenty years or days of marriage. To my sister Ursula
Mathewe, wife of my brother in law Lawrence Mathewe, twenty pounds
and to my brother Mr. William Alleyn, grocer, twenty pounds and to my
sister Mrs. Elizabeth Alleyne, his wife, ten pounds. To my sister Johau
Staple, wife of Mr. Staple minister of Hatfield Peverell in the County of
Essex, one hundred pounds, i.e. the benefit of the use of it for life and
then the said sum shall be equally paid and divided unto and amongst two
such of her children as she shall, at or before the time of her decease, de-
clare, or express in writing or otherwise, to have best deserved her love
thereiu. My godson William Johnson at Amsterdam. His mother Jaui-
kyn Danielles. My son in law Anthony Johnson. His wife the aforesaid
Janikyu Danyelles and her children. I do give him his mother's picture,
now hanging in my house at Amsterdam. I am an Adventurer amongst
other merchants trading to the East Indies. Adventure that is come home
already in the first Persian voyage. Oliver St. John Esquire. My broth-
er Lawrence Mathewe. My brother Robert Haselden to be full and sole
executor and the said Oliver St. John Esq. and my said brothers Lawrence
Mathew and William Alleyn and my loving friend Mr. William Ash well
to be overseers. Pile, 6.

Sir Edward Aleyn of Hatfield Peverell, Essex, Baronet, 15 August
1638, proved 26 October 1638. Younger daughter Mary Alleyn, eldest
daughter Martha Aleyn. Elizabeth Aleyn daughter of my eldest son Ed-
mond Aleyn deceased. My grandchild Edmond Aleyn. My son George
Aleyn executor. Isaac Aleyn one of the witnesses. Lee, 125.

Robert Haselden of Goldington in the County of Bedford Esq. 6
April 1638, proved 10 June 1640. To be buried iu the parish church of
Goldington. I pray God to bless my dear and loving wife and all my chil-
dren and grandchildren. My eldest son John. Benjamin my grandchild
and heir apparent at age of eight and twenty years. My grandchild Mar-
garet at age of one and twenty or day of marriage. Benjamin her said
brother. My son William. My eldest daughter Mary. A legacy be-
queathed unto her by my brother William, her uncle. The children of
Martha, my daughter, the wife of Mr. D r . Mawe. To my daughter Alin(?)
three hundred pounds to be paid unto her within the space of one year next
after my death, over and besides the legacy to her given by my said brother
htr uncle. To my youngest daughter Elizabeth three hundred pounds,
over and besides the legacy to her given by my said brother, her uncle.
Son John to be executor. My trusty, loving and good friends Richard
Tavler of Clopham Esq. and Oliver St. John Esq. ray kinsman and Mr.
William Ashwell citizen and merchant of London to be the overseers.


To my sister St. John ten pounds, to my son Knap ten pounds, to my niece
Ann Knap his wife ten pounds, to my nephew John St. John ten pounds, to
my niece Mary St. John ten pounds, to my brother Gyles Aleyn ten pounds,
to my brother William Alleyne ten pounds, to my sister his wife ten pounds,
to my brother Richard Alleyne forty shillings, to my brother Stubbin ten
pounds and the like sum to his wife, to my sister Ursula Mathar ten pounds,
to buy every of them a ring of gold as a token of my love, and to the poor
people of the parish of St. Paul in Bedf: four pounds and twenty shillings
apiece to every of the other four parishes. Coventry, 96.

Richard Westland of Boston in the County of Lincoln gen 1 . 27 June
1645, with a codicil dated 9 September 1645, proved 17 September 1646.
To my daughter Mary two hundred pounds, to be paid into the hands of my
sister Mrs. Judith Percivall and my cousin Mr. William Wormell of Lon-
don to the use and benefit of my said daughter Mary. To my two sons
John and Nathaniel one third part of all the lands aud tenemeuts I have
in Freestone aud Butterwicke, in the tenure of myself or Thomas Omerton
or assigns, or either of us, which lands were purchased by Mr. Feild of
John Mawer late of Freeston (and other lands in Wibberton &c). To my
eldest son Oliver Westland all my lauds in Leuerton and Bennington men-
tioned in his mother's jointure. To my sister Hartgrave the third part of
the house and four acres of pasture in VVibberton now in her own tenure
or of Thomas Brand (and other land). To my said sister a cotlage and
ground in Alderkirke. To her two daughters Sarah and Dorothy ten
pounds apiece. My brother Thomas Hall and his son John. My sister
Hall and every one of her daughters. I give to my loving brother Mr. Oli-
ver St. John five pounds to buy him a ring, desiring him, for his good sis-
ter's sake, to do all the good he can for her children and mine. To every
of the children of my said brother St. John twenty shillings apiece to buy
rings withal. To my loving sister Percivall, as a remembrance of my love,
five pounds. To my loving brother Doctor St. John forty shillings, to my
brother and sister Whitinge, either of them, twenty shillings, to my cousin
William Wormell and his wife, either of them, forty shillings and to their
little son twenty shillings, to Mr. Tuckney and Mrs. Tuckney, either of
them, twenty shillings, to Mr. Anderson twenty shillings, aud to my loving
friends Thomas Cuppledike Esq. and Mrs. Cuppledike his wife, either of
them, twenty shillings as a remembrance of my love, to buy rings withal. To
my son Oliver one jug with a silver cover and tipt with silver at the mouth
and bottom, which jug was my grandfather's, and also two of the silver
spoons which were his mother's when she was a maid, aud then marked
with letters for her name, and my swan mark that was my father's and
grandfather's Westland's. To my loving brother Mr. Thomas Hutchins of
London merchant (certain clothing). To my dear and loving wife Debo-
rah two hundred and threescore pounds in the hands of her brother Hutch-
ins. To my loving cousin Mr. Edward Bushell forty shillings aud to my
cousin Maddocke and my cousin Deborah, his two sisters, either of them,
twenty shillings as a remembrance of my love. To my cousin William
Wormell my cloak faced with plush and my swan mark which was the
Douces, his mother's predecessors and mine. Of the residue one third part
to wife Deborah, one third part to my daughter Mary and the other third
part to my two sons John and Nathaniel. And by reason of the needless
expences I have observed to be at funerals, either feastings or bankettings,
which I conceive doth not suit with the cause of meeting, my desire unto


my executors is that there be no money spent either in wiue banquet or
feasting, only 1 will that the tour which cany 111 v body to the earth have
every one of them a pair of gloves. Wife Deborah and cousin Mr. Wil-
liam Wormell to be executors and brother Thomas Ilutchins and sister
Mrs. Judith Percivall to bo overseers. In the codicil Thomas Ilutchins is
referred to as " my " wife's brother and this codicil is signed and sealed and
dated in London, " novve upon my bed of sicknes." Tvvisse, 12.S.

Elizabeth Aleyn late of London and now of Haseleigh in the County
of Essex, widow, the relict of Gyles Aleyn deceased, late of Fleetbridge,
London, goldsmith, 1G July 1651, with a codicil bearing date 13 August
1651, proved 18 March 1651. Anthony Nethercoate the younger, son of
my niece Nethercoate. If he die then to his mother my said niece. My
cousin Thomas Nevill of Colchester in Essex and his wife and their daugh-
ter Elizabeth Nevill. My cousin Ann Aleyn, wife of my cousin Isaac
Aleyn. My executors to be Isaac Aleyn of Haseleighe and Giles Aleyn of
Haseleigh Esq. In the codicil a mention (among others) of the wife of
cousin Gyles Aleyn of Haseleigh. Bowyer, 52.

[See Visitation of London, 1G34, p. 0. I suppose her to be the daughter of
"William Thatcher, citizen and draper of London, whose will (160G) is regis-
tered in B. Stafford, 98.— II. F. W.]

Paulus Ambrosius Croke of Hasleigh in the County of Essex, gen*.,
30 September 1651, with an Indenture bearing date 18 August 1651,
proved 20 August 1652. I intend to go forth with a voyage to Virginia
and therefore have already settled my estate by one pair of Indentures
made between me and my well beloved uncle John Nevell gen 1 ., bearing
date 18 August 1651. Said uncle John Nevell to be sole executor. In
the indenture, Mr. John Nevell, as attorney, is charged to pay to Ann Al-
leyn, the wife of Isaac Alley n of Hasleigh Esq. twenty pounds aud to pay
to the said Isaac. Aleyn, Ann his wife, Gyles Aleyn the elder of Hasleigh
geu 1 . aud Susanna his wife, the said John Nevill and Amy his wife, to
every and each of them forty shillings to buy them rings, and to pay to
Giles Aleyn the younger, son of the said Giles the elder and godson of the
said Paulus Ambrosius Croke, one hundred pounds and to John Aleyn, the
other son, the residue &c. Bowyer, 218.

Dame Sibilla St. John of Woodford, Northampton, relict of Sir Ro-
land St. John late of Woodford, knight of the Bath, 17 May 1651, proved
7 November 1656. My daughter Nicholls. My daughter Alston. My
daughter St. John. My son in law Sir Edward Nicolls. My son in law
Sir Thomas Allstone. My daughter Allstone's two children now in being
and that which now she is with child withal. My grandchild Judith Nicolls.
My daughter Nicolls' other five daughters. My grandchild Barbara St.
John. My son Oliver St. John's other two daughters. My sister the lady
Margaret St. John. My brother Sir Alexander St. John. My brother Sir
Beawchamp St. John. My nephew Silvanus Wood aud his wife. My
niece Webb. My niece Ruruney. My niece Jorden. My niece Mary
Nicolls sister unto my son Sir Edward Nicolls. My nephew Oliver St.
John, son unto Sir Anthony St. John lately deceased. The three children
of my nephew John Wood lately deceased. My nephew Robert Wood.
My niece Mary Furnace. My cousin Margaret Frye. My cousin Ellenor
Five. Mv cousin Anne Bulkeley. My cousin Bridget Grigg. Mrs. Kath-
erine Mallory and her sister Mrs. Bridget Carter. My cousiu Keudricke.


The poor of Woodford and the poor of Paddingtou iu Middlesex. Anne
Beecher daughter of my nephew William Beecher of Woodford. My
son Oliver St. John. Houses and tenements in parish of St. Clement
Danes Middlesex and in Fleet Street. The Adventure in draining of the
fenns which my late husband Sir Roland St. John &c. His brother the
Right Hon. Oliver, Earl of Boliugebrooke deceased. Berkley, 420.

[This last will I simply give because of its mention of a cousin Margaret
Bulkeley. I have numerous other notes about the St. John family, but having
learned from Mr. Lothrop Withington that he is making a careful study of that
family, with a view to publication, it seems more friendly to wait awhile, as I
have done in similar cases. — Henry F. Waters.]

Sir William Oglander of West Deane, Sussex, Knight, 3 May 1608,
proved 10 May 1609. If it be the will of God within the Isle of Wight
(or near thereunto) to take me out of this transitory life then my desire is
that my body should be buried in the Southern Aisle in the parish church
of Brading as near unto the place where my late wife was heretofore buried
as conveniently may be. Two shillings weekly to be bestowed on bread.
And the same bread every Sabath day at or before morning prayer to be
brought and set on or near my grandfather's tombstone, being betwixt the
chancell and the Southern Aisle of the church of Brading aforesaid, and
(as soon as morning prayer is euded) given and bestowed upon twelve or
thirteen poor people. The poor of St. Ellen's parish. My son William.
My wife Elinor to release unto my son John the jointure that I made unto
her before my marriage. Son William a minor. Son George. To my
daughter Mary, with the fifty pounds which she is to receive of my son
Neale and thirty three pounds which she is to receive of John Gigger, the
sum of five hundred pounds. To daughter Jane five hundred pounds. My
son John shall cause twelve rings with Death's heads to be made, of ten
shillings apiece price, having this poesie engraven in them — Christus mihi
vita. One to my wife, one to my sister Benne, one to my sister Matheson,
one to my sister Browne, one to my daughter Cheke, one to my daughter
Thorne, one to my daughter Mary, oue to my daughter Jane, one to Doc-
tor Hampton parson of Caulburne, one to Mr. Baker of Newport, one to
Mr. Gilbart vicar of Brading and the last for yourself. My daughter Og-
lander. My son Thorne. My brother Browne. My son Cheeke.

Dorset, 36.

Walter Neale of Abbotts Anne, Southampton, 9 October 1612, proved
29 April 1613. Brother Sir Francis Neale to be sole executor. Brothers
Sir Thomas Neale and John Knight of Chanton Esq. to be overseers. My
parsonages or rectories of Brampton and Winsford, Somerset, to my eldest
brother Sir Thomas. If my wife doth bring a child into the world &c.
My land in Forton, Southampton to my brother Sir Francis. My farm of
Abbotts Anne to my dear and loving wife. To my brother Knight ten
pounds. To my cousin Joane Gunter ten pounds. To my cousin Agnes
Neale, my cousin Mary Fisher, my cousins Frances and Elizabeth Neale,
daughters of my brother Thomas, twenty marks apiece and to each of all
these a ring of gold of the value of twenty shillings. To my brother Sir
Thomas Neale and his lady two rings. To my sister the Lady Honora
Neale, my cousin the Lady Brooke, my cousin William Neale and my cousin
Mary Neale, children of my brother Sir Francis, I give four rings. To my
brother John Oglander, my brother George Oglander, my sister Kempe,
my sister Jane Richards, my sister Thorne, and my brother and sister


Cheeke I give seven rings. To old and young Sir William Vuedale, to
Mr. Ricbarde and Mrs. Katherine Vuedale I give four rings. To Sir Rich-
ard Norton and his brother Mr. Thomas Norton and Mrs. Katherine Nor-
ton ami Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges I give four rings. Rings to Mr. George
Rvthe, Mr. Edward Pigeon, Doctor Johnson of Abbotts Anne, Mr. Wid-
leighe and Mr. Cradocke parson of Warneford. My father and mother
Lamberte. My uncle and aunt Walloppe. Sir Richard and my Lady
Powlett and my Lady Gernaies and my Lady Younge. My brother Thomas
Lambert and my sister Barbara Lambert and all my wife's own brothers
and sisters. The price of these rings to be twenty shillings apiece and to
have this poesie engraven within — Mors Janua Vitae. To my cousin Agnes
Becke ten pounds. To my first wife's godchild Edmund Cheeke, the sec-
ond son of my brother Cheeke, twenty nobles. My godchild Francis Pew-
sey. My cousins William Ingepenne, Adrian Ingepenne and Ingepenne
the curate. Certain servants. I give to the poor child which by God's
Providence I found in a wood, whose Christian name is Richard and sur-
name Kossicle, of the place where he was found, five pounds, which five
pounds I will shall be paid to the collectors for the poor of the parish of
Abbotts Anne aud they to keep it safely for him until he come to the age
of twelve years old and in the mean time to employ the profit towards the
maintenance of that child. The poor of Andover (and of other parishes).

Capell, 30.

[Capt. Walter Neale, a prominent figure in early New Hampshire history, may
be of this family. For an account of him see C. W. Tuttle's Capt. John Mason,
published by the Prince Society iu 1887. — d.]

Thomas Kempe of Gyfis in the parish of Bewlie and County of South-
ampton gen 1 ., 10 December 1621, with a codicil dated 29 December 1622,
and another 30 December 1622, proved 16 May 1623. To wife Mary two
hundred pounds and a ring of gold of the value of two and twenty shil-
lings, with a death's head. To Sir John Oglander, knight, a ring of the
same value. To my brother in law Mr. George Oglander a ring of like
value. To Arthur Bromfeild Esq., my good friend, a ring of like value.
To his daughter, my god daughter, a ring of like value. My eldest daugh-
ter Elizabeth Kempe. My second daughter Frances Kempe. My daugh-
ter Amy Kempe. My son Robert. My third sou Francis. My two
younger sons before mentioned, Robert and Francis. To my brother Fran-
cis Kempe twenty pounds (and other bequests). My brother Robert
Kempe's widow. My brother Edward Kempe's widow. To my son John
Kempe my father's sealed ring. To my daughter Elizabeth my mother's
wedding ring. Son John to be executor, and my brother in law Sir John
Oglander, knight, my kinsman Rober Dillington Esq. and my brother
Francis Kempe shall be executors during the minority of my said son, and
my brother in law George Oglander gen t . aud Thomas Redman geu 1 . to be
overseers. The yearly profit of my mill at Bewley shall remain towards
the yearly maintenance of my five younger children.

Probate granted to the sou John Kempe 9 May 1628. Swann, 52.

William Bromfeilde of Mounton Farleye, Wiltshire, Esq. 25 October
24 Elizabeth, proved 5 February 1582. My body to be buried iu the
parish church of Mounton Farleye. To wife Katherine my manor of Barnes
without Algate in the County of Middlesex during her natural life upon
condition that she doth keep herself a widow. To William, my eldest son,
my said manor of Barnes after the decease of his mother, and in the mean
time to stand unto her liberality. To sou Arthur one annuity of six pounds


thirteen shillings four pence yearly during his life to be paid by his brother
William issuing out of the said manor of Barnes. A similar annuity of
five pounds to son Ambrose Bromefeilde and another of five pounds to son
Garratt Bromefeilde. And as for my daughters' legacies I desire my well
beloved wife to give them a hundred pounds apiece. My servant William
Hanford. Wife to be sole executrix. Rowe, 7.

William Burro wes of High Holborne, Middlesex, yeoman, 1 August
1620, proved 27 January 1620. To be buried in the parish church of St.
Andrew in Holborne, London. Two sisters, Anne and Alice, and their
children. Threescore pounds now remaining in the hands of Thomas Ris-
ley and Arthur Bromfeild esquires, being stewards to the Right Hon.
Henry, Earl of Southampton. Mrs. Alice Heathe of High Holborne,
widow, hath taken great pains and care about me in the time of my sick-
ness. I do therefore give unto her the sum of fifty pounds which doth now
remain in the hands of Mr. Henry Tymberley of Tichfeild in the county
of Southampton gen 1 . Wages due from the said Right Hon. the Earl of
Southampton. I do make and ordain the said Mr. Arthur Broomfeild my
sole executor. In a codicil (nuncupative) at time of his death, about the
first and second days of August he declared Mrs. Alice Heathe, then wid-
ow, his betrothed spouse and appointed her also executrix. The will was
proved by Alice Abdye ah Heathe, one of the executors, Arthur Broom-
feild Esq., also an executor, expressly renouncing &c. Dale, 1.

Henry Timberlake of Chillinge in the parish of Tichfield in the Coun-
ty of Southampton gen 1 ., 10 July 1625, proved 13 May 1626. To Thomas
Timberlake, my eldest son, all such lands or parts of lands as I now am, or
4t any time hereafter, during my life, shall be, seized in the Somer Islands
Or Virginia, in the parts beyond the seas. To said son Thomas a parcel of
land, with a tenement thereon erected, called Hobbs or Madames Land, ly-
mg in Barking, Essex. To my youngest son Henry Timberlake a cottage
tnd parcel of land in Prickellwell, Essex, and two cottages in Lambeth
(Harsh near London. And as touching my goods and chatells, personal
state and adventures beyond the seas &c. &c. I am now indebted unto
livers persons in divers great sums of money, for most of which debts my
good friend Arthur Bromefielde Esq. doth stand bound. My daughter Sara
now the wife of Timothy Blier of Tichfield clerk. My daughter Hester
now the wife of Thomas Williams, and Thomas Michell and Judith Mich-
ell, two of her children now living with her. Tenements in London which
I hold by lease. My grandchildren John and William Michell. Jeremy
Burrowes and Katheriue his wife, my sister. Said sister's daughter Re-
becca now the wife of Raphe Radford. Her sons Henry Burrowes and
Michael Burrowes. To my godson Arthur Bromfield ten pounds. The
company of Brown Bakers in London whereof I have been a member.
Loving friends Arthur Bromfield and Mary his wife and Elizabeth his
daughter, William Beeston, gentleman, and my kinsman Jasper Dartnoll

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