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and his wife. Kinsman John Carter and Richard Walker. Wife Marga-
ret and William Styant of the Inner Temple, gen 1 executors. Hele, 63.

Anne Hinxe of Tytchfeilde in the County of Southampton spinster
fifth October 1633, proved 13 May 1634. To the church five pounds and
to the poor of Tychfeihle five pounds. To my goddaughter Luce Cobb ten
pounds. To James Emerye's children forty pounds. To Anne Hinxe, Lyt-
tlefeild's maid, ten pounds. To Edward -lames' wife ten pounds. To Mr.


Arthur Brouiefeild five pounds. To Andrew James twenty shillings. To
Penelope, Luce, Katherine and Frances Brooinefeild, to every of them
twenty shillings apiece. Others. The residue to Henry Bromefeild gen 1 ,
whom I do nominate and appoint my executor. Seager, 44.

MlCHAEL Cobb of Chitterne St. Mary, Wilts, gentleman, 17 February
1644, proved 22 July 1646. To wife Sara Cobb four hundred pounds.
To son Arthur Cobb one hundred and fifty pounds. To my daughters
Lucy and Elizabeth Cobb one hundred and fifty pounds each. The same
to sons Fraucis and Michael Cobb. All which legacies of my children to
be placed in the hand of my loving and dear'brother Richard Cobb Esq.
to be employed by him to their best advantage and to be paid unto them
when they shall severally come to the age ot oue and twenty years. Ar-
thur, Lucy and Elizabeth my three eldest children. To them all that plate
which came by my late wife Jane Cobb deceased. To my two daughters
Lucy and Elizabeth all the apparell and Jewells which were belonging to
my late wife, their mother Jane Cobb, to be equally divided between them.
I give unto Arthur Cobb my son the bond of a thousand pounds made and
sealed by Arthur Bromfeild Esq. unto Thomas Cobb Esq., my late father
deceased, for the performance of certain articles upon my marriage with
Jane Cobb my late wife, deceased, daughter to the said Arthur Bromfeild,
as further appears upon the wills of Mr. Quinby and Mrs. Quinby, grand-
father and grandmother to my said late wife Jane Cobb. I give unto Mrs.
Honor Cobb, my brother Richard's wife, one gilt silver bowl, to my niece
Honor Cobb one " currle " seed pearl bracelet. Wife Sarah and brother
Richard to be executors. Twisse, 105.

Dr. Thomas Howell, Bishop of Bristol, 20 March 1649, proved 22
April 1650. My body to be decently buried on the right side of my late
dear wife above the Bishop's <>eat in the choir of the Cathedral Church of
the Holy and Undivided Trinity in Bristol. I devise my farm of Frog-
more, situate in New Windsor to be equally divided amongst my children,
my eldest son excepted because he is disposed of already, for their present
maintenance. Eldest daughter Frances, second son Thomas, second daugh-
ter Elizabeth, third son Arthur, third daughter Margaret, fourth sou
George, fifth son Henry, fourth daughter Anne, fifth daughter Lucy and
sixth son Charles to have certain specified sums. My dear sisters Mrs.
Elizabeth Beeston, Mrs. Frances Sydenham and Mrs. Lucy Bromfield, my
dear'brother Mr. Henry Bromfield, my dear friend Mr. Henry Champaute
and my dear nephew Mr. Richard Phillipps to be executors and my loving
friends Mr. James Lambe of Titchfield and Mr. Chambers the parson of
Wickham, both in the county of Hants, to be overseers and assistants unto
my forenamed executors. Pembroke, 52.

[In 1G4G his wife's name was Honor. (See Plundered Ministers of Surrey,
by Alfred Ridley Bax, Esq.)— H. F. W.]

Arthur Bromfeild the elder 1 August 1649, proved 13 May 1652.
My body to be interred in that parish church where I shall happen to die,
my funeral to be private without any mourning garments or other needless
expeuces. Whereas upon the marriage of my son Henry to his now wife
Frances I settled all my real and personal estate I then had upon my said
sou and his said wife and their heirs after my decease forever and I gave
therein portions also to all the rest of my children, so that I have very lit-
tle yet to bestow, nevertheless out of that little I do hereby give and be-


queath to my now dear wife thirteen pounds thirteen shillings eight pence
to be bestowed on such silver plate as she shall think fittest for her own
use, and that only /or a remembrance, sorry I am I cannot this way express
my love and her merits more fully, these distracted times and my many
crosses and losses having disabled me and mine. To each of my daughters
unmarried ten pounds and to my son Henry's sons and daughters to each of
them ten pounds. Manors, lands and tenements of Fayrethorne in the
parishes of Waltham, Droxford and Titchfield in the county of Southamp-
ton. My grandchild Thomas Bromfeild and. his brother Henry. My son
Henry to be sole executor and my loving wife and my good friend John
Kempe Esq. to be overseers. Bowyer, 98.

John Kempe of Haywood in the parish of Bolder in the new forest in
the county of Southampton Esq. 23 October 1647, proved 28 October 1652.
To my dear mother Mary Bromfeild five hundred pounds and a ring, for
token of remembrance, of the value of twenty shillings. Elizabeth Ford,
daughter of John Ford gentleman, my loving brother in law. To my kind
and approved loving sister Frances Bromfeild three hundred pounds and to
each of her younger children respectively fifty pcunds apiece. My sister
Clavell. Amy Button the wife of John Button Esq. The parishes of
Bewley, Christ Church and Bolder. My loving and kind kinswoman Mar-
garet Toldersbury and her sister Smith. I do hereby make and ordain
William Bromfeild, son of Henry Bromfeild of Southstonham Esq. my sole
executor and the said Henry Bromfeild his father executor in trust during
the minority of his said son. And I do also desire, intreat and appoint my
two loving friends Robert Dillington Esq. and William Oglander Esq. to
be my overseers. Henry Bromfeild one of the witnesses. Bowyer, 171.

Mary Bromfeild of Bolder in the County of Southampton, widow, 20
June 1653, proved 17 March 1653. To the poor of the parish of Bolder
twenty pounds. To my dear brother Sir John Oglander and to his two
sons, to each of them a gold ring of ten shillings price. To my most dear
sister Mrs. Amy Button a gold ring of the same price and ten pounds in
money, together with my silver caudle cup and white mantle. To my lov-
ing daughter Frances Bromfeild wife of Henry Bromfeild Esq. one hun-
dred pounds and a gold ring of the price of ten shillings. To Mary, Henry,
Francis, Elizabeth, Lucy, Thomas, Amy, Edward, John and Katherine
Bromfeild, children of my said daughter Frances, to each of them fifty
pounds. To ny grandchild Elizabeth Ford fifty pounds. To my daughters
in law Mrs. Frances Sidenham, Penelope Bromfeild, Lucy Bromfeild and
Katherine Bromfeild. William Bromfeild eldest son of my said daughter
Fiances. Margaret Golderbury. Alice Howell wife of Samuel Howell.
Loving daughter Mrs. Amy Clavell, now the wife of Roger Clavell Esq.,
and my grandchildren Amy, Anne and Bridget Clavell, their children. The
residue to Henry Bromfeild, my son in law, whom I hereby make and or-
dain my full and sole executor. To all the maid servants that shall be liv-
ing at Haywood when I die 1 give five shillings apiece. Alchin, 58.

Sir John Oglander, knight, of the parish of Bradinge in the Isle of
Wight and County of Southampton (written with his own hand) 10 No-
vember 1649, proved 31 January 1655. My body to be, without any so-
lemnity, interred amongst my ancestors in my chancell in Bradinge Church,
between Oliver Oglander's, my great grandfather, tombe and the East end
of my foresaid chancell. My sou Mr. William Oglauger to be sole execu-


tor. The poor of Blading and of St. Hellen's. My son John. A tomb
to be erected for my father Sir William Oglander and myself, my father's
to be placed on the South side of my chaucell to the East of Mr. John Og-
lander' s tomb and my inscription of brass in my study to be set in it and the
statue in my house to be placed thereon and my own tomb to be set at the
East end of my great grandfather Oliver Oglauder's with the statue already
in my chancell to be placed thereon and an inscription of brass to be set ou
the tomb showing when myself and wife died and the command I have had.
And my son George's statue, who died in Cawne in Normandy, to be placed
in the arch I made over the place I intend to be buried in, with the frame
in my study to be new written I made in memory of him, with an inscrip-
tion in brass to be set over it showing whom he was, the age, time and
place he died in; for all which I give the sum of twenty and five pounds.
And I charge my executor not to fail ih the sudden doing of it, all things
being almost" provided by myself, which if he performed not in two years
then I give the twenty five pounds to my sou John and he to see it done
within half a year. My son William's eldest sou John. My land of
Harupuett in Sussex. Hudson my miller (at Hampnett) ran away, left my
mill to one that paid not, so that I was forced to buy new stones and at last
to sell it. My will is that Sir Henry Worseley, baronet, Sir Stephen Len-
nard, baronet, and Robert Dillington, baronet, shall be overseers. I give
to my daughter Lennard a ring worth ten pounds or ten pounds in money,
the like to my daughter Clarke and to my daughter Exton I. give my watch.
I give all my books to my grandchild John Oglander, son of William. I
give to Mr. Francis Kemp, the eldest son of Mr. Robert Kemp, ten
pounds. To Mr. Kemp, the eldest son of Mr. Edward Kemp, some-
times of Herefordshire, ten pounds. These for the benefit of my soul to
the end that if I have not fully accounted to them for their uncle Francis
estate which unfortunately came to my hands and caused me much trouble,
pains and strife in the managing of it, and I had not undertake it most of
the estate had been lost, these sums may give in all or part satisfaction. I
give to my sister Bromfeild and to my sister Bromfeild (sic), to each of
them a ring with a death head in it, with this inscription — Mors Mihi Lu-
crum — , worth twenty shillings apiece. Also such another to my grand-
child Francis Gierke and to Francis Oglander and to Anne and Christian
Lennard and to my grandchild Jane Clerke, William Clerke, Stephen and
Francis Lennard and John Oglander. Berkley, 12.

Commission issued 20 October 1674 to Joyce Pyman widow, principal
creditor of Arthur Bromfield lately of Cornbury in the county of Oxford
deceased, to administer his goods &c.

Admon. Act Book for 1674, Leaf 138.

Henry Bromfeild of Chawcroft in the parish of South Stoneham in
the County of Southampton Esq. 19 April 1682, proved 6 July 1683. By
a Lease bearing date 1 2 May and a Release of the 20th of the said month,
both of them in the sixth and twentieth year of the reign of our Sovereign
Lord Charles the Second I the said Henry Bromfeild the father and Henry
Bromfeild, son and heir of the said Henry Bromfeild the father, did sign
and seal the aforesaid Lease and Release, nominating and appointing Hen-
ry Beeston, Dr. of the Civil Law, and Thomas Darell of Chawcroft gen 1 ,
trustees for the selling and disposing of the lands and houses belong : *)g to
me situate in the town and county of the town of Southampton for the
raising of portions for my children unprovided for, as by inspection into thfi


said deeds may more at large appear. Provisions for revoking and making
void the said deeds. Thomas Bromfeild of New Inn in London, gentle-
man, to be my full and sole executor, and to sell and dispooe of the afore-
said lands and houses in Southampton for the discharge of my debts and the
raising portions for my daughters Mary, Frances, Lucy, Amy and Ann.
My son Henry Bromfeild of Haywood, gen 1 ., by bond and articles of agree-
ment at his marriage, is to pay immediately after mine and my wife's de-
cease the money due to be paid upon the said bonds and articles to be equal-
ly distributed among my aforementioned five daughters. To my dear wife
Frances Bromfeild all my household goods within my dwelling house at
Chawcroft, desiring that after her decease she would leave it all entire to
her and my daughters above named after her decease. To her also my
coach and coach horses. I do'empower my said son Thomas Bromfeild
with full authority and power to implead and sue for what is due unto me.
I do give my said son Thomas a bond owing me by Mr, Francis Kempe of
Wickham, long since deceased, and likewise the sum of twenty pounds
making and appoiutiug my said son my sole executor. Drax, 80.

Thomas Bromfield of Boston in the County of Suffolk and Province
of Massachusetts Bay, New England, merchant, 14 December 1764, pre-
sented for probate in Boston 21 April 1778. Cousin Ossea Black well, the
daughter of my cousin Anne Blackwell, her brother Charles Blackwell,
my cousin Mary Bromfield the daughter of my late cousin John Bromfield,
my cousin Nicholas Mallabar and Ann Mallabar, my cousin Robert Brom-
field surgeon, son of the said late John Bromfield, my aunt Grace Hatfield,
Mr. Henry St. George Daxell, the children of Ann Segittary, the children
of my cousin Stevens, to each of them twenty shillings to buy them a ring.
My brother in law the Rev' 1 . Mr. William Jenkins. My sister in law Ann
Bromfield and her brother Phineas Andrews. My cousin Sarah Dupee the
daughter of my uncle Edward Bromfield deceased. My cousin Abigail
Bromfield the widow of my late cousin Edward Bromfield of Boston, New
Eugland, deceased. My cousins Henry and Thomas Bromfield, two sons
of my said late cousin Edward, and their two sisters Sarah and Elizabeth
Bromfield. My cousin Thomas Cushing Esq. and his sister Mary Cushing,
both of Boston. My good friend Oxenbridge Thacher jun r Esq. of Bos-
ton. The old South Church of Boston whereof the Rev' 1 . Doctor Joseph
Sewell is now pastor. My cousin William Phillips of Boston, merchant,
Esquire, to be executor

Sworn to in Boston 21 June 1787 (as to annexed copy of original will).

Admon. granted (in Loudon) 14 September 1787 to the attorneys of Mr.

New admon. granted 24 September 1804 to Henry Bromfield the younger
Esq. the lawful attorney of Henry Bromfield Esq. the natural and lawful
sou of Edward Bromfield the cousin &c. named in the said will, for the use
and benefit of the said Henry Bromfield now residing at Harward in the
county of Worcester in the State of Massachusetts, the letters of admon.
granted 14 September 1787 being ceased and expired by reason of the
death of the said William Phillips. Major, 3U7.

[Some one in Boston may be able to tell us more about this Thomas Brom-
field and his relationship to the Cushings and others. He seems to have been a
nephew of the first Edward Bromfield of Boston. This family, it may be well
to state, gave name to Bi'onrfleld street in Boston.

The wills [ have given show pretty clearly thai the last wife (and widow) of
Arthur Bromfield, grandfather of oar lir^t Edward, had been the widow of


Thomas Kerape and daughter of Sir "William Oglander, and that her daughter
by the first match, Frances Kempe, became the wife of Henry Bromfleld and
mot I it- r of Edward Bromfleld of Boston.

The first wife of Arthur Bromfleld and apparently the mother of all his chil-
dren, seems to have been Lucy Quinby, daughter of Edward and Jane Quiuby
of Allington in Hampshire, the husband evidently belonging to a family of
Qninbj settled in Farnham, Surrey. From this match Bprang Quinby Brom-
fleld (wrongly railed Qi'pi'V Bromfleld in an earlier number of the Register,
\. I. l'.">. pp. 182,329). Of the daughters of Arthur Bromfleld Jane must have
been the wife of Michael Cobb, Honor the wife of Thomas Howell, D.D.,

Frances the wife of ■ Sidenham, and Elizabeth the wife of William

Beeston (see Berry's Hants Pedigrees, 290).— Henry F. Waters.]

William Bromefeld of Stoke Nuington, Middlesex, Esquire, 19
September 4 th Elizabeth, proved 3 June, 1564. I give and bequeath
twenty pounds to the poor householders within the parish of Saint Bo-
tolph's without Algate, to be distributed five pounds every year during the
space of four years immediately following my decease. To Amy, now the
wife of John "Wells, ten pounds. To Martha, now the wife of William
Oliver, ten pounds. To my son in law Edmond Stephenson ten pounds.
To James the son of John Hall ten pounds. To my servant Hillary
Forby six pounds thirteen shillings four pence. To my sou in law John
Hall ten pounds. I give and bequeath twenty pounds amongst the*daugh-
ters of my sou in law John Hall, to be divided equally amongst them to-
wards their marriages. To every servant in household, in the day of my
departure out of this life, twenty shillings over and above the wages due
them. To Thomas Whitehorne gen 1 five pounds. To Mathewe Button,
Master of Art in Trinity College, Cambridge, six pounds thirteen shil-
lings four pence, with whom remaineth the true copy of this my pre-
sent testament and last will under my hand and seal. Ten pounds each to
Henry Becher merchant, Benjamin Gonston gen* and Henry Coddenham
gen', with each of whom also remaineth a true copy &c. And with three
of the same copies remain true " Inventaries" &c. These gentlemen to
be supervisors. The residue to my sou William Bromefeld whom I ordain,
constitute and make my only and sole executor.

Then follows the last will bequeathing all lands, tenements &c to Wil-
liam Bromefelde, " my onlie sonne." My manor of Barnes in the parish
of St. Botolph without Algate in London, White Chapel parish, St. Kath-
erine's, Middlesex, and also within the towns and fields of Stoke-newing-
ton, Harensay als Harngaie, Hackney and Islington, Middlesex. My
lands and tenements within the Isle of Ely in the county of Cambridge.
Lands and tenements in Norfolk. For lack of male issue to son William,
then to Thomas Bromefelde of Northwich in the county of Chester and
his heirs forever. Certain lands assured and appointed for wife's " Joyn-
ter." If she do not hold herself contented therewith but shall " inquiet."
molest and trouble the possession ot my son William then the legacies
given before to Amy the wife of John Wells, Martha the wife of William
Oliver and to Edmond Stephenson shall be utterly void and of none ef-
fect. Stevenson, 20.

[The testator William Bromfleld is the earliest of the family in an unbroken
line from the present century back into England. He is said to have come out
of Derbyshire, and became Lieutenant of the Ordinance in the Tower of London,
and pui'chased the Manor of Barnes. He is doubtless the father of William
Bromfleld of Mounton Farley, whose will is given oup. 202 of the Register for
1898 (ante p. 1427). and which was also published in the REGISTER, 1871, p. 183.
His grandson Arthur Bromfleld is the testator of the will in the Register for
1898, p. 2G4 (ante p. 1429).


Hon. Edward Bromfield, b. Jan. 11548-9, in South Stoneham, Hants, England,
died in Boston, June 1734. His brother Henry had a sou Thomas, whose will,
dated 14 Dec. 1764, is given in the Register, 189S, p. 267 {ante p. 1432).

Edward married Mary, daughter of Rev. Samuel Danforth, and had twelve
children. The fourth, Mary, married Hou. Thomas dishing. The sixth, Sarah,
married Capt. Isaac Dupee. The eighth, Edward, married Abigail Coney and
had eight children ; of these, three sons were Henry, Thomas and John; and
daughters Elizabeth (d. unm.), Sarah, married Hon. Jeremiah Powell, and
Abigail, married William Phillips. Henry was the father of Henry Bromfield,
of Harvard, Mass. Thomas lived in England. John, of Newburyport, married
Ann, daughter of Robert Roberts, and had a son, Robert Bromtield, surgeon.
Thomas Cushing was the father of the patriot of the Revolution, of that name.

The will of Henry Bromtield of Chawcroft (Register, 1898, p. 266; ante, p.
1431), has already been published in the Register, 1871, p. 184. In the earlier
abstract he is of Chancroft, while in a memoir of John Bromfield by Josiah
Quincy, 1850, it is given as Chanesoft. — Walter K. Watkins.]

John Quynby of London, servant with Thomas Goodman of the same
city, 28 July 1556. To Jane Goodman three riugs, to wit, one diamond,
one ruby and a " turkes," and in ready money twenty pounds and one
chain of gold and my chest in the hall, which twenty pounds I will her
father shall have in keeping to employ for her profit until such time as she
be married. To my brother Robard's five children twenty shillings apiece.
The same to sister Katheriue's four children and to sister Elizabeth's child.
To my sister Audry my three little " hopes " of gold which be joined to-
gether and one " perale " set in gold. Brother Anthony. Brother Ro-
bert's wife. Sister Katherine. Sister Elizabeth. My mother. My master
and my mistress. Thomas Champion oweth me. My father. Joane Stell
in Farnham. Robert Bell. My apparell as well in Spain as here. To
Alice Mathew because she watched with me in the nights ten shillings.
And I will that Ursula Godman shall have my signet of gold which is
with the " Splede Egle." The residue to my father whom I make my full ex-
ecutor and he to pay my legacies and such debts as I owe, praying my
master to help him to recover such debts as I have abroad, and in recom-
pence of his pains I will he shall have my two " Lewtes " for Thomas and
"Insent" Godman. Written with my own hand in London.

On the third of May 1557 commission issued to John Quynby of Farn-
ham father of John Quynby of the City of London, merchant deceased, as
if the decedent were intestate, for the reason and on account of this that
the said John senior, executor, renounced.

Then on the first day of December of the same year commission issued
to Jane Quimby mother of John Quimby junior, while he lived of the City
of London, deceased, to administer the goods unadministered by the said
John Quinby senior, now deceased. Wrastley, 12.

John Quinbye of Farneham 30 August 1557, proved 12 November
1557. To the vicar of Farneham twenty shillings for my tythes negli-
gently or otherwise detained. To the relief of the poor four pounds to be
distributed to them the day of my burial and month's mind to pray for my
soul and all Christian souls. To the maintenance of God's service and
sacramentals to be celebrated and ministered in the parish church of Farne-
ham two patens of silver meet for the two chalices, the one paten to be all
gilt the other to be parcel gilt. To the reparations of the church twenty
shillings. To the said church two banners stained, one of St. Nicholas the
other of St. Barbara. I will that my son Robert have, after his mother's


decease, to him and to his heirs male of his hody lawfully begotten all my
lands and ruy dwelling house (and household stulf'), with remainder to my
sou Anthony &c. and then to my next and right heir, provided that they
shall have no parcel of the lands that I have given my daughter in law
Elizabeth Quynbyefor term of her life. Gifts to son Anthony, to son Thomas
and his wife, to Besse Baugh (at her marriage), to nephew Robert Fig, to
nephew Thomas Figg's children. I forgive my brother in law Nicholas
Tournor all such money as he oweth me. To Mr. Edward Cockes mer-
chant of London forty shillings upon condition that he shall instruct Sir
Thomas White of the whole accompt between Master Goodman and mine
executors for the goods of John Quymby left in Spain. Thomas Alleyu
and Richard Allen. Son Anthony if he be a priest &c. To my lord of Win-
chester one ring of gold with a white saphire. To my lady White my best
ring. Thomas Baugh'. My god daughter Elizabeth Quynby and every
one of her sisters. Mr. Lawrence Stoughton. Mr. Anthony Stoughton.
The children of William Ede. William Mulleners and Henry Stone, their
debts forgiven. My lord of Rutland. Wife Jane to be sole executrix.

Wrastley, 46.

William Peyto of Farneham, Surrey, yeoman, 25 July 1595, proved
9 September 1595. Eldest son William to have lands and tenements &c.
in Chiddingfolde, Surrey, now in the tenure of Stephen Peyto or his as-
signs. To my youngest son Thomas my messuage &c. in West Street,
Farneham which I lately purchased of Edward Quinby gen 1 . Wife Mary.
My said sous at the age of one and twenty. Brother in law Thomas Wor-
sham. Herringman, 29 (Arch. Surrey).

Henry Quinbye citizen and grocer of London 16 May 1596, proved
28 June 1596. To the poor of the parish of Farneham in Surrey, where
I was born, five pounds, to be paid and distributed by my brother Ed-

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