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ward Quinby according as necessity shall require. To Charles Leigh of
London merchant one hundred pounds in consideration of a loss alleged by
the said Charles. To Mercy Leighe, his wife, ten pounds to make her a
gown with all. Beatrice Stockley the wife of John Stockley of London,
merchant. Mrs. Ownesteade my late mistress and Elizabeth Lawrens, her
daughter. Mrs. Pickeringe widow. John Wakemau merchant in Bar-
bary. Robert Kytchen. Others named. My Kinsman Symon Ham now
servant to the said John Stockley. The residue to my brother Edward
Quinbye whom I make full and sole executor. John Porter a witness.

Drake, 43.

Johx Tofte of Chil worth, Surrey, gentleman, 18 June 1595, proved
25 June 1599. Brother Robert Tofte. Mary Smith, widow, my mother.
My sisters Mary and Katherine Smyth. Mrs. Julian Morgan. My cousin
William Daye. Jane, Elianor, Mary, and Judith Morgan. I have now in
adventure in this " viage " to sea with Sir John Hawkins and Sir Francis
Drake and their company the sum of one hundred pounds, in which " vi-
age " I intend to go myself. Mr. John Morgan and Mrs. Margery Mor-
gan. The residue &c. to Mr. Edward Quynbye of Allington in the county
of Southampton, gen 1 , to his own proper use, which said Edward Quynbye


I ordain and make my full and sole executor. There is owing unto me
by Mr. William Oglander one hundred and fifty pounds. Other debts.

Kidd, 55.

Edward Quinbuye of Allington in the county of Southampton, Es-
quire, 3 February 1612, proved the last day of February 1613. To my
well beloved wife Jane Quinbuye three score pounds yearly, to be paid out
of such leases as God hath blessed me with, during the time of her natural
life, which said sum of three score pounds yearly to be paid her shall, after
her death, remain unto Jane Brumfeild and Quynbie Brumfeild, two of my
daughter's children, as long as the said leases shall be in force. I give to
my wife one hundred pounds (and certain household goods &c.). To my
daughter's two children formerly named, viz* Quinbuye Brumfeild and Jane
Brumfeild, three hundred pounds apiece. To the poor of Tichefield five pounds.
Certain servants named. To my son in law Arthur Brumfeild two cloaks
lined with velvet, the one lined with black the other with tawney velvet,
and another cloak of silk "grogoran" and a tawney satin suit, dublet,
hose and a pair of silk stockings and silk garters. I give him also another
black suit of satin cut and a new suit of satin " razed " and my other silk
stockings, or other my apparell which he shall make choice of. My son in
law Edmond Hawes. My sons in law Mr. John Porter, Richard Porter,
Thomas Porter, Anthony Fowle and Thomas Goodman, Mr. Alcocke, Mr.
Craddocke, Mr. William Marshe and his wife. Each of my son Brom-
feild's servants. To wife Jane the use of all my plate during her na-
tural life and the use also of all my linen and all such brass and pewter as
she shall deem necessary for her use. And my will further is that all the
said plate, brass and pewter and linen shall, after her death, remain unto
my two daughter Hrumfeild's children, Quinbuye and Jane Bromfeild, equal-
ly to be divided between them. And I make my loving daughter Luce
Brumfeild sole executrix. I give her the residue of all my goods &c.
John Cradocke clerk a witness. Lawe, 18.

Jane Qdinby of St. Margaret's in the parish of Titchfield, in the county
of Southampton, widow of Edward Quinhy late of Titchfield deceased
Esquire, 6 August 1618, with a codicil added 25 June 1621, proved 17
June 1624. To my graudson Quinby Bromfild the copyhold tenement
I late bought of my 6on Arthur Bromfild Esq. holden of the Right
Hon. the Lord Southampton and lying within Titchfield aforesaid, with
remainder to my grand daughter Jane Bromfild. I give the two hun-
dred pounds which my late husband Mr. Edward Quinby gave me (all
which is now in my son Bromfild's hands) the one half thereof to Jane
Bromfild aforesaid and the other hundred unto Quinby Bromfild, to be sever-
ally paid them at their age of twenty one years or day of marriage. I give
them all my household stuff. To ray son Thomas Porter ten pounds, to
my daughter Jeane Hawes twenty pounds, to ray grandchildren Henry,
Elizabeth, Penelope, Honnor, Lucy, Katerine, Arthur and Frances Brom-
fild to each of them five pounds apiece at their age of eighteen years or
dav of marriage. To ray grandchildren Richard Porter, Mary God-
man, Susan Porter and John Porter five pounds apiece. To my daughter
Fowell five pounds to buy her a piece of plate. I will that Jeane Brom-
fild, notwithstanding anything abovesaid, shall have her legacy at the age of
eighteen years or day of marriage. Son John Porter to be sole executor.


Wit. to will Arth. Bromfeild, Anth. Fowle, Sackuill Porter aud Thomas

In the codicil, having found that her worldly estate was not such as to
allow all the legacies bequeathed in the will, she makes certain changes, one
of which is as follows: I also revoke the live pounds apiece given to the
ei^ht younger children of my sou IJromfild and do give them twenty
pounds to be equally divided, desiring he would not take any unkindness
of it: but I hope I shall leave my rents to him and his which shall be more
benefit to them and I would with all my heart I could do much more for
them. Edward Reyner and Henry Panton witnesses. Byrde, 115.

[Any one who will read these two wills of Edward and Jane Quinby and com-
pare them with my notes about the Whitfield family, published in the Regis-
tkh for July, 1897 (ante pp. 1352-4), will see that Mrs. Jane Quinby must have
been the widow of Mr. Richard Porter of Bayham, and so a daughter of Robert
Whitfield, sistrr of Thomas Whitfield of Mortlake, and aunt of Henry Wlutlield
of Connecticut.— II. F. Waters.]

William Seavier of Yens ton in the parish of Henstridge in the County
of Somerset husbandman, 7 October 16<>4, proved 29 November 1604. My
body to be buried in the parish church or church yard of Henstridge. To
that parish church twenty shillings and to the parish church of Kingston
ten shillings. To Margaret Seavier ten pounds; to Callice Seavier ten
pounds; to remain in the executors' hands till they marry or be of age. To
John Seavier, my brother Reynolde's son, six pounds (at one and twenty).
To Reynold Seavier, my brother, a hundred weight of cheese. To my
brother Presley's children a sheep apiece. To my brother Ellis Haskette's
children a sheep apiece. To Gregory Royall's daughter Margery one calf
of the next year's weaning. To John Collis' son William a calf of the
same weaning. To Gregory Royall's son Richard and his two daughters
Alice and Mary a lamb apiece. To every of my godchildren twelve pence
apiece. To the poor folks of Yeuston four bushels of barley to be di-
vided amongst them. All the rest of my goods &e. I give and bequeath to
Marrian Seavier my wife aud John Seavier whom I make my full and
whole executors. Item : I do appoint and ordain to be my overseers &c.
Ellys Hasket and Gregory Royall. Harte, 8G.

John Hasket of Todber, Dorset, 29 September 12 th year of James,
proved 23 Eebruary 1614. My body to be buried in the parish churchyard
of Stowre Estowre (sic). To the same church and to the church of Todber.
To my son William Hasket my parcel of land called Berriell, by estima-
tion five acres, and Pitt mead, by estimation seven acres, in the parish of
Sutton Mountague alias Montacutt, Somerset, for the term often years af-
ter ray decease, he paying unto my son John Hasket, yearly during the said
term, five shillings ; and after the said term of ten years I give and be-
queath the said land wholly unto my son John Ilaskett and the heirs male
of his body &c. ; remainder to my son Thomas, then to my son Robert aud
the heirs male of his body forever. To Anne my wife, during her natural
life my parcel of land called Bushe Hayes and the arrable thereunto be-
longing, paying her son William Ilaskett yearly during her life six shillings
eight pence, if it be lawfully demanded; and after her decease I give it to
the said William &c, remainder to my son Michael Ilaskett, then to the
right heir. To my son John thirty pounds to be paid for his use when he


shall be a prentice, in the meantime his mother to have the profit, or if he
be obstinate or stubborn towards his mother in making his choice for a wife
then it shall be at the discretion of his mother and the overseers what por-
tion to allow him. To my son Thomas forty pounds. To my son Robert
forty pounds. To my son Michael forty pounds. To my two daughters,
Joane Haskett and Mary Haskett fifty pounds apiece, to be given them at
their marriage if their mother shall so long happen to live, if not then to
be paid them at their mother's decease. Also if they should be obstinate
and stubborn towards their mother in not taking their mother's good will
and consent in their choice for marriage that then it shall be at their moth-
er's discretion what portion to allow " eyther" of them. Residue to wife
Anne whom I do make my sole executrix and I do intreat my well beloved
friends Stephen Haskett, William Haskett and George Coxe to be my

Stephen Haskett and William Haskett among the witnesses.

Rudd, 8.

William Hurd the elder, of Kingsdon, Somerset, gen'., 14 April 1638,
proved 17 October 1638. To be buried in the parish church or church-
yard. To the church and poor of Kingsdon and the poor of Ilchester and
Mudford. Sundry servants and others named. My grandchild and god-
son Joseph Francklin. My daughter Judith Rawe. Thomas Rawe, her
husband. Their children, my grandchildren. My god daughter Judith

Whereas my son in law William Haskett hath mortgaged unto me one
messuage or tenement, with the appurtenances, lying and being in Henst-
ridge, for the payment of two hundred pounds &c, my will is that he shall
pay to my sou William Hurd three score and ten pounds or give sufficient
security unto him for the payment thereof to him &c. and shall likewise
give unto my executors the like sufficient security for discharging of my
executors of a bond of two hundred pounds which I do stand bound unto
Ellioc Haskett, father of the said William Haskett, that my executors shall
deliver up unto the said William Haskett the said deed of mortgage and
convey and assign over all my grounds lying at Prvors Downe, with the
appurtenances, according to the true intent and meaning of a graut and as-
signment heretofore made and drawn by M r . Richard King of Sherborne.

Thirty pounds to be employed to and for the use and benefit of my
grandchild Mary Haskett and my daughter Joane Haskett. The said
Mary to marry with consent of her mother. My son George Hurd to be-
have himself as a dutiful and obedient son unto his mother. My daughter
Hester Franklin. My sou Thomas Hurd. My wife Joane Hurd.

Lee, 129.

Stephen Haskett the elder of Marnhull, Dorset, fuller, 24 May 1648,
proved 27 February 1653. To be buried in the churchyard of the parish
church of Marnhull. To Ellis Haskett, my sou, two shillings. To my
son John a truckle bedstead and bed, one chest, one middling brass pan,
one bell mettle pot which I bought of Nicholas Warren and one pair of
tucker's shears. To my grandchild dames Young five shillings. By two
several indentures of lease I am now possessed of a certain messuage, tene-
ment and curtilage and of divers water mills, fulling mills ami grist mills


&c. &c. in Marnhull, Todber and Fifehed Magdalen. The same to wife
Elizabeth for life; then to son Stephen for life; remainder to my daughter
Elizabeth Young, as promised her in part of her marriage portion. To son
Stephen (other property, including) my racks and all other tools belonging
to my fuller's trade. My wife Elizabeth to be my whole executrix and my
two friend- Osmoiid Ploant and John Snooke to be my trusty overseers.
One of the witnesses was Elizabeth Ilaskett of Todber, widow.

Alchin, 320.

Elias IIaskett of Henstridge Marsh, Somerset, yeoman, 13 Eebruary
1 690, proved 12 May 1698. To my kinswoman Mary Iloddinott twenty
pounds. To the wife of Richard Shane late deceased and her father in law
Richard Shaue the elder, now living, and the children of the said Richard
Shaue deceased twenty pounds to be equally divided between them. To
William Heddeech, shoemaker, twenty pounds and to his child that is now
living with him twenty pounds. To Henry, Robert, Dorothy and Anne
Heddeech, brothers and sisters of the said William, twenty pounds to be
divided betwixt them. Ten pounds to my wife's kinsman Thomas Acstens
(Arstens?) and ten pounds to his children, and ten pounds also to John
and George Acstens, brothers of the said Thomas. To William Buffett's
wife of Stalbridge Side Hill, lying in Henstridge against South Mead, and
to his five children I give one hundred pounds. To Anne Frampton and
her child five pounds. To my wife's nephew Nicholas Buggis my now
dwelling house, with all and singular the appurtenances, and my two home
closes called Greene Close and Marsh Close. But if he die without issue
then it shall come to Elias Duffett, second son of the said William Duffett,
and his heirs forever. To John Calpen, son of William Calpen, late of Stal-
bridge, deceased, ten pounds and to William Calpen, brother of the said
John, fifty pounds, at one and twenty. Conditional bequests to Mary and
Hannah, two sisters of Nicholas Buggis. To Elias Ilaskett, the son of Elias
Haskett the baker, my close of arrable and pasture land in Henstridge called
Hurleoake, and when he shall be possessed of the said close he shall pay to
his brother and to his sisters Mary and Sarah five pounds apiece and to his
sister Susanna Hobbs, widow, fifteen pounds. To William Loden's wife of
Sherborne Castle Town, button-maker, five pounds. If Richard Calpen,
ray kinsman, should come to be in want the said Elias Duffett shall pay
him twenty shillings a year for his natural life. Other bequests. Wife
Mary to be executrix.

Commission issued to Mary Crumsey wife of Lewis Crumsey " nepti
semel remota? prox. consanguin," &c. for the reason that Mary Haskett the
relict had died before taking the burden of the execution &c.

On the margin is an acknowledgment of the receipt of the original will
into the Registry of the Supreme Court according to a monition under the
seal of the said Court. Lort, GO.

[This last will was brought into the Court of Delegates (see Records of that
Court, Liber 4, fo. 43), in a suit of Ilasket eon Crumze. In the Public Record
office, under Delegates Processes, 1699, Ilasket eon Crumze, Vol. 269, No. 630,
may be found the Process issued in this case, addressed — ]

Dilecto Nobis in Christo. Eliae Haskett nepoti ex fratre et prox. con-
sanguineo Eliae Ilaskett nuper de Henstridge Marsh in Com. Somerset
********* in quadain causa Apellaconis et querela:
qua coram Eis (t. e. the Judges Delegate) in judicio inter p l fa turn Eliam


Haskett partem Apellan. et Querelan. ex una et Mariam Crumze (uxorem
Ludovici Crumze) proneptem p r teusam p r fati Haskett defti. partem appel-
latam et querelatam partibus ex altera etc.

Dat sub sigillo Suprema? Curias Delegator. nrorum decirao quarto die
meusis Augusti Aunoq. Regni nostri undecimo (1699).

[I have little doubt that the plaintiff and appellant in this case was our Elias
Haskett of Salem, son of Stephen Haskett of Salem then deceased, who had
already (30 May, 1G98) armed himself with proofs of his identity, as appears in
the Notarial Record Books in the office of the clerk of the courts at Salem,
Mass. [See N. E. Hist, ami Gen. Keg., Vol. 30, p. 110, and Essex Institute
Hist. Coll., Vol. 1G. p. 102.] I find this evidence of identity also given in Em-
mertou and Waters's Gleanings, pp. 52-3. I found that our Elias Haskett was
commander of the Providence Galley. Whether he was ever the Governor of
New Providence I cannot say. From one of his sisters our famous Derby
family derive descent. Hence the baptismal name Elias Hasket in that family.

I find that there was an earlier legal dispute in this family as shown by Chan-
cery Bills and Answers, Charles I., II. H. xxil) *G5.]

27 May 1647 Ellis Haskett, of Enson als Endiston within the parish of
Henstridge in County Somerset, the elder, yeoman, about fifteen years
since purchased an estate, for his own life and the lives of his two sons
William Haskett and Elles Haskett. of and in one copyhold tenement with
the appurtenances, lying and being in Enson aforesaid, within the manor of
Henstridge &c, called or known by the name of Brynes tenement or the
West Living, being of the yearly value of sixteen pounds &c. About ten
years since the said William Haskett the younger did labor with and ear-
nestly intreat and did make use of divers friends to persuade yolir Orator
to surrender and yield up (to bar the wife in widowhood &c.) and to settle
the said William Haskett in said copyhold &c. and estate the said William
Haskett's wife (in her widowhood &c. ) as the said William Haskett should
afterwards many &c, the said William Haskett to pay your Orator a yearly
annuity of ten pounds and give security.

Surrender was made 31 July 1638. The said William Haskett hath
(thus) by his marriage obtained a great poreon. The said William now
most unjustly and unconscionably doth refuse to pay the said annuity.

Answer of William Haskett, by which it appears that the money paid
for the estate was not given and paid as his own " moneyes " but by the
friends of Christian, this defendant's late mother, as part of her portion.

About ten years ago defendant was imprisoned for debt at Marlborough

such wife as this defendant now hath he obtained her af-

fection to marry with him not by reason of his said estate which he hath by
the Copy of Court Roll aforesaid but by God's goodness and her love and
affection to him.

Thomas Hedge citizen and merchant tailor of London, 2 March 18"'
James, proved 10 April 1623. I give and devise unto Elisha Hedge mine
eldest son all that close of pasture and arable ground, with the apperte-
nances, containing by estimation one hundred and sixteen acres or there-
abouts, within the field or lordship of Adstone in the County of Northamp-
ton which I lately purchased of Francis Ilarby Esq., to bold during the
term of his natural life (except the dower and title of dower which Alice


my now wife ought to have in the third part thereof) provided that he the
said Elisha do pay unto Thomas Hedge, his eldest son, ten pounds every
year during the life of the said Thomas after that he the said Thomas shall
accomplish his age of oue and twenty years. And after the decease of the
said Elisha I give and bequeath the said close &c. unto the said Thomas,
my grandchild, with remainder to William Hedge, another of the sons of
the said Elislia. and next to the eldest son which the said Elisha shall law-
fully beget upon the body of any woman which he shall hereafter marry
&c, then to the second, third, fourth and fifth sons &c, then to Abraham
Hedge, my second son &c, and lastly to my right heirs forever. To wife
Alice one half of that messuage, with gardem closes, homestead &c. which
I hold by lease from the said Francis Harby for the term of six and twen-
ty years, being in Adstone aforesaid, and all the rents issuing out of three
tenements which I hold by lease in Hog Lane in the parish of Whitechapel,
London &c. To son Elisha the other half of the said messuage &c. in
Adstone. Certain silver to said grandson Thomas Hedge. To said grand-
son William Hedge my lease &c. of the said three tenements in Hog Lane
after the decease or second marriage of my said wife. Also I give to the
said William Hedge a silver beaker parcel gilt. To Rececca Hedge, daugh-
ter of the said Elisha, fifty pounds &c. at eighteen. Certain property to
son Abraham which he useth us a copartner with me. His daughter Deb-
ora at fourteen. To his wife Debora twenty shillings to buy her a ring.
To my daughter Rebecca Edes, wife of Mr. Richard Edes, my double bell
salt of silver and gilt, with the cover. John Edes their son and Rebecca
Edes their daughter. To my brother Richard Hedge three pounds a year
for life. His daughter Elizabeth. My brother Robert Hedge and Thomas
his son, and Abraham, son of the last mentioned Thomas, and Mary and
Abraham the son and daughter of my said brother Robert. Elizabeth,
Robert and John, three other of the children of my said brother Robert
Hedge. The children of my brother in law John Bringhurst. My wife's
sister Mrs. Weekes. Her other sisters Cicely Smith and Catherine Gryme.
Christopher Gryme, husband of the said Catherine, and their children.
Francis Dryhurst son of the said Cicely Smith. Certain friends in Canons
Ashby, Drayton, Newnton, London and Adstone. Others in Daveutry,
Northampton and Fawesly. The poor of Newenham in Northampton and
the poor of Adstone. Elizabeth Hedge youngest daughter of my son
Abraham. John Edes father of my son in law Richard Edes. Their
mortgage of lands &c. in Wellesborne, Warwickshire. Anne Edes young-
est daughter of Richard Edes. Wife Alice to be sole executrix and mv
said sons Elisha and Abraham and my brothers in law Mr. Thomas Weekes
and Mr. Thomas Smith to be overseers. Swann, 34.

Elizabeth Peacocke of London, widow, 27 July 1620, with codicil,
proved 17 March 1622. To be buried in the parish church of St. Dion is
back church in Fanchurch street in London near where my father ami
mother lie buried. Son Robert Peacock. Messuage in Hogaine Lane in
the parish of St. Mildred's, London. Other tenements and leases. To him
(inter alia) one of the wrought gilt bowls which was given me when he
was baptized, the best of my father's pictures &c. Said Robert at one and
twenty. Son John Peacock, houses and lands in Eudfield, Middlesex. My
daughter Anne Terry and her husband James Terrie. A pair of 1 at tin
andirons with iron feet painted. To said daughter Ann Terry {inter alia)
one of my wrought gilt bowls which was giveu me when she was bap-


tized. Upon the marriage of my daughter Deborah with her now husband
Abraham Hedge I have assured and conveyed my free hold lauds, tene-
ments and hereditaments in Endfleld, Middlesex, unto them and to the heirs
of the body of the said Deborah by the said Abraham Hedge. My grand-
child Robert Peacocke son of Robert. To the said Deborah two white
tankards which weie my mother's, my ring with the bird ind " tonne. " a
cupboard cloth with a border of needlework round about it wherein are
the grocers' arms and my name, my lesser lattin andirons with brass feet,
my virginalls (and a lot of other articles). My son John's wife. My grand-
child Susan, daughter of Ann Terry. My said two daughters Ann and
Debora. Elizabeth Peacock daughter of my son Robert, so as she marry
a man professing the Gospel of Christ now professed and authorized in
England. A mutton spit. A bird spit. Joined stools. A wainscot chair.
My cousin Richard Cockes. My cousin Hancockes. My son John's daugh-
ter Elizabeth. My grandchild Deborah Hedge and Elizabeth Hedge her
sister. Son Robert's daughters Ann and Judith. My sister Poynter's son
John Poynter. My sister's daughter Wenefryd Starkey and Elizabeth
Starkey, daughter of the said Wynefrid. Josias son of William Barnish.
My grandchild Elizabeth Terry. My brother Hedge and his wife. My
cousin William dirties. My cousin Anne Aldon. Mrs. Cotton ray pew-
feHow. Swann, 35.

Sentence for the confirmation of the above will was promulgated 24 May
1623 following upon litigation between Robert Peacock, eldest son of the de-
ceased, of the one part and William Clapham, executor of her will, of the
other part. Swann, 43.

Abraham Hkdge in the good ship Reformation, 6 July, 1629, proved 16
June, 1631. Small bequests to the chirurgeon and others on board the ship.
The residue to my loving mother Elizabeth Rayuucke dwelling in Fann-
church Street near Algate in London. She to be sole executrix. Proved
by Elizabeth Raynucke otherwise Reunick, mother and executrix.

St. John, 70.

[Abraham Hedge, son of Thomas Hedge, was apprenticed in the Merchant
Tailors Company, in March, IGOo-fl. 10 Dec. 1611, Abraham Hedge of St. Mich-
ael's, Cornhill, married Deborah Peacock of St. Dionis Backchurch, from which
church she was buried 23 Aug. 1025. Elizabeth Peacock, widow, was buried

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