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parishes of Much Hadham, Little Hadham, Wydford and Thorley or
elsewhere. To Joanne my wife, during her natural life, six pounds thirteeu
shillings and four pence to be paid unto her yearly by my said son George
Haynes, his heirs executors or assigns. My said wife shall have her cham-
ber and meat and drink during her life with my said son and at his charges
at Iladham Mill or where he shall dwell and if my said wife be not content
and " mynded " so' to remain with my son then she to have my house with
the appurtenances in Iladham " Strate " (street) which I bought of Hugh
Grave that William Laugham now dwelleth in, during her life, over and
besides her said annuity of six pounds thirteen shillings four pence. If my
said wife do go to that my house in Hadham " streate " then and from thence-
forth yearly during her abiding there my said son &c. shall deliver her at
his or their proper charges four loads of firewood at the said house. To
my said wife ten pounds worth of household stuff. To Joane my daughter,
the wife of Nicolles Lambarde five pounds, to be paid within one year next
after my decease ; and if she shall live five years next after the receipt of the
five pounds then and from thenceforth during her life every year ten shillings
to be paid by George my son, his heirs, executors or assigns. To my
daughter Elizabeth the wife of Robert Ive, over and besides such money
as the said Robert (Ive) oweth me, three pounds, six shillings and eight
pence. To my daughter Agnes the late wife of John Grave, over and
besides such money as she oweth me, three pounds six shillings and eight
pence. To my daughter " Cateren " the wife of Simond Elyett forty shillings
To my daughter julyan the wife of John Clere forty shillings. All these
to be paid within one year after my decease. To Joane the daughter of
Richard my son ten pounds at the day of her marriage. " I wille that
Iminedyatlye after my decease that myne Executors do guide some dyscrete
and godlye learnede Pryste to preache Seven Sarmondes at suche conve-
nyent days & tymes as shalbe thought moste mette vidett att Myche
Iladhm thre att Lyttell Iladlnn towe & att Wydforde the other two & ye
same preste to be honestlye contented as shalbe thought goode by ye
dyscresyon of myne executors." Forty shillings to the poor at my burial.
Four pounds to the reparation of the highways. Four pence to every of
my godchildren. The rest to my son George, whom with Edward Russell
I make executors and Mr. Thomas Hanchett to be supervisor, to whom a
Royal of gold.

Thomas Neuce a witness.

Proved 20 October 1550 (Qu. 1556?).

Garland, 133 (Com. Essex and Herts).


Gkorgk Haynes of Much Iladham, Herts, yeoman, 9 November 1584,
proved 4 January 1584. To the poor of Much Hadham and of Little
Iladham. To George Haynes my son my tenement or farm in Little
Iladham called Caley alias Caldwyns, late in the tenure of Symon Clarke,
aud another parcel of land called Wickham (and some laud in Stondon).
But my wife Agnes shall have the use aud profit of the said lands &c. until
my said son George shall come to his full age of twenty one years. To
wife Agnes in recompeuce of dower certain lands in Aldbury, Thorley &c,
for life, with remainder to Edmond Haynes my son and to his heirs forever.
To my son John Hayues all other my lands and tenements in Much Ilad-
ham and Little Hadham &c. to him and his heirs forever. And I do clearly
and freely forgive my son John all such rents arid arrearages of rent as he
doth in any wise owe unto me out of or for my messuage &c. which he hath
or doth hold of mine situate and being in Much Iladham. To Mary my
daughter one hundred pounds at day of marriage or age of twenty one.
To my said son John eleven silver spoons, a silver gilt goblet and my mid-
dlemost mazer bound with silver. To sons George and Edmond twenty
pounds each at one and twenty. Other gifts of silver and household goods
to children. Son John to pay a yearly annuity of ten shillings unto Mar-
garet Horseley during her natural life. The remainder to wife Agnes, sole
executrix. Son John Haynes and William Hampton to be overseers.

Brudenell, 1.

Tiiosias Ellvott citizen and leatherseller of London, 31 August 1557,
proved 15 October 1557. My body to be buried in the parish church of
St. Vedast alias St. Fosters whereof I am now a •' pochioner." To the
High Altar of that church, for Tithes and Oblations by me negligently for-
gotten, if any such be, three shillings four pence. To the company of
Leathersellers for their pains taking in following my body to the church upon
the day I shall be buried, twenty shillings for a recreation among them.
To the reparation of the church of Wydforde six shillings eight pence in
money. To Bassabie Elliott five marks, to be delivered unto her at the
day of her marriage, and not before. I will and my mind is that William
Wilkinson son of William Wilkinson, late of London merchant tailor deceased,
shall have twenty pounds in money which his father gave him by his last
will, to be delivered unto him at his lawful age of twenty one years, and not
before. If he die before that then it shall come to mine executrix. Whereas
my brother Henry Ellyott mercer oweth me twenty-five pounds as appeareth
in my book, written with his own hand the 25th day of May 1554, I do
freely release and forgive him the said debt and every part thereof. I
give to my father my gown of " browne Blewe " furred with budge and my
doublet " sieved" with russet velvet. I give to my brother Henry Elliott
my satin doublet and two of my best coats and my gown faced with damask.
The residue of all my movable goods &c. I give to my well beloved wife
Margery whom I make my sole executrix. And I will and my mind is
that if it fortune the said Margery my wife to marry that she shall, " afore "
her marriage, pay, distribute aud bestow among my brothers' children forty
pounds in money or movable goods without any longer delay. And I desire
my uncle John Ellyott of Stratford (Stortford) in the Co. of Hartford and
John Elliott his son, of London mercer, to be overseers &c. and I give and
bequeath to the said John Ellyot the father my gown of " pewcke " faced
with satin and to the said John Elliot the son my ring of gold with a seal
in the same.


(Then follows his last will disposing of his lands and tenements.,
All my lands, tenements &c. in the town, parish and fields of Wydforde
in the Co. of Hertford, which John Ellyott and Johan Ellyott his wife, my
father and mother, do now occupy during their natural lives &c, after their
decease I bequeath to Margery my wife for life, if she do so long keep her-
self a widow sole and unmarried, she paying my said father aud mother
forty shillings a year which I now stand charged to pay unto them during
their lives &c. ; next to John Elliott, son and heir of John Ellyot my eldest
brother now dwelling in Waltham, Essex (on condition of payment of a cer-
tain sum to be divided amongst the rest of the children of testator's brothers
and sisters). Wrastley, 37.

John Elyott of Stortford parsonage within the diocese of London,
22 October 1557. To Margaret my wife my lease of the tythe and parson-
age of Stortford &c. to have and to hold during her natural life, if she live
so long unmarried, to remain after her decease, or after the time that she do
marry again, unto Rowland my son and to the issue of his body lawfully begot-
ten, and, for lack of issue of his body lawfully begotten, to remain to Edward
my son &c. &c, then to George my son &c. &c. ; provided always that if
Margaret my wife do marry again then Rowland my son, or any other en-
joying my said lease, shall pay unto my said wife ten pounds a year every
year during her life (in two half yearly payments). I give unto " Tabett "
my daughter forty pounds aud unto Alice my daughter forty pounds, the
money to be paid unto both my foresaid daughters at their marriage. I
give and bequeath unto every child that my daughters Agnes Pylston,
Blythe Hanes and Wynnyfryde Pyston (sic) hath at this time living, to
every of them one ewe and one lamb. To every child that Richard Grave
or his wife hath now living, to every of them twenty pence, saving to John
Elyott her eldest son, unto whom I give aud bequeath twenty shillings.
I do give unto Edward my son one hundred pounds of lawful money
which I have delivered unto John my son when I did deliver him his own
part. I give unto Margaret my wife all other my goods, movable and im-
movable, she paying my debts and performing this my last will in manner
aforesaid, whom I make mine sole executrix and John my son mine over-

Wit : Richard Ilubbert and Richard Pylston.

To Rowland my son my lease of the mill called Parson's Mill. To
Alyce my daughter one bill of four pounds due to be paid to me by Thomas
Passon gen*. To Besse Eve a croft called Pery croft. To every child
that George my sou hath living one ewe and one lamb.

By me, John Ellyott mercer.
Original Wills, Com. of Londou, Essex and Herts, Le Bundells, E. E. 1.

Edward Eliot of Newland near Writtle in the Co. of Essex Esq., 22
December 1505, proved 15 May 1596, My body I will to be buried in
the parish church of Writtle in reverent wise I give and bequeath unto
Thomas Elliott mine eldest son my manor of Wicombes ah Wickehames &c.
for and during the natural life of Jane my loving wife, desiring her that she
will not challenge ov demand any dower of or in the same. And after the
decease of my said wife I will that the said manor &c. shall remain and go
unto Edward Elliott my second sen &c. To John Eliott my third son my
land- ami tenements commonly railed Priors in the parish of Bromefield or
other parishes adjoining, now in the tenure of M 1 . Glascocke. To Mr.


Jenour the minister at Norton the entire profits and tithes of the parsonage
of Norton for life if lie so long continue resident there. To son Edward a
yearly rent of ten pounds to be issuing out of my said manor of Wicombes
during the natural life of my wife. All other my manors, lands, tenements
&c. I give and bequeath to my said wife during the term of her natural
life and after her decease to Thomas Eliott my said eldest son &c. To my
daughter Hannah three hundred pounds, at day of marriage or age of
twenty two. And the same to daughter Jaue at marriage or twenty one,
and daughter Elizabeth at marriage or twenty one. To my daughter Collen
twenty pounds. To my brother Bogas the like sum of twenty pounds over
and above all such sums as my son, her husband, oweth unto me. My will
is, any former bequest notwithstanding, that threescore acres of my lands
and woods, parcel of my manor of Wicombs, lying from the manor house-
ward beyond Bushey mellowes and Catsborough fields and my house and
lands in Gingemargaret als Margatinge and my copyhold land in Writtle
and my lease of the manor of Little Broxted and my lease of my new
buildings in New Inn, Middlesex, shall be sold for and towards the payment
and performance of my debts and legacies. To my brother Butler five
pounds to buy him a ring. To my sister Butler ten pounds. To my
nephew M r . Barners ten pounds. To every other of my sister Butlers chil-
dren twenty shillings. To my brother George Eliot and his three sons
twenty pounds which my said brother oweth unto me. To my sister
Pulisden four pounds by the year for life. To Mr. Josline minister at
Good Easter five pounds. To my cousin Iluckle and his wife five pounds.
To M r . Kendall of Roxwell twenty shillings. To the poor of Roxwell,
Newland, Writtle and Good Ester. To my cousin Quarles fifty shillings
for a ring and to Priscilla Quarles my god daughter fifty shillings. My
wife Jane to be sole executrix.

Wit : John Butler, Richard Glascocke, John Collen, Stephen Collen.

Drake, 42.

Mense Maij 1602 Octauo die emanauit comissio Dorothee Collen als
Elliott et Ilanne Pinchon als Elliot sororibus naturalibus et l'timis Edwardi
Elliot nug de Newland in Coiu Essex def. Ilentis etc. ad admistrand bona
jura et credita dci def. &c. Admon. Act Book Jo. 117.

Robert Morley, in his will made 2 February 1598 and proved 16
October 1G02, mentions sister Agnes Cave, widow, and niece Agnes Cave,
her daughter. Anthony Cave, her eldest son and Robert Cave, her youngest
son (under fifteen years of age) William Cave, her third scm Thomas Cave
her second son. lie then makes the following bequest: I give also a
diamond of twelve pounds price to Mistress Ellyot daughter to Master
Nowell Sotherton and wife to Master Thomas Elliot of Belhouse in
Stamford Rivers in Essex, to my father, to my uncle Ifaubury, my niece
Joane Kuighte, my brother Master Thomas Neale and his wife, my brothers
Fleetwood, Walter and Francis Neale, my cousin Thomas Redman and
his wife Mistress Anne Redman, Master Thomas Conyers the younger,
Master Alexander Williams and Master Thomas Ellyot of Belhouse in
Essex I give rings of thirty shillings apiece, twelve pounds I give to my
cousin Robert Bowyer of the Middle Temple, which though it come nothing
near either his deserts or my love towards him, yet I beseech him to accept
it as also of mine executorship in which I join him with my brother Master
Thomas Neale. Montague, 68.


John Myllett of Ilunsdon, Herts, yeoman, 22 July 1003. proved 28
April 1604. The poor of Hunsdon and of Much Munden, Herts. My
sister Mary Hadsley's three daughters Priscilla, Sara and Damoras Sain-
forde. My brother in law John Hadesley, at his now dwelling house in
Much Iladham. My sister Clark's three children at the now dwelling
house of my said sister in Withersfield, Essex. My brother in law Allen's
children. An Indenture bearing date the thirtieth day of January in the
sixth and thirtieth year of the reign of our late sovereign Lady Queen
Elizabeth, made between me the said John Millet of the one party and
Thomas Woode of Harlow in the Co. of Essex, shoemaker, William Woode
of Eppinge in the said Co. of Essex, shoemaker, and Faruando Elliott of
Epping aforesaid, innholder, of the other party, by which I did covenant and
grant that I should well and truly pay unto James Elliot, my now wife
Katherine's eldest son, the sum of forty pounds and to Daniel Elliot his
brother forty pounds, at their several ages of one and twenty years, and to
Fdpha Elliott, one of my now wife's daughters, forty pounds, to Lidia
Elliot her sister forty pounds, to Hester Elliot forty pounds and to Mary
Elliot forty pounds, at their several ages of one and twenty years or days
of marriage &c, and also should pay or cause to be paid all and singular
such legacies, gifts or bequests as Philip Elliot, former husband of my said
now wife, in and by his last will and testament hath given or bequeathed
to any person or persons whatsoever or wherewith my said wife should or
might be rightfully charged as Executrix of the said Philip &c. &c. My
said wife to be my sole and only executrix; and as concerning several
debts (specified) and all actions touching or concerning the same I make
and ordain John Lewis of Munden, yeoman, my brother, my only executor.

Harte, 32.

Dame Benett, widow of Sir William Webb sometime mayor and alderman
of London, 14 January 1602, with a codicil bearing date 30 June 1604,
proved 9 July 1 604. To be buried in St. Dunstau's in the East near late
husband. To my grandchild William Webb at one and twenty. The com-
panies of Salters and Ironmongers. The poor children in Christ's Hospital.
St. Thomas Hospital, Southwark, St. Bartholomews. The Hospital called
Bethelem ah Bedlem w th out Bishopsgate Street, London. Bridewell, New-
gate, Ludgate and the two " Compters." viz', that in the Poultry and that
iu Wood Street. The Marshallsea and the White Lyon in .Southwark.
Children of cousin Meade the wife of Edward Meade. Edward Meade the
son. My godson Laurence Greene son of Laurence Greene of Walbrooke.
Every other of his children. My cousin Humfrey Bigges and John Bigges
his son. My cousin Robert Smithwicke the younger and his children. My
god daughters Benett Brickett, Benett Holt and Benett Wright. Johane
Meade wife of Edward Meade. Richard Bye the Grecian. My cousin
Francis Swifte, the wife of Richard Swyfte of Essex, and her eldest daugh-
ter. Robert Bye of Watling Street that was decayed. The eldest son of
my cousin Edward Gaffion. The children of my cousin Bowles. The
poor of Abbotts Laugley where my own dwelling house standeth. Every
the children male of Thomas Greene my cousin upon London Bridge.
Every of the children of my cousin Gyles of Bosworthe which he had by his
first wife. Every of the children of my cousin Elizabeth Gyles now wife
unto my cousin Bouswell. Sence Glover the daughter of Thomas Glover
at dav of her marriage. Her sisters.

Item I give to my cousin Elliotte's children forty shillings apiece. My
cousin Bartholomew Wormell the elder and his son Bartholomew. The


children of John Wormell. The daughter of Edward Daniell at her day
of marriage. My cousin Sterrell of the Temple. My cousin Christofer
CIvtherowe. Every of the children of my cousin Richard Swifte of Essex.
Uncle Lawrence Greene's youngest son Thomas. Eliz: the grand child of
my brother Gardiner. The father and mother of the said Elizabeth. John
Billingsley sou of Sir Henry Biliingslie, which John was begotten of the
body of Katherine his late wife. The wives of my cousin Russell and my
cousin Gamon. My cousin Clitherowe of Watford's daughter Dorothy
Clitherowe. Cousin Thomas Clitherowe of Watford. My cousin Wood-
cock's children (sister to my cousin Scales). My aunt Tomlynsou. My
cousin Lawrence Greene's wife Margaret. Benjamin Clytherowe son of
Thomas Clytherowe of Langley. Sara Bigges wife of Ilumfrey Bigges.
Mr. Dr. Ashbold. Mrs Cooper, Mrs Ashbold's sister. Uncle Robert Greene
and William Scales, his son in law. Richard Syfnes my godson at sixteen and
every other of the children of my cousin Anne Symes which were living at
the death of Sir William Webb my late husband. My cousin Alice Reeve,
daughter of John Webbe that dwelt at Reading. The two daughters of
William Hawley which he had by Bennett his wife. My cousin Holdford.
Christofer Webb the younger son of Roger Webb. Ro^er Webb the son
of John Webb the elder who died in Reading. The children of Clement
Draper. Legacies given to them by the will of Elizabeth Robinson late
of St. Dunstan's in the East unto whom I was executrix. Thomas and
Robert children of John Draper. My sister Billingsley. Cousin Margaret
wife of William Scales. Elizabeth Bartlett and John Bartlett her son.
My cousin Thomas Chauncye als Gyles. The children of William Bowles
my cousin that were living at the time of the death of my late husband. The
children of my cousin Holt so living &c. William Lavvde my sister Lawde's
son. Elizabeth Badger the grandchild of my brother Gardiner. My cou-
sin Robert, second son of John Draper. Mr. Thomas Thomlinson citizen and
skinner. The children of cousin John Wright of Wrightsbrid^e in Essex.
Dixy Clitherowe second son of Thomas Clitherowe of Abbott's Langley,
Herts. Anne Offley daughter of my cousin Cletherowe. Cousin Benjamin
Ibgrave and his brother William Ibgrave. Cousin Tomasine Brewster.
Cousin Rowland SlefFord. Robert Mott, bellfounder, to cast a bell for St.
Marys Reading. Ilarte, G7.

John Conyers of London Esq., 6 July 1600, proved 25 January 1G04.
I will that my body shall be buried in the vault where my wife is buried.
To forty of the most poorest and most neediest men dwelling within the
parish of St. Bottolphes without Aldersgate, every one of them a gown.
To my Lady Allet and Mistress Sotherton, either of them one ring. To
Mr. l>aron Sotherton, who hath " shewed" me many courtesies and kindnesses,
twenty angels. To my sister Pyme, my daughter Conyers, my son Cholme-
ley and his wife, my son Sotherton and his daughter, ray son Williams and
his wife, my niece Palmer, my sister Conyers, my nephew Audleby and his
wife, my nephew Smith and his wife, my late trusty servant Francis Gostou
and Francis Shawe and his wife, every one of them, a gown of cloth. To
my poor niece Audleby four pounds a year, for life, to be paid out of the
manor of Walesby in the Co. of Lincoln. My grandchild Katherine
Cholmeley and her son. My daughter in law and her three daughters.
My brother Edward Conyers' children. Raph Conyers and his two sisters,
Smith and Symons. My son Williams' children. My niece Palmer's chil-


Item, I do give unto my grandchild Katheriue Ellyot, whose mother
and she were always kindly towards me, ten pounds, and to her son five
pounds. To my son Williams ten pounds. To my grandchild Katherine
Conyers her grandmother's chain. I do give for the i lending of the high-
ways in Bedfordshire one hundred pounds, according to the Lady Gas-
coigne's will, so as my son may quietly enjoy her lands in Y' rkshire without
any more suit or trouhle.

" And where there hath bin a mocon made for bringing of Cundith water
out of the fieldes by pipes of leade to a Cundith to be made in Aldersgate
streete 1 doe by this my will giue one hundreth pounde when the worke
shall be begou and finished: soe as it be doen within seaven yeares nexte
after my decease, whereof I would haue my sonne carefull for the ^forming
thereof." To my son Sotherton unto whom I have "bin behoulding manie
waies" twenty pounds and I do make him supervisor of this my will praying
him to be aiding and assisting unto my son whom I do make my executor.
My brother Edward Conyers' two daughters. My poor niece Audleby's

The above will was proved by the oath of Thomas Conyers, son and
executor. Hayes, 3.

Austin Elliott, of "Waltham Abbey, Essex, gen 1 ., 20 October ] 60o.
My body to be buried in the parish church or churchyard of Widford. To
my son Rowland Elliott four score and four pounds, to be paid unto the said
Rowland or his assigns by John Haines of Curricott, Herts., gen 4 ., within six
months next after the decease of George Elliott my father, of Widford in
the aforesaid County of Hertford, gen'. To my daughter Anne Elliott,
fourscore pounds (to be paid by John Haines at same time as above). To
my daughters Mary Elliott and Martha Elliott (the like sum each, payable
in like manner and form). To my sister Anne Elliott two black bullocks.
To my aforesaid daughter Martha a red bullock with a white face. To my
brother in law Edward Hale of Cheshunt one brown cow. To the poor of
Widford twenty shillings, to be distributed to them within two months next
after my decease. To my brother Edward Elliott twenty shillings. And
I will that there shall so much of my household stuff and cattle to be sold
as shall fully discharge and pay my debts and my funerals and proving of
this my last will and all other charges whatsoever my executor shall lay
out and expend about the same; and if there be any remainder of mv said
household stuff that then the same shall be equally divided amongst mv
saiil three daughters. And all the rest of my goods in this my last will
not bequeathed I wholly give to my executor, whom I appoint to be my
brother Edward Elliott; and I likewise appoint my beloved friend Mr John
Payton, parson of Widford to lie overseer.

One of the witnesses was George Elliott.

On the 11"' day of November 1605, before Dr. Ridley the Commissary,
personally appeared Edward Elliotte, the executor appointed in the will,
and expressly renounced the burden of executorship. Commission there-
upon issued to Anne Elliott, natural and lawful daughter of the deceased,
by reason of such renunciation, to administer the goods according to the
tenor of the will.

Register -20 Com. C of London (1603-1607) fo. I'll.

John- Eliott. G November 1606, proved 3 February 1606. My body

to be buried in the churchyard of All Saints. I do give unto Michaell my


eldest son one house where mv grandmother Katherine Bearman (?) dwel-
leth. I give him also six acres of ground, more or less, lying in the field
called Parke Croftes in the parish of Ilunsdon. To my youngest son John
one tenement called little Winslowe, with a barn thereunto belonging, now
iu the tenure and occupation of one William Handcocke. I give him also
one half acre of meadow in Ilunsdon meade, between the meadows of Sir
Thomas Foster, knight, abutting upon the river. My will is that, after my

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