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The Seventh Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion online

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tenant of the same company.

The severe service and debilitating climate of Florida
and South Carolina, where the regiment had so far been
stationed, brought on a severe heart difficulty, which after-


IIisTORv oi" 'I'm: Si:\']:n'|-i! Rj'.ci.mext

wards caused his (U-ath. and on Juh' 23. TS62. his health
becaiiu' so niucli ini]^airt.'d that hv rcsi^-ned his C(.)nimis-
si(.)n and i\-tiirncd home. In 1S65. partialh' I'ecoverinL;' his
lieahh, he entered \hv lirni ot D(KlLie, l)a\is & Williams,
at I'.nru'ld, N. M.. and engaged in the manufacture of
flannels and hosiery, in the (ild "Shaker iNfills"" of that
j")lace. where he continued until if^y.v when he retired tVom
active Imsiness lite.

In 1S70, he represented the town ol Entield in the legis-
lature, and. in 1S71 and 1S72, again served as chairman of
the board of selectmen. Me died of heart disease February
4, 1S78. at the age ol" littx'-seven years and nine months,
and left surN-ix-inu" a widow and ti\-e children.

Lieut. John II. Worcester.

Lieut. John IL Worcester, son of John X. and Sarah
Holden \\^)rcester, was born in llollis, January 18, 1S39.
In his box'hood lie attended the schools ot his nati\'e town,
and alterwards recei\'ed a good academic education. Be-
fore the rebellion he had been a law student at the law
school, at Cambridge, Mass., and at the commencement ot'
the ci\il war was nearl\- r(,'ad\- to engage in the ]")ractice
ol' his chosen protession, witli fiattt-ring prospects of suc-
cess. But when the nation summoned its \'oung men to
its defense, his lo\e of country and stern sense of duty,
found from him a prompt response. Early in tlie fall of
iS6i, lie enlisted as a pri\ate in the comp;nn- from Mollis,
under Capt. N. M. Ames, which was afterwards mustered
into the ser\-ice as Compan\" M. Se\enth Regiment X. M.
\"olunteers. Upon the oi'gani/ation ot' the com[ian\- he
was chosen second lieutenant. In June. 1862. upon the
resignation of Lirst Lieut. Alvah M. Potter. Lieutenant
Worci'stiM" was promoted to his ]"┬╗lace. and was constantly
in tlu' service with his regiment in I'lorida and South
Carolina until his cU'ceasc- at Milton Mead. S. C. Jul}" 26,
1863. at the age of t\\i'nt\ - si.\ \-ears and six months.

New Hampshire Volunteers. 511

During the assault upon Fort Wagner, Morris Island,
S. C, on the evening of July 18, 1863, after having suc-
ceeded, at the head of his men, in reaching the top of the
fort, and while cheering them on he fell severely wounded
in the left le