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Hetherington Henry, assistant engineer North Pac.

Trans. Co.'s S. S. Onllauime, dwl 24 JMoss
Hettinger Nicholas, oysterman with John C. Olm-
Hettscher Chiistian, mariner, dwl 7 Washington
HEUCK HER.MAN, cigars, tobacco and snuff, 233

Kearny, dwl 30 Moss
Heuer Ernest, clerk with John Krohn, dwl cor

Giove and Gough
Heuer George C. W., (George C. W. Heuer & Co.)

dwl 43 Everett
HEUER GEORGE C. W. & Q.O., (Augus^t J ant-
sen) Young America Saloon, SE cor Howard

and Stenart
Heuer Heinrick, mariner, dwl 134 Stenart
HEUER PHILIP, groceries and liquors, 713 Lom-
Heuer W. H., Lieut. Engineers U. S. A., office 509

Kearny, dwl 523 Keai'ny ,
Heultman John P., clerk, dwl 224 Second
Heusch Charles, varnisher with Jacob Zech, dwl

W 8 Nevada bet Harrison and Folsom
Heusch Constantin, mining engineer, dwl 5 Kearny
Heusniann Henry, cooper California Sugar Refinery,

dwl SW cor Dora and Folsom
Heusiis Charles W., carpenter, dwl 347 Minna
Heusiis Edward, laborer, dwl S 8 Alta bet Sansom

and Montgomery
Heustis.— See Eustus
Heuston Frederick G., clothing, dwl 15 Hampton

Heuston. — See Hewstou
HEVEKIN MICHAEL, proprietor Pioneer Steam

Marble Works. 422-424 Jackson, and stone yard

foot of Third, dwl 1817 Stockton
Hewelke William, ( William Ed. Nenkaus) dwl

407 Pacific
Hewer C, phyfiician, dwl SW cor Broadway and

Hewes Cliarlee W. Jr., bookkeeper with Hewes &

Richards, res Oakland
Hewes Daniel, superintendent Steam Paddy, dwl 254

Hewes David, Steam Paddy Co., (and Hewes &

Richards) res Oakland
Hewes Frank W., salesman with Hewes <t Richards,

res Oakland
Hewes Samuel, dwl 424 Sansom
HEWES & RICHARDS, {David Hewes d: Geo.

C. Richards) wholesale ana retail grocers, 535

and 537 Clay
Hewes. — See Hughes
Hewett George, conductor, dwl 319 Bush
Hewett J. B., carpenter H. C. League, 128 Kearny
Hewitt Agnes, (widow) dwl .318 Fifth
Hewitt Amos L., master mariner, dwl 122 Perry
Hewitt Charles H., captain North Pac. Trans. Co.'s

S. S. Pelican, dwl NW cor Sacramento and

Hewitt Henry P., clerk, 18 First
Hewitt Joseph M., clerk with P. A. Kearney, dwl

SW cor Folsom and Fremont

Hewley James, laborer C. P. R. R., dwl cor Third

and King
Hewlett J., carpenter H. C. League, 128 Kearny
Hewson Robert, local agent California Mutual Life

Ins. Co., res Alameda
Hewstin Nelson A., (colored) whitener, 255 Third
Hewston George, physician and surgeon, office and

dwl 6.i2 Folsom
HEWSTON JOHN Jr., chemist, and superintend-
ent S. F. Assaying and Refining Works, dwl
1011 Pine
Hewston. — See Heuston

Hextell Thomas, gardener, dwl 101 Mont Block
Hey John, porter, 309 Front, dwl 164 Tehama
Hey William, barkeeper with C. HoUmaun, dwl

■ 318 Brannan
Hey. — See Hay

Heyberger John, seaman, dwl 733 Howard
Heyden Thomas, fireman California Mills, dwl E s

" Main bet Howard and Mission
Heydenfeldt Anna Mrs., adjuster U. S. B. Mint, dwl

1107 Stockton
Heydenfeldt Sol. Jr., f Morgan & H.) attorney at

law, office 414 California, dwl 219 Geary
Heydenfeldt Solomon, attorney at law, SW cor

California and Sansom, dwf 1110 Powell
Heye Henry, laborer, dwl 2 Cadel Alley
Heye Henry, watchman, 1023 Keamy
Heyer Albert, groceries and liquors, SW cor Third

and Bryant, dwl 501 Bryant
Heyer Bernard H., baker with John H. Parker, dwl

■ 245 Third

Heyes Richard, fW. & R. Heyes) dwl 549 Tehama
Heyes W. & R., chronometer makers, springers

and adjusters, 122 Leidesdorff
Heyes Wilfred, (^ 17. & R. Heyes) dwl 549 Tehama
Heyfron Joseph, wood and coal yard, 312 Sixth
Heyfron Matthew, wood and coal, 716 Folsom, dwl

28 Perry
Hevfron Michael, clerk with Matthew Heyfron, dwl

"28 Perry
Heyfron Patrick, driver with Matthew Heyfron,

dwl 28 Perry
Heyfron Peter, clerk with Matthew Heyfron, dwl 28

Heyl George, butcher, dwl 17 Louisa
Heyman Benjamin, blacksmith, dwl 827 Vallejo, rear
Heyman E., tailor, dwl 520 Green
Heyman Henry, pawnbroker, 741 Washington
Heyman Hermann, pawnbroker, dwl 8 Pratt Court
Heyman William, pawnbroker, 16 Kearny, dwl 20

Heyn W^illiam, clerk with Carlos F. Glein, dwl 638

Heyne Albert, carrier S. F. Chronicle, dwl 7 St.

Charles Place
Heynemann 'S.&xva-A.wa,(Heynemann &, Co.) dwl S s

Francisco bet Kearny and Dupont
Heynemann Leonard D., (Heynemaim & Co.) res

Manchester, Enu;|and
Heynemann M. D., local agent Mutual Life Insu-
rance Co. N. Y., dwl ■i2 Minna
HEYNEMANN & CO., (Leonard D. Heynemann,

Hermami Heynemann and F. P. Salomons)

importers and jobbers dry troods, carpets, uphol-
stery, etc., and agents Oakland Cotton Mills, 5

Hey wood Charles W., dairyman, dwl 18 Mary
Heywood Frank, (Heywood & Harmon) dwl 1616

Heywood Louise, (colored) (widow) dwl 8 Prospect

Hey wood P. P., (Heywood & Flint) res Oakland
Heywood Silaa J., (Heywood Sf Hendley) 308

Heywood William B.,(Heytcood & Harmon) d.yi\

1616 Clay
Heywood Zimri 'B., [Heywood 4" Harmon) dwl 1703


JONES, FULIiMAN & CO., 116 Sansom Street, Combs and Brushes.

KBDINGTOW, HOSTETTER & CO., Importers of Foreign acd Domestic Drugs,



HEYWOOD & FLINT, fP. P. Heyirood and
AngHstns P. FlinlJ niiiniiijers Hartford Fire
Insurance Co.. office 313 California
HEYWOOD & HARMOX, ( Zimri B., Frank
and William B. Hirytrood and Samuel H.
Hnrmon) lumber, pier 4 Steuart
HEYWOOD & HENDLEY, (Snas. J. Heyn-ood
and Aaron C. Heud/ey) commission butter,
cheese, lard and hams, H'M Clay
Heywoad.— See Haywood
Hih Yuen, (Chinese) tinsmith, 921 Dupont
Hibbard Hiram, honseniover, dwl 644 Mission
Hibberd Phineas S., (Hibberd, tSanburn & Co.)

dwl 613 Pine
HIBBERD, SANBORN & CO., f Phineas S. Hib-
berd, Albion I. Sanborn and William A.
Byrnes) stairbuilders, Berry bet Third and
Hibbert B. S., -workman Beale St. Planing Mill, dwl

.533 Fourth
Hibernia Brewery, Matthew Nunan proprietor, S s

Howard nr Ninth
Hibernia Hall, (formerly McCue's Hall) 246 Third
Hibernia House, .509 Davis

Wjies D. Sweeney President, Edward Martin
Secretary and Treasurer, NE cor Montgomery
ani Maiket
BUILDING, NE cor Montgomery and Market
Hichborn Albert ('.,dwl 1516 Mission
Hickei Henry, collector, dwl 941.' Harrison
Hicken Louis, (Loins Neuman & Co.) dwl 28

Hickey Charles C, stonecutter, dwl 242 Perry
Hickey James, carpenter, dwl Caroline Place
Hickey James, laboi-er, dwl California A%'enue

opp. Columbia, Bernal Heights
Hickey James, laborer, dwl SE cor Battery and

Hickey James, laborer, dwl Fort Point
Hickey James, laborer S. V. Wiiter Co.
Hickey James E., compositor with Suiyth & Shoaff,

dwl 815 Stockton
Hickey Jerome O., cigars and tobacco, dwl 822

Hickey John, conductor Central Railroad
Hickey John, fireman P. M. S. S. Sacramento
Hickey John, laborer, dwl 37 Natoma
Hickey John, laborer, dwl 535 First
Hickey John, laborer, dwl S s DeBoom nr First
Hickey John, laborer Pacific Iron Works, dwl 230

Hickey John J., mariner, dwl 255 Tehama
Hickey Matthew, blacksmith Fulton Foundry, dwl

50 Natoma
Hickey Tiiomas, laborer, dwl 227 Sutter
Hickey Thomas, laborer. City Railroad
Hickey Thomas, laborer with Frank Bernard, dwl

840 Market
Hickev Thomas, laborer Market St. Wharf, dwl

242 Perry
Hickey W., carpenter H. C. League, 128 Kearny
Hickey William, upholsterer, dwl 734 Harrison
Hickey William F., stonecutter, dwl 733 Brannan
Hicklin Augustus W, waiter Metropolitan restau-
rant, dwl 902 Folsom
Hicklin Thomas B., housemover, dwl 902 Folsom
Hickman Frank, shoemaker, dwl 334 Vallejo
Hickman Joseph B., cook, 112 Kearny, dwl 229

Hickox Albert A., clerk with John Taylor & Co.,

dwl 2225 Howard
Hickox D. Weslev, cutter U. S. B. Mint, dwl E a

Howard bet feighteenth and Nineteenth
Hickox George C, (Hickox & Spear) dwl 1620

Hickox Seth H., clerk with Olmsted & Cone, dwl
1810 Sacramento

HICKOX & SPEAR, ((George C. Hicknx and
John I. Spear, Jr.) bankers, 5U0 Montgomery
cor Sacramento

HICKS D. & CO., (Henry Keller) bookbinders,
543 Clav

Hicks Daniel, (D. Hicks & Co.) dwl 415 Union

Hicks James L., machinist and sewing macliines,
47 Second, dwl 240 Jessie

Hicks John, cook North Pac. Trans. Co's SS Idaho

Hicks John J., engineer stm McPherson, dwl 2116

Hicks John R., photographer with Charles L. Cra-
mer, dwl 13 Perry

Hici;s Mary, (widow) dwl 4 Haywood

Hicks Reulien R., carpenter, dwl 548 Howard

Hicks Richard M., drygoods, 104 Second, dwl 546

Hicks William, miner, dwl 224 Ritch

Hicks William B., blacksmith with Milo P. Hol-
mes, dwl 216 Tyler

Hicks William B., cairiagemaker, dwl .554 Bryant

Hickson Henry, wharfinger. Clay St. Wharf, dwl
564>i Howard

Hidden Albert, mariner, dwl 32 Steuart

Hidden Gravel Mining Co., (Grass Valley) office 28
Merchants Exchange

Hidden John, carpenter H. C. League. 128 Kearny

Hidden Treasure (Cons.) Mining Co., /'White Pine)
office room 10 Express Building

Hidden Treasure (Oiiginal) Mining Co., (White
Pine) office 419 California

Hiends John H., boatman, dwl S s Howard bet
Spear and Steuart

Hiester Amos C, (Hiester 4" Brown) dwl 659

HIESTER &. BROWN, (Amos C. Hiester and
John F. Broirnj yih printers. 420 Jlontgomery

Hiffner Adam, tanner with Funcke & Wasserniann,
dwl N 8 Brannan bet Eighth and Ninth

Higbee John, captain U S. Marine Corps, dwl NE
cor Bush and Stockton

Higbee Liman P., attorney and counsellor at law,
dwl 313 .Jessie

Higby William, attorney at law, office 622 Clay,
res Oakland

Higel Alois, molder with Clerc & Co., and proprie-
tor Mission St. House. 520 Mission

Higel Nicholas, molder with Clerc & Co., dwl cor
Sanchez and Hancock

Higgins Augustus, doormaker with B. & J. S. Doe,
dwl 1007 Folsom

Higgins Edward, carpenter, dwl Fourteenth Av bet
N and P, South S. F.

Higgins Elisha, (Higgins & Collins) dwl 604 Fil-

Higgins Ellen, (widow) dwl 1315 Powell

Higgins Henry, housepainter, dwl 607 Stockton

Higgins Isaac N., editor Morning Call, dwl 503

Higgins James S., master mariner, dwl 512 Green-

Higj'ins Joannah, (widow) ladies' nurse, dwl 152

Higgins John, blacksmith, 670 Mission, dwl 10 Moss

Higgins John, boilermaker Portland Boiler Works,
dwl 12 Boarduian Place

Higgins John, laborer S. V. W. Co., dwl 66 Jessie

HIGGINS JOHN, proprietor Western Hotel, 214

Higgms John, seaman, dwl 361 Minna

Higgins John F., groceries and liquox's, SE cor Se-
cond and Tehama, dwl 219 Second

Higgins Lizzie Jliss, milliner with Jlrs. and Miss
Bavreuther, dwl 627 Howard

Higgins Mark, laborer, dwl 309 Fifth

Higgins Mark W., (His:gins <& McManus) dwl
SE cor Howard and Sumner

Higgins Michael, cook North Pac. Trans. Co's S.S.
Moses Tavlor

PEOPLES HTSURAITCE COMPANY, Casli Assets Half a Million DoUars.

C. p. VAN SCHAACK & CO., 708, 712, 714 and 716 Kearny Street, Boots and Shoes.



Higgins Michael, exprespman. dwl E 8 Leaven-
Worth bet Broadwaj' and Vullejo
Higgins Michael, real estate, dwlNW cor Cheet-

unt and Franklin
Higgins Michael G., harkeeper with Robert B. But-
ler, dwl 511 Mission
Higgins Neil, laborer, dwl 312 First
Higgins Nora, (widow) dwl 1007 Folsom
Higgins Patrick, grainer, dwl 244 Minna
Higgins Patrick F., cooper with John F. Roach,

dwl E s Eighth bet Bryant and Brannan
Higgins Robert, bricklayer, dwl 442J Clementina
Higirins Samuel C, machinist Risdon Irou Works,

"dwl 1051 Howard
Higgins Sarah, (widow) dwl 606 Howard
Higuins Solomon, teamster, SW cor Market and

Spear, dwl 1051 Howard
Higgins Thomas, anuealer Carson City Mint, dwl

'3M Union
Higi,'iu8 Uriah, artesian well borer, office 205 San-

Higgins Walter B., sewing machines, 242 Third,

dwl 651 Stevenson
Higgins Warren D., driver with Warren &. Co.,

dwl 277 Minna
Higgins William, clerk with John Higgme, 214

Higgins William, laborer S. F. Gas Co., dwl W s

Salmon nr Patilic
Higgins William, lougshoi'eman, dwl NE cor Fil-
bert and Powell
HIGGIXS WILIAM L.. recorder City and County,

office SE cor Kearny and Washington, dwl

1520 Mission
Higgins William T., dwl 109 Montgomery
Hiytfins Williams, rigger, dwl 4 Libertv
HIGGINS & COLLINS, (Elisha H'iggins and

George H. Collins J wholesale wood and lumber,

1 Market
Higgins & McManus, (Mark W. Higgins and Ter-

reuce D. McManusJ plumbers and gastitters,

702 Howard
Higgs Henry W., printer, dwl 6 John
Higgs Tiiomas, dwl 6 John
High Frank, laborer with J. B. Kemp, dwl cor

Kentucky and South
Higham Elijah, sewing machines, 143 Fourth, dwl

29 5 Rausch

Highland , blacksmith, dwl 2-36 Sutter

Highton Edward, bookkeeper and correspondent

with Piatt &. Newton, dwl 411 Ellis
Hightun Edward R., real estate, office 528 Califor-
nia, res San Rafael
HIGHTON HENRY E., attorney at law, office

52^^ California, res San Rafael
Higinbothem David, tinsmith with M. C. Brydges,

dwl 122 Leidesdortf
Hiland John, clerk with John Reagan.dwl 29 Second
Hilberer Philip, (Hcider df H.J dwl NVV cor Fell

and Gough
Hilberseiraer Peter, woodturner with Kragea &.

Geishaker, dwl 511 Mason
Hilbert J., carpenter H. C. League, 128 Kearny
Hilborn Ralph, di'aynian, 333 Pine, dwl 54 Minna,

Hild Charles, hairdresser with Joseph C. Chamber-
lain, dwl 317 Bush
Hildebrand Alexander, bookkeeper with M. Gray,

dwl S 8 Tehama bet Eighth and Ninth
Hildebrand August, clerk with August Bopp, dwl

1717 Stockton
Hildebrand Conrad, livery and boarding stable,

1207 Mason
Hildebrand George, dwl 7 Tyson Place
Hildebrand Frederick, laborer Albany Brewery,

dwl 73 Everett
Hildebrand George, varnisher with Goodwin & Co.,

dwl 84! Vallejo
Hildebrand George W., private school, 753 Mission

Hildebrand J. & Co., f^ Jacob SchimpfJ wine and

liquor saloon, lll3Dnpont
Hildebrand Jacob, (J. Hildebrand & Co.), dwl

1113 Dupont
Hildebrand Lizzie, bakery and confectionery, N s

Sixteenth nr First Avenue
Hildebrandt Carsten, groceries and liquors, NE cor

Union and Montgomery
Hildebrandt Carsten, {Hildebrandt & Knop) SE

cor Montgomery and Broadway
Hildebrandt Henry, barkeeper with Osmer &. Co.,

NEcor Folsom and Steuart
HILDEBRANDT HENRY, groceries and liquors,

NW cor Suiter and Clara Lane, dwl 208 Sutter
Hildebrandt John C, clerk, dwl 930 MontKomery
Hildebrandt Philip, expresswagon, cor Stockton

and Vallejo. dwl 638 Pacific
Hihiebrandt William, market, dwl 3 Clara Lane
Hildebrandt &. Knop, (Carsten Hildebrandt and

Elfert Knop) groceries and liquors, SE cor

Broadway and Montgomery
Hildebrandt.— See Hillebrandt
Hililreth Richard, barkeeper, dwl 21 Garden
Hildreth Thomas, (Dunphy & H.J res San Jose
Hildt William, brewer with Charles Metzler, dwl

713 Greenwich
Hiltord William, helper Phoenix Iron Works, dwl

Anthony nr Mission
Hilgeiloh Henry, Bay Brewery Depot, 4 Front.

dwl 247 Clementina
Hill A. A. Mies, principal Shotwell St. Primary

School, dwl Fillmore bet Hayes and Fell
Hill A. F., rJ. M. Foard & Co. J dwl 441 Natoma
Hill Annie Mrs., furnished rooms, 110 Geary
Hill Arthur B., grain buyer Golden Gate Mill, dwl

W s Turk bet Scott and Devisadero
Hill Arthur P., cigars and tobacco, 312 Kearny,

dwl 445 Bush
Hill Benjamin, foreman, dwl 30 O'Farrell
Hill Charles, brakesman Southern Pacific R. R.
Hill Charles, laboi'er with Lewis Costar, dwl N s

Post bet Franklin and Gougli
Hill Charles, painter, dwl cor Chattanooga and

Twenty fourth
Hill Charles, woodturner, dwl 864 Folsom
Hill David, tanner with Wolf Bloom, dwl cor Six-
teenth and Folsom
Hill Edwin P., porter London and S. P. Bank, dwl

503 Hvde
Hill Elizabeth, (widow) dwl 213 Tehama
Hill Ephraim P., printer, dwl 710 Ellis
Hill Frank, carriage blacksmith, dwl 209 Minna
Hill Frank, steward North Pac. Trans. Go's S. S.

Hill Frank, upholsterer with A. Bersou & Son, dwl

634 Sacramento
Hill Fred. A., note teller London and S. P. Bank,

dwl 810 Leavenworth
Hill George A., miller, dwl 525 Howard
Hill George A., stockbroker and secretary Tallulah

Mining Co., 19 New Mont, dwl 1201 Sacramento
Hill Henry, clerk, dwl 1517 Dupont
Hill Henry, laborer, dwl 520 Mission
Hill Horace L., stockbroker, office 411^ California,

dwl Union Club
Hill Howard, waiter with Frank Johnson, dwl Coso

Hill J., laborer with Haucock& Kelso
Hill James F., machinist, dwl 251 BInxome
Hill James M. M., polisher and varnisher, dwl N s

Natoma nr Eleventh
Hill James S., machinist with Phelps Brotbere, dwl

Shotwell nr Twentv-sixth
Hill J. Ellis, dwl 509 Bush
Hill John, porter, 304 California
Hill John, real estate agent, office 302 Montgomery,

dwl 107 Fifth
Hill John, stonec\itter, dwl 213 Tehama
Hill John,waiter North Pac. Trans. Go's S.S.Orizaba

JONES, PULLMAN & CO.. 116 Sansom Street, Yankee Notions.

BEDINUTON, HOSTETTER & CO., Sole Agents for sale of Quicksilver.



Hill John n., carpenter, dwl 415 Pine

Hill John T., clerk with John S. Manson, dwl 720

Hill Joseph, extraman Hose Co. No. 4, S. F. F. D.,

dwl hose house E s Stockton nr Greenwich
Hill Joseph C. A., (Hill Sf- Eastman Mvfl 607 Sutter
Hill Liigiand H., carpenter with Miller & Haley,

dwl 55 Silver
Hill Margaret P., (widow) dwl 1038 Howard
Hill Mary E., (widow) dwl 1819 Stockton
Hill Nicholas, cook, dwl NW cor Spring and Sum-
Hill Richmond, porter with J. W. Tucker & Co.,

dwl 5 Vallejo Place
Hill Richmond Mrs., dressmaker, 5 Vallejo Place
Hill Robert, bakery, S s Twenty-fourth nr Alabama
Hill R. T., poll-taxcollector, dwl 810 Howard ~
HILL SAMUEL, general agent Florence sewing

machine, 19 New Montgomery, dwl 905 Bush
Hill Samuel, storekeeper Lick House Saloon, dwl

1121 Sacramento
Hill Sarah, (widow) dwl 1052^ Howard
Hill Sarah Mrs., seamstress, dwl 209 Minna
Hill Sumner, purser P. M. S. S. Great Republic, dwl

334 Fremont
Hill Terence, dwl 1320 Sansom
Hill William, carrier Commercial Record, dwl '1517

Hill William, clerk, dwl 210 Pacific
Hill William, clerk Custom House, dwl 505 Sutter
Hill William B., carpenter, dwl Adams House
Hill William H., carpenter with A. C. Beach & Co.,

dwl Qiiincy House
Hill William "H., proprietor Golden City Straw

Works, 131 Second
Hill William P., produce dealer, dwl Branch House
HILL & EASTMAN, fj. G. A. Hill atid S. T.
Enatmnn) agents Abbot, Downing & Go's car-
riages, 411-415 Battery
Hillard Benjamin F., assistant secretary S. F. Stock
and Exchange Board, dwl E s Fair Oaks nr
Hillard John, carpenter H. C. Leagiie, 128 Kearny
Hilleljrand Henry, groceries and liquors, NE cor

Fourth and Welsh
Hillebrandt Fabiau, agent Albany Brewery, dwl 37

Hillebrandt John, groceries and liquors, SW cor

Sixteenth and Folsom
Hillebrandt.— See Hildebrand
Hillen Diedrich, (Blohm & H.J dwl NW cor Pine

and Larkin
HILLER DIEDRICH & CO.,^JbA,ra.ff. J/o/A; gro-
ceries and liquors, SW cor Pacific and Mont-
Hiller Richard M., blacksmith with M. W. Allen

& Co., dwl 549 Bryant
Hillery William H. Rev., (colored) pastor Zion
Church, dwl S s Greenwich bet Larkin and
Hillgen Henry, groceries and liqaors, SW cor Mis-
sion and Eighth
Hilliard B., laborer P. M. S. S. Montana
Hilliard John W., carpenter Industrial School, Old

Ocean House Road, 5 miles from City Hall
Hilling Henry, paperhanger, dwl 239 Stevenson
Hillirt Frederick, (Portois<t H.J dwl 19 Silver
Hillis George, waiter Cosmopolitan Hotel
Hillman Edward, stevedore, dwl N s Greenwich nr

Hillman Gustavus, upholsterer with Mitchell & Bell,

dwl Golden Gate Hotel
Hillman Henry, wagon, SW cor Mission and Spear
Hillman Isaac, razorstrops and medicine, 151 Ship-
Hillman James, porter with A. Lusk & Co., dwl

cor Jackson and Drumm
Hillman James, ( W. T. Garatt & Go. dwl 1132

Hillman John, fireman, dwl 123 .Jackson

Hillman William, mariner, dwl SE cor Jackson

and Drumm
Hillman William, restaurant, 869 Folsom
Hills Frank N., pressman with M. D. Carr & Co.,

dwl 805 Hyde
Hills Frederick, baker with E. H. Engelberg, 41b

Hills Josiah. bricklayer, dwl 438 Union
Hills Ralph F., driver with N. Gray & Co., dwl 643

Hills Sandford M., carpenter, 842 Clay
Hillstrom Martin, cook, dwl junction Cal and Mkt
Hillyer M. C, broker, dwl Grand Hotel
Hilpert Leonard, f Hellwig & H.J dwl SE cor Du-
pont and Morton
Hilreith John, blacksmith, dwl 9 Welsh, rear
Hilsee Joseph, bricklayer Bricklayers' Association,

234 Sutter
Hilton Charles T., patternmaker, dwl 324 Jessie
Hilton George K. , foreman with Bacon &. Company,

dwl 625 Bush
Hilton Henry, f James Sf H J dwl 339 Jessie
Hilton John W., luniberraau with Swan, Dunbar &

Co., dwl 714 Geary
Hilton Samuel H., porter with Nathan R. Lowell,

dwl 649 Stevenson
Hilton Samuel M., messenger Wells, Fargo & Co.,

dwl 331 Montgomei-y
Hilton Stanford, carpenter, dwl W 8 Folsom bet

Twentieth and Twenty-first
Hilton Stephen Rev., {'Hilton & GkeeverJ res

HILTON & CHEEVER, (Stephen Hilton and

Silas G. GheeverJ editors and publishers Evan-
gel, office 414 Clay
Hilton. — See Hylton

Hilly Gottfried^ waiter German Hospital
Himan George, tailor with Herman Levi, dwl 204

HIMMELMANN ANDREW, real estate and

money broker, ottice 637 Washington, dwl 308

Himmelmann Jacob, real estate, dwl 23 Garden
Himrod Oliver, insurance attent, dwl 964 Mission
Hiuch Thomas, conductor City Railroad, dwl 1436

Hinchey Stephen P., painter, dwl 1061 Market
Hinchlitfe William, plumber, dwl 6 Malvina Place
Hiuchliffe William B., pressman with Bacon &

Company, dwl 6 Malvina Place
Hinchman Albert A., nightclerk 9. F. Postofiice,

dwl 1124 Pine
HINCHMAN AUGUSTUS F., attorney at law,

office 509 Kearnv, dwl 703 Bush
Hinchman C. H., dWl 1124 Pine
Hinchman Eugene A., conductor N. B. & M. R. R.,

dwl 829 Folsom
flinchy Lawrence, carpenter, dwl 840 Market
Hinck" Frederick, driver with VouRonn & Co., 43

Washington Market
Hinck Henry, fSiebe 4" 5!^ dwl SE cor Bryant

and Rincon Place
Hinck John H., CHinck & McGonnellJ dwl 1608

Hinck & McConnell, (John H. Hinck and James

S. McGonnellJ liquor saloon, 616 Kearny
Hinckel Henry, carpenter, dwl 431 Tehama
Hiuckle .John'B., agent Charles McLaughlin, office

734 Montgomery, res Petaluma
Hinckley Charles D., bedspring manufacturer, 37

Hinckley Charles E., chemist and apothecary, 30

Post, dwl 769>a Mission
Hinckley Daniel B., /Hinckley & Co. J res Fruit

Vale, Alameda county
Hinckley Ezra, bedspring manufacturer and furn-
ished rooms, 37 Second
Hinckley Frank, real estate agent, dwl 18 John

The directory of the " PEOPLES" is composed of the best business men of California.

C. P VAN SCHAACK & CO., 708, 712, 714 and 716 Kearny Street, Hats and Caps.



Hinckley George E., physician and surgeon, office

105 Montgomery, dwl 121*2 Turk
Hinckley George W., actor, dwl 708 Montgomery
Hinckley Isaiali, clerk with Heywood &. Hendley,

dwl 308 Leavenworth
Hinckley James, expresswagon, NW cor Clay and

Dupoiit, dwl 25 Dora
Hinckley Mark P., laborer, dwl Girard nr Railroad

Hinckley N. N., shipjoiner, dwl 9 Bagley Place
Hinckley Sallie A. Miss, actress, dwl 120 Mont-
gomery Block
Hincklev Walter C, engineer steamer No. 3, S. F.

F. D.,dwl 1227 Pacific
Hincklev William C, dwl 831 Bush
HINCKLEY & CO., {Daniel B.Hinckley, Leon C.

MarskiUz, James Brands and Daniel E.

Rnyes) proprietors Fulton Foundry, NE cor

Fremont and Tehama
Hinckley. — See Hinkley
Hinders Henry, boot and shoe dealer, dwl 315

Hinds Ambrose, shipping clerk, dwl 1216 Jackson
Hinds John F., captain bark Caroline Kead, dwl S s

Twenty second bet t'olsoni and Sliotwell
Hinds Sumner B., commission merchant, office 310

Battery, dwl 403 Lombard
Hinds William H., shipjoiner Shipjoiners' Ass'n,

713 Mission
Hine Nelson Mrs., dwl 321 Tehama
Hiner Isaiah D., (colored) dwl 914 Pacific
Hines Bridget, (widow) dwl 115 Shipley
Hines Charles, drayman with M. L. Decker, dwl

722 Clementina
Hines Ellen, (widow) dwl 368 Minna
Hines James, bootmaker with Mason & Taylor, dwl

31 Lafayette
Hines John^ laborer, dwl Guerrero nr Ridley
Hines John, mariner, dwl S s Jackson bet Davis

and Drunim

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