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The New Road To Opulence


A helpful little pamphlet which
every business man and woman
should have upon their desks. It
is a desirable teaching for others to
have also.— N. Y. Times.




San Francisco - California



By Henry Harrison Brown

The Lord's Prayer: A Vision of Today
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Concentration — The Road to Success
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Success: How Won through Affirmation
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The Master's Touch

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Self-Healing Through Suggestion
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How to Control Fate Through Suggestion
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Not Hypnotism, But Suggestion
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Man's Greatest Discovery
60 pp. Paper, 25c.

Dollars Want Me — The New Road to
Opulence. 64 pp. 25c.

Healings Words of Jesus

Six Tracts upon Sex
10c each.



piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiimiiiiniuiiiiniiiiiinii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiininiiiiiiiiiius

Bom in Massachusetts in I 840. Served in
U. S. Volunteers during Civil War from
August, 1 862, until October, 1865. Taught
school; worked upon newspapers; lectured
in various fields for 1 7 years; was 7 years
a Unitarian minister. I entered my present
work of mental healing and teaching in 1 893.
Editor and publisher of NOW since January,
1900. I have thus gained by experience
that which I teach in my books. I consider
none of them of more immediate practical
value than this little book. Grateful for the
generous reception of former editions, I now
send forth this revised and enlarged edition,
trusting it will also win me as many friends
as the former has done.


//;// tie Honp/iment* of tie Sdutier.

Dollars Want Me

The New Road to Opulence

A Soul Culture Lesson

New and Enlarged Edition



Author of "How to Control Fate Through Suggestion."

"Not Hypnotism, but Suggestion." "Man's Greatest

Discovery." "Lord's Prayer." "Master's Touch."

and Editor of NOW.

Thou hoard'st in vain what Love should spend.

— Whittier.

That man is poor who thinks himself poor.


Thirtieth Thousand


589 Haight Street San Francisco. Cal.

Copyrighted, 1903

Copyrighted, 1917



To All

Who Would Be Free from the

Grind oe Labor


The editor of a delightful San Francisco
magazine called "NOW" has written a
treatise on financial success, telling peo-
ple to assert "Dollars want me!" every
day, and to live in the thought that shin-
ing ore and rustling greenbacks are hur-
rying to find them.

Any other desired object or aim may be
treated in the same mental manner,
while we also use practical methods to
attain it.

All the opulence of God belongs to his
children. All happiness, peace, health
and usefulness belongs to us.
God made no such thing as ill hick. Alan
made it by false conditions, false ideals,
false thoughts and false deeds.
— Ella Wheeler Wilcox, in S. F. Ex-


''This new Law of Henry Harrison
Brown's has given me new strength and
power such as few could easily realize."
— O Hashnu Hara, Editor of Wings
of Truth, London, Eng.

"I believe the idea that money wants
you will help you to the right mental
condition. Be a pot of honey and let it
come." — Elizabeth Towxe, Editor of

Man's the elm, and Wealth the vine.
Stanch and strong the tendrils twine.
Though the frail ringlets thee deceive,
None from its stock that vine can reave.

The laws of this world are written out
for him on every piece of money in his
hand. . . .

Money which represents the
prose of life, is, in its effects and laws,
as beautiful as roses.

Not an instant would a. dime
remain a dime. In one it had become
an eagle and in another a copper cent.
For the whole value of the dime is in
knowing- what to do with it. . . .

Monev is of no value. It
cannot spend itself. All depends on the
skill of the spender.

He needs no money for he
is value.

— Emerson.


To the Reader.

This essay upon the Dollar appeared in
NOW as one of a series of twelve les-
sons entitled, "Success and how I won it
through Affirmation." It attraeted much
attention and drew out from its readers
many letters. This appreciation has de-
cided "NOW Folk to reprint it in form
for a wider circulation.
This well conserve^ the purpose for
which it was written. I wish to awak-
en my fellows to a sense of their present
possessions and help them to a realiza-
tion of the Principle which controls Life's
expression so that, living- being to them
"a fine art." they will cease to look for
happiness in some far-off heaven, but
will enter into the enjoyment of the one
they create here and noioverty by right thinking and all at-
tendant evils will disappear. This right



thinking means that there shall be on
the part of the individual a change of
attitude toward the Dollar.

Mental The prevalent attitude is want
Attitude f or the Dollar, belief that Dol-
lars are power. This must be outgrown
and the attitude must be that ALL
POWER IS IN MAN. Dollars are
machines with power delegated to them
by man. They are useless without man.
Dollars want me! is to be the thought
of the "Coming man.'' A few so think-
now and have obtained mastery of Sup-

Demand It is a .legitimate demand

and Supply on the part of each individ-
ual that he have enough.
To supply human needs is the function
of the universe. All is for man. The
sun shines for him ; the waters run for
him ; the flowers bloom for him ; the
grain ripens for him; and the earth
teems with beauty for him. All would
be //.sr-less, would be [>urposc-\ess, but
for him. When he ceases to be, there is


no use for the universe or anything in

it. Without Man these are virtually
non-existent. Man alone gives a mean-
ing, a use. a value, a purpose to the

There is enough m the Universal One
from which all things materialize, for
each one to have enough to meet all de-
sires without robbing any. Infinite Sup-
ply is all about us and yet there is want.
Whose the fault? Not of The One. It
is in ourselves. We have not known
how to claim, nor have we claimed our

Law of The Jaw is simple and it is
Supply i a i ( i down by the greatest po-
litical economist as well as the greatest
Mental Scientist the world has in its
historic records. He was not a theo-
logian, neither did he deal with ques-
tions of a future life, as many seem to
think ; he was a sociologist and a social-
ist. He dealt with questions of ''the life
that now is." His name was Jesus. He
gave the Law thus: "Seek first the
Kingdom of God and his righteousness.
and all things shall be added unto you."


Study Analyze the Law thus: —
the Law "Kingdom of God?" Where?
"Within you." ''God is Spirit," he said.
"The Kingdom of God'" is then in the
Soul. It is the Ego or Soul of man.
Know thyself as Soul ; know thyself as
Spirit — this is the Law. Live rightly, is
the meaning of "his righteousness." Live
in accord with vour sense of rigdit : obey
your own conscience. Then all things
shall be yours. Things of whatever
kind, of all kinds, are manifestations of
the One Substance. Things are, like
yourself, manifestations of the One
God. Dollars are things. Dollars are
manifestations of the One God.

The Law Plain directions, these : Live
is Simple true to self; live spiritually;
give the first place in your thought to
the eternal, from which things come and
then all things will come to you at need.
"First?" Yes! Not things first, but
that mental condition which controls
things. Not Dollars first, but that men-
tal attitude which attracts Dollars.


I Trust That mental condition is Faith
Myself i n Self as a manifestation of
Omnipotence, Faith in Self as a mani-
festation of the All-Good, Faith in the
Universe as Justice, Faith in the Uni-
versal One as entirely Good, Faith in
the Life yon are, to draw its necessary
Supply of things demanded for its high-
est expression. Then let things come.
This is all, but it is — God. This is the
"strait gate." Few there be that en-
ter in, but all may.

Things are Few place things "second."
Second Dollars, position, influence,

show, — these, in common thought, come
"first." But these are results of Power.
First become one w r ith the Power, be-
come the Power, and these desired
things will come. The ordinary process
of business, the customary method of
thinking, is to be reversed. Think from
inward Power, think from Being.

Be You will then be the Master and

Master things will take their right place.
Become "one with God" by recognizing


Him as King- in your Soul. Listen to
Him in the edicts of your Soul. Say, as
you thus become negative to the Higher
in you, ''Now, God, do your work your
way! and it will be done satisfactorily
to me." No one can fail when he as-
sumes this attitude of Love and Trust.
It would be an impotent God, and there-
fore no-God, that did not work when
these conditions are made.

Poverty: Poverty is a mental condi-
How Cured tion. It can be cured only
by the Affirmation of Power to cure : —
/ am part of the One and, in the One,
possess all. I possess all! Affirm this
and patiently wait for the manifestation.
You have sown the thought-seed, now,
like the rancher, wait for the sprouting
and the harvest It can never fail you
when, like him, you trust.

Cure of Repeat this Affirmation, no
Poverty matter what the appearances.
No matter if hungry, houseless and
alone, affirm : — God is my Supply. My
Supply is Infinite. Dollars want me!


Trust implicitly in the inviolable Law
of Cause and Effect. You are Cause ;
Supply is the Effect that must follow
your Affirmation.


In the past, you have sown poverty-
seeds, and are now reaping the crop.
You do not enjoy this harvest. Sow,
amid these results of previous sowing,
Plenty-seeds and Plenty will come. Sup-
ply is yours when you sow Supply-
seeds. Sow, no matter how seemingly
black the conditions. The seeds have
God-in-them and cannot fail.

Affirmations My SUPPLY IS INFINITE !

for Use For God is my Supply.

Supply can never fail ml. Make this
vour Affirmation and hold it. HOLD

Supply The J aw f Supply is as sure
is Sure as gravity. In this Affirmation,
All is Mine! Dollars want me I you have


repolarized your aura. You have
changed your vibrations and you will
draw, as the magnet draws the needle,
all you can use. Try it! Never let go
of your trust that Dollars, or that for
which they stand, will come. Thy King-
dom, O Soul, has come and thy will is
done for God and Soul are One.
"All is mine; 'tis but by asking:
Ere I make my silent plea
Life unlocks her richest treasures
For my waiting eyes to see."


You conquer fate by thought. If you think
the fatal thought of men and institutions, you
need never pull the trigger. The conse-
quences of thinking inevitably follow.

— Carlyle.

The Dollar Personal ideals, of necessity.
s,do must differ, yet, since money

represents objective power, its consid-
eration must enter as a factor into ev-
ery ideal of success. Money represents
Supply. It stands in our thought, for
food, clothing and shelter; for books,
pictures and companionship; for enjoy-
ment, unfoldment and expression.
Material Supply is a necessity of Life.
The Dollar is the concrete representa-
tive of this necessity. But the Dollar
also means opportunity for the realiza-
tion of high ideals.

The individual must be free and, un-
til the necessities of life are assured, he
is not free.

Personal Thus the Dollar stands for
Personal liberty finds its basis in pecu-
niary independence. Financial iride-



pendence and personal liberty bear very
largely the relation of cause and effect.
We can almost say that in the popular
mind the Dollar confers liberty. In
Soul Culture, a mental attitude of su-
periority to the Dollar results in per-
sonal liberty. There is no liberty to
him who feels himself limited by the
want of the Dollar.

Debt is one of the most tyrannical of
masters. Mackay well says : —

"The debtor is ever a shame faced dog
With his creditor's name on his collar."
There can be no liberty to him who feels
the slavery of debt.

Ideals of Into your ideal of Success,
Success therefore, there must be firmly
builded this ideal of pecuniary inde-

This independence does not lie in free-
dom from debt, neither does it lie in
large bank accounts nor the possession
of property. Monetary success and
personal liberty do not go hand m hand.
Indeed the average man of wealth is the
veriest slave, enslaved to the necessities
that his monetary possessions involve,
and a worse slave to his fears.


what is Success lies in the mental


That cannot be called success which re-
sults in ill health and unhappiness, un-
rest or fear. Eliminate these from your
ideal and you have, as a necessary con-
comitant of success, financial ease.

The New l n the old competitive
Thought thought men sought business
and wanted the dollar. Under the New
Thought, it is : "Seek first the kingdom
of God and its right living and all
things necessary to my happiness will
be added to me." The Soul has only to
exercise its drawing power. When the
conscious mind lets itself be led or
drawn, it will be drawn to what it de-
sires. Desire is the magnet. Let it
have its way. Trust in your own Love
of Truth and Love of Goodness and
never question. That you desire it, is
enough. That you desire it, is evidence
that it already exists for you on the
Soul-side. Be passive to the desire and


LET it manifest. This attitude is it-
self Success.

What to Think positively: Things

possessor. They will come to me at
NEED. Then LET them come. If they
do not readily come, hold no anxious
thought about them. Having accepted
Truth that all is mine and that all


manifest, — keep on working in an equa-
ble, confident frame of mind, and LET
them come. Anxiety, doubt, mistrust
show that you have not claimed them
as realities but have held them as
dreams or possibilities. Until you hold
them as realities, they cannot come.

The Right Change your attitude to-
Mental ward business. Do not seek
Attitude i t . See IT mentally al-
ready yours and LET it come. Attend
yourself to details as they come to the
surface. Consider business a Principle
that will run, as runs a mountain
stream, when you remove your con-
scious will from it. All votir concern is


to be ready to use this business stream
as the ranchman uses the water as it
comes to his ditch.

There is but one Power and that is the
Universal, the Infinite Power.

Business Business is a manifestation of
is Power the One Power. Use Power
as does the telegrapher: LET it come
and then direct it. The wisdom for the
day comes with the day. LET it come
by having faith in Self. Work each
moment as if what you desire were here
and it IS here.

Place of As to money, regard it also as
Money merely the power that keeps
business going. Welcome its coming
and rejoice at its going. It never does
its work until, like water in the stream,
it has passed under the wheel. The
hoarded Dollar does not work and is of
no real value to you. The Dollar you
spend is the only one you really have,
for by the experience of spending it
you gain a growth, an enlargement, that
is yours forever.


You are Money lias only delegated
Power Power. You direct its ex-
pression. Change your attitude toward
money. It is not "the almighty dollar."
Almighty Power uses the dollar. Say
to the dollar, "I do not need you. You
need me. You are of no use until my
brain and hand use you. You wish to
be used. You come to me that you may
be used. I do not need a dollar. Dol-
lars need me." Assume this mental at-
titude and see what a change it makes
for you. When you have changed your
aura, dollars will be drawn. You need
not think of their coming, for they will
come to you through the opportunities
which this new mental attitude will re-
veal to you. Think only of using them.

Mental Attitude Change your attitude
towards Dollars towards the dollars you
have. Tell them they are of no use un-
til they are expended. As you see them
lying about, say to them: — "Idle dol-
lars, go to work. Go out and circulate.
Each one of you go and pay a million
in wag'es and debts. When I need you,
come back again. You are useless and


have no value until you go to work."
Then LET them go to work, knowing
that, zvhen you send this thought with
thnn, they or their feliows will come
back to you to be set at work.

Spend the jJefore you spend a dollar,
Dollars the question comes. "Is it

right?" Whether you have a single dol-
lar, or whether behind the one you think
of spending are a million, makes no dif-
ference. If it is right to spend the dol-
lar in the proposed way, had you the
million, it is right thus to spend this, the
lone one. Therefore, when you feel it
is right to spend a dollar for any pur-
pose, spend it as royally as if you were
a millionaire. From the Inner Life, this
message was given to me years ago:
''Let a thought of use stand guard over
your purse and then spend freely."
Amend this by affirming: "A thought
of the righteousness of the spending
stands guard over my dollars and I send
them forth with blessing."


Thoughts do These dollars, like every
the Work thought of good you send


out, will return to bless. You do busi-
ness with thoughts only; dollars are but
materialized thoughts. Each dollar in
any man's hand represents his thought
in material form. Send out at all times
with your dollars the thoughts you wish
to return to you, for what you sow in
your dollars, you reap in dollars that
either do, or do not, come back to you.
Put the thought of Success, Happiness
and Health into every dollar that pass-
es out and it will return so laden.

Poles of Having acquired the proper
Thought mental attitude, there is some-
thing necessary for you to do to draw
the Dollar. Your magnet of desire must
have two poles. First, you must have
something- which the world needs and
is willing to pay for. In this respect
you must follow the law of supply and
demand. You must honestly feel that
you will give the Dollar's worth for ev-
ery Dollar that you desire. Secondly,
you must, in all sincerity, dedicate ev-
ery Dollar that comes to you to noble
service. You can then feel that Dollars
want you; that through them you can


eive what vou have of value to the
world. Feel that Dollars wish you to
use them for the accomplishment of
your purpose to use them justly. With
this ideal, you can conscientiously invite
Dollars and they will come. They need
your heart, brain and hand that they
may benefit the world.

What are Dollars are manifestations of
Dollars? the One Infinite Substance
as you are, but, unlike you, they are
not Self-Conscious. They have no pow-
er till you give them power. Make them
feel this through your thought-vibra-
tions as you feel the importance of your
work. They will then come to you to
be used. They will not come, nor can
you in this Thought draw them, to be
hoarded. Use, Helpfulness and Happi-
ness must be in your thought of Suc-
cess. This held firmly, perseveringly,
as your Affirmation, will turn the cur-
rent of Dollars your way.

What to Your thought should be: T
Think possess that which the world
wants. Dollars want me to use them


in scattering that which I have to bless.
Use these Affirmations persistently: —
Dollars Love me. Dollars Want
me. i am ready to use dollars and
they ereely come to me to be used.
Make no limit as to the amount. Claim
abundance. Claim all you can use
eor good, all that is needed to enable
you to be useful and happy. Abundant
Supply, be vour demand.


In all your Self-Culture, you are to re-
member that time is a necessary factor
in unfoldment. It is not a measure of
duration. This mistake of measuring
time by the figures on a dial, will never
do in this culture. Time is to be meas-
ured by growth. Some may grow more
while the hands count twenty-four hours
than others in ten times that. Take no
thought of time. You have all there is.
You are Spirit (or Mind, if you prefer
the word) and have all eternity.
Seeds require time to germinate, grow,
leaf, bud, bloom, blossom and fruit.
Each thought, each change in your ideal,
is a seed. It will follow nature's line
of evolution.

You will require time as you change
your attitude ! A period will be required
to change your vibrations so that the
Dollar will feel you and learn that it
wants you. This period will vary ac-
cording to your power of concentration
and your fidelity to your ideal as
couched in the Affirmation : Dollars
want me. The thought-field is first to



be cleared of the weeds of the old
thought-sowing and the seeds of the new
must germinate and bear fruit in the
garden of Supply.

Forget p av n0 attention to the old
the Past conditions. Keep at your Af-
firmation, knowing that it is the gate to
the reservoir and every irrigating ditch
will fill as soon as water can come down
from the reservoir to it.

i'\ Want!" The echo, "I want dollars,"
must become still before the real sound
of Dollars want vie can vibrate in your

Know, as the merchant knows that he
has that which the people want, that you
have that which Dollars want. In your
thought, in your hand, in your life, ad-
vertise your purpose to the Dollar. Tell
it that it wants all these ; that without
you, it has no power; that, without you,
it can do nothing. Tell it that all that
it wants, vou have ; that it will come to
you that it may accomplish its mission.
Then like a patient merchant, wait for
your customers. Dollars will soon flock,


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