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"This is a trust Providence has committed to our care ; and who so dead to sympathy and

affection, to kindred and country, that would not preserve the record of his

ancestors, the place of his birth, the home of his childhood,

and the sacred spot where repose the loved and

lost ones of earth ! "




' :

OF 18S8.

\ 870



This record is not presented as a complete genealogy. It
was prepared hastily, for a special purpose, from material gathered
and intended for use at some future time. It is, indeed, a mere
outline ; and it embraces but the first six generations in this
country. On account of lack of necessary information, some
branches are given only in part and others are altogether omitted.
However, in its imperfect state, it will serve to show the number,
the distribution, the connections, and the character, of the Markley
Freundschaft. It will also be a help in clearly establishing kin-
ship heretofore indistinct or unknown.

The birth-place of Jacob Markley, the worthy founder, has
not, as 3 T et, been ascertained. To discover this, every effort
should be made ; for with the knowledge of his origin the field
of investigation will be indefinitely enlarged, and revelations of
engrossing interest may with reason be expected.

The main object in issuing these pages is to stimulate the
Freundschaft to research; to induce those who are in possession
of particulars that will assist in extending and perfecting the
genealogy, and of facts that relate to the history of the family,
either in A merica or in Europe, to furnish them without delay.
It is hope 1 that all the descendants will feel an interest and a
inging to light the information required to make a full
presentation of the achievements of their ancestors and kindred.

NORRI8TOWN, September 9, 188U.
For the past sis yeai - s Henry S. Dotterer, of Philadelphia, has been collecting- the
information contained in -this book, and which is printed as he arranged it. Daniel B.
Markley, now deceased, gave him valuable assistance. The descendants of the old
Montgomery families owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Dotterer for his efforts to rescue the
lives of their ancestors from oblivion.

The Marklht Freundschaft.

Jacob 1 Mar^ley. Born, probably, in Europe;
married (first), February 13, 1722. Barbara, daughter of
George Philip and Veronica Dodderer, of Frederick
township; married (second), July 29, 1739, Barbara
Kausch. Barbara (Dodderer) Markley died July 24,
1738. Barbara (Kausch) Markley was born April 14,.
1714. Jacob Markley died August 29, 1784.

As early as the vear 1725 we find the name of Jacob
Marckley — so he wrote it — signed to a petition for a
road in the Skippack region.

July 17, 1728, Jacob Markley purchased of Jost
Heydt, 100 acres in Philadelphia county, and November
28, 1728, he bought of Nicholas Scull 132 acres in Beb-
ber's township. These tracts were located in the limits
of the present East Perkiomen township ; a portion of the
plantation is now owned by Jacob J. Markley, a great-
great-grandson. In 1734, Jacob Markle is reported as a
taxable of Perkiomen and Skippack township, owning
200 acres. In the census taken June 5, 1756, of " Parkio-
men & Skippaake " township, he is returned thus : Jacob
Marcly, housekeeper; occupation, farmer; 4 children
under 21 ; acres owned, 150 — 50 acres cleared, 15 acres
sowed with corn ; 1 horse ; 3 horned cattle.

Jacob Markley made a will dated June 10, 1779,
which was probated January 24, 1785. He named as
executors his sons Abraham Markley and Isaac Markley.

2 (5)

His signature to the will was witnessed by William Pan-
nebacer and Jacob Markley (cordwainer). He directs
his executors to divide the proceeds of his estate into
eleven parts, for the use of his children, as follows:
Abraham, Philip, Isaac, the five children of his daughter
Veronica, Christina, Elizabeth, Barbara, Rebecca, Han-
nah, Catharine, and Eleanor. On July 1, 1786, the ex-
ecutors of the estate of Jacob Markley, deceased, sold to
Jacob Markley (cordwainer), 152 acres of land, part of
the decedent's plantation.

Jacob Markley and family were connected with the
Providence (Trappe) Lutheran Church. In a list dated
the 27th of November, 1760, is the name of Jacob
Merckle, as a contributor of 10 shillings toward the sal-
ary of Rev. Mr. Muhlenberg, pastor of that congrega-

The place of Jacob Markley's burial has, after diligent
search and inquiry, not been ascertained.

Issue by First Wife, Barbara Dodderer.

1. Abraham, 2 born August 12, 1723; married, in September,

1745, Barbara Iekes.

2. Philip, 2 born August 27, 1725 ; married, December 16, 1746,

Mary Johnson.

3. , 2 (a daughter) born on New Year's Day, 1?27 ; died

soon after.

4. Isaac, 2 born May 24, 1729 ; married Sarah .

5. Veronica, 2 born April 1, 1732; married, April 30, 1751,

George Schwenck ; died October 2, 1777. In the Provi-
dence Lutheran Church book, under date of April 7,
1751, is recorded her confirmation in these words : "Ve-
ronica Merckelin, Jacob Merckels Tochter, 19 Jahr alt.
Kan etwas lesen." In the same volume her marriage is

recorded. George Schwenck was a blacksmith ; lived in
Frederick township; died February 24, 1803, and was
buried in the private graveyard on his own farm, on the
east bank of Societ}' Run. Here also his wife is buried.
This farm is now owned by Samuel N. Faust. Issue :

1. John, born March 5,1752; married Regina Krautz ;
died February 3, 1803, and is buried in the Schwenck 's
private graveyard.

2. Nicholas, born June 7, 1755 ; lived in Gwynedd town-

3. Abraham, married Shantz ; resided in Perki-

omen township; died in 1843.

4. Daniel, born Ma}- 5, 1761; married- (first) Catharine
Raudenbush ; married (second) Catharine Boyer, maiden
name Shantz; died February 26, 1836, and is buried at
Keeler's Church, in Frederick township.

5. Elizabeth, born December 31, 1766 ; married, Decem-
ber 31, 1785, John Markley , her first cousin.

6. Rebecca, 2 married Frederick Isaac (or Isett).

7. Christina, 2 born May 27, 1736; married Colonel William

Antes, of Frederick township, son of Henry and Chris-
tina (Dewees) Antes. Col. Antes rendered valuable
services to the American cause during the Revolutionary
War. March 12, 1777, he was appointed a sub-lieutenant
for the county of Philadelphia ; Oct >ber 21, 1777, he was
appointed Commissioner on Sequestrated Estates and
Treason ; and May 29, 1778, agent to execute the Act of
Attainder. At one period he was designated to admin-
ister the oath of allegiance and abjuration in Philadelphia
county, and at another he was a commissioner for taxes
and levies. About the beginning of 1781 he migrated to
Northumberland county, where he also held positions of
public trust. In 1792 he removed to the Genesee country,
in New York State, where he died. Issue :

1. John.

2. Christina, married Jacob Markley, gunsmith ; resided
in Northumberland county.


3. Elizabeth, born February IT, 1157; married John

4. Sarah, born October 12, 1164 ; married Samuel Gard-

5. William, born March 15, 1776; resided in Canan-
daigua, New York ;• died December 21, 1841.

8. Catharine, 2 born May 9, 1738; married, July 13,1757, Chris-

tian Brennemann.

Issue by Second Wipe, Barbara Kausch.

9. Eleanor, 2 born February 5, 1741 ; confirmed June 1, 1760 ; a

member of Providence Lutheran Church ; married Tobias

10. Elizabeth, 2 born ; married Paulus Benner.

11. Mary Magdalena, 2 born November 9, 1744.

12. Barbara, 2 born October 6,1746; married, by license issued

March 28, 1772, John Smith.

13. Hannah, 2 born ; confirmed at Providence Lutheran

Church in the year 1770, aged 13 ; married, January 11,
1774, Jacob Brotzman.

Abraham 52 Markley (Jacob 1 ). — Born August 12,
1723 ; married in September, 1145, .Anna Barbara Ickes;
"was a blacksmith, and resided in Perkiomen and Skip-
pack township; died March 20, 1800, and is buried at
the Lower Mennonite meeting-house in Perkiomen town-
ship. Barbara (Ickes) Markley was born August 8,
1721; she died January 27, 1808, and is buried beside
her husband.

In the census of Perkiomen and Skippack township
of June 5, 1756, is: Abraham Marcly, blacksmith; 5
children under 21 ; acres owned, 100 — cleared 70 acres,
sowed with corn 12 acres; held one bound servant;
owned 3 horses, 1 mare, 4 sheep, and 4 horned cattle.

In 1785, Abraham Markley held the office of Commis-
sioner of Montgomery County.

lie was a member of the Providence Lutheran Con-
gregation. In the books of that church we find that he
was a contributor to the support of Pastor Muhlenberg in
1760, and there, too, are recorded the baptism and confir-
mation of some of his children.

May 31, 1777, Abraham Markley purchased of
William Antes a tract of 116 acres 27 perches of land,
in New Hanover township. May 14, 1782, he sold this
to his son, Benjamin Markley, who, on March 28, 1794,
sold 100 acres of the tract, in connection with about 47
acres of other land, to his brother, John Markley.

Having made no will, upon his death letters of admin-
istration were granted, April 7, 1800, to his sons, Benja-
min Marklev and John Marklev, both residents of New
Hanover township. His estate amounted to upwards of
£4200 Pennsylvania currency = $11,200.

Issue :

1. Isaac, 3 Tborn October 21, 1746 ; married Jane Lane.

2. Elizabeth, 3 bom ; married Matthias Tyson.

3. Abraham, 3 ; migrated to South Carolina, in or near

Charleston, carrying on with his brothers John and Ben-
jamin in the North a trade in carriages and agricultural
implements. He had a son and a daughter.

4. Benjamin, 3 born July 13, 1751 ; married, October 18, 1774,

Hannah Wentz.

5. Jacob, 3 born ; married Christina Antes, daughter of

William and Christina Antes ; was a gunsmith ; lived in
Northumberland county. Issue: 1, Samuel; 2, Mary, who
married Knox.

6. Maria Barbara, 3 born ; married Warthman.


T. John, 3 born January 20, 1760 ; married Elizabeth Heiser.

8. Daniel, 3 born January 10, 1763; died June 13, 1764, and is

buried at Lower Mennonite meeting-house, Perkiomen

9. Samuel. 3

Philip 2 Markley (Jacob 1 ).— Born August 27, 1725;
married December 16, 1746, Mary Johnson ; was a cord-
wainer and farmer ; owned property in Perkiomen and
Skippack township, and in Norriton township ; died April
5, 1800, in Norristown, then Norriton township ; is buried
at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Centre Square.
Mary (Johnson) Markley died February 21-2*2, 1815,
aged 91 years, and she rests beside her husband.

In the census of Perkiomen and Skippack township,
June 5, 1756, appears: Philip Marcly, cordwainer; 3
children under 21 ; owned 70 acres — 30 acres cleared, 7
acres sowed with corn ; held 2 bound servants ; 2 horses,
4 horned cattle.

Philip Markley and family were of the Lutheran per-
suasion. He was a member of Providence Lutheran
Church. November 27, 1760, we find him a contributor
to the support .of the pastor, Rev. Mr. Muhlenberg ; he
subscribed 10 shillings. In the church book of that
congregation are the baptismal and other records of his
family. His wife, who was of Mennonite parentage,
was baptized in the Lutheran Church nearly ten years
after their marriage, as the following entry shows :
'•Philip Merckels Frau Maria war 31 Jahr alt rind ist
getauft d. 24sten Octob. 1756. Zeugen — Jacob Merckel,


Philip Merckel, Michael Walter (Sehulmeister), und s.

At the meeting of the Council of Safety, held on Sat-
turday, November 8, 1777, Philip Ma rkley and others
were appointed commissioners for Philadelphia county, to
collect supplies for the American army.

Philip Markley acquired a large estate, which he dis-
posed of by will, dated June 8, 1790, in which he named
his wife Marv and his son Jacob as executors. At this
time he owned a plantation of seventy-nine acres in Per-
kiomen and Skippack township, which had been, in part,
• owned by his father ; one hundred acres located partly in
Providence and partly in Perkiomen and Skippack town-
ship, with grist-mill thereon ; and forty-seven acres with
tariyard in Norristown, upon which he resided at the date

of making his will.

Issue :

1. Jacob, 3 born August 28, 1147 ; married, January 7, 1773, Maria


2. Elizabeth, 3 born December 22, 1749; married, March 17, 1772 ?

John Zieber, son of John and Barbara Zieber, of Frederick
township; died January 14, 1821. John Zieber was born
November 17, 1750; died November 23, 1829. Husband
and wife are interred at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran
Church, Centre Square. Issue :

1. Mary, born February 5, 1773; married, July 2, 1789,
George Boyer ; died September 22,1851. George Boyer
was the son of George and Anna Barbara Boyer, of Fred-
erick township; was born July 15, 1762; died February
10, 1828. Issue : 1. John, bom March 11, 1790. 2. George,
born September 18, 1793.

2. John, born March 8, 1775; died December 6, 1858.
John Zieber married, February 14, 1802, Deborah Markley


(bom January 20, 1182), daughter of Jacob and Maria
Markley — they being first cousins. Issue: 1. Elizabeth,
born November 2, 1802 ; married Enos Jacoby. 2. Mary,
born August 22, 1806 ; married Martin Hunsberger. 3.
John M., born March 5, 1812. 4. Jacob, born September
10, 1815; died young. John M. Zieber (born March 5,
1812), married, March 21, 1840, Eliza L. Tan Zant, and
had : Helen Markley Zieber, who is the wife of Henry S.
Markley, son of John and Jemima Markley.

3. Daniel, born June 1, 1779 ; died in Snyder county,
Pa., December 1, 1863.

4. Elizabeth, born August 17, 1182.

5. Philip, born August 9, 1785.

6. Hannah, born October 23, 1788.

3. Daniel, 3 born October 3, 1755 ; married Elizabeth Magee.

4. Hannah, 3 born October 30, 1159; married Matthias Koplin ;

died December 29, 1820. Matthias Koplin died January 5,
1813, aged 53 years. Both are buried at St. John's Evan-
gelical Lutheran Church, Centre Square.

5. John, 3 born December 8,1164; married (first), December 31,

1185, Elizabeth Schwenck ; married (second), February 1,
1822, Mrs. Elizabeth Henderson.

Isaac 2 Markley (Jacoh 1 ). Born May 24, 1729 ; mar-
ried Sarah — ; died May 19, 1812, in Hatfield town-
ship. His wife, Sarah, died December 1, 189'S, aged 90
years and 9 months. They are buried at Lower Salford
Mennonite meeting-house.

In the census taken June 5, 1756, of Perkiomen and
Skippack township, is found : Isaac Marcly, farmer ; 2
children under 21 ; dwells on Jacob Marcly 's land; 15
acres sowed with corn; rent 8 {£ Pennsylvania currency,
probably) ; 2 horses, 1 mare, 5 horned cattle.


October 25, 1765, Isaac Markly, of Lower Salford
township, bought 125 acres and 6 per cent, allowance, in
Salford township, of Nicholas Holderman, Jr., and Eliza-
beth, his wife, of Charlestown, Chester county.

Isaac Markley left an estate of upwards $4200. June
15, 1812, his sons Henry Markley, of Lower Salford
township, and Abraham Markley, of Upper Salford town-
ship, were appointed administrators.

The record of baptism of George Markley and Abra-
ham Markley, sons of Isaac and Sarah Markley, is found
in the books of Providence Lutheran Church.

Issue :

1. George, 3 baptized November 24, 1756, aged one year.

2. Henry, 3 born July 17, 1759; married Elizabeth Ruhl.

3.- Abraham, 3 born August 1, 1764; married Elizabeth Boganer.

Isaac 3 Markley (Abraham 2 Jacob 1 ). Born October
21, 1746; married Jane Lane; died August .8, 1773.
The birth, baptism, confirmation and death of Isaac
Markley are recorded in the church book of Providence
Luthern Congregation. The widow of Isaac Markley,
family tradition states, married Davis.

Issue :

1. Isaac, 4 born April 13, 1773; married, April 7, 1795, Maria

Abraham 3 Markley (Abraham, 2 Jacob 1 ). Born in
Perkiomen and Skippack township ; took up his residence
in or near Charleston, S. C, and was engaged there in


business, dealing in carriages and farming implements,
which, part or all, were shipped to him by his brothers,
John and Benjamin Markley, of New Hanover township.

Issue :
4 son.
4 daughter. .

Benjamin 3 Markley, Esq. (Abraham? Jacob 1 ).

Born July 13, 1751 ; married, October 18, 1774, Hannah
Wentz; died July 10, 1819, in New»Hanover township.
Hannah (Wentz) Markley was born February 18, 1755;
died May 2, 1829. Both rest in the cemetery of New
Hanover Lutheran Church, in Falkner Swamp. October
18, 1774, a license was issued for the marriage of
Benjamin Marclay and Hanna Wentz, and the same day
their marriage was recorded in the book of the First
Baptist Church of Philadelphia.

Benjamin Markley was a member of the New Hanover
Lutheran Church. His wife, Hannah, was baptized
December 1, 1781, becoming a member of the same

Benjamin Markley in youth learned the trade of
blacksmithing. He was many years a justice of the
peace; he was a member of the lower branch of the
State Legislature, 1789-90; and Associate Judge of
Montgomery County for nearly twenty years, beginning
in 1791. He was identified with the military duriug
and after the Revolutionary war. As a surveyor his
services were in great request in his neighborhood. He
was a friend of education, and contributed liberally to the



erection of a school-house, built in 1807, opposite his
dwelling place. He was a competent and careful scriv-
ener ; drew many wills, deeds, petitions and contracts for
the people of his community ; and made many settle-
ments for administrators and executors of estates. His
penmanship was neat and legible, and his accounts, both
in English and in German, were patterns of exactness and

Judge Markley owned and occupied the brick dwell-
ing on the Great Road, near Krebs's famous inn of that
time. Through this building, which still stands, runs a
broad hall ; on the left side is the room which was his
office ; while to the right was the parlor in which Han-
nah, his esteemed helpmate, held sway. A generous
hospitality pervaded this home. The Judge was a stout
man, of light complexion, and of dignified appearance ;
sociable in disposition ; fond of a joke and of good liv-
ing ; genial and courteous ; popular with all — the rich
and poor, the young and old. The school- children always
approached him with smiles on their faces, and he was
never without a pleasant word to send them on their way
rejoicing. In front of his house was a sun-dial, which
was an object of lasting interest to them; and in his
wagon-shed was a large, hollow bomb shell — a Revolu-
tionary relic, with which the boys tested their strength.
He was a Mason, of which fraternity only himself and his
neighbor, Colonel Anthony Bitting, were then members
in that vicinity. Hannah (Wentz) Markley came from
Worcester. Amiable in manner and warm of heart, she
exerted a refining and elevating influence. The sweet-


ness of her calm, religious life was transmitted to her
daughters, and through them to later generations, who
yet trace its presence. She was beloved by " all the
country-side." Her home was a centre of taste and ele-
gance. The furniture and articles of use and decoration
were the choicest and best of their kind. To this day
her china, her silverware, and samples of her handiwork
are preserved. There are yet living a few — though they
must be three score and ten — who knew, and who speak
in terms of highest esteem of, Benjamin and Hannah


Issue :

1. Jonah, 4 married, November 18, 1804, Maria Freed.

2. Elizabeth,* married Lewis Linsenbigler, son of Daniel and

Elizabeth Linsenbigler. Issue :

1. Hannah, born May 3, 1795,

2. Samuel, born June 26, 1797; died, at Norristown,
May 11, 1842; buried at Eirst Presbjterian Church.

3. Rebecca, born April 20, 1799; married Jacob Sassa-
man ; died July 28,1834; buried at Keeler's Church,
Frederick township. Issue :

Priscilla, married Philip Dotterer ; Caroline, mar-
ried Henr\r G. Righter; Elizabeth, married (first)
James Wilson, (second) Jacob Hittel; Samuel, mar-
ried Sophia Bartman ; Charlotte, married Jacob Hit
tel ; Rebecca, married (first) Mahlon Spare, (second)
Solomon Long; Emeline, married John Anderson;
Hannah, married Morris Peterman ; and a son, who
died in infancy.

3. Sarah, 4 born August 9, 1783 ; married General Philip Boyer;

died November 2, 1861. General Philip Boyer was born
September 1, 1782; died September 27, 1853. Husband
and wife are resting in the cemete^ at Pottstown, Pa.,
their graves marked by a marble monument. Issue :


1. Caroline, born October 10, 1804 ; married Rev. Daniel
Weiser; died August 11, 1834; buried at Pottstown, Pa.
The children of Rev. Daniel and Caroline (Bo3 r er) Weiser :
Calvin Boyer, born December 28, 1828; died September
23, 1845 ; Clement Z., residing at East Greenville, a noted
divine of the Reformed Church; Edwin S., born May 13,
1834; died Jul)'' 16, 1834; and Emma, married Rev. George

2. Benjamin Marklej r ,born January 22, 1823 ; ex-member
of Congress and pi'esent President-judge of Montgomery
and Bucks counties ; resides at Norristown.

4. Mary, 4 married (first), May 20, 1800, David Gilbert; married
(second), John Nyce. The children of John and Mary
(Markley) Nyce were :

1. Rev. Benjamin M. Nyce, born in New Hanover town-
ship, May 28, 1809; graduated at Dickinson College in
1829; afterwards went to Yale College as a resident
graduate ; studied theology two years at Princeton Theo-
logical Seminary, and entered the ministry of the Presby-
terian Church. Ma} r 13, 184?, he married Melissa Hamilton,
of Decatur county, Ind. ; and October 1, 1876, he died at
Cleveland, O.

2. Elizabeth, born September 12, 1813 ; married Caleb S.
Luther ; died at Greensburg, Ind., Februar}' 5, 1870.

John 3 Markley {Abraham, 2 Jacob 1 ). Born January
20, 1760; married, November 28, 1784, Elizabeth Hei-
ser; died April 28, 1820. His wife, daughter of Andrew
Heiser, was born July 8, 1767 ; died September 2, 1823.
They are buried at New Hanover Lutheran churchyard.

John Markley was a blacksrfiith. He purchased,
March 28, 1794, of his brother, Benjamin Markley, four
adjoining tracts of land, containing together about 147
acres, located in New Hanover township, near the pres-


ent Fagleysville. Up to this time he lived in Perkiomen
township. He now took up his reddence upon his pur-
chase. March 3, 1802, he purchased 106 acres adjoin-
ing his other land, of John Betz. In 1802 he built upon
his plantation a fine, substantial dwelling-house which
still stands. An immense barn also stands there. It is
abundantly watered by the tributaries of Swamp Creek.
A spring of remarkable volume, upon a knoll, furnishes
the barn and house with water. This farm was occupied
after the death of John Markley by his son Andrew.
John Markley, although not so conspicuous in public
affairs as his brother Benjamin, was a man of wealth and



1. Sarah, 4 born February 18, 1786 ; died August 18, 1793.

2. Barbara, 4 born September 8, 1787 ; married John Kurtz.

3. Andrew, 4 born July 5, 1789 ; married Elizabeth Stetler, daugh-

ter of Henry and Elizabeth (Biekel) Stetler.

4. Elizabeth, 4 born June 17, 1791 ; married Jacob Nyce, of Nor-

ristown. Issue : 1, Ezekiel GL M. ; 2, Ruth Ann; 3, Sarah
S. ; 4, Andrew Washington; 5, Cadwallader B. : 6, M. De

5. Susanna, 4 born May 1, 1793 ; married (first), October 24, 1813,

George Nyce ; married (second) Ludwig Schittler.

6. Benjamin, 4 born September 7, 1800; married Susanna Huber.

7. Maria, 4 married Enos Benner, of Sumnytown, publisher of

"BauernFieund;" resides at Sumnytown. Issue: Edwin
M., Hannah, and Milton.

Jacob 3 Markley (Philip? Jacob 1 ). — Born August 28,
1747; married, January 7, 1773, Maria Koplin ; died
September 26, 1821, in Phdadelphia. His widow died


December 15, 1831. Both are buried at St. John's
Evangelical Lutheran Church, Centre Square.

He was a cordwainer by trade. About 1805-6 he
moved to the city of Philadelphia, where he was in the
lumber business. In 1807 and 1809 he resided at 311
North Third street ; he purchased a number of houses in
that vicinity, and at his death was possessed of a consider-
able estate.

Issue :

1. Philip, 4 born November 10, 1773 ; married Sallie Kemper.

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