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'•'The histiynj nf every family is a riunniire: to those irJio se<ircli

its p<i<jes, a pocm.^^





^^T/ic (/raiul-pdirnts arc (juiic, fhc fathers are </oii}(j: l/ie history of

their toils and aehieremerit)^ is begiiniiv;/ to sv'im in lialf -uncertain

tviliijlit, iDiil there is hut Ixirelfi time to record fhc doiia/s of their life''s

dnji Ixfore the ohlirioiis night sets in, ichen records and traditions ivill

no more recognize one another.

Rev. Henri/ Ifarhang/i, I). I).


i- »

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^^ This work covers a field never befoic entered \)y the genealogist.

Although it represents a vast expenditure of labor, patience and money,
it is imperfect in a great degree. Its defects are not altogether chargeable
to the compiler, but rather to the destruction of German records by-
English-speaking descendants, to lack of interest in the subject of family
history, and to misconception of the scope n.nd dignity of the under-

The information embraced in these pages has been ol)tained from
many sources — from otficial records, chui'ch registers, grave-stones, family
Bibles, and personal interviews. To the many correspondents who have
collected and forwarded details, sincere thanks is tendered. In a number
of instances credit is given in the body of the work. It would be a
pleasure to make acknowledgment in every case, but that is impracticable.

I »)().") North Thirteenth street,
.N<)V«'inl)er, 1902.





In the Teutonic name systeui, the i'0(it liaviiig tlie meaning- of affec-
tion oi' fondness may be:


This root, in its sim))le forms, is
Old (icrman, DODo. DoDDO.
English, TODD, DoDD.

Oompoundcd, it liecomcs,

(with HAHI, warrior), in Old O.-rman, 9th century, DOTHARI.

with lUO, i)ower), in Old German, <)th eentry, DOTRIH.

1. (iKoKCK PHILIP DODDERER'. Born in Kurupe; died, in
Frederick township, Philadelpliia (now Montgomery) county, Pennsyl-
vania, Xovember 6, 1741. His wife, A'eronica , died, same place,

October 20, 17o2. Children:

2. Michael Dotterer-, born in May. 1()98.

8. Hieronimus Doderer-, born al)()Ut 1701.

4. Barbara Dodderer", born about 1704.

5. Bernhard Dodderer'-, born about 1700.

6. Anna Elizabeth Dodderer", born December 25, 1709.

7. Conrad Duddarer, -, born in September, 1712.

The birthplai e of George Philip Dodderer, and the date of his arrival
in America, notwithstanding diligent search, have not been ascertained.
The place of origin of the Dotterer family remains to be definitely

December 22, 1722, George Philip Dodderer ]uu'chased of Hans
Xeues one hundred acres of land; February 3, 1725, of the same, fifty
acres; and ]March 24, 1738, of the Proprietaries, one hundred acres.
These three purchases were adjoining tracts, forming a plantation of two
hundred and fifty acres of fertile land, located on the east and west sides
of Society Run, in the present Frederick township, Montgomery county,
Pennsylvania, north of and within half a mile of Keeler's church. He
resided upon this property until his death, and, as shown by his will,
devised it to his youngest son, Conrad.

In the first and second conveyances the grantee is described as"George
Philip Duddra, of Falkner's Swamp, in the county of Philadelphia, and
Province of Pennsylvania, Car})enter," and in the last as "George Philip
Totherah, of the Count}^ of Philadelphia." Here are seen two of the
many variations employed by the scriveners of that time in spelling the
family name. Hans Neues (De Nyce, Nice, Xyce) was a large land-
owner; he was not a dweller upon the lands he sold to George Philip
Dodderer, but a resident of the Northern Liberties of Philadelphia. Tra-
dition avers that George Philip Dodderer was the first settlor on the banks
of Society Rmi, and that the Indians were the only neighbors of himself
and familv at the beginning.

Tn the tax list of Frederick township, for 1734, (ieorge Philijt Dod-
derer is returned as owner of 150 acres of land.

in the movements for the development of the newly settled country
George Philip Dodderer took an active part. In March, 1725, he and two
of his sons signed a petition to the County Court at Philadelphia, praying
that the road recently laid out to the point on the Perkiomen Creek where
afterwards Penny packer's Mills stood (now Schwenksville) be extended
to the northern end of Sprogell's tract, where George \A'anner's mill stood
on Swamp Creek. Their signatures were written, Georg filil> Dodderer,
Hironimus Doderer, and Michell Doderer. hi March 1731, Georg Philib


Dodderer and his son, Hanns Michell Doderer, were among the petitioners
for the erection of Frederick township.

By act of Assembly of the Province of Pennsylvania, May 19, 1739,
confirmed by the King in Council, May 12, 1740, George Philip Dotterer
became a naturalized subject of Great Britain.

A short time before his death, George Philip Dodderer made his will.

Tt was in these words:


Ill the iiaiiR' of (iod Allien the 19t day of October in the year of our Lord One
thou.sand seven hundred and forty one I George Philip Doderer of Frederick Town-
ship in the County of Philadelphia and province of Pennsylvania, husbandman,
being sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory Thanks be given unto
God Therefore calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is
appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testa-
ment that is to say principally and first of all I give and commend my soul into the
hands of God that gave it, and for my body I recommend it to the Earth to be
buryed in a Christian like and decent manner at the discretion of my Executors
nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall receive the same again by
the mighty power of God and as touching such Wordly Estate Wherewith it hath
pleased God to bless me in this Life I give and devise and dispose of the same in the
loUowing manner and form Imprimus it is my W^ill and I do order that in the first
place all my just debts and funeral charges be paid and satisfied. Item I give and
bequeath unto Uronica my beloved wife the house wherein I now do dwell with all
the moveable goods, cash, dues and demands Whatsoever to me doth belong and
the orchard with the land thereto belonging adjoining to the aforesaid house. The
aforesaid cash dues and demands I do give to her, her heirs and assigns forever The
house and movealiles orchard and land aforesaid I do give to her during her natural
life the corn now cleaned & in straw belonging to me I give to her to do with the
same as she chooses. Item, I give to my l)eloved youngest son Conrad Doderer All
That my plantation with all the lands, houses, barn and outhouses as also the house
orchard and land which I gave to my wife during her life to him his heirs and
assigns forever in fee simple he the said Conrad my youngest son or his Heirs,
Executors or Administrators paying to my other three Children and my Children's
Children hereafter named, that is to say to my eldest son Michael Dodderer the full
sum of Thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pense lawful money of Pennsyl-
vania or to his heirs or assigns t« be paid in manner following, That is to say Ten
l>ounds thereof to be paid within one month's time after mine and mv wife's death
and Ten pounds within one year next after tliat and Thirteen pounds six shillings
and eight pence within one year next after the aforesaid two years and unto my son
Barruiit Dodderer likewise he the said Conrad shall pay Thirty three pounds six
shillings and eight pence in manner following, that is to say Ten pounds within
three years next after my and my wife's death and Ten pounds within five years
after their said death and thirteen pounds six shillings and eight pence within
seven years after their said death, and unto my daughter Anna he the said Conrad
shall pay the full sum of Sixteen pounds thirteen shillings and four pence to be paid
in two equal jjayments Eight pounds six shillings and eight pence within five years
after their said death and the remainder within six years after their said death, and
he the said Conrad shall pay or cause to be paid unto my daugther Anna her children
which she had by her first husband the full sum of Sixteen pounds thirteen
shillings and eight pence when the youngest of the said children is at the age of
twenty one years, and the said ('onrad shall pay or cause to be paid unto my Grand

("hiklri'ii N'ruiiL- ainl A>.Miey tlu- lull sum of Thirty tlircc pnuufls six shillings and
eight pence, that is to say unto Vrone ninetxH'u ])onnils three shillings and four
pence and unto the said Agues Fourteen pounds three shillings and four pence
within ten years after the death of the testator and his wife, and the said Conrad
shall pay unto uiy grand children that is to say my daughter Barbara's children the
full sum of Thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence when the youngest
shall be at the age of Kighteen yeai-s or within three months after. I also will that
my said son Oonrad shall pay yearly and every year during the life of my wife
aforesaid Twenty shillings in Cash and deliver unto her yearly eight bushels of
wheat and four bushels rye and thirty pounds butter and deliver her firewood during
her life and keep and winter one cow and sheds for her, also during her life further-
more 1 will that if my .Son Conrad should decease before the legacies of the grand-
children aforementioned be paid that then they shall tarry for the same until the
said Conrad's children shall be able to pay the same or cause to be paid. Item, I
give unto my son aforesaid all the moveable goods after my wife's death.

Lastly, I do make and ordain my Sons Michael Dodderer and Barrant Dodderer
to be my only and sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament and I do
hereV)y utterly disallow, revoke and disannull all and every other former Testa-
ment, Wills, Legacies and P^xecutors by me in any ways before this time named,
willed and Itequeathed. Ratifying and Ccnitirming this and no other to be my Last
Will and Testament. In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal
the day and year al>ove written.


SigiiL'il, scaU'd, publisht'd, pronounced and declareil by the said Testator as his
l^ast Will ami Testament in the presence of the subscribers.
( N'lz' ) PniMP IL\Nx.
.b)iiN Nyck.

rhiladelphia Decendjer the first 1741 there personally appeared Philip Hann
and John Xyce the witnesses to the within written will and on their solemn affir-
mation according to law did declare they saw and heard George Philip Dodderer the
testator within named sign, seal, publish and declare they saw and heard to be his
last AVill and Testament and that at the doing thereof he was of sound mind, mem-
ory and understanding to the best of their knowledge.
Coram. PET: p:yANS: KEG: (JENJ-l-.

Be it remembereil, That on the first day of December 1741. The Last Will and
Testament of George Philip Dodderer deceased was proved in due form of law and
proljate and I>etters Testamentary were granted unto Michael Doddei'er and Barrant
Dodderer the two Executors in the said Will named, They being first sworn well
and truly to administer the said dec'd's Estate and to bring a true and perfect Inv-*'
thereof into the Regist. (lenll' Office at Philadel])hia, at or before the first day of
.lanuaiy next and a just and true account where thereunto lawfully reg''. Given
under the seal of the said Ofiice. P: PET: EVANS: R: G.

An inventory and appraisement of liis real and poi'sonnl jinipcrtv was
ni;iil<- l)y two of his neio-hbois, as follows:


.V trew and Parfect Invautory of the Estate of George Pliillip Doilderer, of
fredi-ick Township in Philadelj)hia County Deceased the 6 day of November A: D:
1741. he not long before his Death Made his Last Will and Testament which was
Proved before Mis'' Peter Evans, Register Ginral at Philad' on tlie first Day of
l)ecendK-r Last Past.

Tniised thf 12 Day of December 1741 liy
ii!< whose haixls are hereunto Set.



Exhibited tlie 18"' Dee' 1741.

























To Apparel

To Booiis

To 2 Sadies one bridle and one hoi*se

To one Grenstone and 3 Saws

To 4 Shovels 5 hoes 2 hooks and 3 forks

To 3 Siths one bell 2 hammers

and one anvil
To 5 Pitching axes 2 brod axes and

one hachitt
To one })ell one hammer one Gondge

and one trule one ax 10

To one half bushel Mall Rings

3 Wedge one hatchet one ads
To 6 ogres 3 chisels one Rasp
To one hammer Prushers chisel bell

2 Droying Knifs c*t Saw-
To 4 Sickels and old Iren
To 3 Ridels one straw knife one

pot hangers and two potts
To 5 Pans one Skimmer and one

flesh fork
To puter and Earthin Ware
To one Churn 5 pals and 8 Wooden

To 3 tu])S 2 barls and 5 Kadgs
To 2 Drusers 22 sacks and 10 bushels

Oats 2 13 6

To 2 hodgeds one Chest one Spinning

Wheal & 3 baskits 13

To 2 guns one Sword one tanckard

one Cup & botle 1 .5 q

To one AVip Saw one looking Glass and

one lamp »fc lantron 1 6

To 2 Chests and one Cow 2 \r,

To 80 bushels of (too Wheat 12

To 30 bushels of Gats 2 T)

To Cash bonds and Demands 58 15 q

To the Plantation containing 250 acres

with the buildings 200

To 15 bushels of Rey 2 5









309 1 1 1

Veronica Dodderer, the widow of George Philiij Dodderer, survixed
her husband less than eleven years. She made a will on the 8th of June,
1751. It was written in German. It was translated as follows:



Whereas I Verony Doderer now prety old and tlie substance of my tiody very
nmcli decaiiig not noing whether I have on other day in tliis work! to hve but am
yet in perfect mind c^ memoi-y thanks be unto <iod tlierefore and in his merciful!
Hands I recommend my body and soul and 1 am very desireous to have peace an)ong
my children after my death with my little worldly Estate I leave behind me for that
leason I witness hereby with my whole mind that is to say first of all it is my Will that
my son Conrad shall keep all that wliich he was indel)ted to me to liimself and pay
Udthing to the rest of my children of tliat he was Indebted to me. Secimdiy my
sons wife .\nna Maria Doterer shall have one of my bigest pieces of (iold and that
rirst of all for her great kindnesses sht- did unto me, thirdly all the money c^t Bonds
which I leave behind me after my Death shall the rest of my o Children, that is to
say Michael and Bernhard and all the Childien nf my deceased Son and Daughter as
also the Childien of my Daughr Anna shall be divided among them in eijual shares
I .say it shall be divided in Hve parts and every one of my Children and as I have
said their Children shall have a share when first my Sons Michael tS: Bernhard is
paid for their Executors Charges which 1 heieby witness with my hand and siih-
scribtion this 8th day of June 1751. her

Henrich Antes. VEKO.NY X DODERER.

P. Hannes Huebner. mark

McCalls Mannor 9th December 1752, Then personally appeared John Heebner
one of the witnesses to ye within Codicil c*t on bis oath did declare that he saw and
heard Veronia Doderer widow the Testatrix therein named sign publish c*i: Declaie
the same Codicil for and as her last Will and Testament, and that at the doing thereof
she was of sound mind, memory and understanding to ye best of his knowledge and
that Henry Antes the other Witness thereto did also subscribe his name as a Witness
in presence of ct at ye request of ye Testatrix. Coram.

JOHN CAMPBELL, by Authority from
William I'lmnsted, Regr. Genl.

Veronica Dodderer having omitted to name an executor in her ^\ill,
Michael Dodderer, her son, was appointed administrator of her estate.

William Plumstead, Regr. (4enl., (kc.

To Michl. Dodderer Son of \'eronica Doilderer deed,
(t reeling.

Whereas the said Veronica Dodderer in her life time made a Certain writing or
Codicil under her hand bearing date the Eighth day of June 1751, pin-porting her
last Will and Testament (a true Copy whereof is hereunto annexed) but named no
Executors thereof she the said deced having whilst she lived and at the time of her
death divers good Rights and Credits within the said Province by means whereof
the full disposition and power of Granting the Administration of all »)t singular the
goods Rights and Credits which were of said deced, within the said Province and
also the auditing the accounts Calculations and Reckonings of the said Admr. and
the Probation and Approbation of the said Codicil to me manifestly known to belong.
I desiring that the goods, rights and Credits which were of the said deced may be
well and truly administered Do hereby Grant unto you the said Michael Doderer (in
whose fidelity in this behalf I very much confide) by the Tenor of these presents to
administer the goods rights and credits which were of the said deced within the said
Province and also to ask Collect, Levy, recover and receive the credits whatscu'ver
of the said deced, which at ye time of her death were owing or to her in any way
belong and to pay the debts in which the said deced stood obliged so far forth as the
said goods. Rights and Credits will extend according to their Rate and Order of Law
Especially of well and truly administering the goods, rights and Credits which were






of the said deced, and making a true and perfect inventory thereof and Exhibiting
the same into ye Regr. (irenls. Office at Philadelphia at or before ye V)th day of Janu-
ary next & rendering a true acct., calculation or reckoning of ye paid Adniinistratif)n
at or before ye 10th day of December anno 1753 and I do by these pi-esents ordain
Constitute & Depute you the said Michl. Dodderer Adniinr. of all and singular ye
goods Rights and Credits of the said Deced. within the Limits aforesd, with the
writing or Codicil aforesaid annexed, Saving harmless and forever indemnifying me
and all other officers against all other persons whatsoever by reason of your adminis-
tration aforesaid and saving to all others their Rights.

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my liand and seal of office at Phila-
delphia ve 9th day of December Anno 1752.


The inventory of her estate was exhilnted, Mareli 2, 1753, as follows:
Inventory of the Estate of \'eronica Dodderer, AV^idow, deceast

Octor. 20th 1752.
Impi'. Due by George Michael Coon "P Bond £.'.>0

a year Interest thereof 1 H)

Item a Note of George Timerman 14

a years Interest thereof Iti 4

Cash in her Chest in paper money £7
a Moydor 2

a pistole 1

10 10 (i
10 10 () i
this besides the p' gold I
will'* to her daughter |
Due to her by Barnabas Doderer
Due to her by Michael Doderer

Michael Dotterer, Admin''.

The administrator rendered his account 2-")"' Feb-, 17o4.
payments amounting to £60 2 10, leaving for distribution to the heirs
£27 0. The disbursements were:

Cash paid for Funeral Charges as f^ particular account 5 !(>

trouble of Nursing and Attending the Deceased in her

Sickness being twenty-two months 24

Cash to John Campbell for the office fees 25 / and 15 /

for his trouble 2

D" for tiduble said Michael and Barnabas Doderer

had in Managing their fathers Estate which said
Verony Doderer his Widow has Ordered by lier
Will to be paid now out of the Estate
Conunissions on £87 Inventory («. 10 ^ Ct.

The distribution of £27 was made
To Michael Doderer for his i of 27£
To Barnabas Doderer for his i
To Eronimus (Catharina crossed out) Doderer deceast

his children i
To Barbara Markel I deceast her Children i
To Ann (iurr her Children by

Mic. Timerman her first husband deceast 5 8
























A transcript of adeclaration signed hy the tlircc l)n)tliers is given
below. It is written on the back of their motlier's will. It bears distinctly
tlie neatly written autograph of each son, and is remarkable for the varia-
tion in tlie spelling of the family name:

On the 7th Decern"" 17o3 Micliael Doderer and Barnabas Doderer Executoi-s of tlie
last Will and Testament of Oeorge I'hillip Doderer their fatlu'r d(>ceast Did Declare
that Conform and in Obedience to the said Will of their said father deceast They
Divided the Goods of their fathers Estate witiiout Sale in three Eqnall parts Between
them and Conrad Doderer their Brother, Being snch Goods as Veronica Doderer the
widow did not Stand in need of and this was don abont a month or five Weeks aftei
their fathers death exactly conform to the Testators Will and for which they did not
Charge any Commission at the time.

'^i id) el X)otterer



At the bottom of the foregoing declaration is written, without explan-

atii)n, the following:

3)44(14 Nach der Riich die gemach den 28 Nov 1752 bleib

3 zu trey teill Einem die Sum von 14=13=04









George Philip Dodderer was attached to the Reformed Church brought
here from Germany. In July, 1728, his name — George Philip Totterer —
is one of those signed to a letter to the Reformed Chui'ch authorities at New
York asking for the ordination of John Philip Bo'hm to the ministry and
the legalization of his previous ministerial acts. He was then an officer

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